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New General Hospital Opening Title Sequence To Debut In July!



Looks like with the new additions to the cast of General Hospital over the past year, and a decision to freshen up the opening of the ABC soap opera, On-Air On-Soaps confirmed through a GH representative today that the series will debut its new opening title sequence in early July!

Nathan Varni, who is Manager Current Series for ABC General Hospital also tweeted upon fans inquiries, “We have multiple openings rolling out, showcasing our talented cast.”

According to Varni, it was General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini who was in charge of the efforts to bring the new vision of the openings to life!

So, how would you like to see the new opening sequences look? Who would you like to see included?  Everyone on the canvas ?  Let us know your creative thoughts!

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Dante, Patrick & Nathan

why isn’t felix included in the new openings? no gay people in the openings and you have an openly gay writer. now that is strange.


Lets get. Maura West in there!

Maura is already in the credits, but I’m sure she’ll be in them when new ones roll around. She is under contract with the series.

Those sequences from I’d say 2009 and up to 2012 with the siren flashes were hot sexy and fun. But they won’t be back I guess. I also liked the one life to live sequences from the late 90s up to 2012. Also my first time posting here:) Been a fan of the website for year and a half so thought it was time:)

Welcome. Now you can regularly comment/vent like the rest of us! I, too, enjoyed the openings you mentioned for GH and OLTL. I’m still missing OLTL. Personally I’d like to see the GH opening credits “slow down” a bit. Seems too rushed to me.

Yeah, show us the entire cast including major recurring players! We promise we won’t get bored and tune out or get upset that we won’t have the extra 60 seconds of “scene” time. The excuses they gave for chopping the opening sequence down to nothing in the first place were riduculous! Personally, I enjoy a good theme at the beginning and it gets me excited about the show. I miss the dramatic lead up that they did way back, that haunting, rolling, thump that played over the end of the scene before the opening sequence began… That was cool and upped the drama factor. Bring that back!

Thanks I look forward to it:) yea I still miss one live a lot and I actually was looking forward to the two soaps to work all that drama out. So that they could at least tell a finished product of the mystery of what the hell was really going on there in lanview after the black out and the two Todd’s story. Todd Blair Carly tomas John star tea all fit in nice there in port Chuck too. Poor story got stuck in our minds forever now. But yes the music is important and I hope they at least try to make something more substantial and not seem so rushed this time around.

Kassie DePaiva makes her DAYS debut as Eve this Wednesday!!!

I dont want beauty shots. I want action romance intensity

Than you are not looking at GH!There is no romance on GH, just two people thrown together.

Frank Valentini is always moving forward and giving GH its’ best..
Looking forward to the new openings!1

Some will love it and some will hate it..
So, Frank Valentini will do what is best for GH .. 🙂

”you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time”

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me again……….uh, I won’t get fooled again

I’d like to see some of the recurring cast added to the rotation,such as Ian Buchanan,Sonya Eddy,Kathleen Gati,Lynn Herring,Haley Pullos,and Kin Shriner,among others.

Recurring don’t get credit in the opening credits, only contract cast do.


ITA a few second and include more.

Nancy Lee And Jane and Laura and Emme. Peavy, Bryan, Maurice and William

When did NLG fall in love with her own cleavage? It seems that every day she takes her girls out to play. This isn’t wardrobe’s fault either as the actress is frequently seen off set with that horizontal crack. I think NLG’s bra needs to get an Emmy nod for best supporting actress in a drama series.

Love this! I want to see Julian with Alexis, Lucas, Felix and Nathan in the opening credits

I covered them Tricia

More of Nathan with Maxie!

Only the main characters … especially the legacy characters that we have loved for a long time!

They seem to be the must boring characters.That some of you loved for a long time, don’t everyone love them.Simply because they have done nothing.Lets see Jaxon and Jakob (the Daniels)in the credit.

Want to see Genie Francis in it.

Me too, Jill. It would have been nice to have Laura around while Fluke was acting like such a transparent sociopath.
Luke’s angel would have known that Luke was as faux as a knock off Coach bag.

