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RATINGS: GH, Y&R and B&B Show Audience Gains For Key November Sweeps Week!



For the ratings period of November 3rd through November 7th, three of the four network daytime drama showed gains in total viewers and in all major women demographics!

The week in discussion was a key week for the all important November Sweeps week in television! And General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful all came away with increases, while Days of our Lives was the one soap that lost viewers.

In stories, General Hospital played the fall-out from Franco (Roger Howarth) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) “Hallowedding” where all secrets and bombshells were revealed: Carly cheating on Franco with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Michael (Chad Duell) finding out that Sonny killed his father, AJ!  Then, there was Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Madeline’s (Donna Mills) twisted plot to take Ava’s  (Maura West) baby, which they successfully did after Nina drugged the pregnant mob gal and delivered her arch-rivals baby!


Over in Genoa City at Y&R, Sharon’s (Sharon Case) world came crashing down as Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) jogged Sharon’s memory and in a revisiting of the important stairwell scene from a year ago!

Sharon admits to having switched the paternity tests of Summer (Hunter King) and lying to Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Jack (Peter Bergman) all along, and the gents find out, too!  Yup, Nick is the bio-dad! And the week featured the very “quickie” debut of the new Adam Newman, played by Justin Hartley.

At The Bold and the Beautiful, it was the fallout from Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Caroline’s (Linsey Godfrey) betrayal to Rick (Jacob Young), as now a furious Rick takes over the CEO position at Forrester Creations and continues being back in Maya’s (Karla Mosley) orbit! Meanwhile, Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer), Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Kim Matula), and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) were getting ready to head to Amsterdam.


Elsewhere in Salem, Kristen’s (Eileen Davidson) diabolical plot to take Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) child right out of Theresa (Jen Lilley) unfolded, just before the evil DiMera left town.  And, JJ (Casey Moss) and Eve (Kassie DePaiva) try to cover up their tracks after hitting the sheets,  were a major part of the action on Days of our Lives.

In the numbers; it was Y&R who led all soaps with the most gains!  The number one CBS soap opera added +272,000 total viewers for the week, and had the most gains in women 18-49 and 25-54.  General Hospital added + 147,000 coming close to reaching the 3 million mark in total viewers again, and adding the most viewers of all the soaps in women 18-34, but, also adding viewers in the women 18-49 and 25-54 demos as well. The Bold and the Beautiful added +145,000 total viewers for the ratings period and was also up in all women’s demos.   View the entire ratings picture via SON here.

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,981,000 (+272,000/+183,000)
2. B&B 3,777,000 (+145,000/-24,000)
3. GH 2,920,000 (+147,000/+120,000)
4. DAYS 2,373,000 (-92,000/-199,000)

Now let us know, which soap opera do you think delivered the most exciting November Sweeps week storylines thus far? Which soap is on fire? Which is not to you?  Comment below!
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GH has rocked it! Surprised they didn’t have even more gains but still strong showing! It’s nice to see soaps making a comeback!!!

By the drastic drop & difference in Wednesday’s ratings for the shows that were preempted for the President versus their ratings for the rest of the week, it seems clear that it did affect the ratings. That makes me boiling mad. I know that it’s available online later in the day, or some affiliates aired the Wednesday show at a later time, but those numbers aren’t measured. General Hospital was near 3 million M & T, and Th & F were over 3M, (Friday-3.243 M!). Wednesday it dropped by about 600,000 viewers!! Wow. There’s no rhyme or reason for the drop, especially since it’s sweeps. I know the show gets preempted all the time, but like I said, this was the 1st full week of sweeps, which is a crucial week for all shows! Days was the other show to get interrupted that day, and their ratings too fell on that day.
Monday: 2,349,000
Tuesday: 2,422,000
Wednesday: 2,161,000
Thursday: 2,390,000
Friday: 2,500,000

Monday: 2,958,000
Tuesday: 2,930,000
Wednesday: 2,391,000
Thursday: 3,080,000
Friday: 3,243,000

GH has to get their demo ratings back to #2 at least. It’s good to see the good ratings rise for GH, & I believe next week’s ratings will show an even bigger rise, unless we are interrupted AGAIN! The next ratings reveal will be for the week Sonny got the boom lowered on him! I heard that Robin would be back for the Fluke reveal & Luke’s rescue.

