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REPORT: ABC Has No Plans To Cancel General Hospital! B&B To Get Renewal!



There are no more dedicated and passionate fans than soap fans! And on that note, refusing to let anymore of their favorite soaps die painful deaths at the hands of network executives, they let their voices be heard and now all their efforts are seemingly paying off!

Early this evening, Deadline. com posted an item that General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful are more than likely to be renewed as soaps have staged comeback! And for GH, if you look at where they were over a year ago, that is quite sensational!

According to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva: “I hear that CBS is poised to renew The Bold and the Beautiful and ABC has no plans to cancel General Hospital (the series is on a perpetual production track and doesn’t need formal renewals if the network wants to keep it on the air). CBS’ Young & The Restless, the highest-rated daytime drama, is two years into a three-year pickup, and casting and pre-production on AMC and OLTL is in full swing. Daytime soaps’ improving fortunes is not a coincidence. After years of ratings erosion, numbers for the daytime dramas have stabilized, and they’ve even posted year-to-year gains this season.

So what do you think of the report that GH and B&B getting support from their network and staying put?  What do you think about the resurgence of the daytime soap opera?  Weigh-in soapers!

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Dont know about Amen…has anyone checked out the GH sucks online?? Most long time fans of the show are really pissed off about all the sloppy and stupid storylines lately. Its just a matter of time…

Amen! I hate gh now! The storylines are stupid and very boring. I hate all the changes the new writer has on the show. I enjoyed the old gh with Jason, Sonny and the mob. I so like the other writer we had before

Thank god I thought I was the only one. Been watching for as long as I can remember, but Todd as Franco and Starr Manning as kiki.. come on GH, what are you thinking.. O!! Obviously your not.. Hate that I will no longer watch going to try one of the other networks, they couldn’t do any worse. TaTa..

I’m thrilled GH saved. Have been watching for
40 years. Seen it all. On a big upswing for
Storyline s in 2013. Looking forward to many
Years ahead.

I think GH has turned into a hot mess. Too many story lines and everything disjointed. Each scene lasts between 10 and 30 seconds with at least 4 story lines. I’ll keep watching but this is the worst group of writers. They need to fix it. How many lives does that obnoxious Heather have, will someone please put a stake through her heart. Kiki is terrible she seems to always have one stupid look on her face.I been a viewer for the entire 50 years and the way they are going it won’t last too much longer.

Love that GH has finally got ABC’s support… Hope they continue to get the support that they need from fans as well. Love GH

Dec 20 and 23 episodes are the same (old). What’s up? GH is about the only show I like to watch anymore.

Just wait until Ron Carlivati starts getting even sloppier in his writing in 3…2…1…

I’ve been thinking the same thing. The last few years of One Life to Live were a mess (i.e. Stacey, the Ford Brothers, Messica, Mitch’s return, etc).

90% of that can be blamed on Frons messing with planned stories and forcing certain actors on the front burner. Notice how without Frons meddling in things how much better GH is story wise?

Obviously you don’t watch any of the other soaps if you think Ron Carlivati is a sloppy head-writer. His OLTL had a few bumps — what show doesn’t? — but by and large was HUGELY entertaining (I’d venture to say an almost perfect blend of humor, romance, and drama) with the last year of the show kicking every other soap to the curb. His teen bullying storyline was phenomenal (check out Y&R for proof of how not to tell the same story) and his Oliver/Kyle romance story was amazing. Carlivati is the best head-writer working these days, possessing both a respect for a show’s history and an ability to create umbrella stories which weave all the characters together.

I’m thinking that Alan must be on Ron Carlivati’s payroll. Definitely not based in reality.

We can’t all be on the payroll..

This is directed to Jim,

I found your response to Alan very insulting. Just because we happen to love GH now, we are on Ron’s payroll AND not based in reality??? So whatever you decide goes? I don’t think so. GH isn’t perfect, but it certainly is much better than what it was during Phelps years. In my opinion, and I don’t want to insult you to say that if you view it differently, you need a psycho exam, but GH during that time was dark, dreary, depressing, had no humor, no heart, very violent, and had revolved around only 3 characters…I won’t mention their names. I’m very happy with GH and don’t consider myself a patient waiting for admission to Ferncliffe!

I”m very excited for the shows upcoming anniversary and who else will pop in. Please think hard about insulting the fans who do enjoy show now. Not based in reality my a$$!

