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RATINGS: OLTL Finale Week Best Since 2007, # 2 in Key Demo, Final Episode nears 4 Million Viewers!



One Life to Live  not only went out in style and class,  but with fantastic final ratings numbers!  The show many dubbed “The red-headed step-child of the ABC Daytime lineup” illustrated to the ABC network just how wrong they were to ax their most truly prized property as viewers responded not only in the final episode, but through the entire week!

For the ratings week of January 9-13th, One Life to Live had averaged 3,120,000 total viewers that is +407,000 from the previous week! It was also the highest week for the series since September of 2007.  As for One Life’s grand finale, they hit 3,848, 000 eyeballs last Friday, that is by far the highest of the last five canceled soaps including All My Children, As the World Turns, Guiding Light and Passions!

One Life also was number two in the key 18-49 female demo of all daytime programming just behind The Young and the Restless, but they were ahead of The View, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Price is Right and General Hospital!

You can view the entire soap opera ratings via Soap Opera Network here!

So what do you have to say about One Life’s showing in its final week of its historic 43-year-run?  We cant wait to read your comments on this one!

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ABC made ​​a horrible mistake canceling,OLTL, it was the best soaps I watched.

Indeed, ABC will never bring AMC and OLTL. However, it’s not to late to save to General Hospital.

We need to send letters to ABC to show our support for General Hospital. Here’s what you can include on your letters. Please be polite in the letters you send to ABC.

1) Kindly remind ABC that they have already canceled two soaps that were important to many viewers, that the loss of these shows was difficult for many people and that out of respect to the viewers, they should at least leave us General Hospital.

2) Suggests ABC to air Katie’s new talk show at 4:00pm like Oprah did. This could be more beneficial for her show than airing it at 3:00pm because they are more people back from work at 4:00pm than there is at 3:00pm . Since Katie’s new talk show will be a syndicated show, it shouldn’t even have to interfere with General Hospital and the rest of the ABC Daytime lineup.

3) If ABC absolutely insists on giving the 3:00pm timeslot to Katie, suggest them to give the 2:00pm slot to General Hospital should The Revolution gets canceled. This could be more beneficial to ABC than having to spend millions of dollars in research for The Revolution’s replacement when they can simply replace it with General Hospital and not have to deal with yet more angry soap opera fans.

Here is the contact adress of Paul Lee

Mr. Paul Lee
ABC Entertainment Group
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4588

I’m telling you ABC made a BIG MISTAKE in cancelling OLTL !!!1 This soap had so much class & grat story line , great acting.. OLTL had the whole package!!! People still like to be ENTERTAINED!!!!!!!! Especially on daytime programming , we don’t want reality information shows!!!! We have enough of those on primetime T V. We don’t want people screaming at us and telling us what to do about this and that…. Ex. how to dress or cook!!!! We want to be ENTERTAINED!!! That will keep our interest.. OUR STORIES!!! I hope this Vicki Drummer who taking over for Brian Frons . Will get daytime programming back on track.. I refuse to watch ABC anymore.. Especially daytime programming!!~!! You get what I’m trying to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The revolution is a FAILURE!! And the ratings are soooo LOUSY!! No one wants to watch this GARBAGE!!! And will continue not to watch The Revolution or The Chew!!!! OLTL FAN

It just shows how much they lied! They said the soaps were being cancelled because nobody was watching them anymore! They don’t care what the viewers want. They just want shows that are cheap! That’s why there are so many crappy reality shows! I want scripted shows with a good story like soaps!

Well ABC/Disney needs to take a look at the big picture and the rating realize that the made an extemely huge mistake and fix it now! Bring back OLTL


Agree also. I”m no a GH fan…and I know those fans will be mad, but just have to put my 2 cents in. WHEN the Revulsion is cancelled, and GH continues to falter in the ratings….there just may be hope that OLTL can come back. After looking at the ratings for OLTL in the last week…well, it’s just phonominal. It proved to ABCD that OLTL is the show that most viewers want to watch. Also, if ABCD gives Agnes back the rites to these shows…maybe then, another network will pick them up…I’d love to see OLTL on any other network than ABCD!

