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ABC Cancels GCB! Disappointed Stars Take to Twitter to Express Sadness!



Another one bites the dust! And this case it proves that even if you have an incredible cast, witty writing from the amazing Robert Harling, and tons of publicity, it still could not save this series.

Today GCB was canceled by ABC.  The series, which was anticipated to fill the soapy void that will be left by the conclusion of Desperate Housewives  hit a series low in mid-April after starting out strong in its debut in March.

GCB was based on Kim Gatlin’s 2008 , Good Christian Bitches.  The series featured Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn, a divorced mother and former high school “mean girl” who moves back to her old neighborhood in Dallas.  When she returned, she encountered the leader of the GCB’s Carlene Cockburn, played by series star, Kristin Chenoweth, who was hell-bent on ruining her reputation.   Two of the more popular characters were Blake and Cricket played by Mark Deklin and Miriam Shor.


Mark Deklin took to Twitter to voice his disappointment tweeting,  “Wow.  I feel stunned & sad.  We have had an amazing ride and……you, the GCBfans and Blicket shippers, have been just incredible. THANK YOU all for your beautiful love and loyalty.  Just got a text from Miriam that said, “I will miss u most of all, Scarecrow.” NOW I might tear up.”

Kristin Chenoweth who was just about to perform in a live concert in San Francisco tweeted,  “Onstage. Sound check. Bad timing ABC.  San Fran will get a great show tho!”

Leslie Bibb tweeted, ” To all u GCB fans & Amanda lovers, thanks 4 the <3. Appreciate it & just wait, we’ll get 2 go on a new fun ride somewhere else.”

So soapers, what do you think about the axing of GCB?  Would you have wanted to stay around? Let us know!

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OMG, Here goes ABC again taking off the best shows. What in the hell are these “executives” thinking? They have a show that is funny, great star ensamble and great storylines. What are you going to put in its place? Some Sci-Fi crap. This show deserves to be on. Hopefully someone else will pick it up. ABC is to stupid to know whats good.

Completely agreed. This is one of the few shows I watch, I’m so disappointed!!!

I am bummed- I really liked the show! Esp K-Chen. 🙁

Me, too!

Wow. Didnt expect this. Im REALLLY starting to dislike ABC. They cancelled two of my favorite day time soaps, and now this! I really got into GCB!

Totally agree, Haley!

Love GCB, all the actors are perfectly matched to characters. It would be great for the fans to fight for it. I would. It is fun, quirky and fits an empty genre in the fall. Bring it back. You always get rid of good shows, give them a chance.

Another stupid decision. Oh, ABC, when will you ever learn? I will miss this show. It made me laugh so much! It had a stellar cast and great writing. Best wishes to all who were involved in bringing us such a great hour of TV comedy.

ABC continues to make stupid descicions. The network needs to give shows at least a chance and that doesn’t work in 10 episodes. The show was good and had lots of potential, great wrting and acting. But the chose to ax it anyway. They should at least have brought it back for half a season.

WHAT?!?! I can’t believe they continue to make bad decisions! The show hadn’t even hit its stride yet. I’ll miss it!

What is wrong with ABC they’re taking off all the good shows. I loved GBC!! I would be scared to death to work for ABC. I just can’t believe they keep taking off the good shows.

I totally agree, Shirley! 🙁

I agree… another ABC show that should not have been cancelled.. TV viewing is changing and they should be happy for the viewers that they have….. sad .. sad .. I am thinking about limiting my ABC shows that I watch.. they are making some terrible mistakes and do not deserve my viewing of their other shows.

Your right their biggest mistake was killing one life to live, All my children, and threatening to get rid of general hospital and since they did that The only show I watch is general hospital, All I can say is if you watch abc/disney don’t get attached to the shows you are watching because in a heartbeat it will be gone.

HMMMM.. I guess I need to go back to NBC today show in the morning and not watch ABC Good Morning.

Thats a very good Idea, I couldn’t agree with you more.

It is decisions like this that have viewers turning to cable. Gcb was great fun and I will miss it

Never watched it ONCE. Didnt really look interesting or like a ‘soap’ to me.
I’m still mad over my Desperate Housewives going off. But I know Mr. Cherry wants to end it while its still good so…cant blame him

This is beyond ridiculous!! As far as I’m concerned, this was the best new show; full of comedy and heart-felt moments. I feel sad for the cast and crew and the fans! ABC seriously needs to get their act together!

