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RATINGS: Y&R Continues Its Struggle In Key Demos! Hits New Lows in Women 18-49 Viewers and More!

While an argument can be made that the ratings week of June 30th through July 4th is not the best week to judge how you favorite soap is doing in the ratings, with it being a holiday week with people leaving town for a long weekend early, the new ratings via SON show that The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of our Lives actually gained in total overall viewers, and gained in total viewers for the key women 18-49 women demo!

However, that cannot be said about The Young and the Restless which is continuing to lose viewers in major demos with this week illustrating that once again the number one soap is hitting  some new lows!  Y&R while continuing to stay at number one for the women 18-49 women demo in total viewers, still hit a new low of 623,000 and it was the second straight week of hitting a new low, and fifth new low in the past three months!  The women 18-49 rating share tied the soaps low for the fourth straight week!   And in the women 18-34 ratings share, Y&R is in fourth place of the four network soaps hitting an all-time low for the second week in a row.   However, Y&R still maintained its first place showing in the women 25-54 demo in total viewers.  For the ratings period of the four soaps, it was General Hospital that lost the most viewers with -175,000.

Total Viewers for the week below still show Y&R at number one.
1. Y&R 4,321,000 (-69,000/-75,000)
2. B&B 3,449,000 (+35,000/+26,000)
3. GH 2,808,000 (-175,000/+476,000)
4. DAYS 2,403,000 (+18,000/-194,000)

So, it’s time for you to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback! What is working on Y&R for you, and what is not?  Even though we all know the series has lost some of it’s most popular stars through a variety of circumstances in the last year, what kind of story would get you sitting in your seat at home in front of the TV and computer to watch it every day if you seriously have been tuning out?  Share your thoughts below!

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Y&R and BB get ratings numbers from 5 other territories than GH that is only in 50 states..

Inhabited territories of the United States;

Nielsen Media Research tracks the viewing habits of U.S. television, Northern Mariana Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands..

those county-equivalent areas that the FCC licenses on a regional basis. These areas include, in addition to the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the United States Virgin Islands. The Gulf of Mexico is also included

the– FCC licenses– on a regional basis. These areas include, in addition to the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Territories have always been a part of the United States.
By Act of Congress, the term ‘United States,’ when used in a geographical sense, means “the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands , and the Virgin Islands of the United States.
All territory under the control of the federal government is considered part of the “United States” for purposes of law.
they too are treated as a part of the U.S.
The five inhabited U.S. territories
have protections under U.S. courts, pay some U.S. taxes, and are represented in the U.S. Congress by delegates who can appoint constituents to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Merchant Marine academies.

Since CBS soaps are shown internationally and ABC is not, ABC broadcasts within the 50 states and Canada CBS in 39 other countries..

In the ratings Neilisen counts all the USA and the USA FCC licensed the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands , and the Virgin Islands of the United States.
Now do you see why Y&R has been #1 in the ratings for decades, that is where they get the higher numbers from; USA FCC licensed continental United States/The five FCC licensed inhabited U.S. territories ..

GH only in 50 states..

I’ve always felt that the ratings should be an apples by apples comparison.

It would be an interesting experiment to schedule all remaining soaps at the same time period just to see if one could only watch one which one would it be? But ratings aren’t trying to measure quality of product, just trying to figure how many people might be watching any given program as a way to determine the value of the air time, for advertisers. Why people are watching, is not important to them. I think a new system to determine what to charge for air time and how to determine if there are enough viewers to warrant producing a show should be found, This model was fine in the early days when there was only three networks and no other distribution methods, but now, the ratings system is woefully out of step with the times.

Is DAYS counted in those areas?

No, only CBS .. Y&R and BB ..

Are you saying that GH isn’t shown in areas like PR and Guam because that is not true WPRU the ABC Puerto Rican affliate shows GH as well as one in Guam.

If it is a US territory then there is usually an affliate from each network (NBC, ABC, CBS etc) where their programming is shown. And as long as it is shown then it is counted by Neilsen so that theory does not work.

@Nicole, you are correct. Thanks for posting.

I sincerely doubt the population in these other areas can account for such a large difference in the ratings all these years. It might have some impact, but not the impact you think it has. Ratings don’t measure entertainment value or excellence, just measure who is watching what at a certain time– and no one has to been watching the television set it just has to be on. And the funny thing is, this ratings system you are always trying to discredit, if it were working in GH’s favor you would be singing its praises. They are only four soaps left, why do fans of these four feel the need to compete– it isn’t a sports competition where there can only be one winner. If you love your soap and it is still on the air– you’re the winner.

They need to get rid of that Dullan. He is bringing everything down!

i disagree… and think there could plenty of viewers in this area.
It is really too bad there isn’t a way to find out. Perhaps Nelson could post a rating for y&r and bb’s viewership number in relation to the area the abc and nbc numbers come from.

The U.S. Nielsen Ratings are based on 210 markets contained within the 50 states.

But let’s take your premise at face value, the combined total population of the territories you list is 4 million people. U.S population is just under 320 million.
GH’s viewership represents under 1% of the total population, about .9%. If the additional 1.5 million viewers for Y&R are coming from those territories outside the 50 states, then that means about 40% of the population of those territories are watching Y&R. So less than 1% of the people living in the 50 states watch soaps and 40% of people in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam etc, are faithful fans of American soaps on CBS.

So yes, now I see how Y&R is number one. Got it.


Lol. I think what people are disputing about Su000 theory is that there is not a level playing field when Nielsen counts the numbers. That simply is not true on two counts:

1. All the shows air in the US Territoies through their affiliates.

2. As another poster pointed out Nielsen bases their numbers on 210 markets in the 50 states.

Y&R does not have some advantages that the others don’t as far as the ratings are concerned. 🙂

LOL…but @GH50 I can kind of see what you’re saying…

I wasn’t huh ing GH50, I was huh ing Ms Su000. And I wasn’t even trying to be snarky, it’s just numbers make give me vertigo.

Bottom line is that Y&R is losing viewers because it’s horribly written, a bunch of newbies have been jammed down people’s throats, the acting is terrible, and fans want those actors fired/dumped/run off by JFP back on the show. I don’t care about a bunch of recasts. JFP did this and now she’s pushing Steve Farren Burton and Hunter Farren King as the main focus of the show. Y&R is in deep trouble, but will CBS and Sony do anything? Doesn’t look like it. Adios Y&R.

Well obviously, not the ones airing. I have never seen Y and R as bad as it is now. Nobody cares about Dylan being Paul’s son. No one cares about Austin and Summer. Boring Mariah. The list goes on

I’m curious, if you could be head writer for the day, what kind of story line would put on? As fans we are quick to judge what we don’t like, so just for fun, maybe you could share what you would like to see.

As for me I don’t think the general story is the problem but by the way they are being told. If the stories were being written with any skill, the writing would make us care– If soap writing was like music then Bill Bell who started this show was like a Mozart, and Shelly Altman is like a child making up a song in the bathtub.

@Mary SF I will step up to the challenge since I detest what has happened at Y&R and no longer a regular viewer. Let’s bring on a long lost sister of Katherine Chancellor to challenge Victor for Chancellor Industries my first casting choice would be Elizabeth Hubbard but she is retired so ring up Erika Slezak I heard she is looking for a job. Write out Abby, Mariah, Tyler, Courtney, Hilary & Devon, Stitch & Kelly. Get Victoria back into Newman Enterprises running the makeup division. When Ashley returns get her back into the lab working on a new fragrance for Jabot. Let’s clean up the mess called Sharon she imagined she changed the paternity tests and basically I do not care whose kid Summer is. Give Michael Baldwin an edge again and Neil and have them team up with Katherine’s sister. Time for Ian to go let’s have a murder trial shall we. As for Dylan & Avery let’s make a dark story concerning her ex where Avery is not such a little darling. Phyllis well I am not sure on that one because I still think we picked too young of an actress for the history of the character. The character of Jack needs major tune up I will have to think about that one. These are just a few ideas Cane & Lilly need a story maybe a medical crisis? Colin & Jill tired of the slapstick maybe they could be part of the Chancellor storyline .I just think we need to get back to some Corporate storyline and see people actually working. I could really see Eric Braeden going head to head with Erika Slezak he needs a challenge besides meddling in his kids love lives.

@k/kay— some good ideas– isn’t it a shame the show has gotten to such a point that viewers rather make up their own stories in their heads and heard what others would do than watch the stuff being shown. Any other fans up for the challenge if you’re head writer what would you do?

Ok kay! (My nick name for you) I love this idea–think Y&R NEEDS Erika Slezak. I love all your ideas, O Kay, but they won’t work if the writing doesn’t step it up.

As much as I love your ideas, I think it’s also very important to truly develop the next generation. I’m a firm believer that all soaps need to get back to generational story telling. When Bill Bell originally created this soap, it focused on Young people and the older characters were supporting players. Those characters grew up, but he then created a new Younger set to replace those. I love all of these characters I grew up with, but there is only so much you can do with characters over the age of 50 without making them seem silly for not growing up and maturing. The new Dallas is a perfect example. The characters we all grew up with are still there, but the Younger set has become the focus with the older set becoming supporting. And its working because the writing is strong, and they are telling inter-generational stories. I think the weakest part of YR is the fact that they are not developing the next generation of this soap. The one thing I always admired about Bill Bell was his ability to mix the generational stories from the Teen set, 20-30 set, and the older set. This show has not truly written anything compelling for the younger set since the Glo By Jaobt kids campaign. The younger set is just there not doing anything. This show is not setting up the next generation to take the mantle which is crucial for its survival. I still want to see the characters I know and love, but I also want to see them mixing it up in Stories that cross cross generations. I just feel like this show is more Restless than Young.

@Travis I agree they need young people but these characters do not have any substance or hate to say it the actors just are not cutting it. Where are the young Mac& Billy, Colleen(played by Lyndsey Fonseca) & JT, Brittiany & Raul, Lilly & Daniel I could go on & on. They have major writing problems and casting. HK/Summer has grown as an actress this year a lot but why rush her in a romance with a kid she knew 2 weeks. Bringing on Camryn Grimes/Mariah huge mistake we all loved Cassie now we see a monster before us. Very frustrated! I truly hope it turns around & I start watching again but at this point I do not see it happening. 🙁

Mary, I’ll give it a try. My overall approach: Ditch most of the newer characters, refocus on the “core” families, and add young ones from that:

THE ABBOTTS: Facing a major health crisis, Dina Abbott Mergeron (recast with Elizabeth Hubbard) wants to rebuild her relationship with her children and returns to town. Fortunately, Dina survives (thanks the skilled medical treatment that she received at the Genoa City Hospital due to Dr. Nathan Hastings, Jr., who took up residency to fill the void after Stitch and sister decided to leave town). Feeling guilty over her past neglect of her children and her prior treatment of ex-husband John, Dina stays in Genoa City to help Jack and Ashley return Jabot to the great company it once was. While we see Dina’s admirable efforts to help her children, we also quickly learn that she is a shrewd business woman, a skill that she developed over the past 30 years living in France overseeing her late husband’s company, Mergeron. We also quickly learn that Jack, while devoted to his father, is far more like his mother personality wise. Due to a financial issue, the Abbotts struggle to maintain ownership of Jabot. It require the combined wealth of all Abbott children (Jack, Ashley, Tracy, and Billy — who Dina mildly tolerates) as well as financial input from Jill and Mamie Johnson (who returns to town following Jack’s pleas and pours the money she wisely invested from Jill’s payoff into beloved John’s company). Naturally, Dina clashes with John’s other wives — Jill and Gloria — as well as Mamie (who, based on their past, resents her) but her major target ultimately becomes Victor, a man she realizes has been a burden to her family for far too long. (Fill in blanks on plots: One idea = Sick of Jill’s involvement with Jabot, Dina finds out about shady financial dealings involving Victor, threatens to turn him over to the Justice Department, and forces him to divest Chancellor Industries, arranging a purchase of it with Jill in charge so as to get her out of Jabot).

