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General Hospital

New Secrets, New Rivals, New Threats – The Dawn of a New Day on GH! – Watch the Promo!



This week, General Hospital’s new head writer, Ron Carlivati’s first scripts begin to air, and with it what looks to be some exciting new twists, new rivalries and  new threats in this new promo from ABC,  featuring many of your favorite notables from Port Charles including Sonny Corinthos, who somehow must have done something to rile up Llanview’s Todd Manning and John McBain! Could it have something to do with Starr?

Then, seeing the fantastic faces of returning soap superstars, Tristan Rogers (Scorpio) and Emma Samms (Holly) added to the already back Finola Hughes (Anna), and the fallout from Robin’s death as a decision must be made whether to keep Jason in the dark of the fate of his dear friend and doctor fearing he might stroke out and die!

But with nut-job Anthony Zacchara out to “strike back” and behind the wheel of a car, as are some other citizens, people’s lives will never be the same! And who doesn’t love the end of this promo where Blair Cramer and Carly Corinthos Jax clink champagne glasses! Oh, it all too delicious!  And what is up with Kate and that wedding dress?

Catch it all when you watch the preview after the jump and then let us know your thoughts!

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Can’t wait! Looks great!!!

I’m not kool hearing Todd say, he is going to make Sonny pay. I don’t like that Todd is ‘ all up in the mix ‘ meaning Sonny’s business. Wasn’t feeling that. I want to see Trevor St. John, the REAL and BEST Todd up in the mix. Anyway, I hope whatever they are doing well work. Let’s all RAISE a toast to General Hospital…. And Barbara gets her OLTL people. Hurry!

ok ,heres what I think,Star is todds daughter,he loves her very much,maybe she will get involved with michael,and thats why todd is pissed off at sonny ,because he found out hes a mobster,hey,no one wants there daughter to bring home a guy and find out the guy is the son to the big kingpin to all the crime that goes on in port charles ,that john mcbain will clean up,I know I wouldnt be very happy.I miss one life to live,I am so lost at 2 oclock monday thru friday ,I just want a little piece of landview in port charles ,maybe victor will pop up,wouldnt you like that?this is just the beginning of ron and franks stories we have to give them a chance and the promo is just a tease to get people to watch,and remember its a soap,just because you saw it ,doesnt mean its going to happen,Im just glad that gh is in new hands and maybe all the recycled stories of the mob will finally come to a quick end ,and general hospital gets saved ,thats what really matters ,if abc kills general hospital,that will be bad.that means more soap bars .so let the ron and frank stories begin.Im looking forward to all the new changes in port charles.

Roger Howarth IS the real Todd and without his portrayal of Todd, Todd wouldn’t exist. PERIOD!

agree. but I also like victor and would love to see him in port charles ,let the story of 2 todds continue,I thought it was a brilliant . and let tia find clues that victor is alive and let her also come to general hospital,the story of 2 todds is better then anything going on a gh right now .the one bright spot on general hospital was patrick and robin and now shes gone,Hopefully not dead.

Hey Curtis: Well you are correct about who the REAL Todd is, and of course he originated the role, BUT get ready for this, ANYONE with a brain knows that Trevor St. John is the BEST Todd, and for most we feel protrays the REAL Todd… LOL! I had to say it, BUT I’m just kidding with you, LOL. Because you are correct! Just was having some fun because sometimes at night when I get home (over a glass of wine) I LMAO from some of the comments people say on here to one another, and they’re serious too LOL, unlike me.
Footnote: But who knows, the writer’s could have come up with the role of Todd later, just in time for Trevore St. John. LOL They have been known to develop a character and not move forward on it immediately, sometimes for year’s. Naturally what I say about Trevor is subjective, bc I prefer him. The critic’s and concensus is that Trevor protrayed Todd BEST. I happen to agree. Have a Great day.

I have a couple reasons why I prefer RH over TSJ. One of which is the fact I am related to him. Never met the guy, never talked to the guy, but we are distant cousins. So I will side with family! LOL! Even though we are liked 3 rd cousins twice removed and wouldn’t know me from a hole in the wall. The other is that after I found out about him being on OLTL in 93 I believe, curiousity more or less got me to tune in. After I saw him play Todd, a character that morphed from what was supposed to be a temporary character to a “beloved yet reviled” character is all RH and his talents doing. TSJ, I must admit did a great job and I got used to him after awhile, but RH without a doubt gives Todd a more intense, complex, persona. I really wish they had kept Victor on and had them be like a more homicidal, whacked out, more devious version of the Ewings on Dallas. I think they both played well off each other. As far as the true Todd though, I’m gonna have to go with the man who made him who he is…Roger Howarth. Roger, If ur reading this…throw a distant cousin a bone amd hook me up with Bree Williamson. : )

Your the Greatest Curt. Honest about your opinion and WHY you prefer one over the other. And you know how to take a joke! Cause some folk on here ain’t joking at all…! I dont agree that RH plays him more intense and complex, BUT your know what? That’s depends on whose judging. I thought TSJ was as complex as it gets, BUT I like the idea you suggested with the two of them “homicidal, whacked out, mere versions of the Ewings on Dallas “. Thanks again.

I never liked GH. but this looks good as long as the old favs stay this time as well as the oltl cast. They do need Trevor St. John. O

“featuring many of your favorite notables from Port Charles including Sonny Corinthos,”

Are you kidding me?. He’s one of the reasons why General Hospital has lost so many viewers.

