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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Douglas Chooses Steffy Much to the Chagrin of Hope and Thomas


On Monday’s B&B, in a surprise move, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) announces during his guardianship hearing, that he wants to live with his aunt … Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)!  Everyone in the room, including the judge, is shocked.

The reveal leaves Douglas’ dad and Steffy’s brother, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) reeling as well as Douglas’ adoptive mom, Hope (Annika Noelle) in addition to Liam (Scott Clifton).


Faced in an “I don’t know what to say” situation, Steffy questions Douglas on choosing her, and tries for a moment to dissuade him, but not enough to the liking of Hope and Thomas.

Once Douglas leaves the judges chamber with the judge, so the grown-ups can talk this out, Thomas gets mad and exits, leaving Hope and Steffy alone together.


It’s at that point, Steffy thinks it’s a good idea, for now, for Douglas to come live with her and Finn (although she yet to let Finn know).  Steffy points out that in the end this could wind up better than expected, because Douglas will miss living with Hope and Liam. However, Steffy also questions Hope about this entire idea of allowing Douglas to choose his own guardian.

Watch the final moments of the episode featuring the confrontation between Hope and Steffy below.

Now let us know, what did you think of Douglas’ choice to live with Steffy? What do you think of Steffy’s decision to let him with her? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Here we go again. Thomas and his “great” ideas. Douglas is too young to make this decision. Thomas should never have gone to a lawyer on this subject without first talking to Hope. And Hope should quit caving into him. This is one time I think Steffy wants to do the right thing, but I don’t think allowing him to come live with her and her family until he is of age is the right one. So as messy as it will get with more lawyers back to the drawing board…and not dresses…here we go again. Thanks to Thomas again.

tricky story for sure but one thing Henry Joseph Samiri is a great younger actor definitely deserves an emmy nod and the win

Well, they are all related or have been step-relations, been married to each other, on and on… Does it even matter who Douglas goes with?

First of all, how stupid of anyone, including the Judge to not know that this sweet boy is picking his aunt so as not to hurt his mom or dad. Also this whole thing of Douglas choosing for himself was all Thomas’s idea. Douglas was as shocked as anyone when Thonas waltzed into Hope and Liam’s with the prepared papers, telling them that they would let Douglas decide for himself. Hope had nothing to do with “allowing” Douglas this choice as Steffy infers.I’m sure the poor kid was protecting his parents by not picking one over the other.

I feel this custody story is setting up a future plot. Douglas has driven many of the major stories lately. I feel there will some incident at the beach house that will involve a confrontation among Sheila, Hayes, and Douglas. The possibilities are endless (as all characters could be involved). This will tie in perfectly with May sweeps.

Officially stopped watching when it became the Shelia 2.0 show – the constant repeating of the same storyline over and over daily goes no where. Also the inability of the show to create sets for a multi-million dollar corporation is “silly”. Everyone shares two offices either the Eric/Ridge/Stephie “Presidents” office and the one across the hall. Maybe they could create a changing room or lockerroom set, so characters don’t have to undress and be walked in on in the “Presidents” office each week. What workplace, even a fashion house, allows employees to strip in their office space?

Apparently the models have their dressing rooms at least the others could use the private rest-room which most executive offices have to change clothes when necessary. The whole thing is stupid.

Wait get ready for it! Round 67 of Steffy Liam and Hope ! Finn is the only one with rational brains on this show if Sheila is a threat why would you put this little boy in the line of fire.

Did I not hear right, which is very possible, but did the judge not declare the time of Douglas’s custodial care to be until he was 18? Steffy and Hope keep using the term “young adult” and temporary. Hope and Liam even told the boy if things didn’t work out” just call us and we’ll come get you”. So, which way is it?


General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Chase Confronts Finn On His Drinking After Gregory’s Death

The saga of the aftermath of Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) death continuesdon the Thursday May 23rd episode of General Hospital. At Finn’s (Michael Easton), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) who knows he has lost his sobriety and has been drinking, attempts to tell the good doctor that she cares about him too much to let him throw away seven years sober.

Finn lashes out at Liz and tells her she doesn’t get to tell him when he is allowed to drink. Liz says she’s looking out for Violet (Jophielle Love) as he in turns looks out for her boys. Finn announces that Liz can stay here and make bracelets with Violet or leave. Next, he opens the door, and she walks out.

Immediately, Liz calls Chase (Josh Swickard) telling him to get over to Finn’s as his brother really needs him.  Meanwhile at the Q’s, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) gives a tender hug to her dad, Ned (Wally Kurth) because she can’t bear the thought of losing him.

Photo: ABC

Now back at Finn’s, he takes another drink and Violet emerges with the friendship bracelet and inquires where did Aunt Elizabeth go? Finn covers for the situation and says Liz got called back to the hospital, but she can show the bracelet she made to her later.

Just then, Chase and Brook Lynn finally show up. Surveying the situation, Brook Lynn can see that Finn has been drinking. She takes Violet for a walk so the two brothers can be alone.


Chase wants to know what happened, “step by step.” He shoots a look at the bottle of booze and says to Finn, “I mean everything that happened.” Finn tells him that Violet was at school and he came upon their father, dead in his bed.  At the point, Finn also admits he had a drink, maybe more than one, although it’s been such an emotional day he is not sure how many he has had. In addition, Finn did not cop to taking a sip of champagne at his brother’s wedding reception, which started this downfall.


