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RATINGS: The Bold and The Beautiful Up! General Hospital Hits Low In Women 18-49 Demo!



The ratings are out for the week of June 15th through June 19th, and it was a good week for CBS The Bold and the Beautiful and a not so good week for ABC’s General Hospital! 

B&B was the only one of the four network daytime dramas to gain in total viewers adding +88,000, and coming in for the week with 3,867,000 viewers in the key data.  The soap opera also showed gains in all key women’s demos: 18-49, 18-34, 25-54.

Meanwhile, General Hospital hit an all-time low in the 18-49 female demo, which is something they have had downward turn in for several ratings periods now.  The series also lost the most in total viewers for the week with -112,000 bringing their total viewer average count to 2,728,000.


The Young and the Restless continued to hold at number one only losing -20,000 total viewers for the week, but also showed gains in all key demos, and Days of our Lives also lost total viewers for the week losing -18,000, and tied an all-time low in the 18-34 women demo ratings share.    Check out the complete ratings picture from SON here!

So, it’s time for you to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive armchair quarterback.  What would you do to improve your favorite daytime drama? What is working for you?  What isn’t?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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GH has been so dull lately. I fund myself zoning out when anyone besides Jake, Elizabeth, Sam, Patrick, Maxie, or Nathan is on. I love the actors in the other roles but the stories are bad and often times out of character and unbelievable…even for a soap. I watch daily and have to try and figure out what’s happened off screen all the time, thinking I missed something. Someone help my show.

Totally agree about GH being dull lately. I also have found some storylines make no sense or characters are totally out of character. Many episodes are little more than “filler.”

I’m going to be tuning back into “General Hospital” once Luke is gone and he has taken Peach Fuzz and Pig Pen with him.

I quit OLTL not too long after CarTini took that show over. I’m actually amazed that I’m still watching GH. Sure, they’ve done some good stuff, but the big picture is pretty awful. I mean, anyone can hit a home run once in a blue moon, but to bat 500 consistantly? They just don’t have it in them. I’m actually 6 days behind in watching and I’m seriously considereng not watching them.

Well, the Luke exit story is getting worse by the day.

Re-writes of re-writes, actors changing lines with no control over what is actually being filmed. I have spent much of the time since 2012 being insulted by the writing, now I have finally crossed over. It is now laughable. Belly laughable (and I don’t mean when intended).

Honestly, I would lay odds on this show not being broadcast next year at this time.

I stopped watching GH years ago, but recently have tuned in here
and there to see Luke’s exit storyline. Don’t watch for more than a few
mins whenever I watch, though, as it is stupid and boring to me. Like
many others, I had hopes that Laura would make it more interesting,
but nope.

What’s working for me, on my favorite Daytime Drama, The Young and the Restless, is the relationship between characters Sharon & Dylan, a.k.a. Shylan. Sharon Case & Steve Burton have wonderful on screen chemistry (MUCH better than SB had with Jessica Collins). I also like that, thanks to this new relationship, bro’s Dylan & Nick are getting to interact with each other more often. Y&R has always been best when it concentrates on the good, positive, REALISTIC relationships between characters, vs. the “over the top” story lines involving rape, cheating & doppelgangers.

Agreed! Love Shylan

I gave up on GH three years ago after watching it since 1968 – you cannot rewrite too much history for long term viewers; same thing with DOOL. I watch Y&R on and off, but mostly “off.”
BnB could be made better with story lines that involved couples and not triangles. They also need to add another family that is not biologically related to a Spencer, Forrester or Logan. Need to diversify the gene pool for the next generation. Lastly, expand the show to one hour and run more than one story line at a time.

AJ, since you had been watching GH since 1968, may I bend your ear (and any other interested reader) for a moment?… I watched GH from 1969 until 2005, then returned from time to time if I heard about something special (e.g. Laura’s return, Nurses’ Ball, etc.). I finally got fed up with the focus of Sonny and the mob as well as the poor treatment of veteran actors.

My favorite actress of all time is Valerie Starrett, the original Diana Maynard Taylor. Her tenure was 1969-1977, when she was inexplicably fired by the producer at the time. The role was recast with Brooke Bundy who played the role for 4 years. Anyway, the storyline of Peter and Diana Taylor, as played by Starrettt and Craig Huebing, was terrific and frontburner for most of the 70s. It’s almost scary how well I remember their storylines; they were the star-crossed couple who had plenty of starts and stops. I was crushed when Starrett left the show. She was a beautiful, popular actress and an unsung heroine of the show. Every anniversary show or tribute has neglected to even mention Diana Taylor (or Starrett). Denise Alexander, as Lesley Faulkner Webber was also frontburner and enjoyable during that time as were Steve, Audrey, and Jessie.

As much a fan as I am of Genie Francis, before Luke and Laura, there was the love story of Peter and Diana Taylor. I cherish and remember those days fondly. For me, that was GH at its best.

So, AJ, do you remember Starrett and Huebing? What did you enjoy most from your early days of watching GH? Thanks!

James, I hope AJ answers. This is a tad bit before my time but it sounds fascinating.

Harry, thanks for your response as well as your always enjoyable and thoughtful posts!

I know that very few viewers who watched in the 70s (particularly the early 70s) are still around. And the show started in 1963, so maybe there are even some who watched from the beginning…

I realize that I am talking ancient history here and thus giving away my age (or ballpark anyway)! But Diana and Peter got me hooked as a kid back then, and so I always think fondly of them. If I could start a thread on how things were different on soaps in the 70s versus today, I would love to do so and read what others have to say. One huge difference is the length of individual scenes. In the past, individual scenes would go on for 5 or more minutes, whereas today, one scene can last far less than 1 minute. And, in general, the stories are much faster paced, most of them anyway!

I welcome anyone to respond, especially those who might have been watching GH before the Luke and Laura era, and I’d love to read their thoughts and remembrances. Thanks for reading…

James, my late maternal grandma watched GH in the 1960s and id sometimes watched with her…i think Diana was there before my Grandma passed away in Summer of 1970…i think she was a waitress or a cook…one character i liked was Audreys sister Lucille which happened to be my late grandmas name too…i only seen GH a little in the 1970s when Diana was involved in a murder but the man was killed by another nurse…watched Another World mostly which was opposite at the time i believe…i was always turning channels to see what was happening on other serials…i wish i had a remote back then…just like Val was replaced with Brooke, AW dropped Jackie Courtney as Alice and replaced her with Susan Harney…Jackie was on the show for 11 years and and her Alice and George Reinholts Steve Frame was that shows front burner starcrossed lovers until both were fired in 1975…so just like Peter and Diana, the loss of Steve and the original Alice on AW angered their many fans too!!!

@jimh: Jim, thanks for your reply! It is great to read about your memories of GH and Another World from that time. I started watching GH with my mother who watched a variety of soaps. Yes, George Reinholt and Jackie Courtney were extremely popular as well. I didn’t watch AW back then, but I knew of them and their popularity. When the actors came to OLTL, I really enjoyed their characters and the attempt by OLTL to capitalize on their AW popularity.

Before Soap Opera Digest was launched, there were other soap magazines, such as Daytime TV and Afternoon TV. I used to buy Daytime TV and I would vote in their reader’s poll and mail in my entry (how the world has changed….), always voting for Valerie Starrett. So I guess I am coming full circle by writing about her now at a website for soaps… Starrett, Courtney, and Reinholt did very well in these polls. They featured lists of the Top 10 Actors and Top 10 Actresses and, I think, 15 male and 15 female actors who were right behind them.

Regarding Diana on GH, I am thrilled that you remember her, and your memory is quite good! When she first came on the show, Diana was a waitress where she met Phil Brewer (Martin West) who was going by a different name then (I think, Harold Williamson). So she first became involved with Phil. At one point, he raped her… and Diana suffered by keeping the rape a secret and trying to pass off the baby as Peter’s…

The murder plot was a great one. Diana was one of the five suspects. Jessie went on trial for the murder, but it was nurse Augusta McCleod (Judith McConnell) who murdered Phil Brewer because he threatened to expose Augusta’s affair with Peter Taylor, Diana’s husband. The murder weapon: a geode (stone with crystals inside). Augusta was also a fun character. They always played this sexy music for her (the melody of which I can still remember), similar to the type of music they play for Eve on DOOL.

PS: I liked Lucille, too. She was quite a character and a devoted sister to Audrey.

One more PS (because I can’t help myself). This is one soap staple I really enjoyed: Back in the 70s, there were star-crossed lovers who were always fighting obstacles to get to each other, but even when apart, the viewer rooted for them to get back together. Some of those include AW’s Alice and Steve, GH’s Diana and Peter, GH’s Steve and Audrey, ATWT’s Dan and Kim, among several others.

James, you have a great memory too…now that you mentioned the trial and Augusta, it brings back memories…i must have watched more eps at the time then i originally thought…now i recall Beth, Diana’s sister…on AW, Steve, Alice and Rachel was a love triangle…Alice was good and Rachel was bad…this storyline was so good it didnt matter if Steve was with Alice or Rachel…Rachel was a great villian who didnt have to kill someone to get what she wanted like they do on GH today and she was redeemed and became a better nicer person…And speaking of Daytime Magazine, i recently found two from 1971 in a free box at a garage sale…in it features the cancellation of the original Dark Shadows and many photos of soap stars and soaps from the 60s and 70s…finding these was like finding gold…i used to have every issue of Soap Opera Digest from the first issue 1975 to the early 80s but they got lost when i moved…take care!!!

I wasn’t a regular watcher of GH at the time (I started watching AMC with my grandmother when I was 12) but I have a vague recollection of Heather stalking Diana?
I am trying to shore up my memory from murky waters–am I even close?

@ Jimh: Thanks! It’s nice to hear more about your AW faves! I like the description of how AW redeemed Rachel. And, yes, GH brought Diana’s sister Beth to the story as well as Diana’s mother. With regard to the murder of Phil Brewer, GH issued a promotional picture, featuring Phil along with the five suspects: Jessie, Diana, Peter, Jim Hobart (Audrey’s husband), and Augusta.

Your find of that Daytime Magazine at a garage sale is awesome! Also cool is that you collected years of issues of Soap Opera Digest. A few years ago, I bought a few old issue of Daytime TV and Afternoon TV on eBay, after doing a search for Valerie Starrett. It’s so nice to see these issues, like you said, “like finding gold.” The nostalgic impact is immeasurable… Take care.

@ Harry: Thanks to you as well! Also, thanks for looking into those “murky waters,” and, yes, your memory is correct! The murder of Diana Taylor was preceded by Heather’s (Robin Mattson) stalking of Diana. She indeed wanted to kill Diana; and when Diana was killed, the audience had just assumed that Heather did the deed and tried to frame Anne Logan by making it look like a dying Diana wrote Anne’s name in her own blood. I don’t know whether the writers had a change of heart, direction, or what, but after a while it was disclosed that Heather’s mother murdered Diana to protect Heather. (My memory of the rationale is a bit hazy.)

