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Robert Adamson Next Y&R Star To Defend Hunter King Against Social Media Cruel Comments!

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The Young and the Restless Robert Adamson (Noah Newman) has joined the ranks of several of his castmates, who over the last few days  have gone on Twitter in defense of the attacks and comments made on Y&R cast member Hunter King (Summer Newman).

The cruel remarks continue and come as a result of the allegations that fired star, Michael Muhney (Adam) groped King’s breasts, which was one of the key reasons for his dismissal from the series.

Adamson’s tweet quoted world-renowned German psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, beginning with “@HunterHaleyKing “The task we must set for ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity.”

The actor then finished his tweet with a message to those on social media who have been cruel in their comments:  “The way my friend is being treated is appalling. No one deserves it less. I’m sure it feels safe behind this twitter veil to be callous and cruel, but every time Hunter handles these comments with grace, she simply shows her ability to tolerate the insecurities of faceless sycophants. ”

Seems very apparent that the Y&R cast is asking for some kindness and sensitivity towards the situation …  can we all just be respectful from here on out?  We only hope by bringing attention to Adamson’s tweet, and by people reading it and what others have said before that, it might make people think a minute before entering a tweet or posting a comment filled with vitriol and hatred toward another human being.

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“…ability to tolerate the insecurities of faceless sycophants.”

with all due respect… to the “supporters” of HK

why not reach out to the fans… who’re reaching, in earnest… for.. what is going on behind the scenes… with the production of the once grand scheme of things… that Y&R ad nauseum dispels… #1

to come on… and entreat the fans to…. there’s so much more to this than “we” realize…
not verbatim… but we can go their

i think… it’s the demise of Y&R that is upper and foremost in our mindset. MM and HK will traverse their own path… without us

the state that Y&R is… is what’s the big pull… amidst all the squandering for semblance of ALL cylinders forward

FANS, and I, (?) don’t give a hoot… what TPTB.. push… it’s demeaning.. for the cast to preview… #1 and fan “appreciation”… when so much upheaval is absolute

however, misguided, these sycophants… real… is their passion…

I would hope.. that the Y&R production is “working” on delivering a product that showcases electric, genuine, replete with historical significance… and .. above all else… writing is tantamount to viewers responding

Wanna translate all that into English for us?

Right. Now I have frakin headache!

Wha ????? There might have been one or two good comments in there somewhere but it hurt too much to sift them out.

The person thinks he/she is some kind of intellectual. It’s a lot of big words to basically say that the show sucks and it will die if they don’t get better scripts.

To al those sending hate tweets to King, I say this: Every time you send a hate filled tweet you are just making Michael M look bad. Your trying to defend him, but your making yourself look aggressive, which he was accused of doing.
I don’t believe MM did this, Y&Rs actions show they were in fear of loosing viewers. So, tweet MM support, not King.

Yes, yes, and yes. And may I say MOST MM fans are doing what you suggest? In fact, many of them are as upset as the rest of us are for the mean spirited misplaced anger because, as you suggest, it makes not only MM look bad, it makes them (MM fans) look bad. I have been watching soaps since I was about twelve –which isn’t really something I should boast about. And in these last 35 years or so of being a soap watcher, I know there is s certain fringe element to soap fans. These are the ones who mix up fantasy with reality and say, march up to Susan Lucci and throw a drink in her face because Erica cheated on Travis with his brother. Or, the ones who sent Finola Hughes hate mail and/or death threats when Anna came between Holly and Robert. Social media has only exasperated this neurotic, borderline psychotic impulse. I think the folks who are sending HK hate Tweets and hate comments really see her as a fictional villain who is reeking havoc with their favorite soap hero (or anti hero). Honestly, I think with these types there is a disconnect between reality and fiction, and they forget that this very young lady is a flesh and blood person with feelings. As you assert, not only does this make MM look bad, it makes soap fans in general look bad. Really, most of us are intelligent, educated and relatively sane group of people. Really!

Responding to self: Having said that, I think it’s perfectly fine to pick on Sparkle Pony from GH because she is an insipid, vapid, uninteresting, impossibly perky- perfect, goody. two shoes-FICTIONAL character.

It’s always sickened me how people feel safe to spew hate safely tucked away behind their computer. Even if the allegations were not true, it is none of our places to bash a person like Hunter with our comments. We are allowing social media to turn us into a society that spews negativity and hate no matter the cause or what side we stand on for the sake of being heard. Why? Because there are no consequences.