NICK, SHARON, PHYLLIS – Borrowing from the early history of the show, I would set Sharon and Phyllis up as the next long running feud, very similar to Jill and Kay. Regaining her health, Phyllis (once again played by Michelle Stafford — I’d move heaven and earth to get her back!!!) returns to town days before Sharon and Nick are to remarry. Phyllis still has her manipulative ways and kills their plans, with Nick returning to her. Sharon (who has learned that her bipolar diagnosis was completely wrong and shows NO more signs of insanity has repaired her relationship with Victor, returning them to the fond — but NOT romantic — interaction they had for decades) dates Jack again. Meanwhile, Nick who has completely severed his relationship with his father and began working with Jill at Chancellor Industries, soon grows tired of Phyllis’ scheming ways and her obsession over him even speaking to Sharon, tries his best to save his latest marriage to Phyllis, but cannot overcome his true feelings for Sharon. After sleeping with Sharon, Nick learns that Phyllis is pregnant again (yes, Phyllis is too old but cut me some slack; she thought she was pregnant but it turned out to menopause and let Nick continue to believe she was pregnant to hold onto him) and tries to permanently end his relationship with Sharon. Upon hearing the news, a distraught Sharon drowns herself in liquor, causing Nick to rescue her one night from driving home drunk. Unfortunately, Nick and Sharon are in a serious car accident. Nick clings to life for several days but ultimately dies. An enraged Phyllis blames Sharon for his death (with the “Sharon loathing” Nikki completely supporting her) and, taking a page on the “furious widow” from Kay Chancellor, spends all of her time attempting to destroy Sharon. Meanwhile, Sharon, taking her cue of the “deprived true love” from Jill, does her best to move on with life but never letting Phyllis forget the problems she caused Nick. (Victor supports Sharon to the anger of Nikki, causing friction in their marriage. Victor also feels strong guilt over how he and Nick were alienated during his son’s final year and shows some rare emotion on the topic). With that background, I’d have plots with Sharon and Phyllis competing over men and Phyllis seeking revenge……..IDEAS: (1) We learn that before Phyllis appeared in the early 90s, she had been obsessed over a college boy friend who was a singer in a band (Rick Astley, if he can act), became pregnant, and was forced by her mother, Lydia Summers (who returns to the show following Nick’s death, played by Kathleen Noone) to give the baby girl up for adoption (daughter later appears, played by red headed Mara Davi, a Broadway actress who briefly appeared on NBC’s “Smash”). “Rick Astley” develops a strong attraction to Sharon before ultimately leaving town; (2) After Avery and Dylan move away, we learn that Phyllis has a slightly older brother, Scott (played by Boyd Kestner). Scott is as scheming as Phyllis and the two have a love/hate relationship. Scott, however, is close to Lydia and the two concoct ways to get ahead (ex: Lydia encourages Scott to pursue the wealthy Victoria Newman). Phyllis encourages Scott to pursue Sharon so as to free Jack from his concerns about her and allow her to reunite with him; (3) Phyllis tracks down Sharon’s long missing father, the alcoholic Steve Collins, and brings him to town in an effort to dump problems on her) You get the idea — Sharon and Phyllis would be the new Kay and Jill.

THE BROOKS FAMILY: In the past 20 years, Laurie Brooks worked in Chicago, building the newspaper business started in Genoa City by her father into a conglomerate owning newspapers, cable television networks, book/magazine publishing, and internet ventures, Brooks Media. With the downturn in the newspaper industry, the Genoa City Chronicle has struggled to remain viable. Feeling a sense of loyalty to the paper as it was her father’s business, Laurie decides to move her entire operation back to Genoa City so she can focus a large amount of her efforts on saving the paper. She quickly rekindles her friendship with Victor (who is in the midst of marital issues with her nemesis, Nikki) and dallies some with Jack Abbott, who she knew in high school and considers a family friend. Laurie, who devoted her life to building Brooks Media, never had children but has a strong desire to keep the operation in the family. She recruits her late 20/early 30 nephews to join the business so she can groom them to ultimately helm the company. One nephew, Brooks Prentiss (the son of sister Leslie Brooks and Lance Prentess) is the “nice” one. The other nephew, David Williams (the son of sister Peggy Brooks and Steve Williams, Paul’s brother) is the “cunning” one. David constantly tries to undermine Brooks’ efforts at the company and in life so he ultimately will run Brooks Media by himself. David’s manipulative ways concern uncle Paul Williams and grandmother Mary Williams (I’m bringing the woman back and ignoring the shoddy “death” explanation that we recently received. Mary would be played on a recurring basis by former screen star, Tippi Hedren, since the prior actress has died). (One plot idea revisiting the past — David attempts to alienate Brooks and Laurie from each other by revealing to Brooks that Laurie “killed” his grandmother, Vanessa Prentess, by shoving her off a balcony).

I’ve gone on too long but a couple of other ideas: a broke Gloria Abbott Bardwell (abandoned by “Gary Ewing”) tries to make $$ by writing a tell all book about her romance with John Abbott and her troubles with his children (“My John, My Hell – The True Inside Story of the Abbotts”), which a vengeful Victor finances. (Gloria can’t really write so Nina Chancellor is paid handsomely to ghost write the tomb). Jack catches wind of the book, threatening both Gloria and Nina to no avail. Jack then gets Brooks Media to back a tell-all about Gloria (“Grifter: The Gloria Abbott Bardwell Story”) written by Leanna Love, a returning, recurring character who has a cable news/talk show on a Brooks Media cable channel.

@ Barbara from Atlanta — you probably gave that more thought than the present writers do with some of their stories at times— what I liked was you trying to bring back some of the characters that were at the core of the show and using the history of the show instead of reinventing it.

I wouldn’t mind the Brook’s family returning to GC. It would make sense with the explosion in cell phones, digital media etc, that media business should be in town, and using the Brook’s family would be such sweet nod to the beginnings of this show. I would be extremely interested in finding out what became of those characters and any children and grandchildren they produced.

Thanks– I am enjoying hearing these ideas, just wish someone on the show might be reading and get a better sense what viewers want to see.

No kidding Y&R is losing viewers and the ratings are sagging – what did JFP and execs at Sony & CBS expect? Firing popular stars and churning out boring stories that are slow paced and drag on far too long don’t exactly draw viewers in.

GH has been much better in terms of pacing and story – something new seems to always be happening on GH, whereas on Y&R we have to wait weeks and months for serious stuff to happen, ditto for big revelations and reveals of secrets. on GH, everything seems to happen faster, all while the show manages to juggle its large cast. Y&R doesn’t have that problem, because by comparison, Y&R’s cast is much smaller than GH’s, both in terms of contract and recurring players. Yet, somehow, Y&R’s story is much slower paced.

For example, on today’s show, Sharon had a flashback of her fight with Phyllis on the stairs that landed Phyllis in a coma. This flashback comes a YEAR after the fact! This is what I mean by stories being dragged on for far too long with nothing in them to keep them fresh and interesting for that amount of time.

It’s really no surprise Y&R is losing viewers and the ratings are dropping. The most important thing right now is to pick up the pace of the storytelling and make the actual storylines more engaging and intriguing. Currently, you can stop watching Y&R for a month and be able to be easily caught up when you start watching again, and that’s not how it should be!

…and where is the REAL Phylllis, on GH. Hmmm, funny that! 😉

GH isn’t doing good either NOT just Y&R. Let’s be fair. Y&R is still #1 and while I might not be a fan of JFP at least she isn’t doing stunts and ruining every GH character and GH couple like FV and RC are doing on GH. Ruining a legacy character like Robin to move Patrick on is not necessary. How about working with Kimberly McCullough like FV does for others and make her a deal she can’t refuse. Please I don’t buy into AS directing over KMc, the same Kimberly McCullough who watched GH directors from a child on GH and is in a ABC program while AS directed on DOOL. Then we have FV saying AS has been watching GH directors. Does he think we are all idiots? Kimberly covered FV and GH/ABC butts saying it was Ok when we can see she is available and has been to direct and play Robin all this time. Patrick looks like a moron not investigating Victor who has his wife. I am not buying into Patrick with anyone but Robin. The only reason some want him with Sam is because they hated Silas and others hated Sabrina. They have Agendas. Don’t get me started on FV NOT having money to get Kimberly back but had all the money for his pet MS. Rating prove people are not happy with GH. Not watching untill Scrubs reunite and ratings how other feel the same about GH.

Another poster hung up on Kimberly McCullough and the character of Robin. Like she’s the only character in the history of the show.

Let me know where it was that Kimberly ever said publicly that she was willing and able to return to GH full-time. People spout off all these conspiracy theories about Frank Valentini refusing to make a deal with her, but they have no evidence to back it up. All I’ve ever seen is her say that GH will always be her home, and she likes to come back when he can. Which is exactly what Frank has been giving her the opportunity to do. Enough with the conspiracy theories.

I love the character of Robin. She’s a legacy character on the show. But I respect and accept that Kimberly McCullough has moved on in her career, and I’m happy that she drops in the show when she’s able. I know others don’t want her coming back at all. As the old saying goes, you can’t please everyone. That’s why there are so many different flavors of ice cream, and why there’s a 1,000 channels on your TV to choose from.

Also curious what stunts do you think GH is doing? Hiring Michelle Stafford isn’t a casting stunt. That’s called a 2-time Emmy winning actress was available, and you would be silly not to add her talent to your show, if the opportunity presented itself. Since you say you haven’t been watching you probably wouldn’t know that Michelle has been fantastic in her role of Nina Clay so far.