I have to amend my above comment. Next weeks ratings reveal should show an even bigger rise for GH than the 11/1-5 ratings, as none of the shows for 11/8-12 were preempted.

Good numbers for GH, except wednesdays preemption brought there numbers down. Here in New Mexico wednesday’s episode did not air. So upset by this. Again they shouldn’t interrupt our soaps for there stupid Special Reports. Isnt thats what the news are for!!! Please all four Networks stop interrupting our Soaps forgods sake

you can watch it online next day when that happens..
a least you’d get to see it..

Whistling in the wind. Network news always tops soaps and that will never change. Do u think when a President is fixing to speak, he really cares if a SOAP is on?

Days needs a shot in the arm. Pieces are good, but pieces isn’t cutting it. JJ/Eve was a good start, but it took far too long to get there an the main causality, Paige, is a huge snore (recast PLEASE!!!). So I’m already anticipating the fallout from what should be a hot story won’t be as climactic or juicy. The Kristen/Bray/Theresa storyline also has potential, but the best part to the story, Kristen, isn’t even on screen any more. I really like Aidan’s backstory with his wife. I thought it wasn’t as expected, but still believable and dramatic, way of revealing what he’s been hiding and understandable that he would not be open to disclosing that so easily. The actor was also very good in those scenes. Chad’s return is intriguing but there doesn’t feel to be much movement. I’m glad Melanie will be back and think this new guy (Asian! Yay or diversity!!) has potential. The only other reveals this month have been Theresa hitting John and that Jordan was raped. Is that the best they could do for November sweeps???

But Days needs more than this. They need more than just somewhere between ok and great story moments. They can do better than this. Better secrets, better build, better growth, better reveals and better fallout. Days without Ali and James were har when they were on the show. Now going a prolonged period of time without them is excruciating. I’m really starting to feel it. Pick it up Days!!

I’m cool with the numbers though. YR had a good week in story an I’m glad the ratings reflected it (I haven’t watched in months an even I was looking forward to these episodes). GH probably didn’t do as well as they were hoping, and that makes me happy too.

I actually think GH did do as well as they thought, but they were preempted Wednesday for the President. Every day was near or over 3M, except Wednesday-The ratings went down around by around 600,000 Wednesday. There’s no rhyme or reason for it, since it is sweeps and all the stories are in high gear & smack dab in the middle of unfolding. Days was interrupted Wednesday too, and they made a sharp drop that day. Later that afternoon I saw a report trending on Yahoo news about ABC affiliates receiving so many complaints for the preemption, that major cities & markets had agreed to air it at a later time. They then had the cities/markets listed that were going to air it in full & the times.


At some point this month Robin will be back, maybe freeing Luke from Miscaviage. For some reason, Robin’s return always spikes the ratings. But we will see!

All in all Days is the best soap opera left but it has been painful to watch the last few months and without EJ I fear the axe is going to fall

Days needs to recast snooze diva Paige ASAP I am so bored with her and this storyline despite loving JJ to bits! Casey Moss is a doll and deserves better.

Gh is so good! I loved michael in bed with Rosalie!

Kristen is actually adorable and appears to be very nice. Give her a chance. I must say though, I do like Rosalie. I think the actress is very good and I can’t figure out what her secret is!!!

She is adorable I’m sorry lol I just got carried with michael and all his problems !! Gh is so good I just love it right now!

Oh noooooo Mark. Please. No need to apologize to me…at all! You are entitled to your opinion and I don’t fault you for it. I’m glad you’re enjoying GH. I am too! Best… 🙂

Haha…I see your original comment got edited so this part about Kristen will be confusing to anyone else reading it.

I have to admit, I did too. Aren’t Chad Duell and Kristen Alderson an item in real life (or did that come to an end and I missed it)? They have surprisingly little chemistry on screen (not the first time that has happened in a case where costars were dating or involved or married—it’s as though real-life involvement sucks all of the romantic tension out of onscreen relationships), but Chad and the actress who plays Rosalie have quite a bit.