Everyone loved Sonny…. not so long ago. He is not the sole reason for the lost of viewerhip, it’s because of ‘everything the Mob ‘ reather it involves Sonny or not.

just this morning ,I think it was at, t v line,theres something about general hospital ,they show the promo,anyway I thought that I disliked sonny ,someone said in there post that someone should put the fatal bullet in sonnys head and when that happens they will watch g h again, they lost alot of fans with those dragged out crime garbage stories,I know ,I had plenty of long naps when its on.I get pissed off at sonny, but I have never said that,but I got a good laugh out of it.

it was a good letter to wendy williams ,I knew you would like it,and I do love your posts ,we can agree to disagree and still respect the others view, and I like that.wasnt that letter good?before I even read the whole thing I said1loveabcsoaps has to read this.the writer was pissed off at her,and I dont blame her,I never pay attention to talk show people ,but you were spot on about her.

i have always look forward to see-ing what the ratings are, and like sonny or not,historically when they put him on the back burner the ratings go down,in the summer of 2005 when they put him on the backburner for the story of maxie and her late sister in the hospital,I forget what they were in there for,it was planned as a long term story,the ratings went down from the low 3’s to a 2.6 and the story was quickly aborted

Meaning Carly, Jason. Johnny, his and his crazy father.
But you got to love him, he brings some humor to the game. I was reading on another post, how there’s no humor anymore.

I hate the mob stories,but I love johnnys father ,as I have said before,he has a way with words.And I do hope he is married to tracey ,I like them going back and forth with there nasty remarks to each other and throwing luke in the mix is fun to,its funny,and I like a good laugh in a soap opera.thats what I liked about ,yes I will say it ,one life to live.and I have to agree with heather, about sonny,all the dam stories hopefully will not all lead to him,the mob has to go ,not all of it,but 99% of it ,and john mcbain is the man to do it,he will get those bad guys and lock them up in jail,where they will stay ,sorry diane I really love you, but no more getting all the bad asses out of jail,sonny,jason,anthony,johnny,they have to change the way they make a living sonny can open a diner and hire roxie,johnny can continue to fix cars ,jason can go to med school and finish what he started so many years ago ,and anthony ,he can open up a port charles flower store,he has nice roses,hey 1loveabcsoaps,glad your back .

i am not crazy about him either,but the ratings always went down when jill faren phillips put him on the back burner,and we all know jill liked the men,the way she treated genie francis was horrible……

i have a lot of faith in the new E.P. he knows soap opera, and these networks are that desperate for ad revenue we soap fans have lived with squezzed credits,bring back the end theme music,it heigtins the drama…..

not any more, the mob/crime stories are a turn off for alot of fans,general hospital has lost alot of viewers because of the writers obsession with sonny and jason.I never left gh, I stuck with it ,but I was not happy with the stories ,every character was tied to sonny one way or the other.every day it was sonny this and jason that,boring.agree with you about genie francis ,she should never have been let go ,I feel when she was written off the stories ,for me ,were never the same ,she had a rich history in port charles and I cant understand why she was let go and the 2 times she did come back ,her stories were dumb,I say bring her back ,shes a treasure , and we have new writers now,hey you never know .

Well I’m hopeful for lots of changes to existing s/l’s. Major fail is the whole Jasam pairing. It’s been torture for me to watch to support may fav soap/actors. What Frons agenda has been awful and not done any good to help keep this show on. I want GH to SUCCEED. After 45 yrs of watching I want nothing less than Jake back and Liason to be happy that they should of have!! There was zero reason not to have a core couple.

they should have tea from oltl too.

While I am excited about the “new” GH coming up, seeing my dear OLTL people makes me so sad-miss them & that show so much. I hated Robin dying today on GH-unnecessary.

Yes, I felt the same. It seems none of the OLTL characters will stay in Port Charles very long except for Starr and John McBain, which isn’t very encouraging, but I am willing to give it a chance.

Yes, Robin’s death was unnecessary. Why couldn’t the character have left some other way? GH seems dark and depressing. Now all the characters will have to grieve for Robin. Are Cole and Hope next to die? I miss the humor and fun of OLTL. I hope FV and RC can bring some to GH.

Can’t wait to see the new episodes. The only way Robin would leave her husband and daughter is by death. I completely understand it and am glad she didn’t die from complications of her HIV status.

Who knows, maybe she will return later and this will have all been a set up involving her parents and Holly.

I agree with you david,but I heard ,keep in mind a rumor, at ghh and facebook ,blair and todd may be back ,so dont count out our beloved manning family yet.general hospital has to change for the better,and ron and frank will do that ,just stay tuned.and I hope that robin walked off with a memory loss,they cant kill robin.the firefighter said the fire was so hot,thats my little spark of hope that she is still with us.

I think the reason why Todd and Sonny is going to fight is because Stars baby Hope dies when the car flips and her boyfriend. star will end up with Sonny’s son Michael too which Todd wont like at all. It is sad that Robin died but the way she died in a explosing will lead later on down the road for her return cause she might of excaped. I think Patrick will get with Elizabeth now and later on Robin will come back.

I hope that Ron doesn’t spend too much time focusing on Sonny….that’s been the problem for quite some time. I think it’s time to focus on the Quartermaine’s. I saw this old clip the other day on Youtube where Tracy withheld pills from her father as he was having a heart attack. She was absolutely spectacular in this scene! Those are the moments that we need to have. I’m so done with the whole mob thing….and if there is not a significant change, I will not watch. I am a die hard OLTL fan, and can’t wait to see my faves on there, but I’ve been giving GH a chance. I’ve watched it on and off, over the years, but have grown extremely tired of the Sonny show….show I’m trying to be really hopeful for a change. A former GH character, can’t remember his name right now, but he had an article on here about how soaps used to tell character driven stories….and how drastically that has changed over the years. Let’s see the Spencer’s, The Quatermaine’s and any other family that doesn’t have to do with the Corinthos family……just a thought.

