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Robert S. Woods On How Key It Is To Have Recognizable Main Characters Onboard For OLTL Reboot!



Everyone is thrilled that One Life to Live veteran Robert S. Woods has signed on with Prospect Park to continue his role as fan favorite, Bo Buchanan!  And with the recent news that his on-screen wife, Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan) will also be back, One Lifers were jumping for joy that soon they would see their favorite Llanview couple again.   In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Woods talks about coming out of “acting” retirement, getting the chance to work with Jennifer Pepperman again (who is the new executive producer of One Life to Live) and how happy he is that Prospect Park was able to get and secure the main core characters and actors of One Life to return including: Robin Strasser (Dorian), Jerry verDorn (Clint) and Erika Slezak (Viki).

Woods related the importance of having the core cast for the reboot:  “You need that to start, otherwise you don’t have a show that’s called One Life to Live and you turn it on and go, “I don’t know anybody!”  But if you have Erika  sitting there at her desk and Robin waltzing in, then you can go,”Oh, okay!  This is it. Sparks are gonna fly.” (Laughs)  Now it’s just a matter of nailing everything down.”

So what do you think about Bob Woods statement?   Wouldn’t you agree that for these reboots it’s vitally important for fans to recognize the characters and be invested from the beginning after losing their beloved favorites when ABC canceled OLTL and AMC? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to get the latest issue of SOD for more with Woodsy!

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Yes I agree and I will say it over and over until Prospect hears me!!! Please give us TINA LORD ROBERTS!!!! Andrea Evans would bring rating in! She always does! She WAS OLTL in the 80’s!

And Alex Olenav too! If you would like to sign the petition for PP to cast Tonja Walker as Alex here is the link. She is more than willing to do it and supports the petition and posts frequently!

Tina is a blaaaast! I love her! Yesss please bring her on & Cord, I always find them as a hilarious and awesome couple!

When I think of OLTL, I think Vicki and Clint, Bo and Nora and Tina and Cord. They are simply the staples of OLTL. With them as the core characters, throw in few of the Cramer girls and you have a show. Of course it doesn’t hurt to see Todd also. And, I wouldn’t mind a glimpse of Max.

I agree with Dawn Haze! I alway’s think of Viki first then Bo, Nora, Dorian ,Clint, etc……..

For example without Erika Slezak it wouldn’t be OLTL for me. I am so glad she is on board for the reboot!!

No way! I cant stand that annoying stupid character and her acting is terrible. Tina can stay gone.

As for AMC without Erica Kane they may as well forget it. If she doesnt sign its over.
Also u have to think and it worries me being online if they charge a fee to watch they are dead in the water. A lot of fans are older people that just dont do computers. They have obstacles here to conquer.
I will not pay to watch online what I used to watch free on my tv!

They need to get them back on cable

Where do you live that you get ‘free’ cable’? Or, ‘free’ internet’? A couple of extra dollars a month to see AMC & OLTL will definately be worth the money!!

You are so full of negativity! Not all the fans are older #1. My 84 year old grandmnother is going to watch on her regular TV through Netflix. Bu-Ray players stream netflix to your TV, so it WILL be on your TV!
Also if you finish the articles they talk about the goal to get them back on cable and that they plan to air re-runs in a cable station like USA or another.
As for Erica Kane, she will be back! Trust me! They just need to work out scheduling! Susan Lucci said she was in grief for a year over losing AMC! Not to mention PP knows how important she is! They will do whatever it takes, I’m sure. Look how hard they have been working to bring these shows back all along and we didn’t even know it!
As far as Tina, you may not like her but millions of fans do, so don’t watch if you don’t want but don’t rain in our LLanview Day Parade! :p

Not my point not free cable but if I.m already paying for cable on a budget some of us cant afford any extra expenses. Also some of us live out away from town and our internet speeds are not so fast to stream these things. Netflix and blueray players are also not in my budget. People on fixed incomes cant afford a few extra bucks.
They’ve pulled the rug out from under us so many times already I dont trust them anymore.
I sure hope they do get them going. I really miss erica kane.
Susan Lucci is expensive to hire. They will pay some bucks for her.
ABC was stupid for dumping them in the first place
Just waiting with my fingers crossed

You can watch it free online with HULU. I don’t understand why if you’re already on the internet, which you must be because you are posting here, what’s the big deal? You will be able to watch it.

