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RATINGS: Not A Good Week for Soaps! Only B&B Gains Viewers!


The ratings are out for the week of May 14-18th and it was bad week for daytime soaps.  DAYS, GH, Y&R, and B&B were all down in the key 18-49 female demo in total viewers.  Overall, three soaps went down and lost total viewers.  Only The Bold and the Beautiful showed gains adding + 20,000 eyeballs for the ratings period and remaining firmly in second place of the four soaps.

It was a very bad week for General Hospital which had been on its way upward.  The ABC series went back to the fourth position below Days of our Lives and lost the most viewers for the ratings week with -103,000.   Days of our Lives did not fare that much better losing another -76,000 but moving past GH ever so slightly.  The Young and the Restless also lost viewers yet again, with a loss of  – 64,000 viewers .    Of course, it remains without peer in first place.  You can view the entire ratings courtesy of Soap Opera Network here!

So why do you think B&B showed gains, but the other soaps did not?  Better story? More compelling characters? Crystal Chappell’s first episode on B&B as Danielle? Fans who lost All My Children and One Life to Live are tuning in there?  A better lead-in than DAYS and GH have?  It is particularly disheartening to see the totals for GH, especially with all that the show is attempting to do to turn itself around.

As the soaps took a hit this week, what should they do and what can they do to improve the ratings?   Should they infuse the soaps with new stories?  Drop long-standing or new characters that aren’t working anymore?  Make the pace of the storytelling even faster and even more modern?  Or, stick to what it does best? Let us know your thoughts.

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Off subject but I would like to do a shout out on what this Memorial Day is about hug a soldier etc they are what protects us from harms way and give us the freedom to watch our soaps so please say a prayer for our men & women in service that make it possible for us to watch and be as I might be so bold selfish beyond reason. God Bless Our Men & Women Who Protect & Serve Our Country!!! Thank You!!!

GH isn’t utilizing the people they have and they are overdoing it with certain characters. We haven’t seen the character of Diane in months and she’s a fan favorite. Between Kate and Alexis, the two of them pretty much are running the show as of late.

Yes, we all miss Diane, but Carolyn Hennesy has been busy working on the HBO series True Blood, as Michael reported here.

Yes, will Diane resume her role?
She has one of those partts like Anthony Zacchara. UNFORGTABLE!

Diane is hardly a fan favorite. Ridiculous.

LOL. That’s Funny. I kinda see her as the Marion Colby of AMC… with a little Elizabeth Hubbard ala Creme de la Creme Lucinda Walsh… now that i think of it… she’s like Greg’s Mother on AMC… Enid Nelson… LOL.. wasn’t she a Pill to swallow. Neighborhood busy body. Well intentioned i’m sure. Diane’s hot about town in her stilleto’s….. She has the best hair on day time.

I was reaching, when i said Enid Nelson… she came to mind… when i was thinking of Marion. My truly, favorite part, of the ending of AMC… was when Dr. David Hayward, “brought” Stewert.. back to life.. and he was reunited with Marion… and his son…. Scott. 2nd would be the Acting forces to be reckoned with David and Angie.

Back to Enid.. wasn’t it a hoot… camp classic serial… jennie and Greg’s Mothers… Top Drawer trailer park, Opal meets Stuffy Hoity Toity… Declaring she’s “twice removed” queen Mum.. Enid… LOL.

The writing…. Nuff said, and forever etched in our hearts Soap Action.

GH is going down because people are just sick of ABC’s games! We all know they are liars from past experience! They say a soap is safe & then cancel it! No one is watching ABC in the afternoon anymore!

This is quite easily explained. Crystal Chappell had her first airdate on Bold and the Beautiful! The numbers do not lie. Days of our Lives made a very big mistake letting go of the uber-talented actress. Cheers to the best actress in daytime!!! Viva Chappell!!!

I have watched Y&R since 1973 when the show began. I followed it religiously for decades. The writing for it has been horrific for several years but I still watched. About two weeks ago (when the Victor/Sharon romance reared its ugly head and we learned that Eileen Davidson was being released), I reached my breaking point and have completely given up on it. I won’t watch it anymore short of hearing some (unlikely) miracle that it has vastly improved.

I can’t fathom how the current Y&R remains the most watched soap. Yes, it appears to trending slowly downward with its ratings but it is always the most watched show! I’m not sure what all of this means: (1) the ratings are not accurate; (2) Y&R has fans who are more loyal than this 35-40 year viewer; or (3) the entire slat of soaps in serious trouble.

