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Roger Howarth On His Future With General Hospital

Photo: ABC

If you have caught today’s episode of General Hospital, you know that in a struggle for the gun with Peter (Wes Ramsey), none other than Franco (Roger Howarth) was shot and killed.

However, Soap Opera Digest is reporting exclusively that Franco’s portrayer, Roger Howarth is not done with the ABC daytime drama series.

The Daytime Emmy winner came to GH from One Life to Live in the role of Todd Manning in 2012, and then took over the role of Franco (originally played by James Franco) in 2013, when Prospect Park took over the rights to One Life to Live’s characters from ABC.  Those rights have since returned to the network.

In speaking with SOD on his future in Port Charles, Howarth shared: “I’m really excited. I have great faith in the people who think of these things. I’ve been in good hands so far.”

Roger will be taking a break on-screen from GH for awhile, as we await just whom Howarth will play next.

In the meantime through April 9th, Howarth is now on Cameo with 100% of his proceeds going to help

So, who do you want Roger to play next? Todd, Franco (maybe he did not really die?) or someone else completely new? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below.

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Franco’s not dead!

Todd definitely

Supposedly he is dead, and Roger Howarth will be taking on another role when he returns in a month or so.

I’m in shock after watching Franco bleed out and say his last (?) words to Liz…I really don’t know what to think. I hope Roger will really be staying around. Maybe as a revived Franco, a returning Todd, or a surviving Drew?

Great that he hold her he loved her and the boys, but in typical soap fashion, couldn’t sneak in “Peter did it” or “check phone”

Or for that matter, he might have mentioned that to Jason, before Liz even showed up.

Jason should obviously know who did this. Since he was looking for Frodd because Frodd was looking for Whiny Heiny. Pretty easy to do the math there.

OMG, Jason only needs his gun tested against the bullets in Franco to show it didn’t kill Franco. They didn’t check Jason for GSR on his hands. I know the real police do this with someone at the scene of the crime, and they are allowed to question a suspect with their lawyer present. I don’t watch CSI, NCIS, Law & Order for nothing.

Remember that Connie wrote “AJ” in her own blood after she was shot… It just took them a while to figure out it stood for Ava Jerome, not AJ Quartermaine.
They could have had Franco paint “Peter” on a canvas or two.

Where did the gun come from? Was it the same gun Peter got out of his safe?
Why would Peter have a gun in the room of his hotel room that was just for getting ready for his wedding? That’s odd.

I was hoping this was yet another setup Franco didnt tell Elizabeth about… No time in this case.

Jason was left alone with Franco. Did Franco tell him anything? Where is the phone with “Drew’s” video message to Franco? And the phone with Peter’s confession? Did Franco hit Send?

Hope its a bad dream of someone’s. I can’t believe Franco would be gone so quickly without really getting Peter for killing his Andy!

Why didnt the paramedics announce he’s dead, not typical GH fashion they weren’t covering a dead body (they did Shiloh’s.) Why did they put up the head restraints if he’s dead?

Don’t know why Todd would come back to Port Charles with out ties… except for Heather. Curious that Heather was mentioned earlier (letter to Ryan).

I hope Franco is just in a coma and comes back to us. I really enjoy the dynamics of his relationships with Cam, Liz, Scotty, Leisel…why bring her back to help Franco if they’re just going to kill him off? Why wasnt Dante protecting Franco?

So many thoughts and questions. I finally got to meet Roger and spend time with him about two years ago. Was hoping to do it again at another fan weekend. Dismayed the covid wiped that out last year and see he’s on the gh lists for fan events this year, but so is William Devry and he’s off the show, so guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Peter erased the confession from Franco’s phone. Franco should have just hit send and not told Peter anything. Like when Brook Lynne told Nell she was going to call someone but had not yet.

Crazy Connie could’ve easily wrote AVA as it’s only one more letter. Heck, Diana Taylor wrote “Anne”. Wait that was Heather, no actually Alice that did that.