Agree completely. The Quartermaines should be the Buchanans of Port Charles. Instead, they are pushed to the back burner all the time for the mob stories. One of the reasons OLTL was so great was the balance they had & the show had a strong core-being Viki & Llanfair. Everyone was connected to Viki in some way & every storyline pretty much led to or from her. And wasn’t that great? Who is the real foundation of GH? Sonny? It should be Monica & Alan but of course they killed Alan-one of the worst mistakes ever. They have killed off a lot of Quartermaines but there are still plenty out there. Anyone remember Celia & Jimmy Lee? Get Dillon back on there, bring Ned home. Get Bobbie Spencer & her family back to the brownstone. Let’s see the Q’s, Spencers, Webbers. There is so much potential for this show.

So much potential, but unfortunately no one has utilized that potential. I hope it changes soon, for the better. Sonny needs to go on a much needed vacation. I could go a good 3 to 6 months without seeing, hearing or thinking about Sonny Corinthos….LOL

I’m excited. I loved OLTL. Stopped watching GH when it became too mob driven. Then they kept hiring new Carlys and she became a screaming banshee, threatening everyone and obsessive toward both Sonny and Jason’s lives. Now that Valentini and Carlivati are at the helm, I’ve started watching GH again (love that Kate’s becoming unhinged!) and look forward to new twists in turns in Port Charles!

Seeing this promo makes me realize just how much I miss OLTL. I’m thrilled we’ll get to see Todd, Blair, Starr and John again. I just wish TnB were staying longer. I think Roger and Kassie would be a great addition to GH. (And they would certainly keep me tuned to the show past March).

Also, I can’t wait for Robert and Holly to arrive and I would love for Holly to reveal that Ethan is really Robert’s son.

Looking forward to the next several weeks of GH.

I hate to see Robin go but I wish her the best in her job.

It has it’s good points and bad points. I think involving Todd immediately into the Sonny/Carly business is stupid. They’re going to do a Carly/Sonny/Todd triangle and I hate it already. We know Blair isn’t staying long, so that’s good. I don’t like her character.

Sorry, but over-all I’m disappointed. I already see traces of OLTL and I hate it. I’m trying to keep as much of an open-mind as I can, and after two weeks I’ll decide if the show is worth keeping in my schedule. But over-all, not impressed with how Ron is already handling the characters and have told him such already through Twitter.

Hi Scott: I like your post, I don’t know what my pal on here Barbara t. is going to think of this, BUT the thing with Barbara t., she has such a adorable sense of humor about things even when she disagrees, and she is good to have an open mind about it while sticking to her guns. With that said: If you notice above, I was the 2nd post. I firmly stated, ” I do not like Todd being ‘ all up in the mix ‘ meaning Sonny’s business. Wasn’t feeling that. ” It is too immediate as you said, and for me Todd is minor league when it comes to Sonny. Now Trevor/ Victor on the other hand is on the actor’s Sonny’s level, and is as dangerous a character as Sonny. I like Blair but for OLTL. I simple don’t want to see her in Port Charles. So far, I’m disappointed with the promo I saw, and couldn’t watch it twice. I don’t like Todd talking about he is going to get Sonny back. I thought they were freeing us from a little Sonny anyway, but to bring a central character of OLTL and he getting all up in the Sonny mix ain’t kool. Sonny has enough problems’ they don’t do anything but pile more problems on the man, which is why Johnathan Jackson left as role as Lucky. I would like to see Sonny just run his business with minor mob like problems. Please twitter Rob and tell him, no Todd Manning mix up in Sonny biz. Come to town on his own merits of soughs. Please send me that twitter address of Rob’s.

first of all ,I would love to twitter ron ,I have several stories to tell him to use on general hospital.and I also would tell him that I am glad he is with general hospital ,but would much rather have one life to live back,but thats not going to happen,so here we go ,we are not evacuating the city of landview and moving every one to port charles,not going to happen at this time or ever, we only have todd ,blair,star ,and john heading to the big hospital,how does that hurt anyone? new families move to the soaps all the time,the mannings will be a new family.general hospital is sinking in the ratings ,the one life to live fans will head over to g h,hopefully,thats a good to robin ,I still believe she is not dead,but the explosion caused her to loose her mind and she walks off into the sunset,robin is such an important character on general hospital ,its wrong to kill her,I told you victor is alive ,well so is robin,I could be wrong but like you said ,if she wants to come back like emily did, and that did not work out ,we do not want a twin ,I dont care what anyone says ,a woman knows what going on and they are not going to sneak a kid out of you and you dont know about it ,when patrick left for that split second robin could have left ,and remember what the firefighter said the fire was to hot for anything to be left standing,it could have melted,that yellow cover means nothing,anyway,thats the way I would have wrote it ,no way would I kill robin off shes a loved, and very important character,Im keeping my fingers crossed shes not dead.also before I finish,where the hell was all the security,when that alarm went off? are you kidding me ,the national guard should have showed up along with several people working at the hospital,just a thought,maybe its because of robin,gave her time to sneak away,to hopefully come back in the near future.she will be missed.

I Twittered Ron I did not want OLTL 2.0, anything OLTL I don’t want.

Scott..ditto. Very unimpressed with what I have seen this week.
The writing of Robin’s death is embarrassing imo.
Let’s see what the next 2 weeks bring. If anything.

The way the death was written was very off to me. Nothing about it seemed right. you’d think in a hospital explosion, everyone would be in chaos, not calmly walking around.