I had to quit OLTL the last year it was on because it became so unbearable to watch…for me. Hopefully Carlivati has learned a lesson from that mess and keeps up the good work. I don’t like all the stories on GH that he has going on right now, but things are sure better than they were a year ago.

Your certainly entitled to your opinion over whether you enjoy a shows storylines, but isn’t it nice for YOU to make the decision to NOT to watch a show then have the network make that decision and CANCEL a soap so you don’t even have a choice?

I gave up watching GH during the Phelps years and it would have taken a complete overhaul of GH for me to have come back…guess what, I have and love it now. They have made GH fun again and gave the actors exciting material and made them WANT to come to work. It’s gratifying that so many former faves are returning to celebrate GH’s upcoming 50th anniversary. Even if most of them are short term, this never would have happened under Phelps and Guza. Nothing happened like this for GH’s 40th anniversary.

Revisting the stupid vampire story has been a misstep. The whole poison in the water story was lame and then putting Robin into Jerry Jacks hands is another one; enough with the cartoon characters; they don’t need em, not when they write such good stuff!! Look at Trey’s story.. not a fan of Christina, Connie or Trey but the ending of this story was so very well done and sad. Bravo to stories like this.


Totally agree with you, story writing is terrible. Many longtime fans agree.

This is to Robbyrob,
If you think that RC is some writing god you are the one that needs help! The bullying story line was done HORRIBLY I know I watched it. RC is also the one that wrote the Teen parents story line and “glamorized” being a teen parent, drop your kid off with grandma and great grandma whom lived the majority of her life in a mental institution and go hang out at the mall with your friends or chase some dude around town trying to make baby daddy jealous, instead of being a mom to YOUR CHILD! Don’t worry about responsibility that is what your parents are for, You think it was Brian Frons that caused the horrible writing, guess what he was taking his cues from ABC! RC was also behind the STUPIDEST story line in probably the history of OLTL…..The 2 Todd Story line! Then RC went to Gh and ruined one of their most popular couples Jason and Sam, Tried making Connie in to another Victoria Lord with her D.I.D. Did yet another baby switch how original! Now he is doing the STUPID Vampire Story line! Gee can this guy EVER come up with his own ideas!!?? UM NO! He is bringing Caleb and Livvie’s son Rafe on the show, Really??? Funny how is he going to do that when ME is JOHN MCBAIN not Caleb Morley and ME is going back to OLTL AS JOHN!
RC starts off good and slowly you will see the crappy STUPID writing coming in and with this PC revisited thing it has already begun! You are entitled to your opinion and OLTL fans know what you are going to get, because we have been threw it!

i agree with daniel 100% GH is doing some better in ratings
but i am a sonny and jason fan and am disappointed in the way
jason was written out , rc did not respect his character or his history with the
show, i love maurice benard as sonny and he is the main reason i still watch
i do love me and rh but think the caleb story is kinda out there but did enjoy
him on port charles with livy

also am a fan of the mob storylines just my opinion but if he continues with
the boring elq storyline and aj everyday the ratings will not improve

he needs to re visit the history of the characters people want to see

it is good to bring back the ole characters for a short time but its getting
kinda of to much of the oldies

and connie needs to go or bring back kate, too much of her

I completely agree with you, epically the part about RC not respecting the characters or the history of the show. GH fans will see more of that RC and FV both love to throw the history out the door and write whatever they want and the ratings will pay for it. They also have their “pets” that get the MOST air time and all others will kinda be there! You’s will also see storyline’s being dragged out so long that the fans will literally not care by the time of the “big reveal”

I agree with Alan on 1/26 at 8:40a.m.

I never found OLTL to be unbearable in all the years I have watched it. Alway’s
liked OLTL. Have no complaints about the writing or anything a matter of fact.

Hope it NEVER gets cancelled.. EVER…

For those in the statistics fields, there is only one constant fact: ‘The numbers do not lie.’ I am very pleased to find out that all of the soap fans have been heard loud and proud and that our strong demands have been met. I only regret that it took ABC/Disney so long to figure out something so elementary in the eyes of the soap fan community; which is quite more than what meets the eye.

This is awesome! I’d be lost with out B&B!!! I’ve been a long time fan. I love GH, too!! Glad to hear that they’re here to stay! 🙂

So glad to see the R.I.P. has been removed from OLTL and AMC.

