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Melissa Reeves Has NOT Been Fired From Days of our Lives

Photo: NBC

A technical error caused a bit of a firestorm on Monday night, and a retraction early Tuesday morning when an item appeared most notably on TV Line’s partner’s feed, Yahoo News, that had a headline stating that Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) had been fired from Days of our Lives.

If site visitors and readers looked closely, there were actually two versions of the opening line that appeared.  One of which was noting that Reeves was apologizing for “catching heat” from co-stars and fans for backing a post by Candace Owens that was Anti-Black Lives Matter, and the other one that she was fired from the NBC soap opera.

TV Line early Monday morning issued this statement to clarify what happened and confirmed that Reeves had NOT been fired from DAYS: “Due to technical error, a story was briefly published on TVLine on Monday evening — and has since surfaced on several of our partner feeds, most notably Yahoo — that erroneously claims Days of Our Lives has fired Melissa Reeves. The story is false. Melissa Reeves has not been fired from Days of Our Lives. In the meantime, we apologize for the error.”

So, what do you think of the mix-up? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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How irresponsible for TV LINE to publish this trash. Who is responsible? That person should be canned.

I can’t imagine that someone just typed it up and published it. Sounds like there’s more to the story.

I certainly hope theres more to the story… I was beside myself (not believing what I was reading), not doing a happy dance , for Missy. by any means… telling myself I’ll wait till the morning , for confirmation. much to my chagrin… Jenny Bear Bores the hell out of

God I do wish Jenny Bear dead… her salary PLUS Hope ‘ ????? chew scenery any one

Hi dear fellow soap fan,
The first thing you need to know, is that it was Lindsey Godfrey, who initialized the attack on twitter against Melissa.

It is Lindsey who should be fired. Is she black? Has she spent her time and money helping someONE, who is black, who can attest to the goodness of her soul? Does anyone attest for her?

Celebs, have faced this conflict since choosing to become celebs,
rightnow, all of them are unemployed mostly and either retrospective or fighting.

Lindsey has no history, so did she earn her role? or ‘big daddy’? …gave her it?

Jeff, that’s how fake media works, if MF has the courage to post my message, TV line, might make the same mistake again!

Any creative knows, that culture was canceled in the 1990’s, thats even when soaps lost their edge.

the current #cancelculture movement amounts to this…

destroy history, …bad decision.
cancel people, … a product of bad upbringing?…

… wtf has Lindsey Gofrey done?
for 1 person of a different color?

Let’s watch for those stories, Oh, this is so muche better than Oprah ever was!

I’m so relieved. Days was about to lose a long time fan. This has all been so sad. She is clearly not what the media wants to make her appear to be. It has all looked to me like a deliberate knock against Melissa. IG screenshoots look photoshopped to me. I’m glad this will end well. Now we can look forward to more JnJ.

The media didnt make her into anything she’s not. She’s a conservative. She’s tweeted anti gay sentiments and is agzinst BLM. Those are facts. What they obviously explained was wrong was that she was fired.

and, it’s ok to be CONSERVATIVE. WE MATTER, TOO.

Racism has nothing to do with the BLM organization. They are only out to usurp America. If BLM cared about blacks, then they would not destroy black businesses and would be equally concerned about all the black lives wiped out in the cities in America, esp the children.

There is a difference between the BLM Movement (which is mostly peaceful), and the BLM organization, which is organized looters, destroyers, arsonists, etc.

Too bad it’s not true. The show is getting rid of their gay couple, but keep this woman who supports Candace Owens AND Chick-fil-A. I believe in freedom of speech, but NOT when such words are in support of discrimination. Shame on Ms. Reeves and Days of our Lives.

Just more FAKE NEWS. Can’t trust anyone these days!!!!

Omg. Nothing is fake! The only thing they said that was in error was that she was fired. Her comments and/or support for anti-gay Chick-Fil-A were accurate…as was her stance against the BLM movement. Her freedom of choice…but controversial.

Where can I find these comments?

Agreed Carol – especially people who claim everything is FAKE NEWS.

she’s in the wrong business if she anti gay, and well if she doesn’t understand the blm movement then may god save her soul. Nbc and Dool will have to ask themselves if her stance works against what they believe or she’s entitle to have an apposing polarizing point of view. They will either get pushback from their viewers or nobody will care, either way, I can’t believe Melissa Reeves is a “Karen”, little Melissa will soon find out that being a Karen is not “IN”.

The film/tv industry has always been anti-gay. The number of actors who were forced to live in “the closet” or lose everything is legendary. And it is still happening. There are many straight actors playing LGBTQ characters BUT you rarely see the reverse on screen. Straight actors have been nominated for Oscars or Emmys for playing LGBTQ characters and in some cases won the award. Freddie Smith, a straight actor, is playing an openly gay man. In fact, Freddie Smith is ONLY THE SECOND actor to portray an openly gay character on a soap opera. The first was Harold Wentworth in 2001-2003. Soap operas have been in existence for 50 plus years. Only two openly gay characters in all that time? And you say Melissa Reeves is in the wrong business if she is anti-gay!