Only one or two episodes and you see traces of OLTL? You are seeing something the rest of us who watched OLTL can’t see. And you hate it? How do you think Ron is handling the characters differently? How should they have been? Help those of us from OLTL understand.

I didn’t think Ron wrote the Robin death stories…..I thought that was done before his stories kicked in, but who knows, I’m not for sure. As far as the whole Robin death story though…..I didn’t really care for it. It seemed very unrealistic….An explosion occurs in the hospital, and all the hospital staff seem to be walking around as if nothing has happened. Security, firefighters and policemen would have been there as soon as the alarms sounded off. I am a OLTL fan, so I’m tuning in to watch…..have never been a strong GH fan, but I will try and support it, and see what happens.

agree with you david.theres no way you can tell anything from that promo,looked good to me ,and no one was favored from one life to live .4 people coming to port charles ,and that bothers a few.I dont get it.Ive watched all 3 abc soaps,watched gh since the beginning,you would think they would want to see general hospital saved ,I know thats what I want,general hospital has been unwatchable for so many years ,it needs a change and how 4 people from landview that can ruin everything in port charles I just dont get it.I also need help in trying to understand ,what the problem is?and being able to see that in 2 episodes ,I didnt see anything that says one life to live ,at least not yet.general hospital will never be one life to life,it should have never been canceled ,if it was the soap that was spared,we would all be singing a different tune here.

It’s sloppy writing, I hated OLTL it was slow and sloppy. And now Ron is bringing the same to GH to send it off.

I wonder about Robin – they didn’t show the body and it is GH. I can’t wait to see what FV and. RC have in store.

Exactly Lew. Will we see a body? This is soaps. She will be back. Most certainly if Ron writes the show off…he did it with OLTL. He brought back the dead.
Something tells me, we don’t see a body. jmo

IMO Fiason got to Robin. She is very much alive. That is typical Ron writing. Leaving the door open………and it will be opened, if not thru the end of GH then if JT decides to leave. She will be back.

Let me guess–Kate has dissociative identity disorder (DID) and multiple personalities will be revealed. Where have we seen this before;-? I am willing to give this and anything else a chance because GH can only get better.

maybe vicki and jessica can move to port charles and help kate deal with all of her personalities ,they can all go into therapy together.and afterwards go to the spencers diner and roxy can give them a cup of coffee,a piece of pie, and some advice. I agree, general hospital will get better.

I would LOVE a visit from Vicki!!!!! 🙂

barbara t replied February 22nd, 2012 at 7:05 am

first of all ,I would love to twitter ron ,I have several stories to tell him to use on general hospital.and I also would tell him that I am glad he is with general hospital


omg!! awesome!!

I enjoyed the promo and am looking forward to much better days ahead for GH! I am also looking forward to John McBain, Starr and hopefully other OLTL cast members being meshed into the storyline permenantly. I have loved all ABC soaps for many, many years and am sad to see AMC and OLTL gone, but I have no doubt that Frank and Ron will integrate the characters in a way that will ultimately make everyone happy. Let’s not forget that they will first have to tie up the loose ends on the pre-existing storylines that they walked in on. Some of which are okay, but others involving rather new characters have to go. Good luck to all and here’s hoping we will have many more years of GH on ABC!!!!

Love it! Can’t wait!

I love all the characters of GH and OLTL. I’m very happy we’re getting to see some return from OLTL even if only for a short run. Sonny and Jason’s characters are phenomenal but, I agree, we need to get back to more love and drama in the afternoon and a little less MOB.

I am new to GH. I am watching so I can OLTL characters. But unfortunately, I don’t think it matters what the ratings say or the fans think. I feel that ABC has already made the decision to cancel GH. This is the only show that I watch on ABC. I don’t even watch the local news. I hate ABC but will take what I can get for the little time that I have it!!!

cant wait all the oltl people and writer will liven it up.

I am very confused ? How does the Mannings and John fit into this are we saying what happened to the two Todd’s is mob related? I am pretty sure Kate has alters with them coming in they like that storyline it is better then another long lost kid.

or he got another woman pregnant.I wonder if sonny has ever thought about birth control ,condoms .just to be on the safe side ,from having babies and nasty diseases.he hated claudia why would he have unprotected sex with someone he hates? far as todd and john going after sonny ,I have no clue why.maybe it is star thats my guess,and wont it be wonderful to see john mcbain again?I am so looking forward to my favorite family and my favorite cop to show up in port charles.and what I seen in the promo ,all looks good to me .for 2 days now Im enjoying general hospital,its been a very long time since Ive said ,I cant wait to see whats going to happen in port charles.

Did you read what I said about you to Scott above at 11:25pm, and here U go again…. ” sonny can open a diner and hire roxie,johnny can continue to fix cars ,jason can go to med school and finish what he started so many years ago ,and anthony ,he can open up a port charles flower store,he has nice roses, ”

LoL. Funny! I did post yes’d that Sonny could do something else, other than the mob. We got to have some mob, because that’s Sonny’s persona, and what particially made him popular other than these gorgeous dimples and handsome dark looks. The Mob and it’s activity has brought G.H allot of male viewership, but the writer’s RUINED it with over kill. I wish they RE-VISIT the Brenda Sonny love story. She needs to come back and do justice to that story, EVEN if she can’t tape but TWICE a week for a 2 year run, OR tape her segments 3 weeks in advance just like they do when they are on haitius/ vacationing, BUT we don’t know bc the character is still being aired. Venessa can work something out. Hell, working like that, she can stay on for 3 years if GH last that long. But again, that would give Sonny alittle normalcy YET happiness with her True Love and give us the viewers what we what too. And HEY, if Venesa Marcil had to be away for awhile making a movie (although she ain’t that busy) they could always substitute her with Johnathan Jackson’s REAL LIFE wife, who played Hannah Scott, and show her in segments interacting with Sonny (in bed) and far away until Venessa returned from wherever. Therefore that keeps the audience Happy and Venesa wouldn’t be missed for her short term comittments. That woman looks enough like Venessa to get that off.