Soap writers forget that viewers watch crime shows and are familiar with procedures such as gun shot residue and ballistics — two things that would’ve immediately cleared Jason.

I was waiting for him to name Peter too

He didn’t have to say all the I love you’s to Liz, it would have been more important to say Peter shot me!

Hope he comes back as Drew

Donna Taylor
According to above story from R.H he will be coming back as someone, if not himself by some miracle and the first one I thought of is Drew. I have heard nothing of Billy Miller coming back.

You know, Violet, I can accept RH as Drew, but only because I keep hoping Billy Miller will someday return to daytime as ANY CHARACTER. I miss him every day. I just hope Peter Puke’s demise will be as slow and unpleasant as his stay in Port Charles has been for me.

Im thinking Hes coming back as Todd .i thought this as soon as I heard Franco was dying. Like stated in the article , ABC owns the rights again to OLTL.

I think a surviving Drew is the most logical.

The call is out for Dr.Rolf, courtesy of DOOL.

Well… this is ABC… so they wouldn’t be bringing Rolf in. They would bring in the dude from All My Children who did the same thing with zombies. Who also happens to be one of Anna Devane’s ex husbands, I think (sorry, not an AMC fan, but this is what I remember reading somewhere)

I really hope they don’t go there though. Frodd needs to stay dead, and OLTL/AMC characters need to stay out of Port Charles. If they’re going to bring Roger Howarth back, only do it as a new character completely free of the “baggage” of both Todd and Frodd.

I always think of Dr.Rolf when something is mentioned about bringing someone back from the dead. The “dude” you mentioned from AMC is Vincent Irizarry whom I have been longing to have on GH ever since he was killed off on DOOL as bad boy Deimos. Would love to see he and Finola Hughes together again, Finn who??

Todd Manning was a beloved character and at least has a brief connection to GH with his short stint so it would make sense if they wanted to bring him back instead if giving Roger a third character. I’m interested to see which way they go. Personally, I’d rather he not play Drew as I loved Billy in the role. Unless that door is permanently closed I’d rather they leave it open. Just hoping it’s an ongoing character. Still, I thinking killing off Franco was a bad creative move. His relationship with Cam was the best father/son relationship I think the show’s ever had.,though maybe it has something to do with William Lipton being taken off contract.

William was taken off contract?

Likely his own decision not to renew. Turning 18, he would’ve been offered an adult contract but William may be going off to college in the fall. We’ve all seen how talented the young man is and shouldn’t be surprised that he’s not planning to be in soaps for the long haul.

Rumour is Todd Will be back, in the fall.

I thought the same

I hope he’s still Franco because he’s such a complex, layered character. The relationships between Franco and Elizabeth and Franco and his stepsons are the most beautiful and relatable on the show.

Agreed 100%

Totally agree

I agree please bring Franco back

Becky, I agree with you on all counts. I did not care for the Todd character on OLTL.

I totally agree with this.

I want him to come back as Franco. I love Friz and their family.

I agree bring him as Franco

I agree. Bring him back as Franco healed from his brain tumor.

Bring him back as Franko. Make it a set up to catch Peter

Masterful acting. Writing with dialog that tore my heart to shreds and the scenes flipping from Liz/Franco to Scotty/Cam who were unaware and trying to figure out how to have Franco fight to live. Masterfully done, well written & thank goodness he lives. I’d probably have walked away from watching if I didn’t know he was returning. Silly, but they are such a unique an unable to be copied romantic pair and family that it would be difficult to try and watch them try to recreate it.

This really pisses me off

Me too. Seeing Franco die devastated me. Poor Liz, Scotty and Liz’s boys. I’m glad if Roger is returning, but I don’t want him to be gone any, or for Franco to have been killed by the most evil character on the show. Peter should have died not Franco.

Absolutely agree. Just hope he comes back as Franco.

Don’t worry. Whiny Heiny’s express train to Hell is coming soon. Now that Maxie’s dumped his ass, I would be surprised if he survives this week. Though I’m not sure the “Friday cliffhanger” would still be airing on Friday after the three consecutive Wednesdays that got dropped in January, followed by the missing week of shows from the ImOrangement 2.5 trial in February.