It’s too bad that we can’t focus our finger pointing energy toward something positive. I don’t have the answers, but my stomach aches for every party involved, especially Michael’s kids.

You have to understand internet bullies..
These people coming out in defense of Hunter is fuel for the fire..
When a bully can make you cry he/she will play for all it’s worth, and double their fun..
I am sure Robert Adamson thinks he doing Hunter good, it will just make a bigger target of her..
There is no pleading to internet bullies, doing this pleading to be nice to Hunter will only make them be worse to her..
It is best to let it fade away..
stop drawing attention to it and Hunter..

bullies love a weak target .. and they are making her look weak and easy target.

I am shocked and appalled that TMZ would publish the names of alleged victim of a sexual assault. Most media organizations — rightly so — have a policy of not identifying the victim in these cases.

To all these people who signed the Save Michael Muhney petition, how do you feel about that decision now? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves and get over yourselves while you’re at it.


Yes, ”alleged”..
No assault has been proven..
MM as of now is an innocent man..
The fans abusing MM and his family by this nonsense are the ones who should hang their heads in shame ..

Kory, just because TMZ reported it, doesn’t make it true. It’s still alleged…

@su0000 Cleaning out old magazines today and found July 29th 2013 SOD in it was a column Things we know and shouldn’t tell you. Seems this married actor is a little too friendly to the shows younger newcomers. They fired MM 6 months later now tell me again how serious this was that we sit on it for 6 months. I think MM was railroaded I hope his career can stand this just thought I would throw that out there.

Kory, where was it proven that MM was guilty ?? How about the fact that Y&R went to the extent of making up this LIE to make us hate MM just blew up in their face and now HK is paying for it…SO who’s to blame here ???

Maybe there is such a thing as “too much information”. Social media has brought about a huge change in the relationship between the entertainment industry and fans – namely instant feedback. Maybe entertainment industry personnel shoul be more careful about releasing behind the scenes information on social media. Everything does not have to be reported right away, or at all.

The other point I would like to make is, “You reap what you sow!” Watching TV in general, I see a lot of instances where celebrities go on talk shows and say “whatever they please” ( that is within what is allowed by the FCC regarding censoring ) and the general public watching at home have had no way to respond to they heard. Social media has changed all that. The general public can now “talk back to the tv” – uncensored! Not much fun for celebrities when the boot is on the other foot, is it?

Now I’m not in any way condoning cruelty, disreactful or mean behavior in any way. I’m only suggesting that people in the entertainment industry consider their own behavior before scolding the general public.

In church circles there is a phrase called “pulpit advantage”. That means a person standing behind a pulpit or lectern has can say whatever they want without fear of confrontation. Some cowards have use such occasions to speak to persons they are not willing to speak to on a private basis. (It would take guts to do that.) Taking pulpit advantage is not a popular thing to do, needless to say.

Celebrities have “taken pulpit advantage” of the general public. Now, with the resource of social media the public can respond to what they have heard. Now, celebrities are finding out that things they have said or done may not have “gone over” with the general public the way they thought it did. Celebrities have been enclosed in a false bubble of popularity and favor that is being burstby social media. I am sure the bubble burst is uncomfortable – but it is necessary. Don’t take the general public for granted. They have little or no say so about what is presented to them on TV. That doesn’t mean they like or agree with everything preseted. If what is set before them is frustrating to them and they endure such frustration longenough, the backlash can be felt through social media.

Final point: It doesn’t help for celebrities to assume the role of “moral police” regarding what is said through social media. General attitude: “Who are you to tell me what to say and not say when you can get on TV and say whatever….?” My advice is for the entertainment industry to police itself. Then the general public will respond accordingly.

Well put, Mr. Adamson.

Well said, Mr. Adamson! It is appalling how many people, especially women, are dragging King through the mud and defending Muhney when there is no official evidence or word of what happened between them. These commentors are setting a horrible example for being a soap fan and a human being.

Although I am disappointed that MM is no longer with the show, it is in no way the fault of Hunter King. MM himself reports that he brought this on himself. For those being cruel to this young lady should be ashamed of there inexcusable comments. If in fact this did occur, that makes her a victim and she should not be crucified in any way. I commend the cast od Y&R for there outpouring of support for HK.

Absolutely. People who were not there and have no first hand knowledge of what went on should remain quiet. The whole thing should never have been made public.