Shows you abc didn’t take it off because of ratings only because they are just a lazy network.They wanted stuff faster to produce and less time consuming.AMC did it not end to well over 3 million.Just think this does not count soapnet,online and other countries.Hope ABc ‘s big stockholders take notice with the low ratings on the flop shows they need to clean house and get are soaps back even if they have to get on there hands and knees to get them.

I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! ABC is a LAZY network!!!! They don’t care about LOYAL viewers—-they/Disney only want money in their pockets!!!

I agree too that ABC/Disney needs to “clean house” and get their ratings back by ADMITTING THAT THEY MADE A MISTAKE!!!!! Removing AMC & OLTL was a HUGE mistake!!!!

I too will not give ABC on second of airtime during the hours AMC and OLTL ran. I do watch GH but that’s it.
Hey Oprah. Still convinced soaps are a dying breed that can’t make money for the network? What advertiser wouldn’t want 3 million daytime viewers tuned in? Your own programming hasnt pulled those numbers yet. Big mistake.

Bring back the soap opera every one wants to watch everyday and that is “ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ratings sky rocked those last few wks.. The whole shoe is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The best soap opera OLTL!!!!!!! The cast is like a family!!!!It shows when you watch OLTL!!!

ABC let Brian Frons annihilate their show, its cast and the viewers, and ABC’s reputation, with this cancellation. BC needs to rethink their profound mistake. Quickly, before all the actors are taken by the competition.

The ratings speak for themselves. I hope to see the chew and the revolution cancelled within the month and One Life To Live back on the air where it belongs.


Now they are saying The Chew had it’s best ratings ever on that friday! That’s because people had it on while waiting for the final episode of OLTL! Give credit where credit’s due: OLTL brought in the ratings not the crappy Chew!

I dont believe it, abc lies,who is watching?the mouse house ,is full of shit,they want us to believe that everyone is in love with the chew ,and the soaps ,well people arent watching anymore and thats a load of crap,look how abc lied letting us believe that a few of the cast are going to port charles only to find out its for a few episodes ,and I still dont understand the katie couric thing she goes from one network to another ,just like a flea,you cant get rid of her.time will tell,but I dont like the way abc plays head games with all the faithful soap fans ,and there are alot of us,abc is just not listening.but keep going to there web sight and let them know how you feel,I go a few times a day,wont change things but I like to let them know im not watching anything abc except for general hospital.

Yay! I am so proud of how the show finished and how well it was received by it’s audience. There were college viewing parties in student unions……like the one I attended when Megan died in Jakes arms. There are so many more eyeballs tuned to this show than Neilsen can count. It is criminal that such an outdated and impractical method is used to such a degree that it can falsely cause the end of so many jobs and industries. As a New Yorker, I am so sad that the art form of soaps is no longer part of this great city. OLTL was the last….and the best. Nothing can take it’s place. It was the thinking person’s soap. Those millions of thinking persons are not going to sit with mouth agape at the mindless trash that is The Chew and The Revolution. OLTL was the best show on ABC….primetime included. What a foolish mistake. I pray it can be fixed. Why not save OLTL in summer telenovela style in addition to the sinking ship General Hospital? OLTL at least has camp, humor, wit, and style. GH has guns and lots of frowning.

“Why not save OLTL in summer telenovela style in addition to the sinking ship General Hospital?”

Because ABC hates OLTL. AMC and GH have always been its darlings.

That total idiot Frons hated OLTL. Why? Who knows. Once GH tanks, which it is…ABCD will be dead. NO soap fans will ever watch Couric. Her ratings will tank also, and ABCD will be a forgotten network…the way it should be. The made their rotten disgusting flea infested bed…now…the will pay the price! ABCD….Assinine-Bogus-Channel…and DEAD!!

