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Michele Lee Video Interview! Her Gay Role On Fumbling Thru The Pieces & Would She Be Part Of A Knots Landing Reboot?



The one and only Michele Lee sat down with On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman, when Michael visited the set, and the home of the director and producer of the hit web series, Fumbling Thru The Pieces. 

In “Fumbling”, Michele Lee plays Eleanor, the mother to series star, Hillary B. Smith who plays Ellie.  And in season two, Eleanor reveals to her daughter that she is gay and brings with her to meet the family, her girlfriend, Janice, played by All My Children alum, Bobbie Eakes!  And from there, some very hilarious and poignant moments ensue.

During our chitchat with Michele, she spoke about playing a lesbian and being part of a web series for the first time in her career, and from there we talked about the best primetime soap of all-time Knots Landing.  We learned if Michele would consider reprising her role of Karen Mackenzie should a cable or network television channel decide to make a “Knots” reboot ala the highly successful Dallas reboot airing on TNT.  We think you will love Michele’s answer!

After the jump, watch Michele’s interview with Michael.  Then let us know if you would love to see a Knots Landing reboot? And, if you have seen Michele’s tour de force performance in Fumbling Thru The Pieces?  If not, you can watch the episodes of the series here.

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I wish Knots Landing would come back. That would be magic. I miss the show.


yet a new gay role created by hollywood for an 80s actress highlights the utter disparity between hollywood’s availability and willingness to create lgbt roles and asian american roles. hollywood actors and actresses keep speaking against gay bullying. yet more than 51% of asian american students are bullied. asian americans are the most bullied group! shouldn’t hollywood be speaking abt the bullying towards asian americans if hollywood was really concerned w/ bullying? but what does hollywood do? they conveniently ignore this bec for hollywood the lives of asian american students are irrelevant to them and bec hollywood loves to ridicule and bully asian americans thru their degrading portrayals of them. cnn recently wrote an article that 3% of the american population identify as lgbtq. pew research shows that asian americans make up 3% of the american population and are growing at a greater rate than even hispanics. therefore there should be an equal amount of lgbt characters and asian american characters reflected by hollywood episodic medium. yet the portrayals are pathetic and lopsided to favor lgbt characters. hollywood obviously gives preference to lgbt characters. the few asian american characters are usually supporting and background while many gay characters are given storylines that are designed for lead characters. asian americans have higher education rates than whites and are accomplishing higher graduate degrees than whites. therefore shows that are set at the academe should prominently feature asian american characters but they don’t. the median income of asian americans are higher than whites and highest among all groups. therefore shows that are set at the professional level should feature more asian american characters but they don’t. hollywood’s casting practices highlight their racism against asians americans. the portrayals are worse. asian americans are seldom detailed characters. they are often stereotypes. the asian american female is a. dragon lady b. sexualized for majority white men c. passive. d. usually a background character. while the asian american male is a. asexual b. foreign and accented c. dorky d. martial arts expert. while lgbt roles are more fully fleshed and given respect. the film “the goods” had a group of white characters beat up an asian character as a comedic device. would hollywood ever portray a gay bashing as something as a source of laughs? of course not. that’s hollywood tolerance.


Michelle (Karen) still has it and so does all the other members of Knots Landing. If Dallas is coming back, cant Knotts Landing come back? That would be great.


oh, please bring back Knott’s Landing (hello CBS, are you listening?!) and yes, put it on a network station so I can watch it… all over again!

I have some old knott’s landing on VHS – it was some special and there was the last show too… but it’s just not enough!

All My Children

8 Years To The Day Of All My Children & One Life to Live Being Canceled; Still Considered By Many Worst Move For Daytime

It’s hard to believe that 8 years ago today on April 14th, 2011, the soap world, its fans, and the cast members, learned of the heartbreaking news that ABC, in one swift move, decimated its daytime line-up when they announced the cancellations of long running series, All My Children (which would end at its 41st year), and One Life to Live (which would ends its run in its 43rd year).

At the time, ABC announced it would move to more lifestyle/entertainment series to replace these dramas.  In its place came The Chew and The Revolution, neither show is still on the air today.  Executives at that time pointed to research saying that times are changing and that their decision was “guided by extensive research into what today’s daytime viewers want,” and blame, in part, “the changing viewing patterns of the audience” for the axing of AMC and OLTL

Then ABC Daytime President, Brian Frons had joked to Deadline about the big announcement that he: “Pre-entered the witness protection program prior to today’s events.”  He added that “The demise of the two venerable soaps was actually a year in the making.  A year ago, we started to look at our projections where the ratings for the soaps would go.  When those projections came in pretty discouraging, the network began to aggressively develop replacement shows, 15 of them.  Four of the 15 were picked up to pilot: The Chew and The Revolution and two others, a talk show and a dating show. Originally, the idea was to cancel only one daytime drama.  The way the ratings developed and the pilots turned out, the ratings developed negatively and pilots developed positively, so we decided to make a bigger shift.”  Of note is that when it went off the air, One Life to Live was in third place among its competitors in the ratings.

