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BREAKING NEWS: Crystal Chappell Joins The Bold and the Beautiful in New Lesbian Storyline!

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

What amazing news!  Crystal Chappell is returning to daytime and on a new soap for her, The Bold and the Beautiful, and what’s more, she will be launching the series first-ever lesbian story line! learned that Crystal Chappell will portray Danielle, the other mother of Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) . Caroline was introduced last month as the never-before-seen daughter of Karen Spencer, who is played by longtime B&B favorite Joanna Johnson.  Johnson returned to the sudser last month to begin the romantic story line.

Caroline already knows she has two mothers, but the good people of Los Angeles (where B&B is based) don’t know the truth.  She’ll reveal it to boyfriend Thomas Forrester and her uncle — and Karen’s brother — Bill (Don Diamont).  Chappell is set to debut on- air in mid-May.

Chappell joining B&B re-teams her with Susan Flannery and Hillary B. Smith who direct and co-star in Crystal’s hit web soap, Venice!   What do you think of the news of Crystal joining Brad Bell’s acting troupe?  And in a lesbian storyline, no less? Let us know!


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Woohoo! Finally CC back on our TV screens! I love that B&B is tackling a lesbian storyline and that Crystal will be a part of it! Thank you Brad Bell!

I think that it is wnderful that CC is coming back to public television. Noone can portray a character as well as she can. I think we are all lucky to be able to watch her act; she takes herself into the character she plays and makes them seem so real and allows the audience to see that everyone is important and has a valid opinion about the world they exist in and that each of us just wants to be happy in our world. Three cheers for Crystal!!!

get all of the cast members of all my children and one life to live on the bold and the beautiful and piss on abctv the net work of abctv knows that they are screwing every ones lives and every one that loves all my children and one life to live they need to cancel abc and not watch any of there shows at all bring general hosipital to cbs and that will show abctv that we are not messing around any more at all and cancel the chew also lots of angry fans that love our soaps ps this is bull shit on you abctv and we are pulling every one from our family from abctvgood luck lusersfromabctv

First isnt the bold and the beautiful only a half hour soap?Second your Idea is good,only problem ,abc/disney wont give agnus nixon the rights to all my children and one life to live ,they will never hand over the rights to another network.we fans are angry and I will stay that way, I e mail abc 3 times a day,sign petitions .and will continue to boycott abc/disney day and night ,I only watch general hospital.

If all the AMC and OLTL actors are heading to CBS, they would have to play new characters because, as barbara t pointed out, ABC owns the rights to AMC and OLTL.

But I don’t think howard and john caylor should be praising CBS like they’re doing. CBS canceled GH and ATWT in less than a year and both soasp were on the air longer than AMC and OLTL were. CBS is no different or better than ABC.

All the networks are greedy and they all want to exit the soap business before the end of this decade.

Met to say CBS canceled GL (not GH).

fantastic news!!!!

Lately, I feel like Crystal Chappell is being typecast as a lesbian. Maybe it’s just me but that’s the way it seems. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I agree David

Agree-don’t like this at all.

Why does it matter?

Well, when someone is typically typecast and essentially given the same role over and over again, it becomes harder for the audience to take the actor seriously in the roles because all they really see is that actor playing the same role.

Why is that playing a lesbian is type casting and the same character over and over again, but all the times that CC has played heterosexual, the character’s have been viewed as completely different and she wasn’t being type cast as straight?

I don’t know how many lesbians you know in real life, but if you talked to few, I think you will find that they’re not all the same. You have good girls, bad girls, fun girls, boring girls, nerds, sex bombs and pretty much anything you can think of with the only commonality being they are attracted to other women, just like most straight girls only share the fact that they are attracted to men.