Ok I think I get it after watching it several times it must have something to do with Starr that is how they get her on the canvas and she just might lose Cole and her baby? HELP! I will sit and watch this just seeing John McBain get in Sonny’s face is worth it.

woof. bring it.

Hey Robert in Jersey City!

Its to late to twitter ron as far as robin goes,still I am hoping she is not dead.maybe ron came here and read my pleas ,dont kill robin.bring victor to complete the todd story ,I know I want to see it end or begin,and bring tia to port charles to.Im reading all these different sights that alot of one life to live fans are following the mannings and john to port charles,no ,I dont watch martha stewart,but thats a good thing, we need to raise the ratings.from what I hear abc is making a decision about gh in the next few weeks.hey did you go to daytime confidentcial ,the letter she wrote to wendy williams ,Its a real good read.janet hubert lets wendy have it about whitney houston .she saying everything you said,I fell asleep early ,I put my house tape on and thats it for me ,Im so pissed off that house will end in may,I love that show.and him.

These past 2 days have been very disapointing to me. As an administrator in a hospital setting, none of what played out with the lab crap is possible in the real world.
I hate when GH writes for dummies. I was hoping we were past that. Especially with Robin’s exit story. How wrong was I.

Moving forward, Starr is driving more than likely with Cole with Papa hits them. Why is Starr in Pt Chuckles? That is what brings Blair & Todd. Which is good. What happens when they leave in a few short weeks?

John McBain. The HERO of Landview. Coming to town like a Sherriff to take Sonny down. I wonder if he will walk around with his hands in his pockets chewing gum??
Personally, instead of writing Kate as NUTZO, I would have rather seen her bring Sonny down.

I can’t lose the bitter taste the show has left me these past 2 days. I hope it goes away. 🙁

It isn’t that GH writes for dummies. It’s that writers are dummies when it comes to science, medicine, laboratories, computers, etc. and the show isn’t about to pay a dime for technical assistance.

No the writers are lazy with research, and think they can ‘sell’ to us whatever they put out. How disrespectful!

I watch general hospital and Im not a dummy ,Im well aware of what stupid is.and I hope that john mcbain has a shit load of bubble gum.also ron and frank have to correct the writing that the mob related writers that were let go did to everyone in port charles and that includes robins story.still have not see any piece of landview.please correct me if Im wrong .all I seen in the promo were flashes of star,blair,todd,and john,have no idea what the stories are going to be .and the last I checked its a soap opera people,anything can happen.

Hold your horses, those faces will show up from Landview. BUT don’t expect their storylines take off immediately. 1love.

In the event you are living in a cave, this show is hanging by a thread.
With the writing thus far this week, I see no change. Ron had his hand dipped in the ink months ago. Robin’s storyline should not have played out like it did.
I wasn’t calling you a dummy, I stated it was ‘written’ for dummies.
Take it how you may.

No of course you aren’t a dummy. That is why it bothers me when the writing staff shows no respect and throws out a mess. I personally don’t believe that Ron had no say so in the hospital setting scenes. He has been around. His advise had to be given!
That said, you are correct. I do have to give Ron time to put GH back together again.

I also don’t believe Robin is dead.

living in a cave,no,but Im watching the same robin story as you are and rons writing has only begun , the writers that were let go had plenty of time to write a good story for robins ron has to do what was left over ,why not try and give him a chance to put things in place ,today is only day can anyone know what the future holds for the new writers.and as far as the name calling ,you said you hate when gh writes for dummies ,ok I get that ,we have new writers now ,how can you tell this early they will continue to as you say, write for dummies.all I am saying is give the new writers a chance.on a brighter and happier note ,I cant wait to see john mcbain ,do whatever he does ,when he moves to port charles.

And i hope that we get to see that she is alive,robin would never leave her baby and patrick so i think she took a hit to the head and takes off not knowing who she is,I have to say that I wish that when robin told patrick to leave, that there was more time before he came back,so that gives robin time to take the rings off and get out before it blew up,however like you said,Where was security ,the staff,where was the help when you needed it? you also said it wont happen in a real time hospital there would be alarms all over the place,it was to calm.hopefully we find out more today,and I think star shows up ,things could get interesting,I hope so ,general hospital has to be saved.

Can’t wait! I have been trying to watch GH since we lost OLTL… but find it so boring ! Hopefully things pick up this week… it is the only reason why I have tuned back in.. the arrival of the OLTL citizens.

I feel the same as you, except I havent stopped watching general hospital and I am looking forward to todd,blair,star and john.let the cleaning up of general hospital begin.

Ohhh Stop the todd, blair stuff. LOL
Where U been? I looked for you on line last night while I watched the NIGHTMARE of what I call the “Bachelor” .

