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MAJOR NEWS REPORT: General Hospital is Safe! The Revolution has been Canceled!



Soap fans finally got some good news today when has learned that ABC is going to announce their decision  to stick with General Hospital and give it a one year renewal and cancel The Revolution!

According to Deadline, “The news ends months of speculation about what will happen to the venerable soap whose long-time 3 PM slot will be taken over by Katie Couric’s new syndicated talk show in the fall.  With Katie joining ABC’s daytime lineup, General Hospital and new lifestyle series The Chew will remain.  For the time being, starting on July 9 until Katie premieres on Sept. 10, ABC will air a special Good Morning America-branded hourlong show alongside GH and The Chew.  Details about new new program, tentatively titled GMA In The Afternoon, are still being finalized, but it is expected to be generally broader and lighter than the regular GMA unless there is a breaking story, which the afternoon show will jump on. T he expansion of the GMA franchise comes as the morning program has been on a ratings roll, dramatically narrowing the gap with long-time ratings leader Today.

GMA In The Afternoon is expected to feature personalities from the morning show and will also likely be used as a platform to break new talent. The reshuffling of ABC’s daytime deck, including the decision to stick with GH, represents the first major move by EVP Vicki Dummer, who took over ABC Daytime following the December departure of Brian Frons, the man responsible for the cancellations of AMC and OLTL.”

General Hospital’s renewal ensures that GH, which marked 49 years on the air on April 1, will celebrate its 50th anniversary next April.  It is the longest-running U.S. soap opera currently in production.

All we can say is “Ding Dong The Revolution Witch Is Dead! And soapers, we will have the town of Port Charles for at least another year, unless for some behind-the-scenes ploy where ABC decides to take their summer series of GMA In The Afternoon and bump GH!  We pray that is not the case!   From the looks of it and on the surface, GH is safe! Let us know your thoughts on the decision by ABC and their new line-up sans The Revolution!

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Thank God, lets hope the ratings start going up and staying up, GH has to go on beyond 50 years, so people lets make this happen, lets show our love for the genre and for GH.

I am so glad that The Revolution has been axed and GH has been saved. But I still want my OLTL back… Will continue to support GH but will not watch The Chew or Katie Couric. ABC needs to bring back OLTL

ABC will not bring back OLTL. Get over it and be thankful that we still have GH.

Wish it was that easy Heather, to GET OVER IT. Never. What an effing waste to cancel OLTL for this crap that could not/would not ever MAKE IT. Yes, thankful to still have GH but MY GOD, to lose OLTL? This news brought tears to my eyes-crying over the fact that we lost our show for NOTHING.

I’m a huge OLTL fan and, although I lamented its cancellation, I am over it now. Just like I got over the cancellation of “24” and “Prison Break”, and, when I was a kid, “Dark Shadows” and “Bewitched”, these are JUST TV SHOWS. Yes, you get invested in them, but the television industry is a business and if the shows aren’t making a profit for the network, they get axed. OLTL is not coming back, people. MOVE ON.

Thank you Heather! I’m very sorry for the fans of OLTL that they lost their show. I really am. But it’s time to move on, and be happy that at least some of your beloved characters are getting a new lease on life on GH. That’s a lot more than you get from most canceled shows.

would love some of these gh fans to just place themselves in the oltl fans position. she is saying it was replaced by a show that lasted 3 months. it is disappointing. it is a struggle to watch gh when you have never been a fan. i leave it on and go clean to give it ratings and pay attention when my oltl peeps are on.

I don’t have to get over it! I loved OLTL and miss it very much. While I do enjoy having the OLTL characters of GH. I do realize that ABC won’t bring them back but there is always hope that another station will pick it up or we will get a new soap channel. We are fighting to save our soaps all of them past and present. What stinks the most they cancelled OLTL which had the better ratings of all three ABC soaps to put on The Revolution for it to bomb big time. So where is the sense in that?

Mary H,

If you look back at the Nielsen datas for April 2011, you will clearly see that GH had higher ratings than OLTL. OLTL only started to have higher ratings than GH starting in May or June 2011 after OLTL had already been cancelled.

And I don’t want to discourage you or anything, but I think that you’re wasting your time trying to revive OLTL. I seriously doubt that another network wants to pick up OLTL. Also have you forgotten that ABC still owns the rights to OLTL? Do you seriously think that ABC will hand over the rights of OLTL?

But it’s your life and you can continue to fight for OLTL if you want. But from a realistic standpoint, I think it’s a waste a time more than anything else. That time could be used instead to save GH so that it stay on the air beyond 2013.

I met to say “waste of time” (not waste a time).

It is easy for someone to say “get over it”, but it is not that easy. I have watched OLTL since the day it started, not 1 year, not 5 years , not 10 years. 43 years is a very long time. It became part of my life as it did with thousands of other people.

I agree w/ Eileen’s comment………………..I loo k at the cast picture I bought 2 months ago…It’s worth the money…..I still miss OLTL…………It was my escape for one hour………………………

GH is only safe for a year. They are already plotting what they will replace it with. They don’t want to bother with ANY soaps! If you believe otherwise, you’re an idiot! They are just keeping GH on to get ratings for Couric’s stupid show. Sad but true!

Whatever lipstickcat.

You’re just angry that GH is still there and your soap isn’t.

WooHOO!!! The best soap on currently is here to stay!!! Thank you everyone at GH!!! Thanks to all of us fans who have been supporting it!!!

Finally ABC made a smart programming decision!!! Good bye Revulsion!!!

GH has been getting better and better since RC and FV and it has always had the best cast!!!

Finally some good news for our soaps!!! Love it!!!

Amen and AGREE on all points!!!

Hope GH goes on for more tha one year……………..Cross your fingers soap lover’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totally thrilled gh is staying and hope forever ****** bring back one life to live **** all my children ************* soap station great tv FOR ALL GENERATIONS

Hail Mary!!! Glad to see the ABC execs wise up.

Don’t trust it. What’s to say ABC is testing the waters with this new GMA in the AFternoon. I’m sure it’s way cheaper to produce than a soap. If it’s popular enough, they (ABC) could very well dump GH and keep GMA afternoon version in their permanent line up. So GH fans, please continue to boycott all other ABC shows.

Totally agree!

All I can say is thank heaven Anne Sweeney kept her word. I have watched GH faithfully for decades and have been there whn it was bad and when it was good. I hope GH stays longer than one year. Now is it too much to ask for ABC/D to return AMC & OLTL to Agnes, so she can continue them?

I’m not up on all the ABC execs and their behavior (other than Brian Frons can burn in hell) so could you tell me what Anne Sweeney kept her word about and who she is? Thank you.

