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OLTL's Ron Carlivati addresses Todd Manning situation!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

One Life to Live’s head writer, Ron Carlivati addressed the ongoing rumors and reports if a Todd Manning switcheroo might be in play that could in turn bring the original Todd Manning, Roger Howarth back to the Llanview canvas. Carlivati did admit that their have been multiple on-screen teases.

Carlivati hinted to Soap Opera Digest the following,  “We know that Todd has a different face and that’s an established part of the story. We’re playing on that history and use it in the mystery that we started to tell with Blair and Tomas. The savvy viewer will notice. So it opens up a lot of questions and possibilities. There is definitely an element of the mystery that is connected to the way Todd used to look.”

Now, add to that that it appears from some circulating reports that Trevor St. John’s (Current Todd) contract may be up for renewal in April, what could this all mean?

So would you like to see Roger back as Todd and Trevor to stay as another character? Or, would you like Trevor to be Todd and this is all just a red-herring by the show to make you think that Roger Howarth is coming back? Let us know.

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I’ve been waiting 7 years for Roger to return to OLTL. I also believe he is in fact returning & will probably be seen in the next few months. May sweeps? Welcome Home Roger!

Trevor’s ‘Todd’ actually offends me. Todd was such a remarkable character and he is now unrecognizable. Please, for the love of the show, bring Roger back as Todd Manning as soon as possible!!!!!!

No way, I never liked Todd until Trevor took over the role! Roger is a good actor but Trevor give’s the role much more of an edge!

Colleen I’m with you – I never accepted TSJ as Todd – he is Mitch’s brother playing a part, an imposter…. WELCOME HOME ROGER, your back where you belong!

Things arn’t looking good for Roger right bow, but I really wanted him back as Todd.

I was very excited to see the orig. Todd (RH) come back to Llanview! I do love TSJ but I am partial to the orig.. I am really hoping that RH’s Todd is the real one. TSJ did not renew his contract~ and I am hoping there isn’t yet another twist that would prove that neither of them is the real Todd. I also can’t wait till Andrea Evans return in Sept. to reprise Tina and the orig. Cord will be back!! At least OLTL is not bringing every dead char. back to life just for the end Date on ABC like AMC is~ cause right now I am not liking that whole storyline. But have to say I would much rather see Thorston as Zach instead of reprising Patrick~ if I had to hear Brown Penny Brown Penny one more time~ I would have gagged!! But I am hoping it is RW I have missed him since he left 8 yrs ago!! TSJ did do a really good job but I m hoping for the orig. TSJ is better looking though I will give ya that

RH is what I meant

All I have to say is…my heart is pounding again. I luv u Todd..always have.. nice to see your sexiness again….mmm..mmm…mmm……..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

NOOOOOOOOO I never liked him.I love Travor in this role

one name……Roger Howarth….period.

by the way anyone that says Trevor St John is Todd… boring has that character become……please…..don’t blame it on writing …’s the actor….Roger please come back….you are the one and only Todd….Prince of Darkness….


ome more point….Trevor St John made Todd his own…..WTF????…..yeah made him into a character that should have been let go a long time ago….Roger made Todd Manning…..period………..lots of periods….lol…..please OLTL bring him back.!!!

If TSJ was frat boy 1, he’d have gone off to jail with Zack & Powell, end of story. Yeah, he’s made the character his own alright, but Todd Manning he’ll never be.

thats right! frat boy would have been long gone if it werent for Roger he brought the character to life he is the best and always be the one and only TODD, you TSJ fans obvisouly have never seen Roger from the beginning

I hope Trevor stays as Todd.I really like him and think he does a great job as Todd.


Please never bring RH back. I was watching when he quit. He dissed all his fans and the character Todd. Now that he is out of a job Todd doesn’t look so bad. Keep him away. I will be disgusted if that ungrateful boor comes back.

Why does TSJ’s fanbase need to LIE about ROGER?

My point exactly Vicki H., they haven’t seen R’s Todd Manning, if they did they would love R’s protrayal (sp?) of him. Obviously they know not what they speak!!!

Girl, you haven’t seen what Todd can really be like. Trevor doesn’t have a clue how to be Todd Manning, RH made the role and only HE can play it. Once you have watched RH in this role then you will wonder What The Heck , Trevor is sooo not Todd Manning, he doesn’t know the history, the boy can not act his way out of a paper bag! Roger Rules, and he rules that role. TSJ, give me a freaking break!!!

