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Kirsten Storms Comeback From "Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century" To General Hospital!



According to a great piece in the Huffington Post, Kirsten Storms is due for a comeback, due to the fact that Kirsten’s movie from years ago, “Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century” was shown on Disney Channel again late last week and, “Fans went crazy, causing the film to trend on Twitter.”

Yes our Maxie Jones, was Zenon, an important fact! Now while “Zenon” was  was shot 15 years ago it is still causing a quite stir.  Huff Post equated that with the fact that Storms just signed on for a longer stay at the ABC soap, General Hospital in her role as Maxie Jones that the young actress is having a comeback of sorts!

In addition to “Zenon”, the article takes a pictorial look at Kirsten’s career starting with  … Johnny Tsunami in 1999, to 7th Heaven in 1998 -2001, to Days of our Lives, where Kirsten played Belle from 1999-2004, to the “Zenon” sequels in 2001 and 2004, to Kirsten playing the animated character’s voice of Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim Possible’s arch-frenemy and head-cheerleader in the series Kim Possible, to finally General Hospital  from 2005 to 2013.

So what do you think? Should another “Zenon”  feature be made starring Kirsten now?  Have you followed Kirsten’s career since the beginning? What do you think of Maxie’s story on GH currently? Let us know your thoughts!

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Love her n hope she sticks with GH wish is in need of a comeback n they need all the fave they can get to do that..

I wish daytime actors would be used in primetime for guest spots and story arcs on current series. Of course, there is not as much episodic television as there once was, but still, with daytime’s mroe rushed schedules, larger casts, and frequent hiatuses, surely Kirsten Storms could spread heer wings on an ABC, ABC Family or Disney show.

We really do not need to see har again in ZENON.

I thought she was going to be ‘big’ when she left Days to do that primetime show, but then it was cancelled and she didn’t really do anything else until she signed with GH. As she has been working since she did Zenon, it does not qualify for a ‘comeback’. It’s not like she has been clerking at Home Depot and did DWTS and then signed with GH. Guess Huff Post doesn’t consider soaps as acting.

GH is in need of a comeback at the moment(im still watching but its loosing the addictiveness it had for me 1 year ago. It has nothing to do with the three’s return…its the whole show. i no longer care about Maxis baby story. Britt can leave anytime. Sabrina still has a little growing up to do. Felix needs a life of his own. Taylor is boring. Monica is m.i.a. Was Leslie even there? Scotty seems useless…thought his daughter is coming to pc but the show doesnt need more characters, finally Mac and Felicia were shown again but im not sure i care…come on RC i know you can do a better job…some days the shows interesting…then its not…Franco/Ava/Kiki could be something good but they are overexposed and spend too much time in Monicas house. I want Monica to throw open the drawing room doors and announce to Franco and co. Get the HELL out of my house! and let them get there own house. Balance the show, give equal airtime to all, and connect the characters more. Maybe Kiki isnt Francos…maybe Ava and Duke had a moment together…say Duke had amnesia…hint he is possibly Kikis father and shes not a Quartimaine after all…then she can be with Micheal. And what happened to Epihany?

Spelling mistakes but who cares…my point is still there.

I totally agree with you on this!
Franco/Ava have been on practically everyday and their conversations are
SO damn boring.
Sabrina isn’t good enough for Patrick, she’s too starry eyed.
Hate the name Kiki.
Anna & Duke haven’t even had a chance to recapture their love again.
Genie Francis is our beloved character and all Laura does is walk around
with her dimwit daughter all day Lulu.
Tony Geary will be off on vacation now so there goes any L&L stuff,
not that GH is showing them anyway.
Maxie has been pregnant forever and Maxie & Spinelli never have any
scenes together anymore to build on anything.
Hoping for SOMETHING to come of Sam & Silas or dump this story.
Felix, sister, TJ, Sean — BORING. Go bye-bye.
Sonny & Olivia pairing? Yuk, can’t stand her.

At least Days is worth watching at the moment except JJ/Daniel/Jen crap.

I was a bit surprise to read this comment from a veteran soap watcher as yourself. I expected to read something like it from the younger fans who think daytime dramas should have the same pace as a night time show or night time soap. Daytime has to tell a story for 5 days a week 365 days a year as opposed to 10-20 episodes a year. So you could not have been surprised that GH could not keep up the level of storytelling they had leading up to the 50th anniversary?

I began watching last fall based on the raves the show was getting on this website and I only had to watch a week to know, no daytime drama could keep up the pace I was seeing back then– so the bubble bursting did not catch me off guard.

