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Steve Burton Returns to Days of our Lives In ‘Thrilling New Storyline’

Photo: BAnderson

Big news as Days of our Lives turns 57 years old!  Steve Burton, who reprised his original soap role of Harris Michaels on the Peacock limited-series, Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem Chapter 2 earlier this year, is now coming to the mothership of the long-running soap opera beginning early next year.

According to who broke the news, Burton’s character will be involved in a “a thrilling new storyline” and will be working in story with  DAYS vets: Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn and more.

Photo: Peacock

Burton made his soap debut as Harris Michaels back in 1988, before going on to daytime fame as Jason Morgan on Genera Hospital and later Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless.

With Burton coming to DAYS, many are wondering if Steve would ever make a return to General Hospital.  Burton was let go by the ABC daytime drama series for not complying with the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

However, as of last week, some Disney shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and 9-1-1 have lifted the mandate, while no word yet on if GH would do the same, and if so, if the door would be open for Steve to be able to return.  The character of Jason was last seen before he was buried under a rubble of a collapsed cave.

So, excited to see Steve on DAYS? Share your thoughts, and make sure to check out our interview with the two-time Daytime Emmy-winner from earlier this year about his time on ‘Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem Chapter 2’ and more below.

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So…. reading between the lines here a little…

Could this mean that they’re going to pick up where “Beyond Salem 2” left off and that we will find out what happened after Bo Brady woke up in Megan Hathaway’s freeze chamber??

Also… going into my Satanic speculation mode…. just because Steve’s going to be on Days for a while doesn’t mean he can’t come back to GH… because Days still tapes about 6 months ahead (according to Jason47, episodes taped the last week of October will air in April 2023). So just like his cousin Ned, he might end up being on both shows at the same time, depending on how long his upcoming Days run will be.

I like how you think

And apparently this has been confirmed by video previews shown at the “Day of Days” event. So Bo & Hope are also returning. Even Ciara… though I’m not sure how they’re going to explain Ben’s absence (for the love of all that’s unholy, I don’t know what would be worsse… a Ben recast, or him playing Ben & Alex at the same time)

I am not sure how I feel about this. I think his message of being happy with not being vaccinated was very dangerous. People listening to him may have felt that if Steve does not need to be vaccinated “I don’t”. A very dangerous message!!

I doubt anyone was taking Steve Burton’s personal viewpoint on being vaxed into consideration over doctors or politicians and if they were that was their poor choice and problem. Doesn’t exclude him from making a paycheck and taking a job. Get real man

Much rather he return to Y n R as Dylan along with dad Paul and ex gf Avery. Sharon needs a story bad. Nikki needs to get away from Newman Headquarters as she’s not believable as a CEO type. We could get appearance s by Christine too.
The Newmans need a break.

I couldn’t agree LESS. He was no great shakes as Dylan and does not warrant a return. Does this actor even smile once in a while. I also can’t stand it when actors leave a role saying they want to “spend more time with their family” blah blah blah and almost immediately turn up on the soap they previously left.

As for his stance on vaccination, I agree with Greg’s post above. Better than actors than him have either been let go, or have made a mistake in their understanding of their show’s stance and so have been let go (the terrific Richard Burgi comes to mind)

Yes! Richard Burghis firing seemed very severe and Amelia suffered as the potential of Victoria and Ashland as a power couple got cut once he was replaced with the miscast Robert Newman. And you knew the ptb were really invested in Burghi when they created that extraordinary Italian villa set and brought on Tara Locke etc. Too bad. Richard and Amelia had amazing Chem and he seemed like a viable replacement for the aging Eric Braedan as Genoa City’s ruthless tycoon.

I agree

Joining a soap that’s on life support, right before it gets cancelled, is the definition of hitting rock-bottom in your ‘acting’ career.

Right now the show most likely to be cancelled is GH, because they hit a toilet spiral when they threw Jason under that cave-in, and turned it into the Parasite Nina Hour.

Holly’s return might be a good thing for their ratings. I don’t think the ridiculous Jeff & Heather recasts are going to help at all!