She said which ever show got the best ratings that was the show that would survive .So us one life to live fans boycott the revolution because it took over our soap one life to live .so when we one life to live fans hear the general hospital fans (which I am ,I have watched gh for 49 years and oltl for 43 years)hear that they dont want the oltl crossovers on gh .it pisses us off because we are in part the reason general hospital stays we refused to watch that show or any other show that took the 2 oclock spot where one life to live was.We helped save general hospital so what is wrong in letting us have a few crumbs thrown our way ?a few characters from one life to live?

I will NEVER watch GMA..and you could take that to the bank…………….Anther talk show ..Oh Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! NO nTHANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to make sure the the new GMA bombs instantly.

YES! as I’m reading on several other sites right now, this afternoon edition of GMA is mostly likely a “test”. I’m sure it will be better than the revolting show, but GH has got to keep it’s rating going up and up and this GMA show should not overshadow it – nor take it over next year!

My first thought was exactly that–ABC is testing the new GMA show as a possible replacement for GH since the Revulsion tanked. They’ll do what NBC is doing with 4 hours, and possibly 5 if Matt Lauer’s contract reward of his own hour, of Today. How many hours of talk show with the same format can one person possibly stand?? MORE talk? I much prefer a scripted drama.

Let’s tank the new GMA show!

What is the GMA show?????????????I would really like to know…Is it another stupid reality/info show????????????????What does GMA stand for???

Susan, as mentioned in the above article, starting on July 9 til Sept. 10, ABC will air a special Good Morning America-branded hour-long show in place of The Revolution. It is tentatively titled GMA In The Afternoon. GMA stands for Good Morning America.

They (abc/d) don’t know what they want to do…They are just scrambling around these shows out of a cracker jack box. Like picking a number out of a hat.Or the old shell game…They will never get it that daytime viewer’s(soap fans) prefer to watch the soaps(stories)over any other show. They fail to remember how popular abc/d was all those past years because of the soaps & us the loyal soap fans. Who made abc/d popular They get payed too much money. And make too many bad deceisions over & over adain on what to do w/ daytime programming…Continued from comment on 4/15 at 5:46pm GMA will flop also…If they are putting Good Morning America in place of the revolution . what time is GH going to be on?????????????????????????

Susan, their idea is the Replacement, I mean The Revolution will stop in July at which time this afternoon edition of GMA will air until September and then they are going to move up GH by one hour and stick Katie in after it in the old GH time slot. So if you’re currently watching GH at 3pm, in September it move to 2pm, and likewise if you’re watching at 2pm it will be moved to 1pm.

Doing the Snoopy happy dance!!!

hee hee 🙂

This is a win for the soaps fans! I watched both OLTL and GH and I find this a big Victory for both but i’m kinda more in celebration for OLTL the avoiding the show that replaced our beloved show has shown ABC they were so wrong! I am hoping for some more OLTL characters on GH I know some don’t like it but it has made it so I can watch GH again! I had watched GH only a couple times of week it had got so bad now I am liking it again!

I’m glad to hear about GH, but was hoping to hear about OLTL coming back or combined the two shows together. That would be good news for everyone..


Have the kindness not to rub salt into the wounds of the grieving. People who STOMP on the hopes of others aren’t endearing. I predict you are not likely to win any commendations for sensitivity anytime in the near future.

you are so damn negative…all oltl fans need hope and canceling this dumb show within 3 months is our hope…You dont know that it will never come back…there is ALWAYS HOPE!!!

It’s not coming back – it doesn’t make financial sense. They have sold all the props/costumes, destroyed the sets, and rented out the studio. There is no way they will spend money on this when it was already a losing proposition. My advice is to support the soaps that are still on the air and stop focusing energy on somehting that is not going to happen.

Heather replied April 12th, 2012 at 9:17 am

el rizzo,

Michell1660 is not negative. Just realistic. There is no hope for OLTL to come back.


1loveabcsoaps agree that you are being realistic about the facts of OLTL.

it may not come back to ABC, unless they wise up and start airing repeats even late at night – it would cheap for them production wise and I’d tape old shows! AND there’s always hope that they’ll give the rights back to Agnes Nixon and we can raise LLanview from limbo land and see it again elsewhere

I see repeats of OLTL on soapnet..I still get that channel..Im glad about that..They are showing on soapnet channel of repeats of OLTL now from 2008…..Natalie is with Jared not John at this time….

el rizzo,

Michell1660 is not negative. Just realistic. There is no hope for OLTL to come back.

I’m pissed that they gave 2PM to GH when they could’ve just left OLTL alone! It was the better show & should not have been cancelled! The Revolution only lasted 3 months because it stunk! They least they can do is combine the 2 shows! Maybe it will make GH better.

That sounds interesting…I feel weird that GH is at OLTL old timeslot…

It is pity sweet news… Nothing is for sure by the sounds of it… and sadly, we still are not seeing a return of OLTL. I have been hoping that it might come back in some form.. but with the news of Florencia Lozano coming to Port Charles, OLTL is living thru GH… which is good enough for me. I know some may disagree, but it is the arrival of the OLTL characters that have made me tune back into GH 5 days a week. It has become very good since Ron and Frank took over. So, I hope that GH gets to see more than its 50th anniversery !

Agree and pray GH goes on MANY MORE years past it’s 50th!!! I could watch it forever the way it’s going, it’s SOOOO GOOOOD!!!! Love my General Hospital!!

It’s about time to keep GH on the air forever until 50th Anniversary will get here soon for next year!! We will be celebrate for our long time soap opera next year.. I knew I knew it’s gonna happens like this.. Ding Dong The Revolution witch is dead gone.. as u r right,Michael Fairman!! U r DA Man to kept update for General Hospital.. Thank u,Fairman!!!!!!

Ok, time to bring Kassie back! While you’re at it, put her under contract. Carly needs someone better to spar with.

Bittersweet news. So our beloved ONE LIFE TO LIVE was cancelled for a disaster that was cancelled 3 months later? Life doesn’t seem right. The cancellation of OLTL hurts all over again, because we all KNEW what would happen to its replacement.

Oh Jared, you are so right. To lose our show for this crap that never stood a chance . . . what a sad waste. I am sick over it.


it does feel great to see this show canceled after only 3 months…You cant replace great drama with cheap garbage!!!

Yeah, but even if OLTL hadn’t been cancelled in January, either GH or OLTL would have to be cancelled this September to make way for Katie…

I couldn’t agree more. Life is not right without OLTL. Our beloved Llanview family was killed 3 months ago this Friday and the execution of The Revolution doesn’t bring it back. It is all the more frustrating and painful because, as you said, the outcome was so predictable, but no one would listen.

