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The Bold and the Beautiful Recasting Ridge Forrester? If So, Who Should Play Him?



Long time fans of The Bold and the Beautiful were very sad and disheartened when Ronn Moss decided to depart the CBS soap after 25 years of playing Ridge Forrester!  So far, the show had not recast the role!

However all that may be changing, according to a post today from Soap Opera Digest that relates that a casting call has gone out for the character of “”Harper”, who is described as a Caucasian man in his mid-to-late 40s, and, “Handsome! Very upscale. Great business man. A commanding presence. Refined – comes from money. At least 5’11”. Contract role – Strong Credits only!!”

This on paper sounds a lot like Ridge Forrester, but is it? And if so, who would you like to see cast in the role? What favorite leading man from the soaps, or otherwise, do you think would be the perfect fit based on the casting call above? Or, do you simply not see anyone else playing the role but Ronn Moss?  Weigh-in, and put your casting director hats on for this one, folks!

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Robert Kelker-Kelly would be a perfect recast. He would have great chemistry with Katherine Kelly Lang (oh, all those Ks!!!) and be a formidable rival to Don Diamont. His turn on GH recently was riveting and shows he’s willing to work in daytime again.

He looks too much like Don Diamont. Otherwise he’d be good.

RKK has a career flying now and since my husband is a commercial airline pilot flying in the air as he would say is much more fun! But all kidding aside I am not sure that he wants a permanent gig though he did sure look fine on GH!

Ted King

Ridge is older than late 40s. Peter Reckell is my choice.

Ben Masters (Ex- Julian Crane) from Passions, James Hyde (Ex- Sam Bennett) from Passions, James Stevenson (Ex- Jared Casey) from Passions, Grayson McCrouch (Ex-Dusty Donovan) from ATWT, Bradley Cole (Ex- Jeffery) Guiding Light or Michael park (Ex- Jack) from ATWT

All of the above are way past their prime and are much older than the character of Ridge who looks 10 years younger than Ridge’s actual age and he has to be extremely gorgeous. They are going to have to cast someone that is younger than Ridge (in B&B years he’s about 50, same age as Brooke but looks years younger).

Lol…the ONLY one on this list past his prime, and NOT gorgeous, and into Eric Forrester (not Ridge) territory would be Ben Masters, who is probably 70. Grayson McCouch is 45, too young. James Hyde is similar, James Stevenson is only in his early 30‘s, Michael Park is just south of 40.

I agree about James Hyde not even close to his prime!!! He looks in his 40’s and keeps himself in great shape..

I love Ron Moss. Ron and Hunter Tylo were like to gods walking on earth. Gorgeous beyond comparison. A perfect world would be if they both came back together from Paris bringing Steffy back to reunite with Liam. But, this is TV and it is B&B and nothing they have done lately makes any sense. They have strayed so far of course, that it will take a miracle to bring it back to its heyday. A recast with the right actor would be acceptable. I FF through so much of it now that it takes less than 10 minutes to watch the show.

May I second that? Exactly right!

3rd it!!!

4th it!!! I FF through a lot of it as well. The Maya/Caroline story line is ridiculous. I feel cheated out of a story with Taylor and Eric. Friday’s episode has a BARE mention of Taylor leaving Eric and I wish it would have been taped for fans to see. Would have made Taylor’s departure feel not so cut off.

Grayson McCouch, Bradley Cole, Ted King. I really only wanted Vincent Irizarry for the role, but too late now.

So many good choices already. Can we recast some of these plot points and storylines before Ridge returns? And if Ridge comes home, I want to see him stronger, more focused, and committed (or not) to Brooke for good … and more engagemnt of Forresters on the storyboard.

Grant Alexander (Phillip-GL).

yes 100% some good acting for ones

You mean for once. Not ones.

He was the first person I thought of too. Bradley Cole is also a good choice.

Yes Grant would be great, and he is an amazing actor who needs to be on TV again!

Michael park or robert kelker kelly would be a terrific ridge. both of them are goodlooking men.

I love Michael Park but I don’t think he is tall enough. Robert Kelker Kelly as I said in an earlier post looks too much like Don Diamont. But yes, both are goodlooking for sure!

Aiden Turner, Mark Derwin, Ricky Paull Goldin, Wallace Kurth, Robert Kelker-Kelly, Thom Bierdz, Matthew Ashford.

