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Nancy Lee Grahn To Live Tweet During Tomorrow's Broadcast of GH!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Fans of ABC’s hit drama General Hospital will be able to submit questions and receive real-time responses from Emmy winner and fan favorite Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis), who will be up on Twitter at @NancyLeeGrahn during the East Coast broadcast of the show on Thursday, June 7 from 3:00-4:00 p.m., ET.

In the episode tomorrow, Alexis is less than thrilled to find Kristina’s reality show “Mob Princess” cameras rolling when she wakes up.

Nancy Lee Grahn  is also nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series with ceremonies to be held live on June 23rd and to be seen live on HLN!

Now soapers, knowing the out-spoken, humorous, and honest Grahn, this is one tweeting event not to be missed!

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CAN NOT WAIT! I ADORE NancyLeeGrahn, Thanks Michael ~ U ROCK=)


I am looking forward to this. I missed the first showing of “Mob Princess” (what day was it?). I can’t think of a worse way for a child to get back at her parents than invading their privacy and humiliating them like this. Nancy’s live commentary should make it all the more entertaining.


LEAVE IT to ABC to do a reality show inside a SOAP..Good GRIEF!!! Leave our soaps alone!!

barbara t
barbara t

Why tweet when general hospital is on? Why not do it after it’s over. The last thing I want to do is keep my eyes on other things while the soaps are on. I need to see this reality crap Christina is going to pull on her parents before I make a comment but I will say this again, There is no way a 18 year old daughter of mine that I will allow to blackmail me into taking over my home, her 18 year old ass would be out the door while I am holding the door open I would be preaching to her to get a job no more allowance, Who is supporting her now?

barbara t
barbara t

Today when Alexis heard that Sam lost the baby, If I was Alexis I would have grabbed that camera that moron was pointing at her and hit that idiot over the head with it. Off to a bad start with this reality garbage.


This is a really interesting plot twist if it is not carried on too long. Christina almost died because of Sonny, any number of times (most notably when he tried to kill Johnny with the car bomb). Alexis continues to support Sonny any # of ways. Ironically, he always gets on trial for crimes he didn’t commit, but she clearly knows he is guilty of crimes as bad or worse. Christina genuinely has reasons for her anger and blackmail that go far beyond the usual kids (wouldn’t having your father point blank shoot an unnamed cop in the chest even if he didn’t turn out to be your half brother do a number on you?)
That they all still love each other is very soapy and very human. But it only remains human if there are some consequences for people’s crimes and behavior.
The reality show is a neat device for both playing out those issues of guilt and forgiveness–Alexis is a mob lawyer and that she only thinks of that when she is embarrassed to have that said on tv might get her character back to the smart conflicted woman with integrity that she used to be.
If Sonny is to stay on this show and have a role beyond setting violence in motion, then at some point he has to face what is evil about his life that he doesn’t want to see the light of day. I think his redemption if possible is more likely to come if he can see that Connie’s “crimes” are in reaction to his violent life and not just from craziness.
And by showing how painful it is to have true sorry sensationalized, when the cameras kept rolling when they learned of Sam’s “tragedy”, Christina may have already learned a lesson, and maybe we as an audience can ask ourselves at what cost are we voyeurs to people’s real drama.
OLTL’s soap within a soap fraternity row was sheer entertainment, and the way it was revived toward the end of oltl’s run showed all the glories and absurdities of the genre.
This reality show within a soap has the potential to move character forward without the benefit of guns or car crashes. And it might be a context for commentary on our culture’s sick fascination with real people’s pain.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Aiden Continues To Be A Target For Bullies; Oscar Receives His Death Sentence

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, the long-running ABC daytime drama series, is certainly taking a look at some key issues of our time in regards to young children and teens.

When Liz leaves to meet with Willow, about Aiden, Franco and Aiden bake some cookies, where Franco is impressed and surprised to find out how excellent Aiden is in the kitchen and baking assorted kinds of cookies. When Franco asks why Aiden never told anyone that he liked baking so much, Aiden said he just didn’t want to be laughed at again.

At Charlie’s, Liz meets up with Willow. The teacher informs Liz that Aiden still prefers to avoid the other students and may not feel safe around them for a very long time.  Liz questions and ponders why Aiden has a target target on his back. Willow explains how kids can be cruel in an understatement, she adds that Aiden needs to find his true identity.

After Cam’s emotional day surrounding Joss and Oscar, he heads home.  Liz and Cam get their around the same time and are astounded by Aiden’s cookies! Franco tells Liz they just need to let Aiden be Aiden. Then when Cam and Aiden hang out on the couch, and after asking for the password to the iPad, Cameron opens it, and there is a heartbreaking message that reads, “Get Lost Gayden.”   Cam immediately closes it and hugs his little brother.

What happens when you are a teenager who should be living life and having fun with years to look forward to?  That is the other storyline, GH has been taking at look at.  Kim tells Terry that Oscar has questions now that the medical trial has failed, and he needs the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to hear.  On is way to meet with Terry and his mom, Oscar runs into Alexis and tells her he needs to finish his will.  Alexis is heartbroken to hear this news.

