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OLTL's Final Scene: How did Allison Perkins capture and tie-up Victor Jr.?


As One Life to Live fans grieve the loss of their favorite soap today, (when this afternoon on ABC Daytime, The Revolution premiere in its place) On-Air On-Soaps wants you, our soapers, to weigh in and let us know, how on earth did Allison Perkins seemingly tie-up Victor Jr.  at the final cliffhanger? 

The final moment raised many questions. Was Victor Jr. kidnapped all along by this loony? Or, did Allison trip upon him as she was on the loose (from the Statesville Prison break) after shooting Viki, while he was hiding out letting everyone think he was dead?

As many know, in the final seconds of the 43-year-old soap it was revealed that the person in the bed that Allison (Barbara Garrick) was reading her script of  “One Life to Live'” to was actually a very much alive, Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John).  Only, the catch: from appearances it looked as though, Allison had Victor Jr. tied up,  bound, and gagged! But how did Allison and Victor Jr. cross paths, when it was believed that Victor Jr. was murdered in cold blood by his twin brother, Todd (Roger Howarth)?

Put on your creative thinking caps and let us know what you think Alison and Victor Jr’s  connection is and how that final image came to pass, and what the future holds knowing that the Mannings and McBain are heading to Port Charles, and Victor Jr. is very much alive!

After the jump watch the jaw-dropping final scene from OLTL, to inspire your creativity!



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I think Irene is actually responsible and Allison knew of it and that is why she created the jail break so she could get to him after she knew Irene was dead. I think Irene brainwashed Todd into thinking he killed his brother. However Irene could never be responsible for killing the son (Victor) that she truly loved. So she switched Victors out so that he would not really be killed and she has had him hidden away and Allison has taken him for her own. The switch could have occurred as far back as when Todd was in a coma. Irene could have had the double (maybe Walker) created long before that. I don’t think the real Victor could have just been roaming around and not gotten to his family so he had to be kept somewhere against his will.

I agree with Heidi. I would not put it pass Irene to be the culprit. If you notice, in every flashback that Todd has his hair is MORE styled. I believe that Irene brain washed him to believe he shot Victor. What a great ending with Victor still being alive!!

I have wondered about that hair on Todd too… yes it was raining but his coloring is darker or wetter… it has always seemed like it was another twin or someone else?

yes ,victor was suppose to look like walker ,and allison is tricky,she always manages to pull things off ,and figuring out how to get out of prison ,easy,there are so many twists and turns in this story that I hope will continue to general hospital,I still have to think about it,I knew victor was alive I said that all along, and irene was playing head games with todd ,to make him believe he killed victor,the story of 2 todds can go on.well we will see next month ,I know I will watch.did you hear that erika slezak is going to california,Ron are you listening ?,she can be good friends with the quartermaines ,the family we want to see more of,she and clint can be on a vacation,and decide to stay there.permanently .hey todd is there with his family.Vicki is case is closed.

I too believe that Irene is the puppet master behind the dastardly goings on with Victor, Jr. and Todd. Allison, despite her bravado and flamboyance, was a former devotee of Mitch Lawrence. One a cult follower, always a cult follower. Thus I believe Allison is in league with Irene. After all, there was never a full revelation of what nefarious scheme Irene was actually up to. No disclosure regarding the mysterious missing “IT” that Irene’s lab created and that the authorities were after ever materialized. This would suggest that some larger agenda was being undertaken at the Louisiana lab. Consequently, if Victor Jr.’s features could be altered (which they apaprently had been…by utlimately why?) it would be relatively easy for Irene to have had a faux Victor as the murder victim and standard procedure to brainwash Todd into believing he had perpetrated homicide. In turn, this possibly presages Irene’s return as a duplicate Irene may have been the one to take Todd’s bullet at the docks. Allison’s chilling closing announcement along the lines of “Nothing is as it seems” constitudes double entendre foreshadowing of future developments. Thought it may seem science fiction embellishment to subscribe to an extended quantic physics or cloning lab theme re. Irene and her sons I would cite the example of the 1955 film noir classic KISS ME DEADLY in which wayward detective Mike Hammer discovers a bit too late that the mysterious “IT” was a hissing mass of plutonium capable of mass destruction. Certainly a diabolical character such as the insidiously twisted and clever Irene could be dabbling in nihilistic matters of worlwide proportion.

