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RATINGS: General Hospital Dips In Total Viewers and 18-49 Demo!



The ratings are out for the week of June 22nd to June 26th and it’s not good news for General Hospital.  The lone ABC soap opera has fallen for the week to total viewers averaging 2, 660,000 and that is -256,000 from last year at this time.  But the show continues to dip in the women 18-49 demo hitting a new low and tying their numbers for lows in the rating share for that demo.

Meanwhile, over at Days of our Lives the NBC soap gained +55,000 total viewers, and came in for the week tallying 2,353,000,which makes them only +300,000 off from GH’s third spot.   With DAYS about to bring in their big guns for the 50th anniversary of the series, could they actually make a run for the money and try to take the number three spot from GH?  Or, can GH regain its upward momentum going into the fall and November Sweeps?

The two CBS Daytime drama, as we already reported, had their biggest second quarter ratings in years, but as for this ratings week in particular, while The Young and the Restless only gained +2,000, the most impressive number is that the 42-year-old series is up from last year at this time a whopping +479,000!   The Bold and the Beautiful remained firmly at number two losing the most viewers for the ratings period with- 125,00,  but that is still way up from the previous year at this time in total viewers scoring 3,742,000.   Check out the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here.

Time for you to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback!  What soap is working for you? What soap is not?  What changes would you make to the storylines on your favorite soaps to improve it? Which storylines are working, and which  you would keep in tact and moving forward? Which characters would you like to see more of … or less of?  Share your analysis below!


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We were just talking about the drop in viewers.
We came to the conclusion;

The Luke story is the culprit..

The many viewers since Luke and Laura do not know any of those characters,
They have no meaning to us, just bewilderment.
Who are those people lol
watching a story that has no connection/meaning to you is senseless and emotionless.

I would the say–
the drop is from viewers after Luke and Laura tuning out asking; who are those people/characters..

I watch, of course but I have little interest in the story..
Luke is my favorite and it is last story, his exit and not knowing those characters I have no connection I feel little of nothing, too..
((it was said- it is not everybody’s story it is mainly for the Luke and Laura fans..

If is a shame, truly it is 🙁

Boy Suoo, nice spin job there. The drop in viewers has nothing to do with Genie Frances’s return. Just because you say so over and over does not make it true.
Luke and Laura fans may be disappointed with the writing afforded to Luke and Laura, but I assure you, we are not disappointed with Genie. She has been truly amazing picking up where she left off with a seamless grace. The scenes work largely because she is pulling in quite a strong performance. I watch those scenes because of her, not because of him.
The ratings are poor because of the writing. Twitter is suddenly abuzz with hash tags which read “Whytheratingssuck” and TV Guide’s Michael Logan’s Tweeted that the fans have spoken and Ron and Frank need to listen. he asserts the ratins are low because of the writing. No one but you is blaming the bad ratings on Laura’s return.
This is not on Laura–the ratings are poor despite of her return, not because of it.
Most people do not care about Valeirie, Kiki, Michael, Denise, Ric, Franco, Nina and Donna Mills, who really is just playing herself–a nighttime soap star from the 80’s. The fans do not care about the about the aforementioned characters because the writing is incredibly bad. It’s not the actors’ fault (well, it might be Kiki and Nina’s fault).
You trying to blame the poor ratings on Laura’s return is just laughably transparent.

Harry, I did not say one word about Laura.. Not one..
It was in general..
The Luke story, as of now, has charaters I and many others have never seen..
Dear harry..
Don’t use your words and thoughts saying they are mine 🙂
Again.. reread my post it was not about Laura..
It is a fact– there are many who were not watching during the Luke and Laura and era and the characters in the Luke exit story, are newbies to us..
When a prime story features characters that are not known to us, there is no connection/emotions..

lol .. ok Harry- you have been grumpy lately, cheer up!
”Michael, Denise, Ric, Franco, Nina and Donna Mills” are cool, especially Franco..
GH is going to get really good after the exit is over 🙂

Suoo, actually you did mention Laura–you don’t even hear yourself anymore.

Thank you Harry for being the voice of reason. GH needs a reboot like they did over at Days, a new HW for sure and get rid of some useless characters who are not working.

I agree. I have loathed Luke Spencer for the past dozen years and can’t wait for him to be gone.

Hopefully once he’s gone, us viewers can come back, too.

Su000- You constantly say the same thing without caring about facts and your fandom of the show contradicts the points you make about Luke and Laura.
You don’t care about Luke and Laura, yet you care about Nina, whose history you didn’t witness on screen either. If you love Nina, Franco, Denise and all the other new characters, that’s great, but it may not be for long if GH doesn’t figure something out.

As for some facts that you will assuredly ignore,the ratings have been tanking for 10 weeks, Genie has been on for three. Her first week, the wk of June 8th, the ratings actually improved. They’ve gone down subsequently because General Hospital fans, Yes GH fans, not people who came over recently when their show was cancelled, are fed up with the show and the horrible reintroduction of Laura and the God awful Luke farewell has turned them off.

It’s enough to watch sub par writing and production with characters we care nothing about, but when it starts infecting characters we love, like Laura and Holly, we would rather tune out and not have this disaster be our final memories. We’ll keep the wonderful memories we have from when GH was great.

The ratings slide also coincides with the killing of Duke. That was extraordinarily offensive to so many fans. You don’t have to be a huge Duke fan to be offended either. It is the overall context and message that it sent. We don’t care about GH history. We don’t care about iconic characters. We don’t care about you, the long time fans. The constant slaps in the face are enough.

In addition, the new characters have gone off the rails, and GH in recent weeks, since the live shows especially, has devolved into a total circus. Denise is just ridiculous. Nina is still nuts. Franco is still annoying as ever. The make out session with Ava, the gum swapping, this is not adult entertainment.

The bottom line is that GH is a mess. It all starts with the writing which is illogical and subpar. The continued and overwhelming camp has reached a boiling point with many, the focus on new characters that have been turned into nothing more than comic relief, and now Luke’s Finale which has mainly consisted of Luke coerced to have sex, conversations in hotel rooms, (one in particular between Laura and Holly that showed a complete lack of GH knowledge) and as a plot point to cause angst for Dante and Lulu. Viewers have had enough.

hi AJQ..
I do not have to like Laura..
If you feel need to write pages of disgruntled rants about everything find you find wrong with GH, then rant on .. You excel in looong GH rantings 🙂

I luv GH, I luv it and have a good time watching GH..
It is my favorite soap I enjoy most everything GH 🙂
(( wish you liked it. also.. It’s an awesome soap)

I agree with everything you wrote, AJQ and might add, as I did on another post, the overtaking of the guards by Lulu and Dillon was beyon ridiculous…the premise was ridiculous…an armed guard is going to leave his post, not to mention his weapon, to take a stranger to the hospital. To top it off, the acting was at best on par with a high school play…and the laughable clock on the head by Holly to the big, bad, ferocious dude was too much to bear, or so I thought until the dynamic duo lulu and Dillon knocked them out yet again.

And the viewership is going down…huh. Go figure…

Sigh. It’s like watching someone argue with the dryer at the laundry mat.
If all you derived from AJQ’s logical, level headed and beautifully put together comment is that you must love Laura, then there is no hope for this hot head to ever get through to you. By the way, no one ever told you had to love Laura.
Okay, I am going to go scream into my pillow now.

I totally agree AJQ, thanks for the comment! The bottom line is that if the writing is bad the actors can only do so much with their lines and the ratings go down. Please RC and FV LISTEN TO THE FANS ! I am and will always love GH but get your act together. 🙂

Good post AJQ! It is not Genie’s fault and you are right, killing Duke pissed a lot of fans off. The character of Denise is horrible. And one small excuse is its summer and people do turn off TV more often now than any other time of the year. I know it hasnt hurt CBS, though.

All of us want GH to continue to be successful but the writing is ridiculous lately. It lacks sincerity. The characters need depth and development. It’s Easter at least once a week with the resurrection of a dead character! Yes viewers like faster paced stories but even in a soap there has to be a bit of believability…

Yeah, Matianne. It’s like watching a THREE STOOGES reel.

The Luke exit isnt as good as i thought it would be…i blame the writers…anyway, those who not know the Luke and Laura characters can easily get to know them just like they do for any newbie…but one has to be new from the last 6 months not to know who they are…Laura, Ethan and Holly have been on just two short years ago…and have often been mentioned including Lucky…so any GH viewers should know a little bit about them.

Hey su0000- Guess what. I WAS watching during the heyday of Luke and Laura and I DO remember these characters and storylines. I just don’t care 30+ years later. Water under the bridge and they’re all just walk on stunt guest appearances with no actual story behind them now so why should I care?

GH is pretty much The Perfect Storm right now meaning that every that could go wrong IS going wrong. The show has been slowly and systematically gutted. New characters are paper thin cartoons and vets have been pretty much reduced to wallpaper so why should anyone care about any of these characters?

There’s some pretty rich irony in Tony Geary telling fans many times over to get over the whole Luke and Laura thing when, in fact, a lot of us DID move on and it seems be Tony Geary who can’t let go.

GH is painfully superficial right now. It isn’t just Tony Geary’s self indulgent walk down memory lane. It’s everything.

You said it yourself. You’re loyal to the show but the stories themselves fail to interest you. That’s because there really aren’t any. But, hey, it’s Donna Mills! And, hey, it’s a buff guy in underwear working out!

And so on and so on.

KM–how I love your comment. A perfect storm indeed.

Yes – most of it has been tedious beyond belief. The only characters that I find of any interest are Tracy (always), Sloane and the new incarnation of Maura West – ‘cos it’s Maura!

Come on SU… give some love to Laura… remember her and Lukes wedding was the most watched soap event.. lets see some love from ya!! 🙂

Su you continue to be ridiculous. Are you seriously going to say that people don’t know who Laura, Holly, and Lucky are? Omg, again PLEASE research the history of this show.

Two words….Replace Cartini. And there you have it…problem solved.

We could get a lot worse than Valentini and Carlivati.

A LOT worse.