At the time of Diana’s death, the role was played by Brooke Bundy. Incidentally, the terrific Robin Mattson was the third actress to play Heather. Georgianne LaPierre (Cher’s sister) originated the role opposite Valerie Starrett. Mary O’Brien was the second Heather; the notable thing about her was that she was the Heather to Bundy’s Diana when Heather laced Diana’s iced tea with LSD. Yet, in a major plot twist, Heather ended up accidentally drinking the glass of iced tea laced with LSD and went crazy.

@ Jimh, @ Harry, and @ interested others: Please don’t think that Jamesj75 is crazy because (1) he has such heightened fanaticism for all things 70s and the GH Diana and Peter Taylor storyline; and (2) he is speaking of himself in the third person! Best wishes to all of you, as you have given me quite the reason to smile these last few days… 🙂

James…if you think it makes you crazy being a fantac for all things 70s, then lock me up with Heather Webber because i must be crazy too…i’d glady join your Crazy ‘Everything 70s’ Club!!!

Jimh, thanks so much for that! LOL! I like your “Crazy ‘Everything 70s’ Club!” And we haven’t even touched on the music… With regard to Heather Webber, as she has repeatedly shown, being locked up is never a permanent state… Also, I meant to say that I have always enjoyed your posts!

Oh, my God, you guys! I got so involved with your writing, such a vivid description, I felt as if I were there. I really was transported….halcyon days; simpler times? I hear that from Gran so much. You are lucky to have lived those memorable days.
I remember the last few years of AW. I just loved it. Rachel was good, though, not the manipulator she had been. I remember being in Middle School.
My favorite couple was Vicky and Ryan.
Thanks, James and Jim.

@ CeeCee: Thanks so much for your comments! As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I always enjoy your terrific comments and wonderful outlook! When I read your comment in my e-mail inbox (which doesn’t show the name of the poster), I had a feeling it was you!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the last few years of the late, great soap, AW. And, yes, for me anyway, the 70s were the “halcyon days” of GH, perhaps for the genre as a whole, given that there were so many soaps on the air: there was always something for everyone to enjoy. Many great stories, many great families. And, as I’ve also said, a refreshing link to my youth… Take care.

I’m with Cee Cee–you folks are doing a damn good job of putting us in the moment. That is no easy feat either! I actually found myself interested in the plot and I eagerly read waiting to see what happened next (and gee, James thanks for the spoilers).
All kidding aside, I remember when it came out that Heather’s poor, put upon mother was responsible for Diana’s death.
Heather was a fascinating, complex character and her therapy sessions with Dr Katz were compelling. Sadly, I don’t find Heather to be all that interesting anymore because she doesn’t strike an affinity with reality. James and Jim, I am also a sucker for a star crossed romance where you have two lovers yearning for the other and all these obstacles orbit around their sphere running interference.
To me, one of the most powerful things about Luke and Laura wasn’t really when they were together–it was when they were apart thinking of the other and yearning and waiting….oh the endless waiting.

@ Harry: Again, Harry, you’ve made my day! You, CeeCee, and jimh are just terrific, supportive people whose postings I always enjoy. So thank all of you again.

Regarding Heather, glad you brought up her therapy sessions with Dr. Katz (played by, I believe, Jordan Charney who was previously on OLTL). They were indeed interesting, and I agree with your point about how Heather has been written in her recent appearances. Some (all?) of it is beyond belief! You know, like, falling off the top of the General Hospital building and surviving, being buried alive by her son, etc.

Star-crossed lovers: I guess that’s been a soap staple for decades, but I feel it was better conceptualized and executed in years past. Your point about Luke and Laura makes sense to me, too. The “endless waiting” keeps us tuning in … as a rule. 🙂

Harry (and any other interested parties), here are a few more “spoilers” related to the Diana Taylor story, presented by a zealous fan:

1. When Phil Brewer was killed, Jessie was found with his body, so she was the first suspect. However, Diana confessed to the murder to protect her husband Peter because Diana mistakenly thought Peter killed Phil.

2. As I mentioned, Phil raped Diana, but she didn’t report the rape. She didn’t want to report the rape, and she tried to pass off the baby as Peter’s.

3. At one point, Diana was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and was told she had only a few months to live. During that time, she wrote letters to her unborn child. She later learned that the diagnosis was inaccurate and she was healthy (a lawsuit waiting to happen, if you ask me).

4. Peter had an affair with Augusta. Diana was involved with two brothers, at separate times, while she and Peter were separated. One brother was Dr. Joel Stratton who also dated Lesley. The other brother was Own who was ill, and Diana spent time taking care of him (in a nursely way, of course).

5. Peter, a psychiatrist, had a patient Pat Lambert who was taking up a lot of Peter’s time. At this time, Diana herself became a bit neurotic and felt threatened. She slapped Pat in the face right in General Hospital.

6. Diana felt a loss of self-esteem and felt that Lesley and Peter (who were working closely together) were superior to her because they were doctors and she was a nurse. After a while, she got over it.

The baby that Heather had with Jeff Webber was Steven Lars; this is the same Dr. Steven Webber (Scott Reeves) who was on the show for a few years in the recent past. Now, here is what the newer viewer might not know: when Heather was pregnant, Jeff didn’t want the child, and thus neither did Heather. So when Steven Lars was a baby, she sold the baby on the black market to Diana who was unaware that the baby belonged to Heather. Diana and Peter named the boy Peter Jr. (or “PJ”).

In a recent episode of GH, this plot twist was mentioned when Heather met Nina and pretended to be “Diana Taylor!” However, the current writers made a continuity error: they claimed that Diana named the baby “Steven Lars.” Yet that’s the name Heather gave to the baby.

If you’re still with me, this is all for now… Take care…

Thank you, James. I mean it when I say your deconstruction of GH history is fascinating. This must be a labor of love on your part and you do it so well.
Now an embarrassing admission–when GH was on my television during the aforementioned time period, and I constantly heard all these GH characters speak of Steven Lars, I THOUGHT they were saying Steve and Lars. I was under the impression that Heather had twin boys names Steve and Lars.
I thought this for the longest time.

Oh, I’m always with you, James. You are so good at narrating…you should compile everything in some kind of book-form.
Thank you…I enjoy reading your well-rounded synopsis much better than what I read online.
“Thanks for the memories?”, albeit I don’t have any of GH…LOL.
Nonetheless, you have that rare talent of taking me there; making me walk in your shoes and seeing ‘what was’ through your eyes. Thanks!! Later, friend.

Harry and CeeCee, thanks again! I appreciate your kind and generous words, more than I can tell you! I am with you both as well!

At the risk of boring you or anyone else further, I have a couple of other brief observations and a real-life plot twist (at the end of this post) to share:

1. When Steven (Lars) Webber was brought to the show as an adult, he was played by two different actors: first Shaun Benson and later Scott Reeves. Harry, your comment about “twin boys named Steve and Lars” is quite amusing, but understandable! The adult Steve Webber wanted to be called Steve, not Steven Lars, which is the name for him used only by his birth mother, Heather. “Steve” referenced grandfather Steve Hardy. “Lars” referenced grandfather Lars Webber.

2. For me, as a longtime (though in recent years, off and on) fan, I am always thrilled when they bring on Heather because she is the only real link to Diana Taylor. Similarly, I am also thrilled that the character of Elizabeth is still on the show because (a) I do like her and (b) she is the only link to Audrey, who sometimes even mentions “Gramm.”

3. Speaking of which, it may surprise (and perhaps comfort) fans to know that Valerie Starrett (Diana Taylor) and Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy) have been best friends for decades. Starrett gave an interview just a few years ago to Tom Lisanti of “Sixties Cinema” (before starring on GH, she appeared in the cult biker film, “Run Angel Run”). In the interview, she discussed her role in the movie and on GH, and she explained that new (at the time) GH director Tom Donovan fired her because he wanted the character of Diana to go in a different direction (desperate, bitchy) and Starrett didn’t want to play Diana that way; she enjoyed playing her as the heroine. In a follow-up, Starrett thanked the fans and mentioned her friendship with Ames. Both ladies were also good friends of Emily McLaughlin (Jessie Brewer), and tended to McLaughlin in her final days.

4. My own personal link to Valerie Starrett: In 2007, I tried to find Valerie by using her name with a variety of e-mail providers, and one of them worked! So I got to correspond with her briefly, let her know she was appreciated and still missed, and she replied with surprise that anyone would remember her after all this time and that she appreciated me. As you can imagine, that made my day, to say the least.

Finally, sorry to be so long-winded, and thanks again for your interest!

GH is a mess. Three years of terrible storytelling, disjointed, illogical, plots that make no sense, characters OOC, dozens of newbies, Vets ruined and thrown on the scrap heep, killing AJ for no reason (especially now when less than a year later Michael is softening Sonny and Carly) Killing Duke for absolutely no reason, no contract for Tristan Rogers, Wally Kurth. Vets like Mac, Felicia, Kevin, Monica nowhere to be seen. A show that is all camp with no drama or substance. Characters turned into cartoons, walking jokes; Franco,Nina, Dr.O and now the ridiculous Denise. Forced pairings, no romance. CRANCO. Dr.O as COS and giving her an entire family. Julian Jerome winning out over Duke, killing him and being surrounded by his loving family.

Dumbing down characters to ignore the obvious so a plot can continue. No respect for history.Making a mockery of Steve Hardy’s Christmas Tradition. Gay stereotypes. Misogynistic men and crazed women.Turning Anna into a murderer. Turning Nik into an attempted murderer. FLUKE! A total mess from the start and made a hundred times worse because the writer thought it was more important to be smarter than audience than tell a logical story. Relish, Tumors in jars. Kiddie Love traingles. Levi Dunkelman. Laura returns to snark and nastiness. A ridiculous story of a woman needing sex from a 70 year old man for closure. And on and on. Fans have had enough.

What can be done to improve GH? The only thing that can improve or save it is a change in writer and producer.

Well-written. I admit that I liked Levi (ducking for cover), and I don’t really miss Kevin or Felicia (hiding), but I agree with everything else you wrote. A little camp and a bit of overacting are fun and healthy in a soap. Too much of a good thing, and the show just collapses into absurdity. It’s time for Ron and Frank to reel it in and tell some actual heartfelt indepth stories.

“Heartfelt” and “indepth”: I like those words!

Matilda, you perfectly articulated my thoughts on GH, too! Thank you for your well put thoughts, hopefully ABC will take note of your post. I’m with you. I prefer some consistency and for that reason, I enjoy Days of Our Lives, so much more than GH. GH could be so powerful, but it is all over the place. There’s so much talent there, but it’s everything you’ve described, which ruins it for fans like us. The only will credit I give to GH, is the extremely talented cast it manages to hold. Vets like Monica (who is always MIA)… killing off legacy characters, AJ, Duke, also, Connie & Carlos!!! Those were two fine actors. Losing Wally Kurth? what was that, well, it’s definitely a gain for DAYS. Yeah, where is Doc, Mac, Felicia, and Monica????
There’s a big lack of disrespect from ABC & GH to viewers. GH won’t win best drama until it shapes up. And, for all your reasons along with mine… Days of Our Lives is a winner! And, it is, emmy award winning for Best Drama (tied). Go DAYS into this 50th year. It will win next year, I feel it. Thanks, Matilda.

And I agree with your words: “a big lack of disrespect from ABC & GH to viewers.”