No one listened because no one cared. Only numbers are counted–that is why GH survived–and it is the only reason. What Brian Frons said about viewers being trainable reflects what all media executives think. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. OLTL viewers could not be so easily influenced because OLTL was so good it mattered.

I won’t watch Katie. Katie can fail too–along with Matt Lauer. Nothing about these people justifies their salaries, except their potential to earn networks revenue. Screw all of them.

I am a human being, and I am not so unaware that I can be psychologically manipulated like most animals. I will not watch low quality or talk reality just because it is on television. Networks will have to work much harder before they will ever get another second of my time.

Disgusting that a great show was replaced by a crap-cancelled-immediately show.

So true! OLTL was thrown away for nothing! Now GH has it’s time slot when they could’ve just left OLTL alone!

LOL,Michael,I was humming the same tune upon hearing the glorious news! ABC FINALLY woke up and made the right decision about at least one of its beloved and iconic soaps. Here’s to GH celebrating its 50th anniversary and beyond! <3

WOO HOO!!! To 50 & beyond! ABC/D finally listened to their audience! Thank you ABC/D for making the right choice.

This is the best news I have heard all day. Thanks Michael for letting us know!

Yea!! GH has been renewed for another year! 🙂 Am I the only one that wishes abc would bring back AMC? Seems that everyone wants OLTL to come back, but what about AMC?! I am a realist though. AMC is gone and it’s unlikely abc will bring it back. However, if we watch GH and the ratings go up, GH can last well beyond 2013!!

Would love to see AMC back on the air!!

I miss Erica Kane!!! And I still want to know what happened to JR. Ive watched thesr 3 soaps literally my whole life. Im just happy I get to keep Sonny and Jason awhile longer.

This is good news, but in a way it pisses me off, because ABC jumped the gun and cancelled OLTL, and now they are canceling the show that they replaced OLTL with….So, how about this ABC, you should have never cancelled OLTL in the first damn place!!! We didn’t watch The Revolution, and we’re not going to watch a revamped version of GMA….just freaking bring back OLTL! You will see something that you haven’t seen in the last few months…Good Ratings for a daytime program on your network. Think about it!!

God yes Torrey. You ARE RIGHT. I agree with every word. I mourn OLTL every single day. GET OLTL BACK where it belongs. PLEASE!

OLTL IS NOT… oh why bother…?

Sorry about my previous response. I underestimated you. “Oh why bother” is a step in the right direction. Next time, just say nothing and roll your eyes, because some people grieve longer than others and don’t get over 43 years in 3 months.

can u say so annoying…you arent God, you dont own abc, you dont know everything!!!!

I don’t blame u,brother… no one will listen about it’s not going easy bring good old OLOL and AMC.. it’s too late can’t bring OLOL back to ABC.

As I said above it doesn’t matter as OLTL or GH would have had to be cancelled this September for Katie, even if The Revolution never happened.

There is nothing revamped about GMA–it’s network hype, as you know. GMA is just filler until Katie starts. No one is going to watch GMA in the afternoon except the brain dead zombies already watching The Revolution–and everybody knows it. I wish ratings mattered, but the bottom line is all executives consider. Everything you said about OLTL is true but they can never appreciate it.

Torrey,this pisses me off to ,and I have no intentions of changing my mind about abc/disney I want one life to live back,so I will continue to boycott the rat channel daytime and prime time I am happy for gh but its only for One year.And I am not watching katie couric .I want all my children at 1 oclock,One life to live at 2 oclock ,and general hospital at 3 oclock,they can put katie couric any where they want just not in those 3 hours.These idiots at abc and nbc think we want news shoved down our throats ,well there wrong.

ABC/D canceling the Revolution is not enough. Boycott will continue until OLTL is back on the air.


I agree. I cannot patronize and enrich Disney without thinking how stupid and greedy they were to let ABC destroy OLTL for The Revolution.

Me either,I am continuing the boycott ,no abc/disney for me ,My soap of 43 years was cancelled for a crap program that lasted 43 seconds.

I agree! ABC needs to know we loyal soap fans are loyal to soaps… more so than ABC! bwahahahaha Altho I rarely watch any other ABC shows ever since they killed OLTL, I’m so glad to know that my digital tuner does not add to their ratings whenever it is on the rat channel! ha! But boy am I watching GH! and have you noticed they’ve added a lot more commercials? Seems they have shortened the time of each commercial but packed in more commercials altogether? Hopefully they are charging more for these shortened commercials so they’re not losing money on producing OUR show… cuz we never want it to stop!

Fran and gloria,I agree with both of you.I will continue the boycott to,no abc until the soap problem is solved .I want one life to live back ,Im tired of hearing the general hospital fans cry about the cross overs .they make no sense I guess they want to keep gh boring like it has been for years,General hospital hasnt been this good for quite some time and I have watched it for 49 years,I have no problem with the cross overs .

Yes, yes, yes! Boycott ABC! They are finally just starting to feel the pain! We have to keep it up!

WOW, I’m thrilled beyond belief. Can’t wait for the exciting stories.

GH now needs a little more OLTL influx to get the ratings up.

You’re kidding, right? It’s the LAST thing the series needs.


MIKE ,you are absolutely right,I couldnt agree with you more.

If you mean expanding GH to a 2 hour show, then yes GH does need a little more OLTL influx.

We need to contact the product advertisers and say if General Hospital is cancelled we will not only boycott the new shows but, will boycott the advertisers products!!! Let start writing now!!! We should have done this at the first rumors of AMC and OLTL being cancelled. If ABC does not listen to their viewers, they WILL listen the the advertisers! The advertisers need to know we will say no the their products in the stores if General Hospital is cancelled!!!! Companies will listen to their target audience and they need to know we mean business.

How do we find the advertisers? Just by watching the ads during GH? Is there another list somewhere?

I wrote a letter to my local ABC affiliate telling them of my disappointment in the cancelations of two soaps. I told them that GH is the only ABC show I watch now, and I will support those advertisers only. Also, I suggested the station tell those advertisers that without GH, I won’t support them either.

The other thing is to buy and support advertisers on GH now. Write advertisers and tell them you buy their products because they advertise on GH. With the advertising budgets of multinational corporations any one of them could sponsor OLTL.

GREAT NEWS!!!!!! Finally, a decision that ABC Soap Fans agree with – thank you ABC Daytime!!!!!! Now let’s hope this is true, and the GMA Afternoon show does not inch its way into the regular line-up. I say GMA in the morning is MORE than enough. Congrats to all who work in front of and behind the cameras at GH. I look forward to celebrating 50 years of GH next year, not to mention many more years of great storylines to come. GH Fans – keep watching!!!!!! Now let’s get the official announcement – in writing!!!!!!