Really? How? They have slowly and systematically gutted the very core of this once beloved show!! They have no regard for fans, other than to mock them and try to prove they are smarter. Memo…theyre not. This is sad to say, but if Abc does not replace this regime, I sincerely hope they cancel the show. It is just a terribly written, embarrassing, painful show to watch. I feel bad for the actors forced to play these stupid roles!! Paging… Wendy Riche!!

Yeah Ron really needs to go, his stories don’t work on GH. You might as well put him at Y&R with Chuck Pratt since they seem to have the same writing style.

Without them, the show would have been cancelled. They are just in a slump.

I love their stories… Just not right now. Kiki is not a good fit with the cast; Nicholas, Elizabeth, and Dante are acting completely out of character, and we haven’t really seen Molly or TJ in a long time. I do like Silas’s sarcastic humor with Ava, but even Nina’s story is weak.

I think the writers & producers should look at the ratings and compare them to GH’s higher ratings & see what worked… Do more of that.

So tired of hearing about how RC/FV saved the show?? how is that exactly? Ratings are no better, the story lines changed on a daily/weekly basis. They didnt save the show at all.. people gave them a chance, yes.. which could account for any rating hikes, if any.. Im pretty sure the ratings stayed steady. Well here we are 3 years later and people are finally getting tired of the all the things everyone has said in this thread.. I for one, was not enjoying GH when they took over from day one, you can see the difference in writing, acting, directing, music, set changes etc… So please with the whole RC/FV saved the show… they have done nothing but make this show into something that is hardly recgonized anymore.. and I think thats safe to say whether you’ve watched for years or even most recently..

And I’m tired of hearing about how horrid they are. Without them, I’d be watching some newsie food show-no, wait that would have been cancelled- some third incarnation of something other than GH.

I did say, for the record, that I don’t like a lot of the stories right now. I just think that firing them would be a disaster. I watched AMC die away under a regime that didn’t care AT ALL about AMC history… until it was already cancelled. At least they try, which is more than other writers do. They’ve pulled good ratings before, & they can do it again. I’d rather they return to what they did when they first came on rather than risk having somebody like the Y&R guy who would care less what the fans, actors, or network wants.

While I give Ron and Frank some credit with saving the show with bringing back veterans and fresh stories, I now believe, with their insistence on new characters and fresh favorites, they are slowly killing it. If they don’t listen to the fans, again, this time our beloved GH will get canceled.

Valentini and Carlivati do need to go.

General Hospital is a complete trainwreck and is only getting worse. The Denise stuff is a joke. I predict DAYS will pass up GH this fall with the 50th and all the fan favorites returning

Oh yeah, if Days’ ratings are up now I can only imagine what they will be like this fall.

Days is a much stronger serial than GH. A cast that can act and improved writing.

I couldn’t disagree more. Days is a freaking disaster. They continue to take talented actors and saddle them in stories that go nowhere – Greg Vaughn, Melissa Archer, Ari Zucker. The newer characters are tedious beyond words — Tammy Sue/Jordan and Ben have to be 2 of the most boring characters that I ever saw on a soap. Paige’s big revenge on Eve – yawn.

Random thoughts… Talented writers aren’t lining up to write for the soaps. Carlivati may not be at the top of his game with the Denise story but there’s plenty on the show that’s working for me… Every show goes through its ups and downs. The greatest writers in history couldn’t pull off 250 hours of perfect episodes every year. GH will rebound with great payoff on all the stories that are building now… Ratings don’t necessarily reflect on the quality of story… Many viewers seems to want payoff and action every single day, which is not feasible in the long term. If you don’t have the patience to watch characters develop and a story build, you may want to explore another hobby…

hi mfarris70..
I agree with you..

Luke’s exit has been a downer for me, but that is only so far..
It will pick up and I’m anxious to see Luke and Tracy together, it will happen 🙂
Tony’s very last scene will be bittersweet 🙁
I also am luvin all the other stories especially Nikolas and ELQ !!! that one is rockin!
I also luv Franco, when he is on screen he is mesmerizing!!

GH is awesome!! #1 soap !!

(( the Suits and Sponsors look at the September to September ratings ))
Here in soap land when the ‘weekly’ ratings get posted it is a free for all Bashing Party
They come out of the wallpaper to bash RC.. LOL
no big deal, it’s routine ..


There are plenty of talented writers who would love to be employed on a network soap especially as Head Writer, a job that pays very well. Your statement is not based on any fact at all.

The 250 episode argument is tired. Soaps have been around for decades, they have produced 250 episodes a year and done well. The notion that this is a herculean task is absolutely ridiculous, it has been done. It is being done.

Sometimes ratings don’t reflect quality. But in this case it does. There are well written shows that some people just don’t find because of the network they are on or because they have better known competition. There are also some shows that contain quality writing, but the subject matter could be too sophisticated for a mass audience. This is not the case on GH. The subject matter is certainly not too sophisticated and it is the established show with a 50 year history on network television. The main point is that it has lost it’s own audience from a year ago. 256,000 total viewers and all demos. People have tuned out and it isn’t because the show has become too cerebral or sophisticated in the writing. It is because it has devolved into a campy illogical mess, 5 hours a week.

Patience for character development and story build? There is no character development on GH. It is all plot point where characters act OOC to fit the plot and are dumbed down to advance it.

GH is a mess. It is due to the quality that is lacking, a disrespect for the show’s history and long time fans, and 10 weeks of lows is not just routine ups and downs.

I love your posts!! Always accurate and true.

There is not ONE love story on GH right now.

Thank you AJQ! Summed it all up very nicely.

You are so right on, AJQ!

Well said, mfarris70. I’d like to see anyone posting on this site do a better job. So often, over the history of soaps, the public have called for the ousting of a wirtier who isn’t doing what they want every month. The head writer or EP always get blamed for everything that someone doesn’t like. I don’t always like everything, either. But it takes a heck of a lot to put this stuff out there; more than any other medium. Whenever things so “south”, in my opinion, I hold out hope for better results in the upcoming weeks and months. Ten weeks of declining ratings don’t mean the ship is sinking; year over year ratings without any improvements might be a better indication.

But Rodd, none of us are being paid to write good quality, character driven stories which actually pay fidelity to character history, pacing while adhering to a basic storyboard which includes–introduction, conflict, rising action, climax and resolution. We are fans who expect the head writers to do what they are paid to do–write well.
Yes, all writers have a slump but this slump has been so consistent, so steadfast, that the slump has turned into the iceberg and GH has turned into the Titannic.

Wow MF actually posted a negative GH headline. No one can deny GH needs a new HW. 10 weeks of new lows!!!

Soap Bloggers kill me…. they know exactly whats wrong with this show! Maybe its about time that the “Soap Bloggers” say it like it is.. Gh is horrible right now…and do we really need to list whats wrong? Go to Twitter, You Tube, FaceBook…. its all right there. Asking what we, the fans like, would change, etc.. whats the point when were met with an ABC exec who thinks the ratings are in tact with the explanation of All soap ratings are in decline and have been since the 70’s, or I’m sorry your not liking it right now, but hang in there, I promise it will get better. And then you have a Head Writer that is the most childish of all! If budgets is concern, then stop hiring new characters, or re direct your budget, its what most business do when things are working. From what I can tell, when you put aside the fan girl shipping, couple shipping, character shipping, fans have legit concerns and suggestions, and most of which appear to be the same across all fan bases regardless of the ship, character, etc.
So maybe Michael Fairman can answer his own questions because personally I think most fans are just plain tired when it is clear that this type of discusion gets the fans no where and clearly we are not being heard. GH gets worse by the day.

I do wish Michael Fairman would express his opinion but I think he is soap journalist who tries to remain objective. Still, would love to know what he thinks.
Michael Logan of TV Guide is more of an editorialist for the soap opera genre. and he has been writing and Tweeting some sharp criticism about GH’s current stories–he is not happy.

I saw Michael Logans comments.. I was pleased.. and damm I hate that I have to pleased,,, But I also think that while a journalist, hes still a fan, he says it all the time. Perhaps maybe this site would not be the best outlet for him I guess. but you know what I mean.. I just wish people would take a more vested interest. Its like were all stakeholders here. One less soap to write about can’t be good for him. But I get what your saying about him remaining objective.

Your right Loren, today it is so easy to reach out to viewers through social media and get a read on what we want. In the old days you had to write the network and god only knows who or even IF they read any of that mail. Today GH big wigs can go to this site and read these posts and at least know what viewers want or dont want. BUT, do they care?

They can not go on like this. In the fall something has to be done changing writing team and go in a different direction otherwise it will continue to sink


Lets refocus on the hospital where the show belongs…Monica should be Chief-Of-Staff…put Silas, Sam, and Patrick in a Alan/Monica/Rick type triangle but bring on Melissa Archer as Sarah Webber and Pair with Micheal/Silas, recast Robin, keep Dr.O at the hospital and try to bring back Britt but drop Nathan, Nina, Kiki, Franco, Jordan, TJ, Alexis, Molly, Sabrina, Micheal, Rosalee, Ric, Valerie…focus on the Qs…reveal Jason and have him still having a hard time remembering who he is and accepting Qs as his family…bring Emily and Georgie back from the dead…hire Ron Rains as a new love interest for Tracy…have Dr.O learn she has another sister-Monica…bring in a new African American family with some who are doctors, have Sonny remain a villian but drop the mob stuff,…bring in a couple of Asian characters related to Brad…age Spenser, Emma, Cam, and Carlys daughter as a new younger set–15 year olds with plans of turning into the next generation of GH doctors and nurses…have Laura, Lucy and Felicia go into business together with some office intrigue…pair Lulu with Dillion, and Jennifer Smith with Julian…the return of Robert and Anna as a couple and Mac back at the police force…bring back romance with hospital drama, everyday life issue and an occasional mystery in character driven stories!!!

Wow! You deserve a paycheck for that. I agree with everything except dropping Nathan, Nina, Franco, Jordan, TJ, Alexis, Molly, Sabrina, Micheal, Ric and aging Spencer & Emma. They’re adorable. Otherwise, this makes for a great show. Kudos!