If you don’t want to watch it on your computer, for a fairly small investment, if you have wireless interenet, you can get a device that will stream it to your tv. Please folks, those of you that know elderly people with internet service already, help them get set up to watch online. This is the wave of the future and you will have to go eventually for tv content so why not do it now instead of having to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future later.

If anyone is on Cape Cod and needs help with this, I will gladly help a fellow soap fan for free. If they already have a compter or device and internet connection, we can and should hook them up!

Great news, I really like Bo and Nora, and it is true with Dorien and Viki we will know we are in LLandview 🙂

I just love this man! And his statements made all that much more excited about all of this! Now, if only we get word that Michael Easton has signed on, I will be the happiest camper around. Thank you Michael Fairman for always bringing us all the best in soaps. You do a great job and you are my favorite amongst all of them.

I agree totally I willbe so happy if ME comes home to OLTL!

absolutely. familiarity is part of the psychological draw to soaps…familiar faces, places, families, it’s the continuity…that’s why the conflict over John, Todd and Starr is such a big one in the soap world. They were familiar faces on OLTL…but after much time they’re now familiar on GH! Many of us who watch both soaps finally got used to seeing them on GH … and now actually prefer them there! When OLTL got canceled it was the characters/actors that were missed. To have a show with the majority of them gone would be like watching a whole new show. Which perhaps we’d get used to and love as well…it just wouldn’t be the same show that was canceled and gone forever…

I watched both shows, and John especially never fit into GH.

I watched all three shows. For amc they need Erica, the martins, and the chandlers or it won’t fly. For OLTL they are gtting the main ones I hope Jessica and natalie will be back some day. As for the three on GH I think todd can go back to oltl John would work on both or just oltl but star has fit in really well in port charles and her fand micheal are really well together, I hope she could do both. Maybe have micheal visit OLTL with her.!!

Natalie is coming back.

yes but to not bring them over for the reboot is wrong they are oltl characters and i think they will go if pp failed and they came over then…………. but if they don’t help the show who original created their character in the first place that is bad pr and total disloyalty to oltl and to their original fellow cast mates

I think Michael Easton fits in so much better at GH. I LOVE the on air chemistry between him and Kelly Monaco. OLTL will be just fine without him. The important thing is having the core characters on board, which they already have with the exception of Tina and Cord. Even Tuc Watkins will be in Llanview again! YAY!!!

OLTL is doing it right, while AMC is doing it based on which actor is available. Without the Chandlers, Kanes, Martin families intact, you get no show to go back too. Thank Heaven for the Hubbards are back. I am more excited for OLTL then AMC.

I have never liked Zack, or Cara. Griffin I am more excited about. David without Adam or Tad to spare with is a waste.

If they brought back Damon and Hilary with Tad and Dixie, then that will be something to to watch.

The problem with AMC is the fact that majority of its actors relocated or were already settled into Los Angeles, and now it’s relocating back to the east coast, which isn’t easy for those who made the move to Los Angeles. It’s about making sure the original cast members, or those who were under contract during its final months are able to relocate either temporarily or on a part-time status to make their characters work before they go and recast roles.

That makes me a little apprehensive…. ITA…. “AMC is working/waiting on who’s available….”

it’s surreal to comprehend….. A soap is coming back…..

I wonder if PP should, (in the realm of budget) stall on AMC for a bit…. so as not to put out product that isn’t up to par… I’M WAITING FOR AMC….

Robert is right. You must have a a lot of familiar faces for it to succeed. I am willing to accept new characters if I sill have many original castmembers. OLTL is starting with a good core group. I am worried about AMC!

I believe OLTL will do well.. The cast seems eager to go on ..

As for AMC, it has not as many core cast.. First time around there were only about 4 actually wanting to continue on from AMC .