It was the best soap that has EVER aired. I still cannot believe that ABC cancelled and replaced this iconic soap with a cheap talk show that’s full of ideas that have already been done to death. I’ve been a loyal viewer of ABC since I was a child, which is why it’s so difficult to believe that they would betray their viewers this way. They never even asked our opinion about this move. What ever happened to “The customer is always right.”? ABC guru, Brian Frons, stated that their viewers wanted more “informational” and less scripted shows. Well, I would love to see the results from this so-called poll because I haven’t seen a single person who’s happy with what they’ve done to their daytime lineup. I am a member of every Anti ABC/Disney and every Pro-Soap group that’s out there, and I have commented on dozens of websites regarding the demise of OLTL, and I haven’t seen a single satisfied sole in the bunch. ABC also made a statement that they could and would “change us” and persuade us to watch whatever they aired. Guess again, ABC. You can’t forcefeed us such garbage. We are boycotting your Chew and your Revolution, and we are boycotting all of your sponsors. Just as you turned your back on us, we have turned our backs on you.

Well said. I too have stopped watching ABC with the exception of GH. I am tuning into the networks that still have a soap(s) in their daytime lineup.

ABC had the best daytime lineup for years! They got greedy & changed it so now they lost all their viewers & they could care less! Is that the way to do business? Make the customers hate you? They usually smarten up, New Coke for example, but not this time.

thats true ,same with wal mart ,the fabrics and crafts are back,I hated going anywhere else to buy my things to make,I always had abc on the local news was my favorite to,since the day abc announced the cancellation of all my children and one life to live I stopped watching,missing the last year of desperate housewives,I want to watch once upon a time ,I cant ,I wont ,good thing lost is over,I also was pissed they canceled brothers and sisters and boston legal,abc is good at cancelling shows ,thats why I dont think general hospital will make it in prime time.Its just so sad that they couldnt just leave our 3 hours,5days a week alone,all because of greed,and this customer does hate abc.I watch general hospital thats it.

That is FANTASIC news…. Congratulations to the whole OLTL family, they deserve it. This just proves that the fans love them and appreciates all their hard work. ABC screwed up big time. I have watched for years and will miss OLTL terribly. Way to go out with a BANG LLANDVIEW 🙂

That, OLTL surely did! WE all showed ABCD what show we want! I miss my OLTL family so much. Here’s hoping they are back somehow, somwhere other than ABCD. ABCD doesn’t deserve OLTL…someone else does!!

We want OLTL back!!! If not on ABC , put on another channel!!!!!!!!!! I still miss OLTL !!!!! And wat OLTL back on the T. V. SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reality crap shows on daytime should be cancelled right away…….. Tired of chew gum CRAP & The Revolution KIINDERGARTEN HOUR!!!!!! I will never watch these RETARTED SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!! OLTL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ratings show that TV viewers have enough REALITY in daily life alone, and want and need an escape from reality to the world of our story families. I believe the soap genre is not dead, just changed to DVR and internet viewing as most families are at work during the scheduled shows, so we have adjusted so as to be able to view our stories and still earn a living. The loss of these soaps hurts many people deeper than words can say. We have grown up with these extended families. Please return them to us.

I have been saying the exact things for months!!! They don’t count US as viewers if we don’t watch live. Internet and dvr don’t count. They don’t even count soapnet!! I hate ABC and hope their entire network plunge!!! S.O.S GIVE THEM BACK TO AGNES OR SALE THEM!! DNT KEEP THEM HOSTAGE!!!!

I agree. I grew up watching these characters and miss them already.

OLTL hits alost 4 million viewers but yet ABC says no body’s watching
What are they Thinkin??? After 43 years and still gettin these ratings And its done under budget tooOLTL you are the bomb!!! I want my
OLTL back !!!

Our boycott efforts are paying off! The ratings for The Revolution on 1-19-12 were 1.3/4. Keep up the good work viewers.

ABC really should fix this. The new shows are just bad. REALLY BAD. Bring OLTL back!!!