Matilda, you are so very ACCURATE and CORRECT in CATALOGING ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH GH! After your succinct first sentence: “GH IS A MESS,” you absolute nail the reasons why it is such a mess. And your conclusion? Totally on the mark.


Matilda, you are right on the money! Thanks for posting!

Waltzing Matilda is spot on right here. Bravo Matilda!
The problem is they trotted out a dizzying array of mind numbingly bad characters with their mind numbingly bad stories the same week as Genie Frances’s return. Like most viewers, I fast forward through any scenes involving Nina, Franco, Ava/Denise, Kiki, Morgan, Valerie and Donna Mills.
I don’t give a rat’s ass behind about any of the aforementioned characters. I refuse to sit through this horrific maze of crap just to get to the Luke and Laura story. And while Maura West is a good actress, her character is an abysmal failure in my opinion. Ava was campy and cartoon like from the get go and then she battles cancer and suddenly the character is evolving and what we have here folks is character development–something you don’t see much anymore. Then she exits without a strategy and re enters as Denise–a gum chomping moron with a New Jersey accent. Denise is even more of a cartoon character than Ava.

Love Matilda’s post–I hope that TPTB see it.
I want to also add that I am tired of all the action happening off camera and then it is later explained what happened.
For example, we didn’t get to see TJ accosted at the department store by security, we were told about it later. That could have been a compelling story which would be evocative of what is going on in real life. Remember when soaps used to tackle real life social issues? Laura tells Luke that Lucky was kidnapped off camera and it’s explained to us later. Good writing shows and doesn’t tell. All GH does is explain and tell–it doesn’t show and the end result is a lackluster and un engaging story line. Tis a pity because TPTB can say,”See? We brought back Laura per your request and the ratings went down.” They might not want to face the cause and effect pattern of their very poor story telling.
Honestly, it feels like they are trying to fail.

Agree about TJ story. So a big department store racially profiles a innocent young black man and they don’t sue but the DA wants to put TJ is prison? What the f? Some lame security guard gets away with it? And what do we get in return, more stupid stories with Franco and Nina. I thought I’d seen it all when low and behold Nina is married to a character (Rick) I don’t remember her ever meeting. I freaking dizzy and my head is spinning out of control.

Bravo, Matilda!

I would like to see more focus on character driven storytelling. It would also help to develop more connections between characters as well, whether it be familial, friendship or business. Focus more on a core group of characters but don’t ignore a strong supporting cast either as they can provide nuance and depth to the storytelling.

When you watch an episode of GH now, it is a lot like watching your Twitter feed – all over the place in quick snippets. A little more sustained focus might help.

Finally, on a more personal note, I think we could have reunited L & L and then allow TG his fervent wish to die in spectacular fashion…


Great analogy: GH = Twitter feed. You forgot to mention that, like Twitter, too much of GH right now is banal filler mixed with nonsense!

Les, I totally agree with you. This was sort of the case with OLTL in the later years. Action and humor are fine, but for the purpose of the story. Everything doesn’t have to be high-intensity. Good writing and fleshed out characters is what drives a story. GH isn’t the only guilty party. It’s DOOL and don’t get me started on the foolishness being offered by Y&R. B&B is growing, because the characters develop and the writing is character driven and not based on plot. The networks are paying attention, so get it right Y&R, GH & DOOL.

I agree with you: “good writing and fleshed out characters.”

And, Les–yes, yes!

I think TPTB are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg as far as audience ire is concerned. We are discerning viewers; neither the actors nor TPTB seem to grasp that very important fact.

And why not reunite Luke and Laura? After the damage done to the Luke character that we grew to know and love, the very least TPTB could have done was to unite them. A loyal audience (of long standing–like 30-40 years) knows the characters inside and out and will take a lot before they turn away and tune out–but there is a tipping point–and the writers/PTB reached that with the infamous 52nd anniversary issue where they “succeeded” in totally destroying the character of Luke. Furthermore, by “absenting” Laura for too, too long (by whoever’s desire to do so) they further destroyed the program In many ways, the Luke and Laura love story held the whole program together for a very long time. That loyal audience waited and waiting for some righteous redemption and reuniting of the characters.

TPTB (and TG?) prevented that from happening. That one thing, plus all the things Matilda listed above, effectively destroyed that loyal audience.

It seemed willful and purposeful–that’s the confounding part that I simply fail to understand. People may scoff at the long-time fans, but it looks to me like the demographic 18-49 (for whatever that means?????) has tuned out also.

You know why? Because there has never, ever been two other characters with the “fascination” (pun intended!) of the Luke and Laura characters. And those actors are no slouches; they had the magic–always from Genie’s side–but, recently, not from TG’s side. He has failed to give Genie ANYTHING to play against during his swan song, but Genie perserveres. And the audience can’t take anymore disappointment.

Nancy, you make excellent points about the expectations of discerning viewers and fan loyalty! The ratings speak volumes but TPTB at GH appear to be tone deaf.

Les & Nancy- how do you even begin to blame ABC and TPTB when obviously everyone at ABC and GH were held hostage by TG — who self admittedly hates his fans and is very bitter about the 8 yrs he left GH, never being able to strike it big as a mainstream actor. Combine that with script approval, GH and the writers never had a fighting chance. TG and GF made it clear in order for them to agree to be in scenes together, they absolutely 100% refused to allow ABC or GH writers to write a happily ever after story for them. So please do not spew your hate towards the writers and the network, when in reality all who is to blame for the L&L love story fans so want, will not happen because of Mr Geary & Ms Francis. If you have any anger you should direct your middle finger to the crazy talent. I’m not saying the rest of the series isn’t flawed but you are just so out of line with your wild accusations in this particular manner.

Their is an old song by Gordon Lightfoot that says The feeling is gone and I just can’t’ get it back ! For me I have seen that not watching anymore not because I am angry with anyone just the magic is gone! If the exit story had been in the hands of the late Douglas Marland who helped create the character of Luke you would have seen a different story. The soaps today do not have the gift of seasoned writers the writers today want a quick fix RC just does not have the gift. He spends most of his time on Twitter being nasty.

Kay, that’s it exactly. The feeling is gone and I can’t get it back.
I am tuning in to see Luke and Laura and every now and then the feeling resurfaces but then it is snuffed out by some really horrible writing. Why was Nina foisted on us the same week of Laura’s return?
I think you are correct in your summation that Douglas Marland could have given Tony an exit story worthy of his history and his talent.
Nancy, of course I agree with you. Luke and Laura belong together–that is self evident in these precious few scenes we have seen.

k/kay–So true what you say. “the magic is gone”!

Oh, yes, to have a Doug Marland today–wow, I can only imagine! Makes me sad!

Dear friends, the magic is gone because let’s face it, television has become very advanced and due to sad small budgets and dwindling audiences, soaps were quite frankly left in the dust. You’ve lost the feeling of magic because these daytime shows are antiquated. You are used to watching slick Primetime drama series with 5 mil dollar budgets per episode which are filmed using the highest quality HD film and sets along with realistic location shoots. Plus you are now used to watching between 8-13 episodes of a series, not a staggering 260 episodes per year. The world has changed and soaps sadly didn’t keep up with the times. No wonder viewers are bored and end of fast forwarding half the show. You’re asking audiences to basically sit and watch a slow moving 38 minute play instead of a slick fast paced limited episode order tv show. Could you make House of Cards, Scandal, Empire interesting if confined to old interior sets and a tiny budget, no way, no how. That feeling you’ve lost is not the fault of the producers and writers but the fault of the TV industry making soaps look obsolete to the general TV audience member.

Fluke Flunked!!!

Time to get back to the basics of good storytelling, and not depend on gimmicks and sensationalism for ratings. Except maybe the Nurses Ball…loved some of the acts, but it didn’t seem to rise to the occasion set and guest-wise as other years.

Build around the GH namesake of the program in a way that’s more than just a place to come when you’ve been shot or in a car accident. Research institute?

Keep generational continuity going in major families, at the same time bringing in new stories/actors that aren’t there for 5 minutes, or not used up to their potential.

Give more story time to some of our favorites that seem to be put on the shelf, and not just a cameo once in a while.

Okay some crime for su (and me), but more fun and adventure instead of all the heavy, dark stories.

And eventually tie them all together instead of unrelated stories that never seem to get resolved or followed up on…like Brad and Lucas left in limbo, and even Epihany and Milo.

Much as I love Ron and Frank they deserve this. They turned their back to the OLTL audience who saved the program a while ago. Then they got rid of the characters like Carlos who werent OLTL but werent sickeningly 40 year old GH legacies either. Now they have the great genie francis who they got rid of 4 characters for . They are getting the ratings drop they deserve

General Hospital is a complete disaster right now. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Just horrible plot nonsense. I hope the new writers can turn Days around. B&B is the best soap right now. Pratt continues to dismantle Y&R,I see the ratings dropping soon. Likey and Lane fans are pissed. Y&R better not throw Sharon under the bus again.

They are, I can see it happening. Why would Sharon stop taking her meds if she’s on them and they are working? By the time the writers get done with this character Sharon will have mowed down the entire population of GC and stolen Nick or Adam’s baby from Sage as a cherry on the top.

GH could actually have a storyline worth watching that involved characters who have been on GH for more than a year. And the endless and boring Luke goodbye tour could END. We get it, he’s a treasure in his own mind, although he’s also too good for the show. GO.

And maybe, writers, maybe you could actually give us a storyline that not only entertains, but also is not written primarily to prop up Sonny, or that focuses on characters from other soaps that have been big flops to begin with? Yeah, I’m looking at U, FrankeNina.

Such astute remarks–I like them!

Ohh my!
Seems the return of dull Laura has caused GH to drop..

30 million people are not tuning in to see Laura … aha!
(her return= flop …

Thing is.. All us fans who were not watching Luke and Laura back in their era do not give a dham about them and tune out… Luke and Laura are nothing to us and we are not familiar with them to want want try to figure it all out..
And I for one wanted to see my Loved Tony go out with the NOW cast and not with people we don’t know..

The numbers tell;
bringing Laura and writing Tony’s exit around her return was a mistake..
I have faith RC and FV can turn this mess around and give Tony as much better send off.
A send off ALL can relate to ..

ahha.. my posts look cool..
when I use speech to text, with my accent, it gets wild!

Well, that’s an interesting analysis Su0000.

The reason it fails is because the ratings did rise the initial week that Laura was on, wk of 6/8, from the previous week of 6/1. Up 140,000 viewers and 15,000 in the demo.

The reason the ratings went down the following week was because of the terrible story that viewers found. 10 second scenes the first two days, Laura coming into a hostile room, lead by her daughter and Luke and a ridiculous plot that she and Luke had to pretend to be together. It is not worth watching and people tuned out.

You talk about people who did not watch years ago not caring about Laura. Well, what is the difference between not knowing her character now as a new viewer and being subjected to all the new characters Maybe some people don’t care about her, but no one would care about Nina prior to her arrival.

You obviously love the show. Maybe the problem with GH is that it is written to appeal to people with your tastes and sensibilities and there just aren’t many of you.

