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Newt Gingrich says ABC's New Soapy Primetime Series GCB is Anti-Christian!



Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich says a new ABC television series is evidence that the entertainment industry harbors anti-Christian bias.

According to the Huffington Post, “Gingrich criticized the comedy-drama GCB  which has also been called “Good Christian Belles.”    But Gingrich is referring to the series by the name of the 2009 novel that inspired it, “Good Christian Bitches.”   The series began airing last Sunday. ABC’s website describes the series as a “funny, sassy and heartwarming drama.”  The former House speaker says no network would run a show with such a title if the word “Muslim” were used in place of “Christian.”

Gingrich says anti-Christian bigotry is considered acceptable by the entertainment industry but Islam is protected.  He made the comments Friday at a rally in Gulfport, Miss.

Have you checked out GCB?  What do you think of the show?  A new episode airs tonight on ABC 10PMEST!

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I watched it last week & will watch it again tonight. I thought it was funny. I’m a Christian & I wasn’t the least bit offended.

michael, please tell me we are not going to get into politics,seriously,its one of my favorite subjects,my family ,well let me put it this way ,they cant shut me up,they try ,Ill keep newt out of it.anyway I wouldnt watch this show because its a prime time soap opera that is on abc/disney so I cant give a honest answer on what I think about it ,good christian bitches ,pretty much says it all,I think MR. walt disney would spin in his grave if they have a tv in heaven ,I think he would be disgusted at what has happened to his empire and the trash programs abc/disney puts out now ,and I also think he would be against the idiots who canceled all my children and one life to live,because of the rich history of the soaps ,I hope this show flops ,because it a prime time soap that really looks dumb,abc/disney said they killed our soaps because no one watches them anymore and now for there prime time shows they have several soaps that will be on,I dont get it .no abc for me I watch general hospital thats it .

How can they afford to pay for Production cost for a Primetime soap. That’s crazy. Primetime actors demand more money and they still have cast and crew. Now maybe they have a few unknown actor/actress’s that are not going to have salaries of vets of soap actor’s, but let those unknowns get famous, and things we CHANGE immediately.

all I have to say is thank god for the i d channel,the bad guys get caught most of the time,if you dont watch it you should . and every thing you said is true ,abc/disney didnt have to cancel the soaps ,they want to go cheep and abc/disney will never be a class act again,they have to many idiots working there now.and The more I think about susan lucci staying with abc after the soaps were killed ,I dont like it ,she was pissed off ,and now she stays with them,its like all my children didnt mean anything to her,thats sad .when I get screwed by someone ,I dont turn around and take the chance of getting screwed again.

agreed Barbara!

thankyou,can you believe all the soaps abc/disney is putting out ?why couldnt they have kept all my children and ONe life to live ?40 some years of history thrown out with the trash,I hate abc/disney will never go back ,I will watch general hospital ,but never again can they influence me on what to watch.more I d channel for me,but I will compete with there dumb shows the chew and revolution by tuning into cbs fox or nbc.

Find myself agreeing with you again, Barbara. I think it’s incredibly stupid to cancel AMC & OLTL….and then fill up your primetime lineup with “soap-ish” type shows. These new soap dramas that they are spitting out are nowhere near the caliber of AMC or OLTL. And I find myself scratching my head, trying to figure out why Susan Lucci signed on to be on a primetime SOAP OPERA with ABC! None of this makes any sense…..then there’s the whole situation of Katie Couric wanting to get rid of The Revolution & keep GH….OK, I think that keeping GH is a great idea, but if they get rid of The Revolution then what in the hell was the purpose of canceling OLTL in the first place?! Don’t get me wrong, I think The Revolution should be gone….but does that mean that ABC will see the light and bring back OLTL? Doubt it!! Just bring OLTL back, follow that with GH, then Ellen & then the crappy new Katie Couric in the old Oprah spot.

Having broken the commandment about adultery with at least two different women, he should know about things that are not christian.

Right on Time, Tom! Now that was a straight shooter statement, which needed very little thought to put out.

I cant give you a time frame to when susan lucci had this meeting,maybe you can pin it down,every one thought she was talking to slapface marc cherry about going to desperate housewives ,so that was a while back.I am very disappointed in her .here we are the soaps fans trying to do every trick in the book to get out soaps back and a few soap stars are staying with the network we are boycotting,to me its a slap in my face from abc/disney and susan lucci.and all the rest of the soap stars that are sticking with the enemy abc/disney.maybe michael has it here ,when susan lucci had a meeting with mark slap face cherry.