So ABC/Disney. You screwed up! Are you ready to release All My Children and One Life to Live to Agnes Nixon??? Good Morning America will not succeed. Katie Couric will not succeed. Give us back our soaps!!!!!!!! Hello???? SHAREHOLDERS?????? ARE YOU LISTENING????? WE’RE NOT DONE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if they want to do something to gain my interest on GH, bring back Sarah Brown as Claudia….I know she was murdered, and it would be difficult, due to the nature of her death, but it is a soap after all, and there’s always a way to bring people back from the dead. They could always have Dr. David Hayward be involved somehow….maybe he was employed by Anthony to bring his daughter back. I would definitely start watching on a regular basis, if she came back.

Sarah Brown is a great actress, BUT the way they wrote “Claudia” was not much different than the way they wrote for Sarah when she played the original “Carly” and I thought she was just Carly2.0.

The new writers would have to do something amazing like what they are doing with “Kate” (Kelly Sullivan) to really liven things up.

And I think they could do a great job at that….being that the writers who originally wrote for Claudia are gone now, I think it would be great to have her come back and see how Ron would write for her. She’s such a great actress that she can pull anything off.

Great! 2 days ago I read that Good Morning was going to add an extra hour for one host (I swear it said Matt Lauer…) and was trying to figure out where that extra would go… guess the executives at ABCDuh finally figured out where to, shall I say it?, stick it. ha!

The Media Decoder Blog at NYTimes says the GMA show will be on at the 2pm slot for nine weeks and then GH will slide into that time slot in early September.

Now I see that Matt Laurer has decided to stay with the Today Show, but had thought about joining Katie on her show in the fall… so maybe that extra GMA hour was going to be for him, but he’s decided to stay with NBC. interesting.

Matt Lauer is on The Today Show, not GMA. His new multi-million dollar contract does stipulate that he may have his own hour-long show on NBC (where Today is) not ABC. The speculation is that Matt’s show could bump NBC’s Days off the air.

yeah, I know he’s on the Today Show… but he was thinking of joining Katie in the fall on ABC (as per an interview w/him I read last night), but has now decided to stay on NBC…. but the deal I read a few days ago said that GMA was going to extend for an extra hour …. somewhere

Matt Lauer might hold up for his bathroom after he get done for next 5 hours. maybe he might need go #2,oh,well.. Matt Lauer is still professional journalist for long time.

good news i am very happy that general hospital got renewed. lets hope the ratings go up and up. the revolution is cancelled about time , what took so long. that show was ridicoulous. one life to live got cancelled for the stupid revolution what a horrible mistake abc made. bring back one life to life because it was a good soap. lets hope general hospital stays on air for a long time to come. thank you gh writers our soap is safe for now. we can breath a little better for now. thank you michael fairman for keeping us fans up to date.

Truthfully this reminds me of the renewal of One life to live and then a year later they were cancelled. Regardless though… GH needs to get its self in check..Their leading female (Laura Wright) is a IRRELEVANT actress.. and needs to be replaced…

Yes. One year is great, but the threat of cancelation is still very real. We must support GH!



Why is anyone watching the Spew? They should have been boycotting it already… if not start today!!! When GMA afternoon airs… boycott it too! It won’t bring OLTL back but it will make them think a bit before they bring this crap to the network!

SErously I dont know any one who watches the chew.but your right .the boycott for me continues ,we may have won 1 more year for general hospital,thats not enough but it gives us time to continue our fight and I guess my e mails 3 times a day to abc wont stop.And no one should watch that katie couric garbage either shes just as bad as those 5 idiots that just got rid of we want our soaps .

You guys had a good coversation going on on here. I’m just seeing it, although I don’t have time to read the whole page, it would be a blast. I see you and Scott had some words about things, and my friend David who is pretty reasonable for seeing the other side of things. Scott’s pretty fair Barbara. He makes a point about all the favoritisium being showed to OLTL character’s and no invite from AMC character’s. I understand his point in terms of fairness to the shows. Thing is, Ron an Frank worked for One Life, so that’s why, and that’s understandable. Also, OneLife went out with a BANG, far moreso than AMC. The only person I want to see from AMC is David Haywood, and no one else. Maybe they feel if they extend a invites from AMC actors then they will feel obligated to do so to Susan Lucci. And I doubt, GH cast, or the fans, want to see the over the top Susan Lucci even dropping by GH. I love Susan but not that much, so maybe thats why they stick with invites from OneLife. Nonetheless, I have homework and housework to do., homework first and must be done before tomorrow. I will come back and read this page by Wed. Mond’s impossible. Tues, a business dinner. Wedn, rehearsal, but after rehearsal, I’ll come back and finish reading to lmao. Miss you Barbara. Say Hi to Debi for me. Between the two of you on here, with Scott, David, Ethel and Heather…., I know the passion is alive and brewing on this site. LOL

I there really anyone watching that? Those people look so strange on the promos, bugged out eyes…
I even stopped watching anything on food network tv with Michael Symon, cannot stand him, or Mario.
And with all of the other choices, who is watching that?
So, I don’t watch daytime tv at all anymore, just use my on demand and catch up on what I missed the previous night, oh, and baseball…

Agree Julie. I have only seen promos & maybe 2 minutes of an actual show-it is horrible beyond belief. Knew I’d seen enough. It is the loudest, silliest mess. It needs to go too.

Havent heard from you ,you havent been here for a while I have been waiting for your response about the argument with scott ,waiting for you to say something interesting,you said scott is fair and I told you he is not fair and he told me to sod off ,look it up at google NOT VERY NICE, so he isnt being fair hes being nasty so I gave up ,did you read all the posts you should ,Ron and Frank are doing nothing wrong to general hospital,Aside from me being pissed off at jason because he is pissed at sam ,hes thinking about himself not that poor sam was raped by that monster who is his brother and somewhere in jasons mind thats been forgotten,Life goes on ,thats my only problem with gh right now.Rumors are going around that jake is alive ,wonder if dr David hayward is on stand by,Would be nice.I knew Ronnie is the bad guy,get rid of him,WOW ,Sonny got a eye full yesterday finding johnny and kate/connie in bed,classic soap opera drama,glad johnny is staying.General hospital is good again ,and other then jason ,I am loving it.

barbara t replied April 25th, 2012 at 5:42 am

1loveabcsoaps REPLYING to Barbara April 25, 2012 at 11:30 am (Eastern Standard Time)

Ok….first of all, lucky you, getting a reply from me in the same day. I guess U wrote this at 8:42 am, Eatern Time, and it comes out to be 5:42 am Califonial time. OK, first of all this is the first fime I am hearing you were expecting a response from me about Scott. I didn’t know this was going on. I read and commented about Scott being fair weeks ago. I haven’t gotten any replies or responses in my email about this from you, so I had no way of knowing. Glad that U came to this page and REPLIED to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the chance to read up on what’s happened. I haven’t read everything entirely, but will come back when I get in from work and rehearsal. I’ve been very busy with that lately, and I’m exhausted when I get home. I got to get myself ready to leave the house now in 45 min. Thanks for giving me an update on GH. I havenn’t seen it in 1 month, BUT the T.V comes on although I’m not home (for GH to get the ratings) and then it GOES off after GH is completed. Yes, I know I haven’t been as active on the site, and Debi either who has disappeared. When she needs her battery charged and a good arguement, we will hear from her, LOL. Just joshing Deb. Ok, Barbara, I will read up on this when I get home, and send you a response about the whole Scott fiasco. Headed to the Bronx.