Playing a lesbian multiple times isn’t the same as playing a cop or a doctor or lawyer multiple times. I don’t think lesbianism is a profession and if it is, where’s my paycheck? 😉

Well CC is bisexual in real life

You’re wrong; it’s far too early to know if Crystal has been type cast. Crystal played an amorous heterosexual who fell in love with a woman in GL, and then of her own volition, she created her lesbian characters in Venice and The Grove. Crystal has played heterosexual parts for 20 years and is a very good actress who acts her arse off. She is so talented that if her character said it was raining, the audience would look for an umbrella and when she shivered, they would feel cold.

How does Crystal coming to the show playing a lesbian count ad as “lesbian story line? It would mean lawyer on the show would have a “lawyer story line?”

i love crystal,im so glad she’s back on daytime

OK, here goes. I adore Crystal and I miss her on my television screen. But, really was hoping to see her in something other than another lesbian role. I guess that’s her core fanbase now. But, believe it or not, there are others that support her.

I agree about her being typecast, which is unfortunate for someone of her talent. If for no other reason than the sake of her own career, would just prefer that she mix it up more. I will watch her on Bold, but not going to lie. As someone who has followed her career pre-Otalia, I wish she were not playing yet another lesbian role.

Fantastic!! So excited, missed Crystal Chappell on my screen! Fantastic actress to a show with talented writers, its about time!!

I will tell you where I think he is headed with this Brad Bell that is. Karen Spencer had Caroline by a donor who just ends up turning out to be Ridge, meanwhile Caroline has fallen in love with her half brother. Bill Bell wrote three storylines about brother and sisters falling in love make that 4 one on Days & three on Y&R. However Cole & Victoria turned out not to be just a thought when I read this.

My beloved B&B is tacky and tasteless in its hetero love stories–so temper your expectations, kids. This may very well devolve into another Ridge/Brooke triangle disaster.

I don’t Crystal would allow it. She’s very pro-LGBT writes and since she’s a bisexual woman, I don’t think she’d let something like this happen unless Danielle is a bisexual woman.

CC BI no way! She just stated in a recent interview that she was a “straight girl” so her previous statements are just to get her main fan base all riled up! I don’t think she actually ever said I’m BI so that is just wishful thinking for some people!

B&B won’t dress her like a frump like DAYS. Who cares if she hooks up with a man or woman as long as the story is well written!

I hope Joanna Johnson will get some legitimate airtime with this stroyline. I miss seeing her on the show.

I really hope that daytime will do justice this time on CC and our community. No more pulling the plug like in GL and ATWT.

Great news! Never watched B & B, but I’ll be doing so now. So excited to have CC back on TV! Hope the writers give her material that’s worthy of her talents.

Way to go Bold And The Beautiful for bring Crystal Chappell back to my TV screen. Cant wait to see her back in action! I really missed her. Greatest news i have heard in a while

I’ll be honest too, another lesbian storyline urgh. That means she will be playing a lesbian in two of her webseries and in B&B, so her fourth. It’s a bit overkill for me. 3 shows at the same time playing a lesbian in all three. But I will agree with what CC said today, it’s all about story. So if the story is good, then I guess I’ll watch.

Why does it matter lesbian/ hetero I’m jus happy she’s back on tv! I Love that daytime is including the LGBT community more & more. I’ve been a fan of CC for a longtime & I personally think she does lesbian best! I don’t think it’s type casting at all it’s a testament to her talent!

And, for that matter, why do people never bellow, “No! Not another hetero story! How many times in a row has she played a straight woman? Yeesh!”

I wouldn’t call it “type casting”; I’d call it Crystal finding a niche, and championing social change. She is comfortable in lesbian roles, played it successfully on GL, wrote it herself in now *two* webseries, and accepted B&B’s offer to continue exploring that niche. That’s not type casting – it’s a conscious choice. And bravo for it. Crystal isn’t anyone’s casting victim. She IS, however, bloody amazing. 🙂

Even back in my “watch every soap on television” days of the ’80s-’90s, I never really got into B&B. I will, however, be giving it a shot now. I endured two years of DOOL’s nonsense, because Crystal (and a couple of others) was just that compelling. I have every faith – well, HOPE – in the world that B&B will do her, and all of their characters, more justice. Fingers crossed…

Very well said, ThisOne … and yes, fingers crossed.