The kids are adorable and i agree with you—lets not age them yet but maybe in a couple years if GH is still around…my problem with Nina, Franco and Ric is they feel like filler moments and not part of the show…Franco somewhat improves in scenes with Dr.O., i know it was a play for comedy but Franco and Denise making out at the restaruant to make Nina and Morgan jealous was laughable but not in a good way…TJ had good story potential with the race issue had it played out on screen instead of done mostly off camera…i can tolerate Molly so i wouldnt mind her staying for now…ive been a Nancy Grahn fan since ‘Santa Barbara’ but her Alexis on GH has become annoying the way she is shown lusting over Julian each time she sees him…maybe if they were more romantic instead of always acting like they are going to eat each other in sex scenes i might change my opinion…i blame the writing—not the actors for why i dislike those mentioned!!!

Jimh I get your post. Character driven stories work. This shtick that is being shown now is ridiculous. Almost a year for the Jason reveal.. Hardly any interaction with his wife and son?! Denise/Ava ugh! Reminds me of Natasha and Bullwinkle. On OLTL the characters were like family and you invested in them. Why are they writing like this? And hell yes I too would welcome Melissa Archer to be paired with ME again. Romance, drama and mystery!

It seems as if all characters are being dumbed down for plot points.

I agree with the poster above. GH is a revolving door of plot points. Continuity and accuracy matter. Miller, Howarth and Easton not used to their full potential. If you wanted to capture the OLTL fans you lost them when you ruined their beloved characters. The Sloane character sleeping with Anna right after Dukes death ? Really? Jason and Sam belong together. Show us some tender bonding moments with his son . Shit, his son will be in high school soon:( etc etc

Agree with Jimh and Steph focus needs to be on the hospital. Monica as Chief. Dr. O ? Why?

lol…thats how i see Denise…a cartoonish Natasha!!!

They never show Monica yet she is Jasons stepmom…that doesnt make any sense at all!!!

Jim’s…Monica is not Jason’s stepmother. She’s his mom all the way; she legally adopted him and loves him unconditionally…technicality but I thought worth mentioning.

I agree with much of your post but would not like to see the aging of the kids…they’re perfect and watching them grow in real time is much more realistic than instant teen. As for your other suggested eliminations…I like them all and wouldn’t want to lose any of them. It’s the STORIES and lack of connectedness between the characters that needs to be improved.

Hey, jimh!…..Speaking of Alexis, did you notice on yesterday’s episode that someone actually managed to edge her sweater neckline up a micro-inch or so???? Give that person a round of applause! Of course, Ms. Davis was still just as exasperating as ever with her grating holier-than-thou attitude, over-the-top expressions and disheveled Lhasa Apso hairdo! But it was a good start on wardrobe’s part….and, at least—for once—we didn’t have to witness this ridiculously wanton woman’s libido being unleashed in an unsightly torrent! (Nope, just her ongoing, complete denial about her object of desire’s latest effort to go “legit.” Julian will be back in the “mob life” before his next quickie with this “old reliable!” Mark my words…LOL!)

Not surprised at all. If not for Roger Howarth, I wouldn’t even be tuning in; he lured me to GH as I had never watched the show before. TPTB totally screwed up with probably the most dynamic couple to grace soaps in eons when they had Nina hastily marry Ric and become relentlessly cruel toward Franco. While I love Roger working with Maura West, the “Denise” charade is so weak.
So much of the current storylines bore me to death, making little sense and seem to be just thrown together. I loathe seeing Michael return A.J./Avery back to Sonny, who continues to skate free and clear; everybody always forgives his sins.
We are constantly bombarded with gun violence–and Luke’s exit story is chocked full of everyone brandishing a piece and naturally we have to have more bombs. Where is the romance and it’s a shame to have cast Tracy aside. The Dante/Valerie and Lulu/Dillon scenario does nothing for me.
The prolonged mystery of Jake/Jason is also lame as is the ELQ battle.
Furthermore, the cavalier treatment from ABC News interrupting or even pre-empting the show so often cannot be helping. Fans make time to watch soaps and deserve better. Hope TPTB can turn things up a few notches but I don’t see much light at the end of this dark dark tunnel.

Roger is great but his acting partners suck and they’ve dumbed him down so much his scenes are unwatchable!

So agree with you, Timmm. Your thoughts express why I wish he could still be Todd Manning and have a realistic job as he did early on after OLTL was cancelled initially and he worked I believe as editor of Crimson or perhaps The Port Charles Press. Right now, he surely isn’t a working artist and we have no idea how he is supporting himself or even where he is living since Nina threw him out three times. As I stated, I never watched GH before OLTL was cancelled and Roger migrated to Port Charles (with ME & KA), so I don’t have any concept about how obviously vile James Franco’s portrayal of Franco was. However, Roger Howarth’s version of Franco has largely been heroic and he has actually been the victim, especially when it comes to romantic betrayals. Remember, he saved Carly’s life from his mother Heather, rescued Carly’s son Michael from drowning and injected himself with his mother’s heroin in order to stay close to Nina at Shadybrook. Now, he still trying his best to protect both Nina and Kiki. It’s so hard to understand why so many GH watchers hate Roger’s Franco. I just keep hoping that RC and company will soon elevate the quality of the material for Roger’s scenes. His leading ladies, Laura Wright, Michelle Stafford and Maura West are among the absolute finest in daytime; I cannot lay the blame on them. And I even enjoyed his recent scenes with the new Kiki (Hayley Erin). In my eyes, Roger always sparkles but I do concur he has been plagued by being miscast in an unworthy role for a superior actor of his caliber.

Self Correction: Of course, I meant to say that Franco injected himself with his mother’s LSD, not heroin, in order to be able to be with Nina at Shadybrook. Indeed, people, how many of us would even think of doing something that extreme in the name of love???!!! Much less go ahead and literally do it!!!

ediebailey…great posts.

I agree with you regarding Roger and THIS Franco. Allow me to digress…James Franci’s version of Franco was diabolically delicious. He was a creative genius psycho killer. He could turn on charm on a dime, flash that James Franco grin…and he took many viewers on a crazy, fun ride. I’m sure there are those who loathed him and the story…but there is never full consensus on any story/ character.

When they made the RIDICULOUS, incomprehensible decision to have Roger play the role, they had to whitewash his heinous past, or he’d have no future on the show. So, on the one hand, he is everything you so accurately described. I think this version is an absolute sweetheart. But, as usual, every OTHER character with no sense of morals, who has betrayed those they love…some have committed murder, threatened murder, kidnapped, etc…THEY judge Franco Nd want nothing to do with him. As Morgan tries to sleep with Diane, who he thinks is Kiki’s aunt…just as he slept with Ava, her mother…he judges Franco door hurting HIS mom, Carly.

The hypocrosy of the characters on GH has always been maddening. There’s rarely a good vs evil…right vs wrong…it’s just more evil/wrong vs less…

I also feel Michael shouldn’t have returned Avery. He could have gotten the same response allowing Sonny visits and over time weekends and or holidays on his island. Giving her back to Sonny means he is completely disregarding the fact that Sonny is a huge danger to his children and with Avery being a Jerome she gets a double dose of danger in her short life. I also don’t buy that Sabrina would have been the one to convince Michael to give that baby back. She saw what just being close to Carlos did for her and I don’t see her putting Avery back into that life if they really stuck to her character.

Tina…I soooo agree! I hate that michael gave the baby back! She was completely safe, loved and very well cared for with Michael, Sabrina and lol…the remaining Qs. But more than that, it irks me that Sonny got her back instead of living the life he forced AJ to live when he kept him from Michael. I was stunned that the writers went that way,,, not even sure that was their original intent. I’m thinking they sacrificed that direction so they could pit Sonny vs Ava/Diane for their daughter. This will become the next big story. While the story might turn out to be good…it doesn’t dispel my anger and frustration that Sonny wins again. I can only hope Michael remains a Quartermaine and stays his course…with ALL that said, I actually like Sonny, lol, I just want him to pay…

The only reason Michael gave Avery back is because Ron C needs Denise to be in Sonny’s orbit. If Michael kept Avery having Denise and Michael interact has no potential for great drama. So Ron has to do what he always does when he realizes what he wants to write conflicts with what he did before– he simply changes his mind and glosses over the conflict by writing some lame reasoning for the change in direction.

This time all the drama and conflict between father and son is sweep under the rug, Michael reverts back to type and viola, now Denise and Sonny are in conflict over Avery which has so much more story potential than if Michael kept her. I get why Ron would want to go that route, but this constant changing his mind over story is why so much of GH has no flow and details like Sabrina of all people should want to keep Avery from the mob are swept aside.

Thank you so much, Rebecca1, for the excellent insight as to James Franco’s portrayal of Franco. As a viewer of GH for only about four years, I don’t have any frame of reference for his work except I gather he must have delivered powerful performances as you described. I agree TPTB made a huge mistake in having Roger Howarth take on this character and I assume the audience as well as the majority of Port Charles now projects the previous heinous acts from the original Franco onto Roger’s subsequent take now, allowing no forgiveness or even an open mind. It really is sickening how the likes of Carly, Sonny, Morgan, Michael, etc., sit in judgment of Franco. They’re nothing but hypocrites, who need to look in the mirror and acknowledge their multitudes of sins and crimes!!!
Indeed, Roger Howarth’s Franco is a bona fide sweetheart, as you said, who truly loves and genuinely looks out for the best interests of the people for whom he cares. In fact, after following his as Todd Manning on OLTL through almost two decades, I actually LIKE his Franco a great deal more; many of Todd’s dastardly deeds were hard to accept.
At this point, I hope the writers and producers as well as ABC take the necessary steps to improve GH’s storylines and boost ratings before it’s too late.

DAYS is going up AND the new material begins in 35 more episodes! Catch up or be left out!!!!!

I love days! I hope they beat gh!

Its dropped because Laura has been less than spectacular, Ethan sucks, who cares, Sappy makes everyone cringe, Sam and Jason need to be together, Dante is dumb, Dillion has the deer in the headlights look down perfectly and I cannot stand DANISE! Yep, ratings are down because quality is down!

I agree…the need to drop that Denise stuff asap…and drop sappy too!!!

hey Jimh ..
Denies is dropping lol
She told Franco she is Ava…
Ava will be set free,, The AJ recording will disappear and without it there is no case, Ava will be freed.. way I see it happening..
Then Ava will be Sonny’s worst nightmare !