I am beyond thrilled!!!!!

Hopefully FV/RC wise up, ditch their OLTL cast-offs and focus on “General Hospital” and give us the vets we want and deserve. And hopefully the writing gets better. The writing has been sloppy and really slow like One Life used to be. Hopefully this kicks them in the ass to focus on the show, not their cancelled one, which should NOT be brought back. It should have been canned before Jan. 2012!

It’s is interesting that you say that because the only reason I’m watching GH is because of the addition of the OLTL characters. When I watched GH in the past, I found it dull and depressing. Now the stories are more interesting and have better continuity. I guess everyone sees things differently.

I didn’t watch OLTL for a reason, and that was the writing and control of the series. It’s clear by FV’s first immediate move of bringing these characters in that he’s not 110% invested in the series at all. I find the writing of GH now to be slow and messy. The show has lost its direction and is not getting it back.

I agree that FV/RC should focus on GH and get the vets back we want. Maybe with a year’s breathing room that can happen.

Hopefully; I’m hoping that with this one year renewal, we see the return of Bobby, Alan, AJ and maybe even Emily. I want more Quatermaines/Spencers. Even Ashton and Skye would be amazing returns.

After reading this tripe, no one can ever accuse Michael Fairman of biased censorship.

GH fans might consider being a little kinder because GH cannot afford to lose anymore viewers. If GH was so great it wouldn’t have less viewers than OLTL and be competing with DOOL for lowest rated soap. It was OLTL viewers avoiding The Revolution like the plague that tanked The Revolution’s ratings which saved your precious GH. A little gratitude might be more appropriate, but I suspect that’s expecting too much. Here’s to hoping you get what you “want and deserve” and let’s see if that coincides with GH’s survival.

David, it’s hard to show respect or gratitude when you have people on here talking about OLTL “taking over” GH, and all this other nonsense. Talk about disrespect. It goes both ways.

I’m not going to be kind to someone or a team of people who are ruining my soap. I didn’t watch OLTL for a reason. I don’t care for the characters. If OLTL was so great, why was it cancelled? Something was wrong with it, obviously.

You’re obviously a bitter One Lifer. I’ve lost soaps before, and I’ve dealt with them. But to have people from a show invade mine without cause is insulting. The writing is horrific. I don’t find FV/RC to be good people to be in charge of a soap opera. The quality of the series has dropped, especially in filming. It’s so cheap-looking now.

I definitely agree with you on focusing on the GH vets. But I think we say that about every GH writing team, and nothing ever changes, unfortunately. We get lip service about how much they love The Quartermaines, or this one, or that one, and then you still never see them.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed the OLTL crossovers so far, and they’ve helped freshen up the show. Not a fan of Tea Delgado, however. I know most OLTL fans seem to love her, but on the times when I would watch OLTL, I found her to be a dull and boring character. So I don’t like the decision to bring her to GH.

But overall, I think the writing has been so much better than when Bob Guza and Garin Wolf were doing the show. One thing I really like that they’ve done is make the scenes shorter. There used to be all these long monologues, and boring, nonsense talk that just made me want to fast forward, and now it seems like the flow of the show ,from scene to scene, is at a much quicker pace.

It hasn’t been perfect, I hated what they did with Robert Scorpio for example. They have a lot of work to do, but the show is definitely moving in the right direction, in my opinion. And if it weren’t for FV and RC, we’d more than likely be talking about GH in the past tense. So I’m thankful for them.

It’s because they don’t take the cause to go and try to get to hiring people back. They have to cut the cast down to make room for them.

I have not liked one OLTL crossover. They brought them on as A-Listed characters instead of B or C. I don’t care the gripe that McPain has for Sonny nor Starr’s constant whining.

And I disagree. Fans complained the show was too focused on the mob and Wolf/Altman took it out, and them FV/RC are bringing it right back into the scene. It’s hypocritical of those people who once bashed it on this site and are now praising it. It’s clear they only like it because it’s Frank and Ron.

seriously scott,Ron and Frank should pretty much tell the one life to live fans that helped bring the ratings up to save general hospital,to go to hell that we,they,me, dont matter I have watched general hospital 49 years and I want them to stay .there making port charles interesting again by mingling with the cast of general hospital.hopefully ron and frank stick with what there doing because IT WORKED,and I believe abc/disney agrees ,thats why they hired them to fix the years of abuse that has been going on for far to many years.And the oltl cast offs as you call them are some of the best actors in the soap world.

If they can bring Oltl characters to GH why cant by beloved AMC cast cross over too? Erica and Kendall could give Carley a run for her money. Reason GH fans dont want other characters is because its just not GH anymore. I love AMC, OLTL and GH. Its obvious GH will be killed off like the others because the ABC execs want cheap tv to save them cash. Its sad. They should at least sell years if the shows on DVD and give us our memories and make themselves money.

brenda I’m a OLTL fan, it was my favorite of the two as I watched GH too – both for all the years they were/have been on (gees I’m old!) and there are so many actors that have been on both shows, some on GH now were on OLTL a while back – like the gal that plays Olivia – I don’t see what the problem is with bringing characters onto GH and refresh things. What’s the difference in transferring over characters/actors where stories already in place can be added in, and making up new characters and hiring other actors (who have probably been on several soaps) and having to start from scratch on a story… if it brings a whole lot OLTL fans over to GH to watch it — great! And I’ve even said it would be nice for AMC fans to get some of their characters on there sometime too… I know Anna Devane was on both shows. Skye Chandler on all three. So fine with me… as long as we get to keep one ABC soap, might as well recoup some of the lost talent we’ve been missing!

Oh Barbara you haven’t liked me from Day One. Let’s get that straight right off the bat. They’ve ruined the show with horrible “new” characters, horrible filming techniques and horrible writing. The mob is once again the forefront of the series, something everyone hated until, whoops FV/RC showed up to do it. It’s insulting.