Hi AJQ..
yes, I do love my GH..
The past 2 weeks haven been hard for me..
I can get into the Luke and Laura stuff.. YAWN..
I know RC and Team will not let me down and bring it back up !!
There is so much to do in so little time and impossible for writers to please everybody, but they darn well better not disappoint me, there will be WAR!!

I’m looking forward to new developing stories, much yet to come .. 🙂

Fantastic explanation, AJQ. We all get it. However, methinks it went right over Su’s head. Right su.? As Harry says, she has it in her head to use Laura as a football and nothing will budge that intractable notion. Obstinate girl…LOL. ‘Gotta’ love her. She amuses me.

Laura’s return has been a snoozed fest and so has the rest of the show..GH has been a disturbing and silly mess for close to 2 years with their idiotic storylines..I am giving up after, Anthony Geary last episode..I really love Ron C., and all the good work he did in OLTL and the first couple of years of GH, but he really needs to go..This show needs new blood and characters driven storyline, not the same stupid stuff over and over with no reward at the end…DOOL has been getting better and the old writers are still on, lol, so imagine that..

Forget about the ratings, GH sucks big time and Y&R is getting better, NOTT..I boycott B&B, and DOOL is getting better with the same old writers and PTB that I trashed before..I hope the new bosses continue the upward swing in DAYS

Thank you for explaining that to Suoo, AJQ.
She has an inexplicable and irrational dislike of Laura Spencer because Laura is, as she likes to remind us again and again, “before her time.” Maybe she just feels left out.
SU00, the numbers were slipping before Genie came back due to abysmal story telling and a herd of characters being force fed to us viewers. The same week Genie came back, Nina was forced down our throats. My feeling is that this occurred so we would be forced to watch Nina and her horrible story because we were tuning in to watch Laura’s return anyway. I think they are desperately trying to get us hooked on Nina’s story as well as Madeline’s, Ava’s, Ric’s, Valerie’s, Kiki’s and other worthless characters stories. Does anyone really care about the aforementioned tribe of characters. In short, I think these characters tried to hitch a ride on Laura’s trail winds. Had Laura not shown up , the ratings would have been even worse.
The writing is simply dreadful. One rule in scriptwriting is that you flesh out the characters to make them multifaceted, nuanced and interesting. To paraphrase that little girl from A Field of Dreams, If you build it (the characters) they (the viewers) will come.
The writers are not building it, hence, the viewers do not come.

You are bang on here, Harry. I came back to GH because of Laura’s return and the hope that the writers would finally give us a story that was worthy of two iconic soap characters – Luke and Laura. Given the way things are going, not even Genie staying will keep me watching. It’s sad because there are some very talented actors/actresses in the cast who could bring it home with some good, solid writing like you speak of.

“Writing Tony’s exit around her (Laura/Genie)?????????????????????????????
Are you KIDDING me?
Genie Francis hardly had a line the first day she returned.
It is NOT Genie that is the problem; it is the WRITERS!
They don’t care about her nor about the viewers.

Did it ever occur to anybody that maybe people are not tuning in because they have Luke fatigue?

Hey su000, question for you…..if Genie Francis is, as you say, new to you and “so many other fans”, then why does Entertainment Tonight and other news outlets cover her almost daily. I just saw her interviewed last night by Entertainment tonight. But, I guess they do that for every star of GH, NOT!!!

They interviewed her because her publicist did their job. No one is out there seeking Genie Francis out, her people whom she pays are doing this. And no I don’t have a problem with GF at all. I’m fine with her and I do agree I don’t give a damn about the old characters coming back. I don’t know their history and I don’t care to know it. BUT, I am happing for the loyal fans who do know their history and love seeing the back on their screens. I just ff when they are on. We can’t always get what we want.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again:

Bill Bell is spinning like a rotisserie chicken in his grave!!

Since Chuck “The Hack” Pratt finagled an Executive Producer credit along with the Head Writer gig, this once-great show has tail-spun into extreme stupidity and absurdness! A list:

More effin’ dopplegangers – ENOUGH!! This whole Jack/”Yack” storyline has been nothing but improbable, convoluted and plain dumb!!

More pregnancies: sorry, but enough with the female characters (Sharon & that god-awful Sage!) pushing 40/over 40 and suddenly becoming pregnant! Don’t people on soaps use condoms?!?

Miracle operations: Ashley has a serious operation to alleviate an aneurysm and the next day, her hair is meticulously done, make-up done and she’s no worse for wear…GIMME A BREAK!!

Out of character characters: Self-righteous Lily sleeping around?!? Michael chasing people away (whatever happened to his relationship with BFF Phyllis, BTW?) because he can’t get it up because of cancer?

MIA characters: Where is Jill? Esther? Tracy?!?

This once beautiful, meticulously-written character-driven show has become residue for poorly written drek Chuck Pratt couldn’t get out in Prime-time and I can see why!! Decades-long viewers such as myself expect and deserve better than this crud!!!

Put a fork in me – I’m just about done with Chuck Pratt’s “Y & R”. While we’re on it, get rid of Jill Farren Phelps as well since she’s allowing this crap to stink up the airwaves!!!

Whew! Sounds like the Y & R writers have been taking a (bad) page out of the GH writers’ 00I handbook!

SU0000 – Are you RC or FV? If so, HI!! Seriously, we old timers are not clamoring for the past, we just want some damn good writing. RC loves campy and that is fine, but I don’t want to feel as though I am watching a bad B movie from the 50s, 60s or 70s. GH has an excellent cast, but the storylines do not match the talent. Say what you will, but for me, Fluke flunked! It seemed they made it up as they went along. Genie is not the reason the ratings have dropped. It’s the introduction of boring ass characters and established characters acting out of character and stories that do not move. I want GH to succeed, but it ain’t gonna happen this way. RC learn from the mistakes made with OLTL and FV, the best years of OLTL didn’t not include the Paul Rauch years – The years of total camp and the ridiculous! Please slow it down and develop the characters and stories you have. I beg you!!

Lew I have often said Su is someone connected with the show. Ron, or Frank, or maybe TG too. Paid Abc intern, whatever. Whoever Su is….its not a normal rational liking of a show. It’s not. No one is thaT hostile, or defensive, or protective of such a disturbing, disgusting television program that is written to appeal to the lowest common denominator. And for this person to vehemently despise only two soap actresses/characters….both luminous talented blondes who have been thrown under the bus repeatedly by their shows…Sharon Case and Genie Francis…is very telling. This post will probably be deleted or seriously edited, but I hope not!

Aden, I don’t know you but I love you.
I hope that doesn’t freak you out.

Lol Harry. No its cool! Love is great! Su would disagree though. Su doesnt like love. he/she only likes rape and murder and unnecessary violence. He/she SHOULD be loving Y & R right now!!! But then again, CBS isnt paying the bills….

Does GH have to have constant exciting stories that keep you on the edge of your seat? In order for the ratings to be good. All soaps have their slow moments from time to time. GH will bounce back.

Susan, that’s just it–we want GH to slow down in order to introduced characters, their development, conflict, rising acting, etc…..
We don’t want disjointed weird stories where most of the action happens off screen only to be later told about it.
We want good solid character driven stories.

No doubt GH was down! Yesterday was probably the worst written and acted episode of any soap I have ever seen, except for ANY episode of Passions. The dialogue was asinine, the pacing was weird, who gives a shit what Rosalie’s secret is…maybe if we knew ONE thing about this airtime hog we might give two hoots!! Nikolas, who has never been violent towards women…suddenly slammimg doors and threatening them…was a just a bit disconcerting. And it amazes me that Ron C. is so clueless about business and the law. Just because someone happens to be holding ElQ paper shares in their hand, that doesnt mean they can do anything with them!!! There has to be proof of a transaction, name transfer, money exchanged. Etc. When I shop at Wal Mart, and I pick up an item off the shelf….and hold onto it…that doesnt mean its mine. Until I pay for it and have proof of purchase. Nikolas cannot just grab shares from a briefcase andhave any claim on them. Absurd, moronic writing.

Yesterday was sooooo bad, i fell asleep…Denise sounds like Sylvester Stallone in drag…im sure if Morgan beds her he can tell thats not her natural hair color…Laura looks like one of those wrongly convicted chicks from some Prision B movie who escaped and is on the run…Luke looks like he needs an overdue rest…Nina, Franco, Kiki, Jordan, TJ, Rosalee and Sabrina need to be dropped and replaced with more Qs, and Webbers, and Monica needs to be shown—lets reveal Jake as Jason…give Scott and Lucy some relatives…show Mac and Felicia more…just give us great character driven drama…..the show is overly campy…some campy stuff ok but this show over does it and the rest is disjointed sloppy mess…i only watch bits and pieces now…maybe no more than 1hour a week…down from 5 days…thats sad and bad!!!

I hear you, jimh!!!! Today I took a few minutes to get my Holly and Laura nostalgia fix, then tuned out. I knew what was coming….(thank God for spoilers!) and couldn’t bear the thought of having to break out the extra-large barf bag when the “Shagging Sappy the Babysitter, Part Deux” commenced! Do these show runners EVER have an original thought when it comes to this banal albatross???? She already conveys a certain conceit and now that she’s landed a genuine Quartermaine in her bed, she’s really going to be an insufferable twit. If this idiocy is what will monopolize the show’s considerable void after TG’s departure, I predict his will not be the only big farewell to all things Port Charles……

Why do we all come back to the same classic movies and classic novels–it’s the LOVE STORY, stupid!
Guess the writers at GH haven’t yet heard of that concept.

Could Valerie have ONE line of dialogue that does NOT include Dante!????????????? We get it. She is a psycho lunatic fixated on Dante. Bad writing is a burying this actress

You bet, Aden. I told su she likes the bad boys and the violence. I asked her to explain her reasoning. But, in her world, the ‘badder’ the person the better the show. As Harry said; it is irrational. I have given up …so, I read su’s posts and I chuckle. You see, Aden. They are inconsequential.
The consensus is ,….Everyone anticipated Laura’s return. Even I, whom I did not know as Laura, but as Genevieve from Y&R. I immediately fell in love. We also know Laura’s presence did not propel the ratings to drop.
LOL…The Valerie thing cracks me up, Aden. You described her to the letter.

Hi, Smoochie.
I can understand how su’s comments may rile you? But, she does not deserve to be referred to as ‘IT’. She is definitely a human being….and, a girl. Her style of writing gives her gender away.
If you may have noticed, the rest of our fellow-posters ‘reprimand’ ( for lack of a better word) Su, but never, ever call her names or refer to her as an object. You have no right.
Furthermore, Su is a person with feelings. I have no idea who she is, but I do not like to see or hear anyone be vilified or abased in such a manner. Perhaps you should read some of her heartfelt posts on other sites. She is of flesh and blood. You could have communicated your thoughts without calling her illiterate…..and, whatever else.
I do not agree with some of the stuff Su writes, but , I respect her enough, as a person, not to make her feel less than.
Furthermore, her name has four zeros.
What hits me the most, as a bucket of ice-water in the face, is that you are doing exactly the same thing you are accusing her of doing. Is the shoe on the other foot?
Now, if you feel you must do the same to me, have at it. Tell me how illiterate I am. I could care less.
I am surprised your insults actually got by the moderators.

