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Kimberlin Brown Speaks At The RNC Notes: She's Been Attacked On Social Media, Knows Victims Who Find Hillary Clinton's Actions & Remarks Repulsive,Voices Concerns For Small Business Owners



Republic National Convention speaker, Kimberlin Brown, best known for her role as evil nurse Sheila Carter, opened her speech on Tuesday night by establishing her soap cred.

Brown stated: “Good evening.  Many of you know me from one of your favorite soap operas, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and many other television shows and films.  But since we only have One Life to Live  (yes, I did have to throw that in there), I decided to follow other dreams I’m now an avocado grower for all of you guacamole locers, and I also own and operate my own design business.”

Kimberlin who spoke in support of republican presidential nominee, Donlad Trump, went on to address convention goers and the TV cameras: “I’m a member of California’s Businesswomen for Trump. We are comprised of farmers, doctors, small business owners, attorneys and women in just about every field, profession, race and ethnicity. We’re concerned about out of control, unreasonable government regulations that needlessly add costs to doing business and tie us all up in red tape. And don’t get me started about the bewildering tax code and high taxes to boot.”  Brown later added how she has seen first-hand that impact of high taxes on businesses in the country, and, as an actress, has seen television and film productions move out of the country, leading to the loss of behind-the-scenes jobs for cameramen, sound technicians and boom operators.

The former soap also went on the attack of the presumptive presidential democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton by saying: “There’s going to be a time, and I hope soon, for a woman president.  And we have so many outstanding women in Congress and in our state and local governments who are ready for the job now, or in the very near future. But let’s be clear: the Democrats offer up a woman who, when she had a chance to stand up for women, did not do so. Instead, she attacked women, denigrated them, called them liars. And I personally know victims, and they find Hillary’s actions and remarks repulsive. Her comments are comments of convenience only.”

Towards the end of her speech, Brown talked about how she has been attacked on social media:  “Since it was announced that I was speaking to you all tonight,  I have been attacked in social media with all kinds of outrageous insults.  None of which are even remotely true.  The left wants to silence those the disagree with in politics, on college campuses, and in business.  This must stop!”

Watch Kimberlin Brown’s RNC convention full speech after the jump.  Let us know what you thought of it in the comment section below.

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Watch out America, Sheila Carter is not afraid of Hilary Clinton. Lol. Sheila Will Kidnap Hilary and tie her up in the farm lmao.

lol love it!

I wish she would!

I would supply the rope!

And then you complain about the “tone” of liberals. I guess mean spirited snark is fine as long as it’s you saying it.

She’s done for now. She just crossed the Hildabeast! Sheila Carter gonna get Vince Cartered!! (Stay out of the parks, Kimberlin! You don’t cross Hillary & live to tell about it!)

Well, I know many business people in CA, too, who are doing just fine. Doctors, lawyers, insurance, retail, entertainment – it’s not the federal gov’t that has the red tape. It’s the *state* of CA, which is thriving economically & came out of the Bush recession like gangbusters, and local *city* ordinances that can make things a lot more difficult for small businesses than the federal gov’t.

Hillary is WAY more evil than Sheila could EVER be! For real!

For the record, is this woman for real?? Since WHEN has Donald
Trump supported ANY type of small business, especially women business owners?? She makes herself sound like she is right out to lunch and delusional as well. I said it with Antonio…these former soap stars should stick to reciting other people’s words, because when they try to write something on their own, it makes them look foolish, uninformed, and desperate for ANY type of spotlight or platform. Sad, really.

WOW, Sheila Carter, who knew! She did great. Those who attacked her should apologize. No matter what her political preferences are, she shined as a women, business owner and respectful American citizen.


Take away the politics to be fair, wasnt she just so smart? I didnt know half of what she was involved in. And, is it just a coincidence that she is an avocado farmer and her backdrop was avocado green? Cool stuff.

I agree.

It goes to show you, what we see from an actor on screen is just a portion of who he or she is.

You bet Timmm but I know from past experience on here, if you don’t agree with the Liberals your put down. I think the funniest I heard was that Donald T. hates gays. How many people have to say he’s a nice guy & he uses the (your fired) tough term to get a message across? Hillary C. whole campaign is paid for by Islamic countries, that have thrown gay people off roof’s,buildings and tortured them to death but no matter what anyone is to say some minds are just made up, so hopefully we’ll stop hearing about this now that everyone is done with their speeches.

I know Nikki, ignorance runs wild when it come to politics and religion. I am open minded with both. I tend to lean toward Donald BECAUSE Hillary is the devil without a disguise! Perhaps if there was a third party involved here it may sway me but Mr. Trump is the best choice we have.