This move doesn’t disappoint me at all, from what I saw of this garbage it was a dumb comedy soap, Looks like Sandra bernhard keeps them hostage for ever, Thats to bad, Seriously abc you should have kept brothers and sisters. but to all you gcb fans, That’s abc/disney for you their cancel happy and they dont give a rats ass about their fans any of them.

Yet another bad decision from ABC hope someone else has sense to pick it up. It was a good show with great characters and just plain fin to watch. But according to ABC we don’t want fun or escape we want grim reality and it’s going to be death of that network. Also fed up with their treatment of Maks on DWTS & canceling soaps. Get a clue ABC before it’s too late.

ABC is the most disloyal network on television. I believe I can truely boycott all aspects of this poorly run network. This was the last investment I will personally make in anything ABC produces. If the Christians don’t like it then don’t watch it, I’m an adult an will watch what I want. Just because I don’t watch the religious network doesn’t mean I want it cancelled. That’s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not the christians or the bitches that got rid of this show, It was low ratings and abc/disneys decision.

ABC has made a lot of questionable decisions with the soaps – daytime and night time. Not only is GCB gone but Devious Maids won’t ever be seen.

ABC always cancels the wrong shows.

ABC cancels GCB and yet both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are returning for another season. This says a lot about TPTB’s intelligence.

Reality programming is less expensive so it generates more revenue and wins out, even if ratings and quality are lower, which is why television is in a race to the lowest common denominator, spewing our country with garbage for sake of shareholder profits. Enjoy the American way of life.

Agreed…so sick of Reality shows!

Hmmm…could the lack of viewers be part of a backlash by angry AMC & OLTL fans refusing to watch anything on ABC?

I would love to think that is the reason.

No, because that doesn’t explain the success and renewal of Revenge.

I think the difference is Revenge is just good television period. It’s also a drama not pretending to be a comedy or vice-versa. I also watched GCB, but it was kind of a parody of life and tv shows in general. It was funny yes, but it would have been better off as a half hour comedy show…not an hour long dramedy (whoever thought of that combo was high anyway!) Desperate Housewives started out being funny and then shifted to something I can’t explain. Was it a comedy or drama? In the end, it was pretty much not either and although I still waste my time watching it, I am wondering why! I have been faithful and have not missed a single show. What did I get out of it? Nothing…Thank God for TIVO. I can at least save some time to go outside and spend time with my dog. Did I enjoy the last season of DH? No….not really! If the creators of GCB and ABC thought it would work as an hour long show…they were obviously wrong. They should have learned that when they saw the ratings of DH decline. Let’s just hope they at least put Annie Potts in a comedy like Designing Women. (I know that was CBS…I’m just saying she is better in an ensemble comedy show, not a comedy pretending to be a drama.) The other star from Broadway is funny, but I like her better kissing her dog on Ellen. Now that’s funny!

Well it was in my case. I don’t care what they dangled in my face. it could have been my beloved Ryan Gosling, 7 nights a week, but there is NO way I will watch anything ABC except for GH right now. I just cannot stand their business practices. Disgusting.

I never watched the show. Due to ABC cancelling OLTL and AMC, my entire family boycotts watching any ABC shows except for GH. ABC are you hearing us yet?

NOPE, they have blinders on there eyes and ear plugs in their ears, BUT their pockets are loaded with big bucks because of the cheap programs that are becoming more of a common thing to watch, all the shows daytime and prime time are cheaper to produce so if you like those kinds of shows you watch if you don’t, well lets put it like this the networks don’t care they give us the middle finger in every good scripted drama or comedy they get rid of. And abc/disney is the master at doing the program killing, So I will continue to boycott the rat channel will watch general hospital then When its over I turn it off. To think that at one time abc was my favorite place to watch my shows well not anymore.

Very surprised.

Very NOT surprised.

Yeah, I’m not surprised either.

Such a shame and bad call by ABC!!!!

I’m so disappointed at ABC!

Bloody hell! Guess I can go back to “watching” CBS on Sunday nights now!

Sorry to see it go. It was a good show.

