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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Caroline Sides With Thomas On Revealing Douglas' Paternity To All!



Could it be curtains for CaRidge? After Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, things are on shaky ground.  And how can you not root for Thomas (Pierson Fode’)?  The young Forrester is the father to Caroline’s (Linsey Godfrey) child, Douglas.

For months, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Caroline have been putting on a good front to all that they are Douglas’ bio-parents.  Only Ridge can’t father another child, and less than a year ago, Caroline had sex with Thomas, although the circumstances of that one night tryst were colored by pills and alchocol.  That moment has also been controversial to fans of the CBS daytime drama series and has certainly dinged the character of Thomas with some fans of the series.

Now, Thomas wants to declare that Douglas is his son.  He is fed up covering up the charade that Ridge wants his son to play.  Several people already know the truth, and Thomas is concerned that it’s only a matter of time before others find out, too.  He wants to get ahead of the situation.

In a confrontation at the Forrester mansion, Thomas informs Ridge he’s going to have his name put on a birth certificate. “It’s time for the truth to come out,” he declares.   Ridge continues to disagree.   Caroline arrives seeing the two Forrester men feuding over her child.   Ridge tells his wife that Thomas doesn’t want to keep the secret anymore of Douglas’ paternity.  Assuming Caroline will concur that the truth stay buried, Ridge is shocked when she does the exact opposite! Caroline says Thomas is right, and that they need to be honest with everyone about who truly is Douglas’ father!

So, should Thomas haul off and throw a punch at his father again for denying his rights to his son?  Are you rooting for Thomas and Caroline to finally get closer to romance?  Are you hoping CaRidge works through things?  Watch the key scene from today’s B&B after the jump.  Then, weigh-in on the paternity pickle in the comment section below!


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Every time I see Thomas and Caroline together, I realize that they don’t have much chemistry, IMO. PF is gorgeous and LG is a beautiful girl, but I don’t think they work. However, I’ve disliked how Ridge has handled this situation from the beginning, barking out orders, and I don’t understand how the scandal would be any different here than for any of the other Forrester children, especially in Los Angeles, a city known for scandal. I also am bored by the repetitive writing. We’ve seen this from the same 3 characters before. Plus, last week, Thomas was on board with their plan, and today he’s not. B&B does this all the time–people change their minds about their feelings out of nowhere, with no buildup or explanation other than “this is how I feel today, and forget about yesterday”. With all that said, I’m okay with this turn of events if something actually happens on B&B. Brooke and Bill found out, and it fizzled after a few episodes. Big deal. Something needs to shake things up, and shake CaRidge up. Everything is dull and will continue to be dull if B&B doesn’t have someone actually do something here, something with lasting effects, instead of starting and stopping this story like a stalled car, and if CaRidge break up in the process, so be it. They’ve been together for a long time. B&B should give them some real conflict which doesn’t get resolved in an episode or two for a change.

Rinse, wash, and repeat with this storyline-same conversations with no real escalation.

Ridge did the same thing with the original Caroline when she was married to his brother he also forced himself on Brooke when she was on medication. It might have worked years ago but it makes me sick now when a woman says no it means no. Remember when Paul forced himself on Christine on Y&R swept that under the roof.


The scene with Bill making a sound like a stallion did it for me this is third grade writing at best.

How about Ridge hauls off and punches Thomas for what he did to Caroline that night instead? I continue to be offended by the irresponsible way B&B has handled this storyline and basically swept Thomas’s reprehensible actions under the rug and practically sainted him. I’m also disturbed by the media for their unwillingness to call it what it was opting to kiss BB’s butt instead. The day I want to see rapists end up romantically with their victims is the day I will root for Thomas and Caroline.

Not to be nit picky, but Thomas and Caroline had sex in late August 2015, quite a bit less than a year ago. That said, this story has dragged on for far too long with little to no change in the status quo. I don’t understand Ridge’s reasoning about scandal and putting FC in jeopardy, but even if he’s right, he’s gone about it in all the wrong ways, and Caroline seemed to have lost all backbone over the last eight or nine months. They no longer bring out anything good in each other, so if that’s what the story is, I’m more than ready for this couple to move on.