ABC really should fix this. The new shows are just bad. REALLY BAD. Bring OLTL back!!! It’s sad that The Screw and The Regurgitation .

Still missing my favorite soap that I watched since I was 8! PLEASE FIND A WAY TO BRING IT BACK!

abc have you gotten the message yet its only been a week and we have made ourselves very clear no amc/oltl no abvc adn no we are not dogs we cannot be trained but we do biter when you take our soaps if you thought the bark was bad just wait for the bit and belive me its coming we can do alot betwween eating our bon bon’s i dont think you want us as your enemy so do the rght think and bring back oltl/amc or give them back to their rightful owner agnes nixon asap

The show was pure class all the way. ABC/Disney on the other hand has no class at all. Bad decision. Loved the way the writers handled the finale. Hoping someone has the brains to bring it back. I have blocked all ABC/Disney channels except SoapNet in the meantime. Thanks OLTL from a 40 + year viewer.

I’ve been watching since I was 6, now 26. This show has been passed down from generation to generation. My entire family loves oltl and lives to watch. It’s bad that you don’t count everyone as a viewer who doesn’t watch live!!! Many ppl work during the time its aired, including me!!! Most watch soapnet, u-tube and use dvrs!!! It’s not fair to not count every way oltl is viewed!!! BRING BACK OUR SOAPS!!!!! SCREW THE SPEW AND THE DEVASTATION!!!

I want to hear about the cancellations of The Chew and The Revolution. I want ABC to realize their mistake in canceling our shows. I hope Frons has to go through what the many actors, writers and crew are going through now, trying to find employment. I am sick of informational programing, cooking shows and reality tv!! Sorry for the rant!

Oh thats would be great. Jobless frons…you get what you deserve except he was the fall guy.

Just curious… Does anyone know what the ratings for Another World and Santa Barbara were in their final weeks?

I don’t know about Santa Barbara, but I read that AW had a 2.4 when they were cancelled.

ABC SUCKS A$$…I havent watched anything abc since april of 2011 and dont plan on it unless its my soaps… Bring back our soaps!!!

YOu have nothing worth watching on your network anymore!!!
i cant take all this reality bull$#*!…I want scripted drama…

I really miss OLTL I am lost without my Soaps daily I have watched for over 40 years Bring them back PLEASE My neice Maureen is missing them too & feels the same way as I do Or even worse than I do. People that work all day like to come home to a release of a story line to follow
Please do what you can to bring it back
Beth K.

We have to keep up the good fight, guys….I’m sure that ABC thinks that our fight will die down, the longer that we go without OLTL, but we need to show them that we won’t give up. Send bars of soap into ABC…continue to boycott The Chew & The Revolution….send email complaints…..let the sponsors of these shows know that we won’t use their products…..Do whatever we can, for however long it takes. The fight for AMC has died down, since its cancellation, but let’s stay strong with our fight for OLTL and let them know how big of a mistake they made….And we’re not going to stand for it anymore!!!!

The fight will continue……until Anges gets her soaps back…and on TV on another network. Screw ABCD….they are dead in the water and will continue to be. Us fans have done a fantastic job…and we are not done yet!

please bring my OLTL BACK !!! Missing it so much 🙁

WooHoo!!! Way to go out…OLTL!!! It was a great finale… a great last week… a great last month… and a fabulous 43 years!!! I am happy to have watched sporadically and more than sporadically for all 43 years!!! Thank you to all who were ever a part of OLTL!!! Good luck to all involved and hope you find better roles and better gigs in 2012!

This article just goes to show how wrong ABC was when they cancelled my beloved soap. Some groups to join on Facebook about our soaps.

All my children & one life to live SWAN–Standing with Agnes Nixon

Please pass these links along and join us in the fight to regain our soaps. The ratings never counted me, and many others, who DVRd the show or watched the daily episode on SoapNet. I was counted in the final episode numbers as I watched as OLTL sadly aired for the last time???