Sign the save GCB petition

I never thought for a moment that GCB could ever replace Desperate Housewives… this reminded me more of the crazy country folk that were in 4 Christmases… not something i’d want on a weekly basis. Me , I’ll be buying Deperate Housewives DVDs.

GCB was not funny..It was too stpuid to be funny…………And that is not funny at all… Again stupid isn’t funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a moron show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saw a clip of it on the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno……….It is pathetic show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just watching what they put on during general hospital was enough for me to know I wasn’t missing anything by boycotting abc/disney. Im with you susan m the show looked pathetic. Good grief I missed it on jay leno and I never miss his show, guess that was a good thing. abc should have kept brothers and sisters, now that was a dam good program.

I personally am GLAD to see it go, they should take Revenge with it!! ABC should just give it up!!! They do NOT have the capability of producing any good programing since taking off AMC and OLTL!

Never watched it as I will not support any ABC show ever again (except GH) until OLTL is airing again and ABC makes a very public apology.

THIS SHOW WAS NOT CANCELLED DUE TO RATINGS. This show was cancelled because of Rev. Ted Pike and his followers. He created this website which has many posts about the TV show:

These posts got many “christians” to threaten sponsors of the show that there will be boycotting their products. Many advertisers began to “quietly” pull their advertising for this show only. I think we all should now fight back and contact all these sponsors and tell them we will now boycott their products due to them pulling their advertising of this show!!!!!! As well as tell ABC to get a back bone!!!

Anyone interested in thanking the man (REV. TED PIKE) who got rid of GCB, here is his contact information. I think everyone should call and thank him for not allowing us to decide whether or not we should watch this show.
Please take the time to go to his website and read the “CRAP” he has been writing about GBC!!!! It it totally unbelievable!Here is another link to an entire page of his rants about a TV SHOW!!!

Ted Pike, director of the National Prayer Network
John Pike, webmaster

Mail: P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: Ted Pike 503-631-3808

If abc/disney had any backbone they would admit to a very big mistake in cancelling one life to live and bring it back. I do a lot of internet surfing about my television shows whether I like them or not and gcb was low in the ratings. people do have a right to protest whether you agree or you don’t and it doesn’t matter who they are or what organization they come from, I always say change the channel if you dont like it, looks like people did. Anyway, I haven’t watched a thing on abc/disney except general hospital since they canceled all my children and one life to live its going to be a year and I will never watch them again till my soap problem is solved I suggest you do the same. You can always blame the network who caved in and canceled do what I do 3 times a day I go to and leave them nice comments about my soaps, But be prepared I tried to save my soaps, boston legal, v, brothers and sisters, there’s more, Anyway it Doesn’t work, abc does not care for their fans. However us soap fans are doing ok letting them know we get our soaps back or we will watch another network.They like the money that is lining their pockets That’s more important then quality, good, Programming, Those days are gone. One more thing before I go, I don’t appreciate being called the b word no matter how its disguised, What abc/disney should have done was give it another name that might have worked.

GCB was getting close to 8 million viewers, so the ratings were not bad. Better than most shows and better than Desperate Housewives than last few years. And yes being a female, I get that women are offended by the word bitch, but GCB stood for “Good Christian Belles”, not Good Christian Bitches. The book that this show is about was called Good Christian Bitches. Also, this show was a scripted TV show. It was not making fun of Christians, but a lifestyle based on women in Texas. This was about a lifestyle of the BIG RICH in oil country where their motto is “go big or go home”! I have family that lives in Texas and these people do dress and act like that and they have no problem laughing at this show because they have a great big sense of humor along with their great big lifestyles. I too have fought for the same shows you mentioned above, but none of those shows were attacked like GCB due to some radical group who feels the constant need to interfere with EVERYONE’ lives and telling us how good Christians should be. It is these radical religious freaks that spew nothing but hate. I laugh that they consider themselves Christians at all! They crossed the line here and need to be stopped. They will continue to go after more shows and if they succeed, we only have oursevlves to blame if we don’t stand up to them. But I do agree with you that ABC for a LONG time has not cared about their viewers. It is all about the money and that is why no show will never have a long lifeline on their network. At least you are being proactive about it and trying to get your voice heard!

