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One Life to Live's Kathy Brier Shares Her Eulogy To Longtime Co-Star, The Late Nathaniel Marston



Kathy Brier (Ex-Marcie) who played the late Nathaniel Marston’s love interest on One Life to Live in his two incarnations: Al Holden and Michael McBain, delivered the eulogy for Nathanial’s burial in Hawaii.  Marston died following complications from a terrible car accident in Nevada in November.  Now a month since his passing, today on her facebook page, Brier shared her heartfelt and emotional sentiments in her eulogy.

The singer and actress noted that Marston’s mother, Elizabeth Jackson ask that Kathy share her eulogy via social media.  In her eulogy, Briar relates on their instant connection, that Nathaniel was the reason she was put on contract, and how during her run in Broadway’s Hairspray, Martson would just hang back and soak in all the wonderful accolades she would get from fans who would want her autograph. Brier also ends with that she is glad that Nathaniel is now at peace and in a safe place.  Here is her posting in its entirety:

Kathy Brier: It’s one month today since Nathaniel left us. I’m still in shock. His mom Elizabeth Jackson asked me to post my eulogy from his sea burial in Kauai because she thought you would like to read it.

Her Eulogy:  “From the first moment Nathaniel and I caught each others eyes on set there was an instant connection. I felt as though I had always known him somehow, a recollection of our souls. We pretty much spoke in short hand from the very beginning and most times no words needed to be spoken. We would just look at each other and know.

I was only supposed to be on OLTL for three episodes but the chemistry between Nathaniel and I was undeniable. The powers that be at OLTL quickly took notice and I was soon put on contract shortly after. Before we knew it we were in the middle of one of the greatest love stories ever written for a soap opera. The real secret to the magic of our story was that as Marcie & Al were falling in love so were Nathaniel and I. The love and respect between us naturally carried over onto the screen.

There are so many things I could tell you @ Nathaniel but as always I’ll focus on the things I love because after all love is all there is, right? If I had to pick the thing that I love the best @ Nathaniel it is his laugh. To be honest I don’t know who has a better laugh Nathaniel or myself, both are unapologetic and joyful! When we would laugh together we must have sounded like two obnoxious hijenas to other people but that wouldn’t stop us, nor would we care what others thought. The simple sound of his laugh would make my heart skip a beat. When I managed to make him unabashedly laugh, the top of his face would scrunch up near his nose and eyes, and his mouth would open so wide I’d swear I could see his heart from the bottom of his throat. He also had the most amazing smile and not just because of his dreamy dimples. When I made him smile from his heart he would get this twinkle in his eyes as he looked down at me. What a gift it is to have been entrusted with his heart.

While we could talk, laugh and even sometimes cry about everything and anything my most cherished moments with him were spent in the safety & silence of each other’s company. As actors we often have to “be on” but by each other’s side all that pressure melted away and all we HAD to do was simply BE.

Elizabeth recently told me that she thought she had never seen Nathaniel at peace. I’m not sure this is true but all you need to do to see Nathaniel at peace is watch us on film. The most at peace Nathaniel ever was with me, was at my side working on set. He was a genius on a laser beam. He was strong, fragile, sharp witted, intelligent, funny as hell, sexy as hell, vulnerable, a lost soul, a gentle giant and breathtakingly beautiful but not because of his looks. He could take my breath away with his capacity and understanding of the human struggle and his generosity of spirit. He wore his heart on his sleeve. He had one of, if not the biggest heart I’ve ever known. He would do anything for anyone. We cherished the gifts we were given and that we got to share them with each other and the world and we never took it for granted.

I’ve heard it said its the little things that you take with you and I think whoever said it is right. I will take with me and hold steadfast to so many seemingly “small” moments. One of the sweetest seemingly small things Nathaniel ever did was come watch me as I would sign autographs and take pictures @ the stage door @ night after performing in Hairspray on Broadway. I didn’t know he did this for a long time until he told me one day. I asked why he didn’t just come up to my dressing room. He shrugged his shoulders and with a humongous smile simply said no, I love watching you do your thing. It makes me happy to just see you and I know your safe at the end of the night.

Nathaniel was my best friend, my partner in crime, my rock, my soulmate, my playmate, my cheerleader, my confidant, and one of the greatest loves of my life.

