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Kish last airdate to be April 12th- Fish finds out he is the daddy and then what?



As every one in soapland knows Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) are set to exit One Life to Live on-air in mid-April. But, TV Guide Magazine reports today, as we all have known, that for our favorite gay couple Kish, there’s still some plot before we have to say our sad goodbyes on April 12th, their last airdate, which has been confirmed by ABC.  Kyle will be back on air solo for one episode on April 16th.

As previously announced on March 29, Fish will find out he’s the father of baby Sierra Rose.  Scott Evans (Fish) tells TV Guide the fans are upset over the police officer’s inability (thus far) to deal with the elephant in the room, that he could be the baby daddy of Sierra Rose. “There are a lot of angry fans saying, ‘Why doesn’t Fish just man up and be responsible?‘ But they’re missing the bigger picture. This is a scary thing Fish isn’t ready for. He’s just out of the closet. He’s just started a new relationship. People take nine months to prepare to welcome a child into their lives. Fish isn’t mentally prepared to take this next step forward. He’s from this conservative upbringing and there’s a part of him that thinks a kid should have a father and a mother. I don’t necessarily agree with that. As long as you have parents who love you, it doesn’t matter what sex they are.”But, for Fish, well… he can’t just lose all the things he was taught his whole life in just a matter of a few months. I wish everybody would give Fish a break here. He still has unresolved hang-ups about his family—especially his father—and that takes time to get over. A lot of the gay fans don’t see it that way, but if gays want acceptance, we also have to accept gay people who think differently from the rest of us—and then try to change their minds!”

Longtime General Hospital Fan Identified As One Of The Victims In El Paso Shootings
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i think scott & brett are so natutal together it’s like they have known each a lifetime
don’t believe me just watch interviews,photo shoot, gladd awards photos [see the love
& freindship] ,film clips kyle & is sad this honest love story ends april 12,2010
i am a married straight man married 11 years.i fully support ‘ the gma kish rally’ on
march 26th ,kish petition,kish post card campaign,committ lines, committ boards.
i would encourage to be a apart of this ground breaking event to show how we the
oltl viewers feel. i also invite you to follow brett & scott on twitter you guys we wish
you the best no matter how this plays out – remember they can’t tear apart your wonderful lovng friendship . in the end they will be the loser.
with all our love thanks,
steve h. in – alabama


Accrdg to TVGC, OLTL offered Evans a contract but Evans declined. Thus, he didn’t want to be tied down to the show should there be other offers. Not wanting to sign on w/ OLTL is all the more reason why he shouldn’t complain of OLTL’s axing him or using these so called “tactics” since he didn’t take their offer anyway. It must have gotten difficult for OLTL to work around his schedule since he’s not signed w/ OLTL. So that gave OLTL even more reasons to axe him. This kish drama is going to reach its boiling pt at the rally.


LOL… Is it ironic that you think I am KISH fan? Just read all recent soap dramas and news. Of course, your lovely comment stands out .
I am an daytime soap fan but am amazing what you are doing. That is all. Do what you do as I say.. 🙂
keep going as you want…
Good job.. Bottomchef…!!


You’re welcome!


Scott Evans has never been offered a contract with OLTL. He even teasingly remarked in an open interview once that his mother would likely have a contract with the show before he would. Nelson Branco consistently makes up garbage and it is quite well known that you can’t believe anything he puts in print. TV Guide would be smart to get rid of such a rumor and “gossip” monger and find a REAL journalist that will stick to the facts. Even posters from Canada can’t stand NB and say not to believe anything he prints. He is well known for putting out false statements in his columns, so why should anyone in the US believe him, when people in his own country don’t? I, personally, prefer to take it straight from the “horse’s mouth” (i.e. in this case, Scott Evans personally).


Really? That’s interesting Jeri. Evans should categorically state that he was not offered one by OLTL to clarify this issue.


As straight married women, I wonder why you, BOTTOMCHEF, have so much time to find all the information about or against KISH and also to post your comments or opinions everytime new topic in here.
Work for ABC?
Hater for KISH? …
Very interesting!!
Keep doing what you are doing, BOTTOMCHEF….


LOL Susan from Arizona!

No I don’t work for ABC, but this other Kish fan thought I was Frons’s brother! LOL I guess the kish fans are into conspiracy theories. I’m an avid soap fan like many ppl on the soap websites, although many kish fans seem to be fans only of kish, and are unfamiliar w/ the nature of soaps or w/ storylines other than kish. So their perspectives might be limited only to kish. I don’t hate kish. I wrote on here that I liked Claywell’s acting in Kish since he carried the pairing bec Evans was complete crap as Fish. But the 2 of them have been too talkative to the media regarding their oustings, yet you don’t hear a thing from Duplaix or Clifton, while Hunt had 1 statement in a column. Evans has been on twitter, youtube and out talking about the kish axing. Claywell’s been on zap2it, daytime confidential, movieline. And prior to that, Evans was in instinct and out, while both were interviewed here and on welovesoaps. I think it’s getting too publicity hungry for both of them.

BTW, Evans and Claywell are acting like Keith Coulouris. He was on ATWT and when he was written out, all he did was write unflattering things to his fans abt ATWT, CBS and TPTB on his website’s message board. Has he ever been cast in a soap opera since? Evans and Claywell should learn from the classy Eden Reigel. Evans should not have tweeted abt OLTL’s “tactic” and Claywell should not have mentioned that he felt like OLTL kinda threw him under the bus. I don’t think that’d ingratiate them to ABC, other networks or other acting gigs. They should have taken the high road like Eden Reigel did w/ AMC. They let Reigel excellently act out Bianca’s coming out storyline w/ Susan Lucci, but AMC also let her act crap on AMC. Chuck Pratt actually had an interview where he blamed Rianca for not working bec Reigel left AMC. When asked abt that, Reigel had nothing but kind words for AMC. Reigel has been a true trooper. Now she’s on Y&R, the number 1 soap, while AMC claims it wanted Reigel so now they’re looking to recast.

