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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge Responds to Brooke’s Attempt at Reconciliation with “Aren’t You Tired of It …”

Photo: CBS/MauroSostini

Not only Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), but the viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful may be tired of it too! Taking in the sights in the Eternal city of Rome, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is hoping and pretty convinced she can win back the heart of her longtime love.

What better way to do that, then to take him on a little sightseeing adventure.  As they share conversation on their walk, Ridge thinks it would be a great idea for Brooke to appear in the ‘Hope for the Future’ fashion show tomorrow, you know, the mother/daughter duo thing.

As they wind up near the cannon that is set off at the same time each day in Rome, Brooke says if she is putting on a gown that he needs to wear a Roman toga, which Ridge brushes off as no one wants to see him in that. Brooke apparently does.

Although Ridge thinks Brooke looks lost in terms of location, she assures him about one destination she knows for sure, and that’s their future together.  Knowing how to squash a romantic overture, Ridge puts on the brakes by telling Brooke that although their love will never die, he doesn’t see a future with her.

Ridge then says, “Aren’t you tired of it? The pain and the heartache we keep causing each other.. over and over again. I’m trying to find a way to protect you, protect me and protect our kids, you understand that, right?”

Photo: CBS/MauroSostini

He goes on to hurt Brooke by saying, “Thinking that we’ll come to this city, or any city and that we’ll find love again and fall into each other’s arms … I don’t see it.”

Seemingly unfazed, Brooke points out they are, after all, in the city of eternal love. She then admits she really came to Rome because she believed it could be the start of a new beginning for them. “I want to be your Logan,” she professes.

Clearly, Brooke thought if she could show Ridge a sign, (a timed cannon boom going off thanks to the help of one of the officer/guardsmen) that would illustrate to him that they are meant to be together.  However, when the cannon booms, Ridge ducks as he was unaware what was happening behind him.  Brooke goes “See! A sign!”  For a moment, Ridge is smiling, sort of.

So, where does this go from here? What do you want to see happen? Do you think by the end of the Rome trip that Ridge and Brooke will be back together? Do you think it will be the end of the line, for now, for Bridge?

Are you tired of it as Ridge is, and just don’t want to see Bridge back together again? With Bill (Don Diamont) on the way to Rome with Liam (Scott Clifton), will he be there to pick up the pieces of Brooke’s broken heart? Share your thoughts in the comment section. First, check out the final season from Tuesday’s B&B below.

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Would it be so wrong for Brooke and Ridge to move on? I’d like to see Brooke evolve into a stronger independent woman. I don’t care about Ridge.

I have not liked this ridge since he came on the show. This ridge and Brooke have never had the same chemistry.

Absolutely agree!

I love this very sexy Ridge but I’m sick to death of decades of the same story line with Brooke and Ridge. Very, very tired of the story about Hope, Hope and Hope.
I’m ready to give up on Bold and Beautiful. It’s like watching continuous reruns.



I well they would make up their minds already!!


I agree Ginger, it is boring!! I like both characters, but tired of the Ridge and Brooke thing!

It really is! I just skip over the Brooke garbage & watch the rest. About 8 minutes unless I’m lucky that day with no her & Ridge. If I was her I’d be pleading with the writers!


I’m so sick of this no acting Ridge. Brook need for go on with dollar Bill It’s just that Brook hate to see Taylor with Ridge. Now she’s so pure after sleeping wit her daughters hubby. Two kids with Ridge daddy.Im sick of their story line.

Agree please move on old story line


Agree Ron Moss should still be Ridge

Yes I can’t stand the new Ridge and his stupid head tilts bring back Ron Moss he was so sexy!

Omg yessss! I loved the original Ridge also! I read that he was the lead singer of that band in the ’70s that sing the song “I want to kiss you all over” … And, Hope is a Logan & Tomas is a Forester..,so I think that’s going to be an INEVITABLE thing lol…!

No that was Exile not ronn moss

Ron moss group was player. He sang Baby come back. I wish he was Ridge again

I notice that too. He won’t talk or answer, he just tilts. Lol

I agree 100%. I’ve said the same thing as long as this new Ridge has been on. Sorry but between his greasy, stringy hair, and that dirty looking face I don’t know how Brooke or Taylor even want to kiss him. He looks homeless and dirty….sorry.

I must say, I have had the same thoughts. He needs to clean up. He always looks very unkept. Ron Moss was always so well groomed and played the part better. I realize Ron Moss is gone, so the show should clean up the present Ridge.

My step-mother says Ridge looks like an unmade bed.

I agree 1000%. They are pretraded as being wealthy. Put Ridge in a barber chair and do something with his hair and facial hair. He would look so much better. He looked really bad when him and Bill went undercover to catch Shelia


I agree

So sick of this back and forth story line for real can we just get some new writers please

What makes Ridge the most coveted Man on earth. I have never liked him. He is narcissistic. He is the best at everything. Except: Being faithful Loving one woman. Putting others feelings above his. If he is truly committed he would not have been tearing Brooke and Taylors life up for years. Both women deserve their own “TRUE LO VE . If they don’t exist so be it . Why settle these Women deserve the best.

Please don’t let them reconcile! It’s getting very old.

I agree!!!

We like Ridge and Brooke


I agree

I agree Bridge is getting way to old always the same old thing I would like to see Taylor and bill get together


Agreed! Anything different! Brooke needs a looooong break!

Tired of the bridge thing, to many years back and forth it boring

This whole story line is old. The writers need help. It’s the same story You know what’s going to happen before it happens. I’m done with this show

The writers are still on strike. I am wondering what will happen when they run out of written episodes. They been on strike for 8 weeks now. The soaps tape in advance and rumors say July.