But you know how daytime dramas work– you have to look at their time, not our time to determine how long it has been since a character has been on. Some daytime drama’s “day” take a month to play out. So we don’t see character A for the whole month, on screen, but in Port Charles in has only been 24 hours.

Also most daytime dramas play out like a book with shows being like chapters with the various characters coming and going to tell the larger story of the plot. But I have found GH is more like a series of short stories and they don’t switch to another story until they finished the one they are on. Eventually all these smaller short stories form a larger story, but while one short story is playing, we don’t see the characters in the other stories. I don’t know if GH was always like this but this is vibe I get watching it.

I think it is that method of storytelling when most daytime dramas are more integrated together makes GH seemed choppy and unbalanced but since getting the knack of it, I don’t find it all that bad once you know you not going to see certain characters until it is their turn at the can.

I don’t know if any of those insights help, but I hope it does. It still a good show- and I am glad you guys got me to watch last fall– but don’t get mad at it for being what it is. Daytime, not nighttime

As for the topic I always liked KS from her times on Days and now. I am sure when her time comes, and this baby short story gets the writers full attention it is going to be worth the wait and KS will knock it out of the park.

I have been watching soaps for 50 years now…between the mid 1960s and to the late 1970s i rarely missed an episode unless i was in school. I was glad Another World was on at 3pm when i was in high school when i got out at 2pm and got home in time to watch. I feel this show was at its best between 1968 to 1979. I loved the stories of the Mathews, Frames, Corys and the Randolphs. DOOLs was super cool too when it was mostly the Hortons, and i enjoyed The Doctors and still trying to figure the name of the song nurse Lauri James used to sing on that show. My all time favorite was the vampire soap Dark Shadows with its colorful characters, twist and turns, and every episode ended almost everyday with a cliffhanger. Also Edge of Night, Return To Peyton Place, Somerset, Strange Paradise, Mary Hartman and so many others in that same era i had watched. Back then the stories where compelling, character driven storylines and rarely dull. I couldnt wait to tune in tomorrow. Much of the 1980s had its moments too. The 1990s to the present i wasnt watching soaps as much as i used to. Dool, Passions, and Oltl i watched the most while ATWT, GL, and GH was on again and off again for me. By 2010 i only watched Dool and OLTL with a few trips of Y&R and B&B. OLTL was very addictive in its final 2 years on abc. i wrote dozens of letters protesting its cancellation. Then a year ago i got addictive to gh, watched dool occasionally and stopped watching the cbs serials but i sometimes watch y&r on occasion. GH i hardly missed since i returned about a year ago…shortly before oltl 3 joined. i even got my sister to watch and my friend kim started watching more as well. DOOLs got real good in the past month and now its my favorite while the last two weeks ive started to loose interest in GH. I dont mind the rotating cast and storyline when the show was so good there for several months before the NB and for a few weeks afterward but now it feels like the stories are going nowhere and i dont see any big payoff down the road. Ive stopped reading spoilers and thats helping…i miss the good old days when you didnt know what will happen next…its what makes me tune in tomorrow. I waited 8 years for them to reveal Mike Hortons paternity on Days and waited 6 years for Doug to marry Julie on the same show. But back then the shows were smartly written, there were rarely any characters i disliked and even when days credits appeared after the shows last scene even made the show more interesting and i couldnt wait for the next episode. IMO…soaps arent as addictive as they once were…maybe im getting old and grumpy…maybe my kidney stone(which will be removed soon hopefully) is distracting me and interfering with my viewing…whatever…i really dont think its my age or my stone…i just feel GH is getting a little bit draggy and ive gotten tired of Tony Gearys predictable summer exit, especially now that his ‘death’ story showed promise. I know it takes 9 months to have a baby but Maxis pregnancy seems to be taking longer than those days stories i just mention. Think that Britt living with Sabrina and Felix shouldnt be…i liked these three for awhile but they are too stuck together and need to give Felix his own story. Scotty, Duke and Anna need some story too. Robin shouldve never been shown alive. i know km is doing other things but this story needs closure…also would love to see Scorpio wake up from his coma on a friday cliffhanger which the soap needs…more cliffhangers. RC is a great story teller…the last year of oltl i kept on tape and watched it over twice…maybe thats my problem…i want gh to be like oltl was in that final year when i watched every episode and there was never a dull moment…maybe itll happen on gh sometime down the road. DOOLs is currently like that and i want that for GH too. Im not dropping the show…i still feel it could get better again. Thanks for your reply Mary…i often enjoy reading your comments whether its a reply to me ot not.