I dunno, Mike. I am not a numbers person and trying to wrap my right brain dominant mind around the number swilling in the posts above just made me dizzier than I already am. I am also tired of trying to explain to people why I am disenchanted with both GH and Y&R, and I am sure people are tired of hearing me ramble on about it.
Suffice to say, the thrill is gone. Something just snapped off in me–it’s like when your significant other screws up one too many times and after awhile you just don’t give a damn–you’re apathetic and indifferent about these soaps with which you have invested over thirty years of your life. (As poet James Wright concluded, “I have wasted my life”). I turned on Days the other day and it was great fun (which Y&R never is anymore) without being too campy (which GH always is now days). So maybe I will switch to Days soap to fill the void Y&R and GH left behind I wonder how many people are doing the same?

Many fans would have much preferred that they made the deal with Genie Francis and then made the effort to write for the REAL character of Laura.

Last sentence should read, Not watching until Scrubs reunite and ratings SHOW others feel the same about GH.

Who cares what women 18-49 or women 18-34 are watching? I look at total numbers. Demo groups based on whatever classification are stupid. I really don’t care. What matters is Y&R is #1 and has been for 26 years now. Demo groups are dumb, period. Sick of it. I’ll be you know what’d before I let women 18-49 and 18-34 decide what I watch.

You may not care but advertisers do. They care more about that demo than any other.

Well if you look at the numbers for any soap none of their 18-49 numbers are great. All of daytime skews older the average age for all soaps is 50+ and that is the largest chunk of the audience.

GH may be number 1 in 18-34 but that number is only 200,000 viewers, and 578,000 in 18to 49. Out of 2.8 million viewers that represents 10% and 20% of the total aaudience respectivley. No advertiser is going to be super happy about the future of soaps with those numbers.

How do advertisers know the ages of their viewers? So many in the 18 – 49 age bracket are paying off student loans, trying to achieve the American dream with a home and family (which is harder now than 10 years ago), I would think some advertisers would want viewers with some life experience and maybe fewer financial responsibilities.
Bottom line, Y&R sucks! Yep, I’m in my 50’s and I said it. Y & R SUCKS.

This has been my issue with daytime ratings and demos (I’ve also always looked at overall ratings when I watches the shows religiously). Decades ago it would have been relevant but women are working now more than being housewives / stay at home moms so why they would think they can meet those demos (or see noteworthy surge) from before is not prudent. It’s always about advertisers but they are not really looking at who watches the shows today and making those adjustments. I would also think that because of school and career the prominent viewing in this demo would be DVRing. Finished venting.

Actually Neilson does count DVR ratings. The ratings that are at the top of the day count Live + Same day, Neilsen also counts Live + 3 day as well as Live+ 7 day DVR ratings.

Neilsen also has a Twitter metric, they measure tv shows 3 hours before and after it’s initial airing, and they are also preparing to measure viewing on mobile devices. So Nielsen is not as antiquated as some believe.

As for women in the work place, that has been going on for 25+ years now so that isn’t a new thing.

What is different is the variety of shows/channels and platforms that we now have to watch tv. We have more than 10X the channels we had 25 years ago and 30 years ago in soaps heyday we had 3 networks, heck Fox didn’t even exist until 1987.

Times have changed, most dramas are now serialized and you don’t have to watch daytime to get your “soap” fix. Plus with more television shows doing 10 to 13 episodes a season, 22 episodes on the major network looks more antiquated, so imagine how it looks for shows that have 200 episodes a year.

The model for daytime needs to change, not Nielsen.

Y&R is horrible. JFP is killing another soap. I’m so bored with Y&R right now. I’m sick of the Dylan show.

Do you watch DAYS?

Robert you sound so miserable. Lol. Y&R is still number 1 for the past 27 years. Steve Burton is doing a wonderful job playing dillon.

I think Y&R should try to get back into the competing businesses aspect of the show. I thought that was easy and believable drama. I’m an occasional Y&R watcher I mostly have always watched GH but in the past I always seemed to like aspects of Y&R when Ive tuned in. lately I am bored by almost every story on their canvas. Alternatively I started watching B&B for the first time ever 2 weeks ago and I immediately gravitated towards certain characters and was interested. I think Y&R needs to focus on interesting characters. A lot of the newbs on YR are bland and a lot of the established cast are wading in lackluster stories. And I dont think the Dylan stuff is horrible it does feel like someone at YR is pinning a lot of hope onto that character and its just not flowing as naturally as it could.

gh is ok right now and I like B and B and my beloved DAYS but Y&R is unwatchable

The writers at Y&R need to stop dragging out their story lines. It’s been over a year since Sharon switched the DNA test and it still hasn’t come out . I have no interest in seeing Sharon be rewarded with Nick and look a like Cassie after what she did . I’m also very upset with the writing for Summer. I get the show wants to do a young love story with Austin & Summer but there was no build up in this story at all. We didn’t see them hanging out and then later learn Austin was Avery’s stalker which would cause Summer to be conflicted and want to still be with the man that held her Aunt at gun point.

I really hope the writers will start to write things again that will interest me because right now the only thing I’m interested in is Avery’s ex Joe coming to town and what will happen with them and Dylan.

What do you think about DAYS?

This is because of story and that is EP Jill Phelps. She is a soap killer. It doesn’t help they jumped the gun firing David Tom too quickly after Bill Miller left it’s Billy whiplash the new Billy is horribly miscast…and while I don’t wish anyone to work under adverse conditions I miss Muhney. And Dru. And Chloe. And I agree we don’t care about these stupid new characters! Two years ago the show was about perfect.

Agree that the new Billy isn’t fitting at all. He looks like he’s about 48 years old.

I agree with most of what you said Melanie, but I actually like nunuBilly. I think he’s age appropriate, but appears older because David Tom was so young looking. The good news is that he’s a really good actor. I liked Tom the first time he played Billy, but he was horribly miscast this time around and shame on TPTB for re-hiring him. it was destined to crash and burn.

But I don’t see Dylan as a problem either. He’s fine, people hate him because he’s a friend of JFP. Get over it already, he’s here to stay. His storyline with Paul is interesting and emotionally rewarding for all us longtime viewers. And Ian Ward is fun and different and not afraid to be a villain.

Which is the problem as I see it. The show is afraid to make characters villains. How much more interesting would Hillary be if we saw that she was still in cahoots with Mason and was trying to hoodwink Neil, who for some reason MUST be married. It’s contrived storytelling. As is Colin and Jill. I know it’s a soap and we’re supposed to suspend disbelief often, but Colin was going to kidnap his grandchildren, it’s hard to get past things like that.

Then there’s the Abby/Tyler pairing – zero chemistry from day one. And even if Tyler is eye candy it would be nice if that eye candy had more than one expression. Now they’re going to pair Abby with another boring character – Devon. His character is so incrediby sanctimonious that someone needs to remind him that he slept with Tyra while she was with Neil. And now he’s going to sleep with Hillary – boring!

They need to reveal that Sharon’s DNA test switching was all in her mind as was her fight with Phyllis so she can be redeemed as the show’s heroine and Victor can be seen as the villain he is. Mariah needs to turn out to be Sharon’s daughter and keep her edge – angry at Nick because it’s his fault that a nurse switched her at birth to keep her from a father who didn’t want her because he couldn’t raise another man’s daughter. Make Austin emotionally disturbed and abusive and have Summer with Courtney’s help fight him off instead of just doing another dumb teen love story. Suck it up and bring back Michael Muhney or at least an A list actor as Adam – it’s been too long. Turn Kevin gay and make him interesting again – and make new cop Mark gay as well – totally against type and he and Kevin can be buds. And finally bring back Kimberlin Brown as the best villain ever – Sheila. Explain that Sugar, her jailmate, was the one who got plastic surgery to look like Phyllis and she’s been hiding out all this time and is now in cahoots with Carmine. It’s a total stretch, but would be soap opera fun – remember that? Have a final deathmatch with Sheila and Lauren, Michael, Fen, Gloria, and bring back Scotty. It could all start with the death of Jeffrey – who is unnecesasry. It’ll seem unrelated until the pieces come together and it appears that Sheila killed him.

okay, sorry for writing so much, but I love my show, I can’t stand all the hating without saying anything constructive.

When I see articles like this one, I have to chuckle as many viewers who have watched any daytime drama for say over 25-30 years beginning in their 20’s perhaps are outside the statistics ever taken for viewers. It’s as if as soon as a viewer, mainly female, is over the age of 54, they aren’t considered at all. What do they think happens to those women who have been supporters of their favourite show(s) for all those years do, – die? Nope, they are many times still working, taping the show(s), or retired and busy as can be but manage to fit the time to watch as a loyal viewer, like myself.
It’s insulting to think that after the middle 50’s, the networks and sponsors figure there’s not any point in getting statistics in the older (and wiser perhaps) female viewers.
I’ve commented about this preciously and also on Twitter, but noting changes as I see here with the statistics given above.

As for Y & R problems, I feel it really amounts to huge losses cast wise, too many new actors added with weak and often very inappropriate, silly story lines. And the length of time to resolve situations created is now abysmal and tedious. I do not find it even a reasonable or morally responsible to have a young virginal woman, Summer, to have a storyline where being with a criminal (and a charged criminal with the worst type of crimes), losing her virginity, getting married to this ‘man’ she barely knows, staunchly saying it’s ‘love.’ Given many teens may be watching this during the school break, this is about as bad as a story could get for absolutely thoughtless examples of how a young woman should experience her first eexual experience (with a man who abducted her aunt, used a gun, etc), gets married on the spot and then today has a ridiculous church wedding. Oh the dragged out projected storyline here with the abandoned young wife supposedly in love yet her brand new husband is in jail and maybe be for years, given how SL’s are being dragged out.

That’s just one example. Then there is another ridiculous situation with the Maria SL in all ways. It seems GC folks are willing to look the other way (Nick & Sharon) to this young woman’s criminality in the past and her actions toward this family. After all, she was motivated by the almighty dollar bill offered by Victor Newman. And then there is the alliance of Nick with his dad now when less than 2 months ago, Nick wouldn’t speak to his dad because of Maria’s actions instigated by his dad. It seems there is not any consistency now with the moral attitudes of many characters which goes against how they have been previously.

I find it very confusing and honestly never know now where any SL is going from one week to the next.

Not sure how the writers are working either separately or as a group, but they certainly aren’t having consistency or attention to detail either.

Example of the latter: When Dylan was in the hospital post his surgery, he was lying there quietly but his cardiac monitor was in ventricular tachycardia, which requires immediate CPR. Also, anyone unconscious, which he was, would not be lying with the head of the bed up, but be lying flat or barely with the head of the bed up.

This week, now discharged, Dylan has been holding the left side of his abdomen. Does no one realize a liver is on the right side of the abdomen and the incision line would be either there or vertical in the middle of the abdomen?

Folks who have a medical background (as I do) notice these errors and given the calibre of the show, they should have experienced medical advisors who would catch errors like this in the writing.

Guess that’s enough said. I just wish the lingering, for over a year, story lines would be resolved and sooner rather than in who knows how long.

Meant to write, “Nothing changes” with regard to the statistical results despite my comments to Twitter, CBS about ignoring any age range above 54.