Bravo, Crystal!

I just have to say as my best friend just pointed out to me, if she was cast as part of a heterosexual couple would we be saying she was being typecast as a heterosexual. Probably not.

KUDOS! Thank you, maybe because she is comfortable with the role and she doesn’t have any hangups of a part being portrayed and you know what it’s also a paycheck for her other projects. I too hope JJ has more airtime with this story, boy wouldn’t that be delicious and awaking moment for Thorn & Ridge and Spencer family. There are a lot of story to delve into who will have some prejudices, Caroline growing up with 2 moms could be a wonderful story for summer and Brad could do a story line where Caroline tries to help other children in the same situation and the pressure it brings to families. Let CC clash with Stephanie or if JJ couldn’t come back full time (I wish upon a star) maybe she knows Felicia from college and Felicia had affair with her, opening the door for a bisexual story. Felicia’s son could be in middle school when it comes out and affects the rest of Forrester family.

I am excited about this. I know Crystal has wanted to work with the Bells forever, and I know they’ll do major justice with the storyline. Hopefully it isn’t a short term role and it gets Joanna Johnson on the series on a permanent basis.

One thing B&B fails to do is embrace and keep new storylines. They keep reverting back to the classic triangle of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor and now Hope/Liam/Steffy. Hopefully they keep this one around, as Linsey Godfrey is amazing and I know she and Crystal are going to gel without a doubt!!!

First congrats to Crystal on her new role. I will have to start watching a soap again which I have not done in months. I think this is smart on Brad Bell’s part to cast Crystal since this is his shows first attempt at depicting a gay relationship. Her experience as an actress and show runner should help a lot. I have a lot of respect for Joanna Johnson who has executive produced a prime time t.v. show in her career beyond B&B. As for typecasting I really do not see an issue or thonk that is happenimg here. An actor wants to work and ultimately it is about the story.

i am so glad that tptb are bringing in characters for this s/l and not all of a sudden turning a character already on the canvas into being gay – this way the s/l will be more realistic……………….jmo

IMHO, the Days return was an epic fail for CC. She lost a lot of momentum in rushing the Venice product out while doing Days.
From reading in the press, she really wanted on Y/R. But the interest wasn’t there.
Which is surprising with all the bizarre casting they do over there.
On B/B there are just the core triangles that seem to repeat themselves over and over again. It will be interesting to see how Brad Bell develops the story.
I am not sure if I see this as typecasting or not. CC has to have tremendous trust in Brad Bell to write the storyline that is respectful to her fanbase and what she is trying to do with her web series products. The international fanbase of B/B is also a huge incentive to get CC’s name out to the other markets and gain more attention to her and promoting her other projects.

So this means Karen is gay?

Not terribly interested in this storyline. What is Crystal going to do on the show? Kinda seems like a story to no where especially since Joanna Johnson seems to be rather busy with her other jobs and won’t be on much. I’m happy to see Crystal on the show, but I’m flummoxed as to story and point.

I agree with you Mo. This show is so short anyway, they don’t have enough time to give very many people a good story. Think of all the cast members who we see once a month if that, for just a scene or 2.

I don’t know why Brad hasn’t written a story for Felicia. Lesli Kay is a great actress and could add a lot to the show. I enjoy seeing her during parties and stuff, but she needs a storyline. And Thorne is hardly ever seen. Give Hope/Liam/Steffy a break and give us some other storylines. Even now, when Ridge and Brooke are in bed, they’re discussing Hope’s distressed love life. C’mon!

It would be very refreshing to see a story for Felicia & Thorne. They ARE Forresters after all. Surely Brad can come up with something interesting for them. He is not very good at balance on the show.