Now MP you do know that Jesus drank Welch’s Grape Juice at the last supper not WINE!!! LOL

Hey Kay,
From my understanding that “GCB” is just the beginning for ABC. I understand that this group’s next target is “Modern Family” and a few more on ABC’s night time lineup. They feel that “GCB” was a win and that they can’t fail now that ABC caved to them. I truly hope that no more shows are taken off the air due to some freaks that really do have to ruin it for so many who just want to have a good laugh at the end of their day. 😉

I have to continue to fight for my soaps, Whether it helps or not I don’t know I think its to late to bring them back. But you should go to abc/disneys e mail and let them know how you feel. I’m never going to stop the boycott I will watch general hospital and if they cancel that I will never watch anything that network has to offer, I do think they are cancel happy, They did cancel a lot of shows that I cared for and I stayed with them, But when they killed one life to live that was the last time I let it go, If they would have killed general hospital and not renewed it I would be gone from anything the mouse house has to offer.They have me for 1 hour 5 days a week no more no less. I never thought that abc would abandon their afternoon soaps, I have spent many hours enjoying one life to live and all my children,The daytime lineup for abc will never be the same. Hey MP nice chatting with you.

So MIchael, when does the “RIP” sign goes next to the name of GCB?

Heather, Even if the one life to live fans kept quiet, the comments about Starr, Todd, John, Blair, And tea would continue, The general hospital fans don’t get it, anything to save general hospital should be done. And here is something I say all the time to, I am a fan of all the abc soaps I have watched each one since the beginning, I watched gh on the first day it was on, Lucy, DR.hardy, audrey, Dr phil brewer. so I am a fan of all 3 and I do believe one life to live was the best soap high or low ratings doesn’t matter the best stories were on one life to live. for many years I have heard the general hospital fans, including me, complaining about the mob stories, Sonny and jason, the finger painting guy and the killing of so many loved characters so they have been downing their own soap and now that a few characters coming over from one life to live that’s going to be the end of general hospital, Makes no sense.

GCB was the best! Big mistake ABC!

There is a reason ABC is in third place…shortsightedness…the stupid bitches of one million moms never watched the show in the first place…if they had they would have seen flawed women who were trying to be better christians but holding onto old grudges.Much like the one million moms out there. Kinda reminds me of Muslims protesting the novel satanic verses..they see the title and blindly and ignorantly go charging forth.. i feel sorry for them because they missed a funny show about women that were trying to live by the bible but were flawed, funny, and human. When you learn to laugh at yourself then you can understand things a little better..and no bible quotes from right wingers, its just a funny show.

Couldn’d said it better! I laugh that they call themselves “OMM” since there is roughly 40K of them.

Save GCB Call-in Day!
We are calling ABC this Thursday, May 24th!
If this message reaches your after Thursday…please still call.
CALL (818) 460-7477
Press 1 (Pause) Press 2 (Pause) Press 2 (Pause) Press 459
Leave a message for “Paul Lee, ABC President”
Make sure you introduce yourself, and where you are calling from, and that you are part of the campaign to SAVE GCB!
Tell YOUR story! For example, iff you are a Christian, and love the show… let him hear it in your words. If you are just a fan or fan of the actors, TELL HIM. Whatever your story is, or whatever you love about GCB… leave a message.
*Please do not leave threatening or rude voicemails, this will not help our cause!*
Share this event with your friends, invite as many people as you can. Tweet the link, post it on facebook….copy and paste the information in an email and get the word out there.

I just started getting into the show and enjoying the characters. I was disappointed to see that it was canceled. This year ABC canceled all 3 of my favorite shows. AMC, One Life, and Desperate Housewives. I am not sure why these shows were canceled, however I hope in the future more shows like these and the grand shows like Knots Landing will return. PS: Please do not cancel General Hospital or you will lose me and a lot of my friends for sure:-)

Sad to see such a well acted and well written show go so quickly. Outrageous, you bet….that ‘s what was so much fun. All that talent will be missed….especially my old favorite David James Elliot, have missed him since Jag ended. Totally fed up with reality shows. Hey, the show was about working for redemption.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show have not missed one show

ABC sucks!! They cancell the best shows..smh. If they EVER cancell GH, I am done with the network.