While there are a few questionable storyline situations, GH is probably safe for a few years. The production setup (same entity produces and self distributes) is more cost effective than other 3 shows. GH continues to outdraw some primetime series (as the broadcast tv primetime audience evaporates and daytime has held somewhat steady the past few years. And finally, despite some ongoing issues, Frank continues to be a master budget manipulator.

Speaking of Heather, why did they bring her back, just for her BLT? Dante already has her in tow , peacefully too on the way back to her Bin. Mabey they won’t make it. I felt sympathy for her today, what a pathetic soul.

The only reason that seems to make sense for a Fake Heather appearance is that they’re going to make her Esme’s mother. Initially I also thought that maybe Heather was also the Hooker, committing violence on Esme’s behalf. But that was very clearly Esme who went after Nikolas with the hook at Windemere the other day… and then denied doing so to his face. I know ReRon isn’t writing GH anymore, but it’s starting to look like they’re doing another dumb “multiple personality/DID” story, with Esme doing the hookings, but not having any conscious memories of doing them. So when she denies being the Hooker, she’s not technically lying.

This, of course, will be the way they can redeem Esme and keep her around.. once she’s on medication and her imaginary friend inside her head is gone. Kevin will be dedicated to fixing her mental health, once he realizes she’s his niece. The typical soap redemption story. And everyone in Port Charles will feel sorry for her, because with Ryan & Heather for parents, how could Esme have turned out 666% sane??

Glad you mentioned those BLTs, Violet. What are IN those silly sandwiches that makes people drool? Bacon from some royal, pampered porker? How great could they be when Cam can just threw one together while phoning Dante AND being scared out of his wits?!

I’m with you on the recasts, Satan. Mom seems like a castrating shrink while Dad looks afraid of the wallpaper. Odd choices.

Days is on life support?!
Creatively it’s exciting, almost every episode is non stop development. To say Days as a soap is on life support you are also including all the soaps as a whole.
Also why is your tone is bitter?! Did Steve Burton personally anger you?!
Chill out man, he s just trying to get a paycheque

Thank you so much for posting my comment Michael. I was afraid my comment may have been too controversial. But my 82 year old mom, fully vaccinated recently came down with Covid. She was fully vaccinated but her doctors said that if she had not been vaccinated she would perhaps have died. Thankfully because of the vaccine she has fully recovered and is back to her regular activities.

This is why I feel strongly about celebs such as Steve saying they are happy with their decision to not be vaccinated. It is just terrible advice!!

I wouldn’t say DOOL is on life support. Streaming is the future and that’s how everyone seems to be watching their favorite programs now.


Sorry, not interested in the latest in a long line of roles Mr. Burton has decided to “grace” with his overrated, meager talents. Don’t miss him on GH at all. He was tolerable on Y&R because it was a supporting role and the character had some good storylines.

Totally agree. Is there literally no one else available for stunt casting to boost DAYS’s ratings? Why would they reward this fool’s selfish behaviour and bad acting? He only plays one character – Steve Burton – and he doesn’t even do that well.

I don’t miss Mr.Burton at all. I know a lot of people don’t care for new Drew, but at least he can show some emotions. Steve was like a Robot, even with his kids AND without him Sam has lost something I can’t put my finger on. She’s not the little bad-ass she was,shes not the same with Dante,and never thought I’d say this but I miss her all black attire. She was not one of my favorites but she seemed more tolerable. Iam not good with words so maybe you can help me out here.

Still prefer Billy as Drew

I won’t be watching.

I saw some of Beyond Salem, but it wasn’t very good. I don’t think Steve is a great actor, based on what I saw on Y&R. I will wait to see how he is on Days.

Absolutely no interest at all… It will be easy to fast forward his scenes.

James…EXACTLY!!!!! And so now I can focus and concentrate more on the BRAND-NEW Sony DVD player that I recently bought for my living room. Hell…even my DVD movies/classic TV shows are WAY MORE entertaining, watchable and real than that clown’s wooden and truly awful acting…lol. And not a trace of Burton to be found anywhere. Nope.

Catch ya’ later, Brother.