You may be a rabid RH supporter, but TSJ is a brilliant actor.

you have no idea what your’re talking may like RH better but trevor is an amazing actor and is probably one of the best on the show! so dont insult trevor like that. And yes trevor does know ow to play todd manning, hes been doin for the past 8 years. “the boy can not act his way out of a paper bag” haha i would love to see you act better than trevor st. john.


ugh dont insult roger either. hes bbrillinat as well

I like Roger but I love the way Trevor plays Todd and he is also a better actor. Roger hated the character of Todd, why would he want to come back?

Another LIAR.

AMEN Vicki, Roger did NOT HATE Todd Manning, had you only listened to what really happened then you would know the truth. So many of TSJ fans don’t know the truth and that is what they want to see, they want to continue to stay blind.

Okay, Roger DID NOT hate the character of Todd. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Yeah, uh-huh, he hated playing the character so much that he understood the character to a T.O.D.D. Really, stating that he hated a character he CREATED and understood like no other, unless you have an exact quote from Roger himself or proof of him saying such a thing, that remark is truly unnecessary and in fact, slanderous.

So I apologize, but to those of us who understand the character of Todd from the get-go, his incarnation, his love for Blair, his complexities, his fears, his insane childhood with a father like Victor Lord, Roger Howarth IS Todd Manning and always will be.

Hold on a second with the name calling! The soap press was hot with stories about Howarth’s “Bad boy behavior” during his time on OLTL. Some reports even indicated that his fellow actors were not fond of working with him. I remember those stories very well.

And the lies keep coming. Is that why the co-stars he worked with at the time want him back on OLTL? I have PROOF if you want to read for yourself. Some of you can’t tell the difference between the actor & the characters.

Geez, Vicki…take a chill pill! It’s a freakin’ soap opera, not world peace!!!!

YOU & others are making up lies about a REAL person. Why don’t you take your own advice. CHILL.

No, I am NOT “making up lies about a real person.” The articles that I read in the soap press CLEARLY indicated that Howarth was often “difficult” and not well-liked by some of his co-stars. One actress even said she likes St. John much better because at least he doesn’t mind touching her, unlike the former Todd (Howarth).

The reason I started to watch OLTL was because of the current Todd Manning ( Trevor) He make the show so interesting. Before Trevor, I thought the show was boring. I hope they keep the current Todd. Maybe the writer could have both Todd on the show as brothers.


I LOVE Roger with a passion,,but after all this time I also LOVE Trevor,,I say bring Roger on and keep Trevor,,both would kick the show off the hook with their combined talents,,,not to mention how many lives it would effect and the story lines that would come just from that. Bring it on OLTL,,,your doing great so far so lets do it <3

FINALLY, PRAISE THE LORD, someone who can see the real deal. Trevor can stay and be who he was hired to play in the first place, WALKER Lawrence. The two of them would be awesome!

Please bring Roger Howarth back to OLTL. The sooner the better.

To be honest, I’m sick of the charcter of Todd. PERIOD! I couldn’t care less about either one of them and wish they would both vanish into the sunset! If I had to make a choice, I would prefer TSJ because he has played the character much longer. I no longer see RH as Todd because he has been away from the character too long. And the whole “changing faces” thing just won’t get it with me because OLTL already has so many “stupid” storylines, that would just be yet another one that would be so “over the top” it would be ridiculous! If they want to bring back some “quality” characters, then bring back KISH! They were the best couple OLTL has had on the show in years!!!

I have been waiting for RH to return since he left, he brings so much more to the role. Bring back the REAL TODD!!!!

Trevor IS Todd. He has made the role his own, and his Todd is a much more layered character. Howarth walked away from the role because he didn’t like the character. Now that St John has to some extent humanized Todd, it’s not right to bring the original actor back. We watch these shows because we invest in the characters. If a good story can be told with both actors on the canvas, so be it. But don’t turn St John’s version of Todd into a “seat warmer” until Howarth decided to come back.

RH walked away from the role when they tried to make Todd into a romantic lead and floated the idea of hooking him up with Marty. While TSJ has done a great job, he and the writers have turned Todd into a conceited, self-absorbed asshat who thinks he has no culpability in all the evil things he has done.
I want RH to come back, but I do think that TSJ should stick around.