Now the question becomes, what will Finn ask Chase to do? Cover for him? Help him to a meeting? Will he get rid of his brother quickly so he can continue his downward spiral? Weigh-in and share your theory via the comment section below.

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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Cole is Fraught After Seeing Jordan Alive; Ashley Collapses After Her Plans for Tucker Go South

On Wednesday’s May 22nd episode of The Young and the Restless, Cole (J. Eddie Peck) is reeling from finding a secret passage way to the basement where Victor (Eric Braeden) is holding a very much alive, Jordan (Colleen Zenk).

Behind the bars that hold her captive, she pleads with him to get her out of there. Jordan’s convinced Cole will help her because her sister, Eve, was his mother.

A stunned Cole asks, “How did you get in here? We heard that you drowned in that river!” Jordan reveals Victor took her and has been torturing her. Jordan pleads with Cole that she’s reformed. She then says, if he gets her freed she will leave town and never return.

Photo: JPI

Cole pushed back,“Do you think that I would actually believe you after everything you’ve done?!” Jordan tells him to please call the police on Victor because being in a real jail would be better for her than this. She says, “I can’t take this anymore.” Jordan panics when Cole leaves her there.

Later, a stunned Cole is trying to decide what to do. He has lunch with Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Claire (Hayley Erin). Next, C9le excuses himself and makes a phone call to Michael and says, “How soon can you meet me?”

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Ms. Abbott has Tucker (Trevor St. John) alone at the jazz club and is doing everything she can to seduce him, all the while with her intent to kill him. He is on to her, and knows he is not talking to the real Ashley (Eileen Davidson).

Meanwhile at the Abbotts, Alan Laurent (Christopher Cousins) talks with Jack (Peter Bergman) and Traci (Beth Maitland), revealing he believes Ashley’s different behaviors seems unlikely to have been caused by a break-up in Paris with Tucker, He feels something else more traumatic happened in Paris after Tucker left.


At the end of the episode, Ms. Abbott loses her cool with Tucker as he tells her her to stop running away, “You are not safe,” he says. Next, holding her head as her different alters fight for control, Ashley falls to the floor and passes out.

For more on Ashley’s alters and this storyline, make sure to check out the latest interview with Eileen Davidson on the subject matter via her visit to the Michael Fairman Channel below.

Now let us know, what do you think Cole will do about Jordan? Has everyone finally gotten knocked over the head enough that Ashley has multiple personalities? What happened to her in Paris after she left Tucker that caused the split? Share your theories in the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Finn Tells Violet That Gregory Passed, While Elizabeth Sees He Has Been Drinking

The raw emotions continued on the Wednesday, May 22nd episode of General Hospital as Finn (Michael Easton) and Chase (Josh Swickard) try to come to grips with the death of their father, Gregory (Gregory Harrison).

In story, Gregory passed away in his sleep and his battle with ALS came to its conclusion. In the pick-up, Finn now has to tell his daughter, Violet (Jophielle Love) that her grandfather had passed when she returned home from school.

Gingerly, Finn does his best to explain to Violet what happened. Finn tells her that her grandfather’s heart stopped beating, and he wasn’t in pain. Violet bursts into tears saying that she wants Grandpa to still be here and runs into his room calling out for him. Then, in very touching scenes, Finn follows Violet. She asks her dad where her Grandpa is. Finn explains the paramedics took him away. She cries that she didn’t get the chance to even say goodbye.


Next, Finn hugs Violet and tells his little girl that life is so beautiful, but sometimes it’s unfair. He carries Violet back to the living room, but passes by the bottle of booze. He sits her down on the couch and tells her there will be a funeral in a few days so they will get to say goodbye to Grandpa together. When Violet asks where her Grandpa is now, Finn says he is in heaven.

Later, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) shows up and hugs Violet and Finn. She can see right away that Finn has been drinking, especially after eyeing the glass, and the bottle on the counter. Getting Violet out of the room for a moment, Liz tells Finn she can’t even imagine the pain he must be in right now. So, he should go to a meeting and Violet will come home with her for the night.


Finn puts his foot down that Violet will stay with him. He just watched two total stranger, the paramedics, take his dad away. He says he took one drink to ease his pain. Finn stands up to Liz and says he thinks given the circumstances he has a right to do whatever it takes to get through the day. Next, Liz says she can’t stop him, but she will not have him get drunk with his daughter in the apartment, and so, she is taking Violet with her.

Elsewhere, Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) decide at the airport to head back to the Quartermaines, and not take off for their honeymoon, since Gregory died. When they show up at the Q’s, Chase says he wants to be with his brother, but he is giving him time to tell Violet. Next, the newlyweds are greeted by Ned (Wally Kurth) and Lois (Rena Sofer). They tell the two the truth, leaving everyone stunned or in tears. Chase heads out to find Tracy.

Meanwhile, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is holding on to her good luck charm from Gregory as her reinstatement hearing begins. Little does she know, he has passed away. Alexis finds out she is in a court battle with Fergus Byrne (Lane Davies), the brother of the late Neil Byrne.

So, what did you think of the performances of Jophielle Love and Michael Easton in the touching scenes between Violet and Finn? Will Finn end up on a complete bender? Will his brother Chase show up in time to help him? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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