Barb wrote: “did you go to daytime confidentcial ,the letter she wrote to wendy williams ,Its a real good read.janet hubert lets wendy have it about whitney houston .she saying everything you said”

One thing about me Barbara (and I’m glad you see this), when I speak about something, I have my FACTS in order. I could care less about winning the discussion. It’s more important that I’m speaking the TRUTH, based on the Facts. If I’m talking about something I Believe, or Feel, I will state “In my opinion’, so and so. Thank You for pointing out my being correct about Wendy Williams, and keeping an open mind about whatever the discussion, just like I told Scott that you do. : )

No I haven’t diappeared. I wasn’t on last night. I posted below I didn’t like how they handled Robin’s demise, and I listed 6 reasons why I didn’t like it. I dont know about anyone living in a cave, it’s hard to do that THESE days with texing, faxing, computer’s and Youtube. One thing about U, you take comments with a grain of salt. That’s what makes your post so pleasurable (dispite typo’s and your many coma’s) LOL because your personality shines through. I think Debi was saying that the writer’s took our judgement for granted concerning saving Robin. I dont know WHO wrote those shows, but WHOEVER did, it was a fiasco! I started reading the news on line while it played out to conter my fustration.

Looks good to me. Let’s hope it helps saves GH from ABCD’s hands. To those who’ve commented her, Kris Alderson has signed a deal with GH for three years. Kassie and Roger is only a few episodes, but they could come back for more. As for Michael, he won’t be on until March. As for Robin’s death, Kim McCullough wanted to leave to pursue full-time directing. They “killed” her off, like they killed “Victor Jr.” on OLTL last year. That’s what I’ve been hearing. So it was necessary to facilitate her exit from GH that way. Sorry folks.

The character of Robin didn’t have to be killed. She gets burned, has plastic surgery, and returns with the face of a new actress.

or when patrick wasnt looking, and he left for a split second,she got up not knowing who she is and walks off ,to return sometime in the future.the fireman said that the fire was to hot ,that was my clue she is alive .maybe friday we will see her get on a greyhound bus ,as we watch it drive out of port charles.hey anything is possible.

I just finished up todays episode and I am so mad!

”I am having a HUGE problem with the lack of emergency people at GH…something BLEW UP and no other floors are even hectic? It’s so strange. AND SONNY stood in the hall forever with blood all over his shirt just talking to Dante”
I agree 100%. Not even personel to walk over to Sonny to address him. How does an emplosion happen and nobody is around?? No chaos.
Where was nosy Liz?? She is usually everywhere. Very disapointed with this week. Such a huge storyline, shouldn’t have to be shared with Maxie & Spinelli.
Kate or Olivia. John & Carly.
The focus should have been on Robin. And only Robin. Its OK, at this horrible rate, GH is over. Since their was no body to ID, we know Ron will be bringing Robin back for the ending of GH. He does that so well.

The GOOD: JT acting.
The BAD: Too many scenes with different people
The UGLY: Lack of chaos, Where is the drama to the death of Robin??
Why isn’t the hospital personnel freaking out?

SHAME on you GH!I was expecting better.

I was horrified myself about it. I read your post yes’d too regarding it. And theing

just call me cave girl ,according to debi ,Im living in a cave ,because I dont think Im a gh dummy or ill be honest ,or agree with her on the writers writing for the dummies ,at least not yet.whats tonight ? am i missing something here.or maybe ive been living in a cave for so long .I have no idea what anyone is talking about.what I do know is rons writing just started ,we have to see where the robin story goes ,to bad it seems to be leading to jason,sam,and Im sure sonny is right around the corner. patrick will give in , he has to save jasons life ,robin loved jason,and she would want him to save him ,tomorrow is friday,maybe robin will get on that greyhound bus and leave town.Im keeping my fingers crossed , and so are fred and barney.

hey ,is it time for your disappearing act again ? I hope not ,its friday and there will be alot to post about at the end of general hospital today ,hopefully we will all be in shock to see that our robin is very much alive or maybe not find out for a few weeks that she is ok.anyway there will be alot to say at the end of this day.

I could not figure that out! The damn hospital was deserted. A huge explosion felt by Sam & Jason in his room-but quiet as a mouse. Nobody running for help-just a couple of fireman outside the lab, there should has been total chaos all over the hospital & word should have been spreading around that town! I kept waiting for Monica to call home & tell Edward or for Sam to call Spinelli so he could tell Maxie-WHERE was the DRAMA? Monica went to see Jason & saw Sam on the way & did NOT act at all concerned, I don’t rem. if she even mentioned the explosion. Where was Ephipany? I hated how they kept cutting to unrelated uninteresting things when ROBIN JUST DIED!!! Today’s was no better. Still everyone silent, nobody connected. Weird. Mac’s tirade at Sonny seemed forced. And why on earth have any scenes today at Wyndemere with that “mystery” girl & Euwen or whoever he is. I hate that stupid name. I could have written this week’s GH in my sleep better than this. God I miss OLTL.

me to ,gloria ,me to ,now things should change ,ron is now in charge of the paper and pencils in the writing room .general hospital has to be saved .and it has my support.

I thought that was pretty unrealistic myself how no one showed up when there was a explosion. I heard the new writers tweeked Robin’s death story. Whoever wrote it I was not impressed.

OK I will call you Cave girl if you would like!!!!!!! 🙂

hey I like barney and fred.

Barney & Fred? Cute. 🙂

Debi: I have to agree with you. I was pissed off with how Robin’s demise played out. No one was on that hospital floor, not a soul. 1. The door that stood between he and Robin was particially glass, and to save his wife, 2. he didn’t grab the fire extinguisher (tell Robin to stand back) and break the glass. 3. People in the hospital heard an explosion (Anna said it a few times) and didn’t come to that floor. 4. Anna even said causually, “I heard it was upstairs in the lab where Robin is” yet she didn’t come to find out OR call anyone. 5. Patrick kept talking to Robin rather than RUN (in the very begining out to the main hallway and YELL like hell) 6. there seemed to be something wrong with the hospital telephone. And the beat goes on. I was pissed. That story was handled like a DISASTER. I have no opinion on Ron and Frank, BUT if they wrote this, what a disaster. Whoever I stress that wrote it! They didn’t show up one day and just start writing. They had to do some study and back and forth brainstorming of what maks sense and don’t. I got on line and read the days news to counter my fustration the first two days of the Robin fiasco, while it was playing out out.

