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Kimberlin Brown and Antonio Sabato Jr. Set As Speakers At Republican National Convention!



When the RNC convention begins on Monday at Cleveland’s Quiken Loans Arena, two notables from the soaps will have their turn on the mic and addressing the attendees.

On Thursday, a partial list of speakers was released which contained some soap stars, reality personalities, athletes, and some billionaires, who will all be on hand to ring in the presumptive republican nominee, Donald Trump as the official presdential candidate for the part  for the presidential election come November.

Brown, who is very familiar to soap fans as the villainess Sheila Carter on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful will speak, as will former General Hospital and B&B star, Antonio Sabato Jr. who has also recently appearing in the Chippendales act in Las Vegas and the reality competition show, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Wife Swap and My Antonio.

Photo Credit: Hutchins Photo

Check out the Washington Post’s breakdown of the current list of speakers at next week’s RNC here.

Intrigued to hear what Kimberlin and Antonio will share about their political stances and supporting Donald Trump in the race for presidency? Share your thoughts below.

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LOL! Commenting on a political topic on a social media site is like choosing to walk into a a field covered in landmines. No thanks.

HA! Wise move, Rodd.

Lol!! Amen.

So…a woman who is known to have engaged in the “swinger” lifestyle….and a man who has made most of his recent living appearing on reality shows and disrobing on stage. These are Republicans nowadays. LOL.

Dylan … don’t forget, Sabato and his parents were immigrants to this country ….. yet he’s wanting us to support Donald Trump, a man who hates immigrants and wants to deport them all.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

Think those Calvin Klein underwear were too tight and destroyed oxygen to his brain.

He wants to deport Mexican drug dealers & the refugees that Obama just brought in along with any Islamic people that caused trouble!

Oh no that’s terrible to hear they support Trump. They open the door to a very touchy subject because I have to unfollow Kim Brown now because I can’t I’m sorry vote for Trump and I can’t follow him if he’s going to support this person who is so evil and hateful and he’s so racist and in my opinion of all this allegedly all say so it’s legal to voice my opinion allegedly Trump in my opinion is racist a bigot hateful unstable I don’t understand actually why somebody would want this man the other thing is he has zero political experience he encourages violence this is a terrible thing for these stars to be supporting I’m voting for Hillary all the way

So you want Hillary in office so this country experienes the same BS that this country has gone through with Obama? Our nation is under attack! Get out of your box and open your eyes! We need someone who can bring change and not lie and hide her actions!

Timmm your so right. This women should be behind bars instead their going to put her in office so she can further destroy the country. What a ride we’re in for. Do you smell WW3?

Why the hatred for Trump? You call him a racist. Why? What has he done or said other than securing our borders from illegal immigrants? I don’t understand people like you. Hillary Clinton is a liar, cares only about her own personal gain, and could care less about America. Astounding comments by you regarding Trump. But, that’s your opinion. I hope you won’t resort to name calling and nastiness towards those who disagree with you like most progressives.

Lol, Rodd. I know what you’re saying….. I get you, perfectly. We just need to skirt around issues and stay neutral. Give it our best shot. Keep it on an even keel on both sides. But, speak OUR truths without offending anyone.
Most will read between the lines and shell out the little seeds in our fertile brains. He also said that presenting a case in a courtroom is similar to acting. Lights, camera, action.
My father always says to pretend we are on display all the time; always on camera and under a microscope. This will make us think before speaking. I am learning the ‘facts of life’ little by little. It’s a journey.

I’m so glad Trump won ! This means 4 more years of Democratic power in the White House.! Sweet !!!
All these people that are backing up Trump will be the first ones to leave him ! And say Oh no I don’t know what I was thinking. Lol.

I am a Republican and concerned that the RNC was just a show. I want to hear how Trump will bring jobs back to America. I eventually will have to vote for him but I am disappointed with the Hillary bashing. I get it, she is the enemy but when are we Republicans going to talk about the real problems. Instead, the put semi-famous actors to speak who do not espouse a Christian lifestyle.

God save this party.

Joan…I say this with respect but please understand no speaker has to espouse a Christian lifestyle nor should they speak of one ala Sabato. This is the United States of America made up of many religions as well as those who don’t follow any religion, are atheists, etc. ALL are Americans and one faction is not THE faction.

Who cares? We want to know about their acting careers not their politcs

ahhha Trump can’t get the representing important republicans to speak for him at convention so now he’s grabbing anyone he can get lol
He would be happy to get the congress custodian to speak for him lol

Sad but true– I lose all respect for any person that stands by Trump; it takes a certain type of person

Damn, Suoo, we fight over soap characters and stories but come together when it comes to Trump?
Is this the best he can do? No one knows who these two are. I guess it’s these two and Garry Busey.
I guess Kimberly wasn’t stretching it when she played bat shit crazy Sheila Carter.

We rarely agree on the direction our favorite characters should go on our soaps but at least we can all come together to #DumpTrump

I was hoping Gary Busey would be Donald’s running mate!

su0000, agree with you 100%!


Su and Harry – I completely agree with you! He is a despicable person and is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

You could be living on a diet of lead paint, cheap vodka and Real Housewives and still know more than Trump does about, well, everything.
He is a Kindergarten pre-nominee, so politically wet behind his ears that his hair is floating!

Trump- This is a person who will say anything, do anything, ruin anyone and demean anyone — all to advance his own aims. He is the perfection of amoralism/ having no moral standards, restraints, or principles!!!!!!
He has dredged up followers that he wouldn’t be caught dead with outside a political rally. He wouldn’t even look twice at any of them.
Like all demagogues, Donald Trump incites people to vile, awful behavior by preying on fear and ignorance..

OK.. I needed to say that.. kill me or not, it’s my truth.
at least I didn’t hold back!! ahaaaa!

Aww, I wouldnt call Antonio and Kim the bottom of the barrel when you have these sick ISIS bastards running the world and killing innocent men, women and children!

Completely agree Su0000!!

Su0000 -If you listened to his call into people magazine as John Miller, that is a perfect example of everything you say above. I can’t stop laughing when I think about it and think you will also appreciate it: John Miller: “Carla Bruni dumped Eric Clapton for Mick Jagger then dumped Mick Jagger for Donald Trump.” Carla Bruni: “I met him once for a minute. I never dated that ‘tacky guy’ Donald Trump.” My stomach hurts laughing ……

HI Carla, further down this post you respond to my response about Kim Brown. It was SO intelligent and opened my eyes about some of the things DT did say and I forgot. I was so impressed forwarded your response to a friend of mine. I want to stress to you and others, parties aside, I want our country to be safe. Donald seems like a bag of firecrackers sitting in the hot sun BUT I dont see Hillary having ANYTHING up her sleeve to help this country except maybe a thumb drive! Her and her husband are a disgrace! Bill did a commendable job in office BUT he is only remember for ONE thing and it was vomit inducing! Yeah, we may not disagree on this or how I wish Stitch were off Y&R BUT I respect YOU!

Wow Suooooo you and I usually never agree on anything because I’m a huge huge huge Sharon fan on The Young and the Restless and usually I don’t agree with comments you say but I have to agree with you we found a common bond that we both do not like Trump and we are disappointed that these soap stars will stand by him he’s a very very terrible man this

hi Alice ..
I’m no longer going to feed Sharon to the canibales lol..
She has slowly grown on me
I’m now cool with Sharon, even when she does her googly eye thing ..

hi Abruzzfan..
yah Trump and his John Miller stuff ahaaaa
It’s so much fun watching an Idiot at work, yes ahaa!

Su000/Jimh…As two who seem to appreciate some offbeat/bizarre things thought I’d mention that if you want to know what is banned at the Republican Nat’l Convention google it and look at CNN, USA Today, etc. There are at least 25 item categories (things I would never have thought of, and in a way black-comedy humorous)…..except it’s still okay to open carry guns which is legal in Ohio. Wonder why law and order, Gov. Kasich (remember him, he was a Rep candidate for president) doesn’t make an executive, emergency, safety exception, for the convention?

Hi Rose..

Kasich- the Ohio governor does not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws .
He hasn’t the executive power to stop the open carry law.
I feel many will be armed, but still he doesn’t have the power to order no guns.

Hello again, Rose! Just wanted to tell you that I replied to this post with some very vigorous comments regarding John Kasich…..and they didn’t make it online, but if you, by chance, personally received the reply, well, it was mine! My thoughts were not at all disrespectful to you, but I did vent on the current Ohio governor for what many consider his oddly obstinate, sore loser behavior and general lack of etiquette in refusing to host/attend the GOP convention in his own home state. He certainly displayed a lack of class and grace in defeat as far as as I’m concerned, and throwing his own petty little “Rock Hall” bash did nothing to change my view….it only served to reinforce my already negative image of him!

Su0000…You are so right about what Gov Kasich can and can’t do the way the laws were set up in Ohio. But I just thought you would find the list of what can’t be brought…let’s just say…comprehensive, imaginative, and a little humorous. Hope the convention doesn’t turn into a circus. Don’t need it with everything else that’s going on.

They have a right to support whoever they want. I’m not a Trump fan. I think he’s divisive, bullying, dishonest and an a–clown. He would be a scary president.

This is the worst choice we have ever had to make. That said, I would hold my nose and vote for him over a completely corrupt and power hungry woman where there is still more bad news to come out.

We have yet to hear about the role of the Clinton Foundation in the reason for the private server.


Melissa…A-M-E-N!!!!! Oh…and remember…Trump was F-I-R-E-D from The Celebrity Apprentice…and dumped by NBC…because of his big-ass mouth. Most of all, Trump DOES N-O-T deserve to be president!!!!! He’s too much of a loudmouth jackass already!!!!!

Have a good one, Melissa.

So would she!

Hillary Clinton, on her WORST day, isn’t even 1/10 as bad as xenophobic, misogynistic, racist Donald Trump on his GOOD day.

If he has any.

For the record, Trump was not fired from “The Apprentice.” Due to declaring his candidacy, he couldn’t both run for president and fulfill the requirements for appearing on the show because of campaign advertising laws. It had to be one or the other, and he chose “Making America Great Again.”

Well now we know which of our favorite ex-soap stars support misogyny and racism.

Yeah I have to say that I feel like this is giving us particular insight into their characters or lack thereof!


I had just heard the news about Sabato, and I immediately came to this site to see if there was any information posted.

This controversial move by both actors will lose them a ton of fans and, at the same time, gain them some fans. Whenever actors or others in the public eye veer into political territory, they undoubtedly alienate approximately half their fans. Witness the outspokenness of Nancy Lee Grahn and how many in the fan base are turned off (or turned on) whenever she speaks on political issues.

I acknowledge that actors are certainly entitled to pontificate politically and otherwise. But they do so at their own peril. When I hear of a celebrity taking a side politically that differs with mine, I tend to see them in a new light. I lose respect for them, I question their intelligence and judgment.

I must say that there are intelligent and decent people in both major political parties. It is clear that one can have differing perspectives on how to govern. Given the polarization of the electorate, which has been this way for decades, I think it’s career suicide for an actor (or other celebrity) to publicly take sides. They may have a right to do so and they make take pride in doing so, but the costs may outweigh the benefits…

@Jamesj75…..As always, you are a voice of gentlemanly reason. Kudos, my friend!!! I’ve often made the same observation that given this country is nearly equally divided in terms of political preference, one always takes a huge risk of alienating at least half of their intended audience when discussing controversial issues, no matter upon which side one personally may fall. Having said that, I also defend any individual’s right to do so, famous or otherwise, and I must add that even when I don’t necessarily agree with said views, I often gain respect for a person for sharing the courage of their convictions, consequences be damned. In other words, it may be a matter of the “how,” more than the “what” that affects my level of admiration for them….I have no doubt that both Antonio and Kimberlin will be class acts all the way in their presentations, and so I say good on them! (Ditto for one of my all time favorite GH-ers, Rick Springfield, who is slated to perform at a private GOP Congressional reception in Cleveland next week.) However, since you were the one to bring up the example of NLG, I will further note that it’s not necessarily just her politics that garner a “yay” or “nay,” from many of us, but her utter lack of awareness and obnoxious manner in which she frequently delivers her opinions (via social media) that are so off-putting….witness her decidedly ungracious comments about both Jack Wagner and Viola Davis. Neither of those examples were particularly political in nature, but they did contain really unnecessary, petty and mean-spirited remarks that, despite profuse follow-up mea culpas, did absolutely nothing to ingratiate this woman to a wide swath of the public. (She certainly dropped in my estimation of her as a most fondly remembered SB alumnus to a far less well-regarded GH regular because of her more recent questionable antics both on-and-offscreen! Just saying…..)