Let’s put it this way… plan on raising a pint of Guinness on St. Patty’s day to toast Heinrich’s arrival in Hell. It’s gotta be a done deal by then!

Me too,I hate when they kill off characters and bring them back as someone else. Loved the franco and liz story

This would be the best time to have Roger back in his role of Todd. I have been praying that Roger and Michael Easton would get their OLTL characters back and if we can have Roger back as Todd, I would be happy with that!!!

Me too.

Hope he comes back as Franco

Same here..I loved Todd Manning♥️

Sorry to disagree with your ideas. It would not be GH anymore. Maybe if you want and miss OLTL you can see it on UTube or another network.

Bring back Todd Manning….

I really liked him as Todd on One Life To Live, he’s a good actor.

Awww…..I want him to play Franco since Liz, Scott and the boys love Franco so much. Maybe it’s easy for me since I’ve only known “good Franco.”. I wasn’t watching GH during the “serial killer Franco” storyline. Also, I think Roger is a superb actor and I enjoy seeing him on GH. I love any time he and Kin have scenes together. I love his wit. I will miss him and I hope his hiatus isn’t too long.

omg! why did they kill him off? another of Scott kid dead!, why would they invest in the Todd Manning character, when he’s not connected to anyone on the show? I’m not seeing the logic here. very disappointed and sad.

I would love to see franko back and not todd manning

I would love him to come back as Todd Manning

I want him to stay Franco. I like him with Elizabeth and her boys and with Scott and Obrect

I completely agree. The scotty, olbrecht, franco dynamic is so great!

I would say probably Todd the audience could never really accept Franco even though I thought he and Becky had chemistry. I don’t watch it enough to know the back history of Franco maybe that’s why when I did watch I never got that worked up over Franco and Liz who knows my compliment to GH is they have done a great job with the social distancing issue

You totally missed how hard he worked just to get Liz to talk to him, and the silly sweet things he did to convince her to finally go on a date. It was a long slow process, but he never gave up because he already loved her so much. Their love story was epic and can never be redone. The absolute best couple on the show is no more.

You misunderstood I never saw James Franco portrayal where he did all the dirty deeds anyway I had no bad feelings so I enjoyed Becky and Roger . To bad Becky will probably head to the back burner now

I would rather he play Franco! I loved Friz! I will be upset if they get Liz back with Nicholas now too. Those two have been a snooze fest no matter who is in the Nicholas role. I would accept him as Drew but I still want Franco back.

Continue the role of Franko only to set up the Evil Peter!

#RogerHowarth please be Franco when you come back

I fear he will be a recast Drew Cain. I doubt they’ll want to bring Todd back full time.

Roger is one of the truly finest daytime actors. He took Franco from a much-disliked character to one that’s likable for some and palatable to others.

So, Howarth will likely join Michael Easton in playing at least three characters on the show. Will there be an acknowledgment of the similarity in appearance with the new character, or will it be a Silas/Finn switch in which the common looks are never mentioned?

I’m so happy and excited at the same time I was like… No way they take Roger off campus… Hope for Todd again myself

I’m good with either Todd or a new character. As long as they pair him back up with Liz. The chemistry between them is great.

My prediction is that they’re going to create a new character for him.

Frodd never worked as a character. The 666 different redemption stories they tried to write for him proved that, and none of them accomplished it. Ironically, the best thing the character ever did was clubbing Whiny Heiny over the head with a crowbar and then threatening the coward with torture to get a confession out of him. And as we saw, even that ultimately did not end well for him. So let Frodd come to Hell and meet his fate.

Return of Todd Manning?? No, that would make zero sense. Because they couldn’t do it without dragging in the rest of the OLTL freakshow with him. And a return of Blair and especially the completely void of talent Disney Bubblegum Princess, still crying over her dead kid is just intolerable to even think about. Not to mention Gang Rapist Todd could NEVER be paired with Elizabeth Webber.