I have always been a CBS soap watcher (with B&B being my least favorite and the one that I easily skipped). I watched in horror as Guiding Light was reduced to a comatose patient on a feeding tube before it was mercifully cancelled and then in anger as incompetent producers and writers destroyed As the World Turns. Having watched both of these shows slowly slip into their graves, I refuse to watch this (unfortunately) familiar scenario now play out with Y&R and have simply turned the show off. I’m not replacing it with another show.

Sadly, this 40 year viewer of daytime serials has simply given up on the entire genre. Frankly, I don’t completely blame the networks for the situation. We repeatedly hear about producers and writers who have worked on numerous shows to the point of cancellation quickly get new jobs doing the SAME thing. (Jean Passanante was a writer on Another World, As the World Turns, AND One Life to Live when each of these shows was cancelled. Mere months after OLTL is gone, she is now employed by General Hospital! Frankly, I think the woman’s alleged writing skills should limited to putting the lunch specials on the diner chalkboard before she begins her waitress shift). The writing seems old and stale when it is not simply bad. I think a lot of this is due to the veteran writers/producers being creatively burned out. In sum, many of these soaps (I might not include OLTL) seem to have imploded rather than having been poorly treated by the networks.

I enjoy this site. It keeps me up to date. Thank you to the people who run it!! I certainly will continue to visit it in some effort to keep up with things. However, it will take a HELL of a lot to make me a regular viewer of any of them again. After suffering through the cancellations of two of “my” shows and five years of godawful writing on Y&R, this viewer’s patience has competely run out!

I only DVR Y&R and usually delete it or FF I have heard that this Victor & Sharon mess will end in the next few weeks and more then likely this Phyllis story from her past will probably cause her to lose this baby no offense but the last thing they need on that show is another kid sorry. And they need to clean house too many actors and boring stories no one to root for. I have a feeling it is habit more then anyone really caring for Y&R I predict if their are not major corrections it will be gone if they find something cheaper to replace it with.

Like you, Barbara, I have been a long-time “Y & R” viewer (since 1981, before the Abbotts ever came to Genoa City) and the shizz being shoveled at us is just GOD AWFUL!! I give you: SORAS’ed characters that don’t need to be (Kyle, Abby and soon Summer and Fenmore), story lines with no denouement or conclusion, the creation of one-note shrill psychos, and the terrible re-writing/retconning of the show’s rich history.

Sorry, Maria Arena Bell – your ‘vision’ of “Y & R” is NOT WORKIING!! If anything, she and her co-hacks are driving viewers away in droves and the ratings show it!!

Nobody buys that Daisy & Ryder are the prodigy of Sheila Carter and Tom Fisher – NOBODY!!

Nobody buys that 49 y o Genie Francis is to be the mother of 40 y o Daniel Goddard – NOBODY!!

Nobody buys that every new or SORAS’ed character the current writing regime brings onto the show has to have an axe to grind with a current long-time character – NOBODY!!

For 4 and 1/2 long tedious years, it has been this way – THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE “Y & R” IS TO GET RID OF MARIA ARENA BELL! THE SOONER, THE BETTER!!

I too Barbara been a viewer of Y&R since debut, I was 12. I had stopped watching for year, tried DOOL for 6 months, until AVON lady came calling with her fancy egg. Because being a loyal viewer of CBS daytime (yes passed down from grandmother & mother) I came to realized that I had lost 2 of my beloved soaps and what made me take notice was some people “wishing” Y&R to be cancelled for selfish reasons and jealous intent, thinking it would help “their” soap…which is human reaction. Not bashing anyone for wanting their soaps to be healthy and thrive. I thought starting 2012 off I would go back to my CBS soaps because in the end (their is so much wrong with Y&R) I don’t want my beloved CBS’s daytime soaps cancelled. I know it’s sort of chic to bash Y&R right now (rightfully so in many instances) someone rather coming from CBS or Sony since I returned viewing I have seen some settle changes in direction. CBS’s soaps are still based in a more “realistic” story telling then the other networks regardless how people view CBS the proof is in the ratings. Y&R is STILL viable and strong and I don’t want to see it drop down to 1.9 ratings, it can turn around. I will regardless of hating some stories…EX: Vicron…UGH! What keeps me and I’m seeing changes Katherine being Katherine AGAIN, Victor showing a more human side…perfect EX: this past week and Victor & Victoria showing a quiet, simplistic scene and Victor stating to Victoria “You know how you feel about Johnny…is how I will always feel about you”. Victor was becoming a cartoon villain and the episode of Cassie’s death when the Newmans set aside their grievances and had a family moment…is my type of Y&R. I have been a daytime viewer many years and I think today’s soap writers think it always about “shock value” syndrome and forgotten how to write emotional driven scenes and playing the beats of characters which is why I fall in love with soaps. I personally think soaps need to slow down the pace to hit the beats instead speeding up the pace…it loses something in translation of story. This is what sets daytime drama apart from primetime and makes fans invested. Not saying it should go back to kitchen table episodic pace but remember to play all the beats of a story. As for B&B especially May 21st episode had NO guns, doppelganger, rape, DID, psychos parading around but HIGHLY packed emotionally drawn episode which was Emmy worthy episode featuring 2 stellar actors in top form of Don Diamont & Heather Tom about a “realistic” situation involving about family. I have watched this episode 3 times (I know I’m a sucker!) and cried each time. When Brad Bell showing his mastery from growing up with the master of himself Bill Bell. This is such a Bill Bell storyline it makes me proud to be a soap fan. Sorry for being so long just wanted to voice my view of why CBS is still on top.

