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THE BACHELOR: Hannah Brown and Hannah Ann Rock Peter’s World In Season Premiere

Photo: ABC

Peter Webber, “The Bachelor”, seems to have a penchant for former beauty pageant queens from the south named “Hannah”.  In the three hour season premiere of the reality-competition 24th season, the first impression rose went to Tennessee-native Hannah Ann Sluss, who interrupted Weber three times while he was getting to know the other female contestants, and apparently it didn’t bother Weber, who felt their feelings on shared family values, was part of the reason to give her the key rose of the premiere, which automatically makes her a frontrunner.

But hold your horses, Hannah Brown returns, not once, but twice, in the episode to help Peter’s journey kick-off to finding love, only, the thing of it is, she dumped him on her season of “The Bachelorette” and as viewers learned later in the episode, she may still want a chance with the guy!

Photo: ABC

This season premiere was set-up differently, when it opened with a scene from the final rose ceremony, where Peter receives some key intel from host and EP Chris Harrison, which sends him reeling.  We don’t know if Peter ever makes it back out of the hotel room and heads back to propose to someone, or the whole thing goes up in flames, or if Hannah Brown has a message or a shock for Weber that she relates to Harrison.  Everyone is trying to guess just what this ending could be that has been teased as “different than anything anyone has ever seen” on the series.

Y&R's Peter Bergman Reminds Us All Why He is One-of-a-Kind in Memorable Flashback-Driven 30th Anniversary Episode

Between plenty of references and obstacle courses (designed to incorporate and have many double entendres on Peter’s professional life as an airline pilot), and the windmills where Hannah Brown and Peter were revealed to have had sex multiple times during  her season of “The Bachelorette”, the series also had a contestant named Kelley, who rubbed all the women the wrong way, cheating her way to win the obstacle course for a ride in the sky with Peter solo.  Thing of it is, we learn that Kelley and Peter met previously before filming the ABC reality-competition series, and at the same hotel they were at for filming in Westlake Village, California.

The end of the three hours provided plenty of sparks, and a major cliffhanger when Hannah Brown and Peter end up behind the scenes and the two have an emotional exchange, when Peter is confused by Hannah’s feelings that she regrets choosing Jed and Tyler over him.  Peter admits he was hurt, add that to the fact that if she questioned her choice why she didn’t reach out to him, to which Hannah replied: “I didn’t know if you wanted to get past it.  I thought you wanted to be the Bachelor.”

Peter asks Hannah if she would consider joining the other women in the house and be in his season for finding love.  We don’t know what her answer will be as the show chyroned “To Be Continued” across the screen, leaving Peter in tears and Hannah B. with tons of mascara running down her face.

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The Bachelor returns next Monday, January 13th.  For now, watch what happened between Hannah Brown and Peter which leads to the episode’s cliffhanger below.

Then let us know, who you think the frontrunner is for Peter’s heart and how will Hannah B. play into all that goes down this season on “The Bachelor” in the comment section.

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I was sick of the Hannah show throughout the time she was the Bachelorette and now to see her insinuate herself into Peter’s time…..yuck, does she have no shame? These so-called unresolved feelings should have been dealt with in the time her show ended to now. The thing is Hannah should have been barred by the producers but of course the fact this is more scripted than reality means more disgusting drama. Hannah’s show was the worst of all time, DO NOT let her ruin Peter’s show too. She is sickening and looking like a stalker.


did you know;
they get to hold onto the ring. However, if their relationship ends in divorce after less than 2 years, the couple must return the ring.

In fact, as revealed by Jackie Parr “those delicious meals you see on the one-on-one are for display, not for eating”.