B&B is awful right now, but this is good for the soap genre as a whole.

This is good news! I’ve been impressed with Laura Wrights work this year on General Hospital. She delivered some tear jerkers when she took the scissors to her hair! Bravo Laura!

I totally agree!! That girl has loads of screen presence and has chemistry with everyone she works with! Bring on the tears …

I like her new hair-do! That red dress she wore the other day. Looking Good!

Too bad we have not seen her in awhile . Where is she??

What’s happening to Days of our Lives?

It already got its renewal a few weeks ago!

I have watched GH for 4 decades and if it wasn’t for the fact that they are bringing back Vets and that the OLTL roles are out I would have stopped watching after Edward’s funeral/ tribute. I have never been more disappointed in the convoluted campy writing over the past year than anything else. They better start writing some storylines that are GH – romance, adventure and those story lines that pull at the heart. They are writing these s/l that could have had such a great impact and it falls short every time! They better get their act together or I will stop watching.

The OLTL roles aren’t out. Some may reprise their roles on OLTL, but neither the characters or the actors are leaving GH.

It’s a shame that you haven’t found anything much to enjoy, because if the show hadn’t brought in the new writing staff and production team, the show would probably have been cancelled long before now. It has rebounded under the new regime, bringing in new and old viewers, instead of consistently losing viewers as it had been doing under Guza and team.
The vets you’re enjoying are back only because of Frank V. and Ron C. We never would have seen hide nor hair of them under Guza or JFP. The previous regime murdered off or sent most of the vets into the backburner. It’s only now that we’re seeing the remaining ones featured, and old favorites returning.
The storylines aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea, that’s true. But IMO the show has heart again, it’s no longer the Sonny/Jason/Carly hour, nor is it a sick murder/mob fest.
I’m grateful for what we have. GH may have its off days, but it’s no longer painful to watch. Now it seems like the show I too started watching more than 40 years ago.

I totally agree with you! GH is better than it has been in years. There is a respect for its’ history, for the Qs and for the fans. After the deaths of Alan, AJ and Emily, it seemed like the Qs were on perpetual backburner. The resurgence of Port Charles’ premiere family is just one of the many reasons I love watching again. Thanks FV & RC – you’ve made GH my favorite soaps again!


Sorry dude but ME and KA are going back to OLTL, ME is supposed to pull double duty due to RC & his stupid a$$ Vampire Storyline, KA is going back as Starr, RH is going back but for not as long as planned which means he can go back to GH but he will not go back as Todd, that character like John and Starr are owned by PP. GH FV RC NOR ABC have any rights to them characters, They are legally owned by PP and have been legally taken back by PP. Maybe you should read up on things…..

You can leave anytime, GH wont miss u. They have gotten more fans in the last year with that convoluted campy writing. Ur just not happy, the rest of us r!!!!

GH is losing fans by the day………………Sick and stupid story lines………………

are you kidding? This is the best GH has ever been!

I totally agree with you(TRW).

Really? Wow. I’ve had such a different reaction. It’s by no means perfect, and yes I agree there’s sometimes more campiness than I’d care for, but as boes says above, it’s not a sick murder/mob extravaganza any more, and I can watch it now without its being painful. People act like recognizable human beings, and the mob characters are actually allowed to feel some consequences, occasionally, from their lifestyle, rather than being glorified and having morality and ethics turned upside down to make Sonny and Jason always the heroes and always right.

I guess it was inevitable that some people were going to be disappointed with the new direction the show has taken, but I agree with boes: the ratings were tanking under the old team, and it was on its way to cancellation, but now the ratings have rebounded, some terrific performers like Finola Hughes (and now Genie Francis, wow) are willing to come back (which they would not have before), and I’m actually interested in the characters and what’s happening to them. I think ABC realized in 2011-2012, when the ratings started diving even with Vanessa Marcil back in the mix, that the mob angle had been milked for everything it had to offer (long since, in my opinion), that people were tired enough of the mob focus that even VM couldn’t bring in the ratings for mob-based stories, and that they needed to try something different. I’m just thankful they did find another approach to try, rather than cancel GH outright as they did OLTL and AMC.