I’m enjoying the new, less trusting and ready-to-kick-some-booty Michael. Much as I hate that AJ was killed off (again), the fallout has made it almost worth it–almost. This part of the storyline, where Carly and Sonny have to deal with Michael’s realization of who they really are and their real motivations for taking him away from AJ, is something I had hoped to see. I was really hoping to see all of that play out with AJ still alive, but this route is making for some compelling viewing. (And miracle of miracles: Carly and Sonny are actually interesting to me, for the first time in years.) I didn’t fast-forward anything this past week, amazingly.

It seems that often real life couples spark very little chemistry on screen. I watched Kristin Alderson grow up on OLTL as Starr and always loved her.
But Kiki? She’s obnoxious and she employs irksome habits–always mugging it up with the camera with her mouth gaped open, eyes popping out of her head and her wild waving of the arms.
And Michael should not forgive her. His parents have lied to him in order to protect him his entire life. Now he discovers his girl friend has been doing the same thing. There’s no recovering from that. I hope they stay broken up.

I’ve always enjoyed Days the most, but like others have said it just hasn’t been too good this November sweeps. I’ve definitely been enjoying the other 3 soaps though right now. I’m just hoping that Days can come back to good storylines after all of these new characters are introduced to the show.

Days needs to fire Gary Tomlin a.s.a.p. Bring back vets, romance & storytelling. I’d love to see Lorraine Broderick and Christopher Whitesell as the headwriters. LB knows romance and IMO, CW is good at planning out umbrella storylines. Days also has GOT to cut back on it’s tape schedule – right now, they’re 5-6 MONTHS ahead & they can’t correct things that don’t work nor capitalize on things that do. Take 3 months OFF – and come back with a 5-8 week MAX lead-time from tape-to-air. And for cryin out loud – set up John & Marlena as the steady happily married couple of the show. They have history, romance, passion and chemistry – – they’ve earned that honor.

I’ll have what you’re having!

speaking of vets…
charlotte ross needs to be back as the original eve to really make eve/ jj/ paige believable, maybe even bring back frankie for round 2 of eve/ jenn/ frankie triangle and really invest in this storyline!!!

Why does DAYS write so far ahead? Is it a cost-cutting thing? Do they try to cram a year’s worth of work in like 6 months, then let the writers go unpaid for the rest of the year? You’re correct that it leaves the soap with zero flexibility to respond to what is working and what isn’t.

I totally agree!

I agree with everything you said No1_ILoveLucyFan.

If you’re losing viewers during sweeps that is not a good sign for Days— I could be wrong, but if they are filming five months ahead, they are plotting stories even further out, which means when two of their leading actors left, they had to go back and redo the story line they had mapped out maybe a year ago.

Because that is what I am seeing on screen patch work. The good stuff that is working were most likely stories that could stay intact without EJ and Sami– like Hope and Aiden’s story finally moving along. However the stories they had planned for sweeps involving EJ and Sami had to be dumped and replaced with stories that weren’t written with much time or thought behind them– Brady finding out who really hit John was a disappointment. Daniel and Kristen hitting the sheets and then backing out -lame. Jordan holding a gun on Clyde- silly; Ben looking for an apartment to have sex with Abby— was okay, but not a story you save for sweeps.

All in all you can tell what was thrown together to fill holes in their storyboard when they lost two major characters and what was in the works for a long time. I imagine they will do better in February sweeps, when stories plotted this year for the 50th Anniversary next year, start to air.

Yes, Mary SF, you are on target!

I feel that DAYS is already turning around and they can still finish the sweeps on the upswing. They just had to reevaluate the characters and positions of the storylines to minimize the void left by Sami and EJ.

A lot of EJami fans may have tuned out and the DAYS fans that stayed were aware of the bid change, but there are storyline beginning to heat up and new storylines that will blow us away!!!

I’m staying tuned and hope all others do the same. I refuse to let a little slump end my DAYS viewing, knowing there already are exciting DAYS and more compelling DAYS to come!!!

I’ve been a fan since 1984 and DAYS has delivered so many great characters and storylines through all those years that I look forward to it’s 50th anniversary and beyond!!!!!