Here, here, Harry. So would have Scorpio, Lucky, Nathan, Holly, etc….how convenient none of these folks are around to notice anything is awry with this malevolent miscreant. For now all we have is clueless, lovestruck Tracy, babycrazy Lulu who cannot be bothered enough to notice her father is not in reality her father or the astonishingly and increasingly thick Anna who has been in a fog for far too long on a number of really important matters. Even the usually suspicious Sonny “Tortelli” has been oddly blind to picking up on his old friend’s strange behavior. It all really beggars belief…and I must ask, how can anyone overlook the fact that “FLuke” has totally failed to address Tracy as “Spanky” or Anna as “Slim” for months????? It’s so obvious that it’s screaming out loud for someone to notice this HUGE oversight!!!!

Bring back Faces of the Heart opening.


Still one of the greatest openings of all time.

I couldn’t agree more, would love to see “Faces of the Heart” return updated with the current cast. That was an iconic soap opera opening.

Definitely agree!

It will be nice to not have to squint to see the tiny faces in the back lol

I thought Ilene Kristen got gypped when OLTL took her off contract and out of the title sequences, since others are mentioning recurring folks, I pray she will become “much more recurring” on GH and will be in the new opening-s. And dare I say, I enjoy glam shots, actor’s posing…it’s just plain “retro” fun to see our stars like this. This is a vote for the soaps, so happy with this story, in “general!”

She is coming back ,not sure of h ok w long , posted in fb n tweet

Glad to see this. I miss having that delineation between the contract actors and recurring. With the cast being so large it can sometimes be hard to tell who you’re supposed to invest in and who’s just there for the latest plot point.

The current openings just includes a handful of pets in group shots with no real correlation to their importance to the canvas and in some cases even to each other. I mean, Patrick/Maxie/Silas/Sam? How often do they actually interact? Almost never?

I’d include all the contract characters in the opening as has always been the custom. If they want to do group shots I wish they’d have some connection to the families and dynamics of the show.

I was hoping for a gentleman closing credit again. I was appreciated Anthony Geary add to the end.

I agree! Loved the men in tuxes at the end! Classy and sexy!

Want to see Robin, Kimberly McCullough added to opening. She always said GH is and will always be a big part of her life and she is a big part of GH and our lives. She is GH present and history.

Is there room for all of them…lol…can they do a big box like Hollywood Squares or Brady Bunch with 100 windows for the cast(sarcasm)…lol

lol! you do crack me up jimh… 😉

The reason they got rid of the Faces of the Heart opening because it allowed them to add 2 minutes on to the show. That might not seem like a lot but when you add it up for the course of the year…thats a lot of time.

And I would like to see Kelly Theibaud, Teresa Castillo, Marc Anthony Samuel, Sonya Eddy, Bryan Craig, and The love triangle of Spencer, Emma, and Cameron

It would be nice to see the faces of the actors. The current open flashes too quickly.

Hopefully they bring the last opening back, but with the “Faces Of the Heart” theme instead. This short opening is too out-dated and boring.

Would love to see sonny nathan and Anna and duke and maxi on the new sequences maybe bigger not small and the ones from the 9os were the best no beauty shots remember one from 9os where Luke was jumping off boat think with Robert before it exploded would be nice to have action shots

Hopefully they will put the characters name under the picture so we can remember their names since we dont see characters for weeks on end!

LOL…or they can scramble them and make it a game show”

For 100 points…who is that lovable, zany actress/character who loves two men…

And for the win…which character did we kill off this week???

Veterans of GH front and center. Highlight GH not the watered down version.

The entire cast

Definitely need to see Maura West and Ryan Paevey & let’s see the kids – Spencer, Cameron & Emma. Can we get a more memorable theme song?

I loved the old hospital shot with the sirens!!!!

I like to see all the cast represented. I know it’ expensive but I think these people are clever enough to find a way to put actors in and take them out when they leave without breaking the bank.

Looking forward to seeing what they do.

Dr. O. and her gorgeous “kinder!”

i miss the old beginning with everyone showed

love the music, please don’t change the music

I’d like to see some of the current “hot” characters in the opening–whether contract or not–like Britt, Dr. O, Spencer, Sabrina, and some of the long-termers like Monica Q, Lucy, etc.

Faces of the heart!! Classic, lovely, and perfect!!! Still miss it!

GH people thats on contract, than the others and also the kids including the babies,toddlers and kids.

