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So Long "Red": Y&R's Phyllis Turns Blonde! Could There Be A Future For Phick?

Photo: JMorrowTwitter

Photo: JMorrowTwitter

If you caught Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, you saw that Phyllis dyed her hair color blonde, and so too did her portrayer Gina Tognoni. Clearly, it’s a turning point for the character who has been for so long nicknamed “Red” throughout her long, off-again and on-again relationship with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

When Phyllis’ marriage went south, thanks to her affair with Jack’s brother, Billy (Jason Thompson), and her attempts to to patch things up with Jack haven’t worked out so well, Phyllis is ready to move on with a new life and a new job, so she starts with washing that red out to propel her forward.  In the episode, when she showed up at Jack’s office, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) noticed her hair color, while Jack, who she was hoping to illicit some response from, said nothing.  Phyllis abruptly leaves with a quick, “Goodbye”.

In addition, Y&R played up a bit of the history between Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis on the episode, who for years had been known as “Phick.” They also are parents to their daughter, Summer (Hunter King).  hyllis offered to clean up for Nick at the Underground so he could get to Faith’s (Alyvia Alyn Lind) play.  He noted that he was in no hurry; since some ex-wives are easier to deal with than others!  Score one for Phyllis, and minus one for Sharon (Sharon Case)!

What do you think of a blonde Phyllis? Do you like the on-screen chemistry between Joshua Morrow and Gina Tognoni? Comment below?

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I can get the blonde look even if it takes a little time to get used to but as for a Phick rehash, I say no—it’s time for Nick and Sharon to find their way back to each other in my eyes.

I agree, James, albeit the vibe Friday between Nick and Phyllis sort of awkwardly steered us in that direction. Are TPTB teasing us?…..Ahhhh, the pissibilities, James!…… Phick, Chick and Shick….can you dig it? Is that a 60’s or 70’s jargon/lingo, or both? LOL.
Whatever the outcome; I will forever root for Sharon and Nick…

I agree with James and Celia, Nick and Sharon…

hey CC 🙂
0ooh no!!
NO- Sharon, no Sharon, and Nick!
dear god no no no Sharon

Sharon should be paired with a big fat stinky perverted old man, that’s the man who could really appreciate her hidden charms. Why waste her on Nick!

PS– GH is missing my loved Krampus !!!!
(even Krampus is too fine for Sharon!)

Jack needs Phyllis…
Nick and Sharon are matriarch NEWMANS!

Don’t need to revisit Phick or Shick too much baggage on both pairings can’t erase ten years the viewers remember Sally is going to have to face that. Kelly Cramer is back again,

Hey, SuzieQ,
You never cease to amaze me, and I love you for it.
You have had it in for poor, ‘lil, ole Sharon forever.
Sharon is a very attractive woman….why give her to an old guy? She already had Victor…yuck. LOL.
Happy Holidays, my beautiful friend.

Yeah, Kay…I guess you’re right. I am stuck on Shick.
But, imagine a liaison between Nick and Chelsea…..there’s baggage there, too. Maybe not Nick’s baggage, but Adam’s. Still, a relationship would eventually bite them in the arse.
Who knows, right?

hi CC..
there is a reason I want Sharon with an old fat stinky man and I’ll throw in suffering from ED so I’ll never have to see her having sex or anything resembling it ever again.. heh huh !

And yeah she was with an old guy Victor but she got really from rich it lol..

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you, my dear friend.
and hope Krampus come to make it an exciting Christmas !! 🙂

Totally agree we need Shick back once and for all they exude love and familiarity. Always seem to forgive each other and they both love and adore Faith. It’s high time this couple gets outback together and we get to see them raise their daughter together with Noah and Mariah it’s like the family 2.0. I was never crazy about Michelle Stanford’s Phyllis and stopped watching when prick came about. I like Gina as Phlus but so far her chemistry is best with jack and Ravi imo. Billy and vikki are destined for another round– hope Adam
Comes back soon snd here’s to Michael Muhney reprising the role/-fabulous actor. Liked Justin’s Adam but MM would be on fire..,

No to Phick please, too much damage done to them last time around and frankly Gina and Joshua have much more friendly chemistry. Gina’s best chemistry is clearly with Jason Thompson and I’d rather move back to Philly

Late to the party, but I agree with Sharon. I only see friendly chemistry too, and there’s not so much drama potential this time around either. I totally agree on Philly, finally Y&R had a new pairing with great chemistry and they decided they didn’t need it. It is very disappointing because this show definitely needs fresh interesting couples – they don’t have any right now. Maybe the writers need to talk to the directors about things like chemistry because even the best Headwriter can’t create chemistry – it’s either there or it’s not.

It’ll take a while to get used to Phyllis not being a red head, that’s been a big part of her character for so long but Gina’s hair does look great. As for Phick, I wouldn’t mind seeing hiw 2.0 would do as Phick 1.0 is my all time favorite Y&R couple but I would want it to be a slow buildup, let Phyllis focus on herself for a while and business and let Nick get this scholars thing out of his system. If Phick make another go of it, I don’t want it to start off in any type of triangle. For now though I’m enjoying that they are finally acknowledging Phick have a history and making them friends again.