You confirmed what I suspected. The quality is often in the details, sometimes the “small” details. I knew the business adversary writing was abysmal, laughable at best, Victor and Jack: “the Roadrunner and Coyote of daytime!”, and I felt the medical writing was a bit too self-serving for story purposes. Y&R has to get better, worse is not an option.

Exactly, Wendy. I’m scratching my head about the 18-49 age demo as opposed to those of us in our 50s. I’ve posted this before as you have. The program is going after a much younger audience and as a long time watcher I am offended the ‘powers that be’ appear to have forgotten long time watchers loyalty.

I DVR the program now, but can go without watching episodes for weeks. I have begun deleting recordings or I get a cramp from using the fast forward button so much.

Unfortunately the 18 – 49 demo is seen as more desirable for the simple fact that advertisers still see them as ‘still making up their minds – more susceptible to change’. They want audience that will be open to trying new things/products. Be it right, wrong or indifferent, this is their perception. And when we consider most of our complaints about our soaps, long time viewers fight change.

This is a business and hopefully they are making $$ to at least break even. When I see the # of new talk and reality shows slated to run this fall, its distressing. TPTB simply care about bottom lines. I hope soap fans can embrace the big picture and enjoy their favs while allowing others to enjoy theirs. Diversity in what we see as drama is key to this genre’s survival.

People older than 54 also are still making up their minds on products… financial and insurance products, prescriptions and medical device products, travel and vacation arrangements, reverse mortgages, nutritional items, home security features, magazines and journals, all sorts of things. There are more products in life than Tide and Purina pet food (and seniors probably have more pets, and spend more money on them than any other demographic group.

What is working on Y&R — nothing at all.
What is not working on Y&R — everything.
The show is now a waste of airtime and the talents of the actors who are trying their best but given crap to work with. What a shame, Y&R used to be a compelling show to watch and now I can’t get thru a scene without changing the channel.

My DAYS are exciting!

weve seen alot of the new billy. maybe thats y the ratings dropped. they dont like burgess! he should be more EXPRESSIVE in his storyline. HES DULL!

Yes, the story lines on Y&R are getting very slow moving. But the new actors are doing a good job given the storylines. Y&R is still the best soap. The bad acting usually involves Nikki and Victor. Paul is pretty bad too. Dylan was hired for his looks because his acting isn’t great either. IMO. All that said it is still the only soap I can watch. The actors need better storylines to hold my interest. There are still a lot of great actors out there from cancelled soaps that would be wonderful on Y&R.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. They need Michael Muhney back. Things have gone downhill since he left. It’s time to bring him back and hope they can save that show. Another replacement will not work. If they do that they are only going to lose more viewers. Look what happened with David Tom. Now another new Billy. Now a new Phyllis. Last time they replaced her that didn’t work. Replacing Adam will never work. Wake up Y&R before it’s too late!!

The Y&R fans need to wake up to the fact that DAYS is more deserving of higher ratings!

Foreign soaps are 100% more entertaining than our soaps here…better acting, character driven storylines with humor that move, the dead stay dead, children are written like real children and characters lives are just like ours…we can idenityfy with them…however, they claim their soaps that reach 6 to 9 million viewers and shown in the evening are not doing well as they used to and if ratings slip might not be around in the next 10 years…so we in America arent the only ones in danger of eventually loosing our beloved soaps…Coronation Street is a great well written soap and if that gets cancelled…its the worlds longest running televised soap at 54 years…tells me that our serials wont be around in the next ten years as well so replacing JFP at Y&R or tptb at the other soaps may temporarily stall the cancelation of the remaining 4…many dont seem to want to invest the time in continuing dramas on a daily basis and thats ashame…reality tv and streaming other shows is what is killing them too as well as people finding other ways to entertain themselves with internent, facebook, twitter ect. and many dont want to make the time for anything else…i know, many of my family members are like that! Unless, viewing habits are somehow reversed there will be no more soaps here or abroad in the next decade…sigh…im just glad i was around at the time soaps were king of the daytime lineup!!!

Y&R has gotten so boring. Like others have said the storylines drag on for way too long and when they finally do something it’s something long time viewers predicted months ago. Recycled storylines, constant cast changes…JFP is ruining the soap that I’ve watched my entire life. For instance…this new Billy is not billy Abbott. That’s a completely different character. Every time he’s on screen I have to remind my self that’s Billy, because it’s NOT. She didn’t play ball and let Billy Miller walk away, replaced with David Tom who was the original actor and the fans were mad so she goes in the complete wrong direction. Get her outta there before there’s nothing left!

Most Y&R fans are not happy. Most DAYS fans are having a blast!

Demographically speaking – I’m 52 and a Canadian viewer,so I doubly don’t matter in the ratings game.
But I’m also a long time fan of Y&R.
I started watching in I think ’78,when it was the Brooks,Prentiss,Foster and Chancellor families.
I watched consistently for close to 20 years at which time I got extremely busy in my life and didn’t have much time for television.
One of the main stories playing at the time I stopped watching involved Victor,Nikki and Ashley.
Low and behold five years later when I started watching again….one of the main stories was driven by Victor,Nikki and Ashley.
I felt like I hadn’t missed anything.
Currently I feel there are many things missing, among them – Billy Miller (best ever Billy Abbott),Michelle Stafford (although I do like Gina Tognoni and am looking forward to her as Phyllis).
Michael Muhney (too bad about that situation) he was a fantastic Adam.
Elizabeth Hendrickson….sad send off to a great character.
And of course the one and only Jeanne Cooper – Gosh I miss Mrs. C.
It’s just not the same watching Jill and Colin in the Chancellor manse.
And I’m sorry but there should be a real portrait of the “Duchess” in the living room and not a pencil sketch.
Current stories – don’t care about Ian(surely he is going to wind up dead),Mariah (unless she turns out to be Cassie’s twin).
Not interested in Nick/Sharon,Stitch/Victoria,Chelsea/Billy,Summer/Austin,Jack/Kelly……gosh is there any one left.
I do like the Nikki/Paul/Dylan story and Neil and Hilary (Lily grow up).
I think Neil /Hilary have more chemistry than Devon/Hilary.
I could go on, but as a polite Canadian who doesn’t really count in this game ,I’m going to get down off my soap box…..thanks for letting me have my say…..til next time.

Your numbers count in these neilsen ratings just as much as anyone else or it wouldn’t be a staple on your tv screens. Trust me they’re counting you in there.

Y&R: No surprise. Still no interest in Chelsea, Dylan, and Avery. Not enough of the vets.

Y&R is (barely) background noise for me. If I had to give up one soap, it’d be Y&R. Now it’s obvious the people defending Jill and her friends were wrong. The show is boring and sinking in the ratings. Neither LML or MAB reuined the show beyond repair, JFP has done much more damage than either of those regimes. Proof is how hard it will be for a new headwriter to fix this mess once he/she comes on board. Even so, the show desperately needs a new HW pronto. Think Kay Alden or Sally S. Morina, even as co-headwriters. Brad Bell would be great, but I don’t want him jeopardizing what he has created at B&B. Y&R should be the Grande Dame of US soaps, but it’s looking more like a poor relation. Sony and CBS should fix Y&R now, don’t let more damage be done, it’ll only be harder to fix later … when it’s circling the drain. Tons of mis-casts, stories that are dull, big stars leaving (most ending up at GH!), focusing on characters who are newbies and are forced on viewers (like Dylan and others), recipe for a soap that is struggling. Like ATWT/GL, Y&R is losing itself, what made it special, and once it’s essence is gone, it’ll be on the chopping block. Funny (ironic) thing is that the same people who helped tank those shows are NOW at Y&R and it’s TANKING! JMO

I want to see Greg Rikaart’s ‘Kevin’ come out as gay and all of the accompanying struggle that goes with it.

They need to do a time travel, into the past. Restore Y&R into its former glory.
Bring back the ppl who made it work.
Fire the newbies!
What a sad day when JFP took the helm.

The problem with Y&R newbies is that they are boring a not believable. I adore CG, but she is not a vixen. TABBY are boring and Courtney ain’t cop material

I understand advertisers concern for the 18-49 year old viewers, but why not be concerned about viewers above the age of 49? I am at the age with the kids finished with college, mortgage paid off, able to travel. I have watched Y&R for about 30 years. Now the program can be DVR’d and when I do watch, my fingers are on fast forward 80% of the time. Can’t stand any of the scenes with the Winters clan. UGH! Not one single thing. I was glad when Michelle Stafford left, I couldn’t stand her. All the story lines are just stupid, never completed, there are so many storylines where the pot is calling the kettle black i.e. Phyllis said Danny was Daniel’s father, even killed her friend and lab person to keep it a secret; so now it’s a big deal that MAYBE Sharon changed the DNA results. Did she or did she just give it some thought before she was properly diagnosed? The commercial with all the 6 pack abs and hour glass figures are as insulting and sickening as the ‘soft porn’ that is rapidly becoming a daily occurrence bordering on gross. The scene with Billy and Chelsea on the couch, really?

That’s interesting, Barb – pretty much covers everything . What exactly *do* you like about the show?

Right now, only Ben’s past. Didn’t Kevin find Ben Rayburn died after high school?

Regarding all this unnecessary ‘soft porn’, it certainly isn’t appropriate for those with young ones running in and out.

Finish the stories the writers started as long ago as 2 years ago.

I was in Italy and the first thing they say when they hear my accent is you are american like Beautiful! B&B is a international hit, Y&R is a mess

I hate the Dylan, Stitch, Hilary, Avery, and Chelsea show.

Y&R revolves around JFP’s pets and newbies.

I don’t care about the Victoria/Stitch/Billy/Chelsea quad. I don’t care that Dylan is Paul’s son story yet that story dominates, I don’t care about Dylan, I don’t care about Avery, I don’t care about Devon or his grating whiny self lusting after the woman who set out to destroy his sister and family, Neil is abhorrent in his disregard and disdain for Lily in favor of the woman who set out to destroy her and his family. I don’t care about Hilary who is suddenly a victim all must protect from evil Lily because Lily is the one who came to town and plotted to destroy her for no reason (RME). I don’t care about Austin or Austin and Summer, I don’t care about Ian Ward, I don’t care about Mariah, I don’t care about Tyler, I don’t care about Abby, I don’t care about Courtney, I don’t care about Leslie, I don’t care about Kelly. The cast is bloated with unnecessary and unfamiliar and unpopular characters most of the viewers don’t care about and yet their stories have dominated the show all of JFP’s tenure. Stories I do not care about.

Where are the business storylines? Why can’t Jill, Colin, Cane & Lily get a story where they go after and get back Chancellor from Victor who should have never gotten it in the first place and make it theirs?