I would love to see all the kids too

Personally I would do away with the openings of all the soaps– they are so short anyway are they really necessary? I think most people know what show they are watching—-But if I were going to do an opening I would open the show with a teaser, show a brief clip from that day’s show, with a voice over saying, Today on General Hospital– fill in the blank- stay tuned and then go to commercial. Or better yet, do a recap, and say yesterday on General Hospital– because on GH the first scenes are all repeats of the day’s before ending scenes— so just admit that and make that the opening.

Mary, it’s all packaging at this point.

Have hated the space age theme since it debuted last year and not liked the trio of pics in the boxes. It’s also so dark, more like what the opening to “The Edge of Night” would be if it were still on.

“Faces of the Heart”, flashes of the characters (and various openings so everyone who is on canvas would be seen at one point or another). No group shots, they become old fast since there are always people leaving the cast.

Why have any cast members at all? I say do like Days of Our Lives and have one big picture representing GH. It could be the picture of the hospital itself and flash the title on the screen. Let’s just call it a day already.

This topic is RIGHT in my wheelhouse… I love me some opening credits!

I’m gonna stick to motion shots of all current contract characters. Something in the vein of Faces of the Hearts, but less of the red background and more like the red/blue siren background of the 2003-2009 opening. I found a way to include Recurring characters by them sharing group shots. Contract characters (except for Britt and Mac) are featured in solo shots. Managed to feature 39 characters in five versions, with a few duplicates across versions. Featured twice: Sonny, Alexis, Patrick, Dante, Franco, Carly, Ava, Luke, Nathan. Featured three times: Anna, Julian.

Version A (Monday)
Nathan (New)
Nina (New)
Julian (New)

Version B (Tuesday)
Morgan (New)
Molly/TJ (Featured Recurring)

Version C (Wednesday)
Duke/Emma (Featured Recurring)
Sabrina (New)
Felix (New)
Lucas/Brad (Featured Recurring)
Britt/Obrecht (New / Featured Recurring)

Version D (Thursday)
Felicia/Mac (Featured Recurring / New)

Version E (Friday, All-Stars)
Scott/Lucy/Kevin (Featured Recurring)


Wow, no Monica. Nathan should be replaced by her on version D.

TJ, but no Rafe. Rafe is technically a legacy character from the other show “Port Charles”. I think he belongs there.

Emma should really be with Patrick for family purposes. It would be a group photo of them.

Franco should not be on the All Stars. Tracy should be. Even Mac would be a better All Star.

Fair notes. I was trying to keep recurring characters isolated to group shots and contracts to solo shots. Exception was Mac/Felicia because Mac is on contract but is utilized like a recurring/background player and has been since probably 1999. I think his last actual storyline was when Felicia cheated on him with Luke and their marriage fell apart. Originally I had Britt and Obrecht as separate shots, but combining them made room for a Lucas/Brad shot, so I made an exception there as well.

Emma/Patrick would make total sense, but violates the pattern I was trying to create. But the Duke/Emma connection makes sense to me and that shot is sandwiched between Anna and Patrick, so the connections are all still there.

I omitted Rafe because he has been infrequently appearing for the last year and they appear to be writing him into a corner with this sudden drug addiction and potential to be the driver that ran Patrick/Sabrina off the road leading to their baby’s death. I don’t see much of a future for Rafe, but if he’s that important to you he can be grouped in the Molly/TJ shot in Version B.

I reworked the All-Stars Version E based on your feedback. 🙂

Version E (Friday, All-Stars)
Scott/Lucy/Kevin (Featured Recurring)
Bobbie/Monica (Featured Recurring)

There you go!

I see what you were going for in version C. And I like the new all-stars.

Rafe is tricky though. He’s legacy but recurring. I have to think about that one.

Great pics especially with the new Version E. You did forget one more, Jordan! She could be featured with Shawn.

In the end…who cares

I really hope they bring the 90’s/early 00’s “Faces of the Heart” back in an updated format. The music is beautiful and ingeniously updated the original GH theme.

What happened to the updated opening?!! Maybe it will start First of August instead of first of July?!?

They just added faces to the current opening. This article was misleading!

Totally agree with you. I was very disappointed!

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Rena Sofer Remarries Sanford Bookstaver

Congratulations are in order for Rena Sofer (Lois Cerullo, General Hospital) and her longtime love, TV director and producer, Sanford Bookstaver. The couple re-tied the knot over this past weekend in a wedding ceremony.