The press release that came with the cancellations stated: “To honor the core, passionate audience and their rich history both shows will conclude in a manner that respects their legacies and the longstanding hopes of many of their viewers.”

Following the cancellations daytime reeled. The mainstream was sure it meant the endings of the soaps, period.  However, four shows illustrated that is not true at all.  For Days of our Lives, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless all remain, and still whether they are up or down in their numbers/ratings, they remain relevant and important to the enduring daytime viewing audience.

Sadly, as with any shows, the end of ABC’s AMC and OLTL meant loss of jobs for so many working in front of the camera and behind the scenes. One Life was the last soap opera in production in New York at the time.  AMC was already being shot in LA to cut costs to save it.

Still in 2019, if you venture on to social media, especially Twitter, you see fans constantly missing its stars and the towns of Llanview and Pine Valley, wanting this wrong rectified.  Although Prospect Park tried to revive the show with their online versions, eventually after legal battles that went on for a few years, ABC now retains the right to these properties,

The good news is that many favorites from AMC and OLTL have found success and been hired on other soap operas, bringing their followings with them, whether it be on-screen, or in the writing, producing, directing or crew departments.

So, do you think the loss of AMC and OLTL consolidated daytime and made the remaining shows stronger so they would not be touched or canceled?  Do you think ABC should try to mount a resurrected AMC and OLTL or an amalgamation of the two?  Do you remember where you were when you learned the two soaps were cancelled? Was this the worst misstep of all-time for daytime? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below.

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All My Children

George R. R. Martin’s “Leak” Of New Hulu Series WILD CARDS Featuring Eden Riegel, Thorsten Kaye. and Greg Rikkart

April Fool’s Day started off with a bang today when Eden Riegel (Ex-Bianca, AMC) posted a photo of herself with Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, B&B) and Greg Rikaart (Ex-Leo, DAYS)  in a very intriguing image.  See above pic!  As it turns out, it’s said to be from behind the scenes from some leaked footage of the upcoming Hulu series, Wild Cards.

The premise of Wild Cards is based on the sci-fi anthology series edited by George R. R, Martin, best known for writing the “Song of Ice and Fire” novels, on which HBO’s Game of Thrones is based.  Riegel’s husband, Andrew Miller is the showrunner attached to the upcoming series.

On Martin’s website he teases the set-up of the “leaked” video clip:  “This was not supposed to go public.. Everybody (Well, everybody that has been paying attention knows that we are developing two Wild Cards as a series for Hulu  Andrew Miller has taken the reins as showrunner, a writing staff has been hired, and they have been hard at work for months.  What was NOT supposed to be known is how far they’ve come.  Not only have some scripts been finished, but the first show has gone into production and has been shooting.  That was supposed to be a deep dark secret, however.   We wanted to surprise the world. It’s hard to keep secrets in Hollyweird, however.  And now it appears that some of the rough footage has been leaked by person or persons unknown”

Meanwhile, Riegel sent out a series of tweets: “Hooo boy…cat’s out of the bag! Fans, please don’t judge our show based on these leaked videos!! The effects are going to knock your socks off. And my costars, and , are doing the best work of their lives!”  That was followed by, T”hank you for the chance to work with you on your first foray into soaps! I am humbled and honored. We won’t let you down.” And then, “I’m probably not allowed to share this with all the NDAs I signed, but damnit I’m just so proud of the team!  think we are breaking new ground for soaps. So proud to work with you!”

Now below, check out the Wild Cards “leaked footage” and let us know if you think of the …. um … drama! Comment below.  And one more thing … Happy April Fool’s!

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All My Children

WATCH: All My Children Reunion On Strahan & Sara

On Monday’s episode of ABC’s Strahan & Sara, the show welcomed several stars of the beloved All My Children for a reunion, of sorts. Joining hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines were Susan Lucci (Erica), Walt Willey (Jack), Cady McClain (Dixie), Jacob Young (JR) and Jill Larson (Opal).

While it was wonderful to see the stars from Pine Valley again, it was also a painful reminder that this network, ABC, canceled the show, and had put in its place – The Chew, and now Strahan & Sara – since canning the series.   In fact, as you will see on the clips below, many of the crew who work on this talk show were once the crew for All My Children.

During the segment, Susan Lucci was tested to see if she remembered all of Erica Kane’s wedded names.  Later, Walt Willey and Susan re-created the final scene of the ABC version of All My Children between Erica and Jack, where Jack walks out on her.  However, this time, they have Jack changing his mind and coming back to Erica and sealing their relationship with a kiss – a moment of closure that never happened (since the show moved to online via Prospect Park).

In addition, Cady McClain and Jacob Young re-created the infamous Dixie “dying from eating poison pancakes” scene, as JR watches his mother die, only this time she lives.

It’s always great to see these veteran performers, but Strahan & Sara is trying to capture the soap viewers to put eyeballs on their show by bringing in talent from the show that sadly and wrongly went off the air.

Watch the clips below from the All My Children reunion below.  Then, let us know what you thought of it via the comment section below.

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