And as for the OLTL cast, I’m not talking about cast, I’m talking about characters. There’s a difference. If you’re going to bring OLTL in, invite AMC. Don’t single one soap out. OLTL fans are greedy. Fact.

Um Barbara. Not only must the boycott continue, we must do it with each show in that time slow that comes on there and also start focusing energy with our friends, family and neighbors that are watching The Chew and get them to STOP. The Chew is thriving. Someone is watching it. Therefore we must boycott the 2pm slot as well as enlist people to boycott The Chew, (since it’s obviously most of us aren’t watching it). Also, we must continue to write the studio, send soap to ABC, sign our petitions. I just don’t want to talk about The Chew or Revolution in my post, or any of those talk shows. I am about action. Words without Action is nothing. Where is Deb? Have you spoken to her lately?

Advocating for GH or complaining about the writing is fine, but attacking OLTL and its fans, saying it should have been canceled before 2012 and the fans are greedy is unnecessary, except to be rude.

It doesn’t help to stir up bad feelings. It just makes people less likely to want to watch GH. Besides, based on what you wrote, GH is “ruined,” “horrible,” and “insulting,” so there is no reason to watch anyway.

No OLTL fans ARE greedy. Fans of GL/ATWT/AMC, like me, we have no new outlet for ours soaps. Yet you guys are getting catered to and it’s completely unfair. You guys want more more more. It’s completely greedy on your part. And that’s the truth, you cannot deny that.

David,Your right about me wasting my time.

1loveabcsoaps replied Your comment is awaiting moderation. April 15th, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Scott’s pretty fair Barbara. He makes a point about all the favoritisium bein (stroll down and read rest of comment)

1loveabcsoaps ,I respectfully disagree ,Scott is not fair ,not when it comes to one life to live ,I am by no means greedy and neither are the rest of the one life to live fans that come here to vent about our soaps that were cancelled ,Its not my fault that the fans for the guiding light and as the world turns are not here lashing out at the network that killed those soaps ,we abc soap fans were pissed off big time and we still are and we are sticking together,there are a lot of us and for scott to call us greedy ,is name calling and I will not be made to feel I am selfish taking over scotts time, if he cares so deeply he and the gl and atwt fans should bitch whos stopping him Im not ,how am I being greedy ,All I can say is there are a lot of one life to live fans that come here,Its the best sight for the soaps,even though a few of my posts disappear . I left scott a post so the discussion continues.I dont like to pounce on any one but I felt he pounced on me first because Of the original post to him .He bounces all over the place saying different things to several other people so I am not the only one ,If he wants to go after general hospital.the soap stars ,the writers thats a different story we are here to discuss but to put the fans down because we care about one life to live thats WRONG on his part,I and several others have a right to say something .I havent seen or heard from debi,now she flew the coop.

Oh you know what Barbara, sod off. Like really. It’s NOT wrong on my part because I speak, what? THE TRUTH. You are greedy fans. You got TWO reprieves for your show. GL/ATWT fans got NONE. And AMC fans got a half-cocked attempt. So you got the chance of the series again, and you’re being greedy by asking for MORE, not even caring about what other non-OLTL fans would want under the new regime. So yes, you’re being greedy fans. And that’s the stone-cold pact.

PLease tell me you are not mad at me because I dont agree with my friend scott being fair remark that you made? I havent heard from you in a while,he also told me to, sod off,go on line and see what that means not very nice, I left him a post but it vanished that was yesterday when Michaels sight was down for several hours so maybe it never was posted ,also David sent a post to me ,not to waste any more time on it,scott is being unreasonable I am not greedy and I will not sod off, and he also said we got 2 half cocked attempts at our shows getting saved and his didnt ,IF he was in touch he would know that the half cocked attempt was abc/disneys way of shutting us soap fans up,because abc/disney knew by cancelling our soaps the shit would ,and will ,hit the fan ,and it did.If scott wants to talk about gl and atwt whos stopping him the one life to live fans arent hurting him,we are trying to save gh and hopefully get agnus nixon her stories back,What is wrong with that?nothing ,so I dont call that being greedy I call that a group of people with heart.And if scott wants to bitch at general hospital and the writers GO ahead but expect a few comments in return.I like what is happening on gh and I will stick up for Ron and Frank because everything in port charles is changing for the good and how 4 crossovers is ruining that I will never understand my advice to scott is, you have a remote change the channel or he can do what I do several times a day shut the dam tv off.

And you dont like me either,so ,unlike what 1loveabcsoaps says ,you are not fair ,not at all ,anyone who likes one life to live is no good in your eyes,to call us greedy is WRONG on your part ,your saying that no attention is being paid to your soaps gl.atwt and amc,WRONG.there are millions of one life to live fans that are sticking together to save what soaps are left and to bring back oltl,It is not our faults that the gl atwt and amc fans arent out there fighting to bring back there soaps thats not my doing and for you to call us greedy because thats all we post about is WRONG we are fighting to bring our soaps back and for your information All my children is a very important soap to me and I would love to see dr. david hayward come over I have no problems with crossovers even the soap stars of g h agree new blood is good for general hospital and they all like what is happening,From the beginning you were determined to hate anything RON and FRANK are bring to the table theres nothing you like that they are doing so my suggestion is to not watch anymore,and stop complaining that everything they are doing sucks,because there are only a hand full of fans that are not enjoying the change,Also you complain about about the mob stories they are hardly ever on anymore so what is you problem there?So remember you started the name calling by calling us one life to live fans greedy were not that we Have heart and we love and miss our soaps and will do anything to get them back emailing ,petitions,and trying to help agnus nixon get her stories back ,What are you dong?Your insulting any one who likes what you dont like ,I never carried on like a child calling you names and not once have I ever put you down because of the soaps you like dont put me down because I care about mine .

Barbara, please don’t waste another picosecond of your precious time. Soap opera viewers have no control over decisions by television executives and cannot be derogatorily labeled for their decisions.

It’s pointless to engage someone who isn’t capable of recognizing the fallacies and improprieties of false generalizations and ad hominem personal attacks. Vitriolic rants can only reflect derisively on the person making them.


Scott, I can’t wait to come home and find out what has U all charged up, and speaking so blantly about OLTL . I’m running off to work now.

The way I see it is that barbara t and Scott are both right.

It’s true that many OLTL fans have been apathetic to the cancellations of GL, ATWT and even AMC. It’s also true that many OLTL fans wanted ABC to cancel GH instead of OLTL.

However, barbara t is also right when she says that it’s not the fault of OLTL fans if the GL/ATWT fans are not fighting for their soaps like the OLTL fans are for their. What’s keeping the GL/ATWT fans from giving shit to CBS like the OLTL fans are giving to ABC? The same goes for AMC fans.