*Chelsea thing… not sure why autocorrect turned that to scholars lol

I have only known Gina as a blonde until Y&R. She had to get into Phyllis- mode.
Yes, I like the idea of Phyl and Nick as friends… lovers? I am not sure, at this point, Skyla.
I always thought he and Sharon belonged together. But, it is beyond our control what TPTB decide to do.
Also, perhaps Phyllis’s change of hair color has to do with shedding herself of Jack once and for all. He called her ‘Red’…..well, no more, in more ways than one? Maybe?

I agree Celia, women often times will do something drastic to their hair, makeup or body after a tough breakup. I love that Jackie boys balls are hangin now. Its good for him and RED, I mean BLONDE will move on to Fenmores and that could be interesting.

Jack needs Phyllis…
Nick and Sharon are matriarch NEWMANS!

But Phyllis doesn’t need Jack.

Nick cannot be a matriarch….he’s a guy, Young Evie.
And, Sharon is too young to be a matriarch……that title would go to Nikki, as a Newman.

Blondie And Deadwood-lol….Nick has become as boring as a piece of wood!!!

Haha, Jimmy…good one.
But, just one of Joshua Morrow’s brilliant smiles makes the sun shine on a rainy day.
Bye, Jimmy…!!

Those smiles are getting harder for me…in the meantime i havent seen Harry post a thing in ages-hope everything is fine with him!!!

ill keep posting for now until March…going to drop cable/internet and selling my tv and everything.. this spring.freezing to death-no heat since sat…furnace guy coming soon-later

Josh would make a good husband and a terrible “Victor in the Waiting!” THAT was Michael Muhneys position. Victor knows it.

Oh, Jimmy….not to worry about Harry. He let it be known, a while back, that he would be posting under another name to keep his anonymity. He is Addison….many of us guessed it.
You know my name is Cecelia, yes? My nickname CeeCee. Well, now I post as Celia… necessity….new email address….lots of hackers out there.
I am so happy to see your name….keep posting. Sending you love, my friend.

Ok, so; again you got a chuckle out of me, TIMMMY!!
Desperate. That is too funny for me to ignore. The word generated these visions in my head of Phyllis running around hither and yon, begging to be noticed….for attention. Ha!
And, Jack acting like a jerk has reached the outer limits of immaturity and spoiled brat….just as his ‘lil brotha’. I am just waiting for him to stomp his foot uttering, ” so there”!!

I think it was Jack saying,”Goodbye Red” which inspired her to do it.
Interestingly enough, I think she looks younger with the blond locks.
I see the changing of the hair color as being symbolic of Gina making Phyllis her own character rather than trying to emulate Michelle Stafford whom many people absolutely worshiped. I wonder if it was the actresses own idea or the writers?
Would it not be funny if Stafford’s Nina from GH suddenly dyed her hair red?

I love the blonde on Gina so much better!! She looks younger and just cuter!!!!

She looks desperate!

I didn’t recognize her… it’s because she’s smiling

yeah… I feel for the guy… always will

Jacks gonna MOVE

WOW wonder if the writers will ever give Jack first place belong … it even sounds exciting .. another showdown with this new behind the scenes production team.

give Jack another go round… just smart

watch your back Victor

The thing is, Patrick….my sooo-ever poetic friend….Jack does not have the IT factor.
I detest Victor, but he has IT. Eric is an indomitable presence.

Love Gina any color. Preferred her with Billy.


Blonde red brunette she cant act anymore and will never be Phyllis and I didn’t even like the first Phyllis that much

More power to you, mark. I sooooo agree with with you.
Gina Tognoni has lost her aspiration and I, my inspiration for her. Big giant leap from her days on OLTL.

Y&R should HIRE another – RED – Robin Christopher. I see sparks tremors

Jack needs a Sexy sultry Smart Woman. OK hop to Young and Sussman

Uuuuu….looove Robin….
I never thought of Gina as the femme fatale, either, Patrick.

Agree that the blonde makes her look younger. How about she take some time for herself for once without jumping to the next available guy. In the meantime, casting directors find a couple of really good cast members to pair her and Ashley with (respectively, no triangles for a minute, please!). Tons of actors could fit the bill from Richard Burgi that GH let go, heck bring back Michael E. Knight as another character (as the other ME has done more than once), I would buy it. I’m a redhead myself and going to just look at some blonde shades, LOL!