Sam and Jason are caput.. Jake/Jason loves Liz but when the truth comes out that Liz knew he was Jason then Sam will jump in and ride poor Jake/Jason like a witch on a new broom.

Ethan Who? lol

Dante needs some strange…. it’s a soap it has to happen, it’s Dante and Lulu’s turn for the break up..
But eeegads Valerie needs a makeover and no sex with anyone, ever! (cringe..

GH is gonna rock soon as the exit story is over, yuppers!

I agree Timm–I think you mean the writing for Laura’s return has been “less than spectacular”-right?
The reaction to her sudden arrival was just odd. I half expected Laura to smell her arm pits in order to figure out why she triggered such a hostile, standoffish reaction from everyone including that squat brat, Lulu.
I also agree that Todd has become a laughable, idiotic, and pointless character.
Roger deserves so much better.

@Timm.. Couldn’t agree more.Way too much Low Level acting going on
with the same usual suspects. Excluding Genie Francis! TPTB need to
be reigned in and monitored in order to get GH back on track, before its

Yes Harry, nothing against Genie. She is terrific. So far, they have not written anything good for her BUT I will be patient and see what happens with her after Tony is gone.

@Timmm (and jimh….) You are certainly spot on about Sappy!!!! It’s been wall-to-wall Sapster for this past month, so lay the blame on her……as well as Mikey, Nina, Ric, TJ, Jordan, Kiki, Morgan, Denise, Grossalee, Dante and ValChops!!!! There’s been so much filler with these obtuse characters, that the major players like Laura, Luke and Tracy have been nothing but a mere afterthought. (Plus, Anna was gone, too.) So little of the real GH was even on display during this abysmal ratings period, so to attempt to use Genie Francis as a scapegoat is not only beyond the pale, but patently absurd!

I hear Monica and Jake will soon FINALLY have scenes together! What the hell took so long?

There’s a non-trusting part of me that wonders if ABC is setting up this nosedive of GH and using it as an opportunity so they will have an excuse to take it off the air. Especially after how they handled the OLTL, AMC and Prospect Park debacle.

Rose, I remember thinking the same thing a few months before AMC was canceled.
It felt like they were trying to kill their own show

GH has not been fun to watch for months. I want more Quartermaines (where’s Monica??), Webbers, Cassadines. Less Sonny, Franco, Nina, and Kiki. And bring back Britt. When is the Jason reveal going to happen?

Leslie Charleson/ Monica, was last seen Feb 26th when she posted on her facebook; thanks for the birthday wishes.
And Feb 26th was her last tweet on twitter, thanking for the birthday wishes..

Sonny is hardly on screen, when he is it is short,,

The webbers, well they off into the sunset

The Cassadines are all dead but Nikolas and Helena..(& Spencer)
Nikolas needs to step up as the last remaining Cassidine because Helena won’t be doing much GH anything..

Franco & Nina are magic and need a story

Kiki, that character no matter who plays it, ehhh

Britt is busy doing other things, doesn’t want to come back.

The Jason reveil is gonna be soon..
I like Jake and don’t want Jason back..

Alexis and her daughters are all Cassidines too…

Jim’s…Alexis and her daughters are technically Cassadines, but not in the sense that they’ve been used on the show…all Helena, Stavros, Mikos (sp), Stefan…miss him….

Franco and Nina WERE magic. They freaked up that couple!

I’m not saying they should copy Y&R BUT one thing they always do right is they have two or three core families on that show and GH has none! I’ve bitched for years to several writing crews to bring back the Q’s and make them front and center. It can happen now if they want since the ship is sinking. Bring back the Q’s and have them butt heads with the Cassadines like the Newmans and Abbotts!

there are no Cassadines and Quartmains left.. 🙁
Nikolas is about it and they are attempting to make him a true Cassidine..
The Q’s are empty.. They did bring Dillon in..
Y&R, near the whole cast is a Abbot or a Newman..
And we see the same 12 main characters every day because that is the cast, they are all somehow related lol..
they can’t date or marry eachother/insest thing..

I would love love love to have the Cassadines back!!
but- ABC did not see them as being important, I’d guess..
I would love to have all the Q’s back, but ABC saw fit to let them go, I’d guess.

For GH to rebuild those 2 families would be near impossible..
The budget is barebones..
to rehire or hire 6 or 8 actors to fill the 2 families is not going to happen.. 🙁

My neighbor soap granny once told me;
ABC got rid of the 2 main AMC families to save money because the vet actors were highly paid..
She said; ABC did the same thing with GH they got rid of the 2 main families to save money..
Her opinion))

Good point on GH needing core families–I guess that’s what I was trying to say, but I want less of the Corinthos mob. I’m also sick to death of PPL on GH committing murder or other heinous crimes and getting away with it (namely, Sonny murdering AJ; but also Ava and her crimes). As far as the Webbers, there’s Liz and her clan and Heather Webber. How about bringing back Dr. Jeff Webber, Steven Lars, Lesley Webber?

GH has a cast of great actors and there is the possibility of spellbinding storytelling. But, what is broken needs to be fixed. The campy writing should be used in small doses; the foolishness with Dante and Lulu needs to be jettisoned. These two went thru too much to be together to allow new Dillon and Valerie to get in the way; the mob wars, is it over yet? And the long due reveal that Jake is Jason and Nicholas crossing over to the dark side – Why, because he allowed himself to be snowed by Britt? Frank Valentini is a great EP, but the writers need to clean this crap up!

I think the things that have bothered me most lately are the amount of recasts recently. While the recasts of Dillon and Jennifer Smith weren’t horrible, we also had Frank Smith and we’ll soon be having a new Paul Hornsby. The recasts of Jennifer and Frank, along with the mystery history scenarios regarding Laura and Holly have just left a bad taste in my mouth about what is supposed to be Luke’s sayonara to daytime and I frankly (no pun intended) expected more from the writing time. Hell, I could have done a better job and I say that confidently. Why even bother bringing back “dead” characters like Frank when neither of the two previous actors were a part of it? I guess I’ll just let it play out and see what happens.

A good soap that works needs the presence of romance , love , emotion , action , adventure , disaster stories , the occasional murder plot , socially relevant stories and humor . It needs strong actors and actresses with a theather background and enough acting experience . As for characters you need a mix of the old and new favourites . You just can’t shove down the viewers throats the new favourites . The writing needs to have depth and clever psychology to it . The writing cannot be predictable , foolish or cartoonish . Would like to see some of that on the 4 remaining soaps .

Very good post.

I agree…nicholas said it perfectly…

So true, So true.

It is simple. GH is so incredibly BORING!

Luke & Laura’s “big adventure” is blah. They should have had a location shoot, and Luke&Laura should be rekindling their love. Callbacks to all the ROMANTIC moments Luke&Laura had, THAT is what made them #1, not Frank Smith or Jennifer Smith or Ice Princess or ANY of that. It was Wyndhams Department Store, it was Love on the Run. I was not watching GH during those days, but Luke&Laura paved the way for ALL the Supercouples we girls loved. They are LEGEND. Their adventure should be harkening back to all of that., but instead it’s about how Luke loves Tracy now, and he cheated with Holly, and Laura is nothing more than one of his exes. No wonder we don’t care! I know MANY women who were HUGE Luke&Laura fans, who would tune in if this story were a REAL homage to Luke&Laura. But I would NEVER recommend this storyline to my friends. It’s better than most of the other storylines, but that’s not saying much.

So True!! This so call Adventure is boring all blah, blah, blah… This is a diaster and it proves in this ratings.. Denise story dumb, dumb, dumb…

I so agree

I agree Maddie–location shots, or even better sets, would have been fabulous. These sets are horrible, dreary and depressing and seemed to be filmed with a gray tinted lens.
I would have also liked to have seen flashbacks interjected into the text of the current narrative so the Suoos of the world could see what all the fuss was about.

Exactly Harry!

YES, Flashbacks are a MUST, not only for newer viewers, but for older viewers as well! Refresh our memories, make us laugh, make us CRY! I did not cry when Duke died, but oh boy, did I cry when they showed the video montage! Reminding us of the time gone by, how beautiful and romantic these couples USED to be (and maybe a few tears for what GH used to be, eh?) As for Suoo, surely she’s seen Luke&Laura scenes on Youtube. I saw a lot of their story when SoapNet showed reruns for L&L’s 25th anniversary. Suoo may think Luke&Laura are corny and outdated, but I’ll bet she’d LOVE it if GH did a Wyndham’s Department Store-type scene for Jason and Sam.

@Harry…..You are so right about the lackluster quality of the production values…..they are far too austere and bleak! Furthermore, they certainly do not serve to put the viewer in the proper frame of mind to enjoy the program….and the seriously inconsistent writing and poorly executed plots simply compound the problem! No wonder so many of us go blank (or in some cases, ballistic…) when we watch this stuff. As for the lack of flashbacks, I’m beginning to think that their sparse usage is due to the fact that the current show runners don’t want there to be any basis for comparison between “then” and “now,” because the inevitable conclusion will be that the “good old days” of GH truly were far better than today’s version!

I so agree! Tony Geary has crapped all over the history of this show with his “get over it” attitude about Luke and Laura. Fine, he didn’t like it, but 30 million of us did.

My opinion the good Luke and the bad Luke was to long & you just bring on a new
actor to play Jason and just say Billie Miller will now play the part of Jason and the this Denise thing, it so easy to know she is Ava, another dumb thing. Let find out who Nina child is and what the secret with Rosie and do not like Nik going bad. Do not like Franco.
Anyway I still do watch!