JFP and her hapless writers do not get Y&R at all and do not care about who the viewers care about and want to see. She and her clueless writers have turned Y&R into a generic trashy awful soap (most of which have been canceled) featuring mediocre uninteresting characters most of which are newbies and putrid, boring and offensive stories at the expense of fan favorites who linger neglected as props to them.

I have no interest in watching my favorite characters as fillers and props to stories and characters I don’t care about.

Y&R as is, does not interest me.

Have you tried DAYS?

The show is being written for younger viewers, I guess. And as a long time viewer, I don’t like it.

I read years ago, the writers of day time liked to write a story line directed at students home for the summer. A story line with a message, a story line for young summer watchers to learn from and that was fine with me. In fact, what a great idea!

If that is still the case, the young viewer or their parent better have an ob/gyn, an attorney or therapist on speed dial.

Miles…A-M-E-N!!!!! VERY, VERY WELL SAID!!!!! A few thoughts of my own:

1. As far as I’m concerned, TPTB at Y&R stopped caring about us longtime viewers the moment JFP and her ANNOYING SOAP PETS HORRIBLY BULLDOZED their way onto the Y&R set. TOTAL LAMENESS!!!!!
2. Miles…I ESPECIALLY AGREE with you about Devon!!!!! Ever since he inherited those $$$ from Katherine (which, of course, was a VERY D-U-M-B MOVE on her part…when she was alive), Devon (in more ways than one) has been acting like an irresponsible idiot GONE W-I-L-D!!!!! SNIVELING MORON!!!!!
3. Most of all, Y&R suffered a MAJOR BLOW when THE VERY FABULOUS Jeanne Cooper (Rest In Peace, Mrs. C.) passed away over a year ago. And…watching Katherine’s final scene (which, of course, took place in the Chancellor living room) sent chills and all down my spine. Damn.

Take care, Miles. Deuces.

Soaps do need to change. Long, drawn out stories no longer work in an era when everything is instant. You don’t have to wait forever for a reveal when there are other “fixes” available on TV, demand, streaming, etc. Younger viewers esp want faster pacing. I personally feel it is possible to do a good soap with faster moving SLs. As jimh mentioned, Brit soaps are way above US soaps in quality and the stories move along at a steady pace (with few exceptions) and reveals are stellar. Keeping s SL going so long that viewers no longer care about the outcome should not be continuing on any US soap. B&B/GH have abandoned this practice for the most part and Days has also picked up the pace quite a bit. Y&R is a draggy, boring, anti-climatic mess. Hoping Sony/CBS put fixes in place. Once a show is so bad that the writers bring in cannibals, sweeping diseases, storms, etc. to kill off most of the cast like cancelled soaps did in the past did, it’s usually too late. BTW Y&R has awful dialogue, even laughable, much of it is what we like to call “speechifying”, taking “at” each other, saying things like “you’re such a wonderful person, you’re Genoa City’s Mother Theresa, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life!” (Trumps being born, huh?). JMHO LOL

The best thing about Y&R has been Colin and Jill. But the writing afforded to these incredible talents has been horrible. They have managed to rise above it, but man, these two deserve so much better.
Tristan Rogers could charm a rattlesnake and Dick Cheney, give this man a storyline worthy of his talents and I will come back to Y&R. I know I am not alone in this sentiment.

YR really doesn’t have a cast that can attract a lot of young people. For a long time the focus at YR has been Victor Newman and that will not do anything for the 18-49 demos. The SLs are horrible. The fans know what will happen long before it happens. The Paul is Dylan’s dad SL was predicted by fans long before it happened on TV. The so called relationships are moving much too fast. 50% of the time its the Dylan and Chelsea show. How can you keep fans like that???
It seems the AA cast are on a soap opera within a soap opera. They interact with the other cast about 3% of the time but 97% of the time they only interact with each other. This is why they always fight over the same woman. First Malcolm and Neil now Neil and Devon.
Michelle Stafford is kicking butt at GH. It is the same SL that I have seen 100 times but it’s interesting. YR should take notes.

Y&R has been gutted..
It has been near emptied all great characters and recasted with horrible results..
The casting department must be stoned .. and the writes just give give a crap .. 🙂

Y & R isn’t interesting or attracting the above 49 demos either. I started watching when President Ford’s son was on the show, so I am a long time viewer.

Put a fork in me, I’m done. I’m going to remove Y&R from my DVR schedule.

The first Kelly was very wise to leave and the show she moved to “Finding Carter’ is pretty good. It’s on one of the MTV channels, take a look.

@Barb because Nielsen keeps track of household demographics and they report their findings, when they release their weekly report.

As to the target demo it is about brand loyalty the older you are the more likey that you have found the products you like and are less likely to try something new. That is why the 18 to 34 or 18 to 49 is so important. It isn’t necessarily about purchasing right now, it is about what you aspire to purchase when you get the chance.

I have no problem with changing products. Something new and improved comes along every week.

That is insulting.

The 18 – 49 can aspire to purchase something all they want, but with the economy like it is, those aspired things could be off the market next month.

What Y&R is desperately missing is umbrella storylines where several sub plots collide. Most stories are in their own bubble and there is no overlap to create suspense or surprise. That’s what the business stories were for in the past. Everything trickled down from there. I know Y&R won a lot of Emmys this year but the way the show is going, I don’t think they will get much of a sniff next year. We are already past the half way mark and there has barely been any drama worth a damn. Adam dying was IT and that was in January!!

“umbrella storylines” are several interconnected storylines. They weave through each other. DAYS delivers what you are asking for.

To all the ratings happy people, Y&R is #1 and full of #2!!

Don’t full yourselves into believing Y&R is the best. It clearly is not!!!

Each time I correct my mistake…fool, instead of *full, it’s taken down.

Let me see:

1. Newbie characters being shoved down our throats=TOTAL D-R-E-C-K!!!!!
2. A-W-F-U-L recasts that aren’t working…PERIOD!!!!!
3. VERY TALENTED soap vets getting FIRED or eventually having QUITE ENOUGH and end up QUITTING.
4. Current story-lines with NO BELIEVABILITY and with NO CREATIVITY…AT ALL!!!!!
5. Longtime Y&R characters either being thrown aside or getting MORE AND MORE STUPID every minute. YIKES!!!!!

My point: No wonder Y&R continues to STUMBLE AND FALL!!!!!! Pathetic.

The only thing wrong with Y&R is the writing. When it was reveal Summer was Jack’s, it should have stayed that way– putting in that Sharon switch was just a waste of time.

Delia could have been hit and suffered some permanent handicap and the show could have just as much drama as her death, showing parents struggle with the emotional toll of dealing with special needs child.

The whole Ian Ward thing was unnecessary. Nikki as soon as she read Katherine’s letter should have called Paul to tell him that she gave their child and dealt with those ramifications.
Katherine’s will should have lead to a internal struggle for Chancellor Industries with Tucker, Mackenize and Jill duking it out. The whole Bonadventure was mishandled. Could have been a great corporate intrigue mystery. And the whole music box story should not have existed since it had no real point.

Cane was more interesting when he was a the rogue. His twin sister should have been reveal she was alive and the one tormenting the Winters, not Hilary. Neil should have left town years ago, his character outlived his usefulness after Dur died.. And Devon and Lily should of have been at the center of new and vibrant African American presence on the show.

Dylan should have some kind of flaw– he is too perfect. The Avery cooking thing was a cute as a one time thing, but trying to extend into the main story over and over– why? Also Avery was a bit of bitter bitch when she came on to get revenge of Phyllis. The story should have been both Phyllis and Avery were sexually abused by their father– Phyllis took off leaving Avery behind and Avery never forgave her. It should have been Avery to knock Phyllis down some stairs and put her in a coma, not Sharon.

When Adam took over Newman his secret investor should have been Ashley, not Jack.
When Jack was on pain killers, his rock bottom should not have been a hooker ODing on his couch, but Jack doing something to harm Kyle.

After killing Ricky, someone was framing Paul, they dropped that, and I think they should have followed through and have Ricky’s mother escaped the mental ward and be the one to get revenge on Paul.

I could on and on —— the point is the bones of the show are still good, they just don’t know how to flesh it out —- I like the Billy Chelsea hook up– and drama of Adam returning to find his wife involved with the man who shot him, just wish I could have seen it played out with Miller and Muchny.

The problem is JFP cannot help herself. She has to micro-manage. She will be telling the any new HW what to write and how to write it … as JG found out. And the writing is a big problem but hardly the only problem: Your last line pointed out something even harder to fix than the writing. That is losing some of the best actors in daytime and viewers tuning out as a result. It’s nearly impossible to get these actors back (some are with others shows now like GH), and most of those viewers are gone for good. That said, your writing is more interesting that the show as it is written right now.

I meant than and not that, but I’m sure readers know that. Anyway, Mary, your ideas aren’t bad at all, but some are retrograde like Delia and Paul shooting Ricky. Those SLs have played out and cannot be rewritten, if they were, they would only weaken the show even more. The “bones” are getting weaker with each day of the ridiculous writing/storylines playing out on Y&R. Right now the bones are weaker than ever in Y&R’s history, and Sony/CBS are the only ones who can fix it before it gets worse. BTW Rumor mill has it that MM was seen at Y&R studios a while back and that JFP wanted him to return to the role of Adam, but she made a low ball offer and he walked. IMO Gina T. would have been a much better Kelly recast than Phyllis. I cringe at her playing Big Red after watching her on GL in storylines that went NOWHERE! Maybe she’ll make a decent Phyllis, but I just don’t see it, esp after all the recent miscasts . . .

Thanks for the input Matt— I was just thinking when this new team took over what they should have done that might have kept the stories tighter instead of going off in all directions like they did. I was pointing out where I felt they went wrong– but of course you’re right– now those stories are told, it can’t be undone. It is just so sad because as someone else posted here, the longer these mistakes go and new ones are made the less likely there will be a way to repair it.
And you’re correct the writing isn’t the only problem, but I always maintain, if the story is good and told well, viewers would be a bit more understanding about the other things like miscasts, music, sets, etc. If the writing is lame even the best actor in the land would have a hard time convincing me it is worth watching.

I don’t think the show is as bad as some on this site claim, but it isn’t living up to its potential either–which is what is upsetting me as a fan. And obviously I am not thrill about the behind scenes stuff that drove some of the stronger actors away, but coming from a theater background, I’m of the mind the show must go on, but often it is never the same.

As for GT not familiar with her work, so cannot comment on whether I think she will make a good Phyllis. I know the coma angle can account for any changes in personality. So I not expecting GT’s Phyllis to like MS’s Phyllis. I think I going to approach it like I would a whole new character. My secret wish is we find out when Lauren shot Shelia who looked like Phyllis at the time, she really shot Phyllis and Shelia was been living Phyllis’ life since then. But I might be the only one who would like that twist.

the only recast that is failing at the moment is Billy. They should have given the character a break like they did Phyllis and Adam. Then he comes back as a new guy. One new failed actor after the next is a complete turn off. The terrible writing doesn’t help matters or make him rootable in the least. I think GT is a fine actress and she will do great as MS’ successor.