Some can’t understand the difference. TSJ is fine, but not as Todd. He has totally wiped out everything there was to the character & made him an ordinary soap character, you know like the dozen other bad boys of daytime. I want TODD back & only Roger could do that.

I hated to see Howarth leave OLTL back when, but now that I’ve watched TSJ this long, I do NOT want RH back as Todd.

If they’ve got the money to waste on RH to add him to the cast [and I suspect they don’t], that’s OK. I just really do not want another switch.


I’ve read alot of posts on this subject and there are alot of viewers that only know Trevors version of Todd. Alot of them I’ve read is judging how Roger was as Todd by that last repeat episode. I’ve been a OLTL fan way back when Vickie was a teen and I seen Todd from beginning to now,,Rogers Todd is not just a dark figure,,if you could watch him like I did his character of Todd was growing and changing as well just like we’ve watched Trevors version grow and change, he had alot of sides to him,,ranging from out of hand evil right down to very sensitive and gentle. Rogers Todd could be so many things. Rogers Todd of course was darker and more guarded because when he had the role Todd was still young and angry and trying to control the rage inside. He was extremly abused and he abused his own self more by self sabitage and pushing away anyone who tried to show him otherwise. Unlike his sister Vickie he didn’t have split personalities to hide his pain behind,,he had to deal with it. It would be so much better if we didn’t judge one against the other because their both great and see the possiblities of having both of these actors bringing it to the show and bringing back the wow factor we’re all wanting. I love them both, truly I do and I get very exciited thinking about what these two masterminds can do to give this show what it needs to take the lead and make it so you don’t want to miss a single show.

Miss Sandy you are absolutely on the money ,honey! Like you I have watch this show since before the Todd character began. Roger H had this side of him that was dark and sexy at the same time. Roger made this into a person that you wanted to hate so much but could not because he had this gentle vulnerable side that you just felt so sorry for him and for gave him all his transgression. And then bam he would do something else so vile and destructive and you would not see it coming sometimes. And was sexy doing it too. Now Trevor made this Todd character his own. He is a good actor but is not a Todd Manning. I would love to see these to actors go at it with each other. It will be amazing to see what they can pull off each other.
But if I had to chose then Roger H is my man for the character Todd.

No, let TSJ stay on. I’ve grown to like him as the character who is Todd Manning, and the change of the actor was already explained with the history of OLTL and all that. Don’t do this Ron, it’s an insult to me.

your kidding….

I am completely serious.

Trevor St. John is a brilliant actor and does a great job playing the role of Todd Manning. Years ago, there were many reports of Roger Howarth’s “bad boy behavior” on the set of OLTL. Some even indicated that his fellow actors were not very fond of him. I have been a OLTL fan for many years and I will be most unhappy if St. John is booted in favor of Howarth. (If TSJ chooses to leave, that’s a different story…)

We all know that soaps regularly rewrite history, but in the years that TSJ has been walking in Todd’s shoes, the character has taken numerous blood tests and paternity tests, so trying to convince viewers that “Todd” has not been “Todd” since TSJ took over the role is insulting to my/our intelligence!

1st off, there were never any blood test taken. There was no dna test either. Tea SAID she took the dna from a brush.

I guess you weren’t watching when Viki gave birth to 1 daughter? I was & look what happened there? If ABC wants RH back & he agrees it doesn’t matter what you or I saw happen. I also saw Jack as a baby before Dani was conceived. I guess that didn’t insult your intelligence. if you really were watching all the rewrites in OLTL history over the years you wouldn’t feel so insulted by any of this.

Vicki, FYI, yes, I have watched OLTL since its premiere back in the 60’s…and yes, some of the rewrites of history have been jarring, like how many times can Victor Lord die. BUT just as much as YOU want Howarth back, some loyal fans DO NOT WANT HIM BACK as Todd. We are perfectly happy with Mr. St. John.

Yea exactly Tea said she did a dna test on dani and todd….thts does mean something….and so what if it was from a brush??

I’ve been watching since Sadie worked at the hospital, around 68-69. There’s just as many LOYAL OLTL fans who have continued to watch OLTL over the years who want RH back. Are we in some kind of contest here? You spoke of insulting your intelligence, that’s what I responded too. I don’t care if you like RH or not. Not everyone does. Just like NOT EVERYONE likes Mr St. John.