Don’t forget official reprimand voted by the House of Representatives for ethics violation and resignation as Speaker.

You betcha!

Ditto Tom!! 🙂
Besides, does anyone really listen to Newt on a serious note? Isn’t he just the ‘butt’ of a good joke??

Here we go again! EVERYONE has the right to decide what they want to watch and what they don’t. If it is not your cup of tea, then flip the channel or just don’t watch the program.

I dont have to worry about that anymore except for general hospital abc/disney is not allowed in my house.


Yes, I remember when Susan spoke to Marc Cherry, it was awhile back. But to correct you it was AFTER amc ended (not during). Nonetheless, La Lucci is just like Erica, about self.

It’s a fun show, i don’t think it’s offensive in any way. If Mr Gingrich has a problem with it, then it’s his problem. He’s free to watch or not watch whatever he wants. I hope that GCB lasts for awhile mainly because there aren’t that many shows on that aren’t “reality” based anymore and that’s rather sad. Plus i find Kristin Chenoweth very funny and talented (i miss Pushing Daisies.. another show ABC cancelled prematurely).

I respect everyone and their opinions, but I WILL NOT be dictated too on what I watch. If the Christians are offended then they should change the channel. I watched it, I loved it and will tune in again. Leaves one to wonder if it may not be hitting a little to close to home for some. If something comes on that I don’t care for I change the channel, I don’t demand that sponors pull their adds, that affects my rights. Perhaps these individuals should take a long hard look at human trafficking and other true issues rather than what’s on TV. It is kind of offensive the way poeple behave. That’s All

I don’t think Gingrich’s comment is inaccurate. The show portrays women professing Christianity while flaunting behavior most would consider inconsistent with Christianity.

I viewed the show this evening (only to offer an informed opinion). Superficial, self-absorbed, stereotypical Southern women compete to be popular based on looks, money, or sexuality (written and produced by middle-aged white men, except for one woman). If you couldn’t get enough of this in high school, this is the trash for you.

One thing about you David and I know from experience (Feb 10th post Gloria Estefan post) YOU will view the evidence/situation, for an over-all accessment, to be fair and objective. Some people won’t do that. They make up their minds on a matter, that’s it! They are not willing to look at matter’s from both sides before rendering a decision.
Hats off to you! Hurry!

the meeting happened sometime in august,shes staying with the enemy, as far as Im concerned I really am disappointed in her and I hate to feel that way ,every one keeps saying that this will be another erica cane role so she should feel right at home .I will never know because I wont watch the dumb show and If the star of all my children doesnt care anymore about the soap she was on for 40 years why the hell should I ?

I agree with you david,my problem is that IM sick of females behaving like smart ass sluts ,its on all the shows today ,so I guess Im not missing anything with gcb.I just wont watch because of the network that is showing the dumb thing.your right this is high school trash.

i loved it ,

Personally, I find that the entire GOP line-up leads their lives and plays politics, which includes the “religion card”, in a way that is offensive to anyone with a brain.

I live in the South, so I am offended by GCB’s everyday– and I am not talking about the ones on TV, LOL! Gingrich and the rest of the Republican Taliban should saddle up their horses and ride off into the sunset.

As for the show, the previews didn’t interest me so I have no desire to watch it. I would rather watch daytime soaps.

You know Newt Gingrich’s chances against President Obama; they are higher than the odds that I will ever care what he thinks of GCB.

Newt needs to take a tranquilizer and shut the hell up.

Ha! Ha! Ha! I am laughing so hard that your comment was approved!

Way to go!

! agree with comment on 3/11 at 6:51pm… Didn’t watch the show.. And don’t intend to….Didn’t watch Desparate housewives & I’m not watching this one either.. Not interested in this show at all……..Not my cup of tea…………

ABC/D is a moronic network. There has to be total, total morons running it to make as many mistakes as it does. And the funny thing is that the execs do what they want and answer to noone. I hate ABC for what they did to iconic soaps AMC and OLTL and now they spend money on producing a soap that offends Christians! I can’t understand why sponsors keep advertising on ABC channels.