I would like to know in what hospital are there emergency warnings that the doors will be locked?? In a lab?

I would like to know in what hospital when emergency alarms go off, personnell don’t automatically go to the area.

I would also like to know why we went from a catastrophe to having to watch Spinelli & Maxie. Or LIW with Ethan & Ewan. Shawn shows up at another man’s house with Carly in her robe and wet hair to confess his feelings to her? WTF were these writers thinking. Even Guza would have done better.

I emailed Mr Lee from GH. He is the force who wants GH to stay on the air.
He can forward my email to the appropriate people. I agree, Ron didn’t just show up for work one day. He had a say on how this disasterous of a story played out.

Very saddened and disapointed by this weeks show.

I started watching GH again when nuCarly joined. I LOVE her character. She’s very consistent in her stubborn craziness. I even enjoy the mob stories. What I don’t enjoy is a lack of balance, and having the show only focusing on Carly, Michael, Jason & Sonny is tiresome. Soap fans watch because the shows are ensembles. OLTL was great at the ensemble, and I have no doubt that GH will become what we want. The promos already show several storylines, and we will appreciate Sonny and Carly in a new way.

I just watched today and I got sick to my stomach, the character Sam is weak and shallow and I hope she stays with Jason I have never seen two more self absorbed people in the world. And Monica is a big joke always was she favored Jason over her own son AJ . Jakes death was all about Jason now Robin’s death is all about Jason! It is sickening! Robert please come back and bitch slap these characters!!!!

I hope he bitch slaps them to,I agree with you.there all self centered and cold.and hopefully robin isnt dead ,That yellow cover means nothing.

Barb: Get tonight. OK

Kay, your comments are so funny. Is this what people who don’t usually watch soaps see? It makes me wonder why any of us watch. Yes, these characters are unattractively self-absorbed. At the same time, I can think of real people who are just as bad. One of the things I loved about OLTL was there were always some characters you could like. Robin was like that on GH but now she’s toast. And for what? To hurry the return of old characters? I hope somebody slaps them all (and maybe the writers too).

If this week is an example of what is to come for GH, we are in trouble. The show will be cancelled and it won’t get good until the 11th hour.

I have been a long time abc soap fan. I taped and watched all 3 religously since the beginning. General Hospital has been stale for a while. The story lines have just gone on and on. It was my all time favorite during the Luke & Laura years. I hope adding the new influx of characters from OLTL will bring a lot of new viewers over. If the numbers don’t come up for GH, we won’t have any show to watch. I really love Starr and I think Michael needs someone like her in his life. He needs something good in his life. I would love to see Blair and Todd stay. John will also be a good addition. They need someone new at the police station. I also hope Natalie will come to GH in the future. Don’t worry GH fans, they are not trying to take over but save the show with new viewers. Give it a chance!!

I do have a ??. Are we all on the same page that Robin is NOT dead??
Because she got out. Either on her own, or someone (Fiason) grabbed her.

Also…reading a few of these posts, do people really tweet Ron and tell him his job?
My suggestion is to write (email) or call hotline, let GH know what is good, what is working, and what isn’t. Ron isn’t reading his tweets.

Mr. Lee is behind GH staying on. When we see a great episode, I point out all the right things. Wednesday I was so upset with GH I pointed out all the bad.
But the writing, that they can do themselves, they need to know what they do right so they keep doing it. And what they did wrong so it doesn’t happen again.
And did I lay into Mr Lee about that fake explosion and the emptiness of the hospital!!!!!!!

OMG I got chills watching this, I love love love GH and I loved OLTL, I am sooooo damn glad to see Blair, John, Todd, and Starr again. I cannot wait. I hope these new writers don’t let us fans down. I have a full life, but have always (for 30 yrs) made time to watch my soaps.

I am actually enjoying GH. Glad I can say that again!

It is a bit dull some days, but in the past month or more, it’s been really really good, and from that promo it’s gonna get better and better. Can’t wait.

I saw GH today and Cole is driving and talking to Starr for a couple of minutes before a head on collision. Let me guess–Cole and Hope die. Starr is hospitalized. Blair and Todd show up briefly in Port Charles. I think it is safe to say GH is not in danger of turning into OLTL. Much ado about nothing. I feel like OLTL fans have been jerked around again.

i think cole does, but don’t know about the little girl. In theory, she’d be more protected in a car seat and being in back, but looks like Anthony’s car is out of control good for a headon with their car… I bet Sonny pulled the brake fluid line after he left the Quartermaines… that would be a good reason for Todd to go after him. I wish Trevor St. John would show up in Port Chuck. I think he’s more of the GH kind of actor. Fits in well either place. Too bad they can’t get our comedy relief, David, to show up, but that would be odd in that Tuc Watkins was on GH before OLTL and he was not the happy, comedy relief on GH as he was on OLTL.

I agree with u Christie I think Cole dies cause it said 4 onelife to live charcaters our heading to portcharles not five, I think Hope will die too that is why Todd is going after Sonny. Todd isn’t going 2 care if Cole just dies by himself. As 4 Star she will probably get with Michael later on and Todd wont like that. As for Robin it is sad she leaving but the way she died I think she will return later on because of the explosing, after patrick gets with someone else probably Elizabeth. Long time ago Robert and Anna was supose to die in a explosing and they didn’t they returned.I think Robert and Anna set that up it probably has something 2 do with Faison. I will be glued 2 GH now 4 awhile.

