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Shawn Butler Pleads Guilty On General Hospital! What Did You Think Of His Decision?



This week on General Hospital, actor Sean Blakemore was wrapping-up his run as Shawn Butler, when the character plead guilty to protect his mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)!  GH fans learned during the recent GH Live episodes that Blakemore had finished his time on the ABC daytime drama.

In story, with the choice of choosing a plea deal and turning on Sonny for his freedom, and a chance to be a real father to his son, (that he never knew was truly his) TJ (Tequan Richmond), Shawn decides instead to protect the coffee importer/mobster!

Jordan (Vinesssa Antoine) and TJ are heartbroken over his decision, as Sonny thanks Shawn for his service, and his enforcer is carted off to jail!

What did you think about the decision Shawn made? Would you have protected Sonny Corinthos? Weigh-in below!

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Duke did the same thing. Seems their “manly mob moral code/loyalty” weighs more heavily on them than choosing their family…as much as they might want to. That, and the fact that he was unfortunately given the boot!

The only positive is that they didn’t kill him off…so at least the door’s open for a possible return.

It’s one thing to have mob characters on the show. But, for a guy to go from serving in the armed forces, one of the most honorable professions, to pledging loyalty to organized crime is a disgraceful fall from grace IMO. And, to have actually brainwashed a young boy into believing the same is a tragedy. If Sean ever returns, I hope it’s to realize how wrong he was & to try to set TJ straight.

The way GH writes this seems like they want to elevate the mob to a higher calling. GH, will you EVER make this right? After 20+ years of this, it’s too late to just say “it’s fiction; it doesn’t mean anything.” YES, it does mean something when 220+ episodes a year x 20 years shows you portraying law enforcement in a consistently pathetic, disrespectful, incompetent light. Do you really hold police officers, detectives, federal agents & people who have been executed at the hands of criminals in such low esteem? It’s no longer entertaining.

Shawn did not plead guilty to protect Sonny..
He was ready to go down for So0nny..
He didn’t take the deal to protect TJ from the fallout, not Sonny..
He did it for his son..

It will come out the he was not the shooter, and he isn’t the shooter, and perhaps a recast in the future..

Not having been the shooter to hit Hayden should have come out already. He did shoot….just not the target for which he was aiming. As I said, ballistics should have already proven that. Incompetence on the part of the PCPD…. OR, by the PTB, I say!

Predictable certainly not surprising, by the time the PCPB discovers Shaun isn’t the shooter
it may be too late for him. The Corinthos Organization is well known all around especially
In prison,Shaun’s bound to get ambushed and eliminated.

I knew Shawn would not turn on Sonny, that’s the kind of man he is; he also did not want to hurt his son . I also didn’t hear anyone say the bullets were examined [in murder attempt] who’s to say the Prince’s “hit man” wasn’t the real shooter. I think the powers that be released Shawn so that when Jason gets memory back he takes his job back [enforcer for Sonny] .I think they could have kept him on the show. I am sorry to see him leave. They kept the actress that plays Ava………mmmmmmm something to think about.

Ask Olivia. Like buddy…..if you don’t want to give birth to mobsters children…..stop sleeping with mobsters. Tough call there Einstein!!

Lol, Lol, Lol….Aden!!!!

Week story but that said, glad we are getting rid of of these stupid character that basically were fillers for years..Franco next PLEASE THEN, Brad, Olivia, Ned, Kiki, Molly, TJ, Rick, Nicolas Cassadine, Silas,Felix and yes Dante too, he has been boring for years, and NO Cousin Val story will make this character better.

Maybe GH, will soar wilth less of these fillers and concentrate on relevant characters..The kids need to be aged up to keep the show more interesting with stories..Spencer, Emma, Cameron and Jocelyn, need to be teens to give the summer ratings a big audience gain..Nobody cares about whinny kids, we got them at home, we do not need to see them in our soaps…Teenage drama is good for ratings for the summer.

Nickloas Casadine a filler!?! He is a legacy character. HE should be the GH lead..

I agree to thin the cast. Nick stays. He is finally getting interesting. Brad stays. I think they will tell the story about his family and the Asian Quarter will be relevant again. Ned is leaving and I think it is terrible. He is a wonderful actor and a Q! I would leave the kids alone. Less is best but dont age them. I dont think we need summer teenage drama anymore. Teens do not watch soaps anymore. They have 500 different options now and daytime soaps are not one of them. I wish that were not the case.

