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UPDATED REPORT: Y&R's Kristoff St. John Hospitalized And Undergoing Evaluation

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Very early Sunday morning, a breaking news report surfaced from, that has The Young and the Restless popular star, Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) hospitalized and placed under a psychiatric evaluation following a harrowing experience for the Daytime Emmy-winning actor.

According to law enforcement officials, St. John was allegedly threatening to kill himself with a gun.

Those sources told TMZ, that St. John’s ex-wife Mia, called the police Thursday evening and told them Kristoff had been sending her photos showing him holding a gun to his head. When the police arrived on the scene, they confiscated two guns, and placed Kristoff under a 72-hour hold for mental evaluation.

However, Mia St. John has since refuted this on social media saying she was not the ex-wife noted in the TMZ item. In fact, in an update to their post, TMZ reported: “A rep for Mia St. John tells TMZ, Mia — Kristoff’s ex-wife — is NOT the one who called police or got the photos of him holding a gun to his head.”

On Twitter, Mia related 5 hours ago, “This is a LIE!!! You cruel inhumane pricks!!!!! I demand you recant this! @TMZ” and added “You F-ing liars!!!! Take this down immediately! Or I am suing you! @TMZ”  In a more recent post, Mia tweeted,  “Ppl plz don’t believe the gossip on trashy news re my x @kristoffstjohn1 i’ll be putting out a statement w/ r FRIENDS @etnow soon #TheTruth

Sources close to the Y&R cast member related to TMZ, that the two-year anniversary of the death of St. John’s son, Julian, who committed suicide was fast approaching on November 23rd, and that had the actor emotionally distraught. (Note: It is actually going to be the third-year anniversary of Julian’s death, not second, as reported earlier by TMZ.)

On-Air On-Soaps sends are love to Kristoff at this time, as he has remained one of our dear friends and colleagues for decades, which always makes it difficult to have to report news like this.  Please send your well-wishes his way in the comment section below.

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Very sad news indeed! Wishing him well and hope he can resolve his emotional problems.

So heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine the emotional trauma and loss of having lost a child, let alone one by suicide. Such deep despair…difficult to overcome. I hope he can find the strength and help to continue on with his life with as much happiness as he can find.

Sending loving thoughts his way from B.C.

K, You’re in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time! My sister’s 16 year anniversary of her death is today. The pain of losing a loved one will always be there despite the time elapsed! I love you, my dear friend! Get better!!

Hi im so sorry to hear this ! I love kristoff have ever since he started acting on y&r ! Praying for him n that he makes a full recovery ! Come back to us soon kristoff we love u !

get better

My thoughts and prayers are with Kristoff and his family. There is nothing more painful than the agony he suffers and fights to live through. Praying for him the day will come he can learn to live with the loss of his son. He is a magnificient actor. I adore him as Neil. Come back to us soon.

This is so sad. I’m going through a trying period myself right now. I hope Krisoff gets the help and love he needs. XOXO

Please know that all of our thoughts and prayers are with Kristoff and his family. Hope that he gets the help he needs to heal his sorrows.

my heart is breaking for you. I hope you know that there are a lot of people in your corner that care about your well being.

No words, my heart is heavy for the man.
This is unspeakably sad.

I don’t watch Y&R but I hope there is some way he can find to live with this loss. I can also imagine what his ex must also be going through. To lose a child is bad enough, but this way leaves the ones left behind with all the guilt. They will spend the rest of their lives second guessing themselves about not being there. Doesn’t matter if they had no idea. I will pray for the whole family, and the soul of the son. Hope he can be helped. When someone really has resigned themselves to ending it. They don’t give you time to interveen.

Praying for a speedy recovery …..

All my prayers to Kris, and his family.
Depression is no joke.

Kristoff !!! Be strong and get well.

Kristoff, please get well. You have been a staple on Y&R, but more than that, we have a connection. Remember, your son is your guardian angel. He would not want you to go this way. You need to find peace and a way to accept Julian’s passing. Maybe yoga. You have other members of your family who love you and want you in their life. Namaste!

Kristoff, my heart and prayers are with you. Words will never do. Just know that you are loved. I empathize with your loss and the pain that comes with and after. You are not alone. You are loved. Take all the rest you need. Get your heart and mind in sync. Most of all…..just remember that you matter to many. Prayers to your family and friends. Sending love.

I’m hoping KSJ recovers from ROM his pain and sorrow and I’d like to know what the protocol is for all the soaps if and when this situation occurs.

Will Y&R/CBS/Sony require a submitted psychiatric report or want to have one conducted in order to continue employing him? Do the soaps use metal detectors on the performers as well as visitors?

Are psychiatric exams part of the hiring (and firing) process? What security measures are taken at the studios?

Some people commit murder, some commit suicide and some commit murder and suicide. All the soaps should take preventative measures to keep all their stars safe from their selves and each other.

I have no idea “ROM” appeared in my comment, scratch that.

Thank you, 4ever DAYS, for bringing logic and reason to this discussion…

No, thank you for not raking me over the coals, James.

