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Mishael Morgan Makes a Return to The Young and the Restless

Photo: CBS/JPI

Just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary, Daytime Emmy winner, Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair) is making another return to The Young and the Restless beginning next week.

Morgan had previously gone off contract with the iconic soap to pursue other acting and career opportunities, and fans have already seen her on primetime in recent months.

So, what brings her character of Amanda Sinclair back to Genoa City after she left last time following catching Devon (Bryton James) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) in a heavy make-out session on Devon’s couch? Well, Amanda is going to represent Lily (Christel Khalil) in court against Devon in their sibling battle over Chancellor-Winters.  Now, that could be juicy!

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Morgan shared: “I realized right after I had gone off contract that the 50th was coming up and I was like, ‘Oh, shoot’.  But then I remembered that Amanda is still alive and it all worked out that I could be here for this iconic period.”

Photo: MMorganIG

Morgan had posted a photo of herself on Instagram just outside CBS Television City where Y&R tapes four weeks ago and expressed: “So nice to be back, for a few days. I really missed you Genoa city!”

Looking forward to seeing Mishael back for a few episodes of Y&R? Do you want Amanda to help Lily win her case against Devon? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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I like Ms. Morgan. Very much. Sadly, Amanda St. Clair is a bore. The family storyline lacked drive and suspense and no one mattered enough to be integrated into the canvas, not even the sassy half-sister. Amanda and Devin are a snooze. I had thought we would get a new generation version of the days of Neil, Drusilla, Malcolm, and Olivia. Guess not. What is Amanda and Christine and Michael form a law firm and we get a little mystery action a la Edge of Night.

I loved seeing her with Devon although her face is the same and name is different I hated that they killed off her twin sister! We’ve seen it a thousand times where characters didn’t really die and I’d love nothing more than to see the “real version of her returning” even if to say she disappeared when she was suppose to have died in car wreck to find what she wanted in life and losing the baby made her go into deep depression so she faked death and studied to get law degree then returned the first time because she had to be close to Devon then things happened and Devon will realize WHY the attraction was there because it was Hilary the whole time! Devon deserves that happiness back and I hope they sleep together while she’s there and she turns up pregnant. Hopefully she slips some how letting the truth out she’s really Hillary and walking in on him seeing him making out on the couch destroyed her. To make it more juicy maybe Phyllis knew all along it had been Hillary, remember she was close with Hillary then BAM look how close she became with Amanda! Shewww that would make a killer story line

Amanda is back as Lilys lawyer. She is going to get her revenge on Devon for cheating on her.

I agree. She’s an amazingly good actress but I’m getting tired of the dramatic exits and returns.

__ 2 thumbs Up !! __

Me too , she’s so pretty

I would like that, accept Thee Victor Newman Sr would have Michael manipulate Christine & Amanda to do his biddings, but that would also be something worth watching, especially when the womenfind out.

She’s beautiful

This is in reply, to LAKOVOS

I miss Neil!

C’mon back Amanda and release your wrath. Devon deserves every bit of it! He should be knocked down a notch or three. He’s beside himself these days. I remember your other side from past episodes with you, Neal & Davon. So, #releaseyourwrath. If you are back for a brief period of time make the IMPACT WORTH WATCHING LIKE I KNOW YOU CAN!

Oh yeah, come back and repent for all the times you and Devon,made out right in front of your blind husband Neil. You make me sick, what a hipocrite!

Ajackson and others,
Please forgive the terrible goof! I got so carried away thinking about that time that I’d forgotten it was Hillary not Amanda. So glad no one noticed my post.

I like Mishael Morgan too, and I hated that they killed off Hilary. I grew to love the character – MM is an excellent actress. But the role of Amanda never gave her a chance to show her talent. Also pairing her with Devon may have been an attempt to re-create the Hilary/Devon pairing – if that was the goal it fell flat and a stupid idea anyway. While happy for her in winning the Best Actress Emmy, I would go so far as to say it also puzzled me because I felt that this role was not worthy. Her best scene was probably when she caught Devon and Abby.