Thanks. I enjoy your posts as well. You have a wicked sense of humor, but you can also stick to guns when need be on topics you believe in-

I have watched almost as long as you have, not quite as long, but up there and I have to disagree with your notion that story writing was better in the early days. Whats changed is not the quality of the writing or the storytelling, but the world. Just look at the difference between JFK and Bill Clinton. Both fooled around on their wives, but during JFK day it was covered up because it would had destroyed his career– because back then, good men didn’t cheat, at least they wouldn’t get caught. But Clinton was caught and YAWN, no one really cared. The world changed and the scandal wasn’t the scandal it would have been in the 60’s/

My point being the stories soaps told in the sixties and seventies were topics never discussed on television before, abortion, divorce, premarital sex, drug use, adultery, addiction issues, domestic violence, etc and for those us growing up with the society at the time, these were exciting stories to hear. But now, if I watch a soap couple cheat on one another it doesn’t hold the punch that kind of story had back then.

Also I have changed; before I had life experience under my belt, certain story lines interested me, like what is it like falling in love for the first time, finding Mr. Right and living happily ever after. Soaps were like a more grown up version of the fairy tales I listened to as a child. And once I did fall in love, got married had children, soaps were like a reminder of what was. But now, those stories seem quaint. I laugh when I watch the young teenage girl on a soap pine away for a guy. Or see lovely young woman scheme to get a man. I just want to say ” honey child, he ain’t worth all the trouble or tears.

So today I don’t think there is a story a soap could tell that would get me excited to watch like I did when I was younger. For me, I watch not for the overall stories, but for the moments. Because that is where life is for me now. Experience has taught me that life happens in the day to day moments. So for me, I watch every show looking for the moment. For example, yesterday on GH, the moment for me was the scene between Carly and Sonny as they were reconciling– that was great. During all the dialogue between Ava and Franco there were certain looks exchanged between the two that were priceless. Yes, the overall show yesterday, in comparison to sweeping epics of the 80’s may have been dull as dirt– but if you look in the dirt long enough you might find a treasure. So that is how I watch now- l look for the treasures in the dirt. Have happy 4th tomorrow.

And thank you to follow poster for allowing me to high-jack this thread to discuss a topic that has nothing to do with KS.

I love this reply…and your right about the writing…that stuff back then was so fresh and new…there isnt nothing the soaps, including the reboots, can do anymore thats different(well, some of that cussing is…but i dont care for it…even if i do it myself but im cutting back on that too…it feels trashy to me and im tired of feeling trashy…i want to feel like the better person i really am…well, at least i think i am…lol) i have lost one of my friends unexpectantly very recently and my constant health problems is the reason today i like to watch soaps…they are my grown up fairytales, minus the happy endings, that takes my mind of things and helps me escape the real world problems of the day. Ironically i was at a relatives house while they were watching ATWT on the day it was interupted for JFKs assasination. (Sometimes you cant escape the real world.) But for the topic ive strayed from here, i like KS and wish she could do both GH and DOOLs. I miss Belle and Shawn D…and Bo!

love love love her as Maxie!! so glad she is staying because there was a rumor that she was going to leave, so glad it’s not true!

I love Kirsten! I’ve been watching her since she was Belle on Days, and Maxie is my favorite part of General Hospital. She’s a very charismatic actress and just lights up the screen. I do wish we saw here more on GH though, maybe as it gets closer to Maxie’s due date we will. I would love it if Jack Wagner could come back for the birth, I really enjoyed their scenes together.

agree with you on everything!

Jack Wagner should come back for that…hopefully Mac and Felicia will be shown more by then as well.

Love Kirsten/Maxie!!! Was so hoping for a SPIXIE return… but with Bradford going recurring… not sure that will happen. I would want Kirsten to do everything and anything she can… she is very talented!!! I hope she stays with GH for a very long time! Miss having her on more!!!