Well, I am not a liberal but I intelligent and sane enough to be very afraid of Donald Trump. He sounds remarkably like Hitler and his hate filled speeches are all predicated upon shrill negativity with no facts to back up his hate filled rhetoric.
I wish this former soap star no ill will, but it’s funny that Trump was boasting about how he would have nothing but winners and big stars speaking at his convention. Instead we get Scott Baio and this actress whom no one has ever heard of.

You are exactly right Timmm. Some of those with different views than Kimberlin claim they are tolerant when the truth is they are only tolerant of people who agree with them.


Donald Trump mindset is Corporate greed mogul Dynasty

it’s all he knows ? he doesn’t understand the meaning of “no”

when he has to mind the house and senate… how much veto does he got ?

I am not even going to go the route of his running mate…. Pence descriminates

Problem is, no one knows who she is. KB starred in a couple of soaps a about a hundred years ago so honestly, it doesn’t matter what this nobody has to say. Aside from her, he was only able to get two other has beens–Chachi and that missing link who played Jagger wayyyyyy back in the early 90’s.
And yes, Trump garners a lot of rage and perhaps we need to look at why that is–he attacked and ridiculed a physically disabled reporter, he’s called immigrants a bunch rapists and killers,he’s made insanely sexist misogynistic comments, and he speaks of wanting to build walls instead of bridges. Moreover, he doesn’t believe in climate change which is the real issue at hand because it negates all the other issues. If our earth is allowed to be destroyed by man, then issues like fracking, Planned Parenthood, the economy, immigration, gun control, jobs health insurance, etc, are all null and void. He’s a demi-God, an abomination.

In short, he’s an embarrassment to our country. How did he make it this far? Americans cannot be this stupid. And no, I cannot stand Hillary Clinton either. I hate that it has come down to these two crooks–I hate this presidential election with the heat of a thousand suns,

Back to KM–honestly, does anyone know who she is who did not watch Y&R way back when? It doesn’t matter what the hell she has to say about anything.

Thank you, Patrick.

Well said Patrick!

Also when I see him standing next to his wife, it looks like father & daughter. He should be on Y&R! LOL

You’re the same guy who just said you’d “bring the rope”, so nice try at trying to pretend you’re not a hater.

Kimberlin nice speech, but you are crazy as Sheila in supporting Donald Trump. He is a vile pig and a racist.

Not only does she endorse Trump, but so does Y&R and B&B…such a sham(e)!

That is not true. One of the very popular actress from B & B was on her twitter last night doing nothing but making fun of D.T. One of the male actors on Y & R seems 2 think D.T. is a racist and against gay people and he loves H.C. who got most of her campaign money from terrorist countries who are known to hang.kill and torture gay people. As a matter of fact most soap opera people are Liberal.

Tamara, I totally agree and am constantly awed by people who aren’t bothered by any of Trump’s questionable actions, yet are ready to crucify Hillary Clinton if they don’t like the color of her suit. Why this double standard? They even managed to blame Melania’s plagiarism (she did say on TODAY she helped write her own speech) on Mrs. Clinton…and they get away with it ! My grandmother used to say people deserve what they get. What worries me is if Trump is elected, we’re all “gonna get it”.

Nice drive by slam. SPECIFIC evidence Trump is a racist?? So easy to toss out the slurs! Back it up!

Why doesn’t Ms. Brown interview all the people/small business owners over the long history over the many years who the Donald has stiffed, stalled, harassed/”negotiated” out of business and many never got paid or only received a partial payment or drove many into bankruptcy?

kuddos to Sheila for speaking her mind.. and not being afraid of the ‘haters’

I guess they can’t call her sexist.. sothey will come up with other words.

Hang in there Sheila… most of America agrees with YOU.

Speak for yourself please, and not for “most of America”. I live in a generally Conservative area and a lot of my neighbors are embarrassed by Donald Trump and will be sitting out this election.

I definitely agree!

Actually, all the major reliable polls show the candidates are neck and neck, or a very slight lead by Clinton.

You bet we do mgb357.


We can only pray.

Um, Sheila is a soap opera character, mgb357, But you’re right—only a nut case would make a public plea for Trump.
Thank you.

I watched Kimberlin give her speech and saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. What is wrong with people giving her a hard time on social media? I thought there was a 1st amendment in America. With that being said, I am glad to be a Canadian and not to have the choice of my friends in the USA. However, I certainly would NOT vote for Ms. Clinton

I am just so taken aback… that the view of Hillary Rodham Clinton is a criminal ?

as secretary of state… she had that much power ? not even the president or what have you… didn’t not sign of on anything she did?

as for her “e-mails”


I realize that “computers” have been around

what about the technology of how the government exchanged e-mail ?

it would seem to me… this was a simple case of human error

human error that did not bring about ISIS… or start an international warfare

like we are in the midst

argh! I am watching the RNC just tear and rip at HIllary with the same things.. over and over

“Make America Great again”

seriously ?

back to “e-mails” I wonder if the prior secretary of state had the same technologies that are made available to all the government constituants…

does any one know.. IF Ms. Clinton is in fact the only employee who made this hapless err in judement?

whos to say… she hasn’t learned from all of her past employments ?