I had planned to continue watching Y&R at least until the end of the month but after seeing Conner’s Christening, what will happen in a very much in-your-face clue to what will unravel so after eighteen years I am done and at this point will miss the discussion boards more than what has sadly become of this once very enjoyable soap. Time to say goodbye!

Glad he’s one of the MANY cast mates to stick up for her. But I’m sure there are still people that will squawk that it’s all her fault.


I agree!

It’s not the fault of HK.

It is a shame that people are not considering the damaging effects JC’s groping had on the cast of Y & R.

They should all seek treatment paid in full by CBS and Sony.

Some fans are idiots…leave the girl alone…just because you like M.M. better than H.K. doesnt make him the innocent victim and her the guilty party…maybe he is innocent but we dont know that…both sides are innocent until one is proven guilty so unless you can prove which one is guilty and which one is innocent you really cant judge either one just because you like one more than the other…would you like to be judged the same way if this was you?

Here is an idea, put Summer on the back burner. Let this whole thing die down. If she is a victim of sexual harassment, she should take time away and receive counseling. Plus, story wise, until Phyllis comes back in one form or another, Summer really doesnt have much to do right now. Sharon isnt going to sing until Phyllis makes her. Once Summer’s paternity is revealed AGAIN, she will have a big story waiting for the actress.

It has totally gotten out of hand.

Regardless of who you believe, it is not right to bully anyone.

Only Two people know exactly what did or didn’t happen, and that’s where it should stay.

If MM is innocent he should use all legal avenues to clear his name and if HK is telling the truth, she should also follow those same avenues to clear her name.

I still think there is so much more going on here (but not our business), and I believe this whole thing was leaked by someone in JPs regime to take her off the hot-seat for letting MM go, and seeing whats on here everyday, I’d say they succeeded.

Bottom line is that the show sucks right now and will only get worse and loose more talent as long as JP is there. That’s what fans should be concentrating on right now and not the behind-the-scenes or personal issues of the actors.

You fix that issue by NOT WATCHING until it’s fixed. I quit when Michelle left and will not be back until JP is gone, along with her friends she keeps hiring that CAN’T ACT!!

Good for him and all of Hunter’s co-stars showing her some love and support during this treacherous time to be involved in such a public form….Kudos to cast. Wish we could hear from Michelle Stafford on her thoughts and support but I could see her staying out of the line fire, but curious about her thoughts.

My next question is why haven’t we heard support from anyone in higher ups as JFP, Steve Kent, AngMcD? I know they might be in much more difficult situation but they are involved and it’s out there in social media now and Hunter’s castmates has showed support they should at least do the same. Sony fired MM and not asking Steve Kent to deliver details but compassion which all three bosses should, but this also could show JFP, AngMcD, Steve Kent’s attention to be silent and looking as they have no feeling for this young lady…..geez not exactly a wonderful world we live in today when the higher ups doesn’t acknowledge any empathy for an injured employee.

I’m so glad my husband & I raised a son who’s loving, compassionate and shows empathy toward people in need as he’s is instilling in his children….that’s what makes the world go around.

My guess is that they are embarrassed because this matter should have been kept confidential with only the people you mentioned knowing who the actress was. The fact her name got out suggests one of them blabbed to someone who blabbed to someone else– I think if any of them were to comment now it would only add fuel to the fire. It is obviously they supported her because they fired MM, just too bad they didn’t protect her identity better, hopefully they are doing something better the scenes to help her cope with the backlash that they should have done more to prevent.

Oh Mary as Goldie Hawn said in Deceived is their no adult in charge! May they crash and burn!

This has turned into a circus.
The cyber bullies are having a great time..
The reason HK is being hit on is because of these people coming out to defend her.. They are setting her up as a target doe the bullies to play with.
Bringing her into the internet via the pleading posts to leave her alone, is making her bully bait..
In fact they are throwing HK to the bullies by their defending actions..

Unfortunately we live in a world filled with unkind and hateful people, who would never say those things to her face, but feel free to do it on Twitter etc. However, you can’t stop people from being jerks if that is their choice. I blame whoever leaked this story in the first place. These things should have stayed confidential– and without context on how and when things took place all kinds of scenarios have come forth, from her making it up to give JFP a reason to fire MM to MM being a malicious sexual pervert.
All fans needed to know was MM would no longer be playing Adam. They could have given him the option of quitting— or gave a vague reason for his dismissal- like they did. It was the person who thought they were helping the show by revealing the ‘real reason” that caused this mess and violated Ms. King’s privacy and open her up to all this hate, as well as MM because we don’t know the context in which it all happened.