“And how can you not root for Thomas.” Easy…more and more, whenever Thomas opens that dumb mouth of his to EVEN SPEAK, he sounds DUMBER AND DUMBER!!!!!


Well remember all those years ago when we thought Bridget was Ridges? Turned out the baby was Eric’s repeat storyline! I have tried but TK is not Ridge

Where is RJ ?

Like I said in a recent post regarding Brooke and Bill, how long cwn they keep R.J. hidden away at boarding school, especially now that summer is here. Thomas did take advantage of a drunk and drugged Caoline and I would hate to see them pair her with Thomas. And I never did connect to this actor as Ridge. To scruffy looking and he seems very bore with the role. I understand completely how Thomas wants to be a father to his son. But I don’t know about pairing him with Caroline. I say they should pair a Liam with Katie and they should take from Bill what they can. Have Liam man up and stop crying over Steffi. I am tired of them rehashing the aspen wedding. Move on already!! I am waiting for Quinn to crack. We need some excitement. I just hope Katie doesn’t have another bout of depression when she finds out about Bill and Katie. Let her sue him for all he’s worth. They need to show the stronger side of Katie for a change. And lastly, I never really caught on to Sash. She annoys me . I just hope it picks up soon.

TK is great but he isnt Ridge. As a rape victim myself this story is and has been disturbing. Ridge needs to back off though. His decision was wrong.

Another typical story where they turn tape into a love story! Bell stepped in it when does the abuse of Wien on soaps? The ratings are showing it .

Rape !!

Certainly, by all means, the truth about Douglas should come out. But what about the truth about how Douglas was conceived in the first place? What you call “having sex,” many, many people (especially women!) call R-A-P-E, and we see Thomas as a rapist. Why aren’t our voices being heard? It doesn’t make sense to criticize Ridge, while you feel sorry for Thomas. B&B needs to bring the show into the 21st Century. Considering that the vast majority of soap viewers are women, it is somewhat disturbing how the soap press keeps portraying Thomas as some kind of romantic dream man.

Thomas makes me sick. Always has.

It is, in fact, VERY easy to not root for Thomas…I am a woman, and he is an affront to all women. Even if Brad Bell wants to tap dance around the issue of consent, what was shown onscreen was a woman who woke up feeling violated and horrified. Couple that with Thomas’ rape fantasy about Caroline a few weeks before the night at the hotel, and it isn’t a far leap to call Thomas’ actions rape. In my world, rapists should have no rights to anything…esp. not an innocent baby that was created from their monstrous act. When does Ridge get to punch his good for nothing son in the face? Here’s a message to B&B…no matter how good Pierson Fode looks without a shirt, the character he plays is a despicable lowdown rapist. It’ll take more than that for some intelligent viewers to forgive the POS for what he did.

With all of the alleged rapes going on in colleges and universities that we are hearing about in the news lately, then brushed under the carpet by their administrations for various reasons; girls afraid to speak up who have been raped or are not supported; girls who are made victims again when interrogated in court about the rape (if they have the courage to take it that far); girls who could be you, your daughters, or sisters…Brad Bell and others who have white-washed rape should be ashamed. But I must also add, girls should be more careful…especially about drinking.

How can Ridge even want to promote a charade when his own paternity was revealed to be a sham at one point? He was an adult when he (and we) learned he is not Eric’s son but Massimo Marone’s. Because of that, why would he want to deny a child — his own grandson! — true knowledge of his family? This is the kind of storytelling that sort of rankles me. If Ridge is not to be with Brooke — and that is fine — then bring back Taylor. For two decades we had to buy he was conflicted between the two. And now he is married to his deceased wife’s niece/one-time girlfriend’s daughter/stepson-stepbrother’s ex? It is all too icky.