Take care.

jaybird369, congrats on the DVD player. I’ve always had the best results with Sony units. And I agree about the “old stuff” far surpassing the new. Pretty sad when any random episode of CAGNEY AND LACEY, THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, GOLDEN GIRLS, GILMORE GIRLS, not to mention great miniseries like THE THORN BIRDS, THE WINDS OF WAR, CENTENNIAL…all are 100 times better than most cable fare. Thank heaven for DVDs!

jaybird369, you’ve made my day! Funny stuff! I agree wholeheartedly. Take care, Friend!

GH’s loss is Days gain. Saddens me he was on the receiving end of workplace bullying at his previous job. Good luck Steve!

If only they’d managed to bully him off the Show 20 years ago, things on GH might have been so much better. Just imagine how great it could be if Sonny Corinthos had disappeared along with him……

Here’s how “great” it would have been: GH would have been cancelled within a year of that. And with Jason gone & Sonny neutered by a “parasitic infection” (named Nina) it will be an unholy miracle if they manage to limp their way to the 60th anniversary without the ax falling.

Assuming there isn’t the usual ridiculous amount of preemptions from ABC and the 60th anniversary episode actually airs on April 3, 2023 (April 1 is on a Saturday) don’t be surprised if the cancellation news doesn’t come later that same week. Unless something seriously changes for the better before then.

I don’t call it bullying if a Company has rules and regulations and an employee doesn’t follow them, resulting in their termination.

boes, I might not agree with you on the circumstances of Burton’s dismissal, but I have never liked the characters of Sonny and Jason (or even Carly for that matter, as played by Wright). I feel that Sonny, in particular, is a polarizing character who has been promoted by the writers/producers as some sort of sympathetic hero when, indeed, he is simply a murderous, abusive, rage-filled thug. I know they have their fans, but I think that the incessant mob storylines derailed the show a long time ago. I agree with you that GH “might have been so much better” without them. Take care, Friend!

Bullying? Seriously, he chose not to follow a corporate requirement and his was let go per his contract.

Be sad for those truly impacted by bullying, not a well-off television personality.

Well said.

Mr.Burton I dont know what to say!!! Enjoy and God Bless

I don’t care if he got the jab his life his health his business shocked RC is writing for him since he hated his character at GH and that’s why SB went to Y&R when mama bear JFP was producer and killing the show over there! Circus indeed

I don’t care if Steve Burton is back on days because I don’t watch soaps anymore that’s why I want Steve to quit his career altogether

Cynthia Hinze
Never read anything so selfish as your statement. First of all if you “don’t watch Soaps anymore”, why do you give a rats ass whose on what show and some actor should give up his career and livelihood just because you aren’t watching anymore. You take the cake lady!

Excuse grammatical errors. This statement really got to me. Still can’t beli3ve the nerve it took to write this trash.

Such a shame they are wasting budget on Steve Burton. There are so many better actors out there who are probably more considerate of their castmates too.

What DOOL is not understanding is old time watchers can not afford to pay for the show since it’s no longer free, especially all us old timers who are on SS and lucky we can afford to eat, so every penny actually counts.

The show is doing fine. And a lot are saying that eventually all soaps will be streaming

I love Steve Burton. What I don’t love is the idea that DOOL is allowing him on the set without being vaccinated. The rules should be the rules across all networks and all actors. The first set of vaccines were mandated. Period.

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‘Santa Barbara’ Episodes May See Light of Day Yet; Will the Beloved Soap Opera Come to Streaming?

For decades, soap opera fans around the world have wanted a chance to see Santa Barbara episodes again. The soap, which first aired on NBC back on July 30, 1984 aired for only 9 seasons until the network pulled the plug after diminishing ratings and multiple changes in writing and producing regimes. The show last aired on January 15th, 1993.

Santa Barbara was co-created and initially produced and co-written by the legendary team of Bridget and Jerome Dobson. At the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmys, Jerome was honored with the Gold Circle medal for his over 50 years of work and accomplishments within the medium. Sadly his wife, Bridget passed away earlier this year in January at the age of 85.

The show featured an all-star soap cast throughout its run which included, at times: Marcy Walker, A Martinez, Dame Judith Anderson, Robin Wright, Justin Deas, Eileen Davidson, Lane Davies, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kim Zimmer, Jack Wagner, Jed Allan, Louise Sorel. Judith McConnell, Roscoe Born, Sydney Penny, Todd McKee, Terry Lester, Justin Gocke, Nicolas Coster and many more.

