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OLTL story shocker! Characters on deadly collision course!


One Life to Live is pulling out all stops beginning of February with a multi-car collision set-up which features 15 characters during a snowstorm on Llantano Mountain. OLTL’s executive, producer, Frank Valentini promises a massive explosion in the midst of this horror scene as well,  “It will be more epic in scale than the plane crash we staged [in 2006] and the impact more far-reaching. It’ll blow everyone’s mind.”

According to the exclusive released today by TV Guide Magazine: You can blame the whole mess on Mitch, who has kidnapped his daughter Jessica and taken her to his mountain hideaway. Ultimately 15 characters end up at the locale with various intentions—to save Jessica, to shoot Mitch, to reveal paternity secrets, to find out the fate of loved ones. Read more on juicy story teasers from this excerpt from TVG!

“Natalie is severely injured and Mitch gives Jessica electro-shock therapy which so warps her brain that she psychologically regresses to her teenage years. In a nutsy twist, a still–delusional Jessica will start a new life as a student at Llanview High! “This will be a chance for the audience to see what Jessica was like before the split personality,” Valentini says. “I think we all have a fantasy of going back to high school and retracing your steps. After a couple of really tough years, this’ll be an exciting second-chance story for Jessica.” And she won’t just be hittin’ the books at school—she’ll also find love there. (Valentini promises there’s no jailbait involved).

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OLTL will also use the mountain catastrophe to bump off that demonically evil stripper Stacy Morasco who has become one of the most despised characters in soap history. Word is, her exit involves a fall through the ice and the use of some pretty spectacular effects. Valentini’s keeping mum about it, except to say “Whether you hate Stacy or love to hate her, February is your month. The end is going to be very satisfying for everybody. It’s really kind of delicious.”

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can’t wait for February and particularly the demise of Stacy,and of course Mitch. I hope they don’t keep him on longer than necessary. He is very disturbing. I guess that means the actor is good, except he plays the same character wherever he goes. Can we have some happy story for a change?


you might not like Stacey, but at least the actor is giving a credible performance. you cannot say that about a couple of the other women in the same age bracket who are popular just because their characters are “nice”.


I am so glad Stacy is finally leaving and I hope all her lies are revealed before she leaves so Rex and Gigi can get back together because I am so not liking her with Schuyler.


OLTL Alum Renée Elise Goldsberry Says: “I Just Think The Best Actors In The World Are On Daytime Television”

As everyone knows by now, we have always been a huge fan of the work of Renée Elise Goldsberry starting back to 2003 and her beginnings on One Life to Live in her twice Daytime Emmy-nominated performances as Evangeline Williamson.

Since OLT, Goldsberry’s career has found her on-stage in the smash musical Hamilton, then in feature film and TV series including: Waves, Altered Carbon, The Good Wife, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, Documentary Now, The Get Down and Evil. 

Deadline has recently released their New Hollywood Podcast and Goldsberry was a guest on the most recent episode.  While she fielded questions from the hosts about her life pre and post-Hamilton, the topic of her time on the soaps was bantered about,  Renée stood proud with the daytime community and their talent and unbelievable work ethic and how they are not given the credit they deserve.

When talking about One Life to Live, Goldsberry stated: “I learned my acting chops on that show, because we have so much work. I just think the best actors in the world are on daytime television ”

In explaining to the hosts how soaps are shot and the pace in which the actor’s are asked to perform, she related: “We take three months to film an hour and a half movie, but soap actors. shoot six hours of television a week. They’re just really talented. The stories are so broad, and they always have to continue to defend their character and some kind of really crazy situations.”

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Renée summed it up by sharing: ” I love soaps.  I love the fans of soap operas, I love the writers and the producers, I love everything about soap operas. I have some really, really good friends who are still in that medium, killing the game… I still see my friends on those shows, and I watch them, and I’m super proud.”

So, what do you think about the sentiments shared by Renee on the hard-working men and women in daytime?  Plus, what do you think of the success she has found utilizing all of her talents on stage, recording, TV and film? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives to Air in the UK Beginning In January

Salem is coming across the pond to the UK!  Look for the British to enjoy the long-running daytime soap airing  exclusively on the Sony Channel beginning on January 20th of 2020.

According to Metro: when DAYS does debut in the UK  viewers will see the story pick-up from the series 53rd season where in story; Vivian Alamain returns to Salem after Stefan O. DiMera arrives on the scene claiming to be her son, which all happens on New Years Eve along with three major kisses.

The season which will bow on Sony Channel marked the first full season run of episodes from current head writer, Ron Carlivati

This isn’t the first time DAYS has aired in England, previously it has runs on  CBS Drama, Zone Romantica, and Channel 5

Episodes picking up from season 53 will broadcast at 9;10am.

So, glad to hear DAYS is coming to the UK? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

Y&R Casts Their New Chance Chancellor
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‘Empire’ Actress Amanda Detmer Arrested For DUI And Fleeing The Scene

The woman who is causing all sorts of trouble on Fox’s sudsy final season of Empire in the role of Tracy, seemed to cause a whole bunch of trouble for herself in real life over this past weekend.

Reports have surfaced via TMZ, that actress Amanda Detmer was arrested on Sunday night for a DUI while in Chico, California. This was allegedly after smashing her vehicle into a utility pole and then leaving the scene.

Apparently, law enforcement was notified about the damaged pole and did a thorough search of the area, where it located a vehicle with with major front-end damage.

Cops said that Detmer was the driver of the vehicle and confirmed she was indeed responsible for the collision.  Upon investigation they found Amanda has been drinking and driving.

The Empire star was arrested and will now be faced with DUI charges plus fleeing the scene.

Detmer is also recognized for her numerous film role including: Final Destination, and You. Me and Dupree.

So, what are your thoughts on Detmer’s DUI woes? Have you been enjoying her performance on this season’s Empire? Comment below.

Dynasty Casts A New Alexis Carrington
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Video du Jour

DAYS Eric Martsolf and Stacy Haiduk chat with Michael Fairman at Day of Days 2019; during their conversation the on-screen dup talk about the latest developments of Brady and Kristen within the series time-jump and more. Leave A Comment

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