Am I the only one who thinks with blonde hair she looks like Sage? I thought it was her at first, it was only when she started talking I realized it was Phyllis — if not exactly like Sage close enough to be sisters– which would fit in with Nick feeling attracted to his ex wife because she looks like his dead wife

Oh my gosh! That’s exactly what I first thought when I saw the picture next to the article on the “NEWS-SOAP-BUZZ” main page on Michael Fairman’s website, here. And when I saw that, my next thought was…. Oh my gosh! Wow! It looks like they have re-casted the character of Phyllis with Kelly Sullivan (actress who played Sage). lol. but then I clicked on the article and looked much deeper into it and was like, “Oh wow. Well, this is still interesting…!” lol

Yes! My sister and I both thought she was Sage when she first came on the scene. She looks beautiful. I still see some red in her hair.
I wish people wouldn’t bash Sharon as she is a awesome actress and I think she has a big heart.
I am going to miss Dylan when he leaves. He is a Saint in my eyes.

Yes, I thought I was the only one who felt that was. When she turned around she looks exactly like Sage and if anyone noticed they also put the crinkle waves in her hair like Sages was. Glad I’m not the only one…

You are right she does resemble Kelly Sullivan now!!!

Oh My Goodness! I did read the spoilers about the hair change but I also thought she resembled Sage! I just didn’t want to say it in case it was just me who thought that! LOL!

I thought the same thing. She does have a “Sageness” about her. I didn’t know who she was until she started speaking. The resemblance is eerie.

Gotta say getting your hair changed can give you a whole lease on life. Reminds me of the sentiment of the song…”Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair.” Wonder what it will do for Phyliss? Just wish it wasn’t the same old, same old guys to pick from. Actually I’m more interested in where her career goes than her love life.

spot ON….

“…Just wish it wasn’t the same old, same old guys to pick from ”

here’s when posts should be rippin…

Scott Elrod
Chris McKenna
Michael Muhney

Justin Hartley

wow… so much missing

Phyllis changes her hair and people go wacko over it.
women change their hairstyles, often.
Thing is——–
The Y&R women rarely update their hair.

Sharon– hasn’t changed her hair is decades.. She still tries to look young like the Brady Family girls.

Lauren– she has had the same for decades. She is a businesses woman that has never caught up with times of the different styles, the in the time’s hair styles.

Jil– she hasn’t moved forward either.
and the list goes on and on for the long haired Y&R females (ever notice they are long hairs lol..

ALL the Y&R, well most– do not change up to the times and they have long (out of style) hair most likely because they believe long hair makes them look younger, NOT.
they would look younger keeping up with times.

Myself– had long, short, bangs, no bangs, layered, to the side, curly, straight. highlights no highlights, colors hair to go with what is in with style for the time hair, but not Y&R women..they have the same style for decades, very strange, indeed.
((( what real life woman has had the same hair for 4 decades ))

BRAVO Gina ! you go girl, change it up!

you know who’s hair… bugs me the most?

Nancy Lee Grahn: “miss ? ” Frigidaire

LOL… the one that I most pine for…

and she’s letting herself go

and I understand for good reason

Nikki… falls apart

with Victor… hell yeah

Yeah…Nancy’s hair could use some updating. But, sometimes when a woman finds a style that is easy to manage; she sort of sticks to that.

I think her hair looks wonderful! She’s moving on! She does not want to be called red anymore!! I say… Bravo

Yup! But to me she belongs to Jack.

Probably from all my years of watching Guiding Light, but I prefer Gina as a brunette — neither overtly red or blonde. But she looks stunning and remains a knock-out performer with any color hair!

Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis was a mercurial, self destructive temptress with a sense of humor. With Gina in the role the character has been brittle and mean-spirited. I don’t buy for a minute that Nick would’ve ever been drawn to this incarnation of Phyllis. Just another example of a role so defined by the original actor that recasting is almost impossible.

I think the show needs to move forward with a Nick/Chelsea pairing. Putting him back with Sharon so soon after what she’s done would make him look stupid and allow Sharon to once again to get off the hook without any repercussions (the impending exit of Dylan doesn’t count — that’s more of a reward than punishment if you ask me).

Yes I agree once again. Especially if Dylan is leaving bring Nick back to Sharon. Or Chelsea…

That is exactly what I think, Alan….how I feel.
Someone suggested Ronan come back as Phyllis loved him. Well, that steamy sexuality was displayed/reserved with/for him and Stafford. They had it going….they effectively generated erotica.
Once in a blue moon can that ‘inebriation’ between characters can be duplicated, recaptured and repeated.
Gina Tognoni is not the ‘come hither’ kind of actress. Michelle exudes an aura of unfathomable charisma ……a temptress, just as you have depicted her . I would add chaos and drama to that……love her chaotic and dramatic personality…..I identify with those attributes, LOL.

Michelle’s Phyllis was the rare bad girl that viewers couldn’t help but care about no matter what horrible thing she did. Marcy Walker’s Liza Colby on AMC was another character that couldn’t be recast (and they tried twice).

Sometimes it’s better to just let a character go than dilute their legacy with recasts that don’t live up to the original.

Forgetting this is a “Soap,” the natural evolution considering what I have seen (my viewing has been interrupted three times in the past week) Nick is getting frustrated with the duties of a single father. If Dylan leaves (goes missing, etc.) Sharon is the natural fall back. No direct tie up, just practical.