Hello Shay! Thank you for your reply, Friend!

You have made some terrific points! And I agree with you. I know I mentioned my own personal distaste when a celebrity takes a side that differs from mine. It’s my gut reaction, and I feel that the celebrity is diminished in my eyes. That being said, I, of course, have friends who are on the opposite side of the political spectrum, and we somehow manage to maintain our friendship.

More importantly, you are absolutely correct in your reaction: “I often gain respect for a person for sharing the courage of their convictions, consequences be damned.” Despite my own gut reaction (positive or negative), I admit that we should admire those willing to take a stand. My only caveat is that a celebrity who does so risks alienating half the fan base and destroying all marketing strategies undertaken beforehand. There are several instances of such negative impacts in recent decades: Ted Nugent and Dixie Chicks, among others.

With regard to Nancy Lee Grahn, you are again right to focus not only on politics but on tone. The packaging of the message is just as important as the message itself.

PS: May I quote you on that “gentlemanly reason” descriptor? Take care. 🙂

Shay…Looks like we have to play musical comments to reply sometimes. I’m not a fan of Kasich. The media never “fact checked” about what many see as his negatives is Gov of Ohio. But I totally agree with you about him not showing. He’s supposed to be the-Buck-stops-here person to represent Ohio, Cleveland, and at least the reps in the state that were at the convention and welcome those in attendance. He didn’t have to say anything else. Really bad form on his part!

Brother…I forget about Ted Nugent. More and more, that Nugent guy reminds me of an annoying, know-it-all and loudmouth relative (and, yes, I have ‘one of those’ in my own family…lol) who won’t SHUT UP!!!!! Most of all, I think that that Nugent guy is EMOTIONALLY SCARY AS HELL!!!!! Yikes.

Later, Brother.

James…quick correction: It’s ‘forgot’ and not ‘forget’. My bad.

Later, Brother.

Hi Jamesj75, great, well thought out post as usual. On the subject of Nancy Grahan, from what I see her “approval rating” on social media, from Twitter to Facebook, is huge. She probably has more fans than a few actors combined; her following hasn’t waned a bit. While it’s true she got into hot water over her Viola Davis comment, she eventually addressed it wirh humilty and grace. She does call it like she sees it, like we all do here; but she doesn’t hide behind anonymity and sticks to her viewpoints. Yes, she’s very outspoken, has strong opinions and is an advocate for the underdog.

Thanks a million, Rebecca1!

And thanks for giving me additional information on Nancy Lee Grahn. She is to be admired in many ways, particularly for how she handled the repercussions of her initial tweets on Viola Davis. One thing I’ve learned in my own life is that a sincere apology goes a long way. (And I’ve given my fair share of those!)

Please take care, Friend!

You are sincerely welcome, James! This is certainly not the first time I have observed your magnanimous and courtly tone when you broach delicate subjects….I love your fair and measured approach with those whom you may or may not agree….it’s all pretty much the same, and I find that to be extremely refreshing, to say the least! As for “quoting me?” Please be my guest….I’d be honored! Later, my friend! P.S. Lest anyone think I took this opportunity solely to get another whack at NLG, let me add that I find Cher to be another prime example of social media mediocrity and tone deafness….she’s a fabulous entertainer and fashion icon extraordinaire, but mercy me, sometimes I’m embarrassed for her….just a few days ago she confused Australia’s Tony Abbott with the UK’s Nigel Farage in one of her more venomous tweets! You know what they say, never let facts get in the way of a good venting!

Shay, thanks again for your kind words. You’ve made my day! I have seen great class and analysis in your posts, so it’s nice to have mutual admiration!

I will agree that when celebrities commit faux pas (or even worse), it’s easy to see their stars as somewhat tarnished. But, as you indicate, it’s worthwhile to appreciate their talents and other good qualities as well.

Please take care, Friend!

It pains me to say it, Shay….Melania did exactly what I thought she would do.
For an educated, intelligent woman, she fell prey to some idiot who wrote her speech, quoting Michelle Obama, verbatim.
She probably never followed politics….does not know anything about this nation except to memorize those few questions to qualify for neutralization. What is the Alma Mater in Slovania of which she is an alumna?
I really feel badly for her. What insensitive beast put her in that embarrassing situation?
This is the next First Lady? She is surrounded by such learned, intelligent, knowledgeable people ( family included), so, what’s the deal?
Did the ‘author’ of Melania’s speech go through a list of previous speeches by the wives of presidential candidates; closed his/her eyes and placed a finger on one of said speeches, haphazardly? Did he/she say to himself/herself , “Hmmm, this one sounds as good as any….”.
The least this ‘author’ could have done was pick a speech which wasn’t by the present First Lady. Geesh!!
Believe me when I tell you, Shay… intelligent as Melania is; her main objective in life is ‘a material girl living in a material world” , “in her heeeead, in her heeeead , in her head”.
She is a nice person, but not First Lady material–unintended pun. Ivanka is another story. She would make the perfect First Lady. Awaiting her speech (Thursday) with bated breath. I know she will write from her heart; by her hand, and, she will kill it!!
Melania did mention education. Just the word; not what would be done to revolutionaze it. This country needs an literacy revolution. America’s future is in our children’s hands.
Seriously, the Top Cats need to open their eyes and attack this problem with force. Pity, but that, too, was plagiarized.
Shay, ma belle, my friend, please forgive my rant.
P.S., y’all….Obama IS Christian. Not that it makes any difference, but some people need to get their facts straight.
I am Roman Catholic. This fact does not make me better or worse, as a person, than anyone else. Nonetheless, I would not want to be referred to by another denomination. I am what I am.
That’s my point.

Thank you James. You’re one of the most genuine, nicest people who post here….

Sigh, should have posted under your reply to me James. Lol, as long as you see it! 😉

Got it, Rebecca! Thank you! and same to you! 🙂

Once again, you are most welcome for the kind sentiments, James! This has been such a delightful and enjoyable opportunity to converse with you, as well as other posters here. Given the extremely heated nature of this election, and politics, in general, I think most of us have been quite well-behaved, mature and restrained in our comments. Of course, there are always the exceptions, but all in all, this has been a really rewarding exercise in democracy, and I thank Mr. Fairman for affording us the chance to voice (or is that vent?) our opinions so candidly and honestly. America needs this discussion right now…..Later, my friend!

Thanks again, Shay! I have very much enjoyed this discussion as well!

You’re absolutely correct about the need for friendly discussions, particularly now when our country is so divided. Even when people are on so-called opposite sides, the discourse can, and should, be civil. Please take care, Friend!

I applaud their bravery – to speak their mind.

Wonder if it will affect their careers.

I don’t think it matters–their careers are pretty much over. Trump can only get has beens or reality TV stars to endorse him,

The normal people of the world — not celebrities — are who i identify with..

Yes indeed Harry! We are the 0.001% of Americans who even know who they are. Most Americans have no knowledge of them. I can’t even say “has beens” because neither were ever super famous even in the soap world as compared to Susan Lucci, Tony Geary, etc. I think that Antonio is on his 3rd wife too.

In Hollywood, yes, if you are not a Liberal you are considered a communist!

On the contrary, Timmmbo….communists aren’t a problem for many in Hollywood….sadly enough, it’s the conservatives that are considered non persona grata, which is so counterproductive when you consider that the vast majority of the viewing public simply wants to see great, creative entertainment products without bias toward/against either political party. Is that really asking too much???? (Apparently, yes, it is!)

Who the heck cares who Antonio Sabato Jr. and Kimberlin Brown support for president? Why are they speaking? Bizarre. (And I’d say the same if they were speaking at the Democrats’ convention.)

Agreed. They’ve been irrelevant for years.

I have heard Mr Sabato’s support for DT (I won’t say his name it’s too offensive to my tongue) and I would expect that from someone like Mr Sabato who is not all that bright. As for Kimberlin Brown it surprises me because she has always appeared to be an intelligent lady but everyone has their weak spots. Even myself. I, however, will not be watching the RNC because it matters not to me.

Just because Kim chooses to support a party you dont support, that doesnt make her less intelligent! This is what is wrong with our country. If you dont quack the way others quack, you are considered a racist, a hater or ignorant! I would l ove to see Kim back on Y&R no matter who she supports, its her right!

I said nothing about being a hater, a racist or anything of the sort however someone like Kimberlin Brown appears to be a reasonably intelligent lady and her support for someone such as that man is surprising but it’s a free country and one I love so she can vote for whomever she chooses to , it’s her right. It isn’t the party either, it’s the candidate. Period. Quack whatever way the pond commands you to just don’t turn the pond around on myself by saying that I am commanding anyone to quack in any way.

Only a bigoted person would support and cheer for a bigiot person and approve of his bigoted ideals.
(just the way it rolls ..

Hey Tim,

Even though I don’t agree with you all of the time but many times, I do enjoy reading your posts.

I wanted to say that I think that you have unfairly misinterpreted “who” people are criticizing in this article. People are criticizing DT, NOT all Republican people.

Many of the Republican Party nobility have come out and publicly stated that they will “never” vote for DT: (Mitt Romney, George W Bush, Laura Bush, Jeb Bush, Michael Reagan (son of Ronald Reagan – conservative radio talk show host), Charles Koch, Ana Navarro (CNN republican commentator), Margaret Hoover (granddaughter of Herbert Hoover), Bill Kristol, John Avlon, etc.

John Kasich who is a decent man said he would not accept a VP nomination with DT. Many others feel the same way and asked to be taken out of consideration for VP.

I saw an interview with Michael Reagan (son of Ronald) where he said that to mention his dad in the same sentence as DT, is a major insult and disgrace to his dad. He said that his dad was always a true gentleman and would be disgusted by DT.

David Duke (KKK) came out and publicly supported DT. He said he disavows them. When the KKK tried to do this to Ronald Reagan, he slammed them: ”Those of us in public life can only resent the use of our names by those who seek political recognition for the repugnant doctrines of hate they espouse,” the president wrote. ”The politics of racial hatred and religious bigotry practiced by the Klan and others have no place in this country, and are destructive of the values for which America has always stood.”

DT was voted in by primarily “the uneducated” section of the GOP ( DT says he loves the uneducated).

DT acts like a 4th grader and has mocked/insulted a handicapped reporter, called John McCain a coward after DT had 5 draft dodges, wants to build a wall when immigrants are flying in, wants to deport 11 million immigrants (is he going to raise our taxes to do this?), bragged in his books about cheating on his 1st two wives with “many” famous married women, was bankrupt 4 times, bragged about living with Marla while having 3 other girlfriends, calls women disgusting animals and on national TV said to Megyn Kelly “blood coming out of her where ever”.

He was a Democrat until a little while ago.
Mark Cuban says that DT has greatly exaggerated his wealth. The list goes on.

Michael Hayden, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and 4-star general says that if Donald Trump were elected president, the U.S. military would deliberately disobey some of the orders that Trump has threatened to issue.

IMO DT cannot be defined by a party (Republican or Democrat), he is just bad person.

Carla B.

I do see what you’re saying, su0000, but remember: not everyone sees The Donald and/or his remarks as bigoted; that’s a judgment call, after all. (I do, for the record, find his comments quite bigoted, though whether he himself is a bigot is still an open question in my mind; I sometimes think he says things just to say them–i.e., even he himself may not believe them.) So when you say “only a bigoted person would support and cheer for a bigoted person,” you’re sort of begging the question. If someone doesn’t find The Donald bigoted, can he/she then be fairly judged to be bigoted, solely on the basis that he/she supports him?

