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Red Carpet Fashion & Favorites At The Daytime Emmys Photo Gallery! Who Rocked The Style?

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The 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys brought out the stars from your favorite daytime dramas,when they hit the red carpet. Attendees were treated to an array of the most beautiful people in show business – the soap opera stars.  Their looks ranged from: fashion forward, traditional award attire, to simple and understated.

On-Air On-Soaps has put together a photo gallery of 30 looks that feature some of our Best Dressed Women nominees, Best Dressed Men nominees, and Best Dressed Duo nominee picks that we pointed out on social media during the live red carpet. Plus, some longtime favorites who got into the the mix  at daytime’s most glamorous event of the year.

From The Bold and the Beautiful’s Reign Edwards, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Rome Flynn, to General Hospital’s Matt Cohen and Michelle Stafford, to Days of our Lives, Billy Flynn, Camila Banus, Ximena Duque, to The Young and the Restless Christel Khalil and Hunter King, to favorite duos Melissa and Scott Reeves, Kassie and James DePaiva and more, take a look at a sampling of some red carpet looks after the jump!

After you review let us know who you think was the Best Dressed Man  … Best Dressed Woman … and Best Dressed Duo … on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys 2016!

NOTE: Remember to view the gallery you can either view as a slideshow, or to go to the next group of images hit the NEXT GROUP icon to the right of the + sign!

[slidepress gallery=’redcarpet2016′]
Photo Gallery: Hutchins Photo

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I thought they all looked nice but the best that stood out for me we’re Michelle Stafford, Jacqueline M. Wood, Camryn Grimes, Christel Khalil, and Felisha Cooper. I also thought Jacob Young with his son looked amazing, so did Christian Leblanc & Max Ehrich.


Kassie DePaiva, Pierson Fode and Michael Stafford look fantastic.


I loved Jessica Collins’s gown the best.


I think Christel Khalil, Maura West, Kelly Monaco, Michelle Stafford, Gina Tognoni, and Melody Thomas Scott looked amazing. Many of the others are showing far too much cleavage. Sometimes less is truly more. Of course, Max Ehrich, Matt Cohen, and Freddie Smith looked incredible. They’d look great in potato sacks.


No favorites. They all looked terrific.


Most were way over-dressed.. too much

Days guest star;
Ximena Duque

was classy- the winner ..


I love Kassies black dress. I dont care for Michele Staffords dress as it looks like bandaids holding it together but just my opinion.


Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans were the classiest and most gorgeous!


Tracy Bregman – MUCH improved from last year where she was literally competing with 18 year olds who themselves are trying to look older when they go out to a club. It was a gorgeous pattern and colour.
Teresa Castilo – Classic and flattering
Rein Edwards – With her skin colour and softer make-up, a dress that could have easily looked vampy and goth was elegant and sophisticated.
Kelly Theibaud – Hair, makeup, dress were on point.
Kassie DePaiva – Age appropriate, fitted her beautifully and looked very classy.
Jen Lilley – Didn’t love it at first because of that vertical thing that lead to her collar/neck, but seeing it a few times it’s grown on me. The peach with teal accents worked
Jaquline Woods – WOW! That is a dress! Glad she kept the hair simple to keep the focus on the attire.
Chrishell Stause – I don’t know what her secret is for a body like that, but Snowden needs to leak the deets pronto! Her whole look was fab from head to toe.
Camila Banus – She has great taste. Another beautiful gown, with a lovely soft purple overlay, and lovely face and hair.

Patsey Pease – I love this women but she has no taste in fashion. Sorry!
Sofia Parness – She has such a lovely figure. Why wear a sack with no shape?
Mary Beth Evans – I wished she dressed more elegantly. She didn’t dress like a winner.
Linsey Godfrey – Usually she has such cute taste, but this was a fashion risk I do not support.
Lauren Koslow – Purple for Prince and always a little edgy rock and roll. But it didn’t translate to me.
Kate Linder – G-d bless her.
Hunter King – It looked like she couldn’t breathe!
Gina Tognoni – Thought I liked it, then I really didn’t.
Camryn Grimes – Oy. Not a fan of that slice on her side
Arianne Zuker – WHY??? One of my favourite leading ladies with looks to kill, and now nearly every year she insists on these hair extensions that are just not good on her!
Jessica Collins – That pale pink was too pale for her skin tone. Plus, I’m just not a fan of dresses with that kind of fit up top by the breasts.

Melissa Reeves – This woman has exquisite taste and I generally love her choices. I loved the dress (her arms! Holy Shmoly!!) but I was put off by that too slick back hair. More volume!
Maura West – The exact opposite of Melissa Reeves- cute hair, bad dress.
Kristin Alfonso – I can’t make head’s or tails! One picture I love the hair and waivey-ness of the dress and in another, that top bodice is too hard.
Heather Tom – she took a risk with a bold pattern and I applaud her for it.
Finola Hughes – Sigh. Her 7645th black and/or white dress. Where’s the fashionista who had a style show?

MEN- just the “bests”:
Shawn Christian
Rome Flynn – LOVED his bright suit!! He looked so fly!
Brandon Beemer
Billy Flynn
Matt Cohen

Shelley Rafuse
Shelley Rafuse

My Fave, Kelly Monaco looked absolutely stunning!!!!!!