How ironic!!!!!This Saturday, April 14 it will be one year that Brian Frons (the HATER OF SOAPS) made the announcement that AMC and OLTL were being cancelled for 2 new shows. Now we find out that one of their replacements is being cancelled after 3 months!!!! The FANS HAVE SPOKEN! The PTB were so sure that they had the programing that everyone wanted to watch. Yeah right! Your ratings never even came close to the ones OLTL received. I also don’t understand why the the Chew is doing okay. It’s nothing more than a knock-off of the Food Chanel. I have never watched either one of these shows and I never will. I am so happy to hear GH is staying on (Thank You Frank & Ron!) I will not thank ABC and I’ll explain why. We have all heard that Katie C. was not happy having her new talk show follow a lead-in with such low ratings and she also knows that if GH was taken off she would have to deal with the anger of the fans which in turn would never watch her show. Therefore, the writing was on the wall. At any rate, as long as GH stays that’s all that matters. I’ve also noticed in regard to the advertisers who we will continue to boycot for supporting these replacement disasters, I ‘ve noticed that HOOVER has not returned since last spring when the announcement to cancel our shows was made. They said they were on our side and they certainly kept their word. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! I just bought another vacuum for a shower gift. It’s my third since last spring! We must all remember to not watch the Revulsion’s replacement (GMA). You know if the ratings are even slightly better than GH, that will be the reason ABC will give us so they can cancel GH. Don’t give them the chance! I’m still hoping ABC will return AMC & OLTL to Agnes Nixon. Admit you made a HUGE MISTAKE and do the right thing. Let us enjoy our shows on another network!

From your lips to God’s ears!

Yeah, I’m continuing to watch GH and really happy for our last soap. They work hard and it’s been around for so long, should be a mainstay. I’m not watching ANY TALK SHOWS that come on between the hours of 1 to 3:00 p.m. That should be soap escapism time. I don’t care what they switch around, etc…. Hope they see the value in GH and sad that they didn’t w/the other soaps, esp OLTL. Anyway, hold tight, hold strong GH–the kick a*** fans have your back!!!!

Thanks for the detailed info. I’ll buy Hoover when my vacuum breaks down, which will be soon.

I kinda wonder if The Chew is doing ok because of two things. The time it’s on, and it’s about food. Better to watch food then watch Ty Pennington tell women what bra to wear and a bunch of others telling you about portion control and tell you to stop watching soaps…. yeah, I’d rather watch food than that other garbage!

I taped the Chew once and only once. It’s on around 11am or noon here. Their promo said it was going to be about cupcakes and that was the only reason I recorded it and how about that, no cupcakes. Promo was wrong! But what I saw… very large sloppy servings of various favorite “comfort” food of the hosts — I about erped just watching it. Not appetizing at all. And they were all hyped up like speedy gonzales and rushing thru everything. Ug! Give me the food channel any day over that nonsense!


Glad for GH fans. Wish that the other two shows were given an opportunity to be saved. I will always be an AMC fan…and if only one show was saved on ABC,,,I wish that AMC was the one. Haven’t watched ABC daytime since AMC left the air.

This is great news….but I still don’t trust ABC and GH fans shouldn’t either! Its very important that we NOT watch this GMA iin the PM show. If it gets good ratings we can say goodbye to GH!!!!!

so true!

Let’s hope they do something really special for the 50th anniversary!!! Take some of that money that they were paying people to watch the revulsion with and do something special!!!

There’s no way OLTL and AMC are coming back, but this is great news. I do think we should boycott GMA in the afternoon though as we don’t want them to get any ideas about making it a permanent.

YAY!!!! thanks for keeping GH!!!! So excited might watch Katie’s show now

Please don’t. It is probably just a bait and switch.

Definitely don’t watch that~Mid-day is for SOAPS!!

True ,the boycott continues for me,and katie couric will never be on in my home.

Great point

Good news about GH, but I wouldn’t trust ABC for nothing . To me it’s another test for Soapfans to see if they will back down and watch their other shows during the day. I refuse to and will only put my tv to watch and record GH. How gulliiable does ABC think we are?

Why hasn’t ABC confirmed that GH has the 2:00 p.m. time slot this Fall? If they have confirmed it, please let me know where I can find it. Thank you.

Because it is only speculation at this point. It is not all said and done and it depends on various markets (cities, etc.) where GH will be.

we are all grateful that GH got renewed for another year.The bad news is they are trying out another reality show before Katie starts in September. If GMA has good ratings in the summer we can kiss GH goodbye next year.So we have to stay focused on the bigger picture which is to keep our remaining soaps on the air.Never will I trust those ABC suits again.Not looking like we can trust NBC officials either

We won this battle to keep GH for now but the battle is not over to keep soaps alive. Would love to see OLTL & AMC back as I watched for 40+ years. I don’t think ABC is that smart they ate still looking for a cheap alternative. We have to keep fighting this war by not watching anything they put on in place of soaps. Watch soaps on other networks & watch GH & encourage others to do same.

Yeah. We won the battle, but the WAR is far from over. I don’t believe ABC at all. If they can be nasty and sneaky by messing with Tivo, they can lie to us AGAIN and dump GH.

Like I have heard it rephrased elsewhere. ABC OWNS GH, so it is NOT renewing it. It is just choosing not to cancel it right now.

Great news, but I still don’t trust ABC!!! I think the bottom line is they still want to be done with soaps. This could be a reprieve for a year — or less, depending on what they have planned. Just glad GH will be staying – for a while at least.

It’s a bittersweet victory for OLTL fans but we told the greedy big wigs are ABC that we didn’t want their crappy replacement shows. If they are smart they will find a way to bring back both AMC and OLTL in an half hour format which is something they should have considered in the first place. I am just glad they lost millions promoting a show that was doomed from the start. Take that Brian Frons!

I am a very happy camper! All Soap lovers should be jumping up and down for joy! We all won.

However, I would caution fans not to watch the new program that is supposed to be “filler”. If it gets good ratings, it could become a threat, in another year, to GH and we’ll be biting our nails once again. Support GH whenever it airs, but not the rest of ABC’s daytime lineup so they get eh message that messing with our soaps is not a good thing. Rah!

You know, that would not surprise me at all if ABC bumps GH off to give the golden ring to GMA. I have no faith and no trust in ABC at all. All I can say is “Do not get complacecent!”
I believe that is what ABC is hoping for that we the fans drop back and put water on the fire.
Stand firm people, we may have won this round but the fight is far from over!
The rights to AMC and OLTL need to be returned to Agnes Nixon. We want these soaps
back on the air! I will not watch ABC except for GH now and how ever long it takes!!

I’m with you on that Debbie.