UNFORTUNATELY, there are many people in the United States who do not understand the BLM Movement. And worse, there are people in the United States who sadly will never accept what the BLM Movement stands for. I know people who have decided that Melissa Reeves is now their new best friend based alone on her recent comments.

Mary, I agree with the opinions you expressed here–particularly that Hollywood and soaps have been pretty antigay most of the time–but I can’t leave one thing you said unchallenged: “In fact, Freddie Smith is ONLY THE SECOND actor to portray an openly gay character on a soap opera. The first was Harold Wentworth in 2001-2003. Soap operas have been in existence for 50 plus years. Only two openly gay characters in all that time?” That’s just not true. Though the record is certainly not great, there have been openly gay characters on soaps at least as far back as the late 1980s (Hank on As the World Turns) and gay characters portrayed by straight actors on soaps at least as far back as the 1980s (Donna Pescow as a lesbian character whose name escapes me at the moment–Lynn, maybe?–on All My Children). I’d say that Days has given its gay characters the highest profile and the most prominence (honorable second prize to As the World Turns for Noah and Luke circa 2010), but openly gay characters have been around for a while, even if the handling of gay storylines has been uneven and subject to a lot of second-guessing from skittish producers and sponsors.

As for Ms. Reeves: oh dear. She certainly knows how to step in it, doesn’t she?

Anybody who retweets the delusional Candace Owens probably needs a mental health evaluation at the very least. Paging Dr. Laura! (the real one, not Abigail’s imaginary friend)

Malcolm X had a name for people like Candace. Which a Devil will not bother repeating here, but y’all can look it up if you don’t know it.

I’m a gay man and I like her. I don’t care if she eats Chik-fil-A. For Christ’s sake, I eat Chik-fil-A. People need to stop with the cancel culture already. You all just think to know what is exactly in her heart and mind. Mind your own business. Reminds me of lyrics from a Dolly Parton song.
A long time gone and a long time ago
When I shattered my image with the stones I’d throw
The world is cruel and people are cold
They shatter my image with the stones they throw
Shatter my image with the stones they throw
I’m far from perfect, but I ain’t all bad;
It hurts me more than it makes me mad
You gather your stones by stoopin’ so low
Then shatter my image with the stones you throw
If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones
Don’t shatter my image ’til you look at your own
Look at your reflection in your house of glass
Don’t open my closet if your own’s full of trash
Stay out of my closet if your own’s full of trash
A long time gone and a long time ago
When I shattered my image with the stones I’d throw
The world is cruel and people are cold
They shatter my image with the stones they throw
Shatter my image with the stones they throw

well i am a conceratiive and i want them to keep missy glad they have wish sonny and will were staying i think since there is chance of new child for them days is losing a a great long term storyline path all my kids have autism and have names from days my fam has watched it since day 1 granny mom and dad and me i have daughter named jessica hope after marie hortons daughter jessica and hope of course after hope williams brady my 2 boys have days names as well andrew for shane and kims son and jonathan lucas for john black and lucas horton would of loved to named one stephano hes my fav of all time or alexandra hubby didnt like name stephano nor drake nor victor

Hi Lisa: Godspeed.. with all due respect.. our lives can intersect

you have a beautiful story: what touched me more.. “… my 2 boys have days names as well andrew for shane and kims son ” these two are my favorite of ALL TIME. Kim and Shane… Shane and Kim… Salemite.

it’s touching to read.

you made me laugh.. your last sentences… God I Love Lexie !!!! they were and are a force … Stefano, Drake, Victor… nonetheless.. we have them in our dream.

be well Lisa.. you have done that much more… the love of a child

what fun to keep up with Days

Agree with Adam — the cancel culture is doing nothing but throwing stones and shattering lives. There will be only one judge! Leave Melissa alone! She has a right to eat Chick-fil-A or from any other so-called conservative outlet and be a conservative if she wants to. I don’t think that CFA is that conservative anyway since Mr. Cathy passed. Let’s talk soaps?

Adam, will have to listen to this on Utube.Thanks for sharing.

