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THE BACHELOR Season Premiere: Is Matt James Destined to be the Best in Franchise History? The First Impression Rose Is Given Out

Photo: ABC

On Monday’s premiere episode of the highly-anticipated seasons of The Bachelor, viewers finally saw groundbreaking lead ‘Bachelor’ Matt James in action.

James, became the first black ‘Bachelor’ in the reality-dating competition 25-year history.

It kicks-off for viewers getting an introduction into Matt’s upbringing: He’s biracial and was raised by a single mother in North Carolina. He played college football at Wake Forest University, lives in New York City and works in real estate, and volunteers a lot of his time with under-privileged children.

As pressure began to mount (right before the ladies drove up in their limos to meet Matt), he asked to talk to host, Chris Harrison, because some things were weighing heavily on him including: not wanting to let people down, knowing this was a moment in TV history.  Matt expressed to Chris: “I don’t want to piss off black people, I don’t want to piss off white people,” trying to figure how to navigate the season.

Throughout the episode, Matt’s nerves, honesty, and a request of himself and to the women, to be open through this journey, seem to serve him well, which left viewers with a solid first impression of him during the premiere.  He also led the women in a prayer before the first cocktail party kicked-off!

Speaking of the women, there are 32 this season that are vying for the final rose – the largest contingent ever.  Everyone was said to have quarantined for weeks and took four COVID-19 tests with hopes of getting to get up close and personal with Matt.  The entire season moved to a an expansive mansion and set-up in Pennsylvania, not Hollywood.

While there were so many cringe-worthy moments of the women trying to impress Matt when they first meet him … let’s not forget Katie with the vibrator dubbed “MJ”, or  Victoria who walks around calling herself “The Queen” and being the most annoying… we could already sense some possible connections with the others.

Photo: ABC

Making ‘Bachelor’ history also was contestant, Abigail Heringer.  She is the first deaf contestant to ever appear on the franchise.   Matt was very taken with Abigail in the season premiere with her beauty and her honesty.  Right off the bat, she admitted to him that she was deaf.  Later, during the cocktail party and some one-on-one time, she also revealed that her older sister is deaf as well. Both were born with congenital hearing loss, and both underwent cochlear implantation surgery

Matt then shares his first real on-screen kiss with Abigail, and next went searching for the first impression rose, while all the other gals got jealous.  He gave the rose to Abigail.   Next, it was time for the first rose ceremony and we can’t understand (well, we can .. they need someone to stir the pot) why “The Queen” Victoria received a rose and is still in the running, but that’s another story.  Some potential picks such as Bri, Mari, Chelsea and Kristin could be in it for the long-haul, but we shall see.

The episode concluded with another promo of all the tears and drama from the gals and Matt as this season continues next Monday night.

So, what was your first impression of Matt as The Bachelor? Abigail as the women who received the first impression rose? Who do you think will win Matt’s heart in the end? Any early predictions? Comment below.

General Hospital

GH’s Parry Shen Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’

How many of us have lost, or had to say goodbye to our best friend? Somehow fate or illness intervenes and cuts short someone you share so many memories with.

On last Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Dr. Britt Westbourne’s (Kelly Thiebaud) family and friends gathered for her memorial at the GH chapel.  However, viewers knew of the special connection between Britt and her bestie, Brad Cooper (Parry Shen).

Photo: ABC

Devastated at losing Britt, upset that she never told him she about her diagnosis with Huntington’s Disease, and mourning her death, Brad comes to her former office, where Britt was the Co-Chief of Staff at the hospital. After exchanging heartfelt moments with Britt’s mother, the grieving Liesl (Kathleen Gati), and Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner), Brad (with a paper bag in hand) spends some time alone in Britt’s former office, which has now been cleaned out.

Next, Brad takes out a carton of ice cream (for those who know the back-story, Britt and Brad would sit together each with ice cream and watch the red carpet at the Nurses’ Ball on TV and hoot and howl at the residents of Port Charles), and thus begins a very emotional and five-hankie moment, where Brad recalls all the key moments in their friendship.

Parry Shen was so touching in this scene, that if you have been a fans of Britt and Brad’s friendship, we are sure you shed some tears.

Later, during the memorial, Brad is pained listening to the others eulogize Britt, and when it is his turn to speak, he does his best to get through it and pay homage to his best friend.

We will miss the Brad and Britt friendship as will many GH viewers for it was one-of-a-kind on the soaps – two originally, not so nice people, doing bad things and finding common ground with each other, and eventually turning their lives around and being there to support each other.

For all of these scenes mentioned above, Michael Fairman TV names Parry Shen’s work, the Power Performance of the Week.  You can check out a clip featuring Shen below.

Now, let us know, what did you think of Parry’s Performance during Britt’s memorial episode? Comment below.