Forgive the typos in my previous reply…I was recently in position of a strange micro-chip which I fished out of the waters off the shores of Port Charles, New York.


This is such a tough call Michael. It was brilliant & a total surprise, considering all the publicity over all the soap opera press stating that Trevor St. John would not/could not appear in the final week of scenes as Victor, Jr.

Excellent Work By All–Mazel Tov!! 😀 😀

Someone from the not too distant past got to Allison in the prison. He promised her freedom and the means to achieve it, and vengeance against Viki and her family. Kidnapping Victor was his plan but fit perfectly into the idea of hurting Viki-one brother supposedly dead, the other arrested for his murder. This man likes to see Todd Manning go away for murder. And with a little bit of irony considering his connection to the Manning family, having Todd tied to a bed was sheer brilliance. I believe, therefore, that Dr. Spencer Truman has risen from the grave and is now poised to finish off the Manning brothers, for good….leaving Blair up for grabs…….

I don’t know how she did it….and I don’t care. I’m just glad Victor’s not dead! My jaw hit the ground when I saw him in that bed. But if I had to guess, I would say that somehow Irene & Allison crossed paths and came up with this scheme. It was Classic OLTL cliffhanger! And I loved every minute of it. I’m just so upset that OLTL is not on today…..but I’m not going anywhere near ABC daytime. Haven’t even turned to that channel, and don’t plan on it. I have never been a fan of DOOL, but it looks like I’ll be watching that, at the 1pm hour. Michael, please let us know if the ratings for The Revolution are in the toilet….I pray that they are.

Please watch General Hospital especially since the Mannings and John McBain will be on starting next month

I plan on supporting GH…..I’m just saying that during the Chew & The Revolution, I have to find something else to watch….and since DOOL comes on at the same time as The Revolution, I’ll be watching that now.

I love that Victor’s still alive! It was the best surprise ever! At least this ending was better than AMC!

I am hoping this story rolls over into GH and that TSJ will join RH, KD and KA for the crossover. I am also hoping that OLTL is folded into GH and that the best of both shows are merged. Sorry but GH didn’t deserve to be saved at the expense of our beloved ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Long live ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

I ditto that, OLTL was the best soap on TV, ans the only one I watched.

Spenser Truman would certainly cause the reaction Victor had when he saw the shooter, and it was not a reaction to seeing Todd. Todd coming after him would NOT be a surprise. Truman could be a doctor in Port Charles, living under with a brand new identity after Irene Manning saved his life.

I agree as far as todd not shooting victor. victor knew how much todd despised him. It wouldnt have been a shock to him. Even todd knew victor was aware of his aggression towards him. I think either somehow allison or irene shot victor. Only real theory

I think that somehow, Allison was also connected to Irene Manning. Irene’s purpose for murdering Victor was so she could have control of Todd’s inheritance. Victor’s wounds were serious but they didn’t actually kill him (we’ve seen this before on soaps). Allison always seems to know people in the medical profession willing to do less than honorable things for money. After being pronounced dead, Victor was taken some place to recover but Irene, while glad that her favorite son wasn’t dead (even though she ordered the hit) held him captive to punish him for betraying her. Once Irene was dead, Baker (remember, Baker was still in Irene’s good graces at the time of Victor’s “death”) probably kept Victor in the undisclosed location while allowing Todd to believe he killed Victor. This worked in Baker’s favor and put him exactly where he wanted to be, because now; deep in Todd’s pockets. Once it is revealed that Victor is alive, Blair and Starr, in time can forgive Todd for once again lying…until he does it again. It only makes sense that after finding out that Todd believed he killed Victor and blamed Tomas for it, Jack, Danni and Sam would opt to stay in Llanview with Victor and Tea but it leaves the door open for all of them to pop up in Port Charles.