Like many Americans I think, I am struggling to understand this Trump phenomenon and the degree of his popular support. I find him possibly the most frightening political candidate in my lifetime, because of the things that come out of his mouth; I shudder to think what kind of trouble he might get us in, if elected, through his penchant for speaking before he thinks, and I’ve seen no reason so far to believe he’ll change once elected. I think what we’re seeing is who he is and who he will be (and in that respect [only] I’d say he’s more honest than most political candidates; I will give him that much). I could readily get behind the idea that we need an outsider (although I guess I would have said more so in Congress than in the presidency), and I found the concept of a businessperson as president initially very intriguing–but Mr. Trump quickly showed me, through the things he said and things he did, that even if we need an outsider, he isn’t the outsider we need. So I really would like to understand better why those who support him, do so. But I don’t think I’m going to get that understanding from the media outlets (any of them, including Fox News), who seem more interested in playing up the more sensational aspects of his candidacy (no surprise there, I guess–and to be fair, The Donald gives them something sensational to jump on just about every single day) than in genuinely trying to explore what’s going on. Nor from most discussion fora, because comments calling out Trump on his various controversies are almost invariably met with “But Hillary blah blah blah” (and vice versa, to be fair), so little insight is to be gained there.

I just hope that from the ashes of this debacle (to mix my metaphors), a viable Republican party re-forms. I cannot be the only one who thinks we need two viable, functioning, rational parties (and preferably three, in my opinion) in order for the country to live up to its ideals. If even the Republican base doesn’t think establishment candidates are representing their values, that alone signals a need for change in the party–regardless of whatever anybody else thinks.

As for what these two former soap stars are doing, good for them. They certainly have every right to support their candidate and their party in whatever fashion they choose. (But as others have pointed out, they don’t have the right to make that support public and dodge the consequences. I’m not saying they’ll whine about whatever backlash they may get–maybe they don’t care–but if they do, it will be “talk to the hand” time.)

I will confess: when I saw the headline on this story, I HAD to come here and read the comments; it’s like a sick compulsion! (I could otherwise really not care less about these two stars’ participation in the convention.) And for the most part, the comments have remained civil and respectful–kudos to everyone for that. It’s hard to do these days where politics is concerned, but it’s essential if we’re ever going to get back to the kind of “unity” that both parties keep harping on. Change (which I think we all pretty much agree is needed) ultimately is going to have to start with each of us, I’m convinced.

To Abruzzfan and Michael (not Fairman). Both of your posts were incredible! Terrific, intelligent, knowledgable, informative. Thank you for posting such sound comments. I agree with you both by the way.

I said “OUR” country. I wasnt specifically saying YOU were a hater!

Disappointed to learn who they really are

Yeah, they are both Americans with the right to choose just like YOU!

I agree Tim. The country gets to vote for whoever they want. With Isis killers, Islam claiming refugee static,and what just happened in Europe we need a strong leader, as for racist Britain wants to close their borders, Germany is in talks about it as well after all their rapes and Europe had marshal law for awhile and now are talking about it as well. As far as I’m concerned I would look long & hard before commenting on someone who does not need the money,the White house(with all his Trump Towers) he has his own plane/yacht/ security etc. GEE Do ya think he actually wants to save this country from an 3WW?

Yes, Timmmbo, and you can add Scott Baio to that list, as well….he is also speaking at the GOP convention. In other words, “Chachi Loves Donald,” too!

I’m not a Trump supporter but if these actors are so what? They have the right to express their views like liberal actors do all the time. And before anybody goes on the “Trump is a racist” rant you’d treat them just as badly if it was anyone else with a (R) by their name. I see some are insulting them by saying they’re D-List actors but so is all the great talented actors we talk about on this site so you trash the soap community by doing that. Lot of liberals love the speak your mind long as you speak what they think. I’m black but I’m not Democrat or Republican I just call hypocrisy when I see it.


Spot on Brian! Well put!

Actually I think within soaps there are A list and D list actors. Antonio was always known more for his looks than depth of acting. He’s no Geary.

Your right. Peavey is on GH because of his six pack and not because of his Pacino like qualities!

Timmm – my friend that’s a good one! LOL I respect you too!

Typical responses by people who only get the liberal perspective of the news from Hollywood and social media.

But if you ignore the reason Trump is popular, you are kidding yourself.

Donald Trump will be president. And I will be happy to call him that.


Maybe this is my chance to ask someone “why is Trump popular” without the pollsters, talking heads, etc. opinions. I mean this in the friendliest of ways.

I’m a bit of a news junkie, try to keep aware of both Reps and Dems.

Have known Trump since the original Apprentice before it got too populated by pop culture celebrities and made for tv ratings. But now have a hard time believing what comes out of his mouth when you are looking for running a diverse country and the leadership it requires, among other things.

As for Hillary she has some good points, but is continually dogged by negative baggage…some of which is her own making and fault, some of which seems to be political fodder for opponents.

Now I’m watching CNN reports on Turkey coup and follow ups to Nice and Dallas. The whole world seems to be going up in anger, guns, bombs and flames. No place safe, no where to hide anymore. Very scary. Really a time for firm leadership and experience by someone who knows what they are doing. Let’s just hope for the best.

I hate the Clinton’s and this country needs change!

Brian, thanks for being honest AND intelligent!

Timmm…I know a lot of people don’t like the Clinton’s for reasons of their own. But I don’t think Trump is the one to “lead” us into a brave, safe, prosperous world. My take on him after following him for years.

On the other hand, if you are looking for change, it’s become increasingly harder for any qualified person who wants to run for any public office for the good of their country and community to do so…the money involved, selling your soul to the devil to get backing of influential people and groups, and the scrutiny (true or false) of the media and social media. It’s become a thankless job. Peace.


Now we know why Sheila Carter has been off our CBS soaps for over a decade: Kimberlin has been too busy attending KKK rallies.

Too funny, Michael.
What shambles….”Oh, say can you SEE by the dawn’s early light”……
My beautiful land !! I have so much to say. But…
I never indulge in politics, especially when publicly in print.

You are cute AND smart!

Celia, Dear Friend, your wise stance is quite admirable, and I applaud you for it!

We have already seen much bickering and hurt feelings within this thread.

Maybe, next, a soap star will publicly espouse his or her religious views (or lack thereof), and then further bickering and hurt feelings can be needlessly created…

Thank you, James,
I always endeavor to learn by my mistakes. My parents have etched that in my head, growing up.
Politics is one of those ‘touchy; watch what you say’-kind-of subject.
Considering the pain and suffering going around us and abroad; the bickering, the insufferable messages some people put forth or spew; make me sick.
Later, my friend

Thank you, my love. WOW !!… guys; all the compliments are going to my head….it will swell out of proportion. HaHa.

Why is Trump popular? You will get different answers from different people.
I think he is popular because so many have had enough of the atrocities committed against humanity…..and, Trump is a light at the end of the tunnel because his words offer a solution. It’s what people want to hear.
Also, we want our jobs back; we want a strong economy; we want our borders ‘restored’…..many believe in white supremacy etc., and Donald says all the right things. It does not mean this is who he is. I can tell you he is not.
( I use ‘we’ generally…..I do not follow anyone’s philosophy to suit his /her purpose)
Nothing has worked thus far. This is how people think and he appeals to their sense of Shangri-La, Eldorado and Utopia all lumped into one.
He is different from anyone else ever on a podium. His “orations”, as radical as it may be, grab people.
We cannot deny he’s a resourceful and successful businessman. People look at that….the almighty dollar. The success. The sun the moon and the stars. “Make America Great Again”. His mantra caught on. He makes promises of milk and honey…, why not!!
Not everyone thinks or sees past what he says.
These horrific ‘happenings’ ( and I shed tears over the loss of life….those beautiful, innocent children; my heart bleeds), as difficult as it is for me to say, this is an incentive for people to rally around Trump. He will slay the dragon for them!!!!! It comes down to that.
This is my best estimation.
Donald Trump may turn out to be one of the best presidents we’ve ever had. He has something of which he is very proud. Honorable and decent children. Altruistic human beings. He did something right which is worth more than all the gold in the world.
The same could be said about Hillary. I love Chelsea and her work for humanity.
I want to remain positive for both sides and hope for the best, as you suggest.
Let’s keep in mind we all have the same goal in mind. Why this separatism and arguing that one is better or worse than the other?
As I said, Rose. Most of the stuff Trump says is to shock….it’s propaganda which every candidate( in his/her own way) spins for his/her own political cause.

Good one Michael!!!!

KKK was invented by Democrats – ever hear of Sen Robert Bryd???

No of course not – trying to stoke a little racism??

The other day I saw Kimberlin Brown’s name on there and wondered if it was her. That’s great that they are speaking at the convention and supporting their nominee.


Well, I gotta say…where that Antonio Sabato, Jr. dude is concerned, I am N-O-T a bit surprised. Personality-wise, Antonio always struck me as being boring, dull, humorless, rigid and stuffy. As for that Kimberlin Brown chick, all I can say is that I’m (somewhat) disappointed in her. Sad.


Does this mean that dogs will be unleashed on us if we vote against Trump?

Scary thought, eh, 4ever DAYS?
I am definitely in a quandary. Sometimes, I wish I had lived through the Reagan administration. No contest.

Hi, Celia! I think the dogs might be unleashed by Trump (and KB) no matter if he wins or not. As for Reagan, I didn’t care much for his acting or presidency.

Nixon spoke those famous words, “I am not a crook.” I think there’s a good possibility that our next president will say those same words, considering both candidates, but the lesser of the two evils is the one with less money, a smaller ego and believes all lives matter.

No contest, indeed, CeeCee!!!! I harbor nothing but the fondest of memories for the Reagan years….it was the most wonderful time to come of age….we had a nation of peace, prosperity, propriety, patriotism and pride of country. One could feel free to go almost anywhere and do nearly anything within the parameters of legality, morality and good taste and be safe. Maybe that’s because, for the most part, we had real adults in charge then….primarily from the “greatest generation,” and no matter their political stripe, most behaved like ladies and gentlemen….well, not Ted Kennedy, but we’ve already discussed that particular exception! LOL. At the end of the day, people on both sides of the aisle could agree to disagree and still do America’s business. Sadly, that golden era ended along with that awesomely memorable decade….once the ’90’s commenced, the divisive “politics of personal destruction” became de rigueur, and they’ve never ceased since that point. Today, it’s all about the media’s oft-repeated, cherry-picked soundbites, nasty Twitter memes and the loudest, most belligerent voices that define the public’s zeitgeist. Not enough of the citizenry can probably even provide a cogent history of each of the two main political parties and their place in this country’s development, let alone how they have shaped and changed their own policies through the years…..this lack of basic understanding amongst low-information voters is truly appalling, and the saddest part is that so many of them are clueless to the fact that they so woefully ignorant…..they simply revel in their own stupidity, vote accordingly and pat themselves on the back for another election day well-done.

Oh, I hear you, Shay.
As what I wrote to 4ever, Leoncavallo says it best in his opera, RIDI PAGLIACCIO.
It is a circus, Shay. The idea to resort to (as someone already said), has been celebs, to be spokespeople, is beyond me.
Soon we will have Kim Kardashian and/or cohorts to rewrite the constitution with the help of her husband; who, may I add, plans to run for President, in the future.
I took him seriously because some people are so full of themselves, they will attempt to reach the sky.

Ronald Reagan was a gem!

How true, 4ever. To think that a ‘farm boy’ had wisdom enough to garner that brain of his through the glass panes of a school house with a purpose…..sounds much like a fable. Lincoln’s heart and mind were in the right place….most importantly; his was not led by ego or foolishness.
His vision for this country was simple, yet strong.
My grandfather (Stuart) was a true Reagan loyalist. He swore by him. I cannot tell you how miserable this election is making him. But, he will vote. It is the patriotic thing to do. And, we are the most steadfast of patriots.
But, I also base my knowledge on the rigorous History classes in which I immersed myself.
We all have something to say about every president and how he ran/runs the country.
However, at what point in our history have the candidates become “Pagliacci?”
Your last paragraph says it best, my friend.

Do they even teach US history and civics in schools anymore?