Well, her opinions were eye opening but I do not think she should not be fired

she may as well be fired… NOW THAT JJ AND Abs are not on contract… Gawd, what Jack must think… easy job for schtick AND ham any one ? dust off Grans Jewel. PLEASE


i was very displeased when i read the first article that seemed to say she was fired because it would mess up the whole show i really hope they give hope a good send off storyline cause days needs to keep some actors us regular folks need the show as an escape from all the corona this and that on tv i dont need to see it hubby work in healthcare so we already know whatever new stats come up i was also hope abc would bring back all my children and oltl during this time this can be a total rebooting of the soap genre and the way it works is by keeping the folks on the shows like missy reeves im glad to know shes not fired

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. There are lots of people whose opinions, beliefs, etc. I don’t agree with. Doesn’t mean I think they should be fired, shunned, or I don’t watch them on TV. People just need to stop with this “cancel culture”. It’s not right.

In this case too many Black people are being executed by the police in this country for people to just idly stand by and let racist people spout out their venom and do or say nothing. The time is now to say STOP! This is unacceptable, and we as a nation will no longer tolerate it.
It’s very simple. I’m a white person, and I can clearly see the need for BLM. Change people, make racism a thing of the past. Stop enabling racists! God! It’s not rocket science!

She should be fired. Stassi and Kristen got fired from Vanderpump Rules for saying/doing racist things, and Jennifer should be fired too. It would be a good lesson to those in Hollywood to THINK before they post or say something racist in today’s world. Now whenever I see her on the show my stomach turns a little bit thinking she thinks she’s superior to black people, nauseating.

Did she actually say anything. Allegedly she computer liked a comment made about blm by a conservative African American woman who is in many quarters of the African American is very controversial. It really is time for people to calm down and engage in conversation with each other instead of trying to destroy one another. An eye for eye only results in two blind people. Before you brand me a racist I am African American and Iam not a Candace Owens fan and support blm.

Melissa Reeves is no longer regarded ?

remember how Jenny Bear was stifled, stuck, sic’ of her ? then @DAYS hires Kate Mansi (Abs) And Casey Moss (JJ). just like that; instantaneous combustion !!!! Jennifer and her two kids.. gave their “mother” literally and figuratively LIFE. bearable throw in Chad, Ben, and bringing back Jack… altho Jack it seems spent that whole year ???? coma’d with? Dang what will the show do now? with just Jack and deer STUCK Jenny bugga.

fraught with pursed lips any one

What will her purpose be but to bring Jack down down DOWN !

oh well… i’ve been watching Kristian Alfonso , news blips, and I admire her “less is MORE” on her reason for leaving the show. I accept the heartfelt gratitude her life affords , ALL thanks to @DAYS.

I do believe Melissa Reeves , values do not include LGBTQ AND as has been “alleged” or nulled and voided… excuse me… technical error.

I hope that along with leaving well enough alone… WITH Melissa Reeves that @DAYS; @Sony ; @DOOL with regard to Lindsey AND Lamon… and whomever else associated with the cast. the same respect given Melissa Reeves.

I think she needs to be let go… fired for STARS so dim… relative interest.. blah

It’s disgusting that Americans cannot have different opinions… that do not agree with Liberal narratives. Read the Constitution on Freedom of Speech, Libs. Not all of us agree with you, however, we agree that you have a right to express yourselves, AND, SO DO WE.

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‘Entertainment Tonight’s’ Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner Back as Hosts for 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

CBS and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced on Thursday that Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner are set to return as hosts for the upcoming 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, airing live on Friday, June 7 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

This marks the third Daytime Emmys in a row that the ‘ET’ combo has hosted the festivities, having done son in 2022 and 2023.

In addition, Frazier and Turner are also nominated this year for Daytime Emmys in the Outstanding Daytime Personality- Daily category. That is in addition to ‘ET’ being in the running for Outstanding Entertainment News series.

Photos: CBS

Frazier has been co-host with Entertainment Tonight since September 2014. Previously, he was co-host and managing editor of The Insider and a correspondent and weekend host of ‘ET.’

As for Turner she has been the co-host of ‘ET’ since 2021. Nischelle first joined the entertainment news program as a correspondent back in 2014. Turner is an award-winning journalist with ‘ET’, and often lends her voice to entertainment and political news shows, along with joining their coverage on the Grammys, Golden Globes and Oscars. She was previously was an entertainment contributor for CNN.

Photo: NATAS

This year marks the 18th time CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmy Awards, more than any other network. The show will broadcast live from the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles.

So, what do you think about Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner returning as the hosts of the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Comment below.

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Patrick Mulcahey OUT as General Hospital Co-Head Writer

After various reports surfaced, it has been confirmed that Patrick Mulcahey is out as the co-head writer of General Hospital. This is after a very short tenure of under five months.

Mulcahey was named to the position back in January of 2024 along with longtime GH writer Elizabeth Korte. They replaced the team of Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, who had been the head scribes of the long-running ABC daytime drama since 2019.

A source informed Soap Opera Digest that stories created by the co-head writing team of  Mulcahey/Korte team will air through mid-summer. However they added “There will be more news to share at a later date as to the composition of the new writing team.”