I have followed Kirsten throughout her career and have loved her in every role! She is of a rare breed. Someone who is nice, wholesome, true to herself, mature, talented, charismatic, versatille, her talents and personality compliments are endless! And to top it all off she is quite a pleasure to look at. 🙂 I love her character maxie and she is the main reason that I watch GH but I sure do wish she would be on more!!! I also wish tptb would give her more to do, especially being pregnant. She is practically the only pregnant soap character ever to have not fallen down some stairs or have had stress induced cramps or had some sort of mysterious bleeding by this point in the pregnancy. I mean come on!!! Give her at least one of those or a heart attack or give her charge of crimson when connie leaves and make the stress have a strain on her, something, anything, come on, the fans are begging for more maxie!!! Hopefully the writers are just saving all the good stuff for this third trimester. Overall I love love live maxie and I think Kirsten does an exceptional job with this role! (I just wish we could see a bit more of her)
As far as another Zenon… I say YES PLEASE!!! I would love to see another one! Kirsten could definately pull it off and I would love having another something to watch her on! 🙂 (maybe she could even record a song for the soundtrack, hehe)
I LOVE KIRSTEN STORMS aka my inspiration

I love Kirsten as Maxie! When she was off “sick” I feel she was missed quite alot! I hope Kirsten is around for a long time to come.

Why did you put sick in quotes like you don’t believe she was really sick?

I have enjoyed Kirsten’s acting since Days of Our Lives. I watched the Zenon movies because of her. Loving her on GH. I think she could make another Zenon movie and stay at GH….sounds good to me. 🙂

We need to see KRISTEN AND SAM share some scenes,!!!!!


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Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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David Gail, Former ‘Port Charles’ Star, Cause of Death Determined; Mother Speaks Out on Dangers of Pharmaceutical Addiction and Fentanyl Epidemic

David Gail, who played Dr. Joe Scanlon on Port Charles (1999-2000), and who also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, cause of death has been revealed. The actor passed away on January 16th at the age of 58.

According to the toxicology report, Gail died of anoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which is a brain injury caused by a a lack of blood flow, following resuscitation from cardio pulmonary arrest due to the drug intoxication. The report also revealed that drug intoxication with amphetamines, cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl, were also involved.

Gail’s mother, Mary Painter, spoke to Deadline on the findings and opened up to what led to David’s ultimate passing. Gail was found unresponsive by emergency personnel who attempted to save his life. Eventually, he was put on life support where he remained for several days till his death.

Photo: ABC

In her statement, Painter shared, “It breaks my heart to learn that my son died this way. David became reliant on medicine many years ago, after multiple surgeries on his hands and wrists. He lived in enough pain to prevent him from working for almost a decade, with relief only achieved through full disability, physical therapy and pain medicine.”

She then added, “He struggled to stop taking pharmaceuticals and did before turning toward a more Eastern pain management including acupuncture and natural medicines. I can only assume that his former opioid dependence played a part in self-medicating from uncontrolled sources.”

David’s mother expressed a very important social message for our time about addiction that she hopes other parents remain aware of: “David’s death shines a light on the countless innocent victims of pharmaceutical addiction and the fentanyl epidemic that has taken so many of our sons and daughters. Please keep David and others battling pain or dependence, in your thoughts and prayers.”

Gail’s other TV credits included parts on: Savannah, Matlock, Murder, She Wrote, Doogie Howser, M.D., and Perfect Opposites.

What do you think about the poignant statement offered up by the late David Gail’s mother, Mary Painter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spinelli Serenades Maxie Then They Kiss! Are you in Favor of a ‘Spixie’ Reunion?

Spixie fans finally got their wish, sort of, on Thursday’s February 22nd episode of ABC’s General Hospital.

While Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) have been each others orbit and married to other people, have had children, and been each other’s best friends, it’s apparent that they belong together, or do they?

In story, Spinelli took to the stage on Karaoke night when he, Maxie, Cody (Josh Kelly) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) went out together.  When Spinelli sang, it featured a touching solo performance by Bradford Anderson, where Spinelli wears his heart on his sleeve for Maxie.

Maxie is all smiles watching Spinelli sing, and afterwards he walks towards her. The two talk about his living situation and how he would do anything for her. Maxie says she always knows she can count on him. She admits she loves listening to him sing to her, and she loves having him around. Spinelli says he considers her more than a friend. The two eventually share a kiss, but Maxie runs away.

Photo: JPI

The pick-up of the story happens on next week’s Tuesday, February 27th episode when in teasers, Maxie and Spinelli get closer.

Looking at the history of Spixie: they first got together from 2008-2010 when they were engaged. Then, in 2013 the duo had a one night stand. Next, they dated again in 2015, and flash-forward to 2024, and it looks like Maxie and Spinelli might be willing to try their romantic relationship one more time.

Photo: JPI

So, do you hope Spixie gets back together, or do you want Maxie and Spinelli with some other characters on the Port Charles canvas? Let us know. But first, check out the scene where Spinelli sings to Maxie below.

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