General HOSPITAL I like the show to incorporate more classic adventure story lines. Danger and peril elevate the romantic stakes. FLESH OUT SOME characters by having them hang out with various folks and not just in pairs. Cut the humor a bit

Gh is boring. That’s why it keeps hitting lows.

FV & RC and team are trying to please the ol’timers and the newer, both..
I have read and googled to check-
GH in Dec of 2012 had a canceling number of 2.1 million viewers..
Now- GH has brought in million new viewers to up the numbers to 3 million, up and down.

What has, is happening..
The luved Cassadines are gone, killed off..
(now trying to fix the mistake by making Nik a true Cassidine) love it!!
Anna is out for 3 months
Ned and Olivia left
Duke and Shawn gone
Dr. O is busy with 2 other series
Britt is gone
And the newbie Valerie is gawdawful
(but still GH is awesome I love it)

Now they will be developing Sloane, I like him, Nik in his Cassidine pants, Luke and Dillion.. There are many new stories on the way !!! 🙂
It will take awhile to write new stories, new beginnings in some ways.

Recently numbers have dropped because the new viewers since Laura left GH
(Francis abruptly left General Hospital in 2002 due to contract issues) to date over a new million do not know of Luke and Laura and that makes the story empty, meaningless to them, so why watch…

Dear lord! nail your butts to the bench, I don’t want you all to fall off and hurt yourself after I tell you this!
I have FFed.. yes I have for the first time ever! Me! I FF through Laura stuff..
Do not take my confession lightly! It is monumental.
(,, still- I LOVE GH, always!)

RC has been playing Luke’s exist to old ol’timers.. ”’so far”’ that may change..
I’d imagine the new million, perhaps million plus counting in new viewers after 2000 have little interest in this bringing back Laura stuff..
Laura has bored the bejeezus outta me..

If Luke’s exist had been with the cast we have watched after Luke and Laura, I feel there would have been interest and much higher numbers..
I do believe Tony’s exit story will revert back to present cast and present day with Tracy..
Soon, this story will pick up once they lock Laura in the cellar ..

Someone ought to lock you in a cellar.
Honestly, the disdain you have for Laura is just odd and blaming her return for the bad ratings is illogical.
As much as I love Luke, the Fluke debacle turned many long time fans off due to the disjointed, non sensical writing. Honestly, it seemed like damage control was going on the entire time. Yes, it gave me something I had never experienced before–Luke Burnout.
Get it through your head–the ratings have not dropped because of Laura’s return–they were down already. They stayed down despite her return while people like me tuned in just to watch her return which was so badly written.
Just because you repeat the same erroneous belief over and over does not make it true.

Dear Harry..
”disdain” is a strong word..
I do not like Laura she is nothing to me.. Not everyone likes a newbie, it takes time but still so far gotta give a thumbs down.
So far she has done nothing but bore me.
I don’t see her as being good..
I do not like her, but ”disdain” nawwww..

Thing is; if Laura was such a big deal, as many are making her to be, people would be tuning in no matter what just to see her again. Fans have watched through many a bad story and not tuned out..
Seems Laura is not a big draw as thought she would be.
(the ratings have not gone up with her return)

I’m sure the best is yet to come… RC will make it good, I just have to wait for it it will come..
I like the writing and do not see it as being ”disjointed” ..
I also see some really good upcoming stories ..

The Fluke story was good and bad.. It became very good when Fluke turned back to Luke.. After Fluke, the Luke story, his journey back was awesome..
(Fluke and then later Luke)

GH is the best soap 🙂 It will rise again 🙂

But, Su. When you FF Laura, you also FF Luke, whom you love so much. Could it be???? You would sacrifice skipping over your beloved just to not see Laura? Makes no sense, LOL.
And, how do you know that after the year 2000, people’s interest in Laura is non-existent?
C’mon, Su. How old are you? I’m 29. Are you younger than I or older? I like Laura. You can’t make such a blatant generalization that younger viewers to not watch because of Laura, ergo the ratings went down!
I am tired of Luke. Just as k/kay said, some of us have Luke fatigue. But, I can’t say everyone wants Luke gone. That is an arrogant assumption. You cannot speak for everyone, my friend. Give Genie some credit. Many fans of days-gone-by have stated that Luke became LUKE because of Laura. Without her, the Luke ‘flavor/phenomenon’ would not have caught on. And, please, do not tell me Luke would have evolved into what he is today with any other actress. Not all actors/actresses mesh. These two, as a couple, undeniably had the IT factor, otherwise the characters could not have lasted for so long. The same could be said for Victor and Nikki Newman..
Luke and Laura gave the fans what they wanted…romance and intrigue. Luke could not have projected that without Laura.
Am I making any sense to you, Su? There must be an intrinsic reason why you feel this unfounded antipathy you have towards Laura and Sharon.
I understand it is your opinion and you have a right to give it. But, usually an explanation follows. Yes?
I still like you…albeit your off-the-wall remarks regarding Laura. Later.


It seems when someone answers one of your posts with facts, actual information, you simply ignore it and continue with your talking points. As I pointed out to you in an earlier post, the ratings did rise the initial week that Laura was on, wk of 6/8, from the previous week of 6/1. Up 140,000 viewers and 15,000 in the demo.

As a matter of fact the Friday episode that week, 6/12, (where Laura had scenes with Nik), had 2,831,000 viewers, a high number for Fridays on GH by about 300,000 viewers than the week before and over 400,000 viewers more than two weeks before when Franco was flicking his finger nails on Nathan and Maxie’s bed.

Then on Monday, 6/15, the week of the current ratings report, 2,994,000 viewers, basically 3,000,000, returned to see Laura. And then what happened? We all saw the ridiculously bad story they had stuck her with, more nonsense on the Haunted Star and making it about Tracy’s pain and people tuned out.

I’m not really explaining this to you Su0000, because like I said, you have your points and you stick to them. I’m posting here, because Michael Fairman’s site is well respected and heavily read, and the comments section should contain the correct information from viewers.

Do you hear AJQ, SUoo? In other words, you’re WRONG!! WRONG as socks worn with sandals, WRONG as Bermuda shorts worn on a SF cable car with their foggy summers and as WRONG as jeggings worn to the opera. You are WRONG!
You do not get to pass GO and you do not get to collect 200 dollars!
What is that you’re saying SU000? I can’t hear you through the heavy cellar door.
I’ll go get help. I promise!
In the meantime, hear my words ricochet in your mind–you are WRONG!

This is a vent. I started watching General Hospital in the mid 60’s, with my Grandmother and Mother. I don’t understand how this SU000 (not a wonder 3 zeros says it all) who has proclaimed him/herself the ultimate and only connoisseur of soap operadom and anything else under the sun I am guessing, is not banned from this or any other forum. Whoever this is, is a condescending, illiterate who obviously knows very little of GH beyond her/his own little narcissistic world. Although posters are entitled to their opinions, it is inappropriate to put people down because they are “old timers”. It’s obvious this SuOOO has no interest in General Hospital. It just likes to rile people up and tries to sound intelligent but doesn’t achieve the latter.
I am so glad we have “old timers’- You know we who have kept GH on the map all this time. Yes and we are the one’s who keep track of the show from it’s inception and have the right to complain when history and characters integrities have been revised and eradicated or demolished beyond recognition. We were and are around to keep the show going through thick and thin. So this Su OOO person,who purports to love G.H. just loves to hear itself dribble on and thinks no one else but it, understands what soaps are about. It’s famous caption is “gets it” Talk about fast-forwarding, I fast scroll in this forum anytime I see Su000’s mostly condescending, smirking comments coming from the least intelligent person who writes on this board. It’s the main reason I hardly comment anymore. And it amazes me how many people cow tow to it/her/him. I apologize to all poster if this comes off as flaming, but I just had to vent. There are many intelligent posters on this board whose opinions have weight and are written so well that it’s hard to keep away. It’s too bad there’s always a rotten apple.

AJQ.. and dear Harry..
I said absolutely nothing about the rating numbers, what they were or weren’t for you rant on me about your numbers, I posted none/nothing about the last weeks numbers.
Check my post, it is empty of statistics, no numbers from me about Laura’s return …
I said, in essence, she did not bring in what was expected in so many words, I don’t care about this or that week numbers are down since her return.
And AJQ was posting her numbers at me lol
Fact is, the numbers went down since her return beit after the first week or the second week, whenever they went down .. Said without numbers. lol

I so far I do not like Laura,, I have not posted a 5 page rant, as some do eh, I simply said I do not like her and lock her in the cellar lol
I do not have disdain for Laura nor hate her, she irritates and bores me the same as many characters irritates Harry, he just post his character hate list and I like them all, but I let it roll,, Harry’s taste in characters are WRONG <-lol opposite of mine yet I never jumped on his back over it, as much as Harry would love that lol ..
hey Harry, lock me in the cellar LOL 🙂

Dislikes have been said about other characters, many times by many, and it goes unnoticed, but not when said about Laura..
She is a newbie to me. I don't have to like her heh
(but- as times goes go I may change my mind)

I enjoy posting with you AJQ and Harry and with all. but never take it to personal banter.
carry on. have fun 🙂

Long Live GH !!!!

Su…the bottom line is whether you like Laura or not, it would be more offensive and disappointing to viewers who watched Luke and Laura to not incorporate her into his final hurrah. So far, the story sucks. Boring as shite…but NOT because of Laura. If the story was engaging you might get caught up in it. Fans of Luke and Laura…those who want to see them together one last time, also want a compelling story.

There are certain actors I love…I may go to see a film they’re in and wlind up hating it. But that’s because if the story…not the actor or long-standing character,

I think another bone of contention is you keep setting up an “us” vs “them” conflict. The younger fan vs the older fan, the newbie vs the ” ol timer.” If a story is good none of that matters. A boom can be written with a certain demographic in mind but crosses over…a song can be written, a younger actor can appeal to an older fan base….an older character to a younger one.

You judged Laura before her return repeating over and over you never watched then so it’s not a big deal to you. That’s fine. But realize the Luke Spencer that you’ve enjoyed has a really exciting, rich past. Laura was a part of that. Sometimes it’s interesting to get a glimpse of history…to see where those you love came from, and where they’ve been….

Rebecca, where have you been?
We’ve missed you. Even those with whom you have disagreed quite often have missed you.
I hope all is well with you.
And of course you know this ONE time I agree with you on this point.
Take care.

LOL, Harry! You and I have agreed on many points! Curious that you don’t remember that…agism, our love for but disappointment in Alexis (minus your and others Alexis/cleavage obsession), our love of AJ and our disgust that they killed him off…same with Duke…the list goes on…

Where have I been. Very busy with “real” life. The free time I had was used binge watching True Blood. Literally, every waking at-home moment I was glued. Loved it! Was way behind in GH.

LOL. I doubt those (two) I have disagreed with missed me. Nor would I miss them. Unless I felt like having a round of animosity. Not so much…

I’m still judging Laura.. I may end up liking her..
you said; ”“us” vs “them” conflict. ”
you saying that^^ puts you in the ”them” in conflict with the ”us” .. 😉 What the?? lol
What I said is not a one versus the other, it is a fact that newer viewers do not know Laura. No conflict there..It’s nothing personal to not know and not care for a character..
I listen to all who love Laura to pieces and let them carry on with their love for her and I let roll.
I have fun seeing Harry all giggly over Laura.. It’s cool the vets are enjoying her.