@Rose….Not in the same way we were taught, Rose! I was extremely fortunate in that I had history and civics teachers who were passionate about and proud of our country and its origins….they made their subject matter come alive, captured our imaginations and encouraged us to discover more about America and its amazing founders at every opportunity with much supplemental reading, reports and creative projects. My parents further fueled my immense interest with annual trips to storied national historical landmarks in places like Philadelphia, Boston, Gettysburg, DC, just to name a few. Throughout my entire childhood, I was surrounded by adults who loved this country and espoused its exceptionalism. Sadly, such is not the case for most modern-day students….we have an entire subculture who blames America first for everything, and at least one of the texts widely used to teach history in our public school system is an utter disgrace….very short on accurate, germane facts pertaining to actual historical happenings that explain the very heart of our existence and extremely long on negative innuendo and propaganda about how terrible this nation has been since its very inception. I don’t mean to sound so vexed about this topic, but since you asked, I thought I would just roll with it. I do so hope things are better educationally “Up North,” as despite my loyalty and allegiance to the US, I have very positive thoughts about Canada, as well. I’ve enjoyed numerous visits to your beautiful land and was brought up with deep respect for both its differences and similarities to our own way of life…..and, to this day, I have distant relations who still live there.

Good question, Rose. I would hope most schools do. My older nieces and nephews (ranging from 9-13) have already had a taste of our history via heritage week, where everyone had to prepare a chart of his/her ancestry; and, how the families came to be in America.
Personally, I can personally attest that at ROSEMARY HALL , American History, ( and its government) is very high in the curriculum; full speed ahead. …..always was a priority and still is.
The problem is, there is not much interest in learning the story of this nation, any longer……it’s rich, colorful history….the land of plenty! A diamond in the rough. On whom or to what do we put the onus?
As Shay stressed, ignorance does not serve this country well. One would expect a literate First Lady, in this day and age.

Shay…just as an FYI…I am American citizen, born and bred in Ohio, hotbed of may things politic for many years. I also had great history and civics classes starting in elementary. In fact I remember a newsletter we used to get on the subject. The reason I asked the question “if they are still teaching such subjects” is Celia has children, nephews and nieces and I thought she might know. And like you I am so alarmed at what I hear has happened in some curriculums. My sister who taught English at OSU has a lot to say on that subject.

You certainly are right with your estimation of education ’round the world, Shay.
Canada is one of the top countries whose educational system is exceptional. (My father-in-law constantly reminds us how he learned the area of a rhombus in the third grade, in Italy. LOL. )
I have seen this first hand as I did attend The University of Toronto for a couple of semesters ( terms, as they are also called…lol).
Both my husband and I have close relatives with young children who live in King City and Maple, Ontario, respectively.
So much is dedicate to grammar, Shay….impressive. Normally, this particular branch of English class sort of gets ignored somewhat.
Academia is very advanced in Ontario, especially. There did exist a Grade 13 ( 5 years of High School for students who were in the Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum) which was eliminated a few years ago. There is also the chance that it will be brought back.
I wish more monies and time would be dedicated to our education. Laura Bush, I think, was the only First Lady who was an advocate of education and literacy. The fact that she, herself, was a teacher, spoke volumes. But, I suppose planting veggies on the White House grounds trumped education. Ha!

Stuart is a wise man!

As a teacher myself, Rose, I can say that many times, it depends on the school and the curriculum. I cannot really speak for grade schoolers, in general, but many do dedicate time to ‘current events’.
I teach High School ( on call, right now), so, of course, they still do teach ‘such subjects’
It makes no difference if the school is private, public or otherwise. It is up to the Board to decide what to teach, and the teacher has a certain responsibility to incorporate what she/ he feels is of importance.
The only advantage a private school ( and I do not mean Catholic Schools….but, private, such as boarding school or prep school) student has is that the class is smaller. Therefore, the students get individual attention.
The US has always been behind some countries in Academia. Now, suddenly these grade school children are being bombarded by new curriculum(s). A new way to approach the methods of teaching Math, especially. If I were not a Math/ Science nerd, Rose, I would never be able to make heads or tails of what is offered in the classroom.
My son is almost seven. I spend, at least 2 hours per night with his math homework and his other subjects. There is so much ‘stuff’; so much work shoved down their throats; their childhood seems to be taken away. By the time he eats supper, there is no time to even interact with his sister or his father. Bedtime.
My sisters and brother complain about the same thing with their kids. No time for these kids to unwind just because our own educational system is playing catch-up with the rest of the world.
I don’t know if you watched all the debates and candidates’s speeches, but Trump did broach this very subject. He has a young child and knows first-hand what’s going on. He did promise he would do something about that. It is a problem. Then again, how does one know that what comes out of his mouth will be followed-through?
In a perfect world, if he wins, it would be such a bonus if his wife was less interested in what was in her closet and more in education and what this country stands for. Perhaps I am not being fair; but I have never heard Melania speak of anything but her jewelry ‘creations’ or Fashion Week in the city. For someone who stomps on immigrants, Trump certainly knows how to surround himself with them. I persistently try to keep in mind….”it’s all for show! It’s all to stir the already restless natives,inciting them to tread the warpath, as it were. Sorry, about the cliche’, Rose. LOL.
There is positivity with Hilary, as well. She is a grandmother of two; thus, she must have a vested interest in the future of these babies and their education.
The more I type, Rose; the more I want to throw my hands in the air.

Farfar and Farmor….no distance jokes, please. LOL.

That’s what I’m told, Timmmy. Reagan was a gem.

Celia…thank you for the education overview. My daughter has taught elementary in lower income, multi-first-language DC. She mirrors what you are saying plus, the amount of teaching/learning time having to be invested in the mandatory tests the kids have to take to rank students and schools. This might sound simplistic, but if the curriculum that it seems some of us received (and mine was public school which is still ranked one of the best in the state) got us to space, medical/scientific breakthroughs, along with a good understanding of “reading, writing and arithmetic,” why change it to the level those in charge have??? Sometimes I think some change just for the sake of changing.

Hey there, CeeCeeGirl….If there’s ever been an occasion when I’ve wished we could meet in person for a roundtable discussion with our other favorites here, this is it! How stimulating…and interesting has this thread been? Talk about a real life soap opera….so many lively debates! But that’s neither here nor there….I simply wanted to add that one thing I truly admired about both Bush first ladies was their commitment to childhood literacy. Barbara was heavily involved with the RIF program and “Laura the Librarian” was equally passionate in the development of her annual book festival. I cannot imagine my life without the great gift of reading, so to have seen two presidential spouses emphasize this most basic of educational skills should be applauded to this day. (Might I add, Lynne Cheney also contributed to the education field with her own deep love of America’s past by authoring history books for youth during—and, I believe, even after—-her husband’s time in office….) As for Melania, I think she is primarily concerned with being a mother to her only son right now, which is admirable, yet despite her highly fashion-conscious image, she is also well-educated in her own way. She is said to have been quite a quiet and studious young lady in her homeland, and has a degree in architecture, as well as speaks a number of foreign languages. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to see what she would do as first lady!

P.S. I really like your fellow “Rosemary Hall” alumna, Ivanka…she is so poised and polished, not to mention a lovely young wife and mother! I’m truly looking forward to her speech at the convention!

Well I guess we are racists homophobes etc if we believe in God and the constitution! Why don’t you left wing nut jobs look up and see who has backed Hillary Clunton in millions of dollars ! Nations that support throwing gays off buildings stoning women their is a reason why Trump has come to the surface it is not racism it is frightened of what our country has become ! Quit thinking about yourselves and start thinking about this nation we are about to self destruct! I for one have put my entire faith in God because we are lost as a country we have no leaders anymore just agitators ! Washington, D.C. and Hollywood are not in reality please pray for our nation and stop dividing us we are all in this together! Makes me very sad when you attack people who have different views KB is one of the most genuine people I have ever known!

Thank you k/kay for your sensible comments among all the idiocy being spewed on this topic.Many of the soap favorites are conservatives.


I give you an American Flag! Great post. YOU should speak at BOTH parties conventions.

I agree, kay. I put my trust in God and the people we love; especially, the elders, who some of us feel know better than us.
What do we do? Grasp at straws? Again, I say….SCARY.
That’s all I do, my friend, …..worry about this country and its youth. What is in store for the children of America?

Just so you all will know I have endorsed my orange juice can in the refrigerator it has more bloody sense then anyone in Washington! Lord almighty now we have the media trying to convince us the mowing down in France was just a guy upset over a divorce???? I guess he was also screaming Anchors Away as he was driving his truck killing folks! Wake up we are in deep trouble!

We have a coup in Turkey get down on your knees we are in distress please pray for our nation and everyone that means everyone!!!!

First if all, sorry, but H-d has nothing to do wirh politics. This country was not founded on aby one religion. Second, for all your ranting about Hillary and who has backed get you conveniently left out rhe white sypremecists who back Trump while also seeming to think Trump is the epitome of humanity as he majes fun if disabled people.

Now in English:
G-d (Jewish people don’t spell out HIS name) has nothing to do with politics…and hopefully the rest of the typos can be figured out.

Amen to that, CeeCee!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Speaking of one having “courage of convictions,” that description fits you to an absolute “t,” k/kay! I love your passion and strength when it comes to fearlessly stating exactly what is on your mind….kudos!

hi k/Kay. Would like to apologize to you. You’re always very nice to everyone and in rereading my reply to you I said you “ranted.” Sorry, heat of the moment. I stand by my opinions but in no way meant to attack you. Rant is a “fighting” word. Apologies…Hope you’re enjoying your horse!

@Rebecca no problem not going to touch on this matter anymore except to say every day my orange juice can looks better and better. I’m just tired of politicians making promises they can’t keep . I believe we are at a serious crossroads in this country just would have liked to have seen someone with integrity run but alas that is out of my hands.

So we have three more dead cops in Baton Rouge and we find out the shooter is POW a follower of radical Islam but yet we sit on our ass and do nothing!! Their is no way in hell you can investigate people coming over much less the ones that are here that hate our country! Now speak it slowly we are in deep / but everybody is in the land of Ozz!

Rebecca I was not insulting other religions but dammitt we have to get a handle on what is going on a shooting a terror attack every week it’s beyond comprehension

Thanks k/kay. Yes, this election is very taxing, no pun intended. But it was rather clever, n’est pas? 🙂

K/Kay you are so right. After reading everyone’s comment your has stuck out to be the most rational. I guess November will tell but I have a feeling it’s going to be more of the same with H.C. as our leader. Hopefully their wont be a Mr. Lewiskey!

Just so all of you know I care very deeply for my soap buddies it has been fun to talk the talk about soaps please try to handle the fact everybody has an opinion that does not make you evil or wrong you just have a different prospective! Please pray for our nation and some day their will be no more talk about the color of our skin but just we live each other! God bless

Hi k/Kay. In response to one of your comnents …I never thought you were insulting anyone’s religion. You don’t seem like a person who would…just the opposite in fact. Embracing of all. 🙂

Rebecca1…just saw your comment on Trump’s bwana-white-hunter pretty boys. I feel soooo much the same way as you about them. I’ll never forgot those pictures of them lording over their “kills.” They didn’t look like they broke a sweat. I too am a huge animal rights advocate and sign lots of petitions for there causes all of the time. Have you been watching the ‘Zoo’ series by James Patterson? They are into season 2 right now. Don’t want to see humans gone, not all are guilty by any means, but sometimes (many times) it’s not hard to be on the animals side.

@k/kay…..Kimberlin Brown did a fine job last evening…..people were impressed…she got rave reviews, even though most networks failed to telecast her speech. I guess it will be her turn for more abuse now…..unless the trolls are still too busy with Antonio!

I do truly care about all of you can we just for one last minute quit attacking people you don’t agree with ! My biggest worry has always been that Washington both sides and a little clue here if you think their is a difference anymore with either party then I have some land I will sell you for a penny a acre! They live as does Hollywood in a different world then we do ! I have been successful with my business but it has been me that has done it not the government my husband very qualified airline pilot a great daughter we all did this on our own no help I was raised by a farmer and a mother who had a successful dress shop as you called it in those days I had one black family in my school who were my best friends never knew the word racist have had employees whose skin made Obama look white that called me their second Mom you need to stop this you really do and just give each other a hug! We are in for a very bumpy ride another attack in Germany please don’t become numb to what is happening around you and do not put your faith in someone else’s hands,

And to Shay thank you for always giving me a heads up yes I can truly be an ass hole I am working on that! But never doubt I love my country and the people that make it great lets get back to that and quit playing the victim card get down and fight for what you truly believe in and wonders will come at your feet.