I also don’t understand the fuss about the OLTL characters. I count three–Starr, Todd, and John. That’s hardly enough to take over the show, and I don’t think they’ve done that. There have always been new characters added as others leave; why shouldn’t they be from a successful show? I could see the criticism if half the GH characters were now from OLTL, but it’s three, with occasional visits from two or three more.

(By the way, I’ve also been watching almost 40 years–started in 1975 or 1976.)

The OLTL characters are going back to OLTL and the actors/actresses will become someone else on GH. It’s only fitting, since ABC screwed OLTL in the first place. As for the writing they have had their moments, but because of PP their s/l are being interupted. RC/FV ruined the characters of John McBain & Todd Manning for GH ratings-they are not the same as when they were on OLTL. Much better then. Will miss Michael Easton but you can have his Caleb character! I won’t be watching GH anymore now that OLTL is coming back-with or without Michael Easton!

Your statement that the actors are going to play new characters on GH is purely speculation. There have been no announcements, from PP or ABC, that this is going to happen.

Kim let’s say that the actors stay on GH (( and from the article I read they are not)) they can not stay on GH as “Todd” John and Starr, those characters are owned by PP and they have already legally taken back them characters. So it stands to reason that they would have to play completely new characters…..


You are correct, they can not stay as Starr/John/Todd. There are so many articles saying various things. The fact is we do not know if the characters are going back to OLTL permanently or temporarily. If it is permanently, we do not know if ABC will make new characters for the actors. They could be let go.

Hi Kim,
That is just it, PP does not have to do anything for ABC and Personally I would not let the characters go back, I would let the character of John go back for a SHORT to finish up that stupid Vampire Story line but other that no hell no I would not “help” out ABC at all!
I don’t think ABC would be able to pull off making them actors into other characters, to much would have to be changed and your right would it really be worth it?

I don’t believe ABC/Disney about my General Hospital. We’ll see……………

No matter how wonderful the news is or how great things are going, the negative/pessimistic people just can find joy in it 🙂 ..

I am happy and long the soaps.. !!

this is awesome..glad ABC is listening..we are dedicated daytime watchers and it feels good we are being heard..thank you, Michael for posting this..

For one GH fans NEVER TRUST ABC! Don’t ever trust anything they say! Us OLTL fans heard the same thing had the same articles about Oh OLTL fans can breathe easy ABC has no plans of cancelling OLTL and guess what happened? They have all ready leaked it twice that they are cancelling GH, 1 was that they were going to cancel it shortly after the 50th Anniversary, The other one was that it was being cancelled in the Fall! They have stated time and time again that they don’t want to do any kind of scripted daytime programming IT IS TO EXPENSIVE!
Ron is a Crappy writer and GH’s story lines will go down, I say shortly after the Alumni are gone! Ron will basically recycle OLTL story lines on to GH ! All I’m saying is don’t be duped by ABC they lie in the blink of an eye, OLTL and AMC fans know first hand!

The axis has shifted from a year ago. The audience has stabilized and good producers like FV have gotten the budgets under control. GH isn’t going anywhere for a while.

You keep thinking that TRW…..Out of the 3 shows that were on ABC OLTL was the only one that always came in under budget, And guess what ABC cancelled it anyways, OLTL was number 1 out of the 3 shows in the ratings and guess what they cancelled it, OLTL’s audience stabilized and they still cancelled it! FV is not a great producer at all IMHO!
ABC is playing the same game with GH fans that they played with AMC and OLTL fans….Rumors of it being cancelled, then articles just like this one “ABC has NO plans to cancel Iconic shows AMC and OLTL and BAM they are gone. Someone said ” they are listening to the fans”……ABC never listens to the fans, nor do they care about the fans. Sorry but after what ABC did, I will NEVER EVER trust anything they ever have to say and GH fans should be prepared is all I am saying!

I agree again with(TRW).

Oh and “General Hospital (the series is on a perpetual production track and doesn’t need formal renewals if the network wants to keep it on the air).”
ABC is not stupid they did it that way so they can cancel them anytime they want, ABC is sneaky!!!!

ABC is also plotting to kill your puppy *rolls eyes*

You think ABC is trust worthy Good for you! Being a dedicated AMC and OLTL fan for Decades I know first hand they can’t be trusted and I am not the only one! Make sure you keep thinking that when you are watching the last episode of GH on ABC!