Ohhh– I like the idea of Matt Ashford in the role– if he were the new Ridge, I just might start watching again.

Totally agree! He would be awesome as Ridge or another character! They should snap him up!

Aidan Turner is about 20 years too young, and Thom Bierdz cannot act his way out of a paper bag. But then again, neither could Ronn.

I disagree with that. Thom did a good job as Phillip Chancelor. He has a lot of fans!

Wallace Kurth who I adore is on Days & sometimes even GH right now-so too busy plus he seems too short for this role. But OMG, I forgot about Mark Derwin. Oh, do Iove him. He would be a breath of fresh air. He had a sweetness/smirkiness about him. Love him.

Grant Alexander from Guiding Light

He will be in the new soap drama, Tainted Dreams so he may not be available as production starts the end of this month.

That’s what I said!!! YES.

I was kind of hoping that B&B wouldn’t bring Ridge back. I am not missing the character in the least. I’d rather they let Jon Hensley come onto the show full-time. Or bring back Jack Wagner as Nick!

I’d saying Peter Reckell or Robert Kelker-Kelly as Ridge Forrester! Both men fit the bill perfectly!

Ted King would be a great choice. However, unless the writing changes significantly, the recast will neither draw a new audience, not inspire fans to continue to invest in this show.

Ted King would be delicious, no doubt.

Only one obvious choice … Peter Barton (ex-“Scott Grainger”, Y&R).

What a crafty suggestion Kian. I didn‘t think of him. 🙂

Neither! Ron Moss and only him! Recasting would be a very bad decision! Look what DAYS did with Mickey Horton after John Clarke announced his retirement!?

Um, they successfully recast the role twice.

I thought it was bad to recast the character after John Clarke played the character for so long! They should have killed off his character then!

They couldn‘t kill the character then as the faux serial killer storyline was going on. John Ingle, while admittedly much too old for the role, nevertheless played it for 3 years. They then cast Kevin Dobson, who made Mickey a much more viable and younger leading man. Him and Suzanne Rogers had good chemistry and they could have made a good anchor couple for the show. Kevin was recurring and not always available to work so the show made the decision to kill the character. Point being, there are very few truly “irreplaceable“ actors in daytime. Many roles that people said could NEVER be recast have been successfully done. Rachel on Another World, Jack and Jill on Young and Restless, Mason on Santa Barbara, Carly on General Hospital…those are just a few examples that were played by wildly popular actors (some being daytime legends) …and were successfully recast.

Ronn Moss IS Ridge Forrester…the ONE and ONLY!!!! But if Bell insists on a recast, then it has to be someone with impeccable looks and presence, and that is a very tall order. I’m not a Grant Aleksander fan, per se, but he is probably the closest to fitting the bill of all those mentioned above….none of the others even come close, particularly Reckell and Kelly! (The latter is just plain creepy…he’ll never be able to live down that last appearance as Stavros!) Don’t know if he would even consider it, but Rick Springfield could probably pull it off…he has much in common with Moss…the youthful rocker vibe, body type and ageless quality, although it would seem that they are aiming for a younger actor this time around. Another possibility could be Theo James, the expat Brit who was on a recent CBS primetime show that was just cancelled. As any “Downtown Abbey” fan can tell you, he was the ill-fated Turk, “Mr. Pamuk.” Definitely had the drop-dead gorgeous aristo thing downpat……Hmmmm.

Robert Newman or James Hyde are the only ones I could see as a Ridge recast.

Robert Newman (ex-Josh; GL) is about John McCook’s age right now and he would be too old for the character.

Robert Newman is 55 so he’s 14 yrs younger then McCook and 6 yrs younger then Ron Moss.

I love Robert Newman (Josh) when he played on The Guiding Light with his long time love, Reva. Wish they both could be on the Bold and Beautiful.

Are you on glue? McCook could be Newman‘s father. Moss and McCook are very close in age.

I totally agree that James Hyde would be perfect!!!!

First….mid to late 40’s…..hahaha.

That said….Bradley Cole could summon up Ridge.

Or, maybe, Dan Gauthier.

Or, Robert Kelker-Kelly.

Michael Park

They have been talking about this since RM left do not see it happening. KKL has exressed she does not want to work with another actor as Ridge. Unless something has changed over there I do not see it happening with Hunter Tylo gone and JMW on recurring I will be shocked if this happens. If it does I feel so sorry for the actor getting mixed up with Brad Bell he has a very short attention span for plots.