Wise words, indeed, k/kay, and you’re most welcome for the sentiments. You were here when I first arrived at MFSoaps, and I was immediately impressed with both your candor and courage in speaking your mind. And I do hear your admonitions….believe me, I am no Kool-Aid drinker expecting something for nothing….self-determination and responsibility are the most important aspects in anyone’s life if they are to succeed, as your most inspirational story attests. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, we only have but two realistic choices in November, and that’s between an unacceptable known quantity and a wild card who remains a largely unknown one. Having lived through the nineties, there is no way I want to repeat that unbearable experience, nor do I wish to extend the past eight years for even one more day, so I’m willing to give Mr. Trump a chance given that I am an optimistic person by nature and see at least a glimmer of hope that his way may prove to be the right one. Anything is better than the alternative. God bless!

I was wondering when we can have a piece of clothing that does not say Made in China! Let’s pray real hard that we get America back my orange juice can is screaming that we can do ths

Maybe Kimberlin can sneak it in how she is coming back to Y&R to show us that Lauren really did shoot the wrong person all those years ago—that was too lame when all it took was for Lauren to burst into a room and shoot a gun when Sheila had fought with Lauren for over 20 years.

You know, these actors (just like anyone else) have the right to voice their opinions. They have the right to speak at whatever convention they wish.

Just remember, after you speak and have your say, just as it was YOUR right speak, it’s MY right to judge — and to judge YOU and YOUR ACTIONS accordingly.

When people show you who they are, believe them THE FIRST TIME!

yup – like Barack and Hillary.

I believed they were dictatorial and they haven’t disappointed me.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton dictatorial? Now that’s funny!

Much has been said about both Obama and Hilary. Dictatorial?….don’t think so!!..,..Goodness, Obama is more of a pacifist; submissive almost, in my opinion. Have I missed something?
A dictator is synonymous to tyrant; despot. WOW!! Good grief!

@Celia….Yes, there is a very distinctive Neville Chamberlain-like tendency to refuse to see/admit what’s happening right before our eyes, but then again, there is the most disturbing and illegal over-reliance upon executive directives and orders for actions that couldn’t pass Congressional muster. I think maybe that’s where mgb357 is coming from.

Yes, they do, Trophy Lady. But use your image, your representation sincerely; not as a ploy. So obvious, I can smell it.
The idea that some celebs use their ‘notoriety’ to self-promote never crossed your mind? Perhaps not. But, it has crossed mine, as I am sure, others.
I can certainly appreciate your sentiment, you are very fair. But, everyone is voicing an opinion, not judging. That’s how I read these comments.Then again, my Lady….I am still learning.
I refuse to lower myself to call any candidate fowl or negative names, albeit I will voice a general opinion.
As Kay said, we must think beyond our selves.

By “You”, I speak in general…not you, personally, Trophy Lady…Never you.
So I apologize if my writing sounds as if I were addressing you.

Running the country and politics used to be considered a “noble profession” which came with respect. Pretty sure that is not the case anymore. And unfortunately there is such a blur between politics, pop-culture, and entertainment if you are trying to form intelligent opinions from the media and social media.

As for actors coming out publicly for candidates and causes, that’s a freedom they have. But at their peril, fan and career wise.

On the mark, as always, Rose.

KB is being attacked mercifully on Twitter from what I understand too bad but she has a small business as I had for years up until two years ago she is going to be speaking about that and how small business’s are hurting which is very true. I was lucky to sell mine to a gentleman that was able to fold it into his others and my employees yes keep their jobs and their insurance etc.

Hi, Shaybelle,
The Donald’s children are truly exceptional human beings…..very giving and altruistic. I also admire their humility….they do not give themselves airs. Very down to earth.
Yes, Ivanka is a Choate R-H alumni…..not many know that.
I have no doubt she will give an intelligent, intelligible and informative speech. I worry about Malania. LOL. The name is not synonymous to speechifying on a dais. Again, I am not being fair. They must trust she will do well, otherwise, she would not be ‘put’ on that ‘lofty’ ( pardon the pun) place such as a podium.
I pray she will surprise us. Her looks will not be able to carry her through this. Or will they?

CeeCee. I disagree about Trump’s kids being so wonderful. Yes, they’re gorgeous, educated, successful and make a beautiful presentation. They’re polished, poised and persuasive. I have no doubt that they’ll do their father proud at the convention. But I’m a huge animal advocate. I love animals…and Trump’s sons kill for sport. It was 2012 if I remember correctly when they killed a gorgeous leopard I believe and were seen posing with big smiles on their faces as they proudly stood with this beautiful creature that they murdered for a photo op. Another time they posed holding a dead animal’s tail. Nothing about those actions scream good people to me. An animal wasn’t put on this earth to be killed for sport. (In my opinion not for food either which is why I’m a vegetarian.) As always, we all have different views and am entitled to them but for me their joy of the kill, or anyone’s for matter, is sickening to me.

My goodness. I had no idea. Hmmmm. Thst was four years ago. I can’t believe I was/am oblivious to this tragedy. I love animals, myself….and, as such, I do consider it a tragedy.
I googled the killing for ‘sport’….gorgeous animal. What a waste. Sinful.

@CeeCee…..Yes, I continue to be most impressed with the Trump offspring…..Donald Jr. was magnificent this evening…..he could be on the brink of his own successful political career, and even “Daughter Number Two, aka, Tiffany” stepped out from big sister Ivanka’s hugely accomplished shadow to deliver a most competent and satisfying speech. Both won me over with their lovingly detailed descriptions of their father…..I continue to like “The Donald” more and more despite the very obvious efforts in the media and right here on this website to denigrate him with nasty innuendos. As for the Trump family’s previous hunting activities?….They were legal, whether one personally approves or not. I certainly wouldn’t base the vitally important decision upon the direction of this country’s future simply because of a safari trip that happened years ago….what next? A take down of Ivanka because her product line features leather goods??? Talk about desperately grasping at straws….it never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some will go to in an attempt to tarnish the Trump name and make it stick.

Cut it out Shay. no one sees what you do…I do.

@Rose….My sincerest apologies for the misinterpretation that you were a Canadienne! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I’m not sure where that misnomer originated….I do remember we once discussed Brian Mulroney and Justin Trudeau, but I had the impression you were from “North of the Border” much prior to that! No matter…’s your well-informed thoughts and inquisitive nature that keep me coming back to comment, not your actual geographical location! LOL….At any rate, I only responded to your queries on education because they hit such a sore spot for me, and as such, are always at the forefront of my mind….I live in an area where three-quarters of our property taxes go toward school funding, and it angers me to no end to see the public paying such exorbitant amounts for the truly questionable information that is being drummed into the minds of our youth. Some of it is absolutely inane….it’s not even about imparting knowledge as you and I apparently learned it, so much as indoctrinating our youth to harbor only certain points of view, and I find that so disturbing. Since CeeCee, you and I have already covered the controversial subject of history, I’ll let that one go for now, but as far as English education, yes, that is a really relevant issue, too. You speak of the job of teaching it as a second language, well, how about as a first one???? This particular discipline is an area which has suffered so much neglect in modern day society…..too many students—and adults!—cannot write or speak in a proper, cogent manner, and given that I am absolutely passionate about communication skills, I find it utterly appalling. Just recently, I’ve read of major universities considering dropping literary luminaries like Keats, Milton, Shelley, et al, from their English major curricula…what next, Shakespeare? I cannot imagine my early life without the benefit or beauty of the works of these inspiring men or their timely counterparts….and to replaced by whom and what? Oh, I shudder to think.

Just an interjection here, Shay. I believe Mary SF is Canadian. I don’t think she’s une canadienne francaise.

Shay… No apologies necessary. Nothing wrong with Canada. Probably things to be learned from our friends north of the border.

Actually my sister taught English literature, as well as catch-up English for those she “inherited” from highschools who passed them in the subject, but shouldn’t have. And also professional majors like scientists, engineers, etc. so they could better communicate their findings to lay people. I say taught because she eventually got disillusioned when they brought in a hot shot to update and modernize the department. It wasn’t so much what they taught as how…everything would be done in-class on computers. Think about facing a class of laptops instead of faces with notepads and books. Talk about losing the crowd.

And I guess I’m old fashioned enough to think that one of the ground breaking things that progressed primitive man after the wall paintings was establishing language, an alphabet and the ability to manually write our thoughts. Or learning the times table. And look at what’s happening to those. Someday there will be those who can’t read cursive, and even now I’ve experienced those who can’t figure dollars/cents/%’s in their heads as cashiers.

Don’t get me into how property taxes are used to fund equal quality schooling for everyone (not), especially in a state that “prides” itself on fiscal responsibility. Or making land grant universities underfunded and now very expensive.

Enough of all of that heady stuff. Let’s hope Julian gets what’s coming to him, and even though on certain levels I know she’s not your favorite, that Alexis starts to get her act together. And “Oh,” Sonny isn’t the hero again, though Finn is dangerously close to letting him come to the rescue again. 🙂

Lol…so transparent.

Oh, oh, Shay. Melania just admitted to writing her own speech with very little help. She absolutely lied. Plagiarism is illegal, isn’t it? She is a little fish in a tank full of sharks. How, oh, how will she ever cope if her husband is in office?
Didn’t she mention that her parents ‘impressed’ values upon her? Golly Gee, there go some of those values.
What say you, Shaybelle? Poor woman is being torn to shreds.

Hey, Rose,
Re: Sonny and Finn, I said the same thing…yup; Sonny will be canonized.
Re: Alexis, I have come a long way and so has she. I love this vulnerable Alexis. I love her new, almost bashful and retiring self… she tries to cover herself with her sweater; as if she wants to hide. I simply looove her acting throughout this ‘travail’.
I also find her fresh face/ no make-up so endearing…..she looks beautiful clean-faced. Impressed, is what I am.
Coming from me, that’s a huuuge compliment.

Now, it seems that Michelle Obama ‘picked up’ a few words from Saul Alinsky. Is anyone’s writing original anymore?

Ahhhh, CeeCee, Alexis hasn’t changed. You have! Lol, seriously, this is the Alexis I’ve been fighting for all along. Intelligent, warm, great mom, funny, and yes vulnerable but strong, maternal but a vital

Ugh, how many times must I lament the non-existant edit option…anyway, point is CeeCee, Alexis has always been there, you just couldn’t see her. I’m really glad you can now. As Diane ssid today, love isn’t logical. And Alexis shouldn’t be judged for falling for Julian. I still believe he loved her madly and did change for her. He just couldn’t stick to it which brought about their downfall and his unhinging. You’ll see even more as time goes on how likeable Alexis is…and how tres witty in a snarky but cute kinda way!

@Rebecca 1.
I have ALWAYS liked Nancy.
But, I admit it. I must be seeing Alexis through different colored lenses. Nonetheless, she was oblivious to ‘decorum’, for lack of a better word. Rehashing is not good for the soul. Do, I shall start fresh.
The point is; I am at a better place where this character is concerned. I just want to see Alexis move forward; she is heartbroken, and perhaps a little disappointed she is not pregnant; unbeknownst even to herself. As far as Julian loving her? The monster in him was always there. It rears its ugly head, one, two, three, when the time is ripe. Alexis was not thinking with a full deck. He turned her head. I see that now.
He was her first taste of both emotional and physical love. Not that I’m an expert in the ways of men, but, I understand the female heart.
And I will say the same for Carly with regards to Sonny. Except that Carly strikes me as ‘hard’ and bullish.
Alexis has finally gotten her head out of her ‘bleep’. She is so much more demure to me. And, Nancy’s acting has been flawless….I love it!!
I wish for Alexis to concentrate on herself, first and foremost….no men…no entanglements until her heart, mind and essence work in harmony as one.