Good news. However, if I were making the decision, I might have cancelled B&B. That show has been poorly written for several years and its current state is an embarassment to what it used to be. ATWT was not in great shape when CBS axed it but, even in its final form, it was superior to the rehashed garbage that B&B is putting on the screen these days.

WooHOO!!! I love GH and want 50 more years! Stopped watching B&B and will not go back unless major storyline changes occur! Way to go GH!!!

OMG, you love vampires??

I don’t trust abc or Disney but time will tell.

I don’t trust ABC! Time will tell after many viewers go to OLTL and AMC.

I agree Cathy and June!!! When the ratings start to drop we will see what articles are published then!


The story lines suck. Bringing back characters doesn’t make up for sloppy writing for those that were part of the show when they brought the OLTL actors. They alienated viewers and am sure the excellent GH actors that were shoved aside to make room for the newbies from OLTL. I hope OLTL actors return to their show and maybe in the future they may be able to entice Jason (Steve Burton) and Robin to return.

The OLTL characters are going back to OLTL…..

It’s been well-documented that that hasn’t been worked out yet. You can have your opinion, just not your own facts

Here ya go Troy,

“As I previously reported, Prospect Park has in fact already legally taken back possession of the characters of Todd, Starr and John—all currently airing on General Hospital. It’s important to note, I said the “characters”. As I clearly reported a few days ago, Howarth, Alderson and Michael Easton are all under contract with ABC Daytime.

The brass at ABC Daytime is hoping to secure a deal which will allow those characters to eventually return to GH. However, they will be leaving”

So yea the characters have all ready been taken back by PP, the question is if they go back to finish up story lines on GH and fpr how long…….

There has all ready been press leases by PP that they Characters have legally been returned to PP AND OLTL! That is not an opinion that is FACT!

The only thing that is yet to worked out if they can is IF PP is going to let them characters go back for a short time! I don’t really for see that happening!


I’m sorry, but the deal regarding GH/OLTL with PP has NOT been worked out yet-Jeff Kwatinetz from PP has said so. Just wishing it were the other way doesn’t make it so

Steven will not return, have you been watching the sloppy storylines on GH lately…have you checked out the replies fron all GH fans on General Hospital Sucks>??

Great news for the soap opera industry

Glad they are finally getting support, but I’d be happier if they signed a long-term contract with these soaps to keep them on the air and quit having these yearly “Will it get canceled” stories.
I think the networks are finally realizing that talk shows no longer make daytime TV what it is and that fans love their soaps!!
Seriously, there isn’t a nightttime TV show on the air that is firing at all cylinders like GH has been doing!

I agree on all counts

I think it’s great. I can’t imagine a world without soaps. They have been around since TV was invented and will always have an audience.

I agree with you Linda!

I am happy that GH has been given a temporary reprieve. Please long time fans, don’t let a couple of strange storylines keep you from not watching the show. They need viewers now more than ever! Aren’t you just loving the Patrick/Sabrina/Britt story? The nurses ball will be fantastic! That kid who plays Emma is incredible!

Make no mistake and don’t trust the network. The only thing that has kept GH on the air to this point, is the fact that they cannot find a replacement show that has caught on. I believe they really soap fans to just shut up and go away.

To GH fans, never trust ABC. As long as your soap is in their hands, your never safe. ABC lies constantly, and doesn’t care about their audience one tiny bit. Beware!

haa ABC does not conspire against us soap fans, they have no need to..
ABC/D will do what they want when they want without giving us a thought, and that they have proven..
They do not lie… They do not even talk to the press nor communicate us ..
ABC/D would not waste their time or effort to lie to soap fans they just do what they do with no excuses or explanations.

Really Su000,
I guess you do not remember all the LIES ABC/DISNEY told AMC & OLTL fans huh?? Oh we are not cancelling them…..Keep watching to save your shows…..Etc, and those statements and many more were made by ABC!!!!
They don’t talk to the Press? They just do what they do with no excuses or explanations, what are you on???

I am very happy for the entire soap genre right now. But I have a hard time trusting anything that ABC/D says. Their record speaks for itself.

lol and what has ABC/D ever said to soap fans? yet to lie to us lol
nothing that I recall ..

if referring to Frons he is an idiot but he is not ABC/D nor can he speak for ABC/D , just his own actions and still he did not lie either he was just stupid. lol ..