Two words…Crystal Chappell…B+B smart move.

Yes you are right and guess what the next week they were not on at all back to the Liam/Steffy/Hope junk. You can bet it will be back down again unless people tuned into see Deacon.

GH has been awesome lately! They just need to keep doing what they are doing. Maybe pushing Heather a bit too much its been a long time since the charactor was on and prob a lot of folks don’t know history. I’m personally not a fan of the Kate story, OLTL did split personalities to death and don’t need to see it on GH. Some of the storylines are seeming to just pop up out of nowhere like the Molly TJ romance, he was almost making fun of her & out of nowhere they are kissing & sneaking around? Would love to see a Luke/Anna hookup.

Agree Gigi. GH is MUST SEE every day! I wasn’t too crazy about a DID story but Kate is knocking it out of the park. I used to not even like the recast & now I do. We don’t need to waste airtime on TJ/Molly but summer is coming & that’s what soaps do in the summer. Luke & Anna are super hot but I sure love Luke & Spanky! I don’t know how they are gonna save the character of Johnny-having him commit 3 MURDERS! I am shocked. I used to detest Anthony & now I am sorry he is gone. That Weekend at Bernie’s thing w/Luke & Tracy was too hilarious! Glad to see GH is showing balance with some funny thrown in. Love it. Alexis looked gorgeous yesterday but I worry that the new Kristina looks too old to be Alexis & Sonny’s daughter. Who the heck are they gonna pair her up with?

Except for the rise of B&B from Chappell, the decline in all of the other soaps is more likely related to the time of year and nothing to get too excited about. This would be much clearer if the ratings data were graphed from week to week and compared to graphs of the previous year. We would likely see seasonal ebbs and flows that would make these viewing patterns more apparent.

Personally, I wouldn’t panic just yet! You have to remember that this is a busy time especially for that demographic. Proms, final exams, weddings, Memorial Day weekend, etc. Things will be rocky over the summer, and then settle back down the closer we get the the autumn. I just hope ABC won’t try to use the lower summer ratings to justify dumping General Hospital. It’s been at it’s very best, and there is a lot to look forward to.

I’ve been really trying to watch again, but GH is still not keeping my interest enough to tune in everyday. As a person who hasn’t watched consistently since Anna and Robert left in 1992, but used to be a daily watcher…I’ll give you my perspective for what it’s worth (I’m 40 years old, just for ratings puposes)…I want to see characters that I CARE about. Characters in that catagory would be those that have history on the show…The Scorpios, The Q’s, The Spencers, and I’ll throw in The Jones’. I’m totally bored by the whole Mob thing, and the Sonny/Kate thing. The infusion of OLTL characters is ok, but not at the expense of airtime for the characters I tuned back in for. Who would you rather watch? Anna kickin’ ass as the new police commish or Starr? Let’s get real. I was excited that the writers want to give Anna the job as police commisioner. That shows commitment to her character. Now let’s see more of what she does best and hopefully that will include story with Mac, Felicia, Luke ,Tracy and (you know what I’m gonna say!) a Robert Scorpio return (hopefully to rescue Robin!). I also read that other Vets might be coming back. I hope so. Maybe Frisco? I wanted to add that I do like Spinelli and Diane too…even though they don’t fit into my category above.They add texture and heart to the show. Just trying to put in my two cents in case it helps. I know the writers are trying to please all fan factions…people like me, OLTL fans, Sonny/Jason/Carly/Mob fans. It can’t be easy. I wish them luck. I’d be sad to see GH go away.