Michael it kills me today to see RIP written next to OLTL on your Soap List As for the ending I am still confused. If Allison broke out of Statesville on NYE how did she get Victor and who was stashing him? Maybe that shifty mayor who took over for Dorian had a hand in the entire thing.

Wow, AMC and OLTL both say RIP now. I was wondering when that was going to happen. Sigh.

This was all put into place before PP backed out. I believe Allison was connected to Irene. Will we ever find out? I hope we do. Thank you OLTL cast and crew for all the wonderful years.

I partially agree with Heidi that Todd was brain-washed by Irene into thinking that he killed his brother Victor. How Allison ties into all this could have something to do with her past before she ended with a few french fries short of a Happy Meal. I believe that long ago Allison worked with Irene in the “spook” department before she lost her marbles OR Irene recruited Allison, brain-washed her (in the same way David Webb became Jason Bourne, professional assassin) but something went wrong with Allison and she became a very “lose cannon” that Irene couldn’t control and she escaped before Irene could “terminate” her. Allison knew of Victor and Todd, kept tabs on them for awhile and might have recruited some help (probably using “the messenger’s brain-washed disciples) before she went to prison to keep an eye on them. Victor gets shot but is not mortally wounded, a paralyzing drug is administered to him (similar to what the Haitian voodoo priest use to turn their victims into “zombies” to simulate death), and to make sure all goes according to plan, the EMTs are actually the “disciples” that Allison hired to make sure that everyone knows that Victor is “dead”. At the hospital, the doctors supposedly do an autopsy but actually, they patch Victor up. Victor, still under the influence from the paralyzing drug is sent to the funeral home and after everyone has viewed Victor’s body, the casket is closed, then switched with one full of rocks and bricks for the burial. Now what does Allison want with Victor? Why keep him alive? And how will Todd get out of his predicament? Even if Victor shows up and is proven to be alive, he’s still in a deep in trouble for at least kidnapping! Hmm…

I thought was that victor jr was dead. I think the ending scene
was from when margaret cochren held him captive remember
the pjs hair. According to soap opera digest 1-17-12 issue
page 64 he tell how he never left cali.

I might be grasping at straws, but I am hoping their is a GH connection here. I think Helena Cassadine is involved. Helena could have wanted whatever Irene wanted from Todd. So she found Allison Perkins and got her under her control and managed to.get her out of Statesville, fake Victor Jr.’s death and brainwashed Todd. Maybe Allison is in Port Charles awaiting further instructions., it could be connected to the Lady in White story.

I don’t know and I don’t care. It. Was. Brilliant. I can normally sniff out a soap secret from a mile away, but this one knocked me flat on my butt!! I am confident Victor will find his way to PC, and I don’t care HOW squirmy and convoluted Cartini has to get to make it happen. More bound and gagged TSJ, please! And may Téa follow ASAP!

I completely agree, Jessica! I don’t care what TPTB have to do to make it happen, but they NEED to get Victor and Téa to GH. I need them to be reunited and for this story to be told.


I mean, TSJ is already in LA, so just get FL out there! It can’t be that difficult! If any couple deserves to be reunited its them, IMO.

Allison was working for Irene’s people, who were holding the dead Victor hostage. After leaving Viki’s house, she went back to HQ, killed Irene’s men and took Victor Jr. hostage.

They cant bring ALL of OLTL, so now what?

These are all excellent theories… I agree that Irene Manning is/was involved and the mastermind behind everything. As I type this, it is 1:03 p.m. and I am PRAYING that the DREADolution is getting abysmal ratings today!!

I hope so too, Joe!

I think that the original story line would have been Irene and Allison working together But,since the deal with PP fell through,Helena will be added to the mix,and maybe Victor is being held at Wyndemere.

We could get our answers if not on GH. RC could write a book and continue the story like Carolyn H. did for Damien Spinelli… or better yet Carolyn H could work with RC and write the book!

At any rate the next podcast has to be OLTL people and GH people and the crossover!