What’s this -> ”’ newbie vs the ol timer.””’ –‘what??’ lol
the vets are very defensive when it comes to Laura- I’ve no problem with that.

someday Laura might grow on me and I’ll like her but not today 🙂
Enjoy Laura and have a good time watching..
GH is awesome, It’s fun, it is soapy entertainment, GH is good stuff ..

Rebecca1…Just this weekend I picked up a video with one of my favorite actors…Colin Firth of Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones Diary fame, to name a few. I didn’t like the video because of the story.

And talking about the “us and them” you mentioned regarding younger and older fans/actors/characters. Sometimes the comments do have a tone to them that don’t show respect for either age group.

As a big baseball fan, I know it doesn’t have to be that way. The game and history are a living mix of ages from rookies, established players, vets who may be managers and coaches, to those in the Baseball Hall Of Fame…names, stats or antidotes of whom can be heard on any pre /post game show. And the fan’s reflect all kinds of demos. Opinions “yes”…just listen to some call-in shows after a game. And sometimes callers aren’t as nice as those who comment on MF. But I don’t recall how old a fan or player is as part of the conversation.

It happens a lot, Rose. Human nature…I remember a few incidents when I was in my 20s…there were two women I worked with and when I found out they were 40 the pay may as well have been 80. Lol…over and over again I exclaimed, “I can’t believe it!” I also remember these two women who used to go to the same club as I did…(always loved dancing…one of my favorite things) and they, too, were somewhere in their 40s. Once again I was SHOCKED…hahaha…that people in their 40s got, lol, “down wid da sound” and looked so hot doing it! My 20-something mind couldn’t fathom that these “older” people were so “young!”

Hit send by accident…my point is I think people are so hung up on age…you hear it all the time even when an older musician goes on tour, an decades famous rock band, an older actor, athlete on Dancing With The Stars…it’s like we think people just cease singing, dancing, playing sports, having sex, flirt, basically having any signs of life! lol…

Philosophically, I wonder if we’d think differently if one day we all stopped aging physically at a certain youthful point…so a 70 year old wouldn’t look a day over 20-something. Dorian Gray in the flesh. Then we wouldn’t have to hear that so and so’s boobs are too old to be shown, Alexis shouldn’t be wanting Julian so much because she should be home knitting, Luke and Laura are no longer plausible because he has more lines in his face…the beautful Duke looks too old for Anna…even though they’re the same age…and the ” ol’ timers” would simply be referred to as fans who have been watching for a longer time…

There are several posters who allude to age, physical appearance and what one should or shouldn’t be wearing, showing, doing at a particular age. I personally think there are no rules, other than man-made…who’s to say what ANYONE should be wearing, doing, feeling because it doesn’t fit in with someone else’s sense of propriety.

So, yes, there’s a lot of judgement here. I find it laughable, pitiful and REALLY annoying!

Rebecca, my point was that while you and I have disagreed many times before for some odd reason, I never wanted to lock you in a cellar. I guess I like you.
The same holds true for Cee Cee, Shay, Timm, Jim, Nancy, Waltzing Matlida, and so many others.
Su cracks me up and somehow triggers something good in me. I can never ascertain whether she is being serious or not. Yes, she pushes my buttons.
That said, I feel kind of done with GH. I am back to the repeat bitch cycle and don’t want to keep repeating myself.

Oh, Harry. You can’t be done…the time will come when the genre will be completely relegated to the TV museum and we’ll all sit around in some oval auditorium watching a documentary about the soap era. We’ll sit and watch, tissues in hand, and collectively cry. Until…the Q&A part of the exhibit. We will all then fight vehemently about Sabrina’s intentions, Alexis’s cleavage, Sam’s wardrobe, Sonny’s existence…who’s too old to still rock his / her world…and whether Fluke was the Chernobyl of daytime. Then, we will rise from our seats and start throttling each other. If you quit now, you may miss that event. Do you really want to take that chance? No. I didn’t think so. Hahahahah…hmmm…..






Any time Roger Howarth is in a scene with Michelle Stafford, I’m hooked. Love Dr. O and Madeline too. Roger Howarth with anybody actually. Hilarious Queens accent with “Denise”. Throw away camp is contagious. Like Michael Sabrina Rosalie Nikolas. New LuLu not so much.

Old has-been characters a turn off. Geezer story lines and sex. Yuk. Bye Luke. Laura. Felicia. Mac. Anna. Duke. Lucy the most annoying. Good riddance!!!

More Nina & Franco!

GH has made some mistakes. Luke’s exit story is a mess. New Kiki is a very bad recast. West as Denise instead of Ava does not work. Sonny and Carly reunite for the 100th time,please give me a break. Lulu is annoying. Elizabeth keeping Jake from his family destroys a beloved character. But there are some things that do work. Howarth and Stafford together are pure gold. Nathan and Maxie are a perfect match. Anything Lissel is fun.

Ok, friends and neighbors, there is something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for almost 40 years now, so listen up. Here goes.

Why is it that soap fans have historically been derided and sneered at and stereotyped as little old ladies, out in the country in their aprons (with used stoves and washing machines on their porches and cars up on concrete blocks parked in their yards)) sub-literate, sitting in front of their TVs, shelling peas (?–ok, ok, nothing like a little hyperbole to get people’s attention, right?), unable to distinguish the actors from the role they play while rabid fans of programs today are considered “cool” if they “binge watch” their favorite shows?

What the hey? Come on; come on. Give it to me now! I REALLY WANT TO KNOW.

What is the disconnect? Why that discrimination?

There. I feel better already.

And, yes, Tony Geary, I’m looking at YOU! You, who always sneered at the fans, put them all in one category, ignored them, and generally stomped on them verbally whenever given a chance. And you’re not the only one. Many so-called “soap” actors act like they are ashamed to be on soaps. Where does that leave the fan? And where has it left them all these years? To a person, all the actors say how very hard the work is on soaps; yet they don’t even give themselves credit. How are the fans supposed to take that? Yet, we remain loyal to the characters and to a GOOD story because good drama is good drama. Wake up, you actors!

The 1st gen of soap watchers are grandmas and great grandmas..
The second gen of soap fans were their grandchildren.
The 3rd gen were their children, so to say..

The soaps have been noted for;
Grandma’s stories .. (grandma is watching her stories) it stuck..

And a good percent of soap fans are older, ask the sponsors lol

Ask anyone under the age of 30 about soaps and they will tell you- soaps are for old people my grandma watches that stuff..

And fans expect way way way too much from the writers, actors and stories.
Most want their soap their way to their wants and needs, that ain’t never gonna happen. Soaps are written for the general public.

I see the actors having much pride in their work..
The actors consider their soap a part of their family..
When an actor lasts for 30, 40 or more years it is ridiculous to say;
” they are ashamed to be on soaps”
They can walk out anytime.. guess they have no shame 🙂

I have never heard, as you said, that Tony
”’always sneered at the fans, put them all in one category, ignored them, and generally stomped on them verbally whenever given a chance. ”
I have heard Tony is quite the gentleman..

Applauding loudly for Nancy while blithely ignoring SU00.

Entirely possible to stick around 30, 40 or more years on soaps and still be ashamed of them. They’re a steady paycheck, after all, in a profession (acting) that doesn’t offer very many of those.

Tony Geary’s been pretty disdainful of both the soaps and soap fans in his public commentary; if you’ve never heard that, you have now. He may indeed be “quite the gentleman” in his interpersonal dealings face to face; I don’t know. But his public commentary on his soap role and soap fans definitely justify what Nancy said about him.

As far as fans expecting “too much” from writers, actors, stories: here’s where your age does you a disservice, su0000. Most of what people are asking for used to be pretty routine, and had you been around for the soaps back in the day, you might be aware of that. If we’re not getting it now, it’s because the writers and producers (and networks; I actually fault the networks more than anybody else, because they’re the ones ultimately determining what we see on the air) are choosing not to give it to us. And I think we have a right to point that out. Very little of what I see people asking for involves something I haven’t seen done; occasionally, yes, I do see people getting ridiculous in what they expect, but only occasionally—the majority of complaints seem pretty justified. What we see on the air today is exactly what one would expect from executives who don’t respect the soap genre: if you don’t think soaps can be good in the first place, you tend to think anything you want to throw up there on the screen is perfectly acceptable. Back when soaps were written and produced by people who believed in them—and the network executives respected those people and let them do their jobs—they included most of the elements that people complain are lacking today, and that you find so unrealistic.

Nancy…I never thought about the soap watcher as you described, but more the suburban and city mom who wanted to break up her day with what can be boring after a while…housework, cooking, cleaning, and kids…with a little fantasy, romance, glamor, villains and villiainesses, and adventure. And without getting into a discussion, these mom’s roles can have really changed, but sometimes not the reasons for a Soap escape.

I know this is a broad-brush impression of women from when P&G soaps ruled. At the same time the general impression of guys was only being interested in watching sports, and images of them on the couch. But just look at the many kinds of commentors on MF…a much bigger universe. That’s one of the big reasons I like this page.

A little off topic, but in the same ballpark… there’s the other great TV advancement for fantasy entertainment that requires no writing skills…the “WivesOf/ Housewives Of” reality-type shows that stereotype the less than admirable traits of both sexes. And now even ‘Wives Of Astronauts!’ I aspired to be the first girl on the moon growing up, have great respect for the space program, and now this!!! No shame!

At least the soaps have women as doctors, lawyers, heads of companies, albeit still victim to some of their worst instincts, and bad boy libidos. And writers who we maybe criticize more often than praise, even though in some cases they need reminders about the craft of good storytelling.

And since this is a Ratings column, these kinds of reality shows seem to be doing okay ratings-wise. So someone’s watching. To use your word…Sad!

I agree, Rose.
I have never thought of, or heard of the soap-watcher stereotype
Nancy described. I remember my mom, much like the picture you
painted, of a busy suburban stay-at-home mom with a lot on her plate. When
she sat to relax and watch Guiding Light and As the World Turns,
it was her time, and no one dared to interrupt her, lol.

I agree with Nancy. Whenever I mention I watch a soap I say it with a ready- made quip to defend myself…and was surprised and amused to find out several magazine editors I’ve worked with also watched! I just think soaps were originally written for the stay-at-home housewife…who probably wasn’t as respected as she is today. It was for the “little woman” who was probably thought to have little education, no goals. And a lot of time to gobble up romance, adventure, etc. I think from there the stereotype spread out to less than physically attractive, etc.

Then, people started watching in colleges. It advanced and broadened the image of the viewer to incorporate female AND male students…so to some extent the higher degreed viewer took hold. Still, I think there is a misconception, even among the soap fan his/her self…that the audience isn’t the same that would be watching PBS. I admittedly was surprised to find such a high caliber of discussion here. I was! So I’m guilty, too, of preconceived notions of the soap fan.

With the deluge of imbecilic reality shows, no one can any longer look down at soap fans. We are waaaay higher on the food chain!