Because I watch only GH, I can’t comment on the other soaps. However, I do have mixed feelings about GH right now. I like a number of changes and stories; however, in spite of faster and better pacing, I still find that some stories are lasting beyond their best-before date. GH had the biggest decline in numbers for the week in question … and perhaps this might be because the two most-prominently featured stories had simply dragged on too long. This isn’t a slur on those specific stories – just a suggestion that ALL stories can potentially be stalled too much.

As well, I find that GH continues to struggle with poor balance in character use, screen time and story-telling details. For some stories, every beat is played (and sometimes OVERPLAYED) whereas, in some other stories, a single line of dialogue is all that is given for an essential plot point or element of character development. This unevenness can lead viewers to tire of some overplayed stories … and to lose interest in under-developed stories because they miss key elements. And, while episode counts can indicate that a number of characters have screen time, the length and quality of that screen time is often very uneven. We need to see more quality time with a variety of characters to sustain overall interest.

Yes, I “get” that all shows have “lead”; however, perhaps a number of viewers would prefer to see rotating leads. Just a thought!

People are anxiously awaiting Deacon’s arrival and anticipated shake up, of course! Many of us have watched this program from the beginning. We DO know a good actor.

Woot! Crystal Chappell @ B&B = Ratings ;)..So happy Brad is giving her a chance to shine on his show and the fans another chance to see her on TV where she’s been missed. Days didn’t deserve the talent of CC. I miss GL so much, i watched Otalia clips all day yesterday. There will never be another story told quiet like that again. I hope to see more of Crystal on B&B and also her new daytime love interst Jo baby lol..I have names for everyone..Thx Michael for all your great interviews!

This just proves = she has a HUGE Fan Base… and equally = her co-stars are besotted with her TALENT. DAYS Carly Manning = Bo was much more ALIVE.

I don’t know, how internet soaps started… but, i do know that Crystal Chappelle Helms several of them… as she won an emmy for one last year… so, KUDOS’ to Ms. Chappelle… this proves how she cares about the GENRE. our Serials… for US FANS.

Thank you for sharing…. Like you did on Guiding Light… intelligently, well acted, deserves to be shared… Gay lifestyle.

I sincerely, hope, either Crystal Chappelle or Debbie Morgan, win the Best :LEAD ACTRESS 2012.

Didn’t watch any soaps last week, they are so BORING! None of them are concentrating on what I really want to see, and that is ROMANCE. LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON. Remember John&Natalie and Todd&Blair (OLTL)? Frisco&Felicia, Anna&Robert, Luke&Laura, Patrick&Robin (GH)? Well, GH sure doesn’t! They have John, Todd, Felicia, Anna, Luke and Patrick, but not the ones who make them all “tick”! I still like them, but they’re just BLAH without the yin to their yang! WHAT is GH thinking?! And DAYS .. well, they do have a few good moments (Sami&Lucas YES, but Jack&Jennifer? Where are THEY?) but the rest of the show is blah. It’s all about Will and his ‘problems’. Austin/Carrie/Rafe, sickening! Sick of Stefano and that whole story. Bring back ROMANCE and the soaps will find an audience again!

I don’t believe this at all. I have never believed the all mighty, very mysterious “ratings” system. I watch every show every day & am sure many others do too. I personally have never been a “fair weather” watcher-sure sometimes there are storylines or characters I cannot stand but like I always tell my mother, be patient-storylines end & sometimes I even start liking characters I once did not!

Anyway, I would rather have a “bad” soap on than anything else during the day. Things ebb & flow on soaps & tuning the shows out does not help anyone. I have had to hit the mute button a few times or the fast forward depending on whether I was watching live or recorded but jeez, I hang in with show! Back in the good old days when we had I think 11 shows on the air I could pick & choose & would sometimes jump networks altogether. I was mostly ABC in the ’80s & CBS in the ’90s, with some Santa Barbara & Another World thrown in, then back to ABC & even watched CBS at the same time-I kept my vcr burning! At one point I kept up with 7 shows! I LOVE THEM. Good, bad or otherwise.