I liked her with Devon better than Devon with Abby. I really liked Amanda and I don’t like Nate he is going to hurt elana and he does not need to be with Victoria. Bad casting.

I liked Nate when he first came on, but now he can’t seem to keep his zipper zipped and I think him and Victoria deserve each other and daddy dearest needs to take her toys away from her and kick her out of the sandbox.

I Agree

Yes, I want her to win the case

No I don’t want her to win the case Hamilton Winters belongs to Devon

That’s right I agree 100%..Lilly should know better!!

I don’t want Lily to win, she thinks just because Jill put her in charge somehow that the company belongs to her, so I want Devon to win HamiltonWinters back it belongs to him and only him. And I don’t care for the whole Devon/Abby thing they got going on.

And I want Nick and Sally together, let Adam go after Chelsea. Nick deserves to finally get the girl he deserves and wants. Summer needs to get her nose out of her daddy’s life and tend to her own marriage.


I agree with you about Lilly, but Nick need to stop sleeping with Adams women, and go find his own. Also why do he feel he feel the need to take all if Adams kid’s

First of all you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I don’t see a sign around Sally’s neck that says property of Adam Newman and seeing as how she slept with both men, played one against the other, Adam just happened to be this baby’s father. Do you know that Christain, is also Adam’s son because he had sex with Nick’s wife and after she died there was a long fight with Victor trying to take the baby away from Nick. Adam agreed to let him raise the boy as his own but he’ll try one of these days to get him back, I’m sure. Adam is self centered and wants everything his brother and sister have, doesn’t want to share.

I So Agree With Your Response… Totally!

I agree with you entirely. I’m not liking Devon and Abby but that has nothing to do with Devon wanting to maintain his family business.I think Lily is doing the wrong thing helping Jill try to take it away from him. Also, has everyone forgotten the part Amanda played when she and Devon fell in love when she was married to Neil and she and Devon cheated and made out right in front of him when he was Blind. Sorry, she’s not a little miss goody two shoes.

I Agree

I agree with you, give Devon his company back.

I agree. Hamilton Winters belongs to Devon. He did not sign up for making his company a public entity, which could put it at risk for a take over. Hopefully he will win his case. Lili may come to wish she had never pursued taking her company public and could lose everything in the process.

Sandra D.,
I don’t quite understand all the business aspects and honestly if everything hits the fan because Victor has payed Jill off so he can have Devons part for Adam, I’m wondering how much Lily has invested on her own or is it all Chancelor money?

No I don’t want her to win the case.

I don’t.

Devin was pressured into to merging, he was skeptical from the beginning, he is not a greedy person and money was not his first concern, fools rush in where wise men fear to tread, impulsive people beware !

Mishael Morgan / Hilliary was a powerful character that had my full attention when she was on my screen..
Hillary was the #1 character an awesome character..

It was a huge mistake to create Amanda Sinclair-
that character was an empty boring character that should have never been..
And– for Mishael Morgan having to portray a dull lackluster character after her powerful performance as Hilliary was a total slap to her..

I miss Mishael and Amanda. I hope she comes back and mops the floor with Devon!

Her coming or going is okay with me. I just think that Lily and Jess needs to lose this battle.

I hope Amanda comes back and turn the table on lily.

No l don’t want Lily to win

Yes, I want lily to win

I’m so tired of characters leaving and returning. Please writers of Y&R get a new writing staff and move on!

Yes i wish she could calll me

It so sad about Devon @ Lily

No, I think Lily is wrong and Devon should have his company back, Lily is shady to ask Amanda to help, if she love her brother as she says why is she throwing salt in his wound? disappointed in the Lily we knew…

MM is a good actress but her character was a snooze fest. Her whole sl was so boring. I don’t want her to come back just to get between Lilly and Devon.

I miss Amanda’s character on the show very much. Mishael Morgan is a tremendously talented young lady. Wish she was back permanently.