Days Of Our Lives

Sean Blakemore and Gilles Marini To Appear in Season Five of THE BAY

Two more stars very familiar to daytime audiences have been added to the continual growing cast of the digital drama series, The Bay. 

Now comes word that Daytime Emmy-winner, Sean Blakemore (Ex-Shawn Butler, General Hospital) who can currently be seen in the motion picture Ad Astra with Brad Pitt is coming to Bay City.  Sean will take on the role of Tony Foster, a character who makes a visit in an effort to “save the day”.

In addition to that casting announcement, former Days of our Lives star, Gilles Marini (Ex-Ted Laurent) will also be showing up.  Marini is also known for his work on Sex and the City, Devious Maids and Brothers & Sisters. 

Look for Gilles to take on the role of Judge Nazar Zekarain, a character who will also crossover to The Bay’s s spinoff series yA –  a drama focusing on Bay City’s elite and often troubled teens.

The Bay’s creator. Gregori J Martin expressed his excitement on the casting news sharing: “Sean and Gilles are absolute pros! Such a true honor to work with both gentlemen and have them a part of The Bay family!”

Currently, the first half of season 4 of the series is available via Amazon’s Prime Video, with the second half of season to be released later this fall.  No release date has been confirmed at this time.

Days of our Lives Launches Digital Series Featuring Chad and Abby In Paris

So, what do you think of Sean and Gilles coming to The Bay? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Maurice Benard Memoir Available Now For Pre-Order

One of the most highly-anticipated autobiography’s, Maurice Benard’s (Sonny Corinthos, GH) Nothing General About It, is set for release on April 7th of 2020.  But now according to the book publisher, HarperCollins, you can pre-order your copy of the riveting real-life story of Benard now by heading on over to Amazon  to make your purchase.

According to the log lines and publisher notes: “In Nothing General About It, Maurice looks back to his youth in a small town and his tenuous relationship with his father. He describes how his bipolar disorder began to surface in childhood, how he struggled to understand the jolting mood swings he experienced, and how a doctor finally saved his life. For years Maurice was relentless in his goal to be a successful actor. But even after he “made it,” he still grappled with terrifying lows, breakdowns, and setbacks, all while trying desperately to maintain his relationship with his wife, who endured his violent, unpredictable episodes. Maurice holds nothing back as he bravely talks about what it was like to be medicated and institutionalized, and of how he learned to manage his manic episodes while on the set of GH. 


Nothing General About It is also an incredible love story about an enduring marriage that demonstrates what those vows—for better, for worse, in sickness and in health—truly mean. Maurice also pays tribute to the community that has been there for him through thick and thin, and ruminates on the importance of both inherited and created family.”

Longtime General Hospital Fan Identified As One Of The Victims In El Paso Shootings

Look for Nothing General About It to feature a 16-page insert featuring nearly 50 photographs.

So, will you be pre-ordering Maurice’s memoir? Excited to read what he shared? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

RATINGS: Days of our Lives Has Strong Week

The ratings are out for the week of September 2nd through the 6th and it was NBC’s Days of our Lives that was the only daytime drama series to gain in total viewers and households.

That week featured the debut of One Life to Live icon, Robin Strasser in her debut on DAYS as Vivian Alamain replacing Louise Sorel.

DAYS topped General Hospital for the week moving into third place adding +82,000 total viewers, while GH hit a new low losing – 143,000 viewers, as well, the CBS Daytime series of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful also lost total viewers … -189,000 and -120,000 for the ratings period.

In addition, DAYS was up +.04 in households week-to-week.   However. the show year-to-year that has continued in recent weeks to lose viewers is The Young and the Restless who from this time last year lost -453,000 viewers.

In the key demos: Y&R remained at #1 in 18-49, 18-34 and 25-54 in total viewers, but in the ratings share it tied with B&B in the 18-34 category.  Over the past few weeks, B&B has also been in the top demo slots trading off with Y&R.

With the fall season upon us and summer coming to a close, perhaps many soap viewers will be checking back in to see what is happening in the towns of Genoa City, Port Charles, Los Angeles, and Salem.

Robin Strasser Talks Taking On The Role Of Vivian; Greg Vaughan and Linsey Godfrey Chat Behind the Scenes on 'Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast'

But of course, story and content is king, so here’s hoping viewers will be into what the shows are serving up in the months to come.  And if you love the genre, it’s important to remember in the words of Robin Strasser to “Support the Four”.

Check out the entire ratings picture via SON here.

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 3,616,000 (-120,000/-453,000)
2. B&B 3,196,000 (-189,000/-87,000)
3. DAYS 2,123,000 (+82,000/-30,000)
4. GH 2,023,000 (-143,000/-297,000)

So, what soap opera do you think is delivering the best drama right now? Which soap opera is delivering the worst? What changes would you like to see made that you think would help your favorite soap gain more viewers? Comment below.

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Video du Jour

Y&&’s Eileen Davidson and her husband Vincent Van Patten chat with Michael Fairman about their new film “7 Days to Vegas”, her time on Y&R, DAYS, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and their relationship. Leave A Comment

The Michael Channel

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Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott

The Young and the Restless

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