Now unfortunately we do not have the luxury to pick & choose. There are only 4 shows left! We must support them all or we stand to lose them all. PLEASE everyone! Watch our shows!

per your words… And I Agree….. “anway, i would rather have a “bad” soap on than anything else…. I hang in with show.”

t too have watched all the shows at one time or another… on all networks…. i love that you liked SANTA BARBARA and ANOTHER WORLD. along w/DAYS… NBC was my network. DAYS is still my show.

Sorry to see that Days didn’t do better. I don’t watch the other shows, but I guess the publicity re: Crystal Chappell joining B&B helped. She has a huge fan base. Loved her as Carly on Days.
Days tapes so far ahead that something that isn’t working now may have already run it’s course, but viewers are frustrated so may be tuning out.
There are a few characters that aren’t working, in my opinion. No offense to the actors, but Lexie’s newfound brother was pointless, given that Renee is on her way out. And I wish Ian would go too. I say bring back characters we love, like Shawn, Belle, Claire, Eric. And keep Jack, Carrie, and Austin. I even like Madison for Brady.
On a personal note, I’d also like to see John and Marlena more, loved that they were on every day this week. Would like a little more romance though.

from what i’ve heard… most soaps tape 6 weeks in advance… hence, if something isn’t working… they can emergency and “FIX” story.

is it true that DAYS tapes 3 months? that’s too long…. i agree with you… “when something isn’t working…may have already run it’s course”. and is WASTED TIME and NO NEW VIEWERS.

TPTB, controlling interests… financial budget constraints… i miss the old days.

Soap Fan here forever.

I’m not surprised at all that GH’s ratings went down. Despite a better balance of characters, it’s still overwhelmingly the Sonny show.

What’s even more insulting is that GH’s ratings went down all while The Revolution’s ratings went up.

Poor GH – it has the worst lead-in show in history, the terrible Revolution.
What is doing the most harm to GH ratings is the revolution..
If GH had a good lead-in, the ratings would boom..
A lead-in is very important …

One thing I know for a fact. I tuned into to B&B to watch Crystal Chappell’s debut.

the stories on gh are boring that is why no one is watching

they need to get more compelling stories

love todd (roger is an incredible actor) but give him something worthwhile to do

love todd and sonny in scenes

kate is good but need more of a hook and more drama to draw people in

if it is not good i will do something else no big deal to me

the show needs some happiness and romance too

gh is like going to a funeral everyday and who wants to go to a funeral everyday

lighten the show up and use strong actors and actress who can act to do it

like heather too tracey and luke are fun

and balance the show out — don’t make it all about one character

GH is the best it has been years.. Can’t wait for the next day!!
It’s been years since I was excited about a GH and now GH is exciting, great, and I love my GH!!!

The acting and stories have be riveting A+ – excellent!!
GH has been given new life, I hope it never ends!!

Nonsense. GH has never been better.

Despite the addition of Crystal Chappell you couldn’t get me to watch B&B. I have tuned in over the years but the reheating of the same old plots is just ridiculous…Brooke/Ridge/Taylor again & again. Now all they have done is switched the characters to Steffy/Liam/Hope and regurgitated the same old plot. You can bet that within a short period of time after the “shock value” has worn off CC’s character will be relegated to the backburner.

I loved OLTL but honestly, it was the return of Robin Mattson that brought me back. I think she is phenomenal and am sorry they already made her a murderer again because you know she will be on a bus back to Shady Brook eventually. I see positive changes in the show and will continue to watch to support it.

Days…not a fan of Brady & Madison. He is just bland and she is shrieking most of the time. The sudden romance that popped up between Rafe & Carrie just struck me as unrealistic….especially on the heels of the decision to fire Christie Clark. Sick to death of Gabi….enough already. Wrap up this entire Stefano and the coin story…please. Bo & Hope both talked about missing Ciara…have they even seen her in the last month? I love Ari Zucker….she can play drama or comedy with equal appeal. Kate’s catfights with Sami are always a hoot. Though she really needs to find another descriptive word for Sami instead of bitch…it’s boring at this point. Overall, I think Ken Corday needs a vacation….a long one.

Two weeks in a row my DVR did not record GH on ABC’s local station–Thu and Fri this past week and Wed & Thu the week before. GH is #1 on my priority list, so there’s no way it was bumped for another show, and I’m not at home so I can’t verify that it didn’t air but for some reason my DVR did not record it, but I suspect it was pre-empted by either local or national news–most likely local, since the station loves to break into daytime TV for any and all reasons. I record the SoapNet re-airing for this reason, but a lot of viewers probably don’t have that option. This sort of pre-emption is definitely not good for ratings–current or future.