@Geena, Cady as Kelly is hardly a successful recast, IMO, since the character went from mildly interesting and quirky to weird and dull overnight. Also, Gina would have been a great Kelly recast, but the verdict is out on her Phyliis, until we see her in the role. Although I feel she is a good actress, we’ll see if she can be a decent replacement for Big Red. And the bad recasts aren’t over with the nuBilly because Adam hasn’t been recast yet. That should be happening soon and will most likely be a hot mess, since MM fans will not accept Spinelli or another of Jill’s buddies as the new Adam. Jill had better get a “great” Adam or it’ll be an epic fail. JFP has her work cut out for her recasting the role of Adam.

I don’t understand all the negativity about Y&R AT ALL ! To me, the show has not been this good in years and is very similar to what Bill Bell used to write.

Slow pacing, new generation of Y&R core families, great dialogue, realistic situations… that is what makes Y&R such a unique show. Yes, some episodes can be somewhat boring sometimes, but the same could be said during some of the best eras of the show.

Remember the Sheila saga ran for almost 3 years, Brad was trapped in a cage by Lisa for months, the David Kimble storyline lasted more than 2 years… Time is what leads to huge payoffs.

JFP has restored the tone and pacing from 25 years ago. Can you really say the dramatic tension between Christine, Dylan, Avery and Nikki in recent hospital scenes about Paul’s fate with new variations of the Y&R theme in the background is not “classic Y&R”, really ?

So you are not interested in a storyline that ties Paul and Nikki closer together and treats us with great flashbacks from the early eighties ? You are not curious to know about this new son ? You are not curious about the repercussions for Victor and Nikki, Paul and Chris… and certainly soon for Adam if he discovers his father has developped a friendship with his wife’s son rather than with his own son ?

How is that possible for a Y&R fan ?

Dylan is the best written new character in years and Steve Burton a great portrayer (why so many bad comments about him by the way ?).

Regarding the introduction of new characters, that is often highly criticized… New characters are what keep things fresh on a soap. The secret is to tie them to veterans and tell intergenerational storylines… The death of Jeanne Cooper reminds us the Y&R of 2030 can not be about Victor Newman, but will be about a new generation of Newmans, Abbotts, Chancellors. We have to accept these new portrayers and their characters. If not, then what ? Do we want the show to die with Eric Braeden ?

What is not to love about Hunter King, Max Ehrich, Steve Burton, Sean Carrigan, Mishael Morgan, Robert Adamson, Matthew Atkinson, Ray Wise, Camryn Grimes, Melissa Ordway, Angell Cowell, Redaric Williams and now Burgess Jenkins (who looks like a younger version of Peter Bergman) ? If all those good actors are the future of Y&R, I am all for it ! With time, they will become the new veterans of the show.

Success comes with time on soaps… Bill Bell wrote the show for 25 years, Brad Bell is at B&B since its first episode in 1987… The ratings are not as good in June as they were in February… just as every year… and just as every year, they will go up again at the end of summer… No need to worry and ask for a revolution every week !

So, people, watch the show… not the ratings… This is much more enjoyable !

From France where I live and where we love the Bell soaps, this constant negativity about your shows is really not understood and seems strange…

Let the writers write, trust them, because they know where they want to go and you don’t, enjoy the shows as they are, not as they were in your memories…

Yikes! You are serious, right? BTW the ratings matter. If the ratings keep dropping, Y&R won’t be around for 2020, let alone 2030. Also, most of what you love about Y&R most long-time US viewers don’t. And — using the theme music for scenes eliciting sympathy was tacky since JFP fired the original composers of the great Y&R music, but in the end that may be the least of her atrocities. If Sony wants out of the soap biz, then keeping JFP in place will most likely be what they want to do (rumor has it her contract is up for renewal before the end of the month).

Well, there’s slow and well executed, and then there’s slow and badly executed. If you’re going to pace slowly (which I agree would be in keeping with the show’s character from years past), you have to have the skill to do it in a way that holds interest. Bill Bell did. These writers don’t (actually, I don’t think Jean Passanante can execute a story successfully at ANY speed). I suspect you wouldn’t be reading so many comments about the slow pacing and the stories dragging out if people were finding the story beats satisfying.

ITA with you. Back in the day, the slow pacing was part of the tease– before VCR’s, internet and DVR’s, before previews and spoilers, viewers had to watch every day– so there would be just enough to whet your appetite without giving too much away all at once, so you would be motivated to tune in the next day to find out what happens next.

I remember waiting for Victor and Nikki to kiss for the first time, it took months, and every so often it looked like they were on the verge of doing it– then there will be an interruption, and the cycle was repeated until eventually they kissed and when they did– it was great, because of the build up.

But like you said if the pace is too slow and you’re not throwing the audience a bone, a tease, a reason to watch tomorrow, then that isn’t anticipation that is just annoying.

Sadly I think the art of proper timing of stories on soaps is a lost art– the ones that should slow down are rushed, like Neil and Hilary’s relationship coming out of one night watching basketball–so no one is invested in the outcome, and some are so slow by the time they are concluded no one cares anymore, like Jill and that music box

the younger viewers arent tuning in because thrs nothing dynamic or exciting for the ‘ young” and ‘restless” set!!! kudoos to the new patio set at the gcac ,now can we fill it with the younger characters!!!
enjoying the new romance between summer and austin even if it was rather sudden! for some reason the younger demographic loves lily and cane but lately they ve been so lame-o together even if lily is awesome playing bitchy to hilary! since that couple gets attention why dont the writers reintoduce tyler as a foil for lily and cane now that abby s dumped tyler and redaric was best when he was pining away for lily. redaric had so much potential and reminded me of a young sexy shemar moore. we havent seen redaric s tyler in a while, pls dont tell me hes being phased out:(

I do want a more active younger set but why is this Austin who is still a stranger to me, getting more airtime than Noah and Fen combined?? Summer is dumb, Courtney is dull. Noah is so lacking in direction he’s only good for bartending and Fen is absent. The only guy I see as desirable is Tyler. He is young, good looking, self made & successful. JFP said the younger demo was more intelligent and savvy so how about she portrays her young characters as such?

The actor who plays Fen has had time off to be on Under The Dome.
As for Noah, he has had airtime lately, but no real storyline. Hope he
gets one soon – just hanging out with Courtney isn’t enough. I love
Noah! Tyler had no personality, although I liked him in the beginning
sorta. Don’t care now if he ever comes back.

It is a sad, rather pathetic situation going on at The Young and the Restless. They have let the riveting actors and their characters go — and they have let us, the loyal viewers down, and they have let slander and defamation go unchecked on the internet when they are in a position to put a huge curb to it — causing us, the fans, to see the EP, SONY. CBS in an unethical if not immoral light. Mistakes were made, But it is a tv show and things can get fixed. It was such a great show for so long that its viewers are r-e-a-l-l-y loyal and – could be – forgiving. So, Ms. Phelps if you are have the wisdom your hiring should have ensured that you — get with your bosses – the Ms. Angelica person, Mr. Kent, Mr. Mosko (whomever these important people are) and call the people on Mr. Muhney’s website: here are their numbers – Mr. David Rose @310-656-0400 and Mr. Dorfman @ 323-656-9900 and do what people in your position are capable of doing – make a good deal – a deal the participants feel good about – make it happen. Bring back Mr. Muhney as Adam Newman. His acting can glue this show back together.. and make the other indispensable character, Eric Braeden’s Victor Newman – believable and worth watching again.

So – some people were jerks. Not good – not good that you all run a business that had such an unprofessional environment. But, you can fix it and you can fix it fast. Please do so. You will make a lot of people happy and show you know how to run a classy operation and get a once great, now struggling show back to being worth watching. Please hire Mr. Muhney back as Adam Newman. Thank you.

The entire Winters family umbrella stories are so bad. Give them their own spin off or something so they won’t use up oxygen that could maybe be for a good storyline or two for what Y&R was originally envisioned to be.

It’s not the Winters family, it’s the writing. I’m amazed these actors can deliver these lines with a straight face. I know sometimes I find myself laughing out loud at dialogue that is supposed to be serious but is deadpan ridiculous! These actors deserve better. I mean just look at Lily, her character has changed so much she’s unrecognizable and, worse, unlikable. I still haven’t gotten over how they cannonized Father Todd when he visited Paul, he was rather saintly and not at all the character I remember. The Winters family could be a great family, but not as long as they’re all being written like spoiled children. Y&R used to be better than this, and it could be great again.

AND, when Dylan came to following his surgery, after apparently nearly going to the other side, only Avery was in the room. No monitors, no IVs, no medical personnel….only Avery who had to rrruuuunnn to find a doctor.

Y&R has had its day in the sun. Those many cast members who are leaving in droves are very wise.

It is near rare to find anybody who likes Y&R, actually..
Most all have nothing good to say about it.. (including me…

How could it possibly be #1 .. something is not right..

(is CBS paying off Nielsen lol )

Because the internet comprises of less than 5% of the viewing audience. There are people like myself who are in the key demo who happen to like Y&R. Is it perfect? No. But I am a GH refugee (the show became too campy for me) so Y&R is now my soap fix.

I have to say Y & R has been slow and having a difficult time right now with its flow; however, I have watched it for many years and will continue to watch it. Y&R and The Bold and The Beautiful are my faves. Story lines are like ebb and flow. It happens to many shows. Yes, right now Y & R is very slow, but I have no need to stop watching it. I do miss Billy Miller and Michael Mulhey (sp), but if in fact MM was acting inappropriately ethically to others then he should have moved on. No behavior as stated when he was let go should be tolerated in any workplace. Y & R will survive thru this slow time, but I am ready for it to pick up! One final comment I am tired of the rankings being based on 18-49 market. Those who are older tend to have more money to spend with advertisers!

Interesting characters and good plotting makes for excellent soap opera. Y&R is lacking on both. Gina Tognoni coming on as Phyllis is a great move. Now how about bringing back her mother Lydia, Robin Strasser would be perfect for the role
Next we need a Billy with some life in him, John Paul Lavosier would be good.
Then we need a good looking Kyle who can also act, a Ryan Sypek type. Then bring on some recurring characters to bring some real texture into the show, where the hell is Murphy? Then we need to replace Dylan with a real hunk like Scott Elrod.

It’s simple, the show is awful under Jill Ferren-Phelps, fire her and the head writers, hire competent staff and things will pick up.

The show just won 9 Emmy awards, the most wins they had in years, so you really think the brass with fire her now? She knows how to work the system, to appear more competent than she is. The fact is no one in charge really thinks anything is wrong with the show. We viewers are like the canary in the coal mine, only once we start dying off ( stop watching) will they notice something is amiss. Maybe when the ratings slip so bad they will put two and two together and realize their golden girl is tarnished.