I hope soaps fans realize that we must keep fighting. ABC execs want us quiet. Please continue to boycott ABC and anything Disney except for GH.

Too bad there was not a “bump” option. It would be much easier than repeating it, but then again, maybe repeating it would be like hammering the point into heads.

I’m with you. ABC doesn’t even have anything (other than GH) REMOTELY interesting for me to watch anyway. Ha! Ha!

GH is the only thing I watch on ABC during the daytime! Still bitter over the cancellation of AMC and OLTL –

We have to keep fighting to keep daytime soaps!!

GH is safe only because the Revolution tanked. If the Revolution’s numbers had been better, GH would be the show with the pink slip. Enjoy this small victory, but don’t get complacent, the war is far from over. I’m still boycotting all things ABC except for GH.

So happy !!!

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding Reception Brings a Beatdown for Dex

On Friday’s, May 17th episode of General Hospital, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding reception was the focal point as the touching celebration for the newlyweds got underway.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was seething over seeing Dex mingle with the guests. With Dex becoming a cop, and ratting him out to Anna, previously Sonny feels betrayed by his former hit man. However, Sonny’s growing paranoia and mental stability is in question, in particular, because he has been off the proper dosage of meds for months now.

Later, when Sonny sees Dex talking with Gio (Giovanni Mazza) about serving in the military, and later chumming it up with Cerullos, he is about to go postal.

Photo: ABC

Outside the ballroom. Sonny confronts Dex about chatting it up with the Cerullos, who he says are his people. He warns Dex to stay away from his family. Dex says he was invited to the reception.

Next, Sonny calls Dex a snitch, a spy, and lets him know he is “lucky to be breathing.”  Sonny issues Dex a warning to stay away from his family, or he may not be breathing much longer.

As Sonny turns to walk away., Dex grabs him by the arm to try to reason with him and to and say he’s not his enemy. However, Sonny throws a punch. In the pickup, Sonny continues to bloody and beatdown Dex, until Jason (Steve Burton) arrives on the scene and restrains Sonny.

Photo: ABC

Kristina (Kate Mansi) walks in on the moment. She sees her father is yelling that both Jason and Dex are traitors. Sonny screams that they are both dead and he’s going to put a gun to their heads.

Photo: ABC

In happy news, Brook Lynn and Chase finally begin their wedding night when they jump onto of their bed in their honeymoon suite. Chase says now they have a great wedding night, which will be followed by a great honeymoon, and that will be followed by their entire life together. They share a kiss.

So, what did you think of Sonny’s explosive words and actions against Dex and Sonny? Will Kristina figure out what is going on with her dad, once and for all? Comment below.

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Breaking News

Patrick Mulcahey OUT as General Hospital Co-Head Writer

After various reports surfaced, it has been confirmed that Patrick Mulcahey is out as the co-head writer of General Hospital. This is after a very short tenure of under five months.

Mulcahey was named to the position back in January of 2024 along with longtime GH writer Elizabeth Korte. They replaced the team of Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, who had been the head scribes of the long-running ABC daytime drama since 2019.

A source informed Soap Opera Digest that stories created by the co-head writing team of  Mulcahey/Korte team will air through mid-summer. However they added “There will be more news to share at a later date as to the composition of the new writing team.”

In addition, eagle-eyed soap fans have seen that in recent episodes former co-head writer, Chris Van Etten has been credited, as he is reportedly a breakdown writer with the show.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Korte has assumed the head writing duties solely on her own at the moment, while Buzz blog initially reported Mulcahey’s exit.

We will have more on the GH writing team evolution in the days ahead.

What do you think about the writing team changes at GH thus far? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

TONIGHT: ‘Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer’

On Thursday night May 16th, the daytime community comes together for Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer, streaming live at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.

Stand Up To Cancer, in collaboration with leading daytime community voices Michael Fairman and Alan Locher, are coming together for a first-of-its-kind livestream event, Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

The three-hour benefit will feature stars from the world of daytime drama television past and present, musical performances, and stories of emotional on- and off-screen experiences with cancer. Special celebrity guests will also join the effort to encourage viewers to support urgently needed research and new cancer treatments.  You can watch live on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, The Locher Room or the Stand Up To Cancer website.

In support of the event, SU2C will simultaneously launch a 10-day eBay silent auction, from May 16 through 26, for soap opera fans to bid on a wide range of items, including a meet-and-greet experience with the cast of NBC’s Days of Our Lives; an autographed script from the cast of CBS’s The Young and the Restless and signed merchandsise from CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful cast; a 1:1 video call with General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros, Maura West and Laura Wright, and with daytime legends Robert Newman, Vincent Irizarry, Colleen Zenk, and more. Full details will be shared the evening of May 16, at

As part of the event, you will hear, cancer survivorship stories from General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison and The Young and the Restless’ Colleen Zenk, who will reflect on the impact of publicly sharing their diagnoses; and 2024 Daytime Emmy nominee Eric Braeden, who shares his battle with bladder cancer

Daytime icon Jackie Zeman, who played nurse Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital for 45 years, shared by daughters Cassidy MacLeod and Lacey Gorden.

Elizabeth Hubbard who played the iconic Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns and Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, shared by her on-screen daughter Martha Byrne and real-life son Jeremy Bennett.

Two-time Emmy Award-winner Jerry verDorn (Guiding Light / One Life to Live), shared by widow Beth verDorn and his on-screen wife on Guiding Light, friend and co-star Liz Keifer.

Andrea Evans, who played Tina Lord Roberts on One Life to Live, shared by her husband Stephen G. Rodriguez and daughter Kylie Rodriguez.

Kamar de los Reyes shared by his One Life to Live co-stars Michael Easton (General Hospital) Trevor St. John (The Young and the Restless).

Poignant reflections from actors who have portrayed breast cancer survivors, including Sharon Case and Eileen Davidson from The Young and the RestlessErika Slezak from One Life to LiveTina Sloan and Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light and more.

Additional talent slated to participate in the virtual benefit include (subject to change): Eddie and Kristen Alderson (One Life to Live)Elia Cantu (Days of Our Lives)The Day Players,  featuring Days of Our Lives castmates Carson BoatmanBrandon BarashWally Kurth (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee), Eric Martsolf (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee)Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live)Don Diamont (The Bold and the Beautiful)Linsey Godfrey (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, Days of Our Lives)Leo Howard (Days of Our Lives)Lesli Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful)Eden McCoy (General Hospital)Kin Shriner (General Hospital)and Michelle Stafford (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, The Young and the Restless).

You can watch the Daytime Stands Up livestream below. Now let us know if you have a cancer story that has affected your life via the comment section below, or how a daytime TV character who went through a cancer battle, gave you strength and courage in your own journey.


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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

Airdate: 4-12-2024