He is definitely right the fans all are looking forward to the shows coming back with their favorite actors, it wouldn’t be the same with different people playing those roles.Not only did we miss the shows but, the people who played there characters were very important to us . I hope everything can worked out .

I feel happy that Robert S. Woods back on the saddle which means back on the air(TV or Internet). Robert is great guy who doing good job last time I heard before ABC put them off to replace Revolution(dumbest idea like that.) and now GH took over their time slot. I did miss OLTL alot..I don’t get into AMC very much. Honest!!!

Absolutely! We don’t just want OLTL live……..we want OUR show. We want our familiar faces and family. That said, I do hope that John, Todd & Starr can be crossovers at least for awhile and not take them off GH. I love both shows and will continue to watch GH. But would love to see them on stay at least for awhile, have them gradually removed rather then recast, recasting on GH makes no sense to me.

I hope you all are not going to get the rug pulled out from under you. Hopefully the rumors are untrue of Prospect Park only wanting the veterans until it can take the show “much younger.”

While this is amazing for the genre to continue, I just have this nagging feeling that so many are going to wish that OLTL (as they knew it) had stayed dead. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

I totally respect what you are saying, but soaps in general are always changing. People come and go, actors get aged up, recast, etc. I think Prospect Park is doing what no one else was willing to do. Even if it doesn’t work out, the way I see it is, the worst has already happened. ABC are the ones who pulled the rug out from under us, PP is struggling to give us back what we want. And they brought on Agnes Nixon for crissakes! The news so far is good, and I for one, am cherishing this opportunity that PP has given us!

Totally agree!

They also need to bring back, John Mcbain, starr, jessica and natalie to make it seem like oltl. rex and gigi at least as guest stars also.

I completely agree about McBain, Starr, Jessica and Natalie. No recasting of Todd either. Just cross Roger Howarth over to and fro both shows. PLEASE!

I agree that the whole thing would work if the ones who are on GH just do both (more money that way for them). Stay the same characters as they are and the same actor please. I understand OLTL and AMC are doing arcs and that could mean they wouldn’t have to be on OLTL every arc. I really hope it is worked out for both the actors and the fans.

Michael Easton cannot just sign on. He is contracted br ABC! His contract with PP has expired.

Every 13 weeks contracts are up for negotiations, so I believe that he might be able to get out of it!

Yes you are right about the thirteen weeks. But that is only if an actor is let go. GH will not let Easton go!

Do you Jolie’s not think of Michael and what he wants. That the best for him would be to stay in LA where he and his family relocated to be in LA for his job on GH. That he would not want to uproot again and disturb his family again. That he might want to stay on GH, his new home now? Do you ever think of what he wants?

The 13 week review is written into the contract for the networks, not the actors. That is a codicil that is not reciprocal….in other words, the contracts stipulate that the networks have the right to review and rescind a contract every 13 weeks. Contracts are only negotiated before signing – not in the middle of one.

Ann makes a very good point – GH is extremely happy with ME and has no intention of letting him go. That’s why they signed him to a long term contract from the get go. They have a lot of s/l invested in him – and the fans have actually, for the most part, come to love these OLTL actors. You don’t just uproot your family and move them cross country unless you have a guarantee – actors are people, and are entitled to make their own decisions regarding their future and those of their families.

Yes, Michael signed a contract with ABC…and John McBain is “owned” by PP

i am so excited,for my 2 favorite soaps comeing back.wish they were back on tv tho.not all people have the internet.i wish there was some way one of the networks would have them on one of there fox.

He’s absolutely right. There can’t be recasts. We’ve been hurt by the @#$%^&*( at Disney/ABC enough. Don’t add insult to injury. And. By the way. We love you and have missed you sooooooooo much, Bob!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!!!!!!!

Same here! Thanks RSW for coming back. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Thanks also for mentioning Jerry VerDorn. Although he hadn’t been around as long as most of the major characters, I’ve become accustomed to him as “Clint” and would really miss him too. Needless to say Hillary, Erika and Robin were simply essential, like you. 🙂

Tina is 1000% correct: NO RECASTS!!! As Bob Woods said “RECOGNIZABLE” cast members.