Agreed, vicki H! Don’t know why some folks just can’t live and let live. Some of us are HAPPIER with RH in the role of Todd. To us, he is STILL Todd Manning. TSJ is a fine actor, but he’s not MY favorite Todd. Too many reasons as to why he doesn’t work for me to get into here. Bottom line, TSJ’s Todd works for others, fine, great for them. But it doesn’t work for me, never has, and that’s NOT a crime. It’s an opinion, and others don’t have to agree.

His fans are making it worse for him. There’s so much hatred for a man they don’t even know.

I agree with you whole-heartedly….I am a huge fan of the Old Todd…some people have to get over it, of course Trevor St John is a fine actor, but he is NOT the Real Todd Manning!!!!!

I hope Roger Howarth does not come back. I have watched One Life to live as song as it has been on the air, and I never liked Todd until Trevor St. James took over the part. Howarth was such a one-dimensional actor. I can’t imagine why anyone woul dthink his return woul dhelp the show.

okay look i like trevor better too, but Roger’s todd was not one dimensional

Roger one dimensional……are you alright????….Trevor St John is the one and only boring one dimensional actor on daytime…Roger was and always will be the prince of darkness TODD MANNING

Trevor St John is one of the best actors on daytime! Please keep Trevor as Todd!

Okay i am a loyal TSJ supporter and let me tell you i am outraged by both the RH supporters and the TSJs for bashing the other actor personally!!!!!!! who the hell are you to go around talking shit about an actor’s personality when you dont know a thing about them? have you met them? i doubt it? even if you have i doubt you know him ell enough to be talking that way about him. Now about tsj being a fake todd: that is an insult, a spit in the face, to trevor and all the hard work he has put in to the character f todd all these years. Like everything hes done doesnt matter. I have seen RH act before tons of times as Todd and let me tell you ive been left speechless sometimes by the way he portrays him. But so does TSJ at times. But TSJ is todd now. he has made the character his own just like roger did. How is it fair to boot TSJ just so Roger (who left the role on his own free will) can come back (if thats even the case)? its not. Besides there is too much evidence proving that the todd we know now is the real thing: The DNA test with dani, The memories of raping marty that only todd would have, the way he could recognize Powell’s voice like he did when Powell called todd after drugging him, he memories we saw todd going through when he was being executed, and the way he knew everything about starr when he first came back as walker. i could go on and on. Now ill admit that ever since the Tarty s/l back in 2008, Todd’s character hasnt been the most interesting to watch. I meen yes hes funny but other than that (and i cannot believe i am saying this) his character has been a little boring. Myself and the rest of the viewers want to see Todd do something dark. and I dont meen bullying teenagers around or making empty threats. i meen we wanna see something “orginal” from todd. You know something classic. somethig that only todd would do. Him keeping marty from everyone else, that is something orriginal. that is something dark. and that is that is a unique storyline. and act/scheme that only todd manning would pull. See the thing we love about todd manning (whether you know it or not) is that he does unspeakable things. bad/evil things. but somehow in the end hes able to at least semi-reedeem himself. And Mr. Trevor St. John is more than capable of pulling something like that off (hes proven it over and over again) it is just the suckish writing that is holding him back.

Despite the fact, that this block of writing needs paragraphs, I think this was a good read.

I too like Todd for the heinous things he’s done. Nothing’s more entertaining than Todd doing something completely evil. But I also loved the guilt and anguish he felt after he did those things. I miss how he would speak to the audience with a look or a sigh. I miss the monologues. He used to speak to the audience a lot all by himself with tons of words that gave an insight to who he was. Todd knew himelf. He was self-actualized.

I also miss his silence – how he wouldn’t say a word and that would speak volumes. How he used to sit sprawled out and thinking. Then he’d get an idea and bounce up. Scaring me half to death with his sudden movement. I miss the torture and angst. Wanting love and wanting to reciprocate it but couldn’t. Something always held him back.

Nothing’s worst than a happy Todd. This character does not deserve that. Happiness is really below Todd. He deserves to have misery as his company. Now, if he were real, I would want him to find some peace in the end.

What is fascinating about Todd is what he does is an attempt to find that peace whether it hurts others or not. His self-loathing and self-hatred is to extinguish it.