This long time viewer is seriously disappointed in the ratings dropped but comepletely understands why. It is the jagged way the show is written. It seems the writing is clearly at fault but nobody wants to admit it and make the necessary changes because it continues to slide. Luke and Laura adventure seems rushed and almost like an I Love Lucy show. All slapstick. I just don’t understand writing for a laugh or a smirk when a soap is supposed to be a combination of all emotions. I feel insulted almost every time I watch. There is no respect to the history of the show or the characters – any of them. The Denise s/l is stupid, The Jake s/l has gone on too long, the ruining of a marriage for Dante and Lulu, the adventure diaster of Luke and Laura, to name a few. Dante and Lulu were the only stable couple on the show. Some may feel that is boring, but for others it is something to hold onto. People do not want to constantly have infidelity as a storyline. Besides it only makes the 3rd (or 4th) person involved as evil people. Angst can be written in a more creative way. Besides, many Lante fans have prayed for an adventure story for them and instead of involving Dante in the Luke and Laura story having Dante know and understand the Spencers this iw what we’ve gotten instead. It kinda insults Luke and Laura fans this story line only serves as a plot point to the ruining of a marriage instead of about LnL. The same with the Jake story., it has been more about Nik than Jake. And don’t even get me started on how characters are re-written after several years of being one way or the other. To me, it is all about the writing. The buck needs to stop there. Someone needs to put on their big girl panties and deal with the writing and pray GH can be set upright. Otherwise, there is no hope for the show to survive

GH has been boring me for a while and I’ll get a week or more behind in episodes and not care all that much knowing that for the most part story lines have not progressed. This Jake/Jason s/l has extended it’s welcome as has the Ava/Denise/Morgan/Kiki s/l. If there is one thing that this writer hasn’t figured out yet is that while a lot of us have good attention spans he pushes them (in mine and my friends case at least) beyond the limit to the point where things become boring and we’re placing bets as to when these dumbed down characters will figure out the truth.

Hi Tima..
GH is going to have a great fall .. 🙂

Alot has been going into Tony’s exit story..
After it ends the writers will bring it back..
Some good stories are in the oven now..
Nikolas and ELQ ,, power plays
Ava and Sonny fight for Avery
Anna will be back turning the Mayor insideout
Nik and Sloane partnering up
Jake/Jason’s outing.. that will turn many lives into havok..whoa!
And always the surprises that will be thrown in..

((the Avery, Ava, Sonny, Carly and I’d bet Franco and maybe Julian rumble will be great! heh it will be a pile-up LOL

there is good stuff on the horizon..

GH sure is having a great fall—NOW…in their ratings…lol

I agree with you, Su. The summer will not offer much to storyline developments. Given that, I am still not entertained by anything to do with Luke. He is not Superman. The writers cannot rekindle the fire that once was when it comes to Luke and Laura/ Luke and Holly. At this point, I reserve much disappointment with the charicaturish goings-on. Tiny, little Lulu and pie-eyed Dillon taking on two burly guards, then one of the guards wakes up INSTANTLY to warn his fellow-minions the intruders had escaped? C’mon !!!!!!!! Holly hitting the guard over the head with her bionic arm, wielding her pistol-gun; knocking him out; then, no one bothering to tie him up? Duh???!!!!…..Gun-toting Laura appearing as the Avenging Angela, was straight out of that Superheroine comic strip. She deserved better. and, none of us deserves less than compelling/challenging storylines. I resent the idea of being treated as a toddler with an infantile mind. Even they are smarter than that. It is insulting. I would think that’s why most of us are bitching/carping.
Everything will come to pass, as you say. I steadfastly maintain Kiki is Nina’s….if not, let her go.
The same applies to Sabrina, Rosalie, Rick and MadMaddie.
Nik deserves his comeuppance…badly. One bad guy, Sonny, is enough.
Denise will reemerge as Ava where her murder charge will be dismissed. And, echoing what you say, there will be a Sonny-Ava battle over that little sweetness.
After Jake ‘finds’ himself, I’d like for him to remain as Jake; adopt the name and definitely keep this personality. Lizzie will be kicked to the curb……he and Sam will live happily ever-after with their son.
I also agree with Timmm about the insanity of bringing in new characters, at this juncture. TPTB should utilize the characters they do have and link them to the present families. That is, if Sabrina, Valerie or Rosalie are to remain, then make Valerie Ward’s daughter, as a fellow-poster ( cannot remember who he/she was) had suggested a few months ago. Either Sabrina or Rosalie should be Sonny’s daughter.
As disgruntled as I feel, i’ not a pessimist. I always see the sun over the horizon. Better this than nothing, y’all.

And “Goodbye Luke” is not over yet. I agree they needed to be on location and show flashbacks. As for Frank Smith and the history, yes old time viewers get a kick out of it and new time viewers dont get emotionally involved but L&L are older and this is what happens when you get older, you look back. They are taking us back. Go to Youtube and Google. There are tons of backstory explanations on things you may need to help you understand L&L’s history. I agree, good things are a coming!

Okay I wasn’t going to make comment but after reading other comments I decided to say something. This is directed at GH, but implies to all soaps. Soap writers are not prefect each of them have their strengths and weaknesses. All of them have written good stories and duds and all soaps have slumps. When the slumps hit, we don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I understand that those who usually post on these threads are those who either really like something or really hate something, with most viewers falling in between these two polarizing extremes.

I find RC biggest weakness is he doesn’t think his stories through. It is like he gets these ideas that will produce a great moment but he is at a lost to how to connect great moment A to great moment B and so forth in any meaningful way.

The most recent moment was the reveal that Frank Smith is alive– great moment on screen, but now what– why did Frank wait 20 years to seek revenge? And after thinking about his plan for 20 years the best he could think of is to kidnap two grown men, have his daughter have sex with Luke and now threaten Luke with a gun– He could have done that twenty years ago. If you are going to have someone come back from the dead like that there should be more to than what we are seeing– so it comes across as lame. I could list hundreds of examples like this.

If GH is going to improve I think Ron needs a co-head writer to ask him the tough questions when he get these ideas into his head; questions like if we do that, then what about this or that, and find a way to connect those dots ahead of time instead of making it up as he goes. When he does that, he eventually runs into a conflict between what he wrote before or someone else wrote so he either just changes it, or he overlooks the facts, to get his square peg idea to fit into the round hole of history or fact. For example when Hayden was shot and we found out Nikolas was behind the shooting and not Sean, that was a good moment. But in order to have it we have to overlook the obvious. Forensic on the bullet should have proven it didn’t come from Sean’s gun, so he just lets that fact go so he can have all these scenes with Sean staying loyal to Sonny and so forth.

So my suggestion stands get Ron a co-writer who is likes details–someone who can take Ron’s great ideas for moments, and find a way to connect the dots for him. If they could do that, this show would make a hellva a lot more sense, and might avoid mistake like making your best leading lady a killer who ends up having to be in disguise because they all ready used up all other ways to get people out of jail to get all leading men out prison. If someone was there to say to Ron, wait a minute we can’t make Ava Connie’s killer because—— we might not have to be enduring the nightmare that is Denise right now.

Okay end of my speech for the month– Happy 4th

Connecting the dots… Well said❗️

Mary, I think what we have here now is Frank and Ron’s writing style is that of a webisode. They have a good idea and put it out there and FF to the end quickly to appease the older crowd and throw out the name Frank Smith, but then FF through it quickly because the younger viewers do not care about Frank Smith. EVERYTHING is fast and furious nowadays! I would like to see a story with Frank Smith that connects with history. The actor is good. Why not bring him on for six months? Well, because Tony is leaving and GH is just throwing anything up in the air as a story like streamers form a confetti gun!

Exactly; however I doubt them killing off Frank Smith was about appeasing the younger crowd or newer viewer. As I said Ron doesn’t want to write the whole story– he likes the surprise, the shock, the reveal, the high drama, but he doesn’t have the patience or desire to write a story that connects those moments. So all those questions about why Frank Smith waited so long to seek his revenge and that story you would have like to have saw, we will never see. Instead we get the new shock– Jake, Lucky’s son could be alive– ta da. Social media goes a buzz, and Ron is happy, but I sincerely doubt the story that comes with latest reveal will explain anything or will engage my heart– like the original story about Jake ( the boy) did.

But as I preface my original comment, every writer has flaws, which is why I think a co writer, not just a producer who okays everything that comes out of Ron’s brain like Frank does, would be good. I think Ron does do good things and I do enjoy those moments he creates, but soap writing is like food, you can’t live on dessert, sometimes we need a meal– so as much as I like Ron’s “creative desserts” a real story to go along with them, would be nice– a five course meal, not just a microwaved tv dinners, which seems to best Ron can do. So hired a chef to help him out, and this show could really be satisfying

How cool a ” bitch whine & moan” thread ..
If I had the power I would ban ya’ll from watching GH..

Wouldn’t it be great to grab all the whiners IP numbers and place them in everything GH..
That would be an ah-ha moment !! 🙂
I think the grumpy ones watch and take notes of everything they don’t like and then run to the boards to post their bitching notes LOL 🙂

Never a dull moment when the ratings are posted..
It’s like HURRY! Lets all go to the Bashing Party !!
BYOB= Bring Your Own Bitching … ahhh haaa! gotta luv this stuff 🙂
carry on !! … we have crazy fun reading ya’ll !

You dont have to ban anyone…most stopped watching on their own…lol

Lol, Su. You have been bitching about Laura even before she made an appearance. Excuse’-moi, Su….tit for tat…..later, Girl !!!!!!!

Hi, T,
Pleased to make your acquaintance. Yes, Su, does say things, sometimes, that only make sense to her….but I really like her. I actually do not find her annoying, more entertaining, I would say.
Nonetheless, she is on point, 99% of the time. She’s a pretty good ‘soothsayer’.
By the way? You are someone after my own grammar; even in other languages. You have referred to Su in the feminine…”Brava”……anyone else on this site, or elsewhere, would have said “Bravo”….which is in the masculine. You must know your italian.
Thank you for the GH synopsis….impressive!!

I dont see it as bitching if your a fan. I see it as a forum for us who are frustrated about a show we LOVE! My biggest pet peeve is when some “Fans” post that their never watching again! Goodbye!

Exactly, Timmm. I am just employing su’s verbiage. Su says many of us either bitch or while, right, Su? I do not consider it bitching either. They are opinions…if we did not care, as fans, we would not opine.

I just want to know where Monica is? And why don’t we ever see mac and Felicia??

and your questions Ghlover026, are exactly why GH is doing as badly as it is. More than half of the characters on screen now are new. We miss the people we grew up watching.

She has been in the judges chamber playing with his gavel!

And Mac and Felicia, why bring them on if your not going to use them. Maxie cannot have lunch with her mom. Mac and Nathan could go golfing. [Mini golf because of Nathan!] But seriously, why have them around only to drag them out for special occasions. What are they, fine china?