I wanted Jack to change, but not into continued stupidity. Rather I expected a more sophisticated, intellectual, smooth moving executive.

Have no sense of where this new writing is going, but do enjoy seeing different sets. The Fenmores Department Store opens a lot of potential. If Jack is trying a take over; explain to viewers just how that works! A step ahead for Soaps.

Why do any of the players have to get “hooked up” now. Let a story start and evolve. I remain neutral on the new writing. However, there is a warmer somewhat slower sense which is pleasing.

You describe characters so aptly, Alan…..wish I had your talent. ….”…the rare bad hirl….”. I simply love that!!!!! So a’ propos.
Michelle has that magnetism that cannot be learned. She was born with it, and she carried it to GH, albeit she is not very much in the viewer’s favor. No matter…just look at her!!! I always envied her height.
But, good looks do not necessarily translate sexy. Michelle could wear a burlap sack, and she’d still have that sultry ‘thing’ going on.


I agree!

Can’t stand Chelsea!!

Amen sister!

She is grating on my last nerve as well. She is putting herself in Nick’s business way to much in my opinion. Like I said before, a couple of months ago, she was so worried about what the after effects of Adam’s death were going to do Conner, she was practically joined at the hip with him. Now she is baby less, baking cookies with Faith, and shopping with Nick. Maybe the next time she hits a mall with Nick, she can convince him to go to a hair salon for a good shampoo, cut and beard shaping for the holidays. On that note I’d like to say Happy Holidays soap fans!! HO! HO! HO!

I don’t understand Chloe’s clothes. She has such a cute little figure….one which could showcase her designs. Who picks her clothes? Herself, or the wardrobe people?
In comparison, Chelsea’s clothes are out-of-this-world gorgeous. And, she has that ‘killer’ quality of knowing HOW to wear an outfit.
But, with Chloe, there is no co-ordination, in my opinion. I suppose one either has it, or not.

Glad she’s back to being blond, looks great! She was blond on OLTL and even Guiding Light at the beginning when Dinah was posing as Princess Cassie. I thought she looked stunning as blond Dinah.

Wendy Moniz was the best Dinah, Gina just walked around with coffee cups talking to tombstones

Too much damage btwn Nick and Sharon. Sharon is a case. I don’t wanna see Nick with his sister in law either. The writers are saying they don’t know if they’re going to bring back the Adam character, but they must. Phyllis hair didnt look all that blonde to me, just lighter

Also Im sick sick sick of Chloe..its time for Chelsea to find out what her unstable best friend has done to Adam. Its dragging on waaaay too long.I know Dillon is leaving Y&R.Glad Travis is gone from Victoria’s life.Mow if anybody should reunite it br Vicki

Yeah. What is Chloe’s purpose? Her crestions? Her wardrobe hurts my eyes.

Chole has been on my nerves since she came back. I agree with you Celia on her wardrobe. I thought she was suppose to be working for “the best up and coming” new designer”. What the hell was she wearing on the GC Buzz interview. I guess her only purpose now is to use Kevin for free room and board for her and Bella, sex as needed, and to screw Kevin over yet again when and if Bella’s father shows up. Happy Holidays!!

Oops! If anyone should reunite it should be billy and vikki

For the 588th time? No thanks. Villy 4.0 is the definition of anti-chemistry.

Not a good match, I agree, Lauren. Jason’s Billy does not make the heart palpitate; not with Victoria.
But, as we can see, TPTB are trying very hard to shove this couple down our throats.

Nick and Sharon are the matriarchs to follow Vic & Niky.
Phyllis and Jack belong together… now she’s blonde he better recognize…forgive her and his brother at least try to.. it good Tracy can help to heal the family and Ashely too!!!
Chelsea and Adam or someone ? If there is no Adam then MAYBE Nick!
Mirrah and Someone super hot…I just love her! Keep her doing good and in a good and badGirl way. Kinda rob the rich to feed the poor. Her wrong may not be right but it turns out well enough! Go Mirrah!!!
Chloe?????????????? Kevin get someone else!!!!
Abby and Summer need to attend grow up school!!! They need a ton of rude awakenings!!!!
Yes. Kane and Lilly is fine!!!! Lauren and Michael good! Stitch need a real relationship! Dylan soon gone.
Lastly …Devon and Hilary …nnnnaahhh not working anymore to me!!!!

No!!!! Not Nick n Phyllis no way. But Nick n Chelsea are together!!!!! Lovely

I agree no Phyllis and Nick!

Mean i hope they get together

I know Nick and Chelsea are sooo cute together– I just want to pitch both of their chubby cheeks– in real life they would be a great couple– both single parents raising young children– BUT this is soap and with soaps unless they want to go for a different vibe than usual ” I’m so hot for you lets rip each other clothes off and go at it like rabbits”– the two of them as a couple may be too tamed even for daytime. But agree they would make for adorable couple

Jack is probably the last person Phyllis belongs with. She loved Billy, Ronan and Nick so much more.