If that weren’t interesting enough, if any crowd member has a muted reaction they will quickly be replaced by one of many other potential crowd members in waiting.

when it comes to the cast of The Bachelor, when it comes to the ladies competing on the show, they are expected to have an up to date and incredible look.
In fact, the ladies end up spending a mint on the clothes they wear on the show and the money for it comes out of their own pockets.

when it comes to the decisions about who gets chosen to stay, the producers have a large influence on who makes the cut.

no surprise that none of the stars are allowed to go on the Internet or watch TV during filming.
Taking things even further than that, however, they also are cut off from calling their friends and family.

when someone is made to look like a villain they leave out moments that cast them in a better light in an attempt to elicit the reactions they want fans to have.

the star is asked to pick “four people (they) would like to get to know better” in the beginning.

the home of the contestant’s parents.
producers care more about how things look on camera, so they have a long history of renting out homes to stand in for the family abode.

it seems like the star puts together one personalized date but the bachelor has nothing to do with coming up with the idea for them either they are just told what is going to happen and at the instruction of producers, he pretends it was his idea.

that they also track the women’s cycle done so in an attempt to maximize emotion.

the truth of the matter is that prior to choosing one another they have not spent very much time together.
they probably spend about 72 hours tops with the person [they] wind up choosing.
12 of that is spent ‘sleeping’ in the fantasy suite and you can’t really get to know a person in that time frame.


phoney show with staged moments…every ep is fighting and sobbing women over some guy added for dramatic effect…

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nelle Is A Free Woman … And Shiloh’s Widow

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital brought with it the pick-up of the oh-so-soapy and delicious moment when Shiloh’s widow reveals herself at the memorial in his honor.  Taking off her HUGE black veil/hat, all the attendees are stunned to see it none other than Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier).  And it was the perfect set-up for naughty Nelle when she had so many of her enemies all in one place as her captive audience. Clearly, she wants revenge on all of them.

At the ceremony, Nelle explains that she and Shiloh while in prison had a small ceremony and “Dawn of Day” devotee Daisy was their witness, which Daisy confirms.  Nelle goes on to say that she shares Shiloh’s wishes to be part of little Wiley’s life, and since he is no longer among us, she will makes sure she is a part of it!

Of course, throughout her statements, Michael (Chad Duell) is looking less than amused and cuts to the chase and asks her what she really wants.  And with something that all viewers of the ABC daytime drama series, let out a collective, “uh-oh”, Nelle replied “What belongs to me.”   As we know, Wiley is Michael and Nelle’s biological son, and with Lucas (Ryan Carnes) in the hospital, it would seem the perfect time for her to make her move to get closer to the child she gave to Brad (Parry Shen).

Y&R's Peter Bergman Reminds Us All Why He is One-of-a-Kind in Memorable Flashback-Driven 30th Anniversary Episode

Next, Chase (Josh Swickard) arrives on the scene and says to all that what Nelle is saying is true. She is not only Shiloh’s widow, but she is no longer behind bars! Nelle explains how after being “stabbed” by Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) and the ensuing circumstances she was able to be granted a get-out-of-jail card!

To take the set-up of this story to even another level, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) admits to Chase that she took the job as Wiley’s nanny!  Chase does not think it’s a good idea for her to care for Wiley’ and then eventually have to leave him with Brad and Lucas, once Lucas is recovered.  Willow assures Chase she can handle it.  As for Nelle, she has it out for Willow now, and be rest assured, she is not just going to stand by and let Willow move in on her bio-son.

Jason (Steve Burton), who was present at the memorial, heads to Carly (Laura Wright) to tell the bad news; that her enemy Nelle is out of jail, and running around free and is Shiloh’s widow.  Carly as expected is very distraught and unhappy to hear the news.

turns out, Nelle is not done with her day yet! Next, while the Quartermaines conduct an ELQ shareholders meeting in their living room; Ned (Wally Kurth) says the first order of business is the late Oscar Nero’s ELQ shares.  As the Q’s begin discussions which dissolve into bickering, in walks Nelle! Yup, since Oscar left his shares to Shiloh and she is his widow, well, she is now going to have her say … probably in everything!  Fade to black.

Days of our Lives Renewed Says EP Ken Corday

What a fun return for Chloe Lanier who played Nelle’s shocker to the hilt!  Got to love a good bad girl on daytime who stirs the pot!

So, what did you think of Nelle being Shiloh’s widow? What do you think Nelle’s next power play will be? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Genie Francis Delivers The ‘Power Performance of the Week’

This past Monday’s episode of General Hospital was one of the series best installmnets in recent months filled with long awaited confrontations and reveals.

The cast at the epicenter of it which included the talents of: James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), Cynthia Watros (Nina), Marcus Coloma (Nikolas), Maura West (Ava) all had stellar moments.