I agree that you have to sign the vets and then cast younger newbies as their children or grandchildren to work them into the show.
OLTL should really try to get Tina and even Cord back too. I would love to have a great villian like Alex Olanov back too. Since her son Cutter is back it only makes sense to have her (even if just recurring). Last but not least, we need Roxie!

Yes I do think that you need your core Characters/Families back with the original actors.However I do think they will have to bring in new actors for some of the other roles due to actors not being avaible at this time. It has always happened in the Soaps and always will actors come and go and though I don’t always like the replacement actors I understand it has to be done. I just hope that they don’t go over board with with new actors and way out there storylines right off the bat, because I don’t thinkit would help with the ratings!

any blast from the past would get a warm welcome back from me. but for the restart the shows got to work with who they think they need the most, start somewhere near where the original left off, and if everything works out and they have the money and can use them storywise perhaps we’ll get to see other old favorites again. im just grateful for who they have signed up and that these shows are able to come back at all. not all series are this lucky to get a second chance.

I think they need to bring todd , starr , and john back the show would not be the same.

Again, I agree with this statement as well. NO RECASTS and no characters isolated from OLTL. Work the contracts, CHANGE the “rules” and let the three in question cross-pollinate. It’d be a win-win for fans and corporate concerns!

Can’t wait and I agree with Robert

I also want John, Todd and Starr back. The crossover needs to end.

I disagree. I LOVE crossovers!

I agree with Bob Woods! So glad that PP have signed the nucleus of the old OLTL cast!, wishing they could also get Jessica back even if it is Erin Torpey since Bree Williamson seems to be very busy. Also would like to see Joey and Kelly again! They were very cute together and left shortly after getting together as a couple.
And I really hope that they can work out a crossover deal to allow Starr, Todd, and John Mc Bain and the present actors portraying them be on both OLTL and GH, at least for awhile.

Amen, Debbie! BOTH shows need the three stars (Alderson, Howarth, Easton). Everyone benefits in the finality.

Well, i can’t see anybody ELSE playing Todd. I didn’t like the other guy playing Todd. He was a good actor, but there will only be ONE TODD MANNING.
Would they recast someone else to play ERICA on AMC? Of course not. Roger Howard is meant to play TODD forever. When he left i continued to watch OLTL but it was never the same watching someone else play Todd. And now they’re talking about it all over again??? And Starr & John as well?
Thats just plain DUMBASS to me. Are they trying to destroy ONE soap at anothers expense? Sure looks like it to me.

Roger Howarth had a very long and successful run playing Paul Ryan on ATWT, longer than he was on OLTL. Prospect Park breached these contracts, with all of the actors, when they signed them and then could not come up with the financing to continue. Then, they withheld that information from them until the last day of taping OLTL. I sincerely hope that OLTL is successful, and RSW is right – it’s the core characters (primarily the Buchanans and the Lords) that will determine the success of the venture.

Its vitally important for fans to see and recognize core familiar actors for the reboot. Too many recasts and new characters and this will die before it has a chance to live!

You know its One Life To Live, and this is the second chance at life. Who knows if there will be anorher opportunity.

The actors that played Rex and Gigi arent together anymore. JP might vone back to NY and pkay him but I doubt Farah will leave L.A. for a return.

I had not heard this. The character of Rex would be very difficult to recast IMO, JPL really made it his own. The Gigi character, although FF played it well, could have an exit storyline and give Rex an opportunity to be paired with someone else, like Rama, or even the blonde that played Cutter’s partner in crime. LOVED this article and so, so happy that OLTL vets and core characters are on for the re-boot.

They were written out before the final show, so that is no problem with me. Rex, Gigi and Shane can be mentioned still living in Europe while Shane goes to his art school.

I completely agree with Bob. Its not only the characters that we love, its the actors who play them too. I can’t wait for the show to start online. If ABC doesn’t want us as viewers, I am more than happy to watch online.

I can’t agree with Bob Woods more! If you can’t get the original actor for the character, write out the character and create a brand new character instead. There will be enough changes going online. Please minimize any more.

Absolutely agree with Mr. Woods. If you don’t have the key characters, it’s a new soap and fans will be quick to realize it.