TSJ has made Todd his own but somehow Thomas Todd Manning seems more like a stranger to me. RH’s Todd never was. It’s like when you grow up with someone and they move away and he or she comes back but it’s just not the same. : (

I want TSJ on the show but just not as Todd. No amount of quality writing that the writers could ever muster up could help with that. I’ve tried to accept him as Todd for two years in the beginning. I wish my friend would come on home and it be the same as if he never left.

BAM! You just hit the nail on the head. It’s the reason why RH said he didn’t want a happy Todd. After all he’s done, and been through, he said he didn’t think that Todd deserved it.

Great post! 🙂

Trevor= Walker….Roger= Todd……all set……

I would love to see the original Todd back. He is a very good looking guy and the Todd now is not that cute. I thought the way he interacted with Starr was great and the current Todd never acted with her in the same way. I remember reading articles about the original Todd and from what I remember he had issues about the “rape” scene and the repercussions that came from people , in public, hating him. I agree with others to keep the current Todd, but I would LOVE to see the old Todd back. I also think that the original Todd would have been much better when he was in that cabin with that crazy girl that the youngest kid came from. Forgot their names. AND the story line now with aging Jack and making him be a bully (and the Tomas story [and that guy is cute and a good evil guy] will be a great way to bring in Todd and have him shake things up. BTW I also love Tess and think that the Hot Todd would be hilarious with her antics.

TSJ made an original edgy amazing complex 3 dimensional charater into the most boring corniest lamest wimp on day time television. Thank god RH is returning to OLTL to show you who is the true TODD MANNING!

Trevor forever.


I like Trevor St John as an actor, and his portrayal of Todd Manning.

But I’m getting worried that the writers have taken a sudden turn in the way they’re writing his character — he’s getting mean & violent again; I liked it when he was happy with Tea, and getting to know Danni. He was also very funny when he got drunk with Vimal at the bar.

I remember the other actor, who originally played Todd, because I watched the show back then.

But I think a storyline with two Todds would be a bit bizarre.

Hope TSJ & OLTL can come to terms on his contract!

I don’t think they should bring back the original todd as todd it would anger some loyal fans to where they wouldn’t watch anymore…

That’s nothing new. That’s what happened when TM was recasted too.

Agreed. They just did the same thing on GH when they kicked GV to the curb in favor of JJ as the Original Cowboy, Lucky Spencer. Fans were outraged, but it more so had to do with HOW it was all handled behind the scenes. I don’t think that OLTL has any intention of getting rid of TSJ. If he chooses to leave on his own accord, that’s one thing. Rumors had been abound in regards to that for months, long before RH and Todd talk surfaced, so I don’t see this show in particular just chucking him altogether in favor of the original. I think it’s a savvy storyline. Not to mention, yes, people may tune out, but more people have admittedly tuned in for that very same reason. Former fans of the show are curious to see where this is going. IMHO, no matter how people feel on the matter, it’s working in OLTL’s favor because people can’t stop talking about it. It’s word of mouth PR.

ha ha…..loyal fan base…..Roger comes back as Todd and you have this generation and last that will watch…

Wish there was a love button for this. <3

I’m all for RH to return if it helps lure loyal viewers. I was upset that he left the show several times before and wasn’t loyal. Since then, I have grown to love TSJ in the role. I don’t want him to be replaced. I trust the writers can fit both gifted actors on the canvas. Start the fireworks.

While I agree that Roger Howarth is the BEST Todd Manning, Trevor St.John has grown on me,and has added a more likeable quality to Todd. Had Roger come back years ago, I would have been ecstatic, but I would hate to see Trevor leave now. I also don’t think that Roger is really into the Todd role. He has left the show time and time again. What is to stop him from leaving again? He will just disappoint Todd Manning fans again.

Roger Howarth is Todd Manning. TSJ playing at the role is like ripping out the heart and soul of the once iconic character. Yes, I do believe RH is on his way back and it’s about time! I will return to OLTL when that happens.

“…ripping out the heart and soul of the once iconic character.”

That is what upsets me the most.

Amen sister!

Trevor St John= Walker……Roger Howarth= TODD MANNING……simple enough….especially in the world of soaps…..Welcome back Roger!