Yes they did so she is here to stay! Ask yourself this when was the last time Y&R threw you a curveball? For me finding out Kevin was Michael’s brother did not see that coming! Last time you cried real tears? For me Cassie’s death in 2005 still makes me break down! I have loved this show forever but 2005 and on it has been a slow painful death for me! Hope someone over there get’s a wake-up call!

Mary SF…you make a very valid point and (of course) I totally agree with what you’re saying. More and more, Jill Farren Phelps reminds me (in general) of ALL POLITICIANS…being a LOUSY LIAR. Of course, politicians DO NOTHING BUT LIE. Furthermore, in terms of lying, Jill Farren Phelps is NO DIFFERENT…PERIOD!!!!!

Take care, Mary. XOXOXOXOXO

I didn’t say that I thought she would be fired, just that she should be. The Daytime Emmys are a joke, the best soap GH doesn’t even get nominated and the worst wins.

Mary, I wish I didn’t have to agree because it’s actually that bad, but I do. If the ratings dropping to an all-time low (and Tommy L. Garrett @HighlightHollywood said he has seen the ratings for the week following July 4th week and the ratings are even lower, if he’s right it will be interesting) don’t turn things around at Y&R, I’m afraid nothing will. If JFP’s contract is up for renewal on July 26th as rumored and her contract is renewed for 3 years, then Y&R will remain under her dictatorship and she’ll most likely remain even if she is pushed by the brass to put in “fixes” (the problem with this is that she will choose the fixes, like a new co-HW or whatever is deemed the magic cure to ratings woes. If she works the show the way she works the system, Y&R will sink even lower). I believe Jill’s contract will be renewed for 3 years and Sony/CBS will do little to nothing to fix the problems at Y&R, even though JFP may make some new hires to the writing staff, etc. to appease fans. I don’t feel Sony wants to deal with it now; as a micro-manager Jill handles pretty much everything at Y&R; they may want to give her time to turn it around. She will push for her job by pushing a new “stunt” in an attempt to get ratings up. That will be ‘Who Killed Ian Ward”? No, I don’t see much of anything changing at Y&R right now. I’ll be stunned if JFP is ousted. JMO

@k/kay— the last time I cried had nothing to do with what they wrote, but when Katherine said goodnight to Jill and went up those stairs– I knew in my heart of hearts that was Jeanne Cooper’s last scene—cried like a baby.

As for surprises– it would be difficult for any soap to surprise me because I’ve been watching so long, know how soap writers think. But when Dylan first came on I had no idea they would make him Nikki’s and Paul’s long lost son, thought he was going to be related to Sharon— but in my defense of not seeing it from day one was I had no reason to suspect they would change Nikki’s history and invent a child that never existed before. If viewers knew of this child I think we could have put it together right away, but as soon as it was revealed she had a child no one knew of, we all knew it would be Dylan.

@ Mary SF Yes I miss Ms. Cooper also I would love to hear what she thinks about the state of things over at Y&R. I realize you have to bring on new characters to keep a show thriving I just wish I cared about any of them on the canvas. I mean that is why I removed it from the DVR I was hitting FF all of the time. Oh well certainly not the end of the world if I never watch again. I know certain family members are thrilled I do not watch! 🙂

While Y&R is certainly in a decline I’d hardly considering ratings that are from July 4th week as these are to be a tell tale of how any show is doing.

It’s not just about the July 4th ratings, the show has been setting ratings lows for months. Next week’s ratings are reported to be even worse. Y&R has never seen ratings this low, esp in key demos. That’s why it’s a concern and a big deal.

Next weeks ratings come during a holiday week. Most likely all soaps are gong to take a hit

And while I agree that Y&R has been hitting lows it is still the top soap in the 18 to 49 demo. And while GH is number one in the 18 to 34 demo it is a total of only 200, 000 viewers. No soap overall has ratings to crow about.

@Nicole, the holiday ratings (June 30th-July 4th) are those in the article above. JSUK Reports are that the week following the holiday week are even lower. That has yet to be seen, though.

I understand that, but a lot of people didn’t return to work until Tuesday of the next week. This is beginning of vacation season. I think all soaps are going to be hit in the weekly ratings through August.

You may be right, but Y&R has had months of setting record lows in demos, lows Y&R had not sunk to before. Still, the show may rebound in coming weeks. Fall could be a whole new story, and I have a feeling Sony will give JFP a chance to get the ratings back up. Soon it’ll be the “Who Killed Ian Ward?” storyline, later this year (or next) it’l be Paul’s new medical crisis as his body rejects the transplant. That will be potential fodder for Emmy wins. JFP will most likely kill off a long-term character at some point, Paul could be on her radar, but it could just as easily be anyone . . . That said, it’s purely my OP. I do expect the ratings to uptick in the fall, even if it’s just a small rise.

it’s utter devastation… how far Y&R has sunk

I have never left a show… and I did… when Sharon and Adam broke up…. just had it… and moved to GH

I am now… wondering… how Eileen Davidson will fare :

will she be relegated to the lab cooking up scent
will she be supporting character for nu/nuBilly and Abby
will she be a listening supportive sibling to just Jack

I do like the idea that she could be a cougar…. and go after Avery ex-husband

it boggles the mind some… that she chose Y&R over DAYS

it’s quite clear and evident… from fan summation… that Y&R falters, lacks, dived, taken a big HIT in ratings

Yes, this is a plug for DOOL

fans of Y&R looking for all the elements and serial recipe that held our attention…

Days of OUR Lives… truly does attain all the attributes … with only 4 shows, left… it’s the best of the best

the cast weave and thread of story… betwixt the older, middle and younger generation (s) are beyond measure… as it’s a seamless venture that the cast delivers … if it’s not for the story that pull… I focus in on the individual actor (s) talent

ratings for Serial attributes

2. GH
3. B&B
4. Y&R

I take my hat off to Michael Muhney’s fans who said they would tank this show, and are doing it.

Yep, Jill Farren Phelps’ firing of Michael Muhney has created such animosity with she show’s fans that it’s not going to recover. She made this mess out of her own arrogance. Y&R is sinking like the Titanic. So long!

I totally agree. I’ll never watch Y&R again unless Michael Muhney returns. He was why I watched and now there’s no other reason to do so. It sounds like Y&R is horrible now. I can’t stand Steve Burton. He can’t act!

Would you really want MM to come back to that mess? Too much has happened for that to ever happen and I do hope he finds employment again he is a good actor.

Maybe JFP can beg MM to come back. Rumor has it that she has tried and failed, but she may still find a way to make him an offer that he’ll take. If not, I wonder who she’ll hire to play the role. I had this bad dream that she hired Spinelli! Good thing is I woke up laughing. She couldn’t possibly be that inept, but we are talking about JFP, who has kept her pets safe while driving away fan faves like MM, BM and MS.

I heard The Hand had been recast as well. I noticed it looked different but familiar the other day, smallish male hand…? Nooooooooooooo! Not Spanelliiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! OMG! Not that. I can see JFP thinking having SB and BA as half-brothers would be quite a coup, but it was be another epic fail. MM was so quirky, is there another actor who can fit that style as he did? Gee, I dunno, but it’s time for Jill to pull out her magic wand and get to conjuring . . . Here’s hoping MM is returning her calls.

Muhney has moved on. He announced that he’s shooting a new movie and is in negotiations on some other projects. JFP blew it big time. Y&R had a future and now he’s gone. It’s her legacy: Soap Killer.

After the fire, Adam Newman comes out looking a lot like … Damien Spinelli! I’ve had this feeling all along, please don’t let it be true. I felt JFP believed BA could be an even better Adam! Just don’t let it happen. Ever. No to a SB and BA reunion on Y&R. Stone-faced (and cold) Dylan McAvoy and the new baby-faced (and extra geeky) Adam Newman! I jest, but no Jill. Just no.

I’m happy for MM if he has truly moved on and can find work elsewhere, but I am unhappy for Y&R and its fans.

Matt…dude…Bradford Anderson playing Adam Newman? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Bro…even though it was just a (bad) dream, at least you woke up from the dream LAUGHING…LOL!!!!! Me…I would have LMAO after a dream like that.

No they aren’t. The uneven writing is doing it, the show was fine before MM and it will survive without him.
GH gutted its cast and added a ton of new characters and changed it writing style and they gained viewers.

I hope once ED and GT start that the shows writing will improve. Because at the end of the day the writing for any soap trumps any actor.

I will continue to thread with… that Michael Muhney was Y&R

I think it’s the writers tanking this show.

Mostly it’s the writing, losing some of the best actors in daytime (and TV overall) hurt the show, too. But the writing is off kilter, there’s an emotional disconnect between the characters and the audience, and the dialogue is the clearest example … lots of people talking at each other and “speechifying” but the genuine “heart” of Y&R is missing. There are attempts at reaching the heart of viewers through the characters but it just feels so forced. Lots of rewriting history and trying to explain and change character behavior past to present and make it fit the storyline, but it’s at times overwriting to the poit it feels awkward and stiff. A good HW should be able to smooth this out and make it make sense, but Sony/CBS prob won’t be eager to change an Emmy winning writing team any time soon. Still, if the ratings keep sinking, something will give.

Prime Emmy are getting criticize because the good wife didn’t get a nomination for best show, so it’s good to know that GH is in good company and that major oversight s are made everywhere still for y & r to win so many awards especially best show is beyond right.

Dylan and Hunter need to GO! Ie Burton & King.
The challenge is to bring back Miller and Muhney AT ALL COSTS!
This is the reality they face. Ppl want the 2 stars back, and the 2 new pseudo stars fired. Its business, and that is what is required to regain viewers and keep this show alive. The canvas of newbies looks like a NEW SOAP! It aint working, so fix it.
Disgusting how Phelps has dismantled the best soap into a shadow of its former self.
None of my comments are meant as a personal attack on anyone, but an analysis.

Jo…your analysis is PERFECTLY SPOT ON!!!!! Thank you. And…here’s who else I think needs to GO:

1. NuAbby (To me, Marcy Rylan was WAY BETTER in the role of Abby. Melissa Ordway=No Thank You)
2. Tyler (b-o-r-i-n-g)
3. Courtney (That airhead has no being on the Genoa City Police Force. What in the HELL was Paul thinking when he hired her (or whatever)?!?!?)
4. Austin (dorky idiot)
5. Lily (who is W-A-Y OUT OF CONTROL)
6. Devon (who is acting like a clueless and lovesick IDIOT)
7. Hilary (If that chick is reformed, then I am The Tooth Fairy…LOL!!!!!)
8. Noah (boring, bland and blah)

Before I wrap this up, one thing: For #3, I meant to put the word business in-between the words no and being. MY BAD!!!!!

Take care, Jo. Peace.

Hi jaybird,
Thanks for your response. You are spot on about the others who need to find greener pastures!
How many times. How many different ways do we say the lot of newbies need to say bye.
I agree Marcy was a spitfire and they couldn’t keep her.
I will add Summer and Dylan to the list of expendables.
Check out Coronation Street from the UK. Its a really good show.
Even Bold is far better than Y&R these days, and I don’t mean to slight Bold.