For the re-boot I agree it’s essential to have the original actors coming back to play the core characters, but I think some re-casts can be really successful, the best example lately is the recast of Kate in GH. It was hard to imagine a blond Kelly Sullivan stepping into this role, but she has really kicked butt with her talent. If they do have to recast, I hope they do it gradually and not start the show with storylines from recast characters, although I hear in the case of Matthew and Destiny they are doing exactly that.

What I read and saw about Destiny and Matthew was just an audition piece and wasn’t meant to be indicative of where they were going with the story. But who really knows?!?! lol I guess we’ll all find out when the stories start actually airing. 🙂

I totally agree in order to have a core following, the re-boots must remain true to the original show. Otherwise, what is the point of bringing them back? Sure as time passes, new stories, new characters will evolve, but hopefully the original characters will still be part of the big scene.

I agree with Robert but I think they have Key characters now ready, I have watched OLTL before the GH characters were even on so I will be watching no matter what love this Show and am so thrilled for it to be back

To quote a pop song from the 80s, “I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst.”

Just so happy to see the FAMILY back together again. How wonderful my spring will be with them back at ONE LIFE TO LIVE..

Not a OLTL fan but I agree that PP should try to get as many familiar faces as possible. I am excited that AMC is coming back. I can wait for the return of some of the actors to AMC. It will take some time for some of the actors to finish up their other obligations. I will wait and watch as this wonderful soap comes back to life. I got my first email from PP! We all just need to keep being patient. PP seems to be trying to bring back as many actors as possible. I’ve got the champagne chilling for the first episode of the AMC online.

This is soooo exciting, cant wait. Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristin Anderson are coming back too. I believe it was in their contract for GH that if Prospect Park was going to revamp the soap, that was a clause in their contract that they had to go back. I think its pretty cool, how they intertwine the characters from OLTL to GH and hopefully, they will do the same and have some GH characters come to LLanview. Can not wait till it hits the cyber waves. See you all in Llanview and Port Charles.

They are trying to work out the legal issues now. Hopeful it can be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction…I’ll see you in Port Charles and Llanview and Pine Valley!

I am so happy that the soaps are coming back. I do hope they take up where they left us all hanging if possible. I want to know if we are going to see “TODD” strapped to that bed again and where that is gonna go.. I sure hope so,… Thank you PP for bringing our family home to us once more…

my problem is while i’m Soo excited to have AMC and OLTL back on we don’t have internet! Guess i’ll have to find someway to watch. Just so wish it was on TV somehow

How are you posting here with no internet?

I’m am so happy to c oltl again.I can’t barely whole family watches it itogether.I’ve waited so long for this.

I completely agree with Bob and he so handsome!
If you don’t have the core characters of a show like OLTL then it won’t really go anywhere.
Can’t wait to see Bo,Nora,Viki,Clint,Dorian and David back on screen.
Way to go!

We need Ilene Kristen, please & thank you!!! ROXY is hysterical!

Bob Woods is so right familar faces are needed and wanted by the fans for this to work.

I will be so happy to see my soaps returning. I have been watching for as long as I could remeber. When I wound get home I could watch all 3 of my soaps. AMC, OLTL and GH. I will keep watching for them to start again.

I will be the first one to sign up for One life to Live on line. I was SO disappointed when the show got cancelled I truly loved the show. However, I am really invested in Todd, Starr and John on General hospital right now. There has to be a way to keep them on G H.

I do believe they now belong on GH. I can’t imagine them going back to OLTL. The important thing is they have the Lords, Buchanans and Cramers. That is what will make the online version of OLTL work. I always felt Michael Easton’s talents were wasted on OLTL. Roger Howarth is doing so well with Carly, Connie, Johnny and Kristen Alderson is so great with the character of Michael. They have great chemistry. Leave them be at GH.
OLTL will be just fine without them.

We’ll have to see what the lawyers can work out. Legally the actors are contracted to ABC, but the characters are licensed to PP.