Ceecee. I agree! No rehashing. Soooo much nicer this way! But, I would like to fill you in a little more on Alexis because I realize you’re relatively new to the show. Julian is not Alexis’s first love and she’s not new to love or obviously sex. She and Ned had a fantastic relationship years ago…they were great together and engaged to be married. If I remember correctly, she got cold feet and broke Ned’s heart. She was married to Rick whom she also loved…and although a great character (I wish Rick was back for good…great actor and character) but he also did horrendous things ( too much to get in to; Rick has a lot of issues) but he hurt Alexis…slept with Sam!

I think. What I’ve always stated, was that GH put love and romance on the back burner for the mid age women on the show. Nancy had said when they began her story with Julian that they didn’t depict her, Finola Hughes and Jane Ellliot in a viable way; that they were invisible. So that’s why many Alwxis fans were happy to see her back in a passionate relationship. Unfortunately because they emphasized “passion” the love story was seen by many as just that…passion. Anyway, agree, Nancy is a natural. She’s always just felt down- to- earth and real. I think you would have enjoyed her relationship with Ned, her close friendship with Jax and her very loyal, protective relationship with her nephew Nicolas which the writers seem to have forgotten about all together. She has so much personality and strength…she was betrayed by Rick and Sam while she was battling lung cancer…yet eventually she forgave both…

@Rebecca 1.
Thank you for the backstory. I knew a bit of it. At least, who the girls’s fathers were. I did not know she and Ned have been an item, at one point.
However, I thought Julian had introduced her to “carnal delights”, LOL. I assumed she was a virgin. Wasn’t Alexis just a kid when Sam was conceived? I thought she pined for Julian, her anonymous lover in the night ( the cad).
But, if events followed this pattern; technically, Julian was her first. Did I get it wrong?

Celia…about your need for change comment. The change has started with the concerns of the Trump supporters on one side, and Bernie’s supporters on the other side…both sides making their voices heard big time. But it won’t happen overnight.

But I don’t feel at all comfortable or secure about “taking a chance”with a person who behaves, incites and speaks like Trump. And after following his career over the years, even less so. Did you know he had his plane fly low and buzz a Cruz rally. Are you sure you want to “take a chance” with someone like him, especially since he would have the detonation “codes?” I know you mentioned, I think it was your father, that they heard good things about Trump. I have also had a cousin who was “connected” in NYC who said just the opposite. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder though.

I admit, Hillary isn’t an easy person. But easy or uneasy, she knows how to operate in a very complex world that has to juggle personalities, events, and countries in a way that a person running his own show doesn’t.

As an aside, when she was accused of giving false info on who/what caused Bengazi right after it happened, she revised it because info was changing, sparse and fluid at the time. Same type of info things happened in Belgium, Nice and Turkey. But she was pillared for it, and finally proved innocent after being investigated and accused at Republican insistence. But there are those that still won’t let it go.

So then why was it okay for the Trump people to offer cover-your-ass “explanations,” and contradictions after Melania’s liberally using Michelle’s remarks. From what I know about you on MF you wouldn’t tolerate this. But so far I haven’t heard of a congressional investigation for 1 1/2 yrs, at tax payers expense to prove what we all saw and heard on national tv? Charlie Rose did an interesting long interview with Hillary on PBS this week. You might find it interesting because he didn’t ‘t let her off the hook. She speaks way better in this kind of format than on a stage.

We could go on tit-for-tat, I don’t expect to change any opinions of other commenters, and each candidate has a lot to prove, but I’d rather “take my chances” with someone whose resume for the job out-“trumps” their opponent. Peace Celia.

Celia…P.S…believe it or not, part of me feels bad for Melania. I don’t think she meant to deceive, the words she borrowed are as good today as they were for Michelle, and am not even sure the speech writer who admitted her error was completely to blame. It’s messy, but I think Melania just got caught up in something.

CeeCee, I replied but I don’t see my comment. Anyway, no, you weren’t wrong, I was! I totally misinterpreted what you thought about Julian being Alexis’s first physical a emotional love! I, lol, thought you meant in the present day!!! (I’m laughing and shaking my head at myself over that one!) But the rest of the history was accurate…

@Rose….To answer a few of your posts at one time: I do believe Chris Christie is feeling just fine! He was probably always a long shot for veep simply because he was too much like DJT in demeanor and delivery, which made them great friends and political allies, but Mike Pence has provided a much better—if not blander—balance to all of The Donald’s bluster and high energy. He may not have been my first choice for the second slot, but I can certainly accept him….he’s got the “right stuff!” As for Christie….he totally hit his stride as “Attorney-General-In-Waiting” during his fabulous indictment of “the opposition” last evening. Thus far, there have been quite a few truly knowledgeable speakers that would appear to be addressing their areas of expertise as prospective cabinet members…..Guiliani, Perry, Flynn, just to name a few! I am very confident that Trump will choose the best people for the job of making this country great again. In terms of your passionate fancy for animals, I can understand it, as I have friends that feel much the same, but having said that, I still place human life above all else, and as such, am much more disturbed at the repeated carnage we’ve experienced during this administration….people cut down whilst just doing their own thing in places like Orlando, San Bernardino and Fort Hood….our brave soldiers in Benghazi and border agents being subjected to deplorable conditions and unimaginable violence, not to mention all the senseless, unnecessary individual killings of our citizens at the hands of foreign criminals who have often times repeatedly entered this country unlawfully… needs to stop, and I think the only one who has the will to properly address this issue is Trump….otherwise we will have flags set at permanent half-staff over these next four years. Given that consideration, his family members’ hunting incident of some years back really doesn’t disqualify him as an otherwise superior candidate in my mind….plus, regardless of your one’s personal feelings, his sons did nothing illegal. On the subject of passions, though, I totally agree with your assessment of those good old-fashioned three “R’s” They are sadly becoming lost to the ages because of technology, which can be fast, convenient and great fun, but it is not the be all and end all for information….how we retain our knowledge is vastly different based upon the method in which we obtain it. Many studies indicate that the more luddite options yield much longer lasting results….I’m grateful I’m a hybrid in my approach to such matters….and I cannot imagine for the life of me taking college courses solely with a laptop in front of me….I do believe I would miss that more immediate, personal connection with not just a professor, but other students as well….it would definitely not be the same rewarding experience that I still recall and treasure from my university days! Anyway, I’m glad we cleared up the “Canadian confusion” once and for all….I remain flummoxed as to how it all began… any rate, it’s been most enjoyable conversing with you on these “non-soapy” subjects for a nice change of pace…..but don’t forget, we’ll always have Alexis to hotly debate and discuss. Our friend CeeCee thinks Ms. Davis is finally turning a corner to a healthier place with men, but I am not so convinced….I fully expect that the next roguish roué to hit Port Charles will put her right back into her usual overheated sex-crazed mode. (Can you say oh, ye of little faith?) I suppose we shall soon see….Later, Rose!

Shay…I’ll try to keep brief by saying I’m not going to get into the a Rep field. Let’s just say we don’t see things the same way.

As for my passion about animals, I also sign a lot petitions re: the the unnecessary killings of innocent people in the US with guns. Also those innocent families and children abroad caught in the crossfires as we try to get the bad guys. Great breeding grounds for those rogues who eventually hate us and turn to terrorism. At least Obama and Seals did a clean, brave job in getting Bin Laden.

Also, “yes” Trump’s boys were “legal,” as was the dentist who killed Cecil and many others killers disguised and in denial as real hunters. Even if we don”t always see eye-to-eye, you have good values, so is trophy hunting right, moral, necessary, happen on an even playing field, show a progression in mankind? Won’t even get into the poachers here.

Then there is the international democratization of the internet/social media/cellphones; sit-on-their-hands/say “no” Congress; an arm twisting group and certain manufactures who will go unnamed. Tough environment for this administration to work with. Obama, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security , France, Belgium, etc are tying their best to keep up.

At least we got MF in the deal. Maybe they could take a page on how commenters mostly try to work things out.

All I’ve heard Trump say is that he’s for enhanced interrogation, a wall, and no entry into US of a religious group. With the temperament and mouth he’s exhibited, I sure don’t want him having the “codes.”

Well, Carlos and his cleaned up twin in one afternoon. Wonder where this is going to take us. But glad to see Vincent back. 🙂

Really good to see you stand your ground on animal rights Rose. To even compare the atrocities that are happening around the world to people as a way of minimizing the brutal slaying of innocent animals is weak at best, incomprehensible to those who value all life, especially those who have done no harm. If we follow this board it seems someone needs to have those who agree with a certain someone contradict that person. Never stops….doesn’t learn….

Sweet Shay, Chris Krispy Kreme is too much like the Trumpster. He will find his way and maybe run again in 2020? As for Pence, yes, he is the polar opposite of Trurmp and thats what you need. You cannot have two guys jumping up and down fighting for TV time! Like Pence said, Donald is NOT a politician BUT he is smart enough to put the right people in the right positions as he sets his staff.

As for “Sexy Lexi”, Alexis will undoubtedly fall for another bad guy. I want it to be Ric. I miss him. Maybe it will be Paul if Anna doesnt bite?

I guess this rumor is dead but when Michelle Stafford first came on GH she was telling her friend Christain LeBlanc how great it was to work at GH. I could imagine him coming on GH as an attorney and falling for Alexis. I think they would have great chemistry. BUT, like a lot of things over at Y&R, they drop stories like a cement block! I guess Michael’s cancer is cured???

Hi, Rose,
All I can say is that this country is on shaky legs…..too much camaraderie going on with peoples we CANNOT trust. We need change… Take a chance….the way things are going, we will be ruled by a different ‘species’, if something drastic, dramatic and immediate is done.

I stand for fairness and honesty. I will let both sides voice their opinions and vote. Whomever wins I pray that the hate disappears and we as Americans are safe again! As far as these two actors, do whatever you choose, either way, get your butts back on Y&R and GH!

The way I see it you have two choices One is a loud mouth the other a criminal.

Lol, Nikki.
What to do? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe? Nowhere to run.

Hi Cee Cee I think I’ll go with D.Trump. Every time I turn on the news something horrible has happened somewhere. Hillary is too sneaky for me not to mention her whole campaign was paid for by donations from terrorist countries. Im sure that she will make head waves being a woman, but she keeps saying she’s going to help women everywhere while her crazed husband has had how many affairs? Her solution is (Stand by your man) Good grief we’re being taken back to the dirty thirties. I don’t like the fact that she got off so easy with the email.

Donald Trump is supported by neo-Nazis (I’m obviously not talking about ALL of his supporters) who are no step above terrorists morally speaking. You criticize Hillary for her support of women and doubt her ability to make positive change? So Trump, who has cheated on his wives, is on his third marriage, calls overweight women “fat pigs” and who posted a picture of his wife next to Cruz’s wife to show his wife as so much pretttier…THAT’s a man who will help women? Let’s not forget his mocking a disabled man. THAT’s a man who will help the disabled? He “loves the “uneducated'”. Lol, can he spell condescending? He didn’t think the Jewish Star was a Jewish star and its implication when he tried to smear Hillary? If he doesn’t REALLY know that (which of course he does) should he be handling foreign policy let alone unite America? The idea of this infant in an adult body being President is frightening, though I’ll give him kudos for the endless laughter, sorta like watching a Saturday night skit. I forget. Is he running for President of the United States or third grade???)

Oh, Nikki, my dear friend.
This is exactly the reason why this election is in shambles. We hear a little bit of this and a lot of that about both candidate; which goes with the territory, of course. In my opinion (which carries no weight whatsoever), they both have skeletons in their closets. None of us is a saint.
Hilary has the ‘political’ sense and the brains; Trump has the business sense, and the gift of blab…..whether it makes sense or not. It is up in the air.
I am an ‘independent’ voter. I have been since I cast my first vote.
Hilary’s email imbroglio is just as bad as Trump’s University tuition-fraud. How much truth is in either?
You know, Nikki. It has come down to damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
Trump speaks without thinking and without measuring his words. By the same token, certain members of my family who know him well; say that ‘s all it is….shoots his mouth off…sensationalism…..that he’s a really nice guy, in person. And, he really is!!
I like Hilary very much. However, not a good enough reason to vote for her. Too many blurred lines on both sides.
This will be my twelfth year voting, and I have never been this frustrated or unsure of what to do.