No I don’t want her to win the case and Lilly should sit down somewhere because if it wasn’t for her kept pressuring Devon in the first place trying to impress Billy and Jill they wldn’t be in this mess. She didn’t think of she might not be with Billy forever she was just caught up in the feelings and living for the moment didn’t think about the what if it doesn’t work out..bad choice Lilly so disappointed how you’re treating devon.

I would like for them to come to some sort of agreement. Two siblings who have been through so much need to get through this. Let Devon run McCall. It can be a great success.

No I don’t think Lily should get Devon’s company. He’s been running a company from the beginning now. She’s gonna come along and take everything from him I don’t think so

I don’t want Jill or Lily to win, because it belongs to Neal and Devon and he was only trying to do something with his Sister Lily as far as Family. Also why does Jill want it to go Public??


I don’t agree with Lilly. I think she should lose. That’s Devon company. I don’t like Lilly acting hard ball. Amanda would want revenge on Devon but I hope she loses. She can’t last on the show after the trial, who is there for her to pair up with ?

No I hope Lilly does not win. She is being so selfish. She didn’t build Hamilton winters her brother did. Y&R has really taken this to a bad level. I hope Devon wins

Devon already has his way out even without court. Thanks to Ashley, he has a new journey about to take place. Even though it is not going to be a Newman purchase

no Devon should be able to keep his company. Lily is only an employee of Chancelor so she doesn’t understand what his company means to him. Amanda’s personal feelings for Devon shouldn’t come into the courtroom. But this is the Young and the Restless.

What happened to the family of Amanda? Did everyone just die? And why don’t you bring Moses back on did he breakup with Faith. Are they not on show?

Oh no I didn’t like her can’t u ppl find other actors everyone has slept with everyone. Get a better story going.

Lily should win lily’s case…


Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts to ‘The Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Having ‘No Idea’ Who She Is On ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Let’s set the stage! Kathie Lee Gifford was previously mentioned by Today Show’s Hoda Kotb and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as someone who would make a great lead for the upcoming dating-reality series competition, The Golden Bachelorette.

Then came the Wednesday February 28th episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, when the current ‘Bachelor’ leading man, Joey Graziadei was the guest.

During his interview, Kelly and Mark asked Graziadei what his thoughts were on Gifford becoming the first-ever ‘Golden Bachelorette’.

Photo: JPI

Graziadei’s response was: “I will be honest… I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.” That prompted some boos and some laughs from the in-studio audience. Joey added, ‘I’m only 28! I’m sorry!”

In a response to a post on X featuring the faux-pas, Gifford reacted by saying: “I don’t expect him to know me. I’ve got shoes that are older than this kid is!”

Photo: ABC

Gifford received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has also been in the chair occupied by Ripa on ‘Live’. From 1985 to 2000, Kathie Lee and Regis Philbin were the co-hosts of  the morning talk show. She then went on to co-host the fourth hour of Today in 2008 and continued till 2019.

When E! News asked Kotb about Gifford potentially getting the nod as the “Golden Bachelorette”, she shared, “By the way, she would be a 10 plus, and she’d get her choice of all the men, and you know how she is all flirty and cute.”

So, what do you think about Joey not knowing who Kathie Lee is? Could it possibly be that ABC would cast Gifford as the ‘Golden Bachelorette’? Comment below.

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Brian Gaskill Previews Seth’s Next Move on The Young and the Restless: “It’s the Beginning of Everything”

Coming up on the Friday, March 1st episode of The Young and the Restless be on the lookout for what could send Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) into yet another spiral with her alcohol addiction.

As viewers have recently witnessed, Jordan (Colleen Zenk), in disguise with red wig, has become ‘fast’ friends with Seth as a drinking buddy at a local dive bar. She has been egging him on to become ‘friends’ with Nikki, but also cited to him, how Nikki disappeared on her when she needed help in her attempt to get sober (all fabricated, of course).