Regarding Days, I have not watched it much the last couple of weeks. There is nothing that compelling that draws you in or keeps you wanting to watch it. The missing half of the coin storyline could have been good, but it has been so dragged out, and all over the place, that it has lost the impact it could have had. I really like Renee Jones/Lexie, so I find her ‘death’ scenes too sad to watch. The Stefano/John/Marlena/Bo/Hope, etc. conflict with the arms deal seemed almost ‘campy’ because they may not have the budget to do it the way it needed to be done, which means they should stick more to the human interest stories.

GH is STILL number 1 in the most desirable demos, the 18-34 year old age group, and for advertisers, that is the bottom line.

It would help GH a great deal if DirectTV/TiVO/DVR did not assume new GH episodes were repeats and automatically delete them. Something fishy is going on.

Gh has to stop with the D. I D. story , Sonny , Jason need a complete overhall… People are tired of these kind of stories..They have been going on too long…Time to bring in some NEW faces and new stories………………………Mobster /gang stories aren’t working anymore….And viewers are losing interest…..I stop watching GH for a while because of these kind of stories..Watching GH again because of OLTL crossovers….Never really cared for Sonny’s gangster/mob stories….They have to stop these kind of syories once & for all…GH is in DANGER of failing miserably…As I said get rid of those mobster stories & spilt personality stories they don’t work anymore…..

Continued : BEFORE It’s TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gh needs some NEW AND FRESH STORIES…. They are in a bit of a rut…Need some new blood on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise they face more disaster……..I hope GH can re- invent themselves…Back when GH didn’t have any mob/gangster stories etc…………..Those were the days..And successful for GH!!!!!!!!

Hello Mrs. NIELSON! I got you. Hot about town.

in as much as Victor and Jack “are all that” it gets kinda old – when
stellar talent – ala Ashley “the formidable” Eileen Davidson; are cast
as patsies… 2ndary to the BIG guys. Never treated top shelf… I loved
EJ on the skids… disowned by Stefano, and Dear Lex passing…. Kristen
needs to return pronto and helm the Dimera Empire… I liked Kristen
with John…. give John and Marlena a STORY… Passion. can you imagine
the intelligent, tour de fource acting EJ and Kristen would be? ALSO,
bring back Peter…. Give Jennifer a shot and STORY. it’s heartfelt to
have her back… when she was with GRAN…. alice horton. it was so
touching… sorry that jack is leaving… but, this would be perfect….
flirtatious… simmering sensuality for Jenn… if Peter returned.

can you imagine the dynamics if this happened… TOO much information hot.
Peter Blake/Jennifer Horton
remember when? Mark Valley was a recast for Jack. this trio would
be smokin Hot!

As for Billie….. cast Robert Kelker Kelley… or Jason Brooks for
Billie. Swoon smelling salt Hot. LOL. Steamy.
Billie/Peter/RKK as? who cares.. need him.

LOL… all the while Susan and Sister Mary are watching everything!

OK. I’m soap boxing for DAYS.

For all of us our soaps have become a part of our day and we shouldn’t give up on any of them…they are like life everything is subject to change when it comes to story lines, some we like better than others but as long as we still have them on air we should support them all as often as we can…God knows the networks are looking for ANY EXCUSE TO CANCEL THEM…and the less we give in to the sometimes crappy story lines and stay true to the genre the fans win…hang in there guys…..THANK YOU TO ALL THE SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN WHO PROTECT US ALL HERE AT HOME. YOUR COUNTRY APPRECIATES YOUR SACRIFICES.

Great post Jan! Agree with all you said. And very nice that you remembered our service people on Memorial Day. We are lucky to have the freedom to express our views on this great site.

What about the people who watch soaps, BUT do not get counted??? Don’t you have to have a Nielsen Box to be counted? How many folks don’t have that and therefor DON’T get counted? Just curious about the process. I have watched soaps for 45 plus years and to my knowledge NEVER been counted!!! Or does it get counted thru the cable companies? If anyone knows I would love an answer. Thanks. I too am frustrated with YR and their SORAS BS with Kyle and Summer and releasing Eileen was a big mistake get rid of her. Get ride of Michael’s little sister too, who cares about that story line? I don’t think Gene Francsis wi going to be around very long either. Just my opinion.

I have asked this question time after time. I too have watched soaps all of my life but NEVER been counted. So has my mother & my grandmother & great-grandmother all watched & none of us has ever been counted. Makes no sense to me. I have wondered how they can say how many millions around the WORLD watch the Super Bowl or Academy Awards. I mean, seriously, how could they KNOW?

