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One Life to Live's Fourth New Episode! Tea Tells Victor Jr. About Their Baby!



Holy Moly!  Today’s fourth new episode of One Life to Live on Hulu and iTunes, in our opinion, was the best of the first week of action in Llanview!

First, we got the long-awaited scene between Tea and Victor Jr. where she finally is able to tell him, she lost their baby, and … that Todd had a hand in switching their baby for another! Oh-oh!  And how great was Florencia Lozano (Tea) on today’s episode? How quietly contained but filled with so much rage is Victor Jr, played so stirringly by Trevor St. John?

And if that is enough, we got to see some great scenes between Kassie DePaiva and Roger Howarth as Blair and Todd! Great on-screen chemistry doesn’t go away!  Then there was the classic Viki (Erika Slezak) and Dorian (Robin Strasser) feud really kicking into high gear, because now Dorian is about to set something in motion to payback Viki for her bringing Dorian’s political scandal to light!

We also got to see some of the development of the working relationship between Viki and Jeffrey King (Corbin Bleu)! We have to say, we see where it’s going and we liked it!  And then there is the open relationship that Rama (Shenaz Treasury) proposed to Vimal (Nick Choski), which he seemed to accept!  Finally, there is a great cliffhanger at the end! And now we will have to wait till next Monday for an all-new episode!  So hang tight!

After the jump watch today’s One Life to Live! Let us know what you thought of the Tea and Victor Jr. scenes, and the rest of the episode!

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” Today’s fourth new episode of One Life to Live on Hulu and iTunes, in our opinion, was the best of the first week of action in Llanview!”

Yup, totally agree……transitions and pacing still need some tweaking but LOVED IT. Looking forward to seeing the wrap up shows tomorrow

yeah, I think it will only get better… Loyal Fans know it take time to get stories in motion. Here’s to MORE OLTL!

I agree totally!!!!!

In ONE week the new OLTL has covered more ground than ABC did in a month, or months! It’s great. It seems like the new writing team wants to clear the decks of all the messed up stuff ABC left hanging at the end. The new producers seem to understand and LISTEN to the fans in ways ABC never did. It proves just how much ABC didn’t care about soaps or their fans.

Just rewatched an old OLTL episode where Shane held Jack at gun point in the grave yard. (LOVE Jack peeing his pants)

After rewatching this episode I have just ONE question….. HOW the HECK did they do an autopsy on Victor…(They even had a bullet to rule out Shane and Rex’s gun) So HOW could they get that bullet outa Victor and not find out that he was NOT dead???

Anyway I am still ECSTATIC that TSJ is back. Whoo HOOOO!!!!!!!


TSJ and FL haven’t lost their chemistry whatsoever. Today was a mix of sexiness with their hot love scene and sadness when Victor found the nursery. Kudos to Flo and Trevor.

They keep saying that these web soaps are going to be sexier, edgier, whatever. Well, Victor and Tea were pretty darn hot and sexy on network television! If they’re any hotter on the web than they were on TV, then it’s going to be like watching HBO or something! lol

Days E.J. and Sami had a far more hotter love scene and its on a network!

Tea and Victor were stimulating’ HOT….

oye… it’s not even the “profanity” that surprises me…. what did was Angie… LOL… and she even revealed… she was the one that wrote the parole board that Dr. David was eligible… LOL.

I sincerely hope the writers.. draw from this electric twosome…. friendship is one thing… respect for the medical field being what it is…. and adversaries? these two real big.

i’m instantly smitten with this “unexpected” bonding… if you will…
Angie and David Hayward…. David genuinely cares for… and she? what… see’s something the rest of pine valley needs to digest? this simply means more drama… that curtails their being… Love it.

sorry wen’t from one soap to the other…

Victor… is still coming down to earth. his showing us that his loss of Victor Jr… is volcanoe….we can only imagine how these two formidable talents… Victor and Todd… will become.

the first thought that came to mind… ie: stand offs… Ie: Todd and Victor…

was imagining…. Adam and Palmer….

that’s how love i’ve watched soaps.

but.. these two… deliver big.