So Frons could not speak for ABC? You do realize that he worked for ABC as the Head of ABC daytime Where do you get your Info cause hunny you need a new source cause the one you have now is making you look silly! Who do you think Frons took orders from? ABC that is who, he was just used to do ABC’s dirty work!!!

agree 100 100% with daniel frons was a stupid idiot and he screwed up oltl and amc and abc sucks

the only show i watch on abc is GH nothing else and have let the know that
not that they care about the viewers we all know that

I agree Wildheart! Their record speaks for itself!

Yes Im am soooo happy …. :)))))))))

I really hope TPTB have finally woken up and realize these iconic shows (the final 4 daytime dramas) are what keeps loyal viewers tuning in. I’m excited for the cast, crews and fans.

That said, ABC/D’s history has proven they should be taken with a grain of salt. Color me cautiously optimistic.

I love GH I have watch for over 35 years, glad they are keeping it but they have kind of lost me.Yes I want Robin to come back but the the one women and the girl they have picked for Patrick can’t watch it anymore he is to great of an actor for this.but out of all the soaps GH deserves it. Go GH!!! heres to another 50.

I want Robin to come back real soon also! I don’t like Britt (Dr.)… She admiitted to Emma she doesn’t like her either…Britt is self-centered . She wants Patrick but
not his daughter. Emma is part of the package they comes with Patrick. Robin needs to come back ASAP! Enjoying GH more & more each day!!!!!!!!

Finally ABC is giving GH support…. besides us the fans we will always support GH but it’s nice to hear that ABC is doing the same!!!!!!!

GH is doing so much better number wise without the Jasam show. Statistically indefinitely the worst couple the show has ever had. The most air time the least ratings. This would not have been possible if Steve Burton had not left.

Good news, but I personally don’t like B&B. I’m happy for the fans of that soaps, though.

I realize this won’t make me too popular, but I don’t care. GH is complete crap & getting worse each year! Writers constantly recycling boring mob stories that are way over the top. Horrible storylines & the filmed as opposed to videotaped effect is like watching something in primetime. I believe these endless vet returnees are a sign they’re about to pull the plug & put it out of its misery, finally. The vets are just dancing their last dance before the show goes black. If GH is still around in another few years, I’ll be shocked to say the least. There will likely be some hype about it going online. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the show at one time (circa 70s to early 80s), but it’s now merely a soap that bears the name of a show I once knew. I don’t recognize this one anymore. And when the final curtain is drawn & the cast take their final bows, don’t say you weren’t told this would happen. I had the good sense to stop watching in the mid 80s. Too bad it wasn’t cancelled then! Vintage GH (1970s to Early 1980s) RIP

I am glad that they are keeping soaps on love them

This is way too funny.. ABC saying they will keep General Hospital, yeah right. They’ll only keep it till 2014 then BYE BYE. Boy do people forget that ABC has lied over and over again to soap fans…your gonna take their word? I sure as heck wont.

The story lines on General Hospital now are the EXZACT SAME ONES that were run on One Life To Live. Thank God One Life To Live has new writers and don’t have to cow tow to ABC anymore.

Kate/Connie maybe somewhat of a copy of Viki/Niki but i dont see how the rest of the show is an exact copy. Did Dani write a love novel and have it stolen like Molly? There are no teen preggie storys on GH. There werent any possible vampires on OLTL. Clint didnt loose his company and fought over pickle relish. GH is reliving mostly its own past history and many fans are loving it. We dont know yet if the new writers for OLTL can do a better job or not so i wont judge until i see it. I want the shows to succeed online but even if it does will it outlive its network run?

Pleeezzze don’t even consider taking off the last of the soaps. I truly miss oltl and amc so terribly. I cried when they were take off. I did my daily chores as a mom around them. Dr. Appts everything were based on them. What r the future plans of my shows. Some of them I started watching at 11 tears old I am now 53. Concerned faithful fan..

I love General Hospital with all my heart!!! I love how the show has rebounded in the ratings, as well as story wise, under FV and RC!!! I’ve been watching since I was 11, and am now 43!! GH is my absolute favorite, and I pray that ABC can be trusted, and GH will be staying on the air. Otherwise, I will be an emotional wreck!! I live to watch my GH EVERY DAY!!!

Its got to be killing GHs budget having back the old botoxed former regulars on
I can see GH being canceled and end up online. as ABC did say at one time they wanted out if producing Soaps. Now their acting like how OLTL was before it was canceled.
Watching GH is like watching BAD reruns of well we do have the same regurgitated storylines from that show.