Recast as Drew Cain/Lucky Spencer/any other long absent character? That would be a huge waste of time. As Roger Howarth himself knows well from his OLTL days (and as Steve Burton could remind him) anytime the original portrayer of such a character decides to come back, they’ll throw the recast under the proverbial bus in a heartbeat.

So if they’re really keeping this guy on payroll, bring him on as a new character. I’d go with a Quartermaine cousin. Somebody from the Jimmy Lee branch of the family tree

Franco, easily could have reverted to Drew..
Drew is in Franco, so to say..
It could have been done in a blink..
Franco would now be Drew– Drew was loved.

He can’t “revert” to Drew, because he never WAS Drew. Just a temporary delusion caused by a mad scientist experiment gone wrong (not like the other instances of the same mad scientist experiment went “right” either).

I don’t think it would work to swap him in as a recast of the ACTUAL Drew either, because Drew is supposed to be passable as Jason’s twin brother (albeit with a surgically altered face) and I don’t think Roger Howarth fits that description. (Billy Miller barely did)

Drew will probably return soon enough. Probably as Billy Miller, since I don’t think he’s doing much else lately… his so-called starring role in that Apple TV series ended up being about 10 minutes of total airtime in the entire season. He could have filmed that on his lunch break from GH.

I’d actually laugh my pointy tailed ass off if Drew appeared out of nowhere to kill Whiny Heiny…. because we all know somebody’s gonna do it. And probably sooner rather than later.

Right again!

I hope it was just a dream!!!!, and bring back Billy Miller, and keep Peter!!!

I kind of hope that it is Franco that comes back because I don’t want Scotty to lose another child. At the same time, I like the idea of him being related to Jimmy Lee Holt. That would be interesting.

Bring backJimmy Lee. Didnt they mentioned him a few weeks ago?

Don’t recall a recent Jimmy Lee reference. That wing of the Q family has been shut closed for years. Carly referenced Jimmy Lee around the time of Edward’s death. Think the response was that Edward bought him off years ago.

As Monica is the only Q who’d actually remember Jimmy Lee, unfortunately there’s no incentive to bring him back. Neither Tracy nor Ned ever met Jimmy Lee.

On a side note, Steve Bond was stunning back in the day.

Yes, but the Jeromes were completely extinct for at least 20 years before they suddenly showed up again. So compared to that, a long AWOL branch of an existing family tree would be easy enough to resurface. Whether Jimmy Lee himself, or his son – who would most likely be Roger Howarth’s new character. On another Quartermaine related note, they could always bring back the Ward branch of the family tree as well. Maybe Sonny’s new friends with the bar in PA are somehow related to old Mary Mae?

Certainly would be better than any additional members of the Faison-Westbourne family!

The offshoot Quartermaine branch I’d prefer to see is a never before mentioned offspring of AJ. Maybe Nikki Langton left PC pregnant? Someone with Q blood to show Michael what a wimp he actually is.

Oddly enough, way back in the middle of that ridiculous relish story (where the Frodd character was introduced) there was a young African American character working at ELQ who seemed at the time to be Michael’s potential rival for leadership at the company. There was speculation at the time that this young man might turn out to be the offspring of AJ & Keesha Ward (from the branch of the Ward family NOT related to the Q’s) as AJ & Keesha were a “thing” for a while after AJ bashed his brother Jason’s brain into a tree.

At the time I thought it would be an interesting thing for Michael to be up against a brother he didn’t know he had. But they soon dropped the story and the other character disappeared, apparently a casualty of that ridiculous storyline. Too bad they didn’t drop Frodd at the same time, rather than waste 9 more years trying to “redeem” him in 666 different ways.

He easily could have reverted to Drew..
When he was shot when near death Drew could have overtaken Franco–
Then Drew would be played by roger–

they make things so difficult, duh..

Don’t let him won’t be the same with.him gone. DON’T REPLACE..