Timmm, hi
huh? you said
” dont think we need summer teenage drama anymore”
GH doesn’t have any teens out side of Molly and TJ and they are awesome..

We lost Ned Q and got a Dillian Q ..

I’m luvin Nichols the Cassidine Nik, GH needs a Cassidine!! can’t let them die/fade away..

@Timmm….Yes, it’s about time that the “Asian Quarter” story is revisited….and an appearance by Jade and Yank would be absolutely topping! As for the list of peeps that need to go, well, it has to begin with Sappy, followed by Felix, Jordan, TJ, Grossalie, Val-Chops, Ric, and yes, Nina! I’m still willing to give RoHo’s Franco one more chance to make a splash, but he needs to be in a scenario away from the CrayClay….perhaps he can spend more time with Dr. O.? They are delicious together! As for Nik, he’s never been my favorite, but he is needed as the current lone Cassadine on the canvas, particularly with Laura’s return, but I hope his underhanded antics are soon put to paid.

@Shay…We are asked to believe so much on any of these soaps so why not just reboot Roger Howarth and assign him a new character? What about that new Cassadine that was supposed to appear way back named Valentine? Or if Stephen Nichols doeant want to return give Roger that role. Evil Nick needs to go up against his uncle Stephan!

@Timmm….Why RoHo wasn’t “Valentine” upon his initial return to the GH canvas is beyond me. That role would have been perfect for him…or even another new “Q.” However, the warped-beyond-redemption character known as Franco was already too far gone to be given a second-chance incarnation, even in Howarth’s capable hands, and the constant meandering of his mirthful misanthrope from joker to evil genius and back, just hasn’t worked. He was dubious at best as Carly’s main squeeze, and is completely grating with the insufferable Nina by his side. I cannot imagine what other tricks remain to be employed to save this loser of a character.

@Shay. I dont like James Franco and I hated his character on GH. When James left the character should have been eliminated! Roger can be funny, mysterious and evil. Sounds like a Cassadine to me!

Teens can be whiny too…i have one at home…id rather see Sabrina and Rosalee leave than Nik and Ned but Ned wont be at GH much since Wally Kurth is at Days with a contract…Ned and Olivia have the potential to be the next Alan and Monica!!!

Agree with Timmm and Jimh… Teens R no longer a viable option to increase ratings.
Gripping storylines, a major LOVE STORY, something’s lost it needs to be recaptured.
They really need to make us FEEEEEEEEEEEL again.

Yes, but we need young children in soaps….more realistic. And, Spencer is soooo precocious and cute….a perfect buffer for Jocelyn, when she’s around.
Furthermore, what will we do without Emma? That kid has more sense and is more stalwart than many of the adults around her.
I agree that some of the characters you mention are superfluous, but we need foils to uphold main character….as GHlover says, Nik is a permanent fixture because of his legacy.
Kiki’s presence is important…tying Silas, Ava and the Jeromes nicely…..well, until Ava fesses up and admit Kik is Nina’s…LOL.
What I would ask is for a Kiki recast. I have yet to see real emotion out of this girl. Her expressionless, unemotional face is as “atonal” as Sam’s voice… on the Richter Logarithm scale…LOL.

@ CeeCee
Spencer and Emma R an intricate part of GH’s history, it’s present and future.
Unfortunately they’ve left Jocelyn out in the cold more often than not…
If Kiki is indeed Nina’s daughter, all HELL will break loose…Cat fiiiiiiight!!!
Ava will have MET her match in Nina.
Agree w/ you CeeCee, on replacing current Kiki, I’d like the original actress
to come back, but she chose to leave and pursue other ventures. Understandable.
If Sam’s monotonic voice is annoying, try focusing on her eyes constantly squinting
& closing after every half sentence is uttered………. CRAZY about Kelly M, but that
Makes me nuts.

Sorry but shawn went out like a coward. I know in the world this character lives in, loyalty among thugs is consider more honorable then loyalty to your own family, so Shawn picked the thug life and for that he’s going to prison. As for Sonny, he really is full of himself, i wish Jordan would of slapped his ass when he had the nerve to call her out in the courtroom.

….See, Aria….Sonny has what I call, the Napoleonic-syndrome…LOL.
Sonny probably drives a BIG car, too……little man, big ego!!!