Well, I think Adamson is perfectly adorable here and really is coming off as the protective big brother. And speaking of brothers, is it me? Or does he look like he could be Joey (Matt LeBlanc) from “Friends” little brother?
All I want is for Adam to leave Y&R on a high note. I don’t want a recast but I also see no way MM can come back. I doubt he wants to come back. Here is what I would like to see story wise–I want Adam to be vindicated of Cordelia’s death and I want all the characters to know he was not the hit and run driver. I want him to finally win over his bullish, emotionally abusive, sadomasochistic, bastard of a father. I think Adam should be killed off while saving the life of another child, ideally Billy and Victoria’s baby boy. Then I want the entire Newman family to feel bad about how they mistreated Adam and they will spend the rest of their lives racked with guilt and remorse. Then I would like old Victor to be so depressed that he is caught at Walmart shop lifting like a mad man. The way the writing is going, I doubt I will get my wish but I really hope they do not re cast the role of Adam. I think that would be a huge mistake.

After 27 years I am thru with Y&R for good and will only watch days bold and gh

I only hope that all of those who have spewed their hatred toward both Michael Muhney (for an alleged act) and Hunter King (for allegedly reporting said act) realize that all of this is based on an anonymous post that was left on

Whomever wrote the post, stating that they “personally” knew this happened, didn’t have the guts to put a name or even an identity to themselves, and TMZ picked this up and ran, full tilt, with it, spreading it all over the Internet, which fans and haters both picked up and ran with as well.

Both Ms King and Mr. Muhney have been completely silent in the face of all of this, and again, I will ask this question of those who are wondering if Mr. Muhney did or did not do it:

If he did, and that’s a big if, why didn’t the studio, show, CBS, Sony, whomever has the ultimate power there, fire the man on the spot for the first offense instead of waiting until a supposed second offense was done (allegedly in front of Max Ehrich, whom King and Muhney were “relaxing with” between scenes)? And if there was a second offense, why was he still brought into Phelps’ office on Monday and told he’d be “let go” and was to work until Thursday, which would be his last day on the job?

If such an offense had actually taken place, he would have been fired immediately, with a quick “Michael Muhney was let go from CBS” with a brief explanation as to why (although probably nothing said about a sexual harassment against him, but that they had “differing opinions” or something) and a new person would have been hired to replace him in the interim until another actor would be replacing him for good.

This has been done before, and I’m sure CBS would have done it again had anything REALLY happened like the Internet is blathering about.

Personally, I don’t believe it, and I doubt we’ll get a definite on this unless a defamation of character and a slander suit comes out for both Mr. Muhney and Ms King against TMZ to start…

IF this allegation is true or just alleged;
The whole thing is weird..
Two men and a woman in a room together relaxing between scenes and one man gets up and grabs the woman’s boob in front of the other man, too weird..

I can not wait for the whole story to come out..
What is true or false ??

I am so sorry for what both are suffering through..

And again may I state that when Mr. Muhney gave his exit interview, he didn’t say he’d brought this on himself, meaning a sexual harassment charge.

He stated he has always been outspoken. Fans knew that, as has the show.

If he had been such a “problem,” why was he there for five years, then asked to re-sign for another two years just this past 2013?

Seriously, there’s a LOT more to this story than anyone’s letting on, and it’s not that he grabbed some young girl’s breasts…

PS — My opinion? Muhney stepped on someone’s toes by speaking out about something he didn’t like, probably about Miller being fired and Burton having numerous “outs” in his very lucrative contract (check SOD, Feb 8, 2013 for his interview where he says he has special privileges, including that CBS/Sony will be backing a project of his). I know I’d have said something about it, especially when Miller not only won an Emmy but is massively popular with the fans & a much better actor than Burton!

Which everything “out there”, this is my personal feelings only and not speaking but myself but I happen to believe the allegations. MM has had God complex for a longtime and could (yes I said could not as if fact) be his downfall in this circumstance.


What about his cast mates? They could learn a thing out two from him! I’ve seen more than one of them being unnecessarily rude with their fans!!

Thinking people needs to back off of Hunter King aka summer and leave her alone Because M.M did it to his self and it he really did do that to hunter then he got what was coming to him


Tom Arnold to Guest Star on The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful is adding a new pilot to its cast of characters to fly the Forresters overseas this summer to Monte Carlo, and it’s none other than Tom Arnold.