I find it so staggeringly interesting… to think that America could and should have their first female president


and it’s Mr. and Misses Bill and Hillary Rodham-Clinton

w/ Chelsea
w/their two beautiful grand children

I get so excited to wanting them back in the white house

( this is my copied post from the July 14th thread )

“Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton…. Bravo to you Ms. for forging onward

I know that your backbone and care of the political system… is what you are about

Our first Lady President… gets my vote ”

I’d like to emphasis “care of the political system”

she has spent her lifetime in the political arena… why would she do any less

at this point in time… it’s keeping what we have… a stable climate and protecting America from warfare

WHAT BOGGLES the mind.. is that women… do not see another WOMAN after all these centuries gone by ? capable ?

people of color MUST rally and keep the rich egotistical maniacal Trumpeter OUT

PS: on Kimberlin Brown… DANG doesn’t she look good

@Patrick….”What boggles the mind…is that women….do not see another woman as ….capable? (Or, rather, in my own estimation, worthy of being elected to the highest office in the land?) Speaking very much as a female, please allow me the privilege of offering my opposing view. The person in question is someone with whom I have absolutely nothing in common–not the least of which is ideological, although taste in fashion is a very close second—despite what one may assume is an identical XX chromosomal one, and yet, simply because I am of that fairer sex, it is implied–even expected—that I should applaud and support someone of the same gender, regardless of any or all other considerations???? That notion—often referred to as “identity politics”— is, at best, overly simplistic and, at worst, more than a bit condescending and totally anathema to my way of thinking. Believe me, I’m not taking specific issue with you, Patrick, I’m just explaining WHY this presumptuous tendency to assign people to certain groups based upon mostly demographical criteria and then demand they act accordingly ain’t always necessarily the way it is…for those amenable to this approach, and who willingly choose to participate along those lines, that is fine. But some of us have a different means of defining ourselves, and do not wish to be boxed in by such superficial constraints. I am an individual first, and I also look upon everyone else in that manner. I take each person—whether in life, business, politics, and yes, even here at MFSoaps—as I find them and base my opinion of them according to that, not because they match a list of supposedly preordained criteria. If I like someone who posts here, it may be because of their wit, personality or talent…there is something in them that garners my admiration and respect, maybe even fosters a feeling of kinship, and that will certainly not be due to the fact they are, first and foremost, male or female, or seem to initially fit other types of physical descriptions or traits, real or imagined…..I either respond favorably or not so favorably to them for their own unique qualities and the manner in which they present themselves…not as easy to divine online as in person, to be sure, but how many times have we said here we feel like we know each other just by our words and how they are expressed?…To further illustrate, I will offer a more politically germane example to you in the form of Dr. Ben Carson….on paper we could not be more dissimilar as to age, sex, race, profession, religious denomination, etc…..yet this is a man who gave the most marvelous speech at the GOP convention on a subject about which I am totally passionate: How political correctness is destroying our free speech rights. As I listened to the good doctor’s wise warnings regarding this vitally important issue, I felt as if he were speaking not just to me, but for me… terms of this topic, we were of the same heart and mind….all of our other obvious differences that the identity politics crowd would immediately recognize, emphasize and maybe even try to exploit, mattered none, since Dr. Carson had won me over in a way that would NEVER….EVER….be possible with the Dem’s current female standard bearer that (according to them) I’m supposed to gush over with unabated glee and support with unquestionable loyalty merely due to the biological fact we are both women???? Hmmmmm….me thinks not!!!! Having said that, Patrick, on one point we do absolutely agree: Kimberlin Brown does look good!!!!!!

Intelligent woman vote for who we think will take our country in the right direction. We do not vote for someone based on religion, gender, or race. There will be a day that our president will be female. The only plus for Hillary is that our White House will become a soap opera again with Bill on the loose around the young interns!

Unfortunately even Facebook and Twitter censor people who have conservative views. Liberals call for freedom of speech but not when it disagrees with their ideas.

Lynda, the American first amendment only guarantees the government can’t stop the flow of speech, ie. censorship. It has nothing to do with people disagreeing with someone on social media! It must be nice to be Canadian and missing out on this nasty election cycle. Hope your new(ish) prime minister lives up to his promise and potential.

Amen to that!

There is a 1st amendment but, sadly, liberal Americans seem to think it only applies to them. I think Kimberlin did a great job &, in my view, should consider a political career for herself.