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During a livestream conversation on Friday, June 21st, Jerome Dobson and A Martinez visited the Michael Fairman Channel to reminisce about the success and ups and downs of Santa Barbara and much more.

Many people in the live chat and many around the world (Santa Barbara was very popular internationally) have wanted to know with the legal issues it appears had plagued the show for years, if there would be a chance that fans could ever see Santa Barbara episodes again, and if they could become available or streamed?

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Dobson shared exclusively, “Well, there’s some legal footwork being done right now about that kind of possibility. There’s been so much demand to see Santa Barbara, and so it’s not totally out of the question.” Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) reaction to that possibility was that of “Wow!” That was also the same reaction by several viewers watching the live conversation in the chat, because that would be a soap dream come true for many.

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So, do you hope that the legalities can finally be worked out and you could relive the seasons of ‘Santa Barbara’ all over again? Let us know in the comment section below. You can check out the live chat with A and Jerome below, the moment happens around the 56:18 mark.

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Trevor St. John Announces His Departure from The Young and the Restless

In a shocker, Trevor St. John revealed on Tuesday that he is leaving the cast of The Young and the Restless and his role as Tucker McCall.

The popular actor took to his account on X and in a series of posts said his “thank you’s” and bid farewell to the top-rated soap opera.

St. John shared, “As you well know, Tuckers come and Tuckers go, and so the cycle continues… this Tucker is in his go phase… I thank each and every member of the wonderful cast, the crew, the directors, the producers and production staff, and CBS/Sony for the great experience from day one to the last. I feel so fortunate to have played such a terrific role.”

Photo: JPI


Trevor continued: “Most importantly, I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to you the (Y&R) fans. THANK YOU!” Tucker might be gone for the time being, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got projects in the works, and if you haven’t seen my film, A Good Enough Day, it’s now available to stream for free on Tubi!”

The news of his exit comes just two years shy of his time on The Young and the Restless.  St. John made his Genoa City debut in September of 2022 as the new Tucker, last played by Days of our Lives, Stephen Nichols (Steve). The role was first played by actor William Russ.

No word from St. John or Y&R as to when his last episode will air on the top-rated soap opera.  In story, Tucker is losing his company to a takeover by Audra and Victor, while Ashley is finally getting help she needs after her personality split.

So, what do you think about Trevor’s departure from Y&R? Comment below.

Photo: TStJohnX

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The Bold and the Beautiful Casts Joshua Morrow’s Son, Crew, as the New Will Spencer

In casting news, Crew Morrow, the son of  Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman, The Young and the Restless) and his wife, Tobe, is joining The Bold and the Beautiful as a a recast in the contract role of Will Spencer.

That means that Crew will be the biological son of Katie (Heather Tom), who formerly played Joshua Morrow’s on-screen sister, Victoria Newman over at Y&R) and Bill (Don Diamont).

According to Deadline, Crew has already begun taping episodes of B&B starting last Friday on June 14th. Look for the new Will to debut on the July 1st episode of the CBS daytime drama series. Clearly, B&B is ramping up their summer teen storylines and now Will supposedly has a half-sister in Luna (Lisa Yamada).

Photo: IMDb

The role of Will Spencer will mark Crew’s third acting credit according to his IMDb, where previously he appeared in Continental Split and Healing Towers. The previous Will’s included Heather Tom’s real-life son Zane Anchor, who played the role on occasions from 2013-2018, and Finnegan George who took over the part and was last seen in 2020.

Photo: JBelushiIG

In addition, more casting was revealed. Jamison Belushi, the daughter of comedian and actor, Jim Belushi, is making a one-day guest appearance in the role of April, a lab technician on today’s Monday, June 17th episode. The outlet also mentioned that Li (Naomi Matsuda) and Finn (Tanner Novlan), with whom April works for, are about to embark on a summer mystery story that kicks off on July 1.

So, what do you think about Crew Morrow becoming the new Will Spencer on B&B? What do you think will be the new summer mystery story? Share your thoughts via the comment below.

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