I can’t stand Thomas with Caroline. I don’t care what B & B calls it Thomas is a rapist. He took advantage of Caroline while she was @drunk, @ taken pills, @ passed out@ depressed over her break-up with Ridge. I wish Ridge would send him away. Now we will just have a recycled story. Eric tosses Ridge to the curb, Rick the P—k takes over & moves into the mansion, takes Stephany’s picture down and put Myia’s up. I can just bet that Katie will try and get Ridge & Brook back together so Bill will be without Brooke and go back to her. Time to take the Summer off from soap-opera’s until the Fall and by that time hopefully Ridge has his mother’s house back.

Nikki…h-o-n-e-y…I cannot stand Thomas PERIOD!!!!! To me, Thomas is about as smart as a piece of plywood…LOL!!!!! Bottom Line Here: That Pierson Fode dude is the W-O-R-S-T Thomas that B&B has ever had!!!!! Just saying……….

Have a good one, Nikki.

Hey jaybird nice to read a familiar comment. Did you get tired of Y & R as well. I thought Summer was recurring? She been recurring every day. As for B & B I can’t stand that Thomas. He should be put in jail pending trial and Ridge should be made look like the hero, but you know Eric will feel sorry for poor little Rick and kick Ridge to the curb again. If I was Ridge I would go to Eric and tell him Thomas raped Caroline and since they already loved each other they decided to keep it all quiet and raise the child themselves. Too think this all started with Katie (I hope she loses Bill to Brooke & goes crazy).

OHHHHHHHH Jaybird Just another thought I want to see Ridge (if Eric lets him go as CEO) take Caroline and start their own business against Forrester. Lets see little Ricky (who can’t draw) compete with them! What do you think!


Girlfriend…to me, Summer ‘being recurring every day’ is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! BLECH!!!!!

Nikki…I think that Katie is already cray-cray…LOL!!!!! Y-e-p.

‘little Ricky’…LOVE IT…MORE LOL!!!!!

Take care, Nikki.

Over the last few months I have been ff through most of B&B. So many storylines are rehashed. I hate the pan views of LA and Judas Priest on a pony they have more flashbacks than Brooke has jumped men. I have been getting through most B&B episodes between 5 -10 minutes. How does this soap stay on top?

Hey guys, haven’t you noticed the same storylines are running on B&B and Y&R? Phylis is sleeping with her husband’s brother and Brooke is sleeping with her sister’s husband. They do these storylines all the time and then have Sharon have babies that are stolen from her or that she steals! Just saying……….

I have a solution for Liam. Go to Europe and bring Hope home. You always loved her more than Steffy anyway and she isn’t with your brother anymore!

Have been a fan of both shows since the very beginning, but I, also, FF thru the boring parts…which is most of the show. BTW, always hated Ron Moss. Ridge is much more interesting these days.

I’ve waited for Thomas and Caroline since 2012 when they dated. I liked the Thomas back then and I like the current Thomas.

Nothing of what happened between Caroline and Thomas was ever shown and the accusations from fans are all speculation–not facts shown onscreen.

Yes they did and Bell has insulted rape victims and abused women all over this country. Michael Logan cornered him on it I hope he does not back down.

What happened between Thomas and Caroline nobody can answer because it wasn’t shown onscreen. I can’t ask anybody for details or go find the clip and watch it because it was never shown onscreen. The scene ended and Caroline was still conscious and asserting something specific happened after is nothing more than speculation. As of last episode, Caroline said she needed Thomas at that moment. That is completely possible since viewers never saw what happened after the episode ended.

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Accompanying the video post, Lando wrote, “Happy total knee replacement Monday. And no, Dr. Quinn didn’t do the surgery. She’s more of an open heart specialist.🤓

Photo: JPI

Share your well-wishes and speedy recovery for Joe in the comment section below, and let us know if you would like to see him back on The Bold and the Beautiful or another soap in the near future.


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A post shared by Joe Lando (@therealjoelando)

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