General Hospital

John J. York Shares His Emotional Journey from Cancer Back to ‘General Hospital’ with ‘Good Morning America’

General Hospital fans are counting the hours till tomorrow, and the June 19th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, where they will see the highly-anticipated return of longtime veteran, John J. York (Mac Scorpio).

York has been through a physical and emotional rollercoaster fighting two blood cancers, myelodysplastic syndromes and multiple smoldering myeloma, and receiving a lifesaving blood stem cell transplant after months of trying to locate a match donor.

Now, on the other side of it, York sat down with Good Morning America this week ahead of his first episode back on GH, where not only do we see the moment he steps through the door at Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) and is welcomed by her, Georgie, Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and he will also meet the new young children playing the role of Bailey James, twins Riley and Miley Polonki.


Speaking with tears in his eye on coming back to work at the set of GH, York expressed, “Everybody has been very welcoming. Very welcoming, and here I go right off the bat (begins to tear up). I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to get the support that I have gotten.”

When asked by GMA’s Zohreen Shah, what he missed the most about being away from GH, while undergoing treatment, York shared, “I just felt so attached that I didn’t feel I missed anything. I just took a little break and a little vacation, I guess, and had to go through something, and now we’re here kind of on the other side of it.”

Photo: Disney/ABC

The story for Mac heats up on today’s June 18th episode of GH, when in a preview for the show, Cody (Josh Kelly) talks to Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and finally admits he is having regrets about the time he wasted with Mac, after seeing how Chase (Josh Swickard) has been grieving the loss of his father, Gregory.  Will he fess up when Mac steps back into action and tell him that he is his biological son? Stay tuned.

Check out John’s emotional appearance on Good Morning America below. Are you looking forward to seeing Mac back in action on GH starting tomorrow? Comment below.

Continue Reading

Days Of Our Lives

‘Santa Barbara’ Legends and Daytime Emmy Gold Circle Honorees, A Martinez and Jerome Dobson, to Chat Live on Michael Fairman Channel

Two of the men responsible for the success of the beloved soap opera, Santa Barbara, A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) and Jerome Dobson (Co-creator and co-head writer) visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a live conversation on Friday night, June 21st beginning at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.

Recently, A and Jerry were honored at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards as they were selected to be Gold Circle inductees in which they received a medal as admired individuals who have made enduring contributions to daytime television and have performed distinguished service within the television industry, setting standards for achievement, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades for 50 years.

Currently, A can be seen The Bay as Nardo Ramos, a role in which he received a Daytime Emmy nomination for his work this year. Martinez is also remembered for his roles on General Hospital as Roy DeLuca, One Life to Live as Ray Montez and Days of our Lives as Eduardo Hernandez; among other TV and motion picture roles. However, A’s most memorable role in soaps, and the one that won him a Daytime Emmy, was that of Cruz on Santa Barbara, for which he took home the gold for his work in 1990.

Photo: NBC

Jerry Dobson created Santa Barbara with his wife, the late Bridget Dobson, and the couple became soap-famous for not only their work on SB (1984-1986, 1991-1992), but their time head-writing for General Hospital (1973-1975), Guiding Light (1975-1980) and As the World Turns (1980-1983).

Photo: NATAS

Santa Barbara aired on NBC for 9 years from July 30, 1984, to January 15, 1993 and featured some of the all-time greats in soap opera as part of the cast including :Marcy Walker, Nancy Lee Grahn, Jed Allan, Dame Judith Anderson, Judith McConnell, Justin Deas, Robin Mattson, Lane Davies, Eileen Davidson, Robin Wright, Jack Wagner, Sydney Penny, Kim Zimmer, Roscoe Born, Nicolas Coster and more.

Watch below, when A Martinez was named Outstanding Lead Actor at the 17th annual Daytime Emmys.

If you can’t be with us live for A and Jerry’s livestream chat, but have a question you would like posed to one or both of them, please leave it in the comment section below.


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General Hospital

John J. York Returns as General Hospital’s Mac Scorpio and Shares, “Expect The You-Know-What to Hit the Fan”

General Hospital fans were overjoyed when John J. York (Mac Scorpio) revealed he was back on set and taping all-new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series.

The beloved GH star was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders, back in 2022.  Later, he underwent treatment for the cancer in September of 2023, which took him off the show while he went through a blood stem cell transplant and the recovery.

Now, those who have waited for Mac to finally get to the truth – that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is his biological son – may finally get their wish!  Speaking with TV Insider on his imminent return (he is back on-screen this coming Wednesday, June 19th), York shared on what’s about to go down, “Expect the you-know-what to hit the fan and let the dust come down and settle where it will, so get ready.”

Photo: ABC

York also prepped viewers that he will look a little different when he first seen back in Port Charles, due to his cancer treatments, “My hair grew back nice. I was not sure how my hair would look because I was bald. Now it’s short, like a military cut.”

Photo: JYorkIG

Speaking on his own health and life, John shared, “With the MDS, if everything goes well with the bone marrow transplant, that should be handled. With the multiple smoldering myeloma, smoldering being the key word, it just kind of stays there in my system. There is a small chance that it could turn into full-blown leukemia at some point, but the goal is for me to die of old age before I die of any kind of blood cancer. I feel fantastic and all the blood tests that I take once a month have all pointed in the direction that things are all going in the right direction, which is really good.”

Photo: ABC

Are you looking forward to the moment that Mac realizes Cody is his son? What do you think his reaction will be as he has been duped all this time? Happy, as we are, that John is back on-screen on GH? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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