No one should rake you over the coals for anything, 4ever DAYS! And certainly not when you are offering sound advice and consideration regarding the security and well-being of all involved in production of these TV shows. These shows are a workplace, just like other workplaces, and their employees/visitors should be protected against violence.

One of my favourites. I hope that the love of family and friends can help him get through this dark time. He’s always been such a shining light out there, and I hope he knows how much we all appreciate him.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

No one should have to go through such pain and loss. We are all thinking of you. You matter to so many. Please remember that when you feel broken. I hope you are able to get the help and support you need. Love from soap fans everywhere.

I’m praying for you, Kristoff. Be strong.

Oh, it pained me to read that. The loss of a child must be incredible, and I can’t begin to know what Kristoff has been experiencing for the past 2 years. I pray for his healing, peace, and recovery. Also praying for strength for his family.

Mr Fairman you might want to take this thread down his ex wife says it is nothing but a pack of lies!!!!

Thank you I hate TMZ they never get anything right! They managed to ruin another soap actor from that show’s career I would hate to see them do it to St John.

From what I can tell is that Mia St, John is taking umbrage with the fact that she was not the one who called police. However, the facts of what transpired with Mr St. John seem to be true.
Frankly, she seemed to be making it all about her.

You may want to turn your frustration towards Angelica McDaniel, the CBS Vice President of Daytime Programming, K/kay. She is married to Brian McDaniel who works or worked for TMZ. It was widely speculated that Angelica had her husband give TMZ the Michael Muhney/Hunter King story and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the same for the KSJ story.

I suspect Angelica McDaniel subscribes to the theory that any publicity is good publicity.

You’ll note that no one ever made TMZ remove, or edit, that story. Likely because it was 100% true.

Sending lots of hugs and love ❤️ your way! Get better soon!

This is very sad news. I hope he can find peace and gets help.

This poor man has been through so much hell. I hope he can come out of this because he really is a good guy to watch and he doesn’t deserve this kind of pain.

Very heartbreaking and I pray that he gets the help that he needs. Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing.

Kristoff, there are so many of us here who are praying for you, care deeply about you.
Please get well.

Thoughts & prayers I send you Kristoff St.John. You can and will beat this. I know things in life get the better of you , and dealing with traumatic or painful expirences can make you feel hopeless and like the road has ended. It hasn’t Kristoff, I’ve been where you are & I overcame any bad thoughts I ever had due to my love of family, friends, & god. I still deal with my depression on occasion ; but survive as you will to make it through each day. You are such a talented actor, and huge part of those who love you the most & to your family at Y&R,and the fans who love you too. Keep fighting my friend , you got this. The reality of losing someone to any suicidal act is devastating , I know people who have dealt with this & it stings for ever, you don’t want to it , your better than that. Believe in yourself.

Strength and prayers

Be strong and beat this

My thoughts and prayers will be with Kristoff.

Im lost for words…

This made me think of Brenda Benet, Jimmy. Remember her? It also makes me think of the safety for everyone in the workplace, including at the studios.

yes i do…i hope he gets the help he needs…back in the 90s i had a nervous breakdown and completely understand his thoughts…a combination of things and an unexpected death overwhelmed me…i got help and im here today!!

Yes, Jimmy, and we’re all so happy you persevered!

Sending prayers to Kristoff. Hope he gets the help he needs to heal. You never get over the loss of a child. Hope he could find some peace. Have faith.

So sorry to hear this about Kristoff St. John. He is one of my faves on Y&R! The mental health professionals please take good care of him!! Kristoff your fans care a great deal for you–hold on! Sending a hug to you! Your fans we love U!

Kristoff, praying for you . God willing they will help you. Love you♥️♥️ My heartfelt Prayers for you & your family. Please live for your family & friends that need you.

Kristoff, hang on to GOD’s hand for he’s the answer to get you through any situation in your life…YOU are LOVED by GOD and your fans…Keep the faith…

My prayers

My best wishes are with Kristoff St. John at this time and i hope he gets the treatment he needs.As for Y&R, my guess is they’ll write the character of Neil for a bit by having Devon and/or Lily say he went to visit his son Moses for some reason to explain his absence because i don’t see St. John going back to work anytime soon.

Kristoff…there are A LOT of people who love you and care about you. Always, always remember that.


We are all praying for you Kristoff!! Get some help and PLEASE come back to all of your other family @ Y & R!!! We love you so much!!!! God Bless you!!!!

I am stunned at all the support and well wishes posted here on this story. Sure, I guess we all hope that St. John recovers; that goes without saying.

But am I the only one concerned that a man with mental problems and psychological issues has plenty of guns at his disposal?

Yes, James, great point!

Shouldn’t any and all guns be taken away from him? Is there a law requiring him (and others in his situation) to be evaluated before he/they can have a gun?

How is Y&R handling this situation? How close are KSJ and Victoria Rowell?

Thank you, 4ever DAYS. You got the ball rolling on these safety issues…

yes…that is concern…especially what we have been hearing in news of late!!!