I think Franco should come back as Franco he wasent really dead it was to trap to catch Peter

I agree with Mary Atcheson

What kind of trap would cause such suffering to Liz, her boys and Scott? That grief was not faked.

Bring him back as a new character. He is talented enough to do the job. Just bring him back soon.

It says above that he will be off screen awhile. We will probably not see a new character until fall.

I watched OLTL since Megan and Jake. Them and Tina and Cord were my favorites UNTIL Todd. I love him and I admire RH as an amazing actor. HOWEVER, OLTL characters have been assassinated on GH and their history destroyed so I don’t want them to bring Todd in if they’re going to do him like the end of OLTL.

I floved Frizz. I’m so upset this happened HOWEVER the relationship with Liz and the kids were the only thing great about Franco. So I hope he stays dead.

I loved Drew. I love Billy Miller’s Drew over RH so I don’t want him to be Drew either.

I think this could be a great creative way to start a new character. Michael Easton is on his GH/Port Charles 4th? 5th? character. RH can do the same thing.

I don’t want him dead

I’m glad Roger will be sticking around GH. I’ve really enjoyed him on the show for the past 9 years. Particularly the past few years as the Franco and Elizabeth relationship blossomed, and I loved the father/son dynamic that developed between Franco and Cameron. Roger brought out the best in William Lipton, who has become a very talented actor right before our eyes. I mean, the kid made me tear up watching him get his head shaved. That’s talent. Whether Roger is back as the not dead Franco, Todd Manning, or yet another character change, I’ll be watching.

Love love love Roger Howarth!!! Dont care who he plays….as long as he plays!

I am very upset that they killed offFranco. He was a complex and interesting character. He had interesting interactions with much of the cast. Haven’t Elizabeth and her children gone through enough? This was one of the stupidest moves I’ve ever seen.I Much rather have Peter die. Though at be time I liked the character. I now can pity him but have no use fit him. Whereas I mourn the loss of Franco for Elizabeth and her children. Why give him a tumor and that storyline if you were going to kill him with a gun.

I read this was going to happen on some junky soap news site so I didn’t give it much merit. However, I have to say I am furious about Franco being killed! I’m a day behind in viewing, but I hope this is just so he can go to Heaven and meet with Cameron’s father, who will send him back to fight for his life.
Also, while I would welcome Roger back as Todd Manning, I really would prefer him as Franco so he and Elizabeth can continue their love story. They are what I consider GH’s solid couple.

You really think Frodd went to Heaven??

Now that’s HELLarious!

As for Ghost Zander, he’s getting a “day pass” to go up and visit his son. I’m a reasonable Devil. The kid could use a visit from his old man… even though Zander was killed before Cam was born, so they never actually met before.

Bring back Todd Manning, heck bring back one life to live.

I 100% agree

Hope he isn’t dead and it was a setup to get Peter! I want him back as Franco!

He needs to come back as Franco, he has a great relationship with Liz, & love him & Cam together, he needs more story time with the boys, it’s so awesome. Love him & Scotty together too!! Want him to be working with Jason, it would be great if in the end they come out the hero’s together finally!

I don’t think he died. I think its a trick to catch Peter.

I hope you are right about that.

I would like to see Franco come back. Although they have been talking about Drew so much that he will probably come back as Drew. Franco has great chemistry with Elizabeth and the kids. He’s a great step-dad to Cameron…helping him get through his teen-age years. And I like the way he embraced Aiden’s cooking ambitions. He supported Aiden completely. Bring back Franco!

I believe that Franco and Jason plan this and that Franco had a bulletproof vest on so that they could get a confession out of Peter and set him up

Franco I was so disappointed when Peter the evil one was able to kill Franco

Bring Franco back. I love him how he plays on General Hospital and with out him it won’t be the same.

Todd Manning please stand up

I think he should come back as Drew & get back with Elizabeth.

I think he should play Drew

I think he is pretending to be dead in order to take down Peter August. What better way to do it then to be dead, gather all the evidence and then out goes Peter.