I’m just going to repost this (from the other post that reminded us of GH’s downward spiral) t’s very clear that Valentini and Carlivati have done enough damage to this once wonderful show. I used to love GH, when story telling was heartfelt, and true to the history. This regime is famous for “bringing back fan favorites,” but having absolutely no clue how to use or write for them! It’s almost like they only bring these people back as a publicity stunt than to actually write for these characters.

The characters that they do write for are written so poorly, and are only driven by the plot. There’s no emotion to the story like there was in the 90’s. Sometimes I do feel like I’m watching a cartoon with all of the camp, and no substantial story. Michelle Stafford, Roger Howarth, Donna Mills, Rick Hearst, Kathleen Gati, and Maura West are all very talented actors. However, the characters of Nina, Franco, Madeline, Ric, Dr. Obrecht, Ava (all once semi-relatable and interesting characters) have been morphed into silly, cartoonish, un-realistic and cringe-worthy characters.

Characters such as AJ and Duke being ruthlessly ripped away from fans after TBTB went through so much to bring the latter two back from the dead in wild, but welcomed plots.

Where are the true-to-life stories that Claire Labine so fabulously wrote? Or even Bob Guza’s character-driven stories, that had more depth to them. Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS, and Realistic family issues. I am NOT, by any means, saying that I enjoyed ALL of Labine and Guza’s stories, but the base of GH, for the past few weeks, have been lunatics running around town blackmailing others, Denise DeMuccio, and fan favorites such as Nikolas and Elizabeth doing things so untrue to their nature.

Every story on GH nowadays seems to be a complete mess, and never seems to be tied up at all. Important plot points are almost always usually off screen (I.e. TJ and the body guard; Ava’s transition into Denise) and more often than not, Stories take pauses for days, weeks and sometimes months on end in order to compensate for the other members of this very bloated contract and recurring cast. Stories are mostly Unrealistic, impractical, illogical, senseless and totally foolish/ cartoonish.

I get that a soap is a soap is a soap. I also get that sometimes ‘unrealistic, and sometimes impractical’ stories happen– because after all, it is a soap. However, this historic and powerful soap deserves so much more– and so much better. In a perfect world, this horrible Jake/Jason story would end (and we would get an ACTUAL emotional fallout, not just a three day thing), this ridiculously told Ava/Denise story would be finished with, and the all important vets such as Monica, Lucy, Scott, Bobbie, Felicia, and Mac would actually be written for (and not just for guest stints or rare and unbelievable once-every-two-month appearances.

Rant over.

I seen it all now; soap opera masochist’s..
A study should be done on soap fans who hate their soap and inflict pain on themselves by watching it
……….. Soap Opera Masochism …………

I’m always amazed by the personal pain some fans inflict upon themselves by continuing to watch soap operas that they absolutely do not enjoy watching and find disgust while watching them ..(cray cray)
ah-ha! .. crazy world ..

No, su000, you have no clue what you are talking about. You, pal, like to put every persons opinions and feelings they have on their soap down because you think you’re opinions are “100% correct.” I have watched this show for many, many years and the only reason why I comment on the condition of the show is because I (along with every other fan) love this soap and only want what’s best for it. The ratings can show you that GH isn’t in the best of places right now. And, before you get all “it’s Luke & Laura’s fault,” you should do your research. Ratings spiked when Genie Francis returned as Laura. They fell again when viewers watched as the STORY that the WRITERS were telling, was unemotional and simply ‘cartoonish.’ GH was much, much better when stories were full of heart, soul, and emotion. Nowadays the writing is all about plot and the satisfaction of a ‘reveal,’ or ‘return,’ with no actual depth of it.

hi T ..

4 months back;

February 16, 2015:
“General Hospital” and their writers our congratulations, as they won this year’s WGA award at Saturday’s ceremony for best writing in a Daytime Serial.

Now su…you are the same way with Y&R as some of us are with GH…you are one of us…admit it…lol

Hi Jimh..
I have never said one bad thing about a Y&R writer..
I feel sorry for all the writers!!
the poor writers are whipping posts and punching bags for the ornery ones..

I like Pratt 🙂 always have,, he knows how to mix it up!
I’ve no problem with Y&R, well-
Y&R had put me to sleep many a time and that was a good thing, I needed the sleep LOL
but I let that stuff roll ..
I haven’t the energy to write a 5 page rant about what bored me.
Anyways, I never fully read the rants just the last paragraph that always sums up long rant..
So I would not throw 5 pages of bitching negativity on you bwa!(thank me later)
However- I would find the energy to write a positive 5 pages of loving GH post for you
if you would like for me to write one for you, just ask 🙂

00oooh breaking news !!!
Now- squished up Summer face is running nose to nose with Sharon..
no 5 page rant needed to let you know that .. lol !! 🙂
but– there are times I do need a full paragraph to fully express my degrees of Sharon irritations- would like for me to expressively list all of them for your reading enjoyment ??

gotta luv this soap stuff !!!!

But, Su. C’mon. I have yet to read anyone hating GH. I really cannot include myself so much because I have only been watching for a year. But, the rest of the posters just sound disappointed….asking for cohesive, character-based, intelligent storylines that touch our sensibilities. From what I gather, it seems that the soap has become unrecognizable.
Besides, aren’t these sites afforded us to voice our feelings….positively or negatively? To be fair, everyone of us is doing that.
You are always at the ready to criticize Y&R, one of my favorite soaps….not many left, lol, so, why is GH any different? In my estimation, Y& R has been mutilated. I still watch; and, it does not make me either a hater or a whiner. Just stating a fact…which, as an addendum; it is the consensus, on these sites.

CeeCee, hi 🙂
Outside of saying Y&R put me to sleep/boring I have never said anything about it to be noted just Sharon lol
Do tell, what have I ever said about Y&R outside of it was boring?
I have never said word about the writers, I do not and will not bash writers..
I never said anything about the stories with exception a couple of comments about the Music Box snore story.. LOL at the stupid double Jacks, laughing over it is not bitching..
I luv Pratt and his stories, I now stay awake LOL

People can praise or bellyache all they care to.
The thing is– to constantly have to see 5 page rants of bitching disgust is not pleasant..
It is very unpleasant to be around chronic complainers..
In everyday life those are the people nobody hangs with and never tell them about the parties because they are so unpleasant to be around..
A good bitch fest is a cool thing, but only if occasionally and hopefully with a wee bit of humor.. I can hand in a bitch fest, then let it go ..

soaps are not cheerful television-
soaps are very dark and essentially revolve around misery and detrimental occurrences within the plot.
In fact, it seems the writers can never “lighten-up” on the seriousness
They need comic relief to brighten things up when things get grim&dark (GH rules) hardly ever does a viewer have a hearty laugh while watching soaps.(GH has laughs)
Soaps are HIGHLY unrealistic.
Soap plots, just aren’t real, but they aren’t supposed to be. They border on the absurd. And that stuff is what is special about soaps, they are campy entertainment.
I luv GH it has dark drama, campy, serious, humor, and variety..
ELQ/Nik takeover good stuff..
Ava, Sonny, Avery,going to be good stuff..
Franco always good stuff the misfit couple of Franco and Nina good stuff..
Lots of good stuff to come after Tony’s exit story.. things will go back to the good stuff..

The directions of soaps are in the hands of the sponsors and the networks, the way they want them to go, the soaps belong to the networks and their ideals, the writers write in the direction laid out for them..
Soaps are what they are, they will never go back to the 80’s, media has changed the formatting has changed..
It is the way it is..
One can bitch holler and scream but at this stage of the soap game it will do no good.
So why do they continue to bitch about what will never go back to what was.
The faster paced formating and shorter stories do not allow for long developing stories that build up and run for a very long time to produce the stories of old time, nowadays soaps are not formated for that because the network suits what the format now being used.
Time has moved on so has the media even with soaps..
Shorter less involved stories is much better for new viewers to join in watching.

There was a time when the networks cared what the fans wanted/needed because the soaps were huge money makers.
That no longer is…. Now they will give us what they give us and fans opinions are not sought for nor taken to mind.
Fans have been writing letters, complaining, and whatever else since early 2000’s and nothing has changed, some fans still are complaining and still nothing has changed and I highly doubt after all the complaints and disgruntled letters it will ever change..
The networks are not interested nor listening to fans, the soaps are not of income value to the networks, with exception of possibly Y&R the soaps are not seen as being of high profit value and we get what we get.
Complaining, bitching, ranting, letters, begging goes to deaf ears when it come to soaps..
Why waste the energy.. LOL
GH is the best of all the soaps, in my world.. 🙂

Long Live all the soaps !!!

@ T-Bravo. Your post needs to be forwarded to RC, FV and TPTB (ie-the suits), as it is spot on in its’ detailing of what is off kilter with GH.

Thanks, Beth. I am happy that there are still some fans out there that would like to see the ‘heart and soul’ return to this once magical sudser!