Hey, Jo!!!!! Thanks so much…I appreciate it!!!!! Now…speaking of B&B…nowadays, the only 2 characters that TOTALLY WORK MY NERVES are Brooke (Honestly…how many more men is that HUSSY gonna go through…BLECH!!!!!) and ESPECIALLY that bland and annoying Hope (more BLECH!!!!!). Aside from that, I think that B&B ROCKS!!!!! Yep.

Take care, Jo. XOXOXOXOXO

I am barely hanging on by a thread waiting for Gina T’s arrival as Phyllis. The writing and production is abysmal. This once great show is FF material for me. How sad.

The few characters I’m still invested in are attached to unlikeable characters and terrible storylines. Even my favorite, Jack, is mired in Summer’s intolerable BS story and nuKelly, who I find very unlikeable and boring.

I would have loved Gina as nuKelly. She would have rocked that. She is a very good actress, but Kelly was a new character that Gina could have made her own while Phyllis is an established and there are certain expectations. That said, I hope she does well, and I completely agree with you re: nuKelly and Summer. I was amazed I warmed to CW’s Kelly despite the writing, but I lost all those feelings as soon as Cady stepped into the role. Wish it weren’t so. Also as hard as it was for DT to resume the role of Billy, it would have been better for the writers to write for DT and make accommodations than to recast with someone even more awkward. JB is just not right for the role, stiff, doesn’t look the part and middle-aged (Billy should be Kevin’s age for goodness sakes!) Goes back to my thoughts about Gina as Kelly, she would not have seemed to old to have been involved with DT’s BIlly, as was the argument for recasting Billy with JB. OMG! This is sooo confusing. What the double-hockey sticks is going on at Y&R?! BTW I started watching GH last week! I already like it, but B&B and Days are still my faves.

@MattsPlace, I second everything in your post. Glad you are enjoying GH.

that’s where I’m at. there is so little to enjoy. I have no emotional attachment to any of the stories or new characters. They don’t give us a reason to care! The vets are left supporting the newbies when it should be the other way around! Poor AH is stuck between two lackluster pairings and Chelsea is in no man’s land. Please give me my Chadam reunion. It cannot be that difficult to find a new Adam.

I know. I used to be a Vicky fan, now I’m finding her unlikable. I like Chelsea, but I do not like nunewBilly. So, more FF for me. I can watch a week of episodes in under 2 hours.

1. Love K/Kay’s idea of Mrs. Chancellor’s sister coming to town, in a big way.
2. My dislike of Dylan isn’t because of his connection to the boss, he’s
boring, dull.
3. I would rather watch old reruns of Y&R than this current show, which I seldom watch since January.
4. Just a question, is Jill Faren Phelps related to the head of CBS?

No, JFP is not related to the head of CBS, as far as I know. She is a great negotiator. That and her Emmy wins will keep her in place at Y&R for the foreseeable future. Sony is unlikely to have anyone lined up to take on the responsibility of Y&R. Despite rumors that Sony is ready to cut her aloose, I do not believe she is in any danger of leaving (being fired/replaced), even though she may be a bit “uncomfortable” (lumps in the ole throne!) that her stay at Y&R is this bumpy this early in her tenure. She might have fared better if JG had stayed, his writing certainly wasn’t as jarring or erratic, but it’s rumored that JFP and writers have a love/hate relationship, from what I’ve heard but it could just be conjecture. Still, most writers she has worked with never work with her again. Anybody’s guess why, but there’s almost no chance she’s leaving any time soon, despite claims to the contrary. JMOb

Hi MattsPlace,
I don’t understand why there isn’t a lineup of potential replacements for her job, afterall, how many soaps are gone.
To go into the #1 show and make so many drastic changes in a short period of time does not make the viewers happy.
If I worked in that field I’d be making a proposal to CBS, a business plan, what have you, ideas the fans would welcome.
Ms Phelps may be leaving sooner than we all expect. Hope she didn’t finance a new enormous home! haha.!

Hi Jo
Y&R just won 9 Emmy awards, so that prob will keep her safe for a while regardless, at least, unfortunately, it usually does. The tell tale is that her contract is rumored to be up for renewal on July 26th. If Sony renews her contract, then she’ll be hanging around. If the rumor is true, we may know one way or the other — soon! With any luck, Sony opts not to renew her contract. Fingers crossed but don’t hold your breath! I wouldn’t anyway, I just don’t believe she’s going anywhere just yet. Hope I’m wrong, though.

This show is beyond boring!

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: What Will Diana Tell Leo? Is John Really His Father?

This week on Days of our Lives, Judith Chapman is back for a one-day stint as Diana Colville when her son, Leo (Greg Rikaart) visits her in prison.

In story, Diana was sent to the slammer, for back in 2019 she tried to murder Marlena (Deidre Hall), and at the time she admitted (or claims) she falsified the DNA tests that originally proved the John Black (Drake Hogestyn) was Leo’s father. Leo turned his back on his mother and has not seen or spoken to her again.

However, recently Leo has visited Marlena as his shrink to try to get to the bottom of why he is the way he is. Upon Marlena’s suggestion, she advises him to see his mother.

Photo: JPI

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest on her upcoming key scenes, Chapman expressed, “Diana was not happy about him going to Marlena for help and Leo is like, ‘Yeah, Mom, I’m figuring this out because you messed me up so much in my life.'”

Judith teased,“She (Diana) stays in control so she’s not breaking down but her facade definitely cracks. By the time we finished the scenes, everybody who was in earshot started applauding. I thought it was just a token, ‘Oh, welcome back, Judith,’ but it was because Greg and I apparently knocked it out of the park. The director came out, threw her hands up and was like, ‘You did it, you did it!’ Greg and I hugged and just clung to each other for 15, 20 seconds.”

Make sure to tune-in to the Tuesday, June 25th of the Peacock streaming soap opera to see the showdown between Leo and Diana.

So, do you think Leo is John’s biological son after all? Do you think Diana will reveal something else that will help Leo figure out why he does the things he does? Are you excited to see Judith and Greg in scenes again, after years as Y&R mother and son, Gloria and Kevin, and then on Days as Diana and Leo?

Check out our recent Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interview with Greg below. Then, let us know your theories in the comment section.


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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives New Gabi, Cherie Jimenez, Debut Date Revealed; Shares She First Auditioned for Role 15 Years Ago

In a not-then-but-now real-life story, Days of our Lives incoming Gabi Hernandez, actress Cherie Jimenez took to Instagram on Friday after it was revealed by Deadline, that her first airdate as the recast Gabi is next week on June 27th!

Jimenez has replaced longtime DAYS star, Camila Banus in the role. Previously, Banus made the decision to step away from the part after taking on the role in 2010. Camila was with the series on and off through 2023. To facilitate her exit, Gabi was sent to prison for the murder of Li Shin, only she didn’t commit the crime.

Cherie shared her emotions on finally being able to talk about being the new Gabi Hernandez DiMera. She expressed, “WOW ✨🎬 My heart is filled with immense gratitude over the opportunity of a lifetime. I am GABI HERNANDEZ DIMERA on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES ⏳❤️‍🔥 It has been an absolute dream working on DAYS.”

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As for her time so far at DAYS, Jimenez added,”These past 7 months I have worked harder than I ever have and now I get to share it with the world. Everyday I walk onto set I am in awe that I’ve been given the opportunity to live my dream. I get to work with the most phenomenal & hardworking cast and crew I’ve ever had the honor to work alongside.”

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Jimenez, thanked among others the series producer, director and writers for trusting in her including: Janet Drucker, Noel Maxam, Ron Carlivati and Ken Corday, and her agents for helping her along the way in her show business journey.

She concluded with the most ironic twist of all, Cherie recalled, “At 22 years old an audition for the role of Gabi on Days of our Lives came into my life. It was not meant for me then. Now 15 years later at 36 years old the universe told me I was now ready to step into this role…Thank you ✨ …I am just beginning ✨”

So, are you looking forward to the debut of Cherie as the new Gabriella Hernandez DiMera? Comment below.

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Arianne Zucker Reflects Back on the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape with Donald Trump, and Speaks to Her Exit from Days of our Lives

It’s been eight years, but somehow seems like ages ago, that Arianne Zucker was thrust into the mainstream public limelight, unfortunately not for her work as Nicole on Days of our Lives, but for the Access Hollywood taped that surfaced when former president Donald Trump  and current Republican nominee, visited the set of the (then) NBC soap opera, and met Zucker.

The tape captured a hot mic moment between Trump and then ‘Access’ host Billy Bush inside of their bus which featured lewd remarks about Zucker between the two men.

Speaking on the moment, Zucker opened about it on Rachel Uchitel’s Miss Understood podcast, where the video version of the interview is now on Uchitel’s You Tube Channel. Back in 2005, Arianne was the scene partner with Trump in his Apprentice/Days of our Lives crossover appearance, because her character of Nicole was at the time a gold-digger.

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Zucker shared of her on set experience with Trump from 2005, “I had a great experience. He was lovely, and I had no idea anything behind the scenes was happening. So, it never affected me.” Next in October 2016, Arianne says she it got a call from her manager at the time when the Access Hollywood tapes came to light and that is when she first heard about the situation.

The actress and life coach reflected back, “Everybody has spoken poorly about somebody in their lifetime. I don’t care who you are, everybody has, it’s just people get caught on camera doing it. Unfortunately, that happens all the time. And if you’ve ever gone to a fraternity party, these things happen. So (when she later read the taped comments) I’m going, ‘sounds like something my fraternity guys I know would say.’ But I just didn’t see it in the way that people were seeing it.’”

Expressing why she never made an official comment when the press were asking for one, Arianne revealed, “I didn’t make a comment though, because I was in fear of losing my job. So I didn’t say anything.”  She added, “I felt attacked by the media because I knew all they wanted. I mean, the biggest thing was to get Trump off the ballot. I was like, that is not my job.”

Later, Arianne explained she felt she received no protection from the situation. “I got no apology from my place of employment. I really got no apology from NBC. I felt I had no protection. ”

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DAYS fans are counting down and not happily that about six weeks from now, on July 29th, when Zucker makes her on-screen exit from Days of our Lives. After being fired for standing up to Corday Productions for on set sexual harassment and discrimination charges, the actress formally filed a lawsuit she has brought against her former employer which includes charges of wrongful termination.

Zucker said on her upcoming departure from DAYS, “I will not say how I leave the show. I do respect that we don’t want to share that. We want the fans to be excited and enticed.” However, Arianne confirmed that the character of Nicole is not ‘killed-off”.

So, what do you think of Arianne’s comments reflecting back on the Access Hollywood tapes media frenzy with Donald Trump, and her upcoming exit from DAYS? Weigh-in. But first, check out Ari on Rachel’s podcast below.

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