He is more the guy she is with when she can’t have a better option.

Yes lets bring Ronan back– especially if Dylan is leaving Paul will need at least one officer to talk over cases with–and Phyllis needs a break from all things Abbott or Newman

Hi, Young Eveie,
I don’t want to be a pain, but, you keep calling Nick and Sharon, matriarchs.
Matriarch only applies to women…….much older women. Eg. Catherine Chancelor.
By the same token, patriarch applies only to men. Eg. John Abbott….now, Victor falls under that category.
I cannot truly consider Nikki as matriarch either ( I think she is also too young…looks great), but, she is certainly a candidate.
I think Nick and Sharon are “grandfathered” in, per se, since they have been on the show forever, …but neither is a patriarch or matriarch.
And, I do not think, characters need to be married to each other to hold the title.

Stitch needs to go as far away from GC as possible. Send him back to his sick son

I really want red aka phyllis get back with jack they are meant to be together and nick and sharon belongas a family they always find their back to each other…..

Just throwing this out there,since none of the children of Victor want to head the business,why not ask Philip she once was a Newman and
Wouldn’t that show Jack ,,and that sure would stir thing up.s
She is capable, has savvy,her daughter is Grandpa’s star. Side note agree about the long hair,to much,Nicky hair is horrible ,and so is Laurans,everyone else seem to trying to update,,..just saying

WOW…what a novel idea, Linda! I really like that. She’s business-smart, and she really would stick it to Jack. Anything to crack that ramrod-straight back once and for all.

I think Nick and Phillis should get back together because both of them need fresh start and I think it will be good for the story line. Make better than the first time even with another baby for the couple .

As hard as Sally is trying to make viewers forget the Philly affair, we are not stupid. The FELL IN LOVE, it aired, we saw, that’s ridiculous pretending they never happened.

Gina’s best chemistry is with Jason, she’d know that if she watched their scenes or let the characters breathe the same air.

Instead of Philly, we have Jason wasted in an awkward and chemless Villy redux and Phyllis between Jack who never gave a damn to her being raped and Nick who testified to make his father free.

Unfortunately, Phyllis can’t be with the man who loved her for her and has to be in abusive pairings. Enough already.

Absolutely right one day they were ready to move mountains together the next no I love Jack,

the story she needed to drop us GC Buzz ! Why can Devon buy a record producing company that was his passion him and his Dad make it work just quit having him throw money around?

Saying all of that I am going to give them time they deserve that their scripts have only been on for about two weeks!

Whenever a soap switches writing teams it is never flawlessly seamless– there are some misses along the way– but ITA, SS has to keep recent history in mind as well, she can’t just wipe the last 10 years off the map– yet I am enjoying hearing characters actually talked about their past, acknowledging it exists– like Paul and Lauren talking about Paul’s mother Mary– and seeing Victor act somewhat human again has been a nice chance of pace too– but it will be a while before they can finish stories that were in progress, to doing their own thing– and hopefully one of those things will be to repair the damage done to Devon– either make him interesting again or cut him loose.

I think jack and phyllis should have have. Chance again. They need to get more men on the shoow. They have more women than they have men get more life into it.

Jack is too weak for Phyllis. He was not man enough for her. He always let her down when she needed him the most. Its time to shake Jack and leave him in the dust. She has given him two chances at marriage and he has botched them both times. If he would have been there for her, after all she went through, there would have been no Billy. Jack only has himself to blame for it.

Genna…oh, I TOTALLY AGREE with you!!!!! At this point, Jack is nothing but a two-faced, shallow, self-centered, self-absorbed and cold-hearted CHUMP!!!!! Bottom Line Here (and as you pointed out): Jack only has himself to blame!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays.

Gina, may look younger with blond hair, but she looked a whole lot steamier, and sultry as “Red”. She is a beautiful sexy woman with any color hair and a wonderful actress! I did not think anyone could play Phyllis after Michelle Stafford, but I was wrong! I would rather see Nick and Chelsea together, than have him go back to the dim witted Sharon! Phyllis and Jack are like Nikki and Victor, they will always find thier way back to each other, and they will break each others hearts again. They will always own each others hearts! They bring out the worst and the best in each other! And please can some one just slap Lilly, she is probably the most annoying character on the show!

I love Phyllis and the blonde hair. She looks sexy, young and she needed a new angle. She is getting away from that Jack nick name and she just washed that man right out of her hair. Phyllis and Jack are history and I am glad. He was never here for her and that is why she needed to leave him. They are done and I am happy about it.

Phyllis, tried to talk to Jack, and it didn’t work. Jack, should be the first one, to say what he’s feeling. He’s been having dreams of her, and can’t get them out of his head. He, knows that he, wants her back!