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WWE Royal Rumble: Sami Zayn Turns on the Bloodline, Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley to Wrestlemania

The best soap opera storyline going (the WWE’s ‘Bloodline’ internal struggles, betrayals, and alliances), had its long-awaited major development following the conclusion of the Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens WWE Universal Championship headliner at this weekend’s Royal Rumble PPV streaming on Peacock.  It provided viewers and fans with one of most dramatic moments ever witnessed in WWE history.

However, before all of that, it was the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble with each of the winner’s getting their shot at at the championship and to headline Wrestlemania in Los Angeles this coming April.


As expected, Cody Rhodes, who made his triumphant return after an 8-month layoff from the ring – recovering from a torn pectoral muscle and surgery – beat 29 competitors to win the Men’s Royal Rumble finally eliminating Gunther. For it was Gunther who set a record for being in the ring the longest during a Royal Rumble match. Gunther was entrant #1 of the 30 men vying for the shot at the title.

Also as anticipated, Rhea Ripley, who has been on a hot streak of late as part of the ‘Judgement Day’, punched her ticket to Wrestlemania besting 29 other women. Ripley outlasted Liv Morgan after Morgan got misted in the face by mistake by Asuka and Rhea used that to her advantage to be the last woman remaining in the ring.

But all eyes were on the main event of the night and just what WWE Universal Champ Roman Reigns had in store for Sami Zayn. Prior to the match, Reigns had told Zayn he had one last test for him to prove his allegiance to the ‘Bloodline’. Problem was: Reigns was wrestling Sami’s best friend, Kevin Owens for the title.  Reigns, came to the ring with only Zayn and special counsel Paul Heyman by his side – the rest of the ‘Bloodline’ were conspicuous by its absence.

After Reigns defeated Kevin Owens, the rest of the Bloodline (Jimmy and Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa) joined him in the ring for a monumental beat down of Owens including handcuffing him to the ropes.  When Reigns demanded Zayn find a chair, Sami was not pleased.  After locating a chair under the ring, he tossed it to Reigns.  Once in the ring, Zayn protected Owens and told Reigns he did not have to do this. That’s when, Reigns demanded Zayn deliver the chair shot.


Instead, Zayn hit Reigns in the back with the chair, thus ending his sensational run with the The ‘Bloodline’! What happened next was a sad beat down by Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso and Reigns of Sami.

However, in a surprise twist, Jey Uso, who had originally been skeptical of Zayn’s intentions in the ‘Bloodline’, turned his back on Reigns and the family, and walked out of the ring emotionally upset.

One can only imagine … perhaps Uso and Zayn might team up and it might mean the end of the Usos Tag Team Championship run? Will it be Owens and Zayn teaming up vs. The Bloodline? Zayn vs. Reigns for a title shot?

This story has been executed so well by the WWE that it has captivated audience and made Sami Zayn a beloved fan favorite in the process.

So, what did you think of the collapse of the ‘Bloodline’? Did you think Cody and Rhea would win their respective Royal Rumble’s? Share your thoughts in the comment section. But first, check out some of the highlights from the Peacock streaming PPV below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Eden McCoy Delivers The ‘Power Performance of the Week’

Not often does a week’s worth of soaps offer up so many outstanding performances. However, the beginning of 2023 brought just that in dramatic scenes featuring General Hospital’s Kathleen Gati (Liesl), Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt), Willian Lipton (Cameron), Parry Shen (Brad) and Days of our Lives Lauren Koslow (Kate).

When all was said and done there was one performance, that for us, rang most true. For anyone who has ever gone through a break-up and had to let someone you care about down, you could feel and understand the raw emotion displayed by General Hospital’s Eden McCoy (Josslyn).

Photo: ABC

Not only did McCoy deliver during the breakup scenes as Joss broke Cameron’s heart into pieces, but later, Joss is shocked and guilt-ridden to find out that Britt died from ‘The Hook’s’ attack after saving her life, and then having to admit the whole thing to her mother, Carly (Laura Wright). Never mind the one other event of that fateful night.  Joss had sex with Dex (Evan Hofer) before she headed over to Kelly’s to talk to Cameron, realizing she should have cleared-up her relationship, first.

McCoy really shined when Josslyn arrived at Kelly’s to tell Cameron things have changed between them. She tearfully apologized for not coming to him sooner.  She promises she will always love him, but she is not in love with him anymore, and she lets him know there is no going back. They can’t fix things.  As Josslyn pours her heart out knowing what this was doing to Cameron, it was a five-hankie moment, indeed.

Photo: ABC

In addition, when Josslyn spills most all to her mother (she left out the part of having sex with Dex), you could genuinely feel the bond between the two, which as we have stated many times through the years, speaks to the perfect casting of McCoy as Carly’s daughter and her on-screen chemistry with Laura Wright.


For all of these well-played and outstanding moments, Michael Fairman TV names Eden McCoy our pick for The Power Performance of the Week.

Now let us know, what did you think of Eden’s work in the break-up scenes between Joss and Cam and its aftermath? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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