Grant Aleksander, totally. Same lanky physique, same chiselled jaw…but one major difference…Grant can act!!

This is true. But would Grant move his family from the east coast is the bigger question.

He would be great and I miss seeing him.. since the sad demise of GL

Michael I think Grant is to dam smart to move to LA for Brad Bell. The story is we are going to see a Thorne sighting and he is going to go up against Rick which should have happened a long time ago. Cast Ally Thorne’s daughter and have them kick Hope and Rick to the curb. Hope has no business in the company and Rick is a little wormy character.

I said GRANT earlier today! He would be perfect.

I know, I saw that. 🙂 Great minds think alike. However, I said it way back when Ronn first left the show. I also said that if KKL should leave, it would be a hoot to hire Beth Chamberlin as Brooke. They’ve played a long-suffering dysfunctional couple with insane chemistry before. I mean no offense to KKL and RM, but their acting “skills” are limited at best. But, for the roles they play (vapid, shallow, lust-crazed, non-committal sex objects), they do it well, they do what is asked of them by the show. But it would be a real kick to have a Brooke and Ridge with real depth, and dramatic acting abilities that are not one-note, and to reunite them from Guiding Light. I realize the Beth part is never gonna happen, but the Grant thing totally could and should, if he would take such a part. He has explosive acting skills, and the fireworks that would erupt with Bill and Brooke would be awesome. Grant has an intensity that would be ferocious!! I hope they make a good choice, and not a bland, vanilla, safe choice. Some of the big names bandied about of former soap stars…would not work. Peter Reckell…if he was going to go back to a California soap, it had better be Days. Robert Kelker Kelly would be an okay Ridge. Mark Derwin, okay again. Grant would just bring something to the show, it might even make me become a fan. I would even accept Tom Eplin in the role…anything to get Eplin back to daytime. I have been saying for years that GH should snap him up as Jimmy Lee Holt. I’m surprised Phelps never did grab him. Wishful casting is so fun. TEAM GRANT FOR RIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant would be perfect. I miss him and Beth together also!

mid-40s would make him the youngest child of Stephanie and Eric.

Someone who looks like they’ve had bad plastic surgery like the original actor and looks like a ken doll, someone plastic..

Finally! I love Ronn Moss too, but an actress can not refuse to work with a re-cast and hang the show and the rest of the cast out to dry because Mr. Moss is taking a break. Too many holes on the Forrester side, can’t survive as the Logan show.

Recasting Ridge is a great idea, Ron Moss was starting to look more like the vampire Lestat and less like Ridge as he aged. How about Vincent Izzary from ALL MY CHILDREN ? Or Ted McGinley ?

LOLOL. Ted McGinley!! Is that dude still alive?? He is freakin‘ ageless!! He must be 80 by now. Lol. Choice casting suggestion though! Lol

I would love to see Jeff Meeks (Craig Montgomery #3 on ATWT) or Jon Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery #4) as Ridge Forrester!

Geoff Meek.

I’m gonna pick an soap veteran that is never mentioned anymore: Russell Todd, who played Jamie Frame on Another World in the 80’s.

Wow!! I never would have thougbht of him. He was very under rated. Good choice!

How about Winsor Harmon? Oh, right. He’s already on the show but has nothing to do. And when are we going to meet his and Macy’s daughter?

Him and Macy never had a daughter. He had a daughter wth Darla. But Macy could have easily had his daughter during one of her non-deaths.

You’re right Ashlee. Darla is Alexandria’s mom. Thanks!

As a fan who really disliked Ronn Moss’ acting “abilities”, I have to say that recasting Ridge is great news to me. Personally, I think Bradley Cole, Grant Aleksander or Michael Park would be best in the role. I don’t think anyone else would fit into that role well. But what I really wanted to happen was for Hunter Tylo’s Taylor to jet off to Paris, and in about a year, have them return to the show together (as well as Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), married. Brooke’s reaction to that would be fantastic!

i defy anyone to mention an actor more resembling Ron Moss than the outstanding Mario chimarro. He has an overwhelming stage presense. witness his work on the telenovela El Cuerpo Del Deseo. no one else compares . Period.

The commanding stage presense of Mario Chimarro would far transcend that of Ron Moss. I defy anyone to find another actor who more closely resembles Ridge than does Mario.