Well she spoke well, I’ll give her that. I don’t agree with her but, good for her.

However, Trump must be super hard up for celebrity endorsements

The best mayor New York ever had endorsed him. I think you’ll surprise yourself.

Ash, Trump is not hard up for anything.
He is doing just fine.

The worst mayor NYC ever had, you mean. Just because he says he was the best doesn’t make it so.

Kimberlin was magnificent last night. A lot of bitter liberals on Soap Twitter did their best to mock her for being ‘irrelevant’ but her sheer eloquence prevailed. It’s funny that when people can’t think of a way to insult somebody, they try and make the malice personal. Kimberlin is too classy for that.


Thank you I agree she was speaking concerning small business’s which relates to me and everything she said about too much government regulations etc is true. She was very articulate kudos KB !

True, and she is doing a LOT better than any of those haters I guarantee.

It is a noted fact that Hillary has fought for women through her 3 decades in politics, and its never been reported that she has ever been anything but supporting..
The twitter and facebook is overflowing with war, political war.
The thin skinned had best not play in the political jungle, its nasty real nast.

==”’The left wants to silence those the disagree with in politics, on college campuses, and in business. This must stop!””’ ==
ahaaa that ^^^^ is the republicans..

politics are so much fun lol its all a flipped coin.

Fought for women?? Tell that to all of Bill’s victims who she intentionally trashed and brought down

Suooo, thank you.

Frankly any artist who backs Trump is immediately off my watch or listen list.

Wow.. What about all the actors who back Trump in private that you would never know about. You can’t stop watching them because their political views are secret.

Well the good thing is I don’t know. They can back whoever they want. But the smart thing to do if you don’t want to offend viewers and listeners is keep your opinions private.. Look what happened to the Dixie Chicks.

Oh damn, Joel! That means I have to boycott any movies or TV projects which feature Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin, Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Junior!
What a HUGE loss!

Awesome job Kimberlin. I have watched you on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. You are a wonderful actress and amazing business woman and a fabulous speaker. Donald is lucky to have you supporting him. I agree with everything you said and we are in big trouble if Hillary wins this election. If she wins I see more at racks on our Country and we will go further into debt. I am sorry to hear you are being attacked on social media. People are so mean and rude. Just know that you have millions of people who agree with you. Keep up your Support for Donald and let’s Pray that he takes down Hillary in this election. #Trump2016

Give me a break. Kimberlin Brown is as concerned about small business owners as Sheila was about Lauren’s hair extensions. When I think of “small business owners”, I think of the Mom and Pop stores in Astoria NY and in Granada Hills CA, where I grew up. These were people who not only gave people decent jobs but made you feel you were a part of something bigger. What I DON’T think of is some well-off, hate-filled B actress who fiddles around on an avocado farm and pretends she’s “just like you”. Do her workers get health care and/or retirement plan options? Just asking.

why is an avacado farm not a small business?

who made you the arbitor of that?

and if you knew anything, you would have heard that obamacare is driving the MOM and POP stores out of business..

btw – if she is a B actress what does that make you?

Mgb, if you had read my post closely, I never said her business WASN’T a small one; I merely asked whether or not her employees received proper benefits. And the only businesses that “suffer” are those exceeding 250 workers and exceed a healthy income threshold. It’s the people that work for companies who AREN’T willing to treat employees fairly that suffer. Hopefully Ms. Brown is not among those. As for your “then what are you” remark, that sounded as if I’d heard it before. ..oh yeah, on the playground in the first grade.

Regardless of whether an avocado farm is a small business or not, KB is fooling herself if she actually thinks Trump is supportive of the small business owner.
MGB, Trump is that mogul who drives Mom and Pop from their businesses.
I don’t understand why folks think Trump is like them and an their side.
He would be the worst thing for our economy and he has numerous bankruptcies to prove it. Moreover, he bilked poor folks trying to better themselves out of thousands upon thousands of dollars for his fraudulent Trump University. He is not Everyman. He’s not even on Everyman’s side.

Thank you Soaphound for your cool voice of reason and maturity.

was that page 3 of the democratic talking points?

why cant you believe Kimberlin Brown. Why do you think she has ulterior motices, and Hillary doesn’t?

Trump’s economic policies help small businesses AND big businesses by freeing them of burdensome regulations written by bureaucrats with no experience in running a business and meeting a payroll,In what way does Trump’s business harm or destroy mom and pop businesses?He is a developer of hotels,golf courses,residential and other large projects which create good paying jobs and in no way drives others out of business.As to your claim that Trump bilked ‘poor folks” out of thousands you base this I assume on the news reports of the frivolous Trump U lawsuit that
should have been dismissed by summary judgment long ago for lack of merit.Why are you and others turning this page which is devoted to soap operas into a repository for ignorant hateful political diatribes.Let this site be for soaps.Kimberlin Brown is an industrious and intelligent woman who is entitled to support the candidate of her choice,as are you.She addressed a major party convention and Michael Fairman let us-the soap fans- know that a former soap actress had that honor.Now let’s get back to using this site for soap chat and commentary and leave the nasty hateful comments to the sewer known as twitter.