I think that Irene enlisted and hired Allison (along with bailing her out of prison for a little while!) as part of her “Two Todds” plot to kill Victor Jr. all along, and for Irene to brainwash Todd into thinking that he murdered his own brother when he held him hostage in her compound in Louisiana, and after Irene died, Allison arranged the prison break so that she could also get to Victor Jr, whose body was taken away by Irene’s henchmen after he was shot by a blank bullet and had his death faked, and was taken to that hotel room where he was tied up and gaggged for months, so that Allison can watch over him after Irene died!

Definitely Irene is mixed up in all this. Remember, the Mannings and of course, Allison were all mixed up with Mitch. John, Bo & Mr. Evans surmised that there was help from the outside. I’m thinking that Irene sent the paramedics to spirit away the real Victor, and bring in a body double for the autopsy. If Irene was in on the plot to break Mitch and Allison out of Statesville, she could have had Victor stashed almost anywhere. And do we really know that Irene is dead? Hmm?

I do have to say however, How Crazy Can Allison Perkins be, After all, She Does have Trevor St John ,Tied to a bed! LOL!

P.S..It’s actually now…My new screen saver….!

Dying. Will make it mine too!

I always believed Victor was alive. I don’t know why I just did. I just wish we could have seen Victor and Tea reunite. I have watched OLTL since day 1. It was so hard today to not see a OLTL episode. I miss it so much already. I watched the last 5 episodes Saturday night with a bottle of wine and cried my eyes out. I just love this soap.

I also think Irene had something to do with Victor’s shooting

HAD to be Irenes doings- she was not a TODD lover- MOM- Victor washer favorite- I hope they work into GH- I am not a lover of GH- but, if they work OLTL into it- I may consider- I WOULD love if somehow they work VICKY into it-

I don’t think irene is really Dead and I believe she is apart of mitch L. knowing Allison was such a great follower she used Allison to gain her son Victor back. I think that they are going to start getting some signs that Victor is still alive and that is what will bring Thomas and Tea to GH. But first we will see where ever including Todd thinks he killed his brother. I think the Doctors and Todd with have some interaction as he starts to remember what really happen that night his brother was killed. as far as victor being dead that easy they have him something to stop his heart beat long enough for everyone else to think he was dead.

I think that Victor was the head honcho of the rogue organization and was Irene’s boss. He could have faked his death and had this planned out for a long time. He probably is living under the radar someplace known to those who knew him truly. Maybe Allison knew all about him and went to go see him for help. Maybe he refused and she snapped, hit him in the head, dragged him to the room and tied him up on the bed before he came to. Maybe Sonny from GH knew him as well and had a few business deals with him. : )

He also could have had Walker on his payroll and set him up to be killed and take his place in death.

Those thoughts in Todd’s head could have just been false memories made by his guilt of wanting his life back and he could have been in the house when the plan was being put in place by Victor but was drugged with something short term affects and snapped out of it while he wondered Llanview’s streets.

But that would make no sense considering Victor would never willingly leave his family. He had Tea, Dani & Jack (though not biologically his), and Sam, he would never do that to them.

This is how I see it being played out. I didn’t believe that he was innocent before, during and after the reveal and I don’t believe he’s innocent now. This is from my point of view and it doesn’t have to make sense to you just like him being innocent makes no sense to me. : )

I think Alison and Irene were in cahoots and set up the whole thing. Whether Todd shot Victor or it was another case of brain-washing, I always thought the paramedics in the scene of Victor’s “death” were fishy. They came in and basically announced on arrival, “Oh he’s dead”. Even if no pulse is felt, most medics at least try to revive. So I think Irene set up the whole thing and Alison escaped the prison to “guard” Victor since Irene is dead (that we know of). I’ve heard rumors this will all be tied into the evil on GH like Helena, which I find to be interesting. I just hope they write it so as not too confusing or ridiculous. But reall all Iwant is Victor and Tea to reunite, it just needs to happen. lol.