Agreed. Best episode of the week. Not that ANY of them were less than stellar. Nice to have the family back in town.

This was the best episode of the week, not only because of all t he action, but because we also got to see so many of our favorites together again. Can’t wait til Monday!

PS, It was nice seeing Vimal back today as well.

Tea broke my heart when she told Victor about the baby. Florencia Lozano is super as usual. I love seeing Tea and Victor together. And Victor’s quiet rage building as he learns of Todd’s part in the tragedy. It is such a relief to have Trevor St. John back. Todd had better get out of town fast. Victor is coming for him. Victor is coming for him.

Blair’s disgust with Todd was palpable. I loved Todd’s admission that he’s a lousy excuse for a husband and father. Blair and Todd are wonderful together as always.

Rama and Vimal are so cute together. We’ll see how well this “open relationship” works out. The latest volley in the Viki/Dorian feud was terrific. The developing relationship between Viki and Jeffrey is wonderful. I am very impressed with Corbin Bleu. It has been a very exciting premier week.

Would like to see Vimal show up at Shelter with Aubrey(that was her name, i think, the one who was once with Cutter?) if they could get the actress back to play her! Id love to see both Ramas and Cutters reaction!

I agree, Kim. I want Vimal to show up with someone he seems interested in, to see how long she likes this “open marriage” pact. 😉

I have to admit though, Trevor and Erika [not Tea/Flo] are what make this show for me. All the other [many] characters I love are just icing on the cake. 🙂

I forgot to mention the other day that it was delightful to see Nigel!

Todds’ honest admission to Blair…

in all honesty…. RH is so combortable.. in the OLTL setting… he’s on fire with Blair….

his palpable… penetrating… presence… is not to be denied… no matter what you think.

it was just as electric as Victor and Tea…

imagine the sparks and fire these two couples delve.

I love TSJ… and I am glad the time spent at Shelter has been minimized… but this show should be called Angry Lives to Live. Everyone is angry, or yelling or in angst. We see so much time tied up in looking at rage filled faces with no dilalogue. I now see why the picture wuth Blair and Todd with the 10 had them looking so angry… it’s because that’s all they do… Todd has said so few lines he’s just looking angry at whom ever he is in a scene with. There are so few laughs or smiles on any of the characters. i can’t wait to see Sam and Todd… maybe then we miight get some funny expressions and lines and possibly a giggle or a laugh! I miss the Todd that evolved on GH to an expressive being. There is just something missing from the OLTL I loved. I can’t completely put my finger on it but I think I am missing Cartini and their great writing and producing for these characters. I want some fun and warmth and love… yes… I am going to hang in there and yes… it appears to be getting better… but it is not there yet for me!

I’ll tell you what’s missing, Heidi: the writing! Not the story, which it’s too soon to tell, but the dialogue, which is always the make or break of an episode. And so far, it’s broken. I realize this was all rushed into production, but serious writing staff changes need to be made and fast. Once the novelty of the return wears off, it’s good strong writing that will keep viewers around. Or, to put it into terms the reboot will understand: “Shitty, shit, asshole, shit, shit, shit.”. I remember back when dialogue was clever, not shocking and, worst of all!, poorly written as it was on days 2 and 4.

And for the love of god, would someone PLEASE send Andrew Trischitta to an acting class? At least teach the poor kid how to walk across a set without looking terrified that that pencil is going to fall out of his ass!

“Or to put it into terms of the reboot…’shitty, shit, asshole, shit, shit, shit.” LOL! Well said. Haahahaha.