Keep the current Todd…. He is an incredible actor and one of the reasons I continue to watch OLTL. 🙂


Like most posters, I say there is room for both. The “Dead Man Walking”episodes with tsj were mesmerizing. That’s when I really started accepting him as NuTodd. However, noone playes DarkTodd like Howarth. I think Roger Howarth would make a wonderful Barnabas Collins if DS were stilll around, anyway getting off subject. I always wanted to see RH go up against Tony Geary too, so GH with Howarth…well there’s a thought. I guess it is obvious I love the actor’s work. Thanks for reading

Keep Trevor St. John as Todd ! ! ! He is one of the main reasons i watch the show.

If the current Todd is replaced it will ruin the storylines with his children. If Roger is brought back make him someone else. Or at least let TSJ keep being Dani’s father and let him have a good story like amnesia or brainwashing or something so he thinks he is Todd.

this is soaps……



I think they will bring back the old Todd as a twin brother. Which will really turn heads for those that love the new Todd and can’t forget the images that come to their minds when they look at the old Todd’s face. I know it would be AWWWWKKKKKWAAAARD for both Blair, Starr, Tea, Viki, Marty, and Dorian. I think it could work.


My son and I will be ecstatic if the Old Todd returns….My son was 4 when he started to watch, and Todd is his favorite…He never forgot the old Todd!!!!!Boy will this make our YEAR or what? !!!!!!!

Trevor’s take on Todd Manning actually upsets me. There is nothing Toddlike about him, and compared to Roger… the guy just can’t act (that or he just doesn’t care anymore).

I really believe Roger is on his way back, and I can’t wait! 😀

Sonja….couldn’t agree more……

Sonja you are so right nothing about him makes you say Todd manning he should of study the character


ROGER!! I cannot BELIEVE the wait for THE REAL THING is POSSBILY FINALLY OVER! Adore him, always will, always have.

I like the idea of Roger Howart returning as Todd Manning, but keep Trevor St John as an imposter. I want both them Bad Boys.

Roger Howarth is, was, and always will be the only Todd Manning. I have no issue with TSJ beyond the role of Todd. I’d have no problem with him staying as some other character. It would actually open up a world of story. But Todd he will never be. He’s ‘A’ Todd, not ‘THE’ Todd.

100% correct! The Man is on his way and I just cannot wait. THE TODD. THE REAL THING!!!

TSJ can really make a name for himself playing this other character who was somehow victimized into taking Todd’s life. Everyone can pity him and stand by him. It just was not his fault! 😀


Trevor is the only Todd ,He has surpassed RH Todd by far,Trevor is why I became A FAN OF OLTL.I would only accept RH IF HE WERE TO PLAY SOMEONE ELSE.BUT TREVOR IS THE ONLY TODD. everything with his kids would be ruined.I ALREADY HATED WHAT WAS DONE TO STARR N TODD B/C OF COLE.WHOM I HATED.RON, JEAN FRANK N BRIAN . PLEASE KEEP TREVOR AS TODD THANK YOU

Meg, are you serious? TSJ’s Todd is soooooooooooooo boring. He’s never been able to touch RH’s edge, darkness, complexity, humor, torment,vulerability, and coolness that was Todd!!!! You need to youtube the real Todd, that you won’t sound so ignorant.


You’re right when you said TSJ is far from boring, He’s beyond boring. He took an edgy complex charater and made him into wimp! There’s a reason why RH won an emmy for his portrayal of the REAL TODD MANNING! There’s no real debt to TSJ’s Todd. He plays him like a chump. You tube Todd Manning 345. It’s a scene with Todd and Marty. RH shows us why Todd is best thing to happen to OLTL! If you still can’t see it, then forget you!

trevor is a good actor but he’s no todd manning roger on the other hand embodies the role of todd manning trevor makes todd manning very comedic where roger makes todd manning very dark I pray that roger comes back

Reno agree with you 100%


I watch you tube more of OLTL because of Roger then I watch OLTL on tv…..bring him back….enough waiting….lol…..seriously ABC you need to make an announcement soon… need to get rid of TSJ….just make him Walker….

people go to you tube and search….todd manning part507……says it all….powerful performances not just from Roger but Kassie…..they were awesome together….and that Todd (Roger) theme music….OMG…chills.

Roger Howarth= Todd Manning………listen to the theme music…….TSJ= boring as hell……even the music sucks….