Most College students, if not all, (both sexes) watch soaps. So, that is a distorted point of view some people have.
Furthermore, I have been watching ever since I can remember. Did not understand stand most of the dialogue, but I had my favorites. My son is only six. He loves Maxie…don’t ask me why,he just does. LOL.

Wow!!!! I must be having a nightmare. I’m not following you, Nancy?? At whom are you directing your anger? The fans, the actors, the PTB or at everyone? What is your point? I missed it.

I thought my hyperbole OVERSTATED my point, but let me put it plainly for you: soap fans have been historically disparaged.

I’m not gonna bash GH, but I’ve said the same the repeatedly for a few yrs now as an 18-49yo female: Less mob & violence & more romance. They have taken a break from mob (thank you heavens). But they are so seriously lacking in romance. How hard can it be? Just 1 or 2 couples? I prefer GH to Bold and Beautiful, but take today for example:

You have Franco randomly kissing Denise-ooh, aah, who cares? Lipstick on his face. Nina’s jealous. Whatever. Oh but, what, it’s Denise, who I don’t know because she’s not Ava thus I have no feelings for her, but she has also already made out w/Morgan w/0 buildup. Nevermind he gave green light for Sonny to kill her (as Ava). (I’d rather see Morgan/Kiki-they are hot). But we are stuck w/a twin we don’t know but she will get all of the love scenes this summer it seems. Go over to B&B, & though I don’t care for or have a history for the couples, the love scenes & romance is off the charts. Maya, who is transgender, and Rick, both jerks, had long, sensuous love scenes today. Beautiful! Same w/Ridge & Caroline. She helped him learn to sketch & draw again, by running his hand over hers (hot) & now that she’s been hit by a car, real life story, he’s helping her walk again. He’s lifting her up. Carrying her. Loving her. Beautiful scenes. Clearly we are gonna get a full summer of romance from B&B w/Steffy, Liam, Wyatt, Ivy, etc, and all we get is a few hookups at GH. Even Jake & Liz, who I don’t support, have very short & very edited love scenes. If you can’t write great love scenes for charismatic Billy Miller, former Y&R playboy lover, who can you? If nobody on your writing team knows how to write romance, hire someone.
That’s my 2 cents.

Really, Laurie. In what world does one see such a pathetic display of exchanging fluids? What was that? What is wrong with these writers? Why are the characters acting like puppets? I could not watch them act like High Schoolers in the throes of first love, any longer. I went for a swim instead.

June and July are usually the slowest months for soaps– June because we are coming off the high that was May sweeps, so next to them, most stories seem dull. July is the lull, and by August stories begin reving up again September which is the beginning of new television season. Soap watching is a bit like investing in the stock market, you have to willingly to wait out the dips in order to capitalize (enjoy) the highs.

My main issue with soaps today is the lack of balance between plot and character. There has to be some action to make it entertaining, but without engaging real characters, the story loses heart.

I want to participate in the story by relating to the characters, seeing myself in them, or just placing myself in their shoes. I don’t care if the story is bit out there as long as I can do that, but I can’t with the type of storytelling three of soaps engage in. I am merely a spectator for GH, Y&R and Days– it is entertaining at times, yes, but my heart isn’t engaged.

B&B engages the heart a lot more, but unfortunately the storytelling pace is so slow that I cannot watch it every day. How many times in a week do I need to hear the same dialogue about the same subject before it drives me up the wall?

The great soap writers of the past balanced plot and character- they understood how to pace the show properly and most of all we cared because we could tell they cared– I don’t think too many in charge of soaps today really care for them as much as the ones that created them and nurture them into existence. It is testimony to the foundation they lay that all four remaining soaps are still with us.

I used to love GH, when story telling was heartfelt, and true to the history of the show. This regime is famous for “bringing back fan favorites,” but have no clue how to use or write for them! It’s almost like they only bring these people back as a publicity stunt than to actually write for them.

The characters that they do write for are written so poorly, and are only driven by the plot. There’s no emotion to the story like there was in the 90’s. Sometimes I do feel like I’m watching a cartoon with all of the camp, and no substantial story. Nina, Franco, Madeline, Ric, Dr. Obrecht, Ava (all once semi-relatable and interesting characters) have been morphed into un-realistic and cringe-worthy characters.

Characters such as AJ and Duke being ruthlessly ripped away from fans after TBTB went through so much to bring the latter two back from the dead in wild, but welcomed plots.

Where are the true-to-life stories that Claire Labine so fabulously wrote? Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS, and Realistic family issues. We now have lunatics running around town blackmailing others, and fan favorites such as Nikolas and Elizabeth doing things so untrue to their nature.

Every story on this show seems to be a complete mess, and never seems to be tied up at all. Stories take pauses for days, weeks and sometimes months on end in order to compensate for the other members of this very bloated contract cast. Stories are Unrealistic, impractical, illogical, senseless and totally foolish/ cartoonish.

This historic and powerful soap deserves so much more– and so much better. In a perfect world, this horrible Jake/Jason story would end (and we would get an ACTUAL emotional fallout), this ridiculously told Ava/Denise story would be finished with, and the all important vets such as Monica, Lucy, Scott, Bobbie, Felicia, and Mac would actually be written for (and not just for guest stints or rare and unbelievable once-every-two-month appearances.)

Rant over.

Hi T,
you said;
” Stories are Unrealistic, impractical, illogical, senseless and totally foolish/ cartoonish.”

That ^^^ is what soaps are and have always been..
You left out the tear-jerking and the dying of diseases, betrayals, deceit, sad deaths, and badly portrayed sex.

Soaps are truly not realistic and are not meant to be..

As for the racial profiling story, RC tried but it is up to ABC and the Sponsors if they want to have a racial story, and the Sponsors do not want racial anything, it is a powder keg and not good for selling products..
We will never have racial profiling story.. watch the news and that will clearly tell you why. It is the Sponsors/ABC not FV & RC on that one..

I’m not buying your characterization of soaps nor your opinion that sponsors wouldn’t support those kinds of stories.

Soaps may have “always been” unrealistic, impractical, illogical, senseless and totally foolish/cartoonish while you’ve been watching them, su0000, but they have not always been that way.

What was is no longer..
I believe that goes for all the soaps..
Times changed, formats changed, time and the media has changed..
The soaps will never be what they were.
It was a different era/a different time with different storytellers.
A different era ..
This is now, 21st century soaps, not only GH..

I am happy I am not a long time vet and I can watch and enjoy GH without comparing it to days of yore..

There is not soap sponsors that would allow a racial profiling story, a racial anything story..
It would/could be too controversial for selling their products..
Sponsors would never lean one way or the other ..
When it come to;
… religion, politics, racial.. to talk of them their will be a fight..
tabu to sponsors especially on daytime tv..

@nancy dillingham.
Sorry, Nancy. But, Su has done her homework here. Advertisers and executives both have a say in what can or cannot be aired. (AAC…Advertisers Accountability Campaign) . Not all programming, mind you. But there is an effort to sanctionIng said programs.
I beg you please, not to talk down to Su. I am sorry, Nancy. But, you are in the habit of doing that. To me and to Su because you feel you can. You remind me of someone else on these threads.
I respectfully ask you to stop. I bite!

Wow ! all I can truly offer… is how much I appreciate fan rejoice

GH is faltering
Y&R is “gone”
Days : the engine that could… valiantly persevere
B&B : does that 1/2 hour show have that much more pull when less writing is needed?

I need these show

Oh, Patrick…dear, dear Patrick. You always manage to put me at ease. You are the calm voice of reason, my friend.

unfortunately, I’m one of those viewers who has dropped off lately, my reasons are the same as many others have stated:

1.) PACING – the stories move way too quick. The whole TJ racial profiling “story” lasted a week, where I would have been interested in watching it play out for 3-4 months with a big trial. (Most trials on GH these days are 2-3 episodes at most.) Additional examples of stories with unspent potential: Felicia running for mayor, the courtship of Brad and Lucas, Sonny in prison, Lucy and Kevin breaking up, etc. Conversely, they have extended the Luke exit story for too long, as well as the Jason/Jake reveal.
2.) TOO MANY NEW CHARACTERS – I know its easier for the writers to focus on their own creations – they don’t have to hear old-time viewers complain about how they are destroying their favorites – but the new characters should be connected to existing families that we care about. For the life of me, I don’t know why we have yet to see Christina or Serene Baldwin. Kristen Alderson could have been a recast of one of them and I would have been more into her joining GH. In that regards, Valerie Spencer was a good idea.
3.) CORE FAMILIES – related to that, clean up the family trees. There are so many half-siblings, step families, etc, etc. that it’s all confusing. I can’t keep track of who is related to who any more. Look at the whole Nina-Silas-Avery-Liesl-Britt-Nathan-Madeline mess. They don’t “look” like a family to me, just a bunch of actors thrown together because the writers liked them and wanted to connect them together. I understand the need to bring in new families, and they can even be non-traditional, but at least make them seem like a functioning (or dysfunctional) family.
4.) TONE – Yes, more fun, adventure and romance. Less murder and darkness. It’s like, as viewers, we’re numb to any death because it has no impact. Anna murders Carlos and she’s sad for a week. As much as I loved Carlos, his death was disposable. Same thing with Duke. In the old days, a murder had impact and you felt something. Now, not so much.

I know the landscape has changed for daytime dramas, but the way the writers have been addressing these changes has been to hurt the long-term viability of these shows. I hope it’s not too late to save these shows. If you lose the long-term viewers, it may be nearly impossible to recover.

TPTB at ABC should print this out and pin it on the wall above the water cooler which stands outside the head writer’s office.
Well done, Dowtownia.

Amen, Harry! And a big shout out to you!

Downtown is…well said!

Thanks, I’ve loved GH for so long. I just hope they can improve the quality so that we can fall in love with the show again and new viewers can see why we have been so faithful to this show for all these years!

We viewers are caught between a rock and a hard place. If we stop watching and ratings go down we lose the show; if we continue to watch less than engaging stories we encourage the writers to go in the same wrong direction. Instead of talking amongst themselves at creative meetings, they really need to have a pulse on viewer opinion…newer viewers as well as long-time fans. Sounds simple. Apparently not simple enough.

Ron and Frank made General Hospital a disaster by propping and giving newbies storyline after storyline and more airtime to Sabrina, Nina etc while the vets we care about being ruined. We need new writers who respect the history of Gh

Sabrina gave Patrick a great story (and brought other upfront..
All the newbies give the vets new stories..
When a connected newbie arrives it will give the vets stories/ bring them upfront.
Newbies keep things rolling, new characters new stories for vets..

RC has always respected history, even his callouts to past soaps and charters are cool..
RC started to watch GH with g’ma and he never stopped watching even through college- since a child he has been a GH fan like all the ol’times he also is..
(thing is now he writes, how cool)

Sabrina and Patrick was the worst pairing of the GH. I don’t like none of RC pairing, too many newbies we could care less about, no character driven stories, just a plot point mess and that why the rating are low.

I don’t think RC understands women very well nor how to write for or about them. It’s kind of sad really.

I love B & B but with Radar’s stories on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner every day I’m tired of the transgender story line right now. Transgender has been around for century’s now all of a sudden Hollywood has talk about it every day , on the news, newspapers, cover of magazines and now on our soaps. Please can we get on with a story?