I agree with all of you but im still going to watch after waiting so long! I like to think of the first epidodes as a reintroduction to help new fans. The cursing does feel like its there more for shock value which is a turnoff! Im not perfect and have cussed but not for the sake of just saying yet! IM 29 and i rarely swear at all. I feel its trashy, and not needed so much! Just because its online now doesnt mean we all wont to hear it…i want clever and witty dialogue and good drama to engage me like the show used to. Im part of the age group they are looking for, but adding cuss words and additional sex scenes wont keep me hooked…good writing well. But i plan to stick with it for now and will give it a chance to improve but only for a months worth of episodes!

Is Andrew the “actor” who plays Jack? Must be, because he always had been awful.

Heidi i agree…Rons writing was so much better!

Well I think that about says it about Kim!!

I was instantly taken with Nora’s take on mother hen’ing… she loves loving… you fold… and give back.

David is spot on with comedic timing…

it’s just a matter of time before we see … HOT… Natalie and Cutter…

more romance and adult libidinous unadulterated belong.

Nora and Bo.
Tea and Victor.
Todd and Blair…


Why no episodes on Friday?

They’re only airing episodes Monday-Thursday with like a recap episode on Friday.


I wish there were episodes on Fri. I am still happy to have my favorite soap back.

With such an awesome cast, today’s show was fantastic!
Great writing!!

I can’t believe how much I love this show – the writing, acting, lighting, sets and music are top notch and more akin to a primetime show. It’s surreal to have this show back with everything I’ve always loved about OLTL minus much of the camp, which while it had its charms, could be kind of ott at times. Thank you Prospect Park!

Today’s episode was great! Florencia Lozano is such a great actress! I can’t wait for more….

Loved it! After major disappointment in fhe first three episodes I think this episode really kicked it into gear. So much closer to OLTL that was…the acting was good…the dialog…and Trevor St. John is amazing without even saying a word.

In total soap fashion the last scene of the week left me wanting more…finallly! LOL…hope the kinks got ironed out and it’s smooth sailin’ from here on….

4th episode was the best…i hope it keeps up!

I liked all four episodes!

I love the chemistry between Florencia and Trevor they are AWESOME. I think it is interesting on how intreverted Victor seems nowadays. I cant wait to find out what he went thru. I feel bad for TEA cuz she wants to help him so much but he is just shut down. Florencia can say alot with just a look- when she is on screen you cant take ur eyes off of her cuz not only does she act with words and actions but with facial expressions that say more that words.
I also enjoy how Trevor portays Victor so mellow then when alone is unpredictable

I think Victor changed when he found out who he really was–Victor and not Todd. To me, that seems like that was the turning point for him. Then, whatever he went through the last 19 months has just affected him even more. It’s going to be an interesting story, Victor’s a very interesting and complex character with a whole bunch of layers.

Yes I agree. Victor didn’t have anytime to come to terms with who he really was b4 he was killed/kidnapped. I can’t wait to see how Trevor and Florencia play it out – I know it’s going to be FANTASTIC. Like Tea told Victor b4 he was shot, she fell in love with Him (the Man he was at that moment and time – it doesn’t matter what his name was, the name doesn’t make the Man)

right on… love you… Tea and Victor say and DO so much…. without uttering a word… the ambiance… the unquestioned love… and understood being, these two know.

and yes.. they’ll falter.. and waiting out hearing… their paths… forging together.

yikes… i love this pairing.

There is a lot of great stuff in the works, especially the Tea/Victor/Todd complexities. However, I really enjoyed the scene between Viki and Jeffrey. It perfectly captured what is happening today in the 24-hour news cycle and social media. Jeffrey wants to rush everything while Viki wants to verify, then publish. You only have to look at the market dip last week after an erroneous tweet said there was an explosion at the White House to see how quickly false info spreads. It was also pretty funny when Viki scolded Jeffrey for sitting on her desk and talking back to her. Great juxtaposition between a Millenial and a Baby Boomer. Finally, it was great to see Viki back at the helm of the Banner. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her in an office setting and she looked great and in command behind that desk! I’m looking forward to next week.