Jack is pathetic. He has been up to bat twice and he always fails her. Phyllis has had enough of that. I didn’t blame her for seeing Billy, Jack was not there for her when she needed him the most, he never is. Now, he wants to blame her. Well, too bad, Move on Phyllis……….

bring back avery for a avery/ nick/ phyliss triangle!!
both jessica collins and gina are stellar actresses and watching two sisters revisit their sibling rivalry and using nick would make for emmy worthy scenes
as much as shick belong together sharon needs to chill for a min so the audience can forget all the torment shes caused nick… put her in a sharon/ billy / victoria triangle !!… jason thompson and sharon case would be sizzling together!

Phyllis never had a sister. That was just more bad writing to break up Nick and Phyllis. No more triangles either. If anything I would like to see a slow build up. Friends and time together getting to know each other again. Phyllis as independent and working with Lauren to help save her company. I would love to see them slowly build up to a great story between them. I love this couple.

Personally I think the show missed the boat with Dr. Anderson– instead of wasting her on that lame, baby switch, go for revenge nonsense– how cool would it have been if she was doctor who was in a wheel chair– they could have crafted a very sweet romance between her and Nick– exploring the challenges of living and having a relationship with someone with special needs and her trying to decide if Nick loved her for her or because he felt gulity she was in the chair to begin with- what could have been?— but even if it’s too late for that– personally it has always been a dream of mine to see Patty get sane again, and after all these years her and Jack actually make it work– that his first wife– was in the end the best wife for him—okay give me a break it’s Christmas– time for miracles and fantasy- LOL

Yeah, the girl who played Dr. Anderson was a good actress.

I love the idea! These two would light it up and this show needs some lighting up. I have always believed that this couple were the “Heart to Heart” power couple of this show and because of MAB and her vendetta aganst Latham, she worked to destroy them before they actually had a chance and then when Phelps came along, again, she wanted to get rid of Michelle Stafford and scale down the character of Phyllis. We miss our Phyllis and we miss her with Nick. They were dynamite and they were stopped by MAB over the stupid Sharon crap and then the Faith thing and it was just stupid! Bring them back! The show will light up and give us some real chemistry and some great storylines. They are the love of each other’s life and it would be great to see them back again. This time with approval of the Newman’s. Nick is finally a grown man who knows what he wants and will go after it. Sharon should go look for Sam and the Lamb if they are not going to put her in a mental hospital and leave Nick and Phyllis to light up our lives with some great acting and some really good humor and drama.

History of Nick & Sharon this is what Nick the frat boy did to Sharon: Acted like a child when he found out when they were teenagers she had a baby and gave it up married did not really want Noah acted like a ass slept with her best friend Grace did not really want to accept Cassie when they found her slept with Grace Turner again Matt comes back in the old plastic surgery as a friend convince Nick that he slept with Sharon and the baby she is carrying could be his he argues with Sharon causes her to miss carry the kid was theirs it was all a lie . They lose Cassie and he instead of comforting his wife sleeps with Phyllis . The list goes on and on he uses his kids like ping ball machines to use against their mother. So no and no Sharon has lots of problems get her out of the Newman circle !!!

Sharon should be gone!! Im all for Phyliss and Nick.

YES!!! Put Phyllis and Nick back together! They make so much more sense, especially since GT is playing Phyllis. There’s too much of an age difference with Jack and Phyllis as it is, so Phyllis really looks better with Nick or with Billy. I like her with either one of those guys!

They also need to get Hillary FAR AWAY from Devon, Neil, and Lily! I’m still not sure why Hillary and Cane haven’t had an affair yet! That doesn’t make any sense! The way that Lily hates her, it’s obvious that in soap world, Hillary would’ve slept with Cane several times by now! They are missing the mark with Hillary, and they’re doing the same with Cane. Wasted opportunities for both!

I haven’t watched Y&R since about ’95 until the past 4 months, still can’t believe Nick and Phyllis had a child together, she’s 20 years older than he is? Sharon is still a nut case get rid of her and let Nick be with someone totally new.

No to Phick. Although, they are both cheaters so it might work.

Not a fan of Gina no matter what her hair color is.

I want Avery back and her with Jack. A good match and it would piss off “Blondie!”

Also, not a fan of Thompson playing Billy. A good actor, a bad idea! BUT, strangely, he and Cain have good chemistry on this show.

Billy and Cane = chemistry. Hmmmm. So, my Timmmy.? What do you make of that??

Jason is the WRONG Billy and Cain is dry and UN-needed but their rapport is really good. Maybe they could become friends. As we always say, none of these characters really have friends. I know Michael and Phyllis is one but far and few sweetie!

I wish they would have let Gina have her blonde hair when she came onto Y&R. The red never quite did it for her. She could pull it off and look attractive, but it just didn’t seem organic. I remember her blonde back on OLTL. She was stunning!