Erica= as even said Todd+Roger …..enough said people.

Just heard……Roger is back for May sweeps….can only wish…….

Roger Howarth is a good actor but Trevor St. John brings something different to Todd Manning. You want to like him and hate him at the same time. As much as I liked Roger Howarth, I don’t think he could ever make you feel sorry for him. It took a little while for the nu-Todd to grow on me but I hope he stays. .

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Dobson shared exclusively, “Well, there’s some legal footwork being done right now about that kind of possibility. There’s been so much demand to see Santa Barbara, and so it’s not totally out of the question.” Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) reaction to that possibility was that of “Wow!” That was also the same reaction by several viewers watching the live conversation in the chat, because that would be a soap dream come true for many.

Photo: NBC

So, do you hope that the legalities can finally be worked out and you could relive the seasons of ‘Santa Barbara’ all over again? Let us know in the comment section below. You can check out the live chat with A and Jerome below, the moment happens around the 56:18 mark.

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General Hospital

Ryan Paevey Makes Statement on Why He is Stepping Back from Acting While Being ‘Grateful to General Hospital for Giving a Green Actor a Chance’ and ‘Hallmark for Changing My Life’

GH and Hallmark fan favorite, Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan West) wanted to clear the air after numerous reports and rumors had him quitting acting altogether and what that meant for any future projects in Hollywood he may have had planned.

Paevey released an exclusive statement to where he shared what is going on in his life. Back on June 19th, Ryan deactivated his Twitter and Facebook accounts and he may have deactivated his Instagram account on Friday as well, or as of this writing.

For Ryan, the decision to change his current life’s trajectory came after a series of events; chief among them moving closer to home to take care of his ailing mother who is battling lung cancer and social media scammers.

Photo: JPI

Here is what Ryan shared: “Hey everyone…so first and foremost, I am a bit apprehensive that I even have to make a statement like this. I am certainly accustomed to a certain degree of gossip, but the past few weeks in particular have gotten out of control with speculation from third parties that have taken my words and expanded upon them to meet their narrative, or flat out misrepresented my words or misconstrued their meaning. I have always been an open book, and one who speaks his mind truthfully and directly, and it is unfortunate that we live in a world where social media makes it very easy to twist one’s words; I am often unaware it is even happening until someone from my team messages me in a panic, and so I feel it best to make a formal statement through HEAVY.”

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives New Gabi, Cherie Jimenez, Debut Date Revealed; Shares She First Auditioned for Role 15 Years Ago

In a not-then-but-now real-life story, Days of our Lives incoming Gabi Hernandez, actress Cherie Jimenez took to Instagram on Friday after it was revealed by Deadline, that her first airdate as the recast Gabi is next week on June 27th!

Jimenez has replaced longtime DAYS star, Camila Banus in the role. Previously, Banus made the decision to step away from the part after taking on the role in 2010. Camila was with the series on and off through 2023. To facilitate her exit, Gabi was sent to prison for the murder of Li Shin, only she didn’t commit the crime.

Cherie shared her emotions on finally being able to talk about being the new Gabi Hernandez DiMera. She expressed, “WOW ✨🎬 My heart is filled with immense gratitude over the opportunity of a lifetime. I am GABI HERNANDEZ DIMERA on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES ⏳❤️‍🔥 It has been an absolute dream working on DAYS.”

Photo: JPI

As for her time so far at DAYS, Jimenez added,”These past 7 months I have worked harder than I ever have and now I get to share it with the world. Everyday I walk onto set I am in awe that I’ve been given the opportunity to live my dream. I get to work with the most phenomenal & hardworking cast and crew I’ve ever had the honor to work alongside.”

Photo: JPI

Jimenez, thanked among others the series producer, director and writers for trusting in her including: Janet Drucker, Noel Maxam, Ron Carlivati and Ken Corday, and her agents for helping her along the way in her show business journey.

She concluded with the most ironic twist of all, Cherie recalled, “At 22 years old an audition for the role of Gabi on Days of our Lives came into my life. It was not meant for me then. Now 15 years later at 36 years old the universe told me I was now ready to step into this role…Thank you ✨ …I am just beginning ✨”

So, are you looking forward to the debut of Cherie as the new Gabriella Hernandez DiMera? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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