I really enjoyed the Banner scenes with Viki and Jeffrey too. Very timely!

I also agree with Rebecca… “TSJ is amazing without saying a word”. 🙂

Had to reply here B.J. …i was happy to see Nigel too…its these unexpected suprises i like the most…hope there will be more!

yeah it was understood… small fry and “boss”… she propelled and rose to the top… with her demeaner.

he’s a cute kid.

I am ridiculously happy having OLTL back! I’ve missed it.

So far the acting (‘nach) is great as is the writing. My only worry is that with the 4 day a week half hour episode formula the humor I so enjoyed in the past may be difficult to include in so little time.

One of my first memories as a toddler is the opening sequence of The Edge Of Night. Soaps have always been a part of my world . One of the things which made OLTL stand out from the rest was the inside jokes. Please find a way to keep that a part of the new format!

Thank you Prospect Park for bringing this to fruition! I am still absolutely boggled by the lack of market understanding that TPTB at ABC had in cancelling OLTL and AMC.

God bless to everyone associated with the rebirth of those shows!

No episodes on Fridays because traditionally on broadcast TV they were always the lowest rated episodes. Why bother?

The ONLY problem I have with the show right now besides the awkward episode on Tuesday where there Tea was the person who was shocked by Victor’s reappearance is that they either need to tell TSJ to speak up or enhance the sound.

I agree! The sound is a little messed up. It’s like I can hear them walking around and their feet hitting the ground fine, but then some of the talking I can hardly hear at all, especially Victor and Tea. So I watch with the sound all the way up on my laptop, but then it’s too loud at other times. They need to fix that!

I agree! i had to watch some of it over to hear what they are saying!

Glad to see these messages, because I thought it was just my laptop sound card. I have to listen at max volume and still miss a lot of dialogue.

I was ecstatic to see someone mention that they had CC, which helped on Thursday.

Since others are also having a problem, maybe they will do something to improve the sound. Here’s hoping!

I think TSJ… is a lil’ shell-shocked… and simply needs to find his bairings…

the indication that he’s fuming… tremoring… is clue to his intent with Todd.

you hear your wife… share what happend to your son… and this is all

victor’s show to relent… his not being their in the first place, for his wife and child.

When Tea kept calling the baby “Victor Jr.” I was thinking, but his dad is Victor Jr., the baby is Victor III (or Little Victor). I couldn’t help but think of calling the baby “Victor Jr. Jr.” like on Friends when Phoebe’s brother named his son “Frank Jr. Jr.” lol

But, it was a great episode, I loved Victor and Tea; well, actually, I always love Victor and Tea!

who is watching tea ? Viki just stepped in the dark side of business victor sr , clint and todd are beaming with pride .

Agreed…but I was confused about whether Dorian’s comment was really taken out of context and Viki knew it? If so, that’s not the Viki we know. oh well!

I still like Viki. She is still my favorite on OLTL!

Am I the only one who finds Flo’s Tea to be a screeching, sniveling, practically soul-sucking character? omg, I think anyone would agree to anything she says just to get her to shut up! I never, ever condoned Todd switching the baby on GH, but Tea’s reaction to seeing Todd with the baby in his arms (who he was about to give back to Sam, by the way) was so over the top, so can’t-get-a-word-in-edgewise, that it was almost out of Todd’s hands whether to give Tea the baby or not. So now, with the reboot of OLTL, I guess I’m disappointed that Tea is so front and center. I know they have to tell the story of Victor coming back, but honestly, I’d much rather be seeing more Blair, more ANYBODY, but the screeching Tea.

I saw Tea… as vanquishing her stance… she needs her mans understanding.

she’s channeled both their loss.. on her own… and to release her self… of the loss they both feel….

and… it’s victor’s turn to feel…

and the two of them.. will become… what we know.