Thanks you Soaphound!

Liberals seem to think it is fashionable to spout endless political commentary but they go off the rails if a fiscal conservative speaks.

Just like you just did. Pot, meet kettle.

Wow! Some of you are crazy! This woman lives in The United States of America and she – just like you – has the right to support and vote for whomever she chooses! You don’t have to like it, but just remember there are countries out there that kill people for expressing their beliefs and thoughts and doctrines. This is NOT one of those countries. Since when is it distasteful to you for others not to agree with you? What the h***?!?! Grow up!!!

You’re right, we should be exceedingly grateful for our freedoms. And it’s also okay to voice one’s opposition WITH RESPECT and without hitting below the belt and making things personal. That last bit is where most seem to go awry. I find myself politely ending good discussions when someone pops in with, “You only feel that way because you’re (fill in the blank)”.

Your right Soaphound however what I did was made a list and titled it DUMMIES and I wont bother with anyone on that list in the future because weather or not they agree or disagree on a soap or actor/actress they will get the same respect they have shown.

she made me hungry everytime she mentioned avocado . i’m a democrat yet i didn’t find her polarizing at all, i understand where she’s coming from. look we all want whats best for out country and base on our own personal agenda and self interest we select who we think fits that role, i don’t think its trump, she does, and i can respect her for that nonetheless, as for antonio sabato jr, he was coming from more of a place for hate, and that made me loose respect for him. we all don’t have to agree, this is america and what makes us great is that we can agree to disagree and may the best candidate (clinton) win. what i don’t respect is people who show their hand for hatred, racism, sexism, and ignorance. Trump represents all that and more.

Always enjoyed Brown on Y & R. And I respect her right to support the Republican Party. However, when speaking of Hilary Clinton, Kimberlin Brown became Sheila Carter. Delusional. Uninformed. And following an inaccurate narrative.

As someone who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal, I really don’t have a party to go to in the US. Lucky for me, I live elsewhere. If I was American though I would not be willing to restrict the rights and freedoms of others (even the ones I don’t necessarily agree with or understand) just to make more money. Kimberlin gave a nice speech, but nothing she said did anything to sway me from where I stand. Human rights and freedoms MUST prevail over economics.

Love her

Well done Kimberlin Brown! Thank you Michael for including her speech, I watched a lot of the RNC but missed her. I did see Antonio Sabato Jr.’s speech and it was wonderful.

KB is no longer on a soap. I bet the poor girl hurt her chances as did AS for returning to any.
She has a right to her say and I agree there is too much censoring of people you disagree with.
I find it funny that people that are rightfullyl offended at the harsh rhetoric of one side, or the views of one side do not find any problem in behaving the same way they so criticize in others.
When you are on a show and on twitter, I think it is best if you must state your politics and opinions on areas that are polarizing , you do it respectfully, To be honest if I were an EP of a show I would prefer my cast not to go there, but they do have the right I admit.
I personally find some of the opinions expressed by NLG and now JL on GH offensive as they were insulting to one side.The result is for me to “create a safe space” and not watch these people. That is my free choice and my right also. But if a number feel as I do it would result in a ratings loss. NOt because of their poliitcal leanings which I respect all sides but they way they express them and the way they react to those that disagree.
I really don’t watch GH anymore regularly but did llike JL and GF and the story. Now I just won’t. I also think that these soap stars are really getting a little “too big for their britches’ because in realilty they do no know anymore or have any greater value in their opinions than anyone esle. It is just as much one side’s country and another. I may be naive, but I feel that most of us want the best for the country but view the way to get it differently.
as for KB if she was articulate and not mean, I support her and those that criticzied her for speaking are the ones with the problem.

Kimberlin Brown was great last night and spoke from the heart. Your right beacon liberals on soap twitter . The best thing to do is what she did. What makes me laugh is they try to call Donald T. a bully while doing it themselves. Well I think we’ve heard the end of the speeches on here now unless someone else steps up. I hope we can get back to the soap talk.

She may have spoken from the heart, but she might want to try using her brain now and then.

Sometimes actors are only palatable due to a good writer! When they are themselves one is left to realize how lacking they are in gray matter! And when the image is tarnished by stupidity one loses to desire to watch them perform again.

I would no longer enjoy watching this woman in any capacity after seeing who she really is.