That pretty lady could dye her hair pick and blue and I’d watch her. I love her acting from the time she was on Guiding Light. Although I do light her with Jack, I hope they take a long time in bringing them back together. Jack and his little temper-tantrums right now are driving me crazy. Ashley is another one that needs to think of how she acted when she married a twin and was sleeping with both not knowing. I’d like to see them stop picking on Sharon. Good grief she even offered to help Nikki and Nikki with her nose up in the air was so mean to her. Does Nikki remember she was a stripper?

Right? I have been repeating this litany about Nikki, forever, Nikki; LOL.
The notion that Nikki Newman, nee Reed, can roll her eyes at Sharon, or stick that stuck-up nose of hers in the air, defies logic. So sanctimonious!!
To me, Nikki and Chelsea are both guttersnipes….at least, Sharon has an honorable mother who always tried steering her in the right direction.
I don’t appreciate Nikki talking to/about Sharon in front of Faith….so disrespectful to both Sharon and Faith. If Nikki cannot find it within herself to be ‘human’ to Sharon, she should, at least, pretend for her granddaughter’s sake, considering her ‘dirty’ past, before, during, and after Victor. Nikki is no lady; so, her hauteur is out of place, as her forced, impeccable behavior is not convincing. (Aside from that, I truly love Melody Thomas Scott! I think is is a beautiful, talented actress).
None of these people has lived a pristine lifestyle; so, writers: give Sharon a break, already.

I must amend what I so misleadingly said. “Aside from that” seems to imply that Melody is, in fact, in Nikki-mode, in real life.
That, of course, is far from the truth….so, I apologize to all on this site and Ms Thomas Scott, herself. I should have specified that I was talking about the character. I adore Melody.

Something else I wanted to point out, is that, Nick and Sharon are not the only ones to be blamed for making Faith’s life so miserable. Everyone is responsible…..Nikki, Victor, Dylan, Summer, Chelsea, Abbi, and whomever else, should bite their tongue. It is easier said than done, yes; but, their behavior only exacerbates the situation…..most importantly, Faith’s impressionable state of mind.
It seems that no one is mindful of speking his/her mind in front of children on this show.
I wish the writers would think before putting ink to paper.

I completely agree with you and while we’re on the subject can someone down there tell Nick to grow up. His mother has treated Sharon so bad in front of Faith and the rest of the family while he stood there with that stupid look on his face. He never takes a stand no matter what the problem is. Good grief you already know that if Faith stays with Victor & Nikki she alone will make it hard on Sharon to see her daughter whereas Nick can show up at anytime so of course its ok with him. I so badly want to see the look on his face when he finds out that Christian is not his son.

Nick has always been a wimp when it comes to his mother….not so towards his father. He always stood up to Victor.
As I said, Nikki, only the select few, regardless his/her most despicable act comes out smelling like a rose, or is above the law; except for Sharon.
I am not defending what Sharon did, considering Adam stole Faith at birth, she should have known better and should have acted more judiciously. But, I have always maintained that she was so mentally impared, she did what she thought she needed to do.
This is what characters in soaps do…throw stones; well, ROCKS, LOL.
Nick should be man enough to realize that Faith needs her mother. She has proven to be a much better mother than Chelsea. Actually, Nikki? I think Chelsea lost Connor somewhere…LOL.
I forgot what the kid looks like.

OMG, please do not put Nick and Phyllis back together. I’m so tired of this show everybody is going back and forth with each other. Practically all the women have babies by different dads. Not one family have children by the same mother and father. All of them sleeping with each other. (sickening).

Why does the Y&R always have somebody in a crash and in a coma. You mean they can’t come up with nothing else. BORING!!!! I mean daaaaag!

I do not understand why Devon and Hillary are still an item. They are sickening and boring. I tape the Y&R, so I can bypass the stuff that’s boring and insignificant like Neil, Sharon and Dylan, Chelsea, Jill, Nick is getting boring, Paul, and Chloe.

Please tell me why Jill is still wearing that long hair. It makes her look old. Please do something with Lauren’s hair, please, please, please.


Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts to ‘The Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Having ‘No Idea’ Who She Is On ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Let’s set the stage! Kathie Lee Gifford was previously mentioned by Today Show’s Hoda Kotb and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as someone who would make a great lead for the upcoming dating-reality series competition, The Golden Bachelorette.

Then came the Wednesday February 28th episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, when the current ‘Bachelor’ leading man, Joey Graziadei was the guest.

During his interview, Kelly and Mark asked Graziadei what his thoughts were on Gifford becoming the first-ever ‘Golden Bachelorette’.

Photo: JPI

Graziadei’s response was: “I will be honest… I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.” That prompted some boos and some laughs from the in-studio audience. Joey added, ‘I’m only 28! I’m sorry!”

In a response to a post on X featuring the faux-pas, Gifford reacted by saying: “I don’t expect him to know me. I’ve got shoes that are older than this kid is!”

Photo: ABC

Gifford received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has also been in the chair occupied by Ripa on ‘Live’. From 1985 to 2000, Kathie Lee and Regis Philbin were the co-hosts of  the morning talk show. She then went on to co-host the fourth hour of Today in 2008 and continued till 2019.