Anymore, I am wary about big cast and plot line announcements from B&B. More than not,they seem to fire and quickly fizzle. I am no fan of all these short-term/guest star stints. Please give us solid characters, developing storylines, and in the case of this particular soap opera… less borderline incest.

And need to be sure that they are solid ADULT characters and developing ADULT storylines.

Maybe Steffy can suddenly decide, with no seeming reason, she no longer loves (!?!) Liam, is bored with copeting with Hope, and sets her sights on the new character Chappell is set to play. LOL

B&B is becoming more and more boring each episode, things never change on this soap, same crap, same horrible characters getting major story lines. Hope, Steffi, Liam, Thomas! So sick of those boring story lines starring THEM! CC’s addition to the show is refreshing.

Happy Chrystal is back on tv where I can see her for free. Not jumping for joy that this is another lsbian story. Don’t care if that sounds un-PC. Just being honest. Her new webseries the Grove she is playing a lesbian with Jessica Leccia again. Love her, support her and will watch her on B&B but really not enthused about another gay storyline. For those that ask why it matters, well I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t. But she built her career playing hetero roles. It Would be nice to see her in a role again with broad based appeal and something that resonates with other factions of her fan base. But these r trying times for soap stars…esp those in their. 40s and beyond. I’ll be there to support her.

So we lost Jack Wagner, Lesley Down, Brandon Beemer you never see Hunter Tylo because he only had 19 minutes of story and this is what he has come up with? Glad it is still pulled from my DVR. I still think if it ends up that Caroline is Ridges by sperm donor could make it watchable .Maybe it is because I am not a CC fan everyone has their favorites I have never cared for her.

I doubt Ridge is the dad, otherwise he wouldn’t be encouraging Thomas to date Caroline.

Also, in Michael’s post, it says that Caroline tells her “bf Thomas” about her two mommies so I def say Ridge is not related to Caroline at all.

I like Crystal. She can bring it — so it should be good. I am enjoying B&B. It’s the little soap that could! LOL It’s my guilty pleasure soap. For me it’s short, sweet and enjoyable. With some of the nonsense going on most of the time on the other soaps I watch, B&B can be a breath of fresh air some days. I get what BB is doing. He’s giving the show a little, much-needed reboot — and he’s doing it successfully, unlike another soap that created an epic fail. B&B is set in the fashion industry, how can it help being campy and fun? IMO sometimes as viewers we have to just turn off the critic in our heads and ENJOY! B&B is what it is — it’ll never be Shakespeare — it’s not meant to be.

CC is a great actress and I am sure she is not turning down parts these days. I guess she is getting this part because it was written for her, no doubt as a ratings quest. She will bring it, she always does. And she will look great doing it!

Never watched B&B ,but will now with Crystal joining the cast, such a talented actress, everyting and anything she does is always worth watching,. will be watching and waiting for her return to daytime., bravo Crystal.

B&B has lesbians but still no core families that are racial minorities. Its a fashion soap opera thus the lesbian characters would be realistic but its a Los Angeles based soap opera. Thus there should be core families that are racial minorities. B&B actually has told very racist storylines. Latina characters Gabi and Claudia were going to be deported. Every Forrester maid is a Latina. The Forrester secretary is always an Asian woman. It was Trish before and it’s Madison now. The actress that portrays Madison actually got hate mail from racist veiwers according to a message board because she was being paired with white Thomas yet that got no press.

They have Asian american secretaries yet Asian americans are affluent and have a higher percentage of getting educational degrees than whites. Yet only the white core families are rich, namely the Spencers and Forresters and Marones and heck even the middle class Logans are now rich. Only the white characters wear formal executive clothes yet Marcus, who is part black and the son of zillionaire white bimbo Donna, never wears suits and always has to wear the Forrester lackey uniform that other background people wear. Leave it to B&B to only write a lesbian storyline now while still treating their racial minority characters as afterthoughts and portraying racist storylines towards the racial minorities. Where are the complaints for the racism on B&B?