ME and KA both signed long term contracts with ABC, and relocated to LA because of those contracts. RH only signed on for a year – but he’s been known to stay for years and years if he’s treated correctly and likes working with his co-stars. From what I’ve read, none of the actors wants to go back to OLTL – they did have the rug pulled out from under them before by PP, so I don’t blame them. Don’t forget there are 3rd parties involved in these negotiations – those representing the actors.

Just wondering, has anyone seen anything on Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain (Tad and Dixie) coming back? Two of my favorite characters. One of the best couples ever.

I haven’t heard anything except that Debbie Morgan did tweet that she thought Mike might sign. That was quite a while ago. I sure hope he does sign on. To me, Tad is a more important “get” than Susan Lucci’s Erica. Tad is my favorite charachter. I’ve grown up with him and would be heartbroken if he wasn’t on the show.

Likewise. He can do humor and drama. And complements all characters.

I agree. Tad is a more important “get” than Erica.


I agree. Michael Knight’s Tad is more important than Susan Lucci in my book. We Want Tad!

well is it coming to abc or what

No. They will NOT be shown on ABC. They will be broadcast online first, they are looking for a cable channel to air them after a delay.

Excellent!!! Bring Back Ilene Kristen Tuc Watkins too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all of them …They need to get Trevor st john!! finish it up!! He’s tied to a bed for cryin out loud!!!! LOLOL!!
Bring all of my people back!!
I can not wait!!

I read that Tuc Watkins did sign to do OLTL.

Oh Great news! I miss all of them soooo much…and only people who have watched, GET IT… So funny, and just a blast to watch!

I know. I have been wondering how they are going to finish up that storyline if they don’t bring back Trevor St John. Besides it would sure take a load off Todd’s shoulders…lol.

I love him on GH, right now Fern cliff , with lucy, heather!!LOOLLOLOLOL too too funny!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Ron Carlivati, and frank Valentini for giving us part of our OLTL back, and GH the way it should be!!! I LOVE IT!!

I am so happy that Woodsy is going to be part of this! When I met him at the anniversary rally-love fest, before Prospect Park pulled the plug the first time, he didn’t seem so sure that he was going to sign on. I got the impression he was looking forward to retirement. What a difference a year makes! Maybe being retired isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Whatever made him decide to sign on, I personally couldn’t be happier. While I’m not a youngster (54), I am older than the teen/twenties set and the veteran actors are the draw for me. While I enjoy the youngsters, they are not what I tune in for. It would be kind of creepy for me to have the hots for Jack, Matthew, the Ford Bros, and any other kids on the show, but Bob Woods, now there’s a man!

Happy to have One Life To Live back, eager for all the details, I’m not sure where to find the most reliable information, about when it begins or where to find it! I do hope to see a lot of the old history – I’ve always wished they would bring Gabrielle back, oh and Delialah and Rafe, also Guilietta who loved Bo so long ago….and the new stuff is fun too. I’d hope for Roger Howarth to have some part in at least the beginning of the show….

Tuc became a great asset to OLTL.and Bob is right go say it’s nice to see familiar faces. Then you can add meet people and work them into the core group. That what they did with Alex as she was with Bo,then Carlo,then Ty then Asa,then Tuc and somewhere in there, Mr. Wentworth. Like I always said, the more last names you have on a show the better your character! 🙂

I would love to see Alex back on the canvas as Cutter’s mom down the line. What a story that would be. Best to you Ms. Walker.

The 1st people I want to see is Viki, Clint, Bo, Nora, Dorian & David. Without these couples it wouldn’t be my OLTL. Build the show around them & I can accept any new people. But without the main characters it’s not OLTL. Ready to see my Landview family.

I agree totally with you! I feel the same way!


B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Weighs-In On Hope’s New Attitude: “Brooke is Starting to be Like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s Taking After Me!’ ”

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been not pleased with her daughter Hope’s (Annika Noelle) choice in bedfellows! After all, Brooke and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) have a long history of disdain for each other (although there was that time they took psychedelic berries together and pranced around with not much clothes on).