I was surprisingly moved by the story with Shawn. Even though the reality was that Shawn was a “bad guy” he had an amazing heart and the fact that he took a fall to protect his own son was very noble. When Jordan and TJ each cried tears over this, I cried a few myself. It was that real. The story itself had a few weak spots but overall the actors knocked it out of the ballpark. I am gonna miss the character of Shawn. Who will Sonny turn to now that his team is basically gone? I am loving GH more and more each and every day. Thank you for a great job well done, Sean Blakemore. You will be missed. Maybe someday you can return.

Rush to justice? No one bothered to do a ballistics test on his gun, so we have no clue whether he was the real shooter. Then again this is the PCPD, ineptitude is their motto

He was at an arraignment and pleaded guilty, it is not going to trial, no evidence needed..
He said he was guilty, end of his story

That is the very first thing I posted, curacaoman. Amazing, isn’t it? Rule of thumb in all CSI is to check ballistics. We practically said the same thing, down to the ineptitude of PCPD …verbatim…LOL.

I want Shawn back,why did he leave.Can he come back,it was even him that shot her.

I get the reasons why Shawn took the rap…loyalty, TJ. b.s.

Two things really bother me is that Sonny let him. Especially since we all know how much Sonny loves Pentonville. I just find there’s been no reason to like Sonny for years, since he started as a punk strip club owner.

And two, while the writers can make Shawn a sympathetic, nice-guy character, he was a hired killer and a terrible, hypocrite and example as father-figure of the year. “Do as I say, not as I do,” with T.J.’s main takeaway being loyal. And making a good BLT.

Three cheers and then some, for you, Rose!!!!! Hip, hip……

Memo to Carlivati…….you’re not writing orange is the new downtown throne game walking dead. You are writing a show that millions loved before you came in and decimated it.

Well… Patch pretended to dump acid on Hope. And he became a hero. So why shouldn’t Brad….who threatened to rape and blackmail his lover’s nephew….be th e new GH hero. Lmao. At least his family is mob linked!!!!!!!!

I don’t get Ron Carlivati’s writing “style” AT ALL!!


GH in its’ own way has a cult following..
GH is for cool peoples who ”get it” ..
some simply do not get it, the Y&R type can’t grasp it …….. lol

I watch both Y&R and GH, and still ”I get” GH ..

I watch them both because they are so different, yet entertaining.

Su, you have said this before. What is it that “we” don’t get?….explain. Do you mean we don’t get the satire? All the storylines are satirical to me. It is like making fun of life,in general.
Don’t get me wrong, I love GH, and I am so happy I tuned in when I did…right after OLTL died.
Also, what does it take to be cool? And what is there to get? That killers get away with murder?
I don’t know, Su….just sayin’.

Out of context…but…Su, again you were right. I did agree that Denise and Ava are one person. But I was wrong in assuming Silas was aware of this…I put my foot in it. Probably Delia helped Ava become Denise behind Silas’s back. He did save Ava, though. Everything else is true. Okay, I’ll shut up now.

Sign me up for that law school!! Lol.

Discernible brainwave activity NOT required. No transcripts!

Aden, you are sooo sardonically hilarious.
Actually, not too much brain activity made Kim Kardashian world famous…probably the most famous, right now…..all she needed was a bed and a Camcorder…LOL.

Good. Mobsters be gone. Get out. Don’t come back.

Wal Mart Greeter!!!!!!! You can be drunk and do that job!!

Why would Michael…a teenage male rape victim….not tell his promiscuous “Uncle Lucas”….that his fiance wanted to rape and sodomize him???? You’d think that would be one of the first topics of discussion!

Memo to TJ…..cops are good! Blood thirsty murderers are bad!! Most teenagers get that!!

You bet. What is all this angst against his mother, Jordan? I guess TJ accepted her as a drug dealer, but cannot as a cop? Instead, he repudiates her badge, a symbol of justice, for his mobster father figures/Dad? Obtuse kid.

As soon as GH installs their laugh track….I Wil be on board!!

Who needs a laugh track……its just as funny without one…

You tell him Jimh!!!

It’s really not Jim!! Try it!!

It looks like they are setting up a space in Sonny’s organization for Jason’s return so Shawn was not needed. He will return someday. I liked the actor who played Shawn who could actually act unlike some of the lunk heads down at the PCP station!

Sorry to see him go. I guess with Jason about to return, they didn’t need two hitmen. But it would have been interesting with Shawn, Jordan & TJ. Jordan dropped the news then Shawn goes. Too bad. That was full of possibilities.

I hope with all my heart, Jake will not fall prey to that irreverent lifestyle, albeit what you say makes sense. Shawn’s leaving lends oneself to believe that his exit paves the way for Jake to become Jason Morgan and pick up where he left off.
By the same token, Jake could choose to remain Jake or go back to his true self….Jason Q.