It was Cousin Oliver. He did it! He planned the cancellation of Fraternity Row, and knew that Victor had the proof. So he set up Todd. Made him think he killed his brother. And offered up Victor to Allison, for information or the location of Tiger. There is no other explanation. Because if you think back Oliver did kill the Brady Bunch.

If she could orchestrate a prison break, she could get out long enough to have set it up. Allison Perkins being the “shooter” does fall in line with Victors: Oh my god, what the hell are you doing here?” He never saw her coming. Anyone else like Todd, Brody, Rex, etc would have would have been a sarcastic comment in only way TSJ knows how. But I always thought that death scene looked fishy, from the blood trails, to how he “slowly died”. He was probably drugged to simulate death, hence him not being able to get what out what he wanted to say to Tea except “I love you” and convulsions. Plus, I don’t know if paramedics were involved but they acted funny.

There wouldn’t be a stretch to find connections with Irene, Mitch, Allison, Flynn. They could tie it in somehow. But Irene most likely did it.

I’m also not implying that Flynn is alive, but Victor does have his face – is all I was saying. They acted differently and were different characters.

Also, Victor was not in on the switch. At all. They needed him to be innocent to keep connections going.

I think that TSJ’s character is Walker Lawrence. It is my want to believe that he was in on all of this with Mitch and maybe Allison. I think that he may have ditched Mitch and crew in the end after Mitch’s psycho tendacies threatened everything. Once Blair legally declared Walker Todd and he got his hands on Todd’s fortune he broke ties with Mitch and began working on the Louisiana facility shelling money into it working with underground organizations, including the mob to keep it going. The woman who’s believed to be Irene is not the real Irene she is someone who worked with them, she’s someone they placed in a Mission Impossible style dough face and voice box that pretended to be Irene, she could have even been a prisoner that they brainwashed into going along with it. In the grand scheme if their plan was ever at risk all the stops would be pulled to cover their butts and the organization and false Irene could buy them some time. In the end it became more than just a way for Mitch and Walker to get their hands on the Lord fortune, but they didn’t plan on Todd escaping. Once Todd escaped they had to think fast meaning Walker and his associates had to get the heat off of him the best way they knew how because they didn’t think the whole twin thing would hold up for long. Atleast, not with Todd once the brainwashing started to wear off, because in the end real Todd in his right frame of mind never just lets things go. Of course they/he Walker would have never expected his real brother Mitch and Allison to escape Statesville, so it had to be a coincidence that he awoke to find himself tied to the bed he slept in while Allison looked on. Allison could have tracked him down at an old meeting place/house that they used to conduct dirty dealings. Walker could have been on her list. I think that real Todd’s head has been messed with and he’s under the influence of years of heavy programming and brainwashing, also he was drugged to willingly give up information and detail of his life to Walker who came in with the intent of getting the money, with his brother Mitch; but later decided Mitch was a liability. Walker was not thinking it would literally back fire if Todd showed up again he though he had it all under control. It can’t be soon enough that Tea, Todd, and everyone will find out the real truth and who the man Allison had tied to the bed really is and that is not someone who is a part of the Lord bloodline, or the man that everyone thinks he is.

lol no.

He’s Victor Lord, Jr – not Flynn and always has been. (original Flynn Walker hated being called Walker and was a MUCH DIFFERENT CHARACTER) He’s been dead for awhile and his interaction w/Tea at the end of his death scene wouldn’t have made sense. His DNA matched Todd’s – twice, DNA matched Dani. it wouldn’t have if it wasn’t. People keep trying to reach here. They made Victor a twin and an unknowingly participant for reasons. So, they wouldn’t reject him and he’d always be connected to their Lord/Manning/Delgado family. His reaction was genuine when he found out. Early on they made you think he was in on it only to keep everyone guessing with knowing Baker but that was w/money laundering thing.

It’s my interpretation and opinion of what I’d like to see. However, Allison did make a comment about Llanview’s faulty DNA procedures and how things aren’t always as they appear.

OK, Michael Fairman,

I’m sure you read everyone’s theory here. So who do you think has the best theory to explain Victor being alive and in “custody” of Allison Perkins?

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