Hope had divorced Liam (Scott Clifton) and has been getting much closer to Thomas, feeling he is the only man who ‘gets her’ and ‘sees her’ for who she really is.  On recent episodes of B&B, Hope has no problem giving into her desires for Thomas, now that she is no longer Hope Spencer.

Soap Opera Digest spoke with series iconic star, Katherine Kelly Lang to get her take on what she thinks of Hope’s attitude adjustment and recent behavior.

Photo: JPI

Lang expressed: “She seems to have changed a bit. She’s not the sweet little Hope that she once was and Brooke is starting to be like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s taking after me!’’

Brooke is not happy that Thomas has apparently won over Hope, when she is wary of the guy. Katherine added, “Thomas was stalking her (Hope) and he did all that crazy stuff with the baby. He just hasn’t been good for her, you know, especially when he was totally obsessed with her. So, Brooke doesn’t believe that that’s completely gone, that there’s still got to be some of that in Thomas somewhere and she’s worried about her daughter. So, of course, she would kind of say, ‘This is not good. This is just not a good situation. With all the men in the sea, why, why do you (pick Thomas)?”

Photo: JPI

However, many might see that as the pot calling the kettle black given how Brooke has often given into her desires with the men in her life and made some pretty bad choices herself!

So, is Hope turning into a ‘mini-Brooke’? Should Brooke continue to warn Hope of Thomas’ past, or should she just mind her own business at this point? Share your comments via the comment section.

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On Primetime, here is the holiday lineup of shows (the week of Dec 4-8):

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY (Monday, December 4, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) brings coworkers and colleagues together to cheer each other on as they play for prizes that can be shared and enjoyed by all of their office mates.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: BLIND HOLIDATE (Thursday, December 7, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) brings in a matchmaker to pair up an audience full of single, eligible adults, and lucky contestants will meet for the first time when they are called to “Come on down!” and compete together as a team. They play for fabulous cash and prizes, pairs of cars, and maybe they’ll even win a love match!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: COLLEGE STUDENTS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Friday, December 8 at 8:00 PM ET/PT) welcomes college students home adorned in their best school spirit gear, teamed up with their parents to play for exotic trips, amazing prizes, and cash for college!

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THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAYS WITH THE FAMILY (Monday, December 18, 8:00 PM, ET/PT). Parents and their young children compete for some of the most desired gifts Santa has in his sleigh. Decorated in their holiday best, families work as a team to win prizes to make their holidays oh so bright!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAY HEROES (Tuesday, December 19, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) salutes the military to thank America’s brave heroes for keeping us safe all year round. Active-duty military members in uniform compete for luxury items, including trips to remarkable destinations, $50,000 in cash, and cars!

Of note: Paramount+ Premium subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service as well as on demand. Essential-tier subscribers will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.

Lots of The Price is Right holiday cheer and pet adoptions coming your way. Will you be watching? Comment below. But first, check out a clip from one of the primetime episodes.

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Breaking News

96th Annual Academy Awards to Start an Hour Earlier, While Jimmy Kimmel Shares, “I Always Dreamed of Hosting the Oscars Exactly Four Times”

In a move to keep viewers not up past their bedtimes, the 2024 Oscars telecast will now begin one hour earlier than usual.  According to news from the Academy on Thursday, the ceremonies will begin at 7 pm ET/4PM PT on March 1o, 2024.

That is an hour shift when the broadcast usually begins at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.  The official pre-show will also begin earlier, at 6:30 p.m. ET.

The 96th Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles with nominations being announced on January 23rd.

Photo: ABC

A few weeks ago on November 15th, Jimmy Kimmel was officially named the host of the Oscars for the fourth time. The hosting gig marks the second year in a row for Kimmel. The comedian also hosted in 2017 and 2018.

Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney will also one again, co-write and executive produce, the telecast.  In a statement on presiding over movies biggest night of the year, Kimmel joked, “I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars exactly four times.”

Photo: JPI

ABC also plans on airing a special episode of their hit comedy Abbott Elementary, immediately following what should be a three-and-a-half hour telecast of the Oscars.

So, what do you think about the time shift with the Oscars starting an hour earlier? Happy about it? Won’t be settled in at that early time slot to sit and watch the show? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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