I have watched this soap since I was 16 yrs old. I am going to be 63 yrs old and they all have been part of my daily routine, I have taped the through the years as I continue to work even now. This soap is truly part of my life and wouldn’t know what to do if it was not on. I let’s me relax after a busy week and I need a brake from the reality and stress of the real world. I hope they will continue on as I am not sure what. I will do without each and every one of the actors and actresses. The story line / writers have a tough job as the continuing saga continues. Keep on each and everyone of you …… Each and everyone of you are part of many people’s lives…….. Thank you for all of the years.

How much longer will we have to watch the terrible story lines that have been going on so long. What’s with the same actors coming back with a different character. Don’t get it!!!
GH has been a favorite of mine for a long time, but thinking of giving it up. Too stupid!
Hope you change or it will be the next soap to get the ax.

Someone needs to ask the baby boomers who are now able to be home to actually watch the soaps. We worked all our lives and maybe would like to watch out favorite soaps. We are certainly the ones that are paying attention to the advertisements. General hospital has always been full of suprizes; that’s part of its charm. Taking actors of the screen for just a short time and bringing them back as someone else is in bad taste; especially when you put the girlfriend with the brother . I’m thinking shower seen and all a bad dream? Oh, recast Jason if you can’t get him back!!!


I have been watching GH since 1977. This past year has been near unbearable and now the boys kissing almost makes me puke! All this gay crap on every single show…Yes I am anti-gay and will not apologize for having morals. The gays are taking over the world.

What if your young grandson/daughter came to you and said “Grandma, I need someone to talk to. Some of the kids at school are giving me a hard time and I didn’t do anything wrong. They just don’t like it that I’m gay.” Who would YOU stand up for?? Would you look at your grandchild and tell him/her that you don’t like it either and those kids are right? Don’t be so stuck in the stone ages. It’s always been around, we’ve just turned a blind eye to it. Now a days people are more accepting and it’s about time. ~Tina~ Wife and mother of 3 grown boys, and I wouldn’t have a problem if any of them were gay! They’re still my sons and I still love them!

Did I read that right? Are AMC and OLTL coming back? I am disable and my soaps were MY shows. I’ve missed them. But I don’t know if recasting most of or the entire crew would be the same. Even if all the store lines picked up where they left off. I’ve been watching the soaps on and off since I was a teen. I remember babysitting my newborn cousin during Luke & Laura’s wedding and praying he wouldn’t wake up and need to be changed or want a bottle. Thank goodness now we have DVR’s!! LoL I remember the Ice Princess and Luna & the aliens on OLTL. Luna’s Death as well as the death of Jessica’s 1st & 3rd baby on OLTL. I could go on and on. What I’m saying is unless you get the same actors, the show just won’t be the same.

I am thankful that General Hospital is still broadcasting. I am glad Todd/Franco and Star/Kiki were able to stay by changing their characters. I enjoy watching them in their new roles. Since OLTL was cancelled GH seems to get better everyday. Thank you ABC for keeping General hospital,

My mother-in-law got me hooked on GH back in Aug.1964 after my daughter was born. GH is as much a part of my life as my family.
To take them away like you did with OLTL & AMC, which I started watching with each new baby I had, was like attending a funeral in my family. Please . . . no more funerals! Get rid of some of these JUNK
shows you have now, like the ones that replaced my afternoon soaps.
Enough of the TALK shows; reality shows; game shows, etc. It’s not just ABC; other networks have lost their perspective on what WE want.
Just when we find a good show, you cancel it & replace it with something bad. Nielsen ratings only show a tip of the iceberg; ask ALL the viewers!

All My Children

51st Daytime Emmys: Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa Receive Talk Show Host Nominations

On Thursday, nominations were announced in the Outstanding Talk Show category for the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo, All My Children) coming off his first-year as co-host of ‘Live” with real-life wife, Kelly Ripa scored his first Talk Show Host nomination along with Ripa who has been nominated previous times.

Joining Mark and Kelly in the race are: Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View
Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk and
Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall.

Photo: CBS

As previously reported, The Talk is coming to its end when its upcoming 15th and final season ends in December of 2024.

The 51st annual Daytime Emmys are slated to be broadcast and stream live on CBS and Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th

Look for the full list of nominations to drop on Friday morning at 12 noon ET/9 am PT.