I love these two.

it’s a little dry… ie: Victor… but.. hey.. he’s amongst the living… after being shackled.

i’ve never seen two head to head… mind for matter… beings… battling bit for bit… equals – someone’s going down…

this should be big… for the time Todd’s on…

if the writing is up to snuff… give us the Victor… he commands.

hmm, I just don’t see Tea as that deep and introspective at all. I see her as a screeching, wears-her-heart-on-her-sleeve banshee…..and not just with this reboot of OLTL. I’ve always felt that way about her. Oh well! She’s only a part of the show. 🙂

Cath –

i know exactly what you mean by the shriek…

it’s like yikes…. calm down….

hopefully… this time around… the writers will reel her in.

Florencia Lozano and Trevor St John are freaking amazing. The whole show is great overall, but these two as Tea and Victor have been spellbinding. Congrats to OLTL and so above the moon these two stellar performers are on my Tv screen again(RoKu).



We r kindred spirits because they are why I LUV OLTL also. I was hooked on the jail scene to but they got me when they were playing Money Honey on the bed. When she threw the popcorn on him & laughed and the look they gave each other afterwards…I was hooked:-); there is no sexier or complex couple on TV, past or present in my opinion. They are the HOTTEST COUPLE ON TV & THE WEB:-). Love them & I agree, they will be rocking their story. I am ok with Viki(Erika) but in my opinion, Trevor & Florencia make anyone shine and when they are together then watch out, it is electricfying:-).

I co-sign MEG & Annick! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who watches OLTL because of Trevor and Florencia. I agree that there were sparks in their first scene together but I was hooked during the New Year’s Eve episode when Victor was supposed to be in love with Marty but was holding Tea’s hand while talking to Tea. I kept thinking, for a guy who is not in love with Tea, he sure likes touching her. I don’t even think it was intentional, I think that Trevor and Florencia are just really comfortable with each other and its reflected in their body language which just adds another level of realism to the on-screen relationship between their characters, Victor and Tea.

Give OLTL time it was only the first week. And I am sure it will get even better ! Like it alway’s was…

I have loved seeing the wonderful performances by Roger Howarth on my screen and Vicki, David and Dorian. The new actors are doing a great job too. My only complaint is I hate seeing everyone give Todd a hard time, but I figure it is probably necessary for new viewers to get a feel for Todd and understand his history without having watched the show for years so I am tolerating that part for now.

yeah, i agree… for however love we have his huge talent… time to flesh out…

when he point blank asked Dani… why are you doing drugs….

and waited out her antics…. was clue to his sensitivities.

LOL… sparks flew.. and you knew… todd and Blair… were in “Love”.

*love = Long

FLorencia was F*ing FABULOUS in those scenes! I am just LOVING having these shows back. YAAAAAAY!

Have been w/o internet so unable to view but wonder why they felt it necessary to acknowledge anything that happened on GH. It’s a fictitious tv program, not real life. I can’t wait to see sll these supposedly stellar performances by Tea because I think she overacts.

I watched episodes 3 and 4 together… 4th one was the best they’ve shown so far.

I absolutely adore Trevor and Florencia! So great to see them working together again. Florencia said in an interview that she hoped they would work together again when asked about Trevor leaving OLTL. Well, I’m so glad it happened! I’m not going to lie, they are the reason I watch.

This show was so touching I cryed along with Tea . She lost Victor (or so she though)
She was so thrilled to be having his baby and then when she lost him too it was to much so for her to handle. I think its good that now they can morn together. I am morning with them as a fan of the couple an this was their first child. I am just so thrilled to have Trevor St. John back he is wonderful !!!

I hope viki stays aggressive a viki/jean combo would nice at the Banner and in her personal life . I know ES is up for the challenge a little mix up for OLTL 2.0

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General Hospital’s Michael Easton Pens Touching Farewell to Gregory Harrison

Following the on-screen death of his on-screen father, Gregory Chase played by Gregory Harrison, longtime soap vet, Michael Easton (Finn, GH) shared his feelings on a touching Instagram post.