Seth was able to get Nikki to agree to meet him one day for coffee or for an outing, even though she knows that he is also struggling to get sober and was not going to be a good AA sponsor for her.  Now, the trap is set.

Photo: JPI

Taking to his account on X, Gaskill shared on Wednesday, “Look for me Friday I think on Young and the Restless (tomorrow in Canada) pay attention. It’s the beginning of everything…”

Gaskill returned to daytime television in early January in his new recurring role on Y&R. Soap fans previously knew of his work as Bobby Warner on All My Children, Rafe Kovich on Port Charles, Ozzy Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful and Dylan Lewis on Guiding Light.

So, what are you theories of what’s about to go down? Will Seth lure Nikki into a trap knowing or unknowingly? Will he become obsessed with her? Will Jordan sneak into the Newman Ranch, and terrorize Nikki? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

In the meantime for some clues of what’s next in Nikki’s battle with the bottle, check out the Michael Fairman Channel’s recent interview with Melody Thomas Scott below.

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Vivica A. Fox, Jonelle Allen and Sally Sussman Revisit ‘Generations’ Classic Catfight and If They Would Be Down for a Revival

As it is Black history month, you can’t help but a shed a light on the groundbreaking soap opera, Generations. It was almost 35-years ago that NBC took a gamble on a new soap opera with an African-American family at its epicenter.

Generations was created by renowned soap opera writer, Sally Sussman and premiered back on Monday, March 27, 1989. Ironically, the show was up against the top-rated daytime drama The Young and the Restless and for 13 months it landed in the bottom of the ratings, until NBC canceled it in January 1991.

One of the most memorable moments in the series short history was a knock-down drag-out catfight between the characters of Maya (Vivica A. Fox) and Doreen (Jonelle Allen), with the late Kristoff St. John (Adam Marshall) in the middle of it all.

Photo: NBC

Speaking with, Fox recalled, “We just didn’t want it to look fake, because there’s nothing worse when you can see the stunt double. As you can see, I kind of dig doing fight scenes.”

Allen offered up: “The lines were scripted. What we were doing while we were saying them – the earrings and all of that stuff — was not. I added the kicking off the shoes and the pulling up the train. The actors didn’t get hurt, but the cameraman could have, because when I kicked off my shoes, I kicked my shoe so far it almost hit the camera!”

Photo: NBC

Jonelle also remembered Kristoff almost getting injured in the scenes, recalling: “He almost got beaten up. We were so in it, and he’s trying to break us apart, but we were pumped. The fight itself was choreographed. Him walking in and breaking it up was not, so he could have gotten hurt. He just thought he’d come in and separate us, but we were still going at it.”

Sussman shared the scenes cultural impact: “It put the show in a different stratosphere. And I remember less than a year later, Y&R copied it. A lot of people copied it. All the subsequent (catfights) that have been forced upon people were not motivated. This one was so motivated, that even though Maya was the aggressor, you agreed with her. Doreen had it coming, but you can’t overstate how long (the tension) was built up between them.”

Photo: NBC

So, is it time for a Generations 2.0 ? Sussman believes it just might be, “Over the last number of years, several young writers – I’m talking very young, younger than 30 — who love soaps of all different stripes, have been reaching out to me about how much they love the show, because there are so many episodes on YouTube. They say how much they love the show, and that I must try and do a revival.”

Jonelle Allen says she would be down too, expressing: “Revisiting these people later, and then seeing all the babies that were born who would be adults now and seeing what’s up with their stories, would be exciting. And Sally’s a great storyteller.”

Vivica A. Fox summed it up best, “I would be totally game for a revival …. I’d love to see soap operas make a comeback.”

So, did you watch ‘Generations’ when it aired on NBC? Do you recall your reaction to the Maya and Doreen catfight? And with Peacock streaming Days of our Lives, would they consider a series order for a reboot of a series such as ‘Generations’ too? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. But first, check out that classic catfight!

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