Bring back our soaps ABC. I am not backing down from this fight. I will not watch any new shows you put on the air, no Disney channel and when the current few shows I do watch have their final episodes I will not add new ABC shows to my watching line up. And the only reason I continue to watch these few shows is because they are good, quality shows, not talk shows and reality shows. Shows like “Revenge, Body of Proof, Private Practice and Pan Am”. Good quality programming that actually teaches someone things while at the same time is entertaining. Once YOU ABC replace those shows with more reality crap, I am DONE with ABC. FOREVER!!!

Hmmmm, do I sound like I am getting angry? Well, I am. And so are many. Join the fight to bring our soaps back to us

With any luck …Soap Classics will offer the ABC soaps on DVD, like they do ATWT and GL. Even though the soaps are gone…it doesn’t mean we have to stop remembering our favorite moments.

With talks of ABC moving General Hospital to primetime as a summer series only, it’s just a matter of time before we will all hope for our favorite episodes on DVD.

I love watching them on the weekend and thinking how lucky we were to have those stories. You have to admit, much like todays music…it is not as good now as it once was. I miss the days of Douglas Marland and Gloria Monty, etc.

Although, it is on ABC, I am really enjoying Revenge. Maybe that’s a good start of what is to come in primetime on all of the networks. We can only hope!

While I seriously doubt ABC will ever bring back AMC or OLTL, I’m delighted to read about the high ratings for the finale on 1/13/12.

Having watched my other beloved soaps’ finales (GL and ATWT), OLTL’s was indeed ahead of the pack so to speak. As a viewer, I was left really, really pleased, even dumbstruck with the ingenuity to bring closure yes, and yet leave us with such a twist.
Brilliant is all I can say.

I hope cast and crew of OLTL can take solace and good heart for a job well done.

But as for Disney/ABC ? They’re never gonna admit how wrong they were ultimately.

And so may the boycotting continue and may we as fans find other alternatives for our afternoons.

(Is it true ABC is considering an afternoon show about bowling with monkeys?)

I dont care whats on 7 ABC boycott it. It will feel it.

The only thing GH needs support, but you see I’ll tape it. I’m going to start taping GH.

Great ratings numbers! However, ABC doesn’t give a damn.But, they are two-faced in that they are putting soap operas on nightime:Grey’s Anatomy..Private Practice… etc..etc…. They copped out. There can be nothing more brain numbing than reality shows with so-called experts( HAH!) I cannot stomach them, What’s the matter with the Tv business. Well, it’s right on your screen…….

ABC……I so try to not watch and i’ve been doing a good job…not even the news I will watch.

Bravo to the entire cast and crew of ONE LIFE TO LIVE. What a fantastic week for this brillant show! I actually took a half day of work to say good-bye to this iconic show. To me, OLTL always stood far above the rest. I just wished ABC would realize what a gem of a show OLTL has always been. Why couldn’t OLTL be given the opportunity to have been a summer series like Im hearing about GH? At least it would be something to look forward to each summer and at least I could see my favorite characters from Llanview for 3 or 4 months out of year than nothing at all. Just think about how OLTL ended… with a shocking cliffhanger. So many viewers would tune in June to see what happened. Just a thought. I know Ron C. and Frank V. will somehow be mentioning on GH when they arrive in Port Charles next month, but I would be willing to wait if ABC would give us devoted OLTL fans this little piece of heaven each year. I hope someone is listening at ABC. In any event, congratulations OLTL for a fabulous run. Let’s hope we will meet again real soon.

I’m very proud of ONE LIFE TO LIVE for going out with such great quality, class and awesome ratings, too. Arrogant, self-righteous corporate America rarely admits how wrong it is, but we’ll show them. I don’t need need them to admit it, because they already look like the jacka**es they are. The sad thing is these empty corporate idiot suits always land on their feet while the rest of us suffer. My heart goes out to all of those who are jobless because of this misguided decision by the network. Long live our beloved ONE LIFE TO LIVE.


i hope with these ratings they will re-think what they have done and bring oltl back//can you imagine the ratings then?