If Donald Trump knows who Kimberlin Brown is I will personally give him a hell yeah but I seriously doubt it. As for her attacks on Hillary, it’s sad. She knows “victims” of Hillary. Boo Hoo, I know “victims” of Trump. So we’re even. I detest Trump supporters who seriously think that he has anything valid to offer anyone in this country other than “i am gonna win so big”…YAWN and thumbs down to you Kimberlin Brown for falling for the fake prophet.

It is noted that Trump could not get anyone of value to speak for him lol
He tried, but all said no ,,
Most people have no idea who the people are speaking in support for him with the exception of a couple of governors and senators lol
It was really a horrible convention showing of high grade people..

It was being laughed over online, that he dragged in 2 soap opera actors and Scott Baio LOL … gotta luv this stuff ..
It’s a long way to Nov, lots of crazy stuff on its’ way ..

I could never support Trump– to do so would mean I believe in his blatant bigotry and fascist ideals.. (( Trump is not right in head, seriously)) lol ..

I don’t know but I call the ex mayor of New York Rudy J. someone of value.

Rudy J is one of the most hated mayors of all time. He stepped up to the plate during 9/11 but before and after, he was an inept idiot with a terrible overbite.
Moreover, he appears to be a racist–if you recall, he was part of that idiotic birther movement.
Oh wait, so was Donald Trump. In fact, he was its founding father

Rudy Giuliani was elected and re-elected in ultra-liberal New York City as a Republican.He was a tremendously successful mayor whose policies saved the city from decades of inept criminal coddling,high spending mayors and,along with his Police Commissioner Bill Bratton,turned the city from a dangerous crime ridden disaster to the safest big city in America.His accomplishments are legendary and your comments have no basis in fact.

I think she was there more as a small business owner than a celebrity, Also quite honestly, I don’t care what a big name celebrity thinks and they will not influence my position just because I am a fan. Many of them do not seem very educated really in political affairs. What has disappointed me is seeing some of the reactions from fellow soap stars. I have no problem with polite debates on political opinions. Everyone is more than entitled to their opinion on how things should be done. But some of them have made unnecessary personal attacks and made her seem less than worthy. Maybe some of them need to pull out their mirrors.

Last time I checked this was still America. She can support and vote or not vote for anyone she wants, just like the rest of us. I’m not a Trump lover, but great for her that she did the hard thing, no matter the cost. P.S…I’m not a Clinton lover either!!

Amen! As an American citizen, she has every right to speak her mind! Go, Kimberlin!

who is saying she cannot speak her mind? No one. In return, folks get to utilize their first amendment rights and voice their distaste for her endorsement speech.

But FIRST she needs to HAVE a mind to speak. Avacados aren’t enough.

Mal Young Needs To Meet With Her And Hire Her For The Young And The Restless;

She Needs To Come Back On The Young And The Restless

Mal Young Recently Started His New Position As Executive Producer

and Brought Michael Grazadei (Daniel) & Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) Back

He Can Certainly Do The Same For Sheila And Many More Others As Well…….

C’mon Mal Young – Fix The Young And The Restless

Now That Soap Opera Killer Crazy “Jill Farren Phelps” Is Gone: Gone For Good

I Hope From The Soap Opera World After Destroying: Santa Barbara, Guiding Light,

Another World, One Life To Live – And Almost General Hospital & Y and R.

I Can Name So Many Others Besides Sheila That The New Executive Producer

Mal Young Can Bring Back: David Kimble, Nina Webster – Her 2 Sons: Chance And Roman, Phillip Chancellor III, Amber Moore, Paul’s Daughter, Eva Longoria’s Character, etc.

she has aged… well

her posture demeanor… positive stance

was ALL their

I was giddy at times… thinking how much she SHOULD be back on serial

her upper lip needs a little juice… other than that

where’s her star

KEVIN: right on !

Kimberlin, you were spot on last night and you did a wonderful job!!!! I am SO proud to call myself a soap fan and Republican woman.
Kudos to you for speaking up when it’s not popular especially in Hollywood where you work.

I agree, she did a great job!

She doesn’t work in Hollywood. She’s a …snort….avacado farmer…..hahahaha!!!
Yeah, sure.
About as much a farmer as she used to be an actress. Played one on tv, just like she played a person with a brain at the convention.

Loved Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter and respect her right to her opinions but regarding her comment about Hillary not standing up for women, she might want to look at her own party on that particular issue (Mr. Trump’s comments regarding Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, and Elizabeth Warren; the party’s insistence on trying to legislate a woman’s right to choose and defunding Planned Parenthood).

As I’ve said before, I personally can’t in good conscience vote for a candidate or party that tries to suppress voting, maintains a congressional majority through gerrymandering, tries to deny a woman’s right to choose, works to defund Planned Parenthood, wants to cut Social Security benefits, and/or actively works to deny the LGBT community their civil rights.