Agree with you on Y&R & their SORAS. We really do not need a teenaged Finn & Summer-while Phyllis is a grandmother & pregnant again! Maybe Ricky will push Phyllis down the stairs or something-I just can’t see another baby fitting into this show. They have more kids under 5 years old than the rest of the soaps combined. Faith, Moses, Charlie, Mattie, Lucy, Johnny, Delia, Reed, now Phylllis preg. again? I also think the new Kyle acts way too much like a younger less mature Billy Abbott & he looks too much like Adam at a glance. Eden is pointless & Eileen Davidson should be a leading lady of this show, right next to Melody!

Imagine…. two fierce women… allies… formidable opponents…. Ashley and Nikki…. Victor and Jack can backburner for ONCE. Give these stalwarts backbone and fight victor and jack. or helm their own empire. Nikki and Ashley were my primary reason for watching Y&R.

as long as SONY/DAYS re-hires Eileen Davidson as Kristen. Stefano’s down for the count. pistol whipped…. perfect plot for Kristen to slither back in to town.

You have a great imagination Patrick! We’ve got to get Eileen back on one show or the other. CANNOT wait to see who shoots Stefano. Wouldn’t it be funny if it was Will? Ha. He shot EJ, Sami shot EJ, why not Will shooting Stefano! I am so sad for Lexi-she’ll never know EJ is not her brother-I hate that they changed EJ’s father. I haven’t figured out why yet. Feel so bad for Abe, Theo, everyone who loves Lexi. Hard to watch these scenes of her saying goodbye.

I think soap are losing rating because they are forgetting that there audience is primarily female that want to see proper story development about LOVE, ROMANCE, FAMILY DYNAMICS OR DYSFUNCTION, AND ADVENTURE. Networks love the 18-49 female bracket, but do they really know what this bracket would like to see in their soaps. These soaps nowadays are all about ‘shock value’ as opposed to good story telling i.e Days –Sami shooting EJ in the head, Chloe becoming a prostitute, Stefano getting shot, the overuse of infidelity as the prime conflict for couples, triangles instead of supercouples; GH – psychotic killer ex-girlfriends, and numerous court scene and gun battles (who do they think would want to watch that EVERYDAY? ? This isn’t L.A. Law or CSI). I really thought GH was creating a good dynamic and multi-layered couple between Johnny and Lisa. The actors had great chemistry, but oh no the writers couldn’t write a strong romance as “that’s considered boring” and they turned Lisa into Patrick’s psychotic killer ex-girlfriend that went crazy for love after one sexual encounter, and they did this for shock value…ridiculous and I stopped watching. It’s non-stop violence and highly abusive relationship all day on these soap..I watch enough of that on the news. I don’t need to watch it when I’m trying to find good entertainment. To be fair I only really watched Days and GH; but according to the other posters, the other soaps appear to be lacking in the well developed family, love and romance department as well. One poster mentioned that these Soaps continue to recycle the same writers over and over again; one gets fired from OLTL and head over to Days, then fired from there and is on to GH etc. GET SOME NEW FRESH BLOOD INTO THE SOAP WRITING POOL. Maybe use some writers that are gifted at writing romance novels and train them on how to write on a soaps. These soaps need to try something different, be more creative as what they are recycling over and over to the audience is just not working.

I agree! I couldn’t have said it better myself…and where are the real heros? Is Jason it??? Ugh. Dead babies and mobsters as heros don’t make me want to tune in.

Days Of Our Lives

‘Santa Barbara’ Legends and Daytime Emmy Gold Circle Honorees, A Martinez and Jerome Dobson, to Chat Live on Michael Fairman Channel

Two of the men responsible for the success of the beloved soap opera, Santa Barbara, A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) and Jerome Dobson (Co-creator and co-head writer) visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a live conversation on Friday night, June 21st beginning at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.

Recently, A and Jerry were honored at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards as they were selected to be Gold Circle inductees in which they received a medal as admired individuals who have made enduring contributions to daytime television and have performed distinguished service within the television industry, setting standards for achievement, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades for 50 years.

Currently, A can be seen The Bay as Nardo Ramos, a role in which he received a Daytime Emmy nomination for his work this year. Martinez is also remembered for his roles on General Hospital as Roy DeLuca, One Life to Live as Ray Montez and Days of our Lives as Eduardo Hernandez; among other TV and motion picture roles. However, A’s most memorable role in soaps, and the one that won him a Daytime Emmy, was that of Cruz on Santa Barbara, for which he took home the gold for his work in 1990.