Thank you, Jimh. Exactly!

I am sure that that is one of the reasons why they have him in the hospital for psyche eval and such.

Thank you, Ashland.

The police confiscated two guns. I hope he does not have more in the house. No, he should not have guns.

Thank you, Mo!

I agree about the guns in general, but just wanted to point out that it’s clear that Kristoff’s depression is turning inward, not outward.
I think the only person he’s a danger to is to himself.
With a 51/50 he will be under observation for I think 48 hours.
This kind of despair, grief and depression packs a powerful whallop and no one can understand its power if they have not been through it.
I always loved KSJ. I remember when Neil Winters was a fresh faced kid straight out of Harvard’s MBA program and Drucillia was trying to win him over with her ballet and cooking prowess.
He’s one of those natural actors who is so good he makes it look easy which therefore, leads to underestimation.

Well first of all that was one of the issues Hillary was trying to discuss regarding more gun regulations. She advocated for keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill and expanding background checks. The fact that we need these things is so beyond obvious that it astounds that there are “supporters” who apparently still don’t see the need.

However, in this case (and I’m not familiar with Kristoff St. John’s history, it could be that he has legal guns which he might have obtained during a completely different time in his life, which unfortunately he turned to in his time of despair.

Personally, I don’t think this is the thread to discuss gun control or security, but just to send good wishes to this actor who is in great pain.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Rebecca. I totally agree with you on the need for more responsible gun legislation. As always, you make great, logical points.

My underlying premise is that some fans are so star-struck that they fail to see the big picture. Many fans have a knee-jerk reaction to send their “heartfelt” thoughts and prayers to the star involved in an altercation so that he gets the help he needs while dismissing the circumstances. An actor injures or kills someone in a car accident while driving drunk, and the fans are out in full force offering their sincere hopes that the actor gets the help he needs. An actor is accused of being sexually inappropriate with a costar, and some fans immediately attack the alleged victim in part because they don’t want to lose the handsome, talented actor whose character they have come to love and enjoy.

Do we as fans want the actor to defeat his demons quickly so that he is back on our screens entertaining us as soon as possible?
Do we as fans equate the actor with his charming, altruistic character (with whom we’ve been through so much over many years, in the character’s storylines) that we fail to understand the severity of the actions of the real person behind the character?

It’s the impact of the deplorable, sometimes dangerous, sometimes addictive, sometimes mentally unstable, sometimes criminal behavior manifest by the real person that must be held into account.

Thank you for your compliment, Jamesj75.

Well, I think you’ve brought up some valid points; I agree with all of them. As said, the need for gun legislation and expanded background checks is so crucial that it’s inconceivable that everyone doesn’t agree with this. One would think with all the shootings that have been going on for quite some time now that people would see how mandatory it is. Instead, he who shan’t be named made it seem like Hillary wanted to take away the second amendment and strip people of their rights to carry arms, when in reality she just wanted to have better screenings/checks, etc. Way to twist facts to work to one’s advantage…

As for defending an actor/actress just because we like their character or find them physically attractive…I agree with you there, too. When a certain actor was accused of being, as you said, “sexually inappropriate with his co-star” the wars that went on were ludicrous. Of course no one knew the truth and still don’t. But people were up in arms…(lil play on words considering the second amendment…)

With that said, while I understand your heart is in the right place, in this particular discussion I don’t think it’s about any of these issues. While we understand that guns are way too easy to obtain in this country, we still do have the right to own them. Even if we had tighter control Kristoff, may have no history to indicate he shouldn’t have any guns. It’s just a very sad, unfortunate life event that brought him to such depths of despair. Had he not owned a gun perhaps he would have threatened to swallow pills. There’s nothing to indicate that he would have threatened anyone other than himself. Just a horrible, devastating loss that he can hopefully come to terms with. Loss is the hardest part of living.

Rebecca, just a quick note to tell you I really appreciate your detailed, insightful response. As you know, I totally agree with you as well, particularly on this gun issue… Thanks for bringing humanity and tolerance into the discussion as well!

Thanks Jamesj75…likewise. 🙂

Hope he gets some mental health care and gets over this.



I don’t pretend to know the pain that you’ve been through in your life with the loss of your son, but I do know the challenges of mental illness and depression. I am praying that you find the strength that is in you to overcome this rough patch and be able to live the rest of your life being the strong dedicated and talented person we all known you to be.

I look at Y&R just to see you, I will always love you! Send now

I feel the same. He is my favorite.

I’m so hoping Kristoff and his family can get through these really rough times. I know how hard it is to lose loved ones, those that have been and always will be near and dearest to our hearts and souls. Thoughts and prayers are with Kristoff and family ! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

It isn’t clear to me what is true about this post.

Mia his ex has come out now look it up TMZ wanted to sensatiize some soap actors pain.

Kris you are in my thoughts and prayers – sending you positive, healing vibes xox

I hope he feels better soon his in my thoughts and prayers


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