Don’t forget the 20 million they have to pay Couric, when soaps are just 1 million per show I heard. That’s 20 million for Couric alone, plus whatever they pay cast and crew of The Chew and Revolution/ OR whatever show wll be replaced with it.

Plus I know IRON Chefs: Michael Symon AND Mario Batali don’t come CHEAP!

How much money does this woman need? Good grief.

and they already have good jobs on Food Network.

forget about newt,the dumb program is on abc/disney ,they canceled my daytime soaps for this garbage ,This soap fan is not happy with the decisions abc/disney is making.bring back my soaps then maybe i will watch your degrading women shows,I mean prime time shows.Im sick of dumb blonds acting dumb,there all over the place.

I have only seen the promos for this show-it looks like the rest of the ABC garbage. Embarrassingly stupid. Will never watch one second of it. ABC is doing their part in the dumbing down of America, that’s for sure. ABC is on at my house for exactly 1 hour per day-GH only.

They knew it was a bad idea b/c they can’t even call it by its real name Good Christian B*tches. They ignore their audience, complaints were registered from the beginning but ABC went forward with it. Much like the revoltion failed with focus grps but they cancelled very successful OLTL anyway and put the horrible show on the air anyway! Surprise, surprise the show has lower ratings everday its on the air! ABC/D are the biggest set og liars, even worse thatn most politicians!

He should just concentrate on his role in the political satire called GOP.

Just my two cents.

No. I have a personal boycott on ABC – everything BUT General Hospital. So I do not plan on watching GCB or anything else. In light of the stunt they pulled a few weeks ago, that won’t be changing anytime soon either!

As for Newt. Does anyone care? Seriously? My husband came home the other day after I have been home with the kids all day and asked me if I heard what Rush Limbaugh called the woman who wanted birth control. I told him I don’t care. I don’t care what he had to say (Limbaugh, that is) nor anyone else. They all lie. They are all hypocrites. They all think they are better than we are. I’m sick of it.

I was raised Republican, but no one has impressed me since Regan and I was just a KID when he was in office.

I wish we would find a politician that was as HONEST as Matt Damon was in The Adjustment Bureau. That’s what I want to see! I guess pigs will fly before that happens.

I watched the first 10 minutes of “GCB” last night and it was both predictable and boring. Utter crap. Not because of the Newt stuff, but it’s just lousy writing. I turned over to watch “The Walking Dead” and that blew me away. That was soapy madness and WOW, what a shocking ending. Can’t wait to see the cliffhanger next week! Then a truly great show returns, “Mad Men”. Now that’s quality viewing. IMHO.

I don’t care about GCB, but I care even less what that hypocrite Newt and his GOP ilk think. Their “moral indignation” (LOL) is way beyond disingenuous. It’s downright ironic.

Newt who, he’s part of the 99 %.

I don’t care about what Newt thinks.

Get your heads on straight what he was saying was the media would not dare attack Muslims, Liberals etc. The bottom line is nobody should be attacked no matter what side you are on, quit destroying each other and this country and agree to disagree and stop the madness. Take responsibilty for your actions your life etc and quit expecting hand outs my husband and I have always worked and paid our taxes etc. I expect no less from fellow citizens! The mentality in this country for our young people is a new low start feeling good about yourself and stop attacking everyone. Get over it!!!

thats right, kay killgore is telling it like it is .and what she wrote is the truth,its all one sided.and what newt said is pretty much what I thought .if gcb were called g muslim b the shit would hit the fan,and all hell would break loose ,nice post kay said what I wasnt sure if I should so I kept quiet till now ,again good post.

I LOVE GCB! I know church women like those characters. And let me tell you, I may not have been able to respond in the way these characters get to, but, boy, I was wanting to. GCB is allowing me to live vicariously. LOL! I gag that I’ll actually agree with something Newt says, but I do not think they’d put the word ‘Muslim’ in the title. I also don’t care. This show hits the nail on the head in my life.