Perfectly said. Thank you, Alan.

Well done Kimberlin! Great to see you again.

What’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? All these weird names? And the tendency use “left”, “right”, “upper left of center down to right and corner and left again”, is so confusing.

Why don’t we just call them politicians? And instead of trashing opponents in the race, why don’t they just present their platforms to their constituents instead? Can’t they all just be civil?

And we all know all these people will be buddy-buddy friends again after the vote.

Wish I could say the same for all of us James!

Thank you, James. I cannot stand all this stereotyping of liberals and conservatives.
Reminds me of a joke I heard–if you had a chance to save the life of Hillary and Trump who would you save? Answer? The country.

@Harry….I totally agree with you in that I also despise political stereotyping, which is one of the very subjects I tried in my own way to address here, but even when someone like yourself is high-minded enough to try to avoid such pitfalls, it still can happen. To wit, I chuckle to this day over your description of “Mayor Lomax the Second” a few months back during the “Breastfeeding Brouhaha.” Forgive my paraphrasing, but I vividly recall you remarked that she certainly “looked” like a liberal….or something close to that effect! (And yes, you were unmistakably correct….I thought the same thing, but didn’t dare suggest it at the time!)

I didn’t realize Sheila Carter was into politics. I just wish she had better taste in Presidential Nominees.

Still nuts after all these years.
Must be the avacados.

Bravo! Could you get a more perfect Trump fan than “Sheila”?
He IS her without a filter!

Thought Kimberlin’ showed passion and polish, but don’t understand how anyone thinks everything happened in a Democratic vacuum. There have also been Republican administrations. With Congress’s to yea or nay…except the last 8 years…It was just nay.

This is a truly vile and repugnant woman… certainly far worse than any character she’s ever portrayed! The embarrassing Republicans can no longer corral any big name celebrities to campaign for them since the Party of Lincoln has surrendered any moral conscience it may have once had (admittedly not much there to begin with) to Trump aka Hitler 2.0! I cannot comprehend any sane person voicing support for such an immoral, racist, homophobic egomaniac! The entire Trump family is comprised of liars and hypocrites! I hope Brown, Biao and Sabato, Jr enjoy working at menial labor jobs because not even McDonald’s would hire them now! Although they’d have better luck with pious Chick Fil A, of course!

wow – did you just say those vile things? I don’t even have that level of vitriol for Hillary and I am called a hater.

Paula I happen to be Jewish and I can tell you Donald Trump is nothing like Hitler. If you had to live through what my grandparents lived through you might know what your talking about. TO MICHAEL FAIRMAN please remove these speeches from the comment site. It has brought out such hate & evil that some will not want to comment on our wonderful soap to some of these vile people. Most have gave their comment on who they would support and why and then there are others, who are just insulting because their candidate is not being supported. Michael can we please get back to our soap opera’s.?

Okay, Nikki, just so I understand your request clearly. You want the posts with which you disagree to be removed while Michale Fairman and his board monitors keeps the posts with which you do agree?
Also, you rightfully maintain that this former soap actress has a right to voice her opinion and you cite the first amendment which is the freedom of speech to validate your assertion.
However, when it comes to opinions you do not care for suddenly you are dismissing the first amendment despite the fact that you have been copiously asserting that very right on this very site.
Seems to me, Nikki, that you’re very much like Mr Trump. In other words, you can dish it out but you cannot take it.

Nikki – I know that you disagree, but I am Catholic and have several highly educated Jewish friends who all think Trump is Hitler 2.0.

I agree … can we please get back to discussing our soap operas.

Because supporting the candidate who’s campaign is funded by countries that deny women equal rights and push gays off rooftops is such a better option? Get educated!

So supporting a candidate and/or party who is actively working to repeal a woman’s right to choose and pass amendments to allow discrimination against gay citizens/repeal same sex marriage is the answer? A vote like that increases the chances that women and homosexuals in our country are discriminated against like they are in other parts of the world and doesn’t seem like a very good argument to me…

Well said.

Alan, you ROCK!

I will say this: As far as I’m concerned, that Kimberlin Brown chick spoke FROM THE HEART. Let’s just leave it at that.



And never will be again.

Kimberlin Brown did a great job speaking for U.S. small businesses and farmers everywhere. Where do you think you get your food from? Probably China! Get a life and realize that Trump will do more for this country than Billary. So many misinformed voters say that they are “scared” of Trump. You NEED to be scared of Hillary as she exposes classified info to the masses. And she claims that she did not know! Are you kidding me? She also panders to countries that want to kill Americans and she is so misinformed about the state of the economy. The vote is easy for me: TRUMP!