So, are you rooting for Kelly and Mark to win their first Talk Show host award together? Comment below.

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All My Children

Mark Consuelos Celebrates One-Year Anniversary as Co-Host of ‘Live’ Alongside Kelly Ripa

Today, April 17th marks a full-year since Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo, All My Children) took over the co-hosting duties of ‘Live” alongside his wife, and longtime co-host, Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley, All My Children).

Consuelos replaced Ryan Seacrest who are six seasons decided to be back on the west coast full-time. For Consuelos, now having the opportunity to work off of Ripa as co-hosts has been something of adjustment for him, but viewers have been eating it up.

Live with Kelly and Mark has remained the No. 1 entertainment talk show on television over the past year, growing 3% in average total viewers to 2.23M per episode.  It is also the most-watched daytime talk show in the last year in key demos of women 18-49 and women 25-54. All of this, since the real-life marrieds teamed-up.

Photo: ABC

Speaking with Deadline, Kelly Ripa shared why the two are gelling on-screen, “I do think that there is something very possibly relatable about our relationship. We have disagreements like a normal couple, and we’re not afraid to let them unfold on the air and in front of America, and I think people find a lot of themselves in that.”

Mark weighed in how he has progressed as a host, and what he could improve at, sharing, “I’d like to get better at my interviewing skills. I’d like to get better at reading a teleprompter…I think I’m getting better at throwing to commercial. The other day in the middle of the show as we go to commercial, my sign off was ‘See you guys around.’ I mean, the show wasn’t over. The most obvious thing to say would be, ‘We’ll be back right after this.’ But I just said, ‘See you around.’ So we went to commercial and one of the producers (goes) ‘What was that?’ I don’t know… So for the next few sign offs, as a joke, I’d say ‘See you around.’ We got a kick out of it.”

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Kelly has given huge props to Mark, “I find Mark utterly compelling, really interesting, super funny, and he’s bold in a way like nobody else. He says what’s on his mind. If he’s thinking it, he says it.  I’ve done this a long time and oftentimes people will adjust their natural personalities to pander to what they think the audience wants to hear, and Mark will tell people what he thinks, and he doesn’t care if it’s not a popular opinion. It gives him an edginess that I think is really missing in the landscape today. Everybody’s so afraid to say anything, and Mark is unafraid to say exactly what he’s thinking.”

In a statement, Debra O’Connell, President News Group and Networks, Disney Entertainment shared, We could not be more thrilled with how Mark has seamlessly joined the show family as permanent co-host. His undeniable charisma and his and Kelly’s natural chemistry are evident as they deliver the laughs and smiles to our viewers each morning. We are incredibly proud of how Live has continued to evolve and that the audience is responding so enthusiastically.”

So, do you think Mark Consuelos is the best co-host his wife Kelly Ripa has ever had on ‘Live’? How would you say he is doing as co-host after one full year on the job? Comment below.

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All My Children

Susan Lucci Joins the Cast of Jonah Hill’s Movie ‘Outcome’

Look who will be part of the ensemble cast in motion picture and film star Jonah Hill’s new film project! That’s right, none other than Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, All My Children).

According to Deadline, the daytime television icon joins other notables including Laverne Cox and David Spade who have been added to the cast of Outcome. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Matt Bomer (ex-Ben, Guiding Light) and Cameron Diaz.

In Outcome, which is written by, and will be directed by Hill, the dark comedy centers around Reef (played by Reeves), a damaged Hollywood star who must dive into the dark depths of his past to confront his demons and make amends after he is extorted with a mysterious video clip from his past.

Photo: JPI

Soap fans know that following her iconic run as All My Children’s Erica Kane, Susan went on to be featured in Lifetime’s Devious Maids in the role of Genevieve Delatour.  Since her Pine Valley days ended (when AMC was canceled in 2012), Susan has appeared in numerous shows and made numerous appearances.  n December of 2023, Lucci was awarded the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Photo: JPI

Outcome will debut on Apple and is an Apple Studios production. The film marks the latest collaboration for Hill and Apple Original Films, who are also developing a Grateful Dead biopic with Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions, to be directed by Scorsese, with Hill starring in it and as one of the producers of the project, as well.

So, intrigued to see what kind of role Susan plays in Jonah Hill’s new film ‘Outcome’? Comment below.

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