Once with Terry and Kim, Oscar asks a few questions about the what to expect as his condition worsens before his death, how to prepare for it, and how long he has to live. Terry explains n some cases headaches get worse, and that he may have difficulty with his balance. Then, Terry delivers the devastating news, he could live as long as 6-7 months … or as little as 6 more weeks.  Oscar is shaken.

Kim hands him a bucket list to-do book and calendar to go to set up all the things he wants to do before he dies.  He heads to meet Josslyn in the hospital chapel, where they pen in things in the book to do together.  Monica and Kim share a moment about losing their children, before they pass away.  Kim does not know what to do next.  She decides to head to the “Charlie’s” to see Julian; while Alexis has already told Julian to help Kim through this tough time, no matter his feelings towards her kissing Drew on New Year’s Eve.

Finally, Griffin removes Anna’s bandages and her eyesight has returned following her surgery.  Finn tells Anna the virus that caused the blindness has never been seen in North America.  Anna wonders if it was given to her while abroad?  Could this be something Cassandra did to her, or something, or someone else?

So, if GH does this story right about Aiden being bullied for his differences, it could definitely send a powerful message to many in the viewing audience and bring attention to young LGBTQ youth who are trying to be their authentic selves, if this is the story.   What do you think of Aiden’s plight now?  What did you think of how Oscar’s death sentence was handled?  Who or what caused Anna’s temporary blindness?  Share your thoughts on these storylines via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

Who Will Be Ryan’s Next Victim On General Hospital?

Here;s what we know .. on Monday’s episode of ABC;s General Hospital, Ryan added CarSon, Sonny and Carly, to his hit list of victims.  He wants them out of the the way so Ava can take Avery and leave Port Charles with him and never look back.

Meanwhile, Carly is definitely a threat to figuring out that Kevin is Ryan, given her unrelenting quest and her days at Ferncliff.

Elsewhere, Franco is up to trying to figure out why “Kevin” suddenly dumped him as a patient, and if anyone can come across the lock box in “Kevin’s” office and open it up, therein lies clue to the serial killer’s movesand victims.

But will Port Charles continue to think that “Kevin” is having some sort of breakdown over the anniversary of his twin brother, Ryan’s “death” and heinous killing spree years ago? Will anyone figure out the real Kevin is locked up in a straight-jacket at Ferncliff?

Check out this week’s promo for GH below, and then let us know; who you think will truly be Ryan’s next victim, or will he finally be caught?  And, what have you thought of the performances of Jon Lindstrom in this storyline? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna Goes Blind … What Is The Cause? Franco Is Kicked To The Curb As “Kevin’s” Patient

Viewers of ABC’s General Hospital were in for a twist on Friday’s episode, when Anna Devane suddenly and inexplicably goes blind!  It is a terrifying moment for Anna and throughout the first part of this new arc, played beautifully by Finola Hughes.

But what is the cause of her sudden blindness? After Anna is brought to ‘General Hospital’ by her son, Peter (Wes Ramsey), and Finn (Michael Easton) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) are there to try to calm her down and to try to figure out what is wrong with her, Griffin runs some tests.

Meanwhile, Griffin and Finn get into a tiff over Griffin’s lack of bedside manner and his losing his faith. Griffin says its all now about the data, as he is still reeling from Kiki’s murder.

Later, Griffin reveals to Finn and Anna that the tests show that she has experienced a vitreous hemorrhage.  However, he doesn’t know what caused this … or if her vision can be restored.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, GH co-head writer, Shelly Altman previews of this story for Anna, “What has happened to Anna will lead us to uncover a mystery that affects not only Anna, but several surprisingly unrelated people.”

Meanwhile, Peter meets up with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) at Kelly’s and tells him what happened to Anna and that she suddenly went blind, but to stay away from his mother.. He also has a warning for Valentin, that whatever Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has on him will come back to bite him sooner than later, and we all know that Valentin hired Sasha to pose as Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) long-lost daughter, and Obrecht knows it!


And, Franco (Roger Howarth) just may trip upon the lock box in Kevin’s office, that holds the clues to everyone Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) has murdered!  How does that come about? After, Franco runs into a gun-toting Ava (Maura West) on the pier, “Kevin” shows up.  He tells Franco he can no longer be his doctor and he will refer him to someone else.  Franco does not want to end his therapy with Dr. Collins, but it’s of no use in changing “Kevin’s” mind.

When Franco makes his exit, Ryan tells Ava that they should leave Port Charles together and never look back.  Then, Franco breaks in to Kevin’s office at GH, and goes looking for his patient file and that is where we see the lock box.  Will Franco figure out what is going down?

So, what do you think is happening to Anna and why?  Is Franco now in dire straits if Ryan finds him rummaging through “Kevin’s” office?  Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Video du Jour

GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. Leave A Comment

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