However, there is nothing like getting to see the icon herself, Genie Francis (Laura), do what she does best; the momma bear who is at once shocked and overjoyed that the son she grieved for over three years was very much alive, and the flip side of the anger over the fact that he let her, his sister, and most importantly his son, Spencer, continue to believe that he was dead, all for his vendetta and quest for revenge against Valentin Cassadine.

For it was Valentin who was the man who shot him and now is no longer the heir apparent to the Cassadine throne, now that the codicil said that it all belongs to Nikolas and Valentin was Helena’s son, not Mikkos’.

The thing of it is, everyone is great when Francis does her performances, and you could see that in the work of soap newcomer, Coloma, who you could just see through his eyes the disappointment and despair he caused his mother all these years, by Francis’ mesmerizing delivery.

'Last Blast Reunion' Chapter 1 Conclusion Available Now On The DOOL App: What Will Become Of The 'Crew'?

Beat after beat in that episode, Genie brought the fire, the sorrow, and the wisdom, as Laura to every moment.  It was also well-written that Laura did not just have a happy reunion with her son, but a complex one fraught with issues to be ironed out.

Then, in the punctuation of that episode, was there anything better than watching Laura’s jaw-drop when Ava struts in telling Nikolas it’s time to tie-the-knot?

That is why Michael Fairman TV names Genie Francis “The Power Performance of the Week”.

Let us know in the comment section below, if you enjoyed Genie’s performances as much as we did.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nikolas Takes Down Valentin And Ava Has A Surprise Announcement

On Monday’s did-not-disappoint episode of General Hospital, long-awaited confrontations, and shockers were the order of the day that gave cast members: Genie Francis (Laura), Cynthia Watros (Nina), James Patrick Stuart (Valentin)and Marcus Coloma (Nikolas)and palette to shine on, and that they did.  Add to that, a surprising twist featuring Maura West (Ava)and you had great performances all around.

In story, in the middle of Valentin and Nina’s wedding, bursting through the doors of Wyndemere is a water-soaked Nikolas with Ava in his arms.  Next, a stunned Laura runs over to her son. Meanwhile, Ava accuses Valentin of trying to kill her and he throws back to all in attendance that she was drunk. Nikolas triumphantly tells Valentin that he is about to lose everything. Nikolas explains that he has Mikkos’ codicil and it gives the entire Cassadine estate to him. Valentin says he is lying, but Nikolas says that Valentin is Helena’s bio-son and not a Cassadine!




As the two men throw barbs at each other, Laura and Lulu  (Emme Rylan) get Nikolas out of the room,  Next, Valentin turns to Nina and he has figured out she knew about Nikolas. It is then he realizes, she planned to hurt him as payback at their wedding. Nina admits to Valentin she knows the truth about Sasha (Sofia Matteson) and his entire part in the cover-up and deception, and Liesl (Kathleen Gati) told her about the DNA tests. Nina reveals that if he’d only told her the truth, he could have put a stop to what has become of the wedding … a sham.  Valentin admits to Nina that he just may not have the skill set to love her.


Now we turn to Nikolas, as he tells his family how he survived Valentin’s gunshot over three years ago.  He tells Laura, Lulu ad Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), how in discovering the truth about the will, he had to be very strategic on how he would return and how best to make his move to ensure that he beat Valentin.  Just then, Laura slaps her son and reads him the riot act for what he did to his son, Spencer, and how she had to put him in a boarding school in another continent to keep him safe.  Laura says she hates Valentin, but what he has done pales in comparison to what Nikolas did to his own son for the price of revenge.


Then, Ava interrupts the group and announces that she and Nikolas are getting married tonight, and that they have to get ready for the ceremony, to which Laura and Lulu are absolutely stunned.  Fade to black.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nikolas Reveals Himself With Ava In Tow At Valentin and Nina's Nuptials!

So, what did you think of the episode and the performances contained within? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Video du Jour

DAYS Eric Martsolf and Stacy Haiduk chat with Michael Fairman at Day of Days 2019; during their conversation the on-screen dup talk about the latest developments of Brady and Kristen within the series time-jump and more. Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

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General Hospital

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