Of course the vote is easy for you. No actual thinking required. As for your advice? Why don’t YOU get a life instead of coming on here to insult people?

Boes, I do not know you but I love you.

I expect nothing less from a Democrat! Misinformed as usual and letting CNN do their thinking.

What do I want? A presidential soap star debate between Nancy Lee Grahn (D) and Kimberlin Brown (R)! When do I want it? NOW.

Oh yes – Julia vs Sheila!
Go Julia, go!

Lol! She’ll wipe the floor with her, CONCHY. That is for sure!

I really wish I wasn’t seeing my favourite soap actors support Trump, if they’re ever back on my shows I won’t want to watch them because all I’ll think of when I watch is that they support a bigot.

Disgraceful glad she is not currently airing! Would cancel


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Tells ‘The Talk’ That Steffy “Needs Finn to Man Up” While On B&B, Finn Tells Steffy “I Think I Just Need Some More Time”

On Monday’s March 4th episode of CBS daytime’s The Talk, one of the featured guests was The Bold and the Beautiful’s three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jacquline MacInnes Wood.

During her guest appearance, Wood spoke with The Talk co-hosts Amanda Kloots and Sheryl Underwood, who both have previously appeared on B&B. In fact, Kloots guest stint just aired last week.

When the conversation turned to recent storyline developments where Steffy stabbed Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) to her eventual death, and how Steffy’s husband Finn (Tanner Novlan) is coping with the situation, Jacqui shared her reaction, “I was in complete shock…but like Steffy, I mean, ding-dong the witch is dead.  This is what needed to happen. They’ve been going toe to toe for so long and I think that it’s cool to know that Steffy went up against one of the best villains.”


However, Woods weighed-in on Finn’s odd behavior grieving his birth mother, who tried to kill him and his wife. Jacqui stated, “Steffy needs Finn to man up, she needs her man to stand up for what is going on, because it’s absolutely crazy. Sheila terrorized their family for so long… and Steffy honestly doesn’t want to have to murder Finn too.”


Meanwhile, on Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, after being comforted by Hope (Annika Noelle) and talking out his feelings towards Sheila’s death (and how he currently feels about his wife, Steffy), he eventually heads back to the cliff house. It appears he is going to be there for his wife and their family, only he starts to get a case of the heebie jeebies when Steffy tries to kiss him. Finn further freaks out when he looks around and see the blood-stained carpet with his mother’s blood soaked into it.

Photo: JPI

Finn can’t handle being in the house with Steffy where his mom was killed and runs out, leaving Steffy panicked and shocked over all that has just happened to her.

Check out Wood’s appearance on The Talk below. 

Then let us know, should Finn man up and get a grip and come back home to Steffy, Hayes and Kelly? Or, should he go it alone and come to terms with his feelings with or without the comfort of Hope? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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‘Tracker’ Starring Justin Hartley Renewed for Second Season by CBS

Justin Hartley’s (ex-Adam, Y&R, ex-Kevin, This Is Us) new series Tracker, which has only aired four of its episodes, has already received a second season renewal for the 2024-2025 season from CBS.

The early renewal isn’t surprising given the drama series boffo numbers for its recent episodes. In addition, Tracker has become the most-watched new series since Young Sheldon in 2017-2018 and the most-watched new drama since 2014-2015 season of Empire.

Tracker, which debuted on February 11th following the Super Bowl, has now been seen by 30 million multi-platform viewers and is Paramount+’s #1 show in February. Since its post-Super Bowl debut, Tracker is averaging nearly 16 million multi-platform viewers. In more impressive numbers, Tracker has improved its regular Sunday, 9:00 PM time period by +83% year over year.

Photo: CBS

Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment shared on the renewal, “Tracker kicked off our premiere week with a ratings bang and has kept the momentum going. We knew we had something special when we saw the very first cut of the series and the overwhelming audience response confirms it. We couldn’t be more grateful to Justin, the talented cast, the incredible writing and producing teams and our partners at 20th Television for such compelling episodes. And, of course, we’re also so thankful to the millions of viewers tuning in each week.”

The series stars Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist who roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family. The series is based on the bestselling novel The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver.

Photo: CBS

Hartley, Ken Olin, Elwood Reid and Ben Winters serve as executive producers. Tracker is off this coming Sunday likely due to the Oscars airing on ABC, but returns with an all-new episode on Sunday, March 17th. Check out a promo for the episode entitled “St. Louis” below. Be on the lookout for the sixth episode called “Lexington” when Hartley’s real-life wife, Sofia Pernas (ex-Marisa, Y&R) appears.

So, excited to hear Justin’s series is getting continued life with a second season? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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A post shared by DailyDrama (@dailydrama_com)

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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