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of July 16, 2018

This week on Days of our Lives, hell hath no fury like a Gabi (Camila Banus) scorned!  Now out for revenge after receiving devastating news that she can never conceive another child, Gabi has switched the DNA results to make it appear to Abigail (Marci Miller) that Stefan (Tyler Christopher) is the father of her unborn baby.

How far will Gabi continue to sink to carry out this lie and to give payback to Stefan and Abigail as her alter “Gabby” for sending her to prison for a crime she did not commit? Is her former lover, Chad (Billy Flynn) collateral damage in all of this?

Meanwhile, Brady (Eric Martsolf) prepares to say goodbye to his son, Tate after losing custody of his son when the judge rules in Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) favor, but will fate intervene, allowing Brady to keep his son after all?

Check out more teasers for this week’s DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo for this week’s episodes via NBC here.

Now, let us know which story are you most interested to see play out? Comment below 

Monday, July 16

JJ takes the fall in order to help Theresa

Tuesday, July 17

Gabi takes Stefan to task and reveals her resentment towards “Gabby

Wednesday, July 18

Wracked with guilt, Eve admits to Chloe she’s partly responsible for Brady losing custody of Tat

Thursday, July 19

Claire asks Ciara if she’s moving on with Ben

Friday, July 20, 2018

Will receives a shocking note.




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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ben Fights Off His “Killer” Instincts As Rob Scott Wilson Delivers Power Performance Of The Week

In Days of our Lives’ version of Beauty and the Beast, in this case Ciara (Victoria Konefal) is the ‘beauty’ and Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) is the ‘beast’ she is to tame, last Thursday and Friday’s episodes illustrated to us where this duo could be heading in the future.

But first things, first.  The situation took a horrifying turn for Ciara, and for Ben, when he runs into the cabin beside himself!  He informs Ciara he went to the pharmacy to get his prescription but the police have swarmed the place.  Getting more and more agitated, Ben tells Ciara, he blames her, and her mother, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) for putting an APB out on him!  Ciara says she didn’t say anything to her mother.   But, Ben is losing his grip on reality fast and he desperately needs his meds.  He’s on edge and begs her not to call Hope, as he can’t go back to the sanitarium.  Ciara tries to calm Ben down and insists that she won’t to that to him, but suddenly, he becomes more unglued and stomps on her cell phone!


Next, Ben is hallucinating thinking he has handcuffed Ciara to the bed – the same thing he did to Abigail!   He sees Ciara in the handcuffs.  Ciara tells him she is not in them and to look at her hands.  All of a sudden, as she tells him she is on his side, and will help him through this, he calls her, “a lying little whore, just like the rest of them.”  Ben thinks she believes he is a ‘killer’ like everyone else, because she has now grabbed a knife to defend herself.

Ben tells Ciara that maybe he hasn’t changed at all, he is a serial killer, and now that he is off his meds he sees things very clearly. Ciara tries to calm him down and assure him everything will be OK.  When he closes his eyes and then opens them, he still sees that Ciara is handcuffed to the bed.  Crawling more and more out of his skin, Ben begins to hear his father, Clyde saying, “She’s lying to you, boy …trying to fool you … the same as that slut Abigail.”

Now, Ben hallucinates that Clyde (James Read) is in the cabin, egging him on to strangle Ciara, red necktie and all!  As Ben fights off his father’s attempts to make him do heinous things to Ciara, (he even hears Clyde telling him to burn down the cabin), yielding a knife Ciara calms Ben down saying Clyde is not really there.  Ben admits he doesn’t know what’s real anymore.  Ciara puts her knife down and offers her hand to hold on to. Ben takes Ciara’s hand and sits down as Clyde’s image fades away.  Ciara begs Ben to run to the pharmacy to get his meds. She promises she will not use her phone.  Ben exits.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

However on Cliffhanger Friday, Ciara is engulfed in flames in the cabin, with no Ben to be found, and Rafe (Galen Gering) getting a signal from her cell directing him and Hope on a collision course with Ciara and Ben.

Throughout the two episodes of Ben’s battle with his sanity and how he is haunted by what he has done to others, and vacillating. between reality and delusional, Rob Scott Wilson illustrated once again, that given the material that his performances of Ben are mesmerizing. Wilson’s scenes make you stop whatever you may be doing, and take notice.  That is why Rob is our pick for the “Power Performance of the Week.”

So, what did you think of Rob’s performance?  What did you think of what happened in the cabin between Ben and Ciara? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Breaking News

DAYS Camila Banus Lifetime Movie ‘Killer Caregiver’ Set To Premiere July 13th

While Gabi Hernandez is about to show her dark side on Days of our Lives, her portrayer, Camila Banus looks to also be playing a not-so-nice caregiver in the upcoming Lifetime Movie, Killer Caregiver!

In story, after a woman is wounded in an accident, a young and attractive live-in caregiver moves into her home where strange and dangerous events unfold until the woman discovers her caregiver is hell-bent on destroying her life!

Camila stars along with Nicole Hayden and George Stuts.  Killer Caregiver is directed by John Murlowski.

Look for the movie to premiere on July 13th on the Lifetime Movie Channel at 8PMEST/7PMCST

So, how much do you love when Camila gets to play the crazy bad girl? Will you be checking out Killer Caregiver? Comment below.


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Video du Jour

This week, a shocking move leaves Victor stunned! What will happen when the mystery around J.T. is revealed, and the fallout from it begins? Check out this explosive promo from Y&R. Leave A Comment

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