In addition, eagle-eyed soap fans have seen that in recent episodes former co-head writer, Chris Van Etten has been credited, as he is reportedly a breakdown writer with the show.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Korte has assumed the head writing duties solely on her own at the moment, while Buzz blog initially reported Mulcahey’s exit.

We will have more on the GH writing team evolution in the days ahead.

What do you think about the writing team changes at GH thus far? Comment below.

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Melody Thomas Scott and Edward J. Scott to Receive Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Honors

The Young and the Restless iconic Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) and her husband, Emmy-winning producer, Edward J. Scott have been named by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as Lifetime Achievement Honorees at the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Melody and Ed will be presented with the award on June 7th during the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (8 PM ET/delayed PT) broadcast live on CBS and streaming live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

In a statement Melody and Ed expressed, “We are honored and humbled to receive this recognition from NATAS. Throughout our decades-long careers in front of and behind the cameras, we have had the opportunity to work not only with each other, but also with an incredibly talented pool of people who excel in their crafts and are passionate about the art we create in daytime television. We are grateful to have worked side by side with them and to be included with such esteemed recipients who have made their mark in our industry. We look forward to spending another wonderful evening celebrating the daytime community!“

Adam Sharp, President and CEO, NATAS added,“We’ve long wanted to honor the legendary daytime duo of Melody Thomas Scott and her husband Edward J. Scott. With a combined 93  years of contributions to our community, they are true institutions in the world of Daytime television.”

In addition to Melody and Ed receiving their Lifetime Achievement honors, public television host and cookbook author Lidia Bastianich will also be honored.


Lidia Bastianich said, “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized and receive the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award for having shared my passion for food with TV audiences for over 25 years. Cooking together and sharing food remain a common denominator of all cultures. Food nurtures, it connects diverse people, and it brings families, friends, and strangers together. There is no better place to be on this earth, especially in these trying times, than sharing food at a table with others. That simple idea has been the basis of my life’s work. Hence, as I say in my shows, “Tutti a Tavola a Mangiare!” Mille Grazie to NATAS for this honor.”

While Adam Sharp shared, “Lidia Bastianich’s astounding success combines her love of cooking while simultaneously entertaining millions each day. It is an honor for us to say ‘grazie’ for the many fine meals borne from her TV kitchen and cookbook pages.”

Melody Thomas Scott recently celebrated 45 years in the role of Nikki Newman, having joined the show in February 1979. Scott’s character has matured from the girl from the wrong side of the tracks to the serial’s luminous and resourceful leading lady.  After garnering a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in 1999, she went on to win in the same category for the Soap Opera Digest Award in 2001 and received four Soap Opera Update Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress (1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996). Scott began her career at age three. She studied singing, tap dancing, ballet and jazz and became one of the world-famous “Meglin Kiddies,” performing in USO shows as she started booking national commercials and guest spots on such series as “Wagon Train,” “My Three Sons,” “Ironside” and a recurring role on “The Waltons.”  Scott made her motion picture debut at age eight when she was cast by Alfred Hitchcock as the young Tippi Hedren in the thriller “Marnie.”  She has co-starred with legendary actors Clint Eastwood, Geraldine Page, John Wayne and Kirk Douglas. Scott has worked on stage and in numerous television shows and  was the subject of Lifetime Television’s “Intimate Portrait.” As a lifelong fan of “I Love Lucy,” Scott served as a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Jamestown, N.Y., which is committed to preserving the legacy of the great comedienne. In 2020,

Scott released her memoir, “Always Young and Restless.” Married since 1985 to Edward J. Scott, the couple have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Photo: JPI

Edward J. Scott is a six-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning producer who has played a pivotal role in the historic development of the soap opera genre for nearly five decades. Scott is currently supervising producer for The Bold and the Beautiful, the #2-rated daytime drama in the U.S. and the most-watched daily drama in the world, which is nominated for 12 Daytime Emmy Awards this year. Scott began his association with The Bell Family and Bell-Phillip Television Productions when he joined “The Young and The Restless” as an associate producer in 1976. He quickly moved up the ranks and served as the show’s executive producer for decades.

Scott’s legendary 48-year producing partnership and creative collaboration with “The Young and The Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” creators, the late William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, and their son, Bradley P. Bell, has helped create the two most popular daily American television series. Today, both daytime dramas are syndicated internationally.  Before joining “B&B” Scott was executive producer for the NBC daytime drama “Days of Our Lives.” Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Scott earned a B.A from California State University at Northridge with a double major of anthropology and broadcasting journalism. He has been married since 1985 to actress and author Melody Thomas Scott. The couple have three daughters and five grandchildren.

So, excited to hear Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott and longtime daytime soap opera producer, Edward J. Scott are receiving this year’s Lifetime Achievement Honors at this years 51st Annual Daytime Emmys? Comment below.

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