I can’t in good conscience support a candidate or a party that tries to suppress voting, maintains a congressional majority through gerrymandering, wants to take away a woman’s right to choose, or actively works to deny the LGBT community their civil rights.

Being loud doesnt make you wrong. Just obnoxious! But I would take that over sneaky anyway! Hillary reminds me of that slimy little dictator in north Korea !

@T my concern if Hillary gets in with the e-mail mess and the Benghazi major screw up our enemies can hold over all our classified info over us! Well if Trump gets in all of us can look forward to a pole in the White House where his attractive wife can entertain our enemies, now have I lightened the mood hope so !



has to be a slow….. going to be a long hot summer… with doldrums and expectation

all 4 serials are hitting and MISSING

i’ll get my dig

Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton…. Bravo to you Ms. for forging onward

I know that your backbone and care of the political system… is what you are about

Our first Lady President… gets my vote

I know that Bernie Sanders is rough-hewn and untrimmed around the edges, but, he always struck me as a very honest, leatned and caring politician….a rarity.
He just had no simpatia with the populus……unfortunate really!!

Oops: I need to amend that. Within twelve years since I was able to vote, this will be my third time… what I meant to say.

I agree with your assessment of Bernie, CeeCee. There is no way I ever could have supported him given my personal political views, but I will say I think he was robbed and his voters disenfranchised at the hands of his opponent. Even those who vehemently disagreed with DJT on the GOP side— like Jeb Bush—had to admit that he won his nomination fair and square, the old-fashioned way….by getting the most primary votes (at a record level for Republicans) with no subterfuge or game-playing the system ala Cruz or Kasich.

LOL 0oohh geez. It’s going to long ride to November with
Drumpf and Drumpfer = Trump & Pence
/ they will eventually devour each other , a really dangerous match ahaa!

Cute, SuzieQ. Cute.
Actually, if Trump will be elected, I think Pence is a good choice….he is no fool.
I seem to remember a quote from Willy, “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool”. Bit of a riddle/conundrum; as is Willy’s wont.
It’s a ‘catch-22’, su. I better make up my mind. Country first!!

Celia…My take on choosing Pence is that Trump is trying to get the mid-west, religious right/Evangelical, vote and that he can control Pence. As for Pence he is at least getting name recognition for 2020. And I have to add my brother lives in Indiana so I get to hear his take on Pence…let’s just say as someone who lives their he’s not a fan…Pence is far too conservative and my brother, not so much so.

Wonder how Christie feels? He was first Rep of note to join the Trump reality show. Hope he was at least promised a cabinet post or something of importance since he was snubbed for VP.

I agree with you Rose. Very strategic (manipulative) move on the Trump campaign to choose an Evangelical. As zi said, separation of Church and State. I really fear the direction this “team” is taking us.

Our American history is not all grand and both the positive and the negative needs to be taught to ALL students. I doubt those who were slaves, couldn’t drink out of a white water fountain, sit in the front of the bus or at a “white” counter would portray as rosey a picture as some would like to paint

Absolutely right. This country’s history is spotted with big giant DOTS of negatives. But, overwhelming positives, at the same time. No different from every other country in the world, since the beginning of time.
The US does not have a pristine history. Her story is long and hard. Yet, I am proud to be an American. We have come a long way….to be civilized. There are many rogues (collectively) and/ or lone wolves; but, theoretically; I look at the rest of the world, as well. Can’t help but compare the ‘liberties’.
I also empathize with everyone’s demoralization and frustration. I am dancing this ‘fandango’ ( ready to offer my proverbial rose to the ‘right’ candidate) right along everyone else.
No other place in the world like our land. Not perfect, but, to me better….much better than any other.
And, I am well aware of our history. “The good, the bad, and the ugly”.
Case in point: women have come a long way with even minute little details….like driving a car; or wearing lipstick. Sorry, I mean not to be facetious……just a little humor to a very serious matter. Not trying to whitewash here.
But, I would hope that we are no longer barbarians and, as an American, I support the ideology of what America is purported to represent.
When I say I’m in a quandary, I truly am. When I try to bring forth the negatives and positives of either candidate; I am either accused by friends and some family members that I would vote for Hilary because I am a woman.
That is the furthest thing from my mind. I am not so cynical or closed-minded. I know they kid with me, but some ‘junk’ really gets to me.
By the same token, others accuse me of being a ‘Trumpette’ (LOL) follower, just ‘because’…..
I am sincerely afraid. Will Trump trample all over people’s faith, ethnicity, beliefs etc?? I do not know.
If Hilary is in office, will her husband run the country? Will there be more subterfuge??
I simply cannot make a judicious decision, at this time.

I agree with a lot of what you said CeeCee; very proud to be an American. When I hear about some of the horrific goings-on in other countries I can’t believe we’re living in the same century. Unfortunately the world has never been at peace; each period seems to have its barbaric events. My point was/is that our grand history is, again, unfortunately, tainted with violence and persecution. Whether it was slaveryracism, wit h hunts, (literally and figuratively), anti-semitism, discrimination of all types…we have a way to go. Good vs evil…we can only hope good prevails….

As for Hillary, none of us can predict. But i honestly have more faith in her as a human being. She’s had an interest in politics and the world around her since her college days (while “the Donald” was practicing his art of the deal). Glad we “spoke.”

@Celia….Just wanted to briefly say that given your intellect and inquisitive mind, I know you would be the last person to simply cast a vote based upon “identity politics.” I give you so much more credit than that….your posts have been filled with thought-provoking and truly substantive observations on both major candidates….I’ve enjoyed reading them and benefitting from your personal insights….even those with which I heartily disagree! LOL. As I’m sure you can tell, I am not at all conflicted in my choice for the next president….I made my mind up early in the primary process when my only other possible candidate was eliminated, so I’m just happy to have someone that I can enthusiastically support this general election year….Needless to say, it’s been a real joy and kick to share our thoughts here this week despite the efforts to demean and demoralize certain individuals on this and subsequent threads. At any rate, I concur with your assertion that DJT may end up being one of this country’s best presidents, and I so hope he has that chance. For all of his famous foibles, he’s a happy warrior, an unabashed patriot who loves this country and, most of all, a refreshingly original change of pace from the status quo. Combined with the quite obviously more down-to-earth, albeit less exciting, Mike Pence, I do believe they could be just the team that will “Make America Great Again!”

Hey, ma belle:
I agree with you more than you know. But, I see you CAN read between the lines.
I am not a friend of “THE HUNT”, albeit it was legal. But, that’s a story for another topic.
I agree with your assessment of Mr. Trump. I also agree that I, too, find it infantile to argue over what other people’s choices as a candidate. The idea to choose freely whether it is faith, political stand or food (lol) is what ‘built’ THE MAYFLOWER. FREEDOMS!!!!
I thank you for respecting my opinions, albeit you may not agree with some of them.
I can say, in all honesty, that Donald, as undiplomatic as he is in choosing ‘appropriate’ language for his speeches….which some consider rants, IS a patriot and is sincere and passionate when it comes to America’s ‘truths’. And, contrary to what many may think….he is a nice guy.
The point is, Hilary is no dummy, either. As yourself, mon amie, everyone in my family has made up his/her mind. I vacillate.

Ceecee…If you appreciate “reading between the lines”..start reading. Your friend is following someone around this post to put another wedge in between two people who previously didn’t get along. The “hunt” was not brought up as a reason to vote or not vote for any particular candidate…it was in direct response to a statement about how “wonderful” Trumps ogfspring are. Two different issues. Again, to someone who loves animals a “wonderful” person wouldn’t t go out and slaughter them for fun and then pose, ismirks and all, as they hold up the murdered beautiful animal. Your friend is once again creating antagonism by feeling she has to comment directly after with some sort of camaraderie and it’s “we against her” thing, contradicting what the other person said, implying malice when there was none. The two people who didn’t get along are finding some common ground. Your friend isn’t happy about that so is once again reverting to being antagonistic. Been there, done that. I had hoped you were done with that too, or at least could figure out what’s going on. Don’t want it; don’t need it. Your friend needs to get over her insecurities.

@Rebecca 1.
Thank you for taking the time to have your feelings known.
I find myself in a better place when there are no disputes of any kind anywhere, including these boards. Poor Mr. Fairman who has to read some of our incredible ( and then dome) material.LOL.
I am an advocate for animal protection….all life is important to me, as I am sure most feel this way. It is sinful, as I said, to go on ‘THE HUNT’ for mere sport. We used to hunt for sustenance….we lived off the land. It was called survival.
But, we have come a long way, baby!!! LOL.
I had posted a lengthy ‘novel’ (lol) to Shay about the Trumps; touching many subjects. The comment never made it….sobeit!!
Again, Donald says what many want to hear. The point is, he also makes sense to these same people. Then there are his friends, some very close friends. What to do! Oh, what to do! On one hand we have, let’s say, someone who feels disloyal not voting for him because of this friendship, albeit said person does not agree with certain policies. What to do? What to do? What to do?
But, going back to your comment……unless I am so naive, and live under a rock, I am sure Shay does not endorse killing for sport. She merely stated that ‘the shooting’ was not a crime….morally, it is, at least, to me . I love Shay. She always gives me moral support….as does Timmm. I appreciate everyone here, thanks to Mr. Fairman. He has been a godsend…..soaps are my thing, among everyone here. We are a unique group….misunderstood by those who do not love soaps.
Oh, Rebecca, let’s just move on and discuss what’s in our heart and mind freely….say yes,LOL.
I do not personally know anyone on these sites….but, regardless of that fact, we do form alliances; friendships, and Shay and I have found our own little niche. That is, I’d like to think we are kindred spirits. I do not see any subterfuge, Rebecca. If I did, I would not give her a second thought.
She has heart; is very compassionate, but cannot be kicked around. My qualities.
I bet that if Shay and I knew each other, we would gossip our heads off. LOL. It’s harmless talk when kept contained.
I think you see things a bit differently, Rebecca. I sincerely do not see Shay trying to put a wedge between our newfound communication….it used to be the three of us, remember?
I do not want any dissension between or among anyone. I think of the lives that are being lost weekly all over the planet….It has become a trend.
As far as the people on these boards, I love communicating with each and everyone….to share thoughts, opinions, ideas…I find it stimulating.
I find that Shay, among many contradict what I say and what others say. But, that’s the point. If her comment of disagreement happens to be right after mine or yours, or anyone’s, I truly feel it is a coincidence.
If you feel it isn’t, Rebecca, ignore it. You know all of us get snide remarks from everyone….I probably do it too, albeit jokingly or unintentionally.
As I said, there are more important ‘things’ and so much turmoil in the world to worry about banal nonsense.
Isn’t it great to start anew? Don’t you wish we could erase all the evil in the world? Tabula rasa.
I hold no resentment; no rancor; no spite in my heart. Those feelings can really destroy our core; our essence; our well-being. Peace.

Rebecca 1 You are so right about D.T. with his racist slurs but before you hit everyone who likes him can you read the book “Hillary the other woman-A political memoir by Dolly Kyle” his ex girlfriend. I know you’ll say it’s made up because she’s his ex. but please keep an opened mind D.T. says what he says out in the open. Hillary C. called a school bus load of disabled children “F- – – – en retards. They we’re on an Easter egg hunt and being disabled they we’re slow. She thought the mic had been turned off when she said” When R these f- – – en retards going to be done. Check OnLine mail news. BTW She was not running for President then.

@Nikki…..This sort of information has been out there for years….Dolly Kyle’s book is just the most recent in a long line by personal acquaintances, political bedfellows (no pun intended) and perhaps, most credibly, secret service and other security personnel…..all available for the taking on the subject of this particular former first couple and their history of truly revolting behavior! As far as I’m concerned, the entire reading list should be required for anybody voting in this year’s general election…..especially for those who so easily dismiss and condemn DJT for far, far less.

Great and TRUE post, Nikki.
Your point is well taken.

That is so abhorring, Nikki, my dear friend.
Shay spells out my feelings exactly.
I think everyone on these boards knows how I feel when any child is ‘kicked in the head’. Children are my weakness. I do much to soothe their hearts and stimulate their brains…..the very children you have just depicted. For shame.