In a post on her Instagram, Sofer shared the details, expressing, “This weekend on what would have been our 21st wedding anniversary I got to Re-Marry my best friend Sanford Booksaver once again!”

The GH star and Daytime Emmy-winner added,”The journey we are about to begin is the most exciting adventure, in a new state and town, but most thrilling is that we get to do it together as husband and wife!”

Photo: SBookStaverIG

Alluding to their time apart, Rena noted, “The three years we spent apart were humbling and heartbreaking but vital to us finding each other again. The love I have for you now is the foundation of my life. I can’t imagine another moment NOT walking through life with you hand in hand and our hearts entwined. You are the love of my life, and it’s not ‘oops we did it again, but I’m so grateful we did it again!❤️❤️❤️”

Previously, Sofer was married to GH and Days star, Wally Kurth (Ned and Justin, respectively) from 1995-1997, and the two share a daughter together, Rosabel Rosalind Kurth. Rena and Sanford were previously married from 2005 to 2017 and share a daughter together, Avalon Leone.

Share your well-wishes to Rena and Sanford as they embark on the next chapter of their lives together as a married couple via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Rena Sofer (@rena.sofer)

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This week on ABC’s General Hospital could bring a shift in the lives of several lives in Port Charles. In the latest promo for the daytime drama series, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is seen in court facing her accuser, the brother of her former lover, the late Neil Byrne, in the form of Lane Davies as Fergus Byrne.

Will Alexis finally be reinstated as a lawyer? Will Fergus and Alexis actually hit it off since Lane and Nancy Lee Grahn played the beloved Mason and Julia Capwell on Santa Barbara, and Davies was previously on GH as Dr. Cameron Lewis?

Meanwhile, a pregnant Kristina (Kate Mansi) is reeling after seeing her father, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) lose his grip and threatening to kill Jason (Steve Burton) and Dex (Evan Hofer). Will her unborn baby be in danger?

Photo: ABC

Finally, Finn’s (Michael Easton) sobriety is really tested and it all seems to be inadvertently caused by the Cerullos. First, at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn and Chase, Carmine hands Finn a glass of champagne after his daughter Violet’s performance. Not paying attention, he takes a sip of champagne during a toast.

Photo: ABC

Now, Carmine and Gloria send a bottle of bourbon to Finn with their “warmest regards.” However, Finn can’t stop himself from pouring himself a drink.  Will Finn finally give in, and we are off to the races with another addiction storyline for the good doctor? Stay tuned.

Check out the latest GH preview below.

Now, let us know. What do you think will happen with Finn, Alexis and Kristina on this week’s GH? Share your theories in the comment section.

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General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Defends Sonny Going Postal, “It Could Definitely Happen”

Last Friday’s May 17th cliffhanger of General Hospital saw Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) beating up Dex (Evan Hofer) and threatening to shoot and kill both Dex and Jason (Steve Burton), who is restraining him outside the ballroom at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase (Josh Swickard).

For months, Sonny has been taking less than his prescribed dosage of medication to control his bipolar disorder.  The mobster has no idea that he has been duped by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), who is the one that set this dangerous situation in motion, in an effort to eliminate Sonny and eventually Jason from interfering in Pikeman taking over the territory.

One fan questioned the validity of Sonny’s reaction to Dex and Jason after the pei, when he took to X and expressed, “People off their medications don’t necessarily go around hitting people and being out of control. This was the WRONG message to send. I don’t expect anything from Frank Valentini and General Hospital anymore, but you could’ve (and should’ve) stopped it cold.”

Photo: ABC

Maurice Benard replied back to that comment and defended the actions of Sonny given the circumstances. The three-time Daytime Emmy-winner shared, “This is true but when you have a character like Sonny who’s volatile and is drinking and is manic and his thoughts are taken him over it could definitely happen like I said, ‘bipolar ain’t pretty.”‘

GH has portrayed Sonny’s battle with mental illness and the importance of keeping on your meds, plus the issues surrounding it for years. However, some fans have not been pleased by this latest plot point.


The pick-up of the story begins tomorrow on Monday, May 20th where teasers for the episode share: Sonny is horrified. Blaze consoles Kristina (who walked in on her dad threatening Jason and Dex) and Jason summons Carly.

So, what did you think of the plot point of Sonny threatening to kill Dex and Jason, after beating up Dex, given his growing paranoia? Comment below.

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