Photo: NBC

Jerry Dobson created Santa Barbara with his wife, the late Bridget Dobson, and the couple became soap-famous for not only their work on SB (1984-1986, 1991-1992), but their time head-writing for General Hospital (1973-1975), Guiding Light (1975-1980) and As the World Turns (1980-1983).

Photo: NATAS

Santa Barbara aired on NBC for 9 years from July 30, 1984, to January 15, 1993 and featured some of the all-time greats in soap opera as part of the cast including :Marcy Walker, Nancy Lee Grahn, Jed Allan, Dame Judith Anderson, Judith McConnell, Justin Deas, Robin Mattson, Lane Davies, Eileen Davidson, Robin Wright, Jack Wagner, Sydney Penny, Kim Zimmer, Roscoe Born, Nicolas Coster and more.

Watch below, when A Martinez was named Outstanding Lead Actor at the 17th annual Daytime Emmys.

If you can’t be with us live for A and Jerry’s livestream chat, but have a question you would like posed to one or both of them, please leave it in the comment section below.


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Days Of Our Lives

Jonah Robinson Joins the Cast of Days of our Lives as Dr. Mark Greene

If you caught last Wednesday’s June 12th episode of Days of our Lives, a new doctor came running into Horton Town Square shirtless; much to the delight and then eventual chagrin of Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart).

Enter actor Jonah Robinson who is now on the Peacock streaming soap opera in the recurring role of Dr. Mark Greene. We meet Mark when Leo tries to hit on him, only to have Mark clarify to Leo he is straight, shocking Leo that his gaydar could have been so off.

Later, Mark is at University Hospital and stepping in for Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) doctor who was called away for the day and he assures Chanel and Johnny (Carson Boatman) that their unborn baby has a strong heartbeat, and at the moment is doing fine.

Photo: JPI

During the conversation, Mark reveals he is the big brother to his little sister, Felicity (Kennedy Garcia), with whom Chanel loves when she comes to the bake shop.  There was also a little ‘wink-wink’ moment, when Johnny recalls that the doctor on the hit NBC medical drama, ER, was named Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), to which Salem’s Mark Greene, says he was named after.

Taking to his Instagram, Robinson shared, “Meet Dr. Mark Greene. So excited to be joining @dayspeacock. It’s an honor to be @kennedyjean04 @louis_tomeo ‘s big brother.”

Photo: JRobinsonIG

So, it looks like there are 3 Greene siblings.  Will we eventually meet the parents?

Before Days of our Lives, Jonah was seen on Peacock’s Daisy Jones and the Six, and has appeared in independent movies and musical theatre productions throughout his career.

Do you hope DAYS expands Jonah’s role as the Greene family becomes more entrenched in story? What are you first impressions? Comment below.


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A post shared by Jonah Robinson (@jonahrrobinson)

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Days Of Our Lives

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Interviews

A week ago, at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of your favorite soap opera stars took to the red carpet prior to the telecast on CBS and streaming on Paramount + and posed for pictures for the paparazzi and several spoke to the media before going inside and taking in the ceremonies and rooting on their castmates and shows.

While on the red carpet, Michael Fairman TV interviewed those who stopped performers who stopped by and those we could catch on the action-packed bustling arrivals. All of the video interviews are now posted and complete on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Look for conversations with Days of our Lives, Tamara Braun (Ava), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) with Rob Scott Wilson (Alex) and Paul Telfer (Xander), Dan Feuerriegel (EJ), Greg Rikaart (Leo), and Eric Martsolf (Brady) with wife Lisa and their twin sons, Chase and Mason.

Photo: JPI

Stopping by to chat from General Hospital were Maura West (Ava) and Finola Hughes (Anna), and from The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and his daughter, McKenna, Annika Noelle (Hope), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) and John McCook (Eric) and his wife, Laurette.

Photo: JPI

From The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman (Jack), Courtney Hope (Sally), Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman (Michael and Lauren), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Michael Mealor (Kyle), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Kate Linder (Esther) and Bryton James (Devon), and making their first appearance on a Daytime Emmy red carpet were Neighbours stars: Stefan Dennis, Annie Jones and Georgie Stone.

Photo: JPI

Below is the complete playlist of 2024 Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. Make sure to check them out. Then let us know who you loved seeing and hearing from the most via the comment section below.


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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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