Now I am exhausted !!
It is hard work to write more a couple of paragraphs whew!
I need ice cream !

su000, with all do respect, your posts annoy me. However, that’s the thing about these forums is that people have the freedom to speak how they feel– for that I must say ‘brava,” and can only hope that the Ice Cream Opened you up to the idea that not everyone agrees with what you post. Some of us (who have been watching this show since the ’80s, ’90s, and even ‘000s) know what GH used to be about before the crappy storytelling and disrespect to the history and characters who once made this soap what it was. I get its a ‘new day’ in the soap era to you, and that’s all fine and good. However, some of us simply disagree and crave substantial, emotional, and raw storytelling– and not the ones that include two brothers fawning over the same girl, leading the girl’s mother to sleep with one of The brothers, and then sleeping with his father as well. Forgive me that I find it hard to invest in a story of near-incestuous tendencies. Forgive me that I have opinions and have no interest in ‘Denice DeMuccio,’ and that horrible accent/wig, or resident crazie’s (Nina, Franco, Obrecht et al.) Blackmailing one another and making one another jealous over their romantic partners. Forgive me that I miss the stories with actual depth and characterization. Yes, I miss the groundbreaking stories, material, and characters such as Robin and Stone (HIV/AIDS), The Quartermaines (Fighting Breast Cancer, Death And Corporate Espionage all the while providing comic relief), Felicia,Mac, Bobbie, and Tony (BJ and Maxie’s heart story) and Lucky and Luke (Jake’s Death & Remarkable Intervention Episode.) What about current stories with these characters? Robin is being held for God knows what reason by God knows who for god knows how long (I’m convinced that they’ve forgotten about her by now), the Q’s have succumbed to lunatics running around blackmailing them for shares of ELQ.. And where the hell is Monica? (Oh wait,they don’t give a crap!) Felicia? Mac? Bobbie? These characters have been so used and abused by these writers that I don’t know where to start. Bobbie’s only around as moral support for Luke, or Carly with no story of her own. And someone better put out a Missing Persons Report because Mac and Felicia had two sentences to say to Anna at Duke’s funeral, and then simply vanished into thin air. Now, I am by no means saying that I agree with every single story or character that Labine and Guza gave us, and I am not saying that I hate everything that CarTini has given us, but What I am saying, is that I miss the depth , climax, and emotional fallout from all these stories. Nowadays you get a story (I.e. Nina and Franco), that was arguably interesting in the beginning. But.. where was the depth of their story? Climax? Emotional fallout? Is it even a story? To me, it seems like these writers are writing a sit-com to try and grab a cheap laugh from fans. Sorry but it doesn’t fly with me and a lot of the other fans, too. And that, my friends, are why the ratings have plummeted. I am simply trying to get my voice heard, in hopes that it will cross paths with TPTB and these people can start to see what long-time viewers have seen for months now.

PS, look at that! All those words and I didnt even need a cup of Ice Cream!!! 😉

Oh, Su…I agree…I hope “long live the soaps” and then some.
What I was trying to impart was that I ‘bitch’ about Y&R as well. I am still loyal.
However, you have had your share of ‘bitching’ about Y&R. You don’t recall any instances of that? That’s okay. What I don’t understand is how you find no fault with the nonsensical and ineffective direction GH is going. It is a farce, the same as Y&R. DAYS seems to be the dark horse here. The writers have divested GH of its essence. That is the gist, so very apparent, by all the comments on this site. Many of our fellow-posters have been loyal fans for decades. They know what they are talking about…..I would think, more than us. No?
Furthermore, you keep mentioning this is not the 80’s. Good story-telling will always be alive and well, regardless of the era; or even, century. Pick up a classic or two, Su. The framework, the bones, the flesh and the heart of the story do not change, if the writers are able to make the characters dance to the right music. I do not see the difference between a soap or a novel, per se. Actually, no….I take that back. It is much harder to describe a person, place or thing in writing, than it is to act it out.
Yes, Su, they are soaps. They’re supposed to be sudsy and campy and whatever else you keep reminding us what a soap should be. But, GH is as out-of-this-world farcical and absurd as Y&R. I don’t know who’s copying whom.
I repeat, I do admire your loyalty; no question about that. But, even you must admit GH’s storylines have become indigestible. Have you ever watched THE THREE STOOGES, LAUREL AND HARDY, ABBOT AND COSTELLO? Well, that’s what I see….a facsimile of those shows. At least the above are entertaining. One good thing….sometimes, my son watches with me. He loves the ‘funny’ people….and, he has a ‘thing’ for Maxie. LOL. Out of the mouth of babes, as it were.
Now, how do you know the networks do not care about the fans? We are their bread and butter. It baffles me when you say stuff like that. It makes no sense, Su. I feel like I’m going around in circles…ahhh, Su…now, I’m dizzy from repeatedly banging my head against the wall.
Later, Su. Still friends, yes?

Can’t help but reply to you because you’ve invested more than usual into your latest comments.

I think you have a valid point…there’s been a lot of criticism and critical thinking in comments lately, mainly coming from when RC and FV starting and Tony/Luke/Fluke leaving. Reminds me of when a different director/actor takes on one of the never ending movie sequels, and doesn’t meet the expectations of those liking the original. Or the movies not like the true spirit of the book. But everyone has their take on it, including you.

But soaps aren’t “always very dark and dwelling on misery.” Many times soaps have been “happy/hopeful” television. Look at how many are mentioning the big Luke & Laura wedding, their adventures, the sometimes humor…even the Nurses Ball. So like life, soaps are a mix of the good with the bad. There just hasn’t been a lot of happy on GH lately, or anywhere else in “real” life.

And “yes” I’m sure the networks have a big hand in the direction their soaps take. In the case of ABC I might speculate they are trying to bring some of the “drama” from their nighttime “soaps,” like Scandal and Revenge, into daytime. Hence the extreme dark in some of GH stories. And the last time I really saw the networks listen to the audience is when CBS gave Star Trek another season after fans wrote letters, etc. They sure as heck didn’t care about AMC or OLTL fans, (or Firefly).

When it comes to sponsors/advts, they are looking at audience demos, reach and costs…unless it’s about the things The Donald might say. And when you notice the kind of ads that are running…tons from pharma with disclaimers that can be worse than the actual disease, food, and travel…at least in my market. So something for every demo.

I would also add why there can be a bit of disconnect between what you like on GH, and what other vocal commenters like. You seen more of a “here and now” kind of fan re: stories with a lot of camp/bad boys thrown in. Others really like tradition, continuity, and relationships, some of which can be a little too sentimental to you.

There’s room for all of us. So keep on with your positive comments about GH, which at times can drive some of us crazy. And when the complaints get to be too much, just take a time out like I have been doing lately, and look forward to hopefully better days. 🙂

You’re too funny, Su…I love your spirit, enthusiasm and how nothing brings you down. Good for you!!!!

I’m going to come at the writing/character driven problem a different way. I have to assume most writers now are part of the “social” media generation of twitter-type messages, not as much person-to-person interaction, dating services online, how many thousands “friends” do you have, etc. Or at least writers trying to appeal to this demo.

Maybe this is a large part of the problem. Soaps were, and hopefully will continue to be, stories about relationships not established by clicking a button and send. Love the line from a movie about what a guy liked romance-wise. He said “it starts with a long, slow kiss, etc, etc, etc.” And I think all demos still look for this. Just working at the bookstore with a diverse reader of all ages that’s what many are looking for in their next book. Might surprise some to know the romance genre still ranks high, whether it’s the traditional fare or Fifty Shades or even non-romance like Hunger Games. Throw in the best selling Outlander series or Downtown Abbey…it’s romance plus family lineage. And I think that’s how soaps were originally writte, and what many of us are looking for in our comments.

Hi, Rose.
Who did you mean to reply on your July 6th reply? T, Su, or I? …not clear. If it was to me? Well, I do not like violence or bad boys…I do like true romance, suspense snd continuity.

Hi Cee Cee…the reply was to Su regarding her long comment that made her need some ice cream. And we all know from reading Su she likes some of the recent darker stories on GH…ergo….violence and badboy references. I’m more with you, though I do admit I like a little conflict without the shooting and guns. Having a problem with Nik right now, but I don’t think he’ll stay the corporate raider forever. But I don’t know how can redeem himself for setting up the Hayden hit.

Awww…Su is Su…she’s cool.
None of us thinks Nik’s hostile takeover of ELQ will get far…you’re right.
I suppose the only way he will shed his black cloak and be reborn, is waking up from Helena’s spell. He probably has a similar ‘control chip’ embedded in his brain as Jake/Jason…LOL.

We need WENDY RICHE back!!!!

We have four soaps left I believe Ron & Frank both want to keep it on the air am I disappointed with Geary’s exit story yes but big deal soon he will be gone and he has left a career with highs and lows just like everybody else. Don’t bitch too much things can always get worse if I was going to sit down for a visit I would say trim your cast and get a little more character development going on. Please also use Jason Thompson he should be leading more story and let’s get back to the hospital and away from the mob. JFP is the one who tore down the Quartermaine family but they should have jumped on giving Wally Kurth a contract they needed him.

I’m so happy DAYS has Wally Kurth, exclusively! He is front burner as Justin!!!!!

Perhaps Wally wanted to be with DOOL, maybe it feels more like home to him..
I will miss seeing him hanging around Port Charles ..

I wish he were in Port Charles now that Dillion and Paul will be there. What happened to Larry Ashton?

over the “many” years… of Traci Quartermaine

I do not know all the long history

Traci’ love lives?

I was just gobsmacked that she had a real true love in Joe Scully 3rd… sexy together, dare I say… it was animalistic…. va va voom passion

I never saw it in Luke… aside from their whitty banter… which is sexy in itself
but that’s where it ended

I really took a liking to Larry Ashton… would GH bring him back for Ms. Traci

I was so surprised to see Gunnar STenbeck… back on the air… ala ATWT

ONE of the problems that come to mind after reading these posts is how characters are written and when it is time to say goodbye to a character. Ava was painted into a corner. Writers fault! Now we have to see the great Maura West in a ridiculous wig portraying ridiculous character. FRANCO: When James Franco left, Franco should have stayed dead. Resurrecting him by using Roger has been a disaster. The original Franco was a cold blooded psycho that reeked havoc on may characters on GH. They panicked when they couldnt use Roger as Todd anymore. So they make him Franco. Terrible! He should have been a Quaterrmaine. Dont laugh, he could have been Ned Ashton. I love Wally Kurth but he has come and gone. Can you imagine Roger and Jane leaving under the same roof! Or keep Wally in your back pocket and make Roger one of Alan’s long lost children. It would have been great! Nope, he has to be this zany rapist who is “Recovered” and had a spark with Michelle Stafford and they ruined that! Roger Howarth is a great actor in a terrible role! Y&R, cast Roger as Gabriel Bingham’s older brother we never knew existed!

Timmm, hi
hey! Franco did not rape Sam..
That whole thing was one of his orchestrated mind games ..

Have to admitted- Roger/Franco is mesmerizing.. When he is on screen I don’t even blink lol ,,
I wish he had a story. There are so many sides of Franco, yah never know what he will do or which way he will go.
Roger may still be a Q..
Heather changed some Q papers during the Q’s thanksgiving, what ever happened about that?
Anyways.. anything can change at any time..
Sooooo loving Nikolas as a true DNA Cassidine!! That was an awesome change!!