Mario is 20 years too young for the part of Ridge. He looks more like a younger Antonio Ban.deras. folks, try to remember…Ronn Moss is pushing 60….he is not a sex symbol any more. Casting a 40 year old actor to play Ridge would just make this show a laughing stock. I know Brooke has always liked ‘em young, but that would be absurd.

My vote: Chaz Bono.

LOLOL. Her jaw is not quite chiselled enough to play Ridge.

I thaught Chaz Bono also.
The reason: B&B is one big joke! It really does’nt matter.

LMAO, Chaz does not have a long jaw neither.

No NEW Ridge! The shoe has enough problems witout opening that can of worms!

If the shoe fits…

Other than Ronn Moss returning, I think that Grant Aleksander would be a great recast

I have been yelling Grant Aleksander for MONTHS!!! He would bring fans from GL and he is an explosive actor with talent to spare!!!!!!! Love me some KKL but if they ever recast Brooke, Beth Chamberlin would be the perfect choice. My other 2 Ridge-picks are Robert Kelker Kelley or Peter Reckell. Although RKK and KKL would SIZZLE on screen!!!!!!

Antonio Sabato!

Channing Tatum.

Chaz Bono would bring much needed publicty to B&B.
Think of the possible headlines, including Big&Boyish.

Ron Moss was excellent in his role as Ridge Forrester and I was sorry to see him leave….but he was ready to move on, so it is time to recast the role!! There are quite a few GOOD choices mentioned above that I agree with: Grant Aleksander, Michael Park, Bradley Cole, Robert Newman….or Jon Lindstrom!! Any of these amazing actors would do a tremendous job as Ridge Forrester!! Not only would these fine actors bring additional fans to the show, they are all GORGEOUS “eye candy”!!

Is anyone who knows daytime realize how perfect James Hyde would be!! Has anyone seen him latley?? I have in a few things CSI just recently and he looks amazing!!!! Hes sooooooo gorgeous and i think its time for him to come back to Daytime and i always thought that if anyone could take over Ron Moss’ role he could!! Gina from New york and i think i’m speaking for a lot of people here!!!!

Yes Absolutely James Hyde!!

Don’t know if he would even consider a contract role return to daytime, but how about John Stamos???? Although I am still waiting for his “Blackie” character to reappear on GH, he definitely would have the goods to play “Ridge 2.0!”

Eric Bana would be great for the role of ridge forrester

James Hyde, no questions asked he’s so sexy you won’t remember Ridge. Bring him back as a love interest to Katie and hit Brooke where it hurts!!!

How about Jack who was on as the world turns to replace Ridge.

Grant Alexander….although an amazing actor….is too fair. He’s blonde, isn’t he? Not that they couldn’t fix that, but I also think he’s not good looking enough. Chiseled, yes. But not really, really, handsome and he doesn’t look as youthful as Ronn Moss, IMO.

I believe John Stamos and James Hyde are both 50. Either of them would be great in the role of Ridge.

The guy who would be PERFECT to portray Ridge Forrester is Cameron Mathison who portrayed Ryan on All My Children. He has that Forrester look, style and character for this role. He is witty super fine in looks and actually I think would be a MUCH better actor as Ridge than Ron Moss.

PLEASE…come Moss or recast Bill needs to taken down a peg Brooke its time to a Physicist this thing she keeps doing is sooo old and played out oh she is a {hoe} now boring boring boring i’m retired and cbs soaps are all i watch….but of late i’m no looking forward too it….i have been watching scene it aired

Yes I began to turn the channel because I know each step I am tired of Liam and Hope give me a break lets see some action I would like to see a man or Ridge for Katie so Brooke can really get Jealous try to get him back but he does not want Brooke only Katie.that will make Dollar Bill mad and I told you so Brooke will leave you for Ridge but again Brooke to old she need to rest her body now you know what I mean her face is aging every time she goes to bed with a family member and we all know she gets pregnant come on guys we know each step so predicted

Robert Kelker-Kelly

I would like to see a man for Katie someone Brooke want but Katie has him Yes Yes

I think that B&B should get down on bended knees and beg Ronn Moss to come back to the show. Pay Ronn the salary he wants….think what it would do for B&B ratings
Besides bringing in a new actor in as Ridge is like bringing a stranger home for dinner. However, if Ronn Moss should reappear as Ridge during Christmas, it would be like the Prodical son has returned home.


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