They need to bring OLTL back on tv. There was no reason to cancel it to begin with. They always had good ratings. We want our soaps back. I am so greatfull the Chew and Revolution is failing. What was ABC thinking? Heads were where?

This is more of a case of greed. Soaps cost a lot of money and TPTB wanted more money for themselves. Saw something today on the new about “psycho CEOs” I guess they usually mess up and get caught. I so miss One Life to Live.

OLTL Has The Last Laughs In Its Final Weeks–Yessss!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

The ratings speak for themselves. What it says to abc is “see what happens when you have fantastic writers.” They lied to all of us, as we now know. They said the cancellation rumors for AMC were just that, rumors. They even went so far as to send Susan Lucci out to do her book tour assuring her that they were just “rumors”. While we half expected AMC”s cancellation. We were blindsided that OLTL was out as well. They threw the baby out with the bath water. This was planned for a long time before the official announcement was made. For all of you who are complaining about some of OLTL’s characters going over to GH, well I have this to say. Do you really want GH to stay on the air? The ratings OLTL have pulled in these last months you can be sure got the attention of tptb at abc. They will never admit it but they know they made a mistake. We now have Frank V and Ron C taking over at GH. They will work their magic over there and hopefully GH will stay on the air. Personally I think the decision has been made. So the ratings have to change their mind. We definately have their attention at abc so, stop complaining people. This is the world of soaps. People come and go. Sometimes there are things or people or storylines we don’t like. But we still watch. If you really are a true soap fan you will welcome the changes at GH. And pray that it was/is not too little too late.

RIP ABC/Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough Said……

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General Hospital

GH’s Dominic Zamprogna Opens Up on Concerns that Dante Was A-Goner: “There’s Any Number of Ways Comas Can Go”

When Detective Dante Falconeri was shot by a Pikeman henchman, and Jason (Steve Burton) was revealed alive and well, it put actor Dominic Zamprogna in a coma, and a bad one in soap terms, at that. For awhile there, it was touch and go for Dante.

The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

From working on GH for a decade and a half now, Zamprogna has seen his fair share of comas, and in fact, his then on-screen wife, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written off the show having never awakened from her coma.

Photo: ABC

“There’s any number of ways comas can go,” said the popular GH star. “People joke, ‘Oh, you’ve got easy work.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, as long as it’s an on-screen coma! I don’t want to be in an off-screen coma, because then I’m not on the show!” But honestly, that means the world because we all care what people think about us, you know? And if people are happy to have me around, it feels good, obviously. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.”

So, are you glad that Dante is still alive and kicking? Did you think the show might write-off Dante after he was shot a few months back? Is it time, as Dominic head towards his 20th anniversary with the soap opera, for the powers-that-be to bring Lulu out of her coma? Should Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco) eventually tie the knot? Comment below.

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Y&R’s Joshua Morrow Reveals on Losing the Role of B&B’s Dylan: “I Was Meant to Play Nick. Not Getting Dylan was the Greatest ‘Failure’ of My Life.”

Can you imagine that if things had turned out differently, The Young and the Restless’ Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) would not be celebrating his 30th anniversary on the top-rated soap opera, but instead might be welcoming his son to the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful alongside of him?

In several interesting twists, Morrow, who this Friday, June 21st, celebrates his 30th anniversary on the show as Nick Newman (standalone episode and all) spoke about his original audition for CBS daytime that had him going up for the part of B&B’s Dylan Shaw, a Forrester Creations intern. As the behind the scenes story goes, that part when to Dylan Neal.

Joshua spoke to Soap Hub on his humble daytime beginnings, recalling, “B&B was a long, drawn out, multi-week thing where I had to audition like three times, and then, I had to go in for producers, and then, there was a screentest. He added, “It was demolishing. I was like, super cocky, and I was like, ‘Oh, everybody loves me.'”