Easton summed up getting to know Gregory Harrison, and to play emotional scenes with him for the last three years. In story, Gregory succumbed to ALS, a disease in which there is no cure.

Sharing several photos of himself with Harrison. Easton expressed, “Gregory Harrison. One of the finest actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and an even better human being. I learned so much from you, my friend, and it was an absolute honor to get to share a stage with you these past three years. Your talent, grace and powerful presence will be greatly missed around the studio. @gnhsurf @generalhospitalabc #gh #fathersandsons”

Photo: ABC

In addition, Josh Swickard (Chase), Harrison’s other on-screen son told Soap Opera Digest on Gregory’s exit, “Sometimes when you’re working on a show like this and someone plays your dad, it spills over. He really felt like a father figure to me in so many ways. Still does. He’s such a good human being. He’s been around the block in life, in Hollywood, and then some, and he’s just a wealth of knowledge. And he’s a humble human being.”


Fans of GH caught on the Monday, May 20th episode some very heart-tugging scenes between Gregory and Finn, where they each tell the other how proud they are to have been each others father and son.

Watch below the heartbreaking moment and the touching portrayal by Michael Easton when Finn finds his father has passed away.

So, what do you think about the words written by Michael Easton and he says farewell to the exited Gregory Harrison? What did you think of his performance on today’s GH? Comment below.


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This week, viewers are catching the re-teaming of Lane Davies and Nancy Lee Grahn for the second time on General Hospital and the third time in their careers given their storied history as Santa Barbara’s Mason Capwell and Julia Wainright.

Previously, Nancy and Lane played opposite each other and shares scenes as Dr. Cameron Lewis and Alexis Davis back in 2002 on the ABC daytime drama series. Now in 2024, Davies takes on the role of Fergus Byrne, the brother of the late Neil Byrne, as Alexis tries to get her law license reinstated.

Speaking with TV Insider on his recent return to GH, Davies shared, “I know Nancy was wanting to work with me again. I ran into (former GH head writer) Patrick Mulcahey at (Santa Barbara co-creator) Bridget Dobson’s funeral and we had a lovely lunch together and a lovely visit and I think it was just the synergy of all those things coming together that did it. Patrick saw me and realized that I hadn’t completely deteriorated over the years and thought, ‘Well, this would be fun.”’

Photo: NBC

Lane also shared he isn’t closing the door for more episodes of General Hospital down the line were the powers-that-be to keep Fergus on the canvas.

The popular actor expressed,,”I would be totally open, but that’s all up to the writers and fans and producers and network people and I’m kind of out of that loop. But if it happens, grand.”

So, would you like to see Lane stick around Port Charles? Comment below.
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Gregory Harrison Wraps His Run on General Hospital

Gregory Harrison, who has played Gregory Chase on General Hospital, has left the series.  As viewers saw, on the May 20th episode Gregory remembers his life, then seemingly went to asleep.

However, on today’s May 21st episode, is it revealed Gregory, who suffered from ALS, passed away in his sleep. Harrison brought with him extensive television and movie credits from Trapper John M.D., Falcon Crest and more before coming to GH.

Harrison joined the ABC daytime drama series in a recurring capacity back in November 2020 and signed a contract back in June of 2022.  A rep for the show confirmed to Soap Opera Digest that Gregory’s exit was storyline-dictated.


Photo: ABC

In story, Gregory Chase was the estranged father to Finn (Michael Easton), as they had a complicated past. He also had a younger  son Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Gregory was also the grandfather to Violet (Jophielle Love). One of his last wishes was to see Chase and Brook Lynn (Amanda Set tie the knot.

Over the past few months before the character’s demise, he became close with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Tracy (Jane Elliot).

The death of Gregory Chase will certainly rock Finn and Chase’s world.

So, sad to know Gregory Harrison has departed General Hospital? Comment below.

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