I cannot quite buy your argument for racism. Please understand that lesbians are a minority just as the others you mention. Also, Justin is black and DOES wear a suit. BTW it’s only racist if it isn’t true or intentionally derogatory: Some Latinas are maids. I know a few. The core families of B&B are the Forresters and the Logans, that’s unlikely to change.

Brad is trying to pump up the younger set. I don’t understand why he let great actors and characters go only to create new ones. I have wanted Felicia to return for ages. Thorne and Taylor are dating? Really? How come we hardly ever see them together? Jackie, Owen, and Nick were great additions to the show and he could have told good story with them without bringing on Caroline and her moms.

B&B has and — probably — always will be about the Forresters/Logans. Minorities, even lesbians, will be secondary, lesser characters just as other supporting/recurring characters are. Are we just over-thinking soaps to death? It seems we want everything OR nothing. If this continues, I’m afraid we’ll end up with NOTHING. Most of our soaps are gone. I guess I just don’t understand all the complaints. If I pick a series apart, it takes all the enjoyment away. B&B finally has blacks in the cast after many years of having virtually none. The show is making small steps in the right direction. It’s not a PC PSA, at the end of the day it still has to entertain. I find it entertaining when I’m NOT dissecting it! JMO: We’re killing our soaps because we want them to be ALL thing to all people — and they simply can’t…

Oh Happy Day. Oh Happy May. I’m always happy when Crystal comes my way.

I’m happy for Crystal she’s a great actress & thats why Brad Bell cast her, he could have picked and actress from ex-AMC. (point) there are many actress out their looking for work whom could have played the role but, he choose Crystal Chappell all around actress what ever the role may be she fit right in some peolpe can’t do that. I tip my hat to her and please watch B&B first see where this storyline may take you some will like some wont thats call like….it’s all good $$$.

I shall be dvring it…..:D

this would be interesting to see crystal chappell in another lesbian role her and jessica leccia are good in Guiding Light (miss that show and made out on the first episode of Venice. good luck Crystall I may be watching B&B again if it gets good

Hope is damaged goods because of having Brooke for a mother. She has to take anti-anxiety pills to be with a man. Maybe she needs a woman’s touch. The new Danielle character would be perfect for her. It would be great to see Brooke go ballistic with guilt.

YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!! I haven’t watched daytime soap in over a year…but now that Crystal is coming back…I will be there! I have been an avid Otalia and Venice the Series fan and I am VERY excited that she is moving on with B&B as well. And the fact that Susan & Hillary are there too….fantastic! maybe B&B will build a larger group of people than just two families? how fun! (and thanks to B&B for not being too afraid to give airtime to gay couples)

Count down to May 17th and Crystals first appearance on Bold +Beautiful. I can hardly wait.

aloha Ctstall chappall
how can i get a picture off you . so can put it in my
and frame. i like the days of lives.

aloha ctystall chappall
Brian Yonezaki

Aloha Christa Chappal.
i sawyou in the soap magazines.
did ever visit Honolulu, hawaii


The Young and the Restless Pays Tribute to Billy Miller at Conclusion of Episode

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Miller, who played Billy Abbott from 2008-2014 and won three Daytime Emmys for the role, was remembered with four photos from his time in Genoa City and as part of the legacy of Y&R.


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Michael Corbett Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful

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Now, according to Soap Opera Digest, The Bold and the Beautiful is set to bring back Michael Corbett as Evan Scott.

Corbett, best known for his memorable portrayal of villain David Kimble on The Young and the Restless (1986-1991), last appeared as the Judge presiding over Sheila’s criminal case back on the July 24th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. 

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SOD teased that when Evan shows back up on your screens, ‘a secret alliance’ will be revealed.

No stranger to daytime, Michael also previously appeared on Search for Tomorrow and Ryan’s Hope.

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Soap Opera News first shared the casting news.

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