Long live all the soaps and long live all the days of our lives!


I am loving Gina T on Y&R as the new phyliss, she has such an undercurrent of danger to her.

I agree, Sammie. She’s damned good. On one hand you find yourself empathizing with her predicament but on the other, you find her to be rather frightening. She can pull off emoting disparate emotions in her character, and by extension, in the viewers. That is no easy feat.

yes she definitely has that latent psycho vibe going on. lol
Did you see jack’s face when she told him if she knew the woman’s name, she’d kill the b1tch! lol
He had that perpetual jack just pooped his pants look on his face. lol

The ratings are like age, only a number ..

if you like it numbers do not matter ..

Unless of course those numbers mean the show ends up getting cancelled, in which case, if you like it, the numbers really do matter, because you’re really out of luck.

DAYS was doing much better in the ratings in 2013 when they hit multi-year ratings highs several times. It seems to me that were the stories that had actually been prepared by the interim head writers that were on the job 2011/12, because the writing has been horrible this whole year. And no matter what they say publicly, there’s a reason – very poor material and obviously bad treatment by the producers- why so many actors who were front and center in the major stories of 2013 left the show: Chandler Massey, Blake Berris, Camila Banus, Casey Deidrick, now James Scott and Alison Sweeney. And they seem to be doing everything they can to drive some of the best actors away that are still part of the cast – by totally marginalizing them and bad writing: Freddie Smith, Wally Kurth, Galen Gering, Ari Zucker and so on. I myself started watching DAYS again in 2012 because of Will and Sonny who were front and center of the story whenever the show hit ratings highs last year. And look how TPTB have treated the actors and WilSon’s storyline. They haven’t had a single relevant and major story of their own this whole year. This is only one example that shows how totally clueless these head writers are. They haven’t taken a single lesson from GH – a show that was in no better position than DAYS in 2012! And everyone who read that recent interview with Ken Corday knows that the problem is at the very top of the show. He basically said that people should “give them a break” and they couldn’t do anything else than hope that people would like whatever stories the writers come up with. It’s so sad and the ONLY chance to change anything is a new head writing team, and a good one!!!

see I knew it I told you! General Hospital always makes it come back don’t believe what you read people. I am so pleased with their ratings and especially new people who know the shows history.and the look on Cathlyn Jerome’s face when she seen Rosalie and Michael in bed at the hotel?? She look like she wanted to gag! Superb Lee excellent acting! She opened the door and not noticed they were humping and they did not see her open that door was riveting as hell! And with the last comment I agree that soap operas are making a comeback and not going anywhere, because we need all my children and one life to live right back next to GH.

That week was gh best week this year. Obama tanked wednesdays episode but that gh friday was impressive with 3.2 million

All is not lost. DAYS had a very entertaining and compelling week of episodes from November 10-14…That should be reflected in the next ratings post!

DAYS has set several intriguing storylines in motion, including Brady and Theresa’s kidnapped fetus, the Hope and Aiden union (& dead wife mystery) and the Eve/JJ/Paige scandal.

The sweeps period is not over and DAYS great stories are just beginning!

Daniel Cosgrove deserves prop

this is from, this past Wednesday’ ep

as he’s telling Hope… what happened to his wife… as he’s emulating… the hurt, crush, of his wife passed…. was mind blowing…

“who knew” Daniel Cosgrove had it in him… i mean that in a good way…. the maturity of said actor… just propped him moreso in my realm of dream

I’ve always liked him… from AMC to ATWT… now on DAYS… standing O

I’m so happy for this dream couple… Hope andAiden move to

I agree Patrick. Daniel did a commendable job retelling the story of his late wife. It’s no wonder why he was so proud of those scenes. Great acting, an a compelling backstory.