If Jenner were not related to the Kardashians, Nikki, there would not be so much transgender TV/ hoopla.
It seems that’s the daily fare. I do not understand how something so poignant , personal and painful could be aired so mindlessly. It’s all for money. Pathetic. There are people out there that are suffering, trapped in a body that is not theirs. It cannot be as easy as one, two, three. My heart goes out to them.
I am amazed at the publicity. Everyone is cashing in at the expense of those who are still hiding in the dark.
Furthermore, I will never believe that Jenner/and others are doing it for altruistic reasons.
That is not to say, I do not wish him well. I hope Jenner can finally fill the void he has been lugging all his lie, and find happiness.

I am happy for Caitlyn, but sad for her for not feeling herself
for 65 years.
Having said that, it sure did not take long to get a reality series
in the works! I think “I am Cait” begins next month.
Isnt there enough Kardashian/Jenner stuff on TV already?
So right, CeeCee, even this is about money.

So many did backflips for Ron and Frank, and they can be credited with reviving the show TEMPORARILY…but now they also need to be credited with 8-9 weeks of lows in the all important demo.

Time for a change.

RC and FV are seasoned soap writers..
Soap writers are an endangered species..
There are no writers busting down the door to write for a soap..
It is very demanding as are the fans..
Even if a soap writer were ”checking it out” and read how fans berate and belittle the writers they would run to the exit..
There are no new experienced, writers..
If by chance a newbie writer come in as head writer, ohh whoa wouldn’t that be a party….

They had to blow the dust off Pratt to get a writer for Y&R and they are fortunate that Pratt came back, or what would they have done/gotten, who would want to come back to write again.. Just because someone wants a writer back does mean the writer would want to go through it all again..

I like GH, the stories, I like FV and RC hope they are with GH to the end .. 🙂

su0000 sure told you.

You’re saying GH should let the writer go, but what if he were to show up at Y&R? Would you like that? Maybe Splat Pratt can use some help or lose his job.

DAYS recently fired a pair of writers. Maybe they’ll show up at GH or Y&R!

IMO…. Since I have been a long time Y&R viewer and a recent GH viewer, I absolutely love Nina and Ava/Denise. Possibly, because they may remind me of the time when Y&R was interesting to watch? I love Nina and Franco together! I like Morgan and Kiki together – hate Morgan with Denise.
I love the new Dillon. He definitely reminds me of a Q. He is very cute the way he stands up for his mom. I really enjoy his interactions with Tracy. I like the way he stood up to Luke and told him off.
If you want to talk about ridiculous and disjointed stories – Y&R is front and center. Ashley has brain surgery and is back to work the next day looking perfect. I don’t see what the purpose of that storyline was? That was bizarre to say the least!
I agree with SU ….GH rocks!

hi Abruzzfan..
I am a big Franco and Nina fan too.
They are not the typical soap couple they are out of the box and unique !!
When Franco and Nina are on my screen, I am captivated by the misfits!

Billy Miller/ Jake is awesome and new Dillan is a perfect fit. He and Tracy click.
Ava is greatness, always has my full attention..
GH is the best soap, #1 indeed !!!! I love the variety and humor relief with the drama..

I am in that same place, Abruzzfan. ….long-time Y&R watcher; fairly new to GH.
I especially love Nina, regardless of all the flaws the writers are inflicting upon her. It is not Michelle’s fault. I would love for the rein holders to showcase her talent… give her a mature, heartfelt storyline and take revenge on MadMaddie and Rick. I am not a bloodthirsty fan, but, Michelle/Nina deserves a role that is dignified….after all her work on Y&R. The writers need to wake Nina up and give her some ammunition….some sense to fight these two leaches who are intentionally usurping her finances and abusing her weakness. Michelle Stafford has arrived at a place in her life where she deserves so much more than crumbs. I know my bestie, Shay and Harry, will naysay this, but, that’s ok….LOL.
Yeah, don’t remind me of the Ashley/brain episode. That would not happen anywhere. Not in this world would one walk out of a hospital the next morning after brain surgery. These writers take us for granted and assume we think with half a brain…better ye, that we are completely brainless. Later.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives New Gabi, Cherie Jimenez, Debut Date Revealed; Shares She First Auditioned for Role 15 Years Ago

In a not-then-but-now real-life story, Days of our Lives incoming Gabi Hernandez, actress Cherie Jimenez took to Instagram on Friday after it was revealed by Deadline, that her first airdate as the recast Gabi is next week on June 27th!

Jimenez has replaced longtime DAYS star, Camila Banus in the role. Previously, Banus made the decision to step away from the part after taking on the role in 2010. Camila was with the series on and off through 2023. To facilitate her exit, Gabi was sent to prison for the murder of Li Shin, only she didn’t commit the crime.

Cherie shared her emotions on finally being able to talk about being the new Gabi Hernandez DiMera. She expressed, “WOW ✨🎬 My heart is filled with immense gratitude over the opportunity of a lifetime. I am GABI HERNANDEZ DIMERA on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES ⏳❤️‍🔥 It has been an absolute dream working on DAYS.”

Photo: JPI

As for her time so far at DAYS, Jimenez added,”These past 7 months I have worked harder than I ever have and now I get to share it with the world. Everyday I walk onto set I am in awe that I’ve been given the opportunity to live my dream. I get to work with the most phenomenal & hardworking cast and crew I’ve ever had the honor to work alongside.”

Photo: JPI

Jimenez, thanked among others the series producer, director and writers for trusting in her including: Janet Drucker, Noel Maxam, Ron Carlivati and Ken Corday, and her agents for helping her along the way in her show business journey.

She concluded with the most ironic twist of all, Cherie recalled, “At 22 years old an audition for the role of Gabi on Days of our Lives came into my life. It was not meant for me then. Now 15 years later at 36 years old the universe told me I was now ready to step into this role…Thank you ✨ …I am just beginning ✨”

So, are you looking forward to the debut of Cherie as the new Gabriella Hernandez DiMera? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker Reflects Back on the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape with Donald Trump, and Speaks to Her Exit from Days of our Lives

It’s been eight years, but somehow seems like ages ago, that Arianne Zucker was thrust into the mainstream public limelight, unfortunately not for her work as Nicole on Days of our Lives, but for the Access Hollywood taped that surfaced when former president Donald Trump  and current Republican nominee, visited the set of the (then) NBC soap opera, and met Zucker.

The tape captured a hot mic moment between Trump and then ‘Access’ host Billy Bush inside of their bus which featured lewd remarks about Zucker between the two men.

Speaking on the moment, Zucker opened about it on Rachel Uchitel’s Miss Understood podcast, where the video version of the interview is now on Uchitel’s You Tube Channel. Back in 2005, Arianne was the scene partner with Trump in his Apprentice/Days of our Lives crossover appearance, because her character of Nicole was at the time a gold-digger.

Photo: JPI

Zucker shared of her on set experience with Trump from 2005, “I had a great experience. He was lovely, and I had no idea anything behind the scenes was happening. So, it never affected me.” Next in October 2016, Arianne says she it got a call from her manager at the time when the Access Hollywood tapes came to light and that is when she first heard about the situation.

The actress and life coach reflected back, “Everybody has spoken poorly about somebody in their lifetime. I don’t care who you are, everybody has, it’s just people get caught on camera doing it. Unfortunately, that happens all the time. And if you’ve ever gone to a fraternity party, these things happen. So (when she later read the taped comments) I’m going, ‘sounds like something my fraternity guys I know would say.’ But I just didn’t see it in the way that people were seeing it.’”

Expressing why she never made an official comment when the press were asking for one, Arianne revealed, “I didn’t make a comment though, because I was in fear of losing my job. So I didn’t say anything.”  She added, “I felt attacked by the media because I knew all they wanted. I mean, the biggest thing was to get Trump off the ballot. I was like, that is not my job.”

Later, Arianne explained she felt she received no protection from the situation. “I got no apology from my place of employment. I really got no apology from NBC. I felt I had no protection. ”

Photo: JPI

DAYS fans are counting down and not happily that about six weeks from now, on July 29th, when Zucker makes her on-screen exit from Days of our Lives. After being fired for standing up to Corday Productions for on set sexual harassment and discrimination charges, the actress formally filed a lawsuit she has brought against her former employer which includes charges of wrongful termination.

Zucker said on her upcoming departure from DAYS, “I will not say how I leave the show. I do respect that we don’t want to share that. We want the fans to be excited and enticed.” However, Arianne confirmed that the character of Nicole is not ‘killed-off”.

So, what do you think of Arianne’s comments reflecting back on the Access Hollywood tapes media frenzy with Donald Trump, and her upcoming exit from DAYS? Weigh-in. But first, check out Ari on Rachel’s podcast below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Dan Feuerriegel on EJ Keeping Eric From His Child, “He’s in the Deep End … There’s No Coming Back for Him Now”

On Days of our Lives, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has been reunited with her biological son, baby Jude. Her husband, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel), is now keeping a major secret, and in order to keep it from coming out he had to get Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) out of Salem, and keep both Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) quiet and at bay.

However, as in any good soap opera, time is running out for EJ. What will happen when Nicole and Eric (Greg Vaughan) find out that EJ is not the little one’s biological father, but Eric is? And, what will happen when they realize EJ knew the truth and hid it from them?

This is just one item in a laundry list of skullduggery committed by EJ since he has been in Salem. With Arianne Zucker set to exit on-screen on July 29th, it looks like we are heading into the home stretch of the baby switch storyline.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Dan Feuerriegel to get his take on the situation and what it has been like working with Greg and Ari in the story.

Dan shared on EJ’s despicable decision to pretend he is Jude’s bio-dad, “I know I’m a terrible human being, but I love playing a terrible human being.” Feurriegel added, “Oh, he’s in the deep end. Like, there is no coming back for him now.”

The DAYS star also noted if EJ had done anything more nefarious to Sloan, his character might not ever be able to come back from that. “There’s only so much hatred EJ can get from the viewers that it probably would’ve been a bridge too far for me to just make her (Sloan) disappear,” clarified Dan.

Photo: JPI

As to his time working with Arianne Zucker as his on-screen wife, Dan had noting but praise for her. Feuerriegel expressed, “I loved working with her. She’s so good. She’s an amazing actress. She’s fantastic. Every scene that I did with her, I didn’t have to do anything because I just rode on the coattails of what she did. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Photo: JPI

Dan also had high marks for his on-screen nemesis, Greg Vaughan, “Greg is fantastic, like everybody in the storyline was amazing. Greg’s amazing … Ari’s amazing … Jessica was fantastic and that’s what made it work. I’m very grateful to have worked with every single one of them.”

Photo: JPI

On soap operas and especially on Days of our Lives, when someone exits, or ‘dies’ on-screen that doesn’t mean goodbye forever, and Dan knows this too. In regards to anyone who leaves Salem, the actor joked, “I’m not going to say the doors closed, because you never say never, especially in Hollywood or on a soap. I mean, I’ve come back and I was like two inches shorter and (with) a completely different face.”

So, how do you think Eric will find out that Jude is really his son, and that EJ has been lying to keep Nicole? Let us know in the comment section, but first Check out our conversation with Dan from the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards below.

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