I want Franco back! I loved his relationships with Liz and the boys, Scott, Obrect and Ava! I thought he was going to paint Peter! I liked him as an Art therapist. He is such a good actor and had history and relationships on the show!

I want him back as FRANCO!!!

I would like him to come back as Todd Manning. Also bring his daughter back too

I want Franco back! He’s good for Liz & family.

Bring Franco back. Not really dead just a set up with him and Jason to get Peter.

I’m sorry they killed him off I really liked his character, but I’m so tired of dead people coming
back from the dead on this show, it makes it so far fetched been watching for50 yrs I love the show

Never liked the character of Franco. Should have left him dead when James Franco portrayed Franco. I dont want him to Portray Todd. This is GH! I dont mind him being Drew. Sam is available. I just dont want Sleepy Miller rolling back into town mumbling his lines, stiff as a board!

I imagine you know you are in the minority here. Most of us like Franco and Billy Miller, and I’d like to bet, whomever he comes back as, we will not want to see him with Sam.

We? Who is we? Violet, let people speak for themselves!

WE are just the 30-40 or so on this one page who like RH/Franco and are sorry to see him leave, also Billy Miller role of anyone. Sorry if this bothered or offended you in any way.

Somehow your reply to my comments got lost, just disappeared as I was replying to yours, to speak for myself and not others. Well, I was saying that I was sorry for speaking out of turn. I was only speaking of the many likes for Franco and Billy Miller which are very evident on just this page alone as well as many others on M.F blog. Unless my eyes have completely stopped working, I don’t think I was out of line. Sorry if you were offended though.

Please don’t get rid of Franco. Let the WSB doctor him back to health as they maneuver the takedown of Peter. I’m still expecting Kim Nero to come back to town with his young son that she birthed after the affair they had when Franco thought he was Drew. I was a big Todd fan when he was on OLTL from when he first came on the scene as a frat boy until that show went off the air. I have especially have enjoyed his character on General Hospital. Roger is just an incredible actor!

Kim is busy in Salem. Besides, they already said Julian was the father of her baby. Which was admittedly a dumb thing to establish with her & the kid completely off the campus and about two days before Julian was sent to Hell. But that was the story in either case.

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Patrick Mulcahey OUT as General Hospital Co-Head Writer

After various reports surfaced, it has been confirmed that Patrick Mulcahey is out as the co-head writer of General Hospital. This is after a very short tenure of under five months.

Mulcahey was named to the position back in January of 2024 along with longtime GH writer Elizabeth Korte. They replaced the team of Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, who had been the head scribes of the long-running ABC daytime drama since 2019.

A source informed Soap Opera Digest that stories created by the co-head writing team of  Mulcahey/Korte team will air through mid-summer. However they added “There will be more news to share at a later date as to the composition of the new writing team.”

In addition, eagle-eyed soap fans have seen that in recent episodes former co-head writer, Chris Van Etten has been credited, as he is reportedly a breakdown writer with the show.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Korte has assumed the head writing duties solely on her own at the moment, while Buzz blog initially reported Mulcahey’s exit.

We will have more on the GH writing team evolution in the days ahead.

What do you think about the writing team changes at GH thus far? Comment below.

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Melody Thomas Scott and Edward J. Scott to Receive Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Honors

The Young and the Restless iconic Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) and her husband, Emmy-winning producer, Edward J. Scott have been named by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as Lifetime Achievement Honorees at the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Melody and Ed will be presented with the award on June 7th during the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (8 PM ET/delayed PT) broadcast live on CBS and streaming live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

In a statement Melody and Ed expressed, “We are honored and humbled to receive this recognition from NATAS. Throughout our decades-long careers in front of and behind the cameras, we have had the opportunity to work not only with each other, but also with an incredibly talented pool of people who excel in their crafts and are passionate about the art we create in daytime television. We are grateful to have worked side by side with them and to be included with such esteemed recipients who have made their mark in our industry. We look forward to spending another wonderful evening celebrating the daytime community!“

Adam Sharp, President and CEO, NATAS added,“We’ve long wanted to honor the legendary daytime duo of Melody Thomas Scott and her husband Edward J. Scott. With a combined 93  years of contributions to our community, they are true institutions in the world of Daytime television.”