There are no sufficient words to express the pain of his loss that I know is felt by so many. Though I wish he were still here, I will walk with him in my heart and honor that our relationship was not for nothing, everyday for the rest of my days. I will be happy just to glimpse the sound of his voice and laughter as it now echoes in nature, to feel the brightness of his smile with that twinkle in his eye when he looked at me that still warms my heart and skin, and to know that I was truly, unconditionally and whole heartedly loved by an amazing man…not many people can say that and I don’t know a better gift. I take comfort in knowing that he is finally at peace and safe at the end of an EPIC journey and I will be forever grateful that I got to go along for the ride.”

What did you think of the hearfelt and touching eulogy delivered by Brier and shared with her followers, fans, friends and colleagues? Did you love the on-screen love story on OLTL played by Nathaniel and Kathy?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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How beautiful and eloquent. It is in stark contrast to Erika Slezak’s comments, not that Erika was wrong (I love Erika by the way), but Erika’s response seemed to lack compassion. Erika was being professional. Kathy was what was needed after this loss. It was a beautiful tribute to a sometimes tortured life.

Jeff- enough with this Slezak mistep. It does no good at this point!

Kathy wrote one of the loveliest tributes ever. indeed it is in stark contrast to the cringeworthy one sent by Ms Slezak.

That’s beautiful, it’s so great to see how loved he is. He was on OLTL when it was REALLY good and that’s when I started watching the show.

What a beautiful tribute to Nathaniel. I can why his mother wanted Kathy to share this with everyone. Kathy and Nathaniel were so cute together on One Life to Live. I can see their connection was very genuine. Everyday, I pray that Nathaniel is at peace.

I just love Kathy Brier. She is so tremendously talented and has an amazing career ahead of her.

I didnt know there was an off screen connection between the two of them. They were so good together one OLTL. I wish Kathy the best of luck in her ongoing career. The eulogy was touching.

How beautiful! I loved this. Most of the time I skip over bits and pieces of these articles but this eulogy was eloquent, heartfelt, and amazing, and something I could not stop reading. RIP Daniel! You surely will be missed by many. Thank you Kathy for sharing this!

I agree with you Steph! It was beautifully heartfelt and sincere. It was heartbreaking.

Simply beautiful!!!

Very eloquent. I watched Kathy & Nathaniel’s love story as Marcie & Michael & they were truly one of my favorite soap couples. I loved the sincerity & sweetness which shined through. Such a terrible loss. RIP

What a beautiful. …peaceful. ..loving …. eulogy .
Bringing tears to my eyes;reminiscent of the “marcie

…and michael”,scenes on oltl.

Go to youtivbe and see this dynamic, one of a kind, gifted on screen couple at work. Each a gifted actor, together the synergy was amazing.

I think of them often and wondered about their careers. His cut short is tragic. Hers has yet to rise to its fullest. Rough business I kniw. But she has it all. Singer, comic, and Bette Davis-Esque acting talent.

Thanks for sharing ms. Brier

“…Each a gifted actor, together the synergy ”


I knew of his work from ATWT and was instantly taken, with his raw talent

I never had a chance to watch OLTL… but knew… from SOD and other serial magazines how lauded beloved and CAUGHT these two actors; ignite

I celebrate your heart; Kathy Brier


Beautiful and heartfelt.

Elizabeth so heartfully sorry for the loss of your son. My husband and I enjoyed Nathaniel on OLTL .Kathy’s Eulogy was very heartfelt,her words were beautiful. Thank you for allowing her to share it wiith your son’s fans. God Bless you! Jones Family ,Ky.

Beautiful Heart felt Amazing Tribute

awesome tribute to a beautiful soul……………………………wow!

good lord

that’s love in it’s truest form

I have to copy and paste this

love transcribed and dictionary

That was just beautiful Kathy. You said everything right; everything that I thought about Nathaniel; you said. May he rest in peace; you were fortunate to be able to work with him and have such a beautiful friendship with him. Thank you so much for posting this.
God bless you; I will never forget the two of you; I just loved you both on One Life to Live.
Take good care,

Love, Catherine Climpson

Very beautiful and from the heart. I love Kathy and loved them together, but did not know they were so close. There is something very special about OLTL. It had a different feel from the other soaps and was the very best.

It’s a Very Beautiful eulogy. Kathy loved Nathaniel Very deeply.

Very thankful that Kathy shared this. Beautiful tribute to an extraordinary soul. RIP Nathanial

Beautifully said! RIP Nathaniel!

They were one of my all time favorite couples on OLTL! Beautiful eulogy.

Thank you Ms. Brier for sharing your eulogy. May the hand of God hold you during this difficult time.

I’ll never forget the songs you sang on the set of Stt. James. Church.

Very nice. Her love for him shows.

It was a beautiful eulogy. I didn’t know that they were a couple, that explains that chemistry & electricity between them.

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