I am continually captivated by Jenn Lilly’ Theresa… and , notwithstanding… emmy winner, Eric Martsolf

for the life of me… why the characters of Salem… continue to slam… ditch Theresa… like she’s yesterdays news… lack of a better phrase

her acting… I will continue to share… as, Kassie DePaiva shares… she’s fearless… I cannot stop watching her… I imagine myself acting… and it’s her… the person… that spotlights… how enigmatic and feature it must be to ACT

I am so looking forward… to Theresa and Anne… chewing the scenery… giving their all… ACTING OUT… believing in themselves…. fighting all the rest of Salem… as they plight the loss of where’s my being

this is gangbusters… move… for these actors to play out… i’m thrilled

I wish they’d feature for the throngs… relationships for John and Marlena… make some love… he’s still here, viable, dynamic… and present… Marlena

days, sony, nbc, bring back Shane and Kimberly… with cast Andrew… for Abs

bring back Sheryl for the man, Lucas!

I cant’ wait for Ben, Clyde, and Jordan to dim

find, give, feature, Mary Beth Evans’ Kayla… she’s a dream unto herself. she is staggering… look at all last weeks scenes with her present

I read in this past weeks.. SOD… how a fan posted… why is Galen Gerring not featured more… “I agree” get him and Kate BACK! poster wanted a storyline for him… his employ in daytime… speaks for itself… Rafe’alicious

I wish Jordan was already gone…. my wish is that nuCHAD … who already… echelon his DiMera… is stratosphere.. its now time to find him a leading lady… and it’s neither Jordan or Abs… I hope returnee Melanie… and/or Melissa Archer steps up to the plate

i’m back to agreeing that DAYS 5-6 months ahead.. is hurting the audience… fans outcry for how beloved this serial

I remain vigilant

I do agree 4ever DAYS that it was much better last week. IMO, Clyde,Tammi Sue/Ben does NOT help them! I hate this term, but I feel these characters have been propped up or however you use the “prop” term. The fact that these s/l’s are written so far in advance does not help.
Although GH is my fav soap, I’ve thought Days was the most consistent of all 4 remaining soaps in the past year and a half. I didn’t see huge gaps in the s/l’s, there seemed to be decent follow-though, good acting. The acting is still strong but something has gone seriously wrong. I can’t believe it’s just because of JS & AS’s departure. This past week was indeed better, but I’m no fan of the JJ/Eve/Paige s/l. I could’ve been, if it happened back when Eve first came back, when JJ was flummoxed upon meeting Eve. He was clearly shaken & couldn’t even discuss her w/Jen was drilling him about his meeting with Paige’s mom. But time has passed & Eve has become just cruel to JJ & Paige, although they don’t know to what extent yet. I can’t take JJ’s low IQ anymore (now he’s going to dump Paige because Eve says he must?), and Paige is worse than him. How did this girl get accepted into Stanford? But what really bugs me, sadly, is that porn music they cue with the woman moaning loudly every time Eve & JJ’s in a scene. Now, they’ve inserted it in other scenes of the show. Just …NO!!
On the other hand, maybe they are FINALLY amping up the Hope/Aiden s/l. Why do you have 2 actors of this caliber, with this kind of chemistry and not use them? Shame, shame Days. Hopefully they’re correcting this. I also kind of love Theresa. It’s all do to the portrayal by JL! She stepped into a temporary role & hard role to fill on GH, Maxie Jones, and she did a solid job. But on Days is where she has flown, even with limited material at times. Gosh I love EM, but Brady can straight up be a whiny punk! He is often as cruel as Eric is to Nicole. Brady wins the a**hole race though, because he’s rude to everyone during his rages! Except Daniel, whom he has suddenly forgiven for his romp with Kristen, because, golly, gee-whiz, she is hot and all. ??
I digress as usual. I’m glad Days has improved. Hope it continues because I want all of the remaining soaps to do well & gain & stay on the air. Not only that, I’m ready for more daytime soaps again.

“… they are FINALLY amping up the Hope/Aiden s/l. Why do you have 2 actors of this caliber, with this kind of chemistry and not use them? ”

i finished thursday’ ep : I am in love with Kristian Alfonso’ Hope… all over again

Kristian Alfonso is ON top

LOL… this is giddy time

Love for two : Hope and Aiden

I haven’t been this excited for her as an actress … since the death of her and Bo’ son

soaps gaing audiences????

wow I thought they were going extinct.. you’d think that maybe the network execs would try to capitalize on this trend.

Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati Talks on Decision to Make Days of our Lives 15000th Episode About Doug’s Funeral, and Previews Chances for WGA Award

This week, Days of our Lives celebrated the taping of their 15,000th episode. In of it itself, that is an incredible accomplishment for the long-running soap opera currently streaming on Peacock.

However, this on set gathering was a bit different. Though the show is celebrating their achievement, they are also in the middle of taping scenes surrounding the death and the funeral of Doug Williams, played by the late Bill Hayes, who passed away on January 12th of this year at the age of 98.

As previously revealed many longtime favorites are back to honor Bill and the character of Doug including: Gloria Loring (Liz), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Maree Cheatham (Marie), Victoria Konefal (Ciara) and Stephen Schnetzer (Steve) to name but a few.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV was in attendance and spoke with Days of our Lives head writer, Ron Carlivati to gain some insight into how the 15,000 episode was crafted and the decision to honor the character of Doug Williams and Bill Hayes as its epicenter. In addition, Ron weighed-in on this Sunday’s April 14th WGA (Writers Guild of America) Awards, where he and his writing team are facing off with General Hospital for the daytime drama prize. Here’s what Ron shared below.

Was this your idea to make the 15,000th episode centered around Doug’s funeral and passing?

RON: It was. When you’re looking at it, and laying out the calendar for the whole year and you see 15,000 is coming up, we’re like, “What are we going to do?” And then, we got the news that Bill had passed away and something kind of clicked. I was like, “We should honor Doug on that show.” So then, we started to kind of build around that … when does he pass away? How does he pass away? Who could come back? You know, it’s a lot.  I’m very pleased with the returns that we got as there’s so much that you could do. We wanted everybody we could get. So, we put together a wish list and Janet Drucker (co-executive producer, Days of our Lives) made it happen.

Photo: JPI

You have Melissa Reeves back as Jennifer, when the role was last played by Cady McClain. What has it meant to have Missy back for these shows?

RON: It was so nice to see Missy Reeves. I think Cady has done such a good job, but on the 15,000th episode to see Missy as Jennifer, it’s a big deal. So having her was great, and overall, the milestone was a big undertaking, because you want to live up to it. You want the 15,000th episode to be good. Now, it has a lot of real emotion that you’re playing. because for the cast and the crew they’re honoring Bill Hayes just as much as we’re honoring Doug Williams.

Photo: JPI

Was it hard for you and the team to write this episode?

RON: Yes. I’ll tell you why it was hard to write.  When I wrote, for example, Asa’s (Phillip Carey) death on One Life to Live or Victor’s (John Aniston) on DAYS, Asa is a different type of character. Like, you could have characters going, “Oh! I’m glad he is dead.” You could have different points of view, but with Doug, you’re not having that. Every person loves this man. No one had a bad relationship with him. So, you’re challenge as a writer is how do you make it that not everybody’s saying the same thing and doing the same thing. And so, we tried to find ways to make the episode about all the familial relationships and yet, how do you make it about Doug and yet broaden the scope.

Photo: JPI

I had spoken to Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), a week after Bill’s memorial, for an interview. She said that she felt very fortunate that you did include her on discussions of how you would tackle Doug’s passing. How did that conversation go?

RON: First, I attended Bill’s funeral, which was incredible. I said to so many people it was an emotional service, but it was hard to be sad at this. The guy had an incredible life and it was an incredible celebration. And so, you’re sitting there watching this knowing that you now have to write something similar. And how do you write something that lives up to what you just witnessed? I wanted to talk to Susan to get her thoughts about, you know, how much do you want this to be about keeping Bill separate from Doug. How comfortable are you sharing your grief. She was incredible to talk to. It was a great chat.

You’re in the middle of taping these major scenes for the 15,000 episode to air in December. How do you think it’s going? Have you seen any of the scenes?

RON:  I haven’t seeing anything. I mean, we were still making changes to the script up till this morning!

Photo: JPI

The Writers Guild Awards are this Sunday, April 14th and once again this year there are two daytime drama nominees, General Hospital and Days of our Lives. How are you feeling about your chances this year?

RON: It is often just GH and us in the category. I’ve won three years in a row, so I’m kind of feeling like it’s their turn.