Nikki I replied to your post about Hillary allegedly making those horrendous statements about the children…which is what those types of statements/thoughts are…horrendous, but my post didn’t make it. Trying again. My point is I googled that after reading your post and didn’t see angy credible source, any video, any audio…verifying it. Anyone can say they heard her but that doesn’t mean it’s true…and then the rumors fly. That’s fact checking 101…who’s the source.

Trump on the other hand had been on TV flailing his arms mocking a disabled man. I trust what I see rather than hearsay…

Rebecca…I now have an EVEN BIGGER RESPECT for you!!!!! My point??? I , also, love animals!!!!! Rebecca…I’ve been an animal person for, basically, my whole life. Rebecca…cruelty to animals VERY, VERY ANGRILY MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!!!!! To me, animals were (and still are) put on this Earth to give love, to be loved and to be LOL comical…TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!! Bottom Line Here: ANIMALS ROCK!!!!! Yes.

Take care, Rebecca.


Thanks jaybird369! Third attempt to reply to you. Yes to fur babies! Epitome of love, innocence, adorabilty and endless precious antics!

Well I wont be as rude as you Rebecca1 but as we speak Europe is in another terrorist attack. Although we have the military from France, England, Russia & ours we can’t seem to stop the attacks or Isis. Could it be because their Muslim & so is Obama? Late last evening Turkey had a military take over which has now ended. Obama was said(on the news) to be in touch with the head of Turkey. Turkey use to be half Christian/half Muslim now their head (president) is being criticized because he is mostly Muslim and wants his country that way. I’m not, by a long shot, trying to make D.T. a savior but with all the killings I don’t give a rats a– if he calls us all pigs or horses. We need a strong leader that will fight for our country. I don’t want to see another 9/11. Hillary is weak, she’s been caught in too many lies, she’s made too many mistakes & I just don’t feel she could be a good President. I use to like Bernie Sanders but even he said so many things about her then turned around and endorsed her. That was when I changed my tune but J.M.O.

All good points, Nikki. I liked what Sanders ‘professed’; but in the end he tucked his tail between his legs; whimpering and limping his way to Hilary.
But, my dear friend; what was he to do? His ‘catapult’ onto her lap was the only thing he could do, at that point. He is a Democrat…..the winds of fate were not going his way.
But, I say this, Nikki. If Hillary wins, I hope against hope she chooses him as her running mate. The man knows what he’s about….and what the country is about….he gets it.

Nikki…If I remember right Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, or should I say Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush, got “tough” after 9/11 and invaded Iraq, instead of chasing down suspects in Afghanistan. And look where we are now. What a mess. We’ve alienated more than we’ve won over, and lots of US military and innocent men, women and children have lost their lives.

Then we have the internet and social media helping to fuel the fire in the the world with their random guerrilla warfare that doesn’t need armies. Too late on this, Pandora’s Box is open.

Trying to negotiate a world-get-along-deal, is not a business deal when you only have to answer for yourself. This is going to need more that a big army, or a person who leads with his mouth, and has the codes to push buttons on the spur of the moment because he’s “spontaneous.”

And If I’m reading you right re: Obama/Muslim, you are insinuating a real insult and a very tired story about Obama. Cripes!

If I’m a little impatient and testy for me today, maybe it’s just because I heard the newest ‘News Break” about more police getting shot with a possible semi-automatic. But that’s another subject that a lot of people should take some real soul searching on as well. Especially one who has been endorsed by certain groups who want to see certain status quo stay as they are.

Sorry to be so direct Nikki, because on other things we have agreed. Peace!

Ummmm, was I rude to you Nikki? Where? I disagreed with everything you said in your last post and I disagree with everything you said now. That’s not rude. My emphasis on him not being qualified is in relation to my disgust that this tactless man is nearing the Presidency. It’s surreal.

I know full well the atrocities that are happening all over the world; Trump is not qualified to talk to a foreign leader let alone try to combat terrorism. Our own military doesn’t even back him citing his utter lack of experience.

I don’t think Obama is Muslim. He has stated he is Christian and I believe him. Even if he was Muslim, that doesn’t mean he supports terrorism. Those are some pretty broad assumptions and accusations you’ve aimed at him which would also explain why you don’t find Trump so abhorrent since he’s said similar statements.

You should give a “rat’s ass” and more that a potential candidate for President of the United States of America is an immature, superficial, judgemental bully who makes fun of people’s physical attributes and their disabilities. He doesn’t come across as a particularly good human being who wants to make a difference in this world. He comes off as a narcissistic ego maniac who doesn’t know how to censor his own mouth. Not someone I’d like to see represent my country.

One more thing Nikki. Do you have any idea how often Trump has lied? Do you think he’s honest? By the way, where are those pesky little tax returns???? And yes, Sanders is endorsing Clinton, as she would him if it was the other way around. When they were competing he was, to quote that wise old sage, Randy Jackson, “in it to win it.” Now, his main objective, like many of us, is to keep Trump out of the White House.

O.M.Goodness this is starting to sound like the good, the bad & the ugly. D.T. does use colorful language, he’s a big mouth and a bully but if you ever watched “The Apprentice” with his famous “your fired quote”. that is what he’s famous for. If he had come on and said “Hi I’m D.T. and I’m running in the election”. I don’t believe he would have the following he has. People are tired of the murders, terrorist attacks etc. Their afraid to send their kids to school! My daughter went to a concert Friday night and I have to tell you I couldn’t settle myself down until she got home. What a horrible way to live but it’s there and it will stay that way until someone with a pair can come in and handle it. I think the people that hate D.T. actually hate the superficial side. His hair, his bully talk, his language etc. I’m more into “Who can do the job”? If it makes you feel better “NO” I don’t think he’ll win. I believe Hillary will get it and we’ll have the same crap we have and had when her husband was in, so I can say congrat’s ahead of time.

Nikki, I’m sure you’re a very nice person but I’m sorry to tell you Donald Trump is not the answer to this world’s evils. Not sure if anyone is….

If anyone’s interested, Google Johnny Depp doing an impersonation of Trump. Too funny!

About as funny as Barack Obama imperonating a president.

That CHUMP Donald Trump as President??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I truly believe that Trump would make an A-W-F-U-L President!!!!! Furthermore, Trump as ‘President’…oh, puh-leez…that would be like putting the hockey-masked killer in charge of the summer camp…BEYOND BLECH!!!!!!!


I haven’t “hit anyone who likes him” Nikki. I’ve said the same thing that the other anti-Trump posters said…I actually think for the most part we’ve all been incredibly restrained.

Hey Rose, always great to meet a fellow animal lover. You know what I can’t handle? Kill shelters! How those are allowed to be legal is beyond me! To take loving, innocent animals and decide who lives or dies…uggggg…I can’t even think about it. As to the show you mentioned, no, wasn’t aware if it. I’ll check it out; thanks. As relates to the Trump sons, ugh, they should post those hideous pictures with their obnoxious smirks across the big screen as they make their way to the podium to talk about all the “good” their dad can do…before they dash off to their next kill.

On a non-related note, hope you saw my reply to you on the other post when I clarified that I LIKED fantastical stories. It’s the stories that are supposed to be believable but lack human empathy, common sense, continuify, etc that I have trouble with.

We saw you on Tues. night at the convention. LOVED IT, loved it. there are many of us out here that feel the same as you.

A while back, on The Celebrity Apprentice (and, if I remember correctly), ‘The Donald’ FIRED Dennis Rodman because Dennis spelled Melania’s first name wrong. In a way, that moment was truly LOL HILARIOUS!!!!! Yep.


CeeCee…thanks for your response. So let’s see to respond. Suffice to say I’d elaborate if these messages were private, which, lol, we know they’re the furthest thing from…I agree with you about having fun here and hopefully everyone getting along. I asked that of you numerous times in the past when everything went awry…to no avail. I kept saying in the scope of life these petty arguments are unimportant…more important things to worry about in life. These boards, like the soaps, or film, books, theatre, etc are supposed to be an escape…not an added stress. Unfortunately my attempts then fell on deaf ears and culminated in that horrendous few days.

I’m glad that we are both making an attempt to acknowledge each other, agree and respectfully disagree. The irony is I kinda agreed with Harry when he said you and I were similar in certain ways. Believe it or not I actually agree! We won’t even mention the ongoing difference of opinion that seemed never-ending…but the similarity I see is sensitivity, compassion…which maybe explains our mutual love of animals and, lol, liking Sabrina when few else did. So I repeat and agree, let’s keep moving forward. It’s a good thing…

I tried to not mention names when I wrote you that message…suffice to say I don’t agree with you on that topic. There is a deliberate effort to criticize and draw a wedge…go back and read the message about how “some people…”,” what’s next, Ivanka wearing leather” comment. There is also a direct comment after everyone I exchange messages with…sigh…again, too awkward to discuss openly but it’s very clear. Off to drink some green tea and eat an organic brownie! Later… 🙂

Breaking News

Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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Breaking News

David Gail, Former ‘Port Charles’ Star, Cause of Death Determined; Mother Speaks Out on Dangers of Pharmaceutical Addiction and Fentanyl Epidemic

David Gail, who played Dr. Joe Scanlon on Port Charles (1999-2000), and who also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, cause of death has been revealed. The actor passed away on January 16th at the age of 58.

According to the toxicology report, Gail died of anoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which is a brain injury caused by a a lack of blood flow, following resuscitation from cardio pulmonary arrest due to the drug intoxication. The report also revealed that drug intoxication with amphetamines, cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl, were also involved.

Gail’s mother, Mary Painter, spoke to Deadline on the findings and opened up to what led to David’s ultimate passing. Gail was found unresponsive by emergency personnel who attempted to save his life. Eventually, he was put on life support where he remained for several days till his death.

Photo: ABC

In her statement, Painter shared, “It breaks my heart to learn that my son died this way. David became reliant on medicine many years ago, after multiple surgeries on his hands and wrists. He lived in enough pain to prevent him from working for almost a decade, with relief only achieved through full disability, physical therapy and pain medicine.”

She then added, “He struggled to stop taking pharmaceuticals and did before turning toward a more Eastern pain management including acupuncture and natural medicines. I can only assume that his former opioid dependence played a part in self-medicating from uncontrolled sources.”

David’s mother expressed a very important social message for our time about addiction that she hopes other parents remain aware of: “David’s death shines a light on the countless innocent victims of pharmaceutical addiction and the fentanyl epidemic that has taken so many of our sons and daughters. Please keep David and others battling pain or dependence, in your thoughts and prayers.”

Gail’s other TV credits included parts on: Savannah, Matlock, Murder, She Wrote, Doogie Howser, M.D., and Perfect Opposites.

What do you think about the poignant statement offered up by the late David Gail’s mother, Mary Painter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spinelli Serenades Maxie Then They Kiss! Are you in Favor of a ‘Spixie’ Reunion?

Spixie fans finally got their wish, sort of, on Thursday’s February 22nd episode of ABC’s General Hospital.

While Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) have been each others orbit and married to other people, have had children, and been each other’s best friends, it’s apparent that they belong together, or do they?

In story, Spinelli took to the stage on Karaoke night when he, Maxie, Cody (Josh Kelly) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) went out together.  When Spinelli sang, it featured a touching solo performance by Bradford Anderson, where Spinelli wears his heart on his sleeve for Maxie.

Maxie is all smiles watching Spinelli sing, and afterwards he walks towards her. The two talk about his living situation and how he would do anything for her. Maxie says she always knows she can count on him. She admits she loves listening to him sing to her, and she loves having him around. Spinelli says he considers her more than a friend. The two eventually share a kiss, but Maxie runs away.

Photo: JPI

The pick-up of the story happens on next week’s Tuesday, February 27th episode when in teasers, Maxie and Spinelli get closer.

Looking at the history of Spixie: they first got together from 2008-2010 when they were engaged. Then, in 2013 the duo had a one night stand. Next, they dated again in 2015, and flash-forward to 2024, and it looks like Maxie and Spinelli might be willing to try their romantic relationship one more time.

Photo: JPI

So, do you hope Spixie gets back together, or do you want Maxie and Spinelli with some other characters on the Port Charles canvas? Let us know. But first, check out the scene where Spinelli sings to Maxie below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023