When E! News asked Kotb about Gifford potentially getting the nod as the “Golden Bachelorette”, she shared, “By the way, she would be a 10 plus, and she’d get her choice of all the men, and you know how she is all flirty and cute.”

So, what do you think about Joey not knowing who Kathie Lee is? Could it possibly be that ABC would cast Gifford as the ‘Golden Bachelorette’? Comment below.

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Brian Gaskill Previews Seth’s Next Move on The Young and the Restless: “It’s the Beginning of Everything”

Coming up on the Friday, March 1st episode of The Young and the Restless be on the lookout for what could send Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) into yet another spiral with her alcohol addiction.

As viewers have recently witnessed, Jordan (Colleen Zenk), in disguise with red wig, has become ‘fast’ friends with Seth as a drinking buddy at a local dive bar. She has been egging him on to become ‘friends’ with Nikki, but also cited to him, how Nikki disappeared on her when she needed help in her attempt to get sober (all fabricated, of course).

Seth was able to get Nikki to agree to meet him one day for coffee or for an outing, even though she knows that he is also struggling to get sober and was not going to be a good AA sponsor for her.  Now, the trap is set.

Photo: JPI

Taking to his account on X, Gaskill shared on Wednesday, “Look for me Friday I think on Young and the Restless (tomorrow in Canada) pay attention. It’s the beginning of everything…”

Gaskill returned to daytime television in early January in his new recurring role on Y&R. Soap fans previously knew of his work as Bobby Warner on All My Children, Rafe Kovich on Port Charles, Ozzy Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful and Dylan Lewis on Guiding Light.

So, what are you theories of what’s about to go down? Will Seth lure Nikki into a trap knowing or unknowingly? Will he become obsessed with her? Will Jordan sneak into the Newman Ranch, and terrorize Nikki? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

In the meantime for some clues of what’s next in Nikki’s battle with the bottle, check out the Michael Fairman Channel’s recent interview with Melody Thomas Scott below.

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Vivica A. Fox, Jonelle Allen and Sally Sussman Revisit ‘Generations’ Classic Catfight and If They Would Be Down for a Revival

As it is Black history month, you can’t help but a shed a light on the groundbreaking soap opera, Generations. It was almost 35-years ago that NBC took a gamble on a new soap opera with an African-American family at its epicenter.

Generations was created by renowned soap opera writer, Sally Sussman and premiered back on Monday, March 27, 1989. Ironically, the show was up against the top-rated daytime drama The Young and the Restless and for 13 months it landed in the bottom of the ratings, until NBC canceled it in January 1991.

One of the most memorable moments in the series short history was a knock-down drag-out catfight between the characters of Maya (Vivica A. Fox) and Doreen (Jonelle Allen), with the late Kristoff St. John (Adam Marshall) in the middle of it all.

Photo: NBC

Speaking with, Fox recalled, “We just didn’t want it to look fake, because there’s nothing worse when you can see the stunt double. As you can see, I kind of dig doing fight scenes.”

Allen offered up: “The lines were scripted. What we were doing while we were saying them – the earrings and all of that stuff — was not. I added the kicking off the shoes and the pulling up the train. The actors didn’t get hurt, but the cameraman could have, because when I kicked off my shoes, I kicked my shoe so far it almost hit the camera!”

Photo: NBC

Jonelle also remembered Kristoff almost getting injured in the scenes, recalling: “He almost got beaten up. We were so in it, and he’s trying to break us apart, but we were pumped. The fight itself was choreographed. Him walking in and breaking it up was not, so he could have gotten hurt. He just thought he’d come in and separate us, but we were still going at it.”

Sussman shared the scenes cultural impact: “It put the show in a different stratosphere. And I remember less than a year later, Y&R copied it. A lot of people copied it. All the subsequent (catfights) that have been forced upon people were not motivated. This one was so motivated, that even though Maya was the aggressor, you agreed with her. Doreen had it coming, but you can’t overstate how long (the tension) was built up between them.”

Photo: NBC

So, is it time for a Generations 2.0 ? Sussman believes it just might be, “Over the last number of years, several young writers – I’m talking very young, younger than 30 — who love soaps of all different stripes, have been reaching out to me about how much they love the show, because there are so many episodes on YouTube. They say how much they love the show, and that I must try and do a revival.”

Jonelle Allen says she would be down too, expressing: “Revisiting these people later, and then seeing all the babies that were born who would be adults now and seeing what’s up with their stories, would be exciting. And Sally’s a great storyteller.”

Vivica A. Fox summed it up best, “I would be totally game for a revival …. I’d love to see soap operas make a comeback.”

So, did you watch ‘Generations’ when it aired on NBC? Do you recall your reaction to the Maya and Doreen catfight? And with Peacock streaming Days of our Lives, would they consider a series order for a reboot of a series such as ‘Generations’ too? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. But first, check out that classic catfight!

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