I believe ABCs new philosophy is make a great show, get viewers interested and yank it of the air…….another bad decision


OLTL's Trevor St. John & GCB's Mark Deklin Join Cast Of New Tarzan Motion Picture Capture Movie!


One Life to Live favorite, Trevor St. John (Ex-Todd/Victor Jr.)  is making an appearance in another upcoming motion picture, as is GCB favorite Mark Deklin (Ex-Blake)!   The two actors are currently in Munich, Germany filming Constantin’s new 3D CGI motion picture capture  of Tarzan!


St. John is playing the role of William Clayton, power-hungry CEO of Greystoke Energies.  And, the storyline of the movie follows Tarzan (Twilight Saga’s Kellan Lutz) and Jane Porter (Cougar Town’s Spencer Locke), who go up against a mercenary army dispatched by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies – a company once ran by Tarzan’s parents before they died in a plane crash.

As for Deklin, he will play Tarzan’s father, who is exploring the site of a mysterious ancient meteorite and is on the brink of a discovery when he dies alongside his wife.  Another daytime notable is also in the film.  Jamie Ray Newman remembered as Kristina Cassadine on General Hospital. (more…)

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Sandra Bernhard Interview: How Will She Taunt The GCB's on the Season Finale?


So just what would a show like GCB  pull out of their bag of tricks for a funny and riveting season finale?  The answer:  enlist the brilliant Sandra Bernhard to play an eco-terrorist who puts the fear of God in the GCB posse!

The finale which airs this Sunday night, May 6th (10PMEST/PST) is titled “Revelation” and here is the lowdown:  When Carlene takes the GCBs down to unincorporated Juarez for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Condos for Christian Living; the GCBs find themselves in danger. (Enter Ms. Bernard!)  Meanwhile Amanda’s suspicions regarding Luke lead to a surprising discovery about Ripp.  And we also know from our recent interview with Mark Deklin, that a threat looms for Blake and Cricket’s marriage!

On-Air On-Soaps chatted with the hilarious Bernhard for a preview of the finale, and why she decided to take on the role of a terrorist!  Plus, the comedienne reveals what her plans are for the future.  Will we see more of Sandra B. on TV in 2013?  Here’s what she had to say about it all!  And make sure to check out a sneak peek clip from the episode featuring Bernhard below after reading our chitchat!

So you are going to hold hostage a bunch of Good Christian Bitches on the season finale?

SANDRA:  Yeah! Well they come down to Mexico and try to build a Christian condo on native land.  I am a Jewish eco-terrorist, Debbie Horowitz, and I am not going to let it happen.  So I hold the girls hostage in this abandoned tin shed in the middle of the Mexican desert, and I torture them! Well, not really, but in the way one would get tortured on GCB. (more…)

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GCB's Mark Deklin Interview: In the Season Finale, Will Blake be forced to come out of the closet?


The sexy star of GCB, Mark Deklin (Blake Reilly) discussed playing a closet gay role amongst a sea of Good Christian Bitches, in a brand new interview with On-Air On-Soaps, Michael Fairman  for Frontiers 

Deklin addressed his original concerns taking on the role, how he is loving his notoriety within the LGBT community, and how much he adores his on-screen relationship between Blake and Cricket (Miriam Shor).  Might a little bundle of joy be on the way for this couple if GCB gets picked up for a season two?

Deklin, gives  a sneak peek that a major threat looms for Blake  and that his sexual secret may be revealed to the community in the season finale next Sunday!    Here are a few excerpts!

Deklin on this Sunday’s climatic conclusion in GCB’s season finale! “I will tell you this.  The last several episodes we have brought out a lot of the comedy. The first three or four episodes of my journey as Blake were about building his humanity and showing this wonderful warm-hearted guy that people could attach themselves to emotionally.  And then in the next three episodes or so, I think we earned the right to sort of let Blake get a little bit wacky.  We punched up the comedy which was so much fun. But now we are going to go back to a little more of the soapy element.  We are going to introduce a storyline that is going to take a dark turn.  The big secret is under threat and there may be certain forms of blackmail and extortion, and beyond that I can’t tell you or else I will be “spoiling”. (Laughs)  And this is something people have been asking since the beginning of the show, “Is Blake and Cricket’s secret going to be exposed?”  I am not saying it’s going to be exposed, but I will say, it’s under threat. ” (more…)

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