Photo: JPI

From all indications, it was that audition for Dylan that led him to his prized Genoa City role of Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor’s (Eric Braeden) son. As Morrow remembered it, shortly after meeting with series Bill Bell (then co-creator and EP and head writer. plus then executive producer Ed Scott, and Heather Tom (ex-Victoria, Y&R, then Katie, B&B), he was hired to play Nick.

Photos: IMDb and JPI

At from that moment on as Morrow explained it, “It was kismet. I was meant to play Nick. Not getting Dylan was the greatest ‘failure’ of my life.”  Now in the summer of 2024, Joshua’s son, Crew Morrow, has landed his first soap opera role as the new Will Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful, the son of Katie (the aforementioned Tom), and Don Diamont (Bill).

While father and son will be on opposing but sister soap operas, might a cross over from Nick to Los Angeles be the ticket, so Joshua can finally say he was on B&B and someone share a scene or two or three with his on-screen son? Ya, never know in soapland.

So, what do you think about Joshua losing the role of B&B’s Dylan to Dylan Neal which set up him becoming a cast member at Y&R? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker Reflects Back on the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape with Donald Trump, and Speaks to Her Exit from Days of our Lives

It’s been eight years, but somehow seems like ages ago, that Arianne Zucker was thrust into the mainstream public limelight, unfortunately not for her work as Nicole on Days of our Lives, but for the Access Hollywood taped that surfaced when former president Donald Trump  and current Republican nominee, visited the set of the (then) NBC soap opera, and met Zucker.

The tape captured a hot mic moment between Trump and then ‘Access’ host Billy Bush inside of their bus which featured lewd remarks about Zucker between the two men.

Speaking on the moment, Zucker opened about it on Rachel Uchitel’s Miss Understood podcast, where the video version of the interview is now on Uchitel’s You Tube Channel. Back in 2005, Arianne was the scene partner with Trump in his Apprentice/Days of our Lives crossover appearance, because her character of Nicole was at the time a gold-digger.

Photo: JPI

Zucker shared of her on set experience with Trump from 2005, “I had a great experience. He was lovely, and I had no idea anything behind the scenes was happening. So, it never affected me.” Next in October 2016, Arianne says she it got a call from her manager at the time when the Access Hollywood tapes came to light and that is when she first heard about the situation.

The actress and life coach reflected back, “Everybody has spoken poorly about somebody in their lifetime. I don’t care who you are, everybody has, it’s just people get caught on camera doing it. Unfortunately, that happens all the time. And if you’ve ever gone to a fraternity party, these things happen. So (when she later read the taped comments) I’m going, ‘sounds like something my fraternity guys I know would say.’ But I just didn’t see it in the way that people were seeing it.’”

Expressing why she never made an official comment when the press were asking for one, Arianne revealed, “I didn’t make a comment though, because I was in fear of losing my job. So I didn’t say anything.”  She added, “I felt attacked by the media because I knew all they wanted. I mean, the biggest thing was to get Trump off the ballot. I was like, that is not my job.”

Later, Arianne explained she felt she received no protection from the situation. “I got no apology from my place of employment. I really got no apology from NBC. I felt I had no protection. ”

Photo: JPI

DAYS fans are counting down and not happily that about six weeks from now, on July 29th, when Zucker makes her on-screen exit from Days of our Lives. After being fired for standing up to Corday Productions for on set sexual harassment and discrimination charges, the actress formally filed a lawsuit she has brought against her former employer which includes charges of wrongful termination.

Zucker said on her upcoming departure from DAYS, “I will not say how I leave the show. I do respect that we don’t want to share that. We want the fans to be excited and enticed.” However, Arianne confirmed that the character of Nicole is not ‘killed-off”.

So, what do you think of Arianne’s comments reflecting back on the Access Hollywood tapes media frenzy with Donald Trump, and her upcoming exit from DAYS? Weigh-in. But first, check out Ari on Rachel’s podcast below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

Airdates: 5-20/24-2024