I didnt mention rape. I knew he set Sam up to think that. He was a freak and now he is just laughable. So Su, I dont like Roger’s version of James Franco’s character BUT I love Roger Howarth and wish they would give him a story to. And yes, I like NuNick!

I think Roger ended up with name Franco because he and James Franco are day and night apart..
Rogers Franco is absolutely not the same Franco character of James Franco….

00oooh grsh!! Nikolas the Cassidine Nikolas is dangerously HOT !!! 😉
I hope they don’t go and pussyfiy him again..
I’m luvin this new and improved Nik !!

I don’t think you’re the same su0000…your ” voice” sounds different!

The problem is there are TOO MANY CHARACTERS PEOPLE DON”T CARE ABOUT!! Sorry for the shouting, but you get the idea. Get rid of: Silas, Nina, Franco, Ava/Denise, Morgan, Valerie (YECH!), Ric, Madeline, Dr. Obrecht, Rosalie, Kiki. Let’s concentrate on rebuilding the ‘first familes’ of GH, and I don’t mean mob ones!

Top of the list, ABC should lure Richard Dean Anderson back to GH as Dr. Jeff Webber with a huge salary- Jeff should be the new Chief of Staff, filling his late father’s chair. Also, he has links to current characters: he’s Elizabeth’s father, and ex-husband to Monica and Heather, and adoptive uncle to Laura. I’d love to see Monica have a man in her life- why not her first husband? Rick and Alan aren’t around now! Next, bring back Jon Lindstrom as Dr. Kevin Collins and have a contrite Lucy try to win back her “Doc”. Having Dillion return is a step in the right direction, but Ned needs to be recast. When Sabrina first appeared, I hoped she and A.J. would get together, but that was not to be, so imagine my surprise that she is now involved with his son! (So I was off by a generation…..) Laura and Tracy need new men in their lives. There is a definite dearth of men over 50 on the show. How about also bringing back Doug Sheehan as Joe Kelly, and Christopher Pennock as Tracy’s second husband, corrupt politician Mitch Williams? Speaking of the Quartermaines- here’s one way to expand the family: what if A.J. fathered a child all those years he was living abroad? The child (and its mother) could come to town to place a claim on the family estate and ELQ! BTW, the show needs a real vixen who can drag Nikolas down the aisle and become the ‘new Helena’ and a wicked stepmother to Spencer! But seriously, those characters that have come on in the past few years are dragging the show down, so get rid of Silas, Franco, and the others I have mentioned. Dillion and Jake/Jason can stay.

to rebuild the Webbers they would need to bring in about 5 new cast members,some people do not like to add to the cast.
And then of course many would not be happy because the new replaced Webbers are nothing like the originals were nor would their nowdays stories be as once was…
It ain’t gonna work .. no how no way ..
And- The original webbers will most likely not be back.. well, Heather Webber is always on the ready for a break out 🙂 hey! perhaps she will be cured!

I doubt that we ever see Monica again it seems she has retired and dragging in an older man for Tracy lol Tray doesn’t need a man Luke is her love, her one and only.
Then again- a younger man and Tracy the rich Cougar would be fun..

lol -> ” ABC should lure Richard Dean Anderson back to GH as Dr. Jeff Webber ”
yah like that would ever happen, not in this lifetime lol

I like all on your throw away list that no people care about lol
”’ Silas, Nina, Franco, Ava/Denise, Morgan, Valerie (YECH!), Ric, Madeline, Dr. Obrecht, Rosalie, Kiki”’…. hmmm ok I agree with Valerie (YECH!) ,, lock her in the cellar!

I am a born-again GH newbie, so am pretty much out of the loop, but agree about
not liking some of these characters and storylines at all lately. Don’t like Nina, Silas, etc., and this Valerie oh my gosh, yuk! She is just, um, wrong on so many levels. But I haven’t minded Kiki, or Maxie. Can’t imagine continuing to watch once Luke leaves, but hope the show improves for
all the disgruntled fans who deserve better!

you’re so right Avatar610! There are too many characters that we don’t care about! And yes, more Quartermaine’s, Webber’s, and let’s re-build the Hardy family!

@Avatar610…..When Sappy first “appeared,” I hoped she would immediately disappear. Looks like neither one of us got what we wanted! (Alas, she’s still here…and furiously sniffing around the “Q Clan” you so fervently wished for her to invade ala AJ. All I can say is, the Crown Prince of Quartermaine got off easy…death was a far better fate for him than being tethered to the Sapster. I can only pray his halfwit heir of a son fares better and soon escapes her claustrophobic clutches!)


I have been tuning in a bit for the Luke exit story. The Denise character is a joke
and a waste of Maura I think. I never watched when she was Ava, though. But loved
her as Diane on Y and R. I still like Elizabeth, and when she had a scene with
Billy Miller today, it sorta reminded me of him with Victoria on Y and R, with both
women looking similar in ways with the dark hair and eyes. Anyway, just some
random thoughts, lol. Been years since I watched regularly…
But someone told me that Elizabeth used to be an artist way back, and a good one!
How did she go from that to nursing??

The reason I tuned out of GH a few months ago is the “arc” storytelling technique they use. They focus for weeks on a time on literally one or two storylines, and if you aren’t as interested in them, well, you have no reason to watch. It also drags out everything way too long. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with the actual characters or actors (although I do think they could trim their cast quite a bit, too many gimmick castings).

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Favorite Lamon Archey Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Lamon Archey (Eli, Days of our Lives) and his wife Krissy Terry.  The couple have welcomed a baby girl into this world named Kennedy.

In a beautiful photo of Kennedy with her mom and dad via Instagram, Lamon shared: “Blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings. #Blessed  @monicamartinphotography”

Terry added,“My princess. Kennedy Archey. You are my everything. I pray I am everything you want me to be in a mama. I never thought I’d love so deeply the way I love you, baby-cakes. I’ll forever be your guide, protector, and nurturer.”

Photo: LArcheyIG

This is Archey’s fourth child. His three other children are: Machiah, 21; Caden, 14; and Gaia, 11

Several of Lamon’s Days of our Lives co-stars shared their well-wishes on his IG post including: Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Sal Stowers (Lani).

Lamon and Krissy were married back on March 25th of this year.

Send your well-wishes for Lamon, Krissy and new little bundle of joy, Kennedy via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Jen Lilley Signs Off at Days of our Lives: “Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan Off and On for the last 10 Years Has Taught Me So Much About Empathy and Grace”

This week on Days of our Lives, Jen Lilley will wrap her short-term run as Theresa Donovan. Lilley came back to reprise her role to a be a part of the on-screen memorial for Victor Kiriakis, and to honor one of her her all-time favorite scene partners, the late John Aniston.

While Lilley explained in interviews with the press, that she gave the series a 3 to 4 week window of time she would be available to reprise the role, she noted the long-running soap opera wrote more episodes and story for the character; thus the part will be turned over to another actress for the next leg of Theresa’s return story.

Meanwhile, through the years, Lilley came under fire over her run on DAYS being a devout Christian, and taking on the role of the troublemaking Theresa.  She fired back in one interview, “Why should I play a role like this,’ you know? That’s been something I’ve been asked over and over again, by Christians, like,‘How can you be a Christian and play this role?’ And the truth of the matter is that from a human perspective, Theresa’s kind of a horrible person, but from a God perspective, she’s exactly who Christ came and died for.”

Photo: JPI

With her final episode streaming on Peacock on Friday, September 22nd, Lilley took to her Instagram to share her sentiments on her Salem journey over the years.

Jen shared: “Last week of me exploring this girl’s shenanigans on screen. Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan off and on for the last 10 years has taught me so much about empathy and grace. I have enjoyed every moment of her hilarious sass and ferocity, layered with brokenness. To the cast and crew at @dayspeacock, I love you forever. You’re my family. And to the best fans a girl could ask or hope for: remember there is no pit so deep you could ever find yourself in where God’s love cannot find you still. You are never beyond redemption. You are called by grace and marked with love. Thank you for supporting me on this decade long journey. #Days #RIPJohnAniston #ripvictorkiriakis #DOOL”

No word yet if in the future, and with Lilley’s busy filming schedule (once the SAG-AFTRA and writers strikes are resolved) for Great American Family movies and other projects, if she would be available to return to DAYS should the show decide to write for the character.

So, are you sad to see Jen exit the canvas as Theresa? Curious just who and how will take over her role? There have been plenty of online rumors that a certain actress currently on the show is taking over the part. Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Celebrates One-Year on Peacock (Photos)

When Days of our Lives moved from NBC to the streaming service Peacock after 57 years on the air, it rocked many longtime fans of the beloved soap opera. However, NBC/Universal decided to make it a high priority on its companion streamer as one of its flagship shows. This was due, in part, to its dedicated fan base and viewership.

DAYS started its run in its new home on September 12th, 2022, and now one-year later, Peacock helped the show celebrate its first anniversary in its current streaming digs with an ice cream truck outside its studios in Burbank on Monday.

Taking a break from Salem, and to partake in some ice cream were DAYS stars: Billy Flynn (Chad), Ella Cantu, (Jada) Abigail Klein (Stephanie), Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie), Carson Boatman (Johnny), Raven Bowens (Chanel), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), and Greg Vaughan (Eric).

Check out some of the snaps from the ice cream truck fun below!

Photo: JPI

Mary Beth Evans, who shared on social media she used to serve up ice cream at one time in her life, took a pic inside the ice cream truck with Stephen Nichols. Seems “Stayla” likes ice cream too!

Photo: JPI

Raven Bowens served up an ice cream cone to Carson Boatman!

Photo: JPI

Too cool for school! Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes strike a pose with ice cream treats.

Photo: JPI

Greg Vaughan with his longtime castmate, Mary Beth Evans, celebrating the one-year anniversary of DAYS move to Peacock.

Photo: JPI

Here’s the signage from Peacock upon sending the ice cream truck to DAYS.

Photo: JPI

The Salem gang strikes one final pose before heading inside and back to work to tape all-new episodes.

So, what do you think about Peacock sending the ice cream truck to DAYS to mark the occasion of its move to the streaming service? Are you glad DAYS is still moving forward on the streamer, even though a year later it’s not on or coming back to network TV? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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