In addition to Melody and Ed receiving their Lifetime Achievement honors, public television host and cookbook author Lidia Bastianich will also be honored.


Lidia Bastianich said, “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized and receive the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award for having shared my passion for food with TV audiences for over 25 years. Cooking together and sharing food remain a common denominator of all cultures. Food nurtures, it connects diverse people, and it brings families, friends, and strangers together. There is no better place to be on this earth, especially in these trying times, than sharing food at a table with others. That simple idea has been the basis of my life’s work. Hence, as I say in my shows, “Tutti a Tavola a Mangiare!” Mille Grazie to NATAS for this honor.”

While Adam Sharp shared, “Lidia Bastianich’s astounding success combines her love of cooking while simultaneously entertaining millions each day. It is an honor for us to say ‘grazie’ for the many fine meals borne from her TV kitchen and cookbook pages.”

Melody Thomas Scott recently celebrated 45 years in the role of Nikki Newman, having joined the show in February 1979. Scott’s character has matured from the girl from the wrong side of the tracks to the serial’s luminous and resourceful leading lady.  After garnering a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in 1999, she went on to win in the same category for the Soap Opera Digest Award in 2001 and received four Soap Opera Update Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress (1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996). Scott began her career at age three. She studied singing, tap dancing, ballet and jazz and became one of the world-famous “Meglin Kiddies,” performing in USO shows as she started booking national commercials and guest spots on such series as “Wagon Train,” “My Three Sons,” “Ironside” and a recurring role on “The Waltons.”  Scott made her motion picture debut at age eight when she was cast by Alfred Hitchcock as the young Tippi Hedren in the thriller “Marnie.”  She has co-starred with legendary actors Clint Eastwood, Geraldine Page, John Wayne and Kirk Douglas. Scott has worked on stage and in numerous television shows and  was the subject of Lifetime Television’s “Intimate Portrait.” As a lifelong fan of “I Love Lucy,” Scott served as a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Jamestown, N.Y., which is committed to preserving the legacy of the great comedienne. In 2020,

Scott released her memoir, “Always Young and Restless.” Married since 1985 to Edward J. Scott, the couple have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Photo: JPI

Edward J. Scott is a six-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning producer who has played a pivotal role in the historic development of the soap opera genre for nearly five decades. Scott is currently supervising producer for The Bold and the Beautiful, the #2-rated daytime drama in the U.S. and the most-watched daily drama in the world, which is nominated for 12 Daytime Emmy Awards this year. Scott began his association with The Bell Family and Bell-Phillip Television Productions when he joined “The Young and The Restless” as an associate producer in 1976. He quickly moved up the ranks and served as the show’s executive producer for decades.

Scott’s legendary 48-year producing partnership and creative collaboration with “The Young and The Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” creators, the late William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, and their son, Bradley P. Bell, has helped create the two most popular daily American television series. Today, both daytime dramas are syndicated internationally.  Before joining “B&B” Scott was executive producer for the NBC daytime drama “Days of Our Lives.” Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Scott earned a B.A from California State University at Northridge with a double major of anthropology and broadcasting journalism. He has been married since 1985 to actress and author Melody Thomas Scott. The couple have three daughters and five grandchildren.

So, excited to hear Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott and longtime daytime soap opera producer, Edward J. Scott are receiving this year’s Lifetime Achievement Honors at this years 51st Annual Daytime Emmys? Comment below.

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‘Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit For Stand Up To Cancer’ Live Virtual Event Announced; Featuring Soap Opera Notables and Moving Tributes

Stand Up to Cancer in collaboration with Alan Locher and Michael Fairman, will come together for a a three-hour livestream benefit, Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

Several stars from from daytime drama television past and present are scheduled to participate for an evening of stories of emotional on- and off-screen experiences with cancer, and moving tributes to beloved daytime favorites who lost their battle plus musical performances.

Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story, streams live on Thursday, May 16, from 8 to 11 p.m. ET/5 to 8 pm PT simultaneously on and YouTube channels The Locher Room and Michael Fairman Channel.

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Tune-in for cancer survivorship stories with General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison and The Young and the Restless’ Colleen Zenk, who will reflect on the impact of publicly sharing their diagnoses; 2024 Daytime Emmy nominee Eric Braeden, who shares his cancer journey as well his memories of beloved The Young and the Restless co-star Meg Bennett, who passed from cancer April 11; and more.

Moving tributes to soap stars who’ve lost their cancer battles, including: Daytime icon Jackie Zeman, who played nurse Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital for 45 years, shared by daughters Cassidy MacLeod and Lacey Gorden, a tribute to Elizabeth Hubbard who played the iconic Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns and Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, as shared by her on-screen daughter Martha Byrne and real-life son Jeremy Bennett, two-time Emmy Award-winner Jerry verDorn (Guiding Light  One Life to Live), shared by widow Beth verDorn and his on-screen wife on Guiding Light, friend and co-star Liz Keife, the iconic Andrea Evans, who played Tina Lord Roberts on One Life to Live, shared by her husband Stephen G. Rodriguez and daughter Kylie Rodriguez and Kamar de los Reyes shared by his One Life to Live co-stars Michael Easton (General Hospital) Trevor St. John (The Young and the Restless).

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Poignant reflections from actors who have portrayed breast cancer survivors, including Sharon Case and Eileen Davidson from The Young and the Restless; Erika Slezak from One Life to Live; Tina Sloan and Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light and more.

Additional talent slated to participate in the virtual benefit include (*subject to change): Eddie and Kristen Alderson (One Life to Live); Elia Cantu (Days of Our Lives); The Day Players, Featuring Days of Our Lives castmates Carson Boatman, Brandon Barash, Wally Kurth (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee), Eric Martsolf (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee); Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live); Don Diamont (The Bold and the Beautiful); Linsey Godfrey (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, Days of Our Lives); Leo Howard (Days of Our Lives); Lesli Kay (The Bold and  the Beautiful); Eden McCoy (General Hospital); Kin Shriner (General Hospital); Michelle Stafford (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, The Young and the Restless).


“Daytime television invites viewers into the private lives of characters, often bringing important issues like cancer screenings into living rooms and around water coolers. Soaps debuted the first cancer storyline in 1962 – years before the topic was discussed in the mainstream, and it left an indelible impact: a whole generation of women who scheduled a potentially life-saving Pap smear for the first time,” said Daytime Stands Up host Alan Locher. “For so many viewers, this brought the issue front and center,” added co-host Michael Fairman. “Today, it’s become almost impossible to avoid; but there is hope with cancer research, thanks to organizations like Stand Up To Cancer.”

SU2C Co-Founder Sue Schwartz, SU2C President and CEO Julian Adams, Ph.D., and SU2C Health Equity Committee Member Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D., will also participate to speak to the importance of early detection, exciting scientific breakthroughs, and the ongoing work yet to be done to make screenings and treatment equitable for all.

“This year, an estimated 2 million people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer, presenting an opportunity for the public to stand with us and rise to the occasion,” said Adams. “We’re thankful to Alan Locher, Michael Fairman and our friends from the daytime television community, who will raise critical funding to honor those we’ve lost – and to propel new scientific breakthroughs for current and future patients. Everyone has a story, and we’re grateful to all of you for sharing yours.”

For over 15 years, SU2C has leveraged its relationship with the entertainment community – which includes more than 1,100 celebrity ambassadors – to generate public donations, increase awareness and fund cutting-edge cancer research. SU2C research has contributed to the development of more than 10 scientific breakthroughs that have significantly impacted the field and provided new treatment options for breast, colorectal, lung, melanoma, pancreatic, pediatric and prostate cancers.

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