I think Sean and Jordan made a great couple. They could have had Sean quit the mob and explore relationship with TJ as his son, etc.

Fine, Shawn is a stand-up, loyal guy. I get that. But he JUST found out that T.J. is his son, and he was facing prison time. Doesn’t it make sense to try to avoid prison at all costs, and have the ability to build a stronger relationship with your son? That would be my main concern, especially considering T.J.’s already rocky relationship with Jordan.

Plus, Sonny is not a good guy AT ALL. He makes no attempts to leave the mob, and lets others take the fall for him, like he did with Shawn. If I were Shawn, I’d look at all the people that have been hurt because of Sonny (including his kids) and think it best that this mobster be taken off the streets and locked up, where he would still be if not for that flimsy pardon he got.

They wrote this story terribly, because it just doesn’t make logical sense why Shawn wouldn’t take the deal. While I’m sad to see Sean Blakemore leave, because he is a good actor, I won’t miss Shawn. He didn’t have much of a purpose, and the fewer mobsters there are in Port Charles, the better.

You’re right, Jimmy, Shawn didn’t have much of a purpose, and so he was expendable. However, the same could be said for both TJ and Jordan. It would have been far more logical for Mr. Butler to take the deal and leave town with them in tow. There would have been a “happy family” ending and three superfluous characters would have been dispensed with in one fell swoop. But then, that would have made too much sense….couldn’t have that, now could we?????

Shawn had to confess to leave the show..
If he took the deal he would be staying, he needed to leave GH..
Shawn is a killer, a hit man, his exit should indeed be in prison..

Sahawn could not just leave town, no justice in that..
He is a cold blooded killer, he kills people..
Going to prison was the right exist ..

Sonny is a COWARD……

@ Su…..Shawn is a cold blooded killer…finally agreed. But what is Sonny? Doesn’t he deserve a fate worse than death or prison?

Part of me is bummed that they waited until the character is going off the canvas to reveal TJ is his son. The reveal was great, I’ve been waiting for a long time for this tidbit to come to light, but what no fall out? What fun is that?

I’m Canadian so I’m not well verse on the American court system,but even based on the hundreds of American law shows I’ve seen, I think a first year law student should be able to get that conviction overturn on a number of legal formalities that were bypassed

Also I don’t think Shawn is noble. We all know his bullet didn’t hit Hayden, but he doesn’t know it, and he didn’t seemed to care that he put this innocent woman in a coma– I could understand him wanting to go to jail, because he felt guilty about that and wanted to go because he felt he deserved it and it was justice for Hayden if he did go– but going to jail in order to protect Sonny who wouldn’t do the same if the positions were reversed was just lame. If they had taken I deserved to go to jail for what I did to that woman angle then his guilty plea it would have made more sense.

Legal system?????? LMAO. There’s no such thing in Port Charles.

Shawn said he was guilty, case closed.
He is a murder a killer a hit man his job is killing people..
Anyways,, when a person says ”yes, I did it, I am guilty of the crime, it’s over.
No trial needed.

even if took the deal he would be a dead man and his family in great danger..
A snitch never lives long..

I haven’t been watching. but , Didn’t Shawn shoot at someone. His bullet missed ? what is new ? Shawn is the most inept killer for hire ever. He intended to kill Jake so attempted murder .TJ is now on my &Hi7 list. mad at his mother because she was not a drug dealer ? WTH is TIIC of GH thinking or are they. I saw the TJ part in the gym. WTH are the powers thinking.? Sonny wins again Are Guza and goons in the writers room again I refuse to watch this drivel.This show would be a joke if it wasn’t so sad the way they are destroying it.

The dynamics in the relationship between Shawn’s character, family members and “work’ was a superior story line. I hope that producers and writers will see fit to bring back thet character in order to explore more possibilities.

I love Shawn and I am very sad that the character is gone. Shawn did not have to stay in the mob. He could of gotten out of the mob and became a PI. His storyline with TJ being his son could of been explored more and he and Jordan could of eventually reunited. There was no reason to drop another black character. Why couldn’t Shawn stick around, longterm, like the other nonblack characters? There seems to be a pattern of not keeping black characters longterm or they barely get screentime. Well, this have turned me off of GH and soaps, in general. Apparently, blacks have no place on soaps. And the black viewers should have no place watching anything that has been anti-black for decades.

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Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


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