Photo: JPI

What episodes did you submit for contention? If I recall, they had to do with Victor’s memorial.

RON: The episodes we submitted were centered around Victor’s funeral. I think one has story with Vivian. We had some fun stuff, we had some emotional stuff at Victor’s death, and I am pretty sure that our submission was three episodes right around that time.

Did you make the decision to go with those episodes because there was a mix of humor and drama?

RON: I like to have some humor, but it was also the funeral, then there’s Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) giving birth, and then Vivian’s (Louise Sorel) crashing the reading of the will. So, we had a lot of fun and it’s hard sometimes to pick three that tell a story, as opposed to submitting for the Daytime Emmys, where the writing team only submits two shows.  So, we shall see how it goes on Sunday.


So, are you looking forward to the emotional 15,000th episode of Days of our Lives? Do you think DAYS will take home the WGA writing award for daytime dramas for the 4th year in a row? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Matthew Ashford, Martha Madison, Victoria Konefal and Maree Cheatham Make Returns to Days of our Lives

Today on Thursday April 11th, Days of our Lives celebrated the taping of their 15,000 episode which also happens to coincide with the funeral and episodes surrounding the death of Doug Williams (played by the late Bill Hayes).

Michael Fairman TV was on the set today during the milestone celebration; which also revealed who was back and participating in scenes during the emotional funeral for Doug and more.

In addition to the previously revealed Stephen Schnetzer (Steve Olson), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton) and Gloria Loring (Liz Chandler), now comes Matthew Ashford (Jack Devereaux), Martha Madison (Belle Black), Victoria Konefal (Ciara Brady Weston) and Maree Cheathem (Marie Horton) among others.

Photo: JPI

Cheatham last appeared on DAYS back in 2010, while Ashford last appeared in 2023. Other cast members back for Doug’s funeral are Brandon Beemer (Shawn), Lamon Archey (Eli) and Sal Stowers (Lani)

In addition, look for longstanding cast members including: Josh Taylor (Roman Brady), Stephen Nichols (Steve Brady), Mary Beth Evans (Dr. Kayla Brady), Jim Reynolds (Abe Carver), Jackée Harry (Mayor Paulina Price), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton Kiriakis), Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans), and of course, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) to appear throughout the emotional episodes as well.

Photo: JPI

DAYS projects that the 15,000 episode tentatively will stream on Peacock on December 3rd. Since DAYS tapes well in advance, viewers will have a long stretch to wait. Be on the lookout for interviews and coverage from the taping and more right here on Michael Fairman TV.

So, what do you think of the returns listed thus far for the episodes surrounding the passing of Doug Williams and honoring Bill Hayes? Let us know in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Reveals Newcomers Cherie Jimenez and Al Calderon

On the official Days of our Lives Instagram account, a photo has appeared featuring new additions to Salem, Cherie Jimenez and Al Calderon.  The Peacock streaming soap opera is not offering up just who they are playing.

However, the smart money seems to be that Jimenez is a recast Gabi Hernandez and Calderon potentially her brother, Dario Hernandez, since the two actors are seen standing in Rafe’s (Galen Gering) kitchen.

In story, Gabi has been stuck in prison for “murdering” Li Shin. Looks like the character will be brought back on to the canvas, but will Gabi reunite with Stefan (Brandon Barash)?

Photo: CJimenezIG

If Calderon proves to be Dario that character has been off the show since 2017, when soap vet Jordi Vilasuso played the part. Dario departed Salem to avoid getting locked up in the slammer and in the process granted Abigail a divorce while in hiding.

If Jimenez looks familiar, she has been featured in roles on Pretty Little Liars,The Newsroom, NCIS, Maya and Breaking Tradition. Calderon has appeared in Walking Dead: World Beyond, and a few episodes of the soapy, The Haves and the Have Nots.

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As for Camila Banus, her last day on the DAYS set was back on April 28, 2023, when she revealed she was exiting the role of Gabi, a role she made soap-famous for 13 years.

Do you think Cherie and Al are the new Gabi and Dario? If not, who do you think they are playing? Weigh-in below.


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