Newt’s comments are right and are still relevant bec GCB is abt to be aired around Asia. hollywood’s “progressive and liberal” loons are now taking a failed soap and foisting it to Asian audiences to promote this hateful propaganda against Christianity. Countless Primetime tv shows and Hollywood movies demonize Christianity and there’s sure to be even more propaganda from Hollywood against Mormons esp w/ the elections and Romney being a Mormon and the better candidate than Obama. This is typical of the loony liberals of Hollywood. What do you expect from the Democrats who have a large Hollywood contingent? Half of the DNC clearly was booing the inclusion of God to their platform. Despite Villaraigosa saying that 2/3 of the Dems voted God to be put back to the platform it was clearly a crumbling and divided DNC right down the middle. GCB’s title is clearly disrespectful to Christians. Is Hollywood surprised that it flopped? hollywood would never have a demeaning title for gay and lesbian characters similar to GCB. Tolerance for gays and lesbians but blatant ridicule for Christians. Anti bullying messages for the gay and lesbian audiences while Christians can be mocked for laughs. hollywood hypocrisy at its worst.


OLTL's Trevor St. John & GCB's Mark Deklin Join Cast Of New Tarzan Motion Picture Capture Movie!


One Life to Live favorite, Trevor St. John (Ex-Todd/Victor Jr.)  is making an appearance in another upcoming motion picture, as is GCB favorite Mark Deklin (Ex-Blake)!   The two actors are currently in Munich, Germany filming Constantin’s new 3D CGI motion picture capture  of Tarzan!


St. John is playing the role of William Clayton, power-hungry CEO of Greystoke Energies.  And, the storyline of the movie follows Tarzan (Twilight Saga’s Kellan Lutz) and Jane Porter (Cougar Town’s Spencer Locke), who go up against a mercenary army dispatched by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies – a company once ran by Tarzan’s parents before they died in a plane crash.

As for Deklin, he will play Tarzan’s father, who is exploring the site of a mysterious ancient meteorite and is on the brink of a discovery when he dies alongside his wife.  Another daytime notable is also in the film.  Jamie Ray Newman remembered as Kristina Cassadine on General Hospital. (more…)

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ABC Cancels GCB! Disappointed Stars Take to Twitter to Express Sadness!


Another one bites the dust! And this case it proves that even if you have an incredible cast, witty writing from the amazing Robert Harling, and tons of publicity, it still could not save this series.

Today GCB was canceled by ABC.  The series, which was anticipated to fill the soapy void that will be left by the conclusion of Desperate Housewives  hit a series low in mid-April after starting out strong in its debut in March.

GCB was based on Kim Gatlin’s 2008 , Good Christian Bitches.  The series featured Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn, a divorced mother and former high school “mean girl” who moves back to her old neighborhood in Dallas.  When she returned, she encountered the leader of the GCB’s Carlene Cockburn, played by series star, Kristin Chenoweth, who was hell-bent on ruining her reputation.   Two of the more popular characters were Blake and Cricket played by Mark Deklin and Miriam Shor. (more…)

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Sandra Bernhard Interview: How Will She Taunt The GCB's on the Season Finale?


So just what would a show like GCB  pull out of their bag of tricks for a funny and riveting season finale?  The answer:  enlist the brilliant Sandra Bernhard to play an eco-terrorist who puts the fear of God in the GCB posse!

The finale which airs this Sunday night, May 6th (10PMEST/PST) is titled “Revelation” and here is the lowdown:  When Carlene takes the GCBs down to unincorporated Juarez for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Condos for Christian Living; the GCBs find themselves in danger. (Enter Ms. Bernard!)  Meanwhile Amanda’s suspicions regarding Luke lead to a surprising discovery about Ripp.  And we also know from our recent interview with Mark Deklin, that a threat looms for Blake and Cricket’s marriage!

On-Air On-Soaps chatted with the hilarious Bernhard for a preview of the finale, and why she decided to take on the role of a terrorist!  Plus, the comedienne reveals what her plans are for the future.  Will we see more of Sandra B. on TV in 2013?  Here’s what she had to say about it all!  And make sure to check out a sneak peek clip from the episode featuring Bernhard below after reading our chitchat!

So you are going to hold hostage a bunch of Good Christian Bitches on the season finale?

SANDRA:  Yeah! Well they come down to Mexico and try to build a Christian condo on native land.  I am a Jewish eco-terrorist, Debbie Horowitz, and I am not going to let it happen.  So I hold the girls hostage in this abandoned tin shed in the middle of the Mexican desert, and I torture them! Well, not really, but in the way one would get tortured on GCB. (more…)

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