According to US Weekly, Arnold will appear in two upcoming episodes of the CBS soap opera airing at the end of July.  In story, Arnold will play the Forrester’s new pilot named Captain Deuce Stevens.

Arnold said of working with the B&B actors and crew, “It was great fun. People love The Bold and the Beautiful. The loyalty, the fans, the opinions … I started going online and listening to fans argue about certain things. It’s like sports.”

Photo: JPI

In the scenes, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) head back overseas to relaunch the iconic, Brooke’s Bedroom fashion line for Forrester Creations.

One of the more hilarious behind the scenes moment Arnold shared, was with now two-time Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Thorsten Kaye: “I was in makeup and this guy comes in and goes, ‘Hey, can I get you anything?’ I go, ‘I don’t know, do you have Sugar Free Red Bull?’ This guy who I thought was the crew — he had a very hard handshake — was Thorsten. The rich, wealthy father.”

Photo: JPI

As a preview of one of his scenes, Steffy will be running late to the flight and cannot locate her passport. Tom shared, “One thing that is true is you have a window to land at the airport. And if you mess around and you’re late, you will miss that (window). I like when there’s some reality to this stuff. It heightened the scene because Steffy forgot her passport.” Look for MacInnes Wood to pull off some “I Love Lucy-esque” moments.

Arnold added, “You expect (the drama) for a character, but it opens the doors for some hilarious stuff. It’s very funny because things are so dramatic that it lends itself to comedy.”

B&B is not Tom’s first foray into soaps, having previously appeared on General Hospital in the 90’s. He spoke on how he and ex-wife Roseanne Barr (who also appeared on GH as Jennifer Smith), were into daytime dramas, “Roseanne and I loved soap operas. (After I was on General Hospital), we ended up having all these folks on (Roseanne]) from the show, because soap operas are very good actors. They don’t mess around.”

Look for Arnold’s episodes to air on B&B on Tuesday, July 30th and Wednesday, July 31st.

So, what are your thoughts on Tom Arnold coming to B&B? What do you think of his respect for soap opera actors? Comment below.

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The Young and the Restless’ Michael Mealor Says of Summer/Kyle/Claire Storyline, “It’s Going to Get Nasty”

On CBS Daytime’s The Young and the Restless, Kyle (Michael Mealor) seems to be spending more time with Claire (Hayley Erin) much to the chagrin of Summer (Allison Lanier). All this has gone down since little Harrison was held captive along with Claire by Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and rhe

While Summer has told her concerns over and over to Kyle, that she doesn’t like Claire getting so close to the little boy, Kyle seems to be somewhat smitten with Claire, or is he?

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Michael Mealor on the red carpet at last week’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards to get his thoughts on this possible love triangle, or as the popular Aretha Franklin tune says, “Who’s Zoomin Who?” Can anyone be trusted?

Photo: JPI

Mealor revealed that coming up on Y&R between Summer, Claire and Kyle that, “It’s going to get nasty. I gotta say that. No one trusts anyone, which makes good TV.”

To that end, it looks like no one in the Abbott family trusts Kyle either, to which Mealor replied, “Jack (Peter Bergman) doesn’t trust Kyle. Summer doesn’t trust Kyle. Diane (Susan Walters) doesn’t trust Kyle. Claire may be the only one, and I (may) have her fooled.”

Photo: JPI

Fans have been speculating that Claire isn’t the now “good’ girl she seems to be and that her psychotic tendencies may take over. Mealor says, “That’s a testament to Hayley (Erin) and how amazing she is because she plays this lovable character, but you just kind of go, something may be off here.”

Recently, Y&R aired the two-person episode featuring Kyle’s on-screen dad, Peter Bergman and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) where Jack tries to get Nikki to stop her bender and sober up, but ultimately loses his own sobriety and almost loses his life. Mealor shared he saw the unbelievable performances when it was being filmed.

Photo: JPI

Michael expressed, “God, that’s such a fantastic episode. They showed up for that and they filmed that over two days –  split the episode in half. I was there on set shooting other scenes, but just watching them pour it out on the monitor. It was incredible.”

Watch our red carpet conversation with Michael Mealor below.

Now weigh-in; Do you think Claire will ultimately take to underhanded tactics to get Kyle and Harrison in her clutches and away from Summer? Let us know your theories via the comment section.

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Breaking News

Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


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