Hopefully they’re using this time to think of better storylines & read up on what we viewers don’t like!

We don’t agree

I never liked Brook she is nothing but a whole

I agree. Don’t like Brook and I’m tired of her always”winning” and Taylor always coming out on the losing end!

They have all done a lot sleeping around why everybody want pinpoint Brooke


I agree

What happened to Brooke wanting to be an independent woman? It’s just so redundant

McAfee I agree with everything you said a 1000%. At the same time though Brooke is no where near as faithful and a one man women than Ridge is a one woman man. There have been times when Ridge was ready to commit to Brooke but she was with other men or with other men and pursued him knowing he was was with other women. She wants Ridge when it’s convienient which isn’t when he’s telling her kissing and sleeping with her exes isn’t acceptable for him. At that point he’s trying to control her he’s being ridiculous and acting jealous and my favorite I love you I’ve always loved you we’re like destiny. In each instance her destiny had to watch her covort with other men and couldn’t do anything about it without her blaming him.

Brooke needs to move on with Bill since Katie thinks that Carter is the man for her! Then you know if Bill and Brooke hook up again here comes Ridge. Maybe he (Ridge) needs to be with Taylor..

No Brooke and Ridge should be together because it wasn’t their decision to brake up it was what that evil son and daughter doing.


I agree ridge and Brooke needs to be together

I agree. One last time and let them grow old together. Serve it up to Taylor with her conniving attics. All that aggraving twitching and jumping around. Please she was the one who broke the pact.

No brooke broke the pact first when she kissed ridge when he went over for dinner and hope and liam canceled last minute

Noooo she wasn’t the one who broke the pact Brooke did right in the beginning of the pact when she came downstairs in that barely dressed lingerie. And her and Ridge kissed!!! Duh remember that? I just fast forward past anything Brooke and Ridge anyway so it doesn’t matter to me. I’m about to stop watching it anyway. I’ll stick to the young and the restless

Cannot stand new Taylor…just drapes herself over ridge and thomas in really awful outfits. Shes the one who needs a psychiatrist.

I agree.

i agree — she acts like a giddy teenager —— horrible actresss

Get out of the rut! The whole Brook and Ridge saga is on life support.
I’m so over them. 40 + years, REALLY. Enough!!!!!



I want to see them back together! And his other divorced wife GONE!!

I agree she had no right to interfere in their marriage she forced herself on him with the help of Thomazz

Come up with a new story- line, tired of the Brooke and Ridge story.

I agree

Brook and Ridhe belong together. What better place to get back together. Roma! The Hope and Thomas thing needs to END in Roma.

It will end in roma

Yess yes I truly agree they should’ve never been tore apart. I don’t watch anymore because they are messing with Hope and Liam just to put him with Stuffy and that makes me nauseated.

I think they belong together and always will

So do I. You are totally correct!

hope and liam should be over — hope is a hot mess .. glad ridge and brooke are together .. hopefully to stay .. go away Taylor

I’m really tired of Ridge and the drama Brooke brings into their relationship. They both need someone really new in their lives.

I agree

I dont want them back together old news!!!

Ridge deserves better

No do not put them back together


Move on tired of them back and forth!

Just let Ridge move on without Brooke please and let her get back with Dollar Bill

Noooo, not with her sister’s ex. That should never have been in the first place. Find someone new for Brook as well as Taylor. I believe there could be more chemistry with Bill and Taylor. I never saw any Chemistry between Bill and Brook. I really would like Katie and Bill back together. There’s NO Chemistry between Carter and Katie, NONE!

So over Brooke and Ridge. Give it a rest When if fact she’ll the one lied and saw her daughter having these for Thomas. Brooke truly never told Ridge about what really transpired between Taylor and herself. How stupid can Ridge beShe only wants him back because of Taylor. I myself for one so tired of the same story lines *Brooke and Ridge) Everyone are so in denial of Brooke’s constant complaining when she and her daughter are both always think things to go their ways. Just look how Hope is lying to her husband about her feelings To be honest Hope and Thomas do may a good couple. My heart just dropped for Liam today.

Really sick of Hopeless .

Don’t want Bridge and Brooke together anymore

Im for Ridge and Brooke they dezerve one last try with their relationship!! I have watched this show since the start something or someone always gets in the way!! Let them work it together!! They deserve one last try!!

I too, like Brooke and Ridge but would like it better if the other Ridge was here . You have to have a couple that will be together through everything til the end. Just like Taylor, for goodness sake bring the old one back… this new one acts stup, like a teenager… no offense but the other tTaylor was a lady

We have to understand that these characters and what they do and say are created by the writer’s (Mr. Bell) pen. Taylor and her family are usually potrayed as undesirable, stupid, losers at the writer’s discreation. Taylor and the rest of the cast is only playing the roles they are given. However for this show it makes for predictable, one-sided, boring entertainment. Bell should do better.

Brooke and Ridge

I agree. Maybe her and Bill or her and Deacon

I stopped watching just to much of the some old same old. Boring

Here here! ‍♀️

Yes omg yes

It’s 2023 this Ridge and Brooke story should be shut down, it’s been going on way too long, like way too long. We want to see new stories, new romances, come on B/B doing something different before you lose viewers. We tired of Brooke and Rider, we over Shelia, great actress but the character has ran its course. Can someone not be creative enough at BB to come up with something new, different for the new and old viewers!

Let’s add Ridge and Taylor to that list and no more Brooke and Bill! Please stop the foolishness between Hope and Thomas. It may be a 30 minute soap, but this show is in need of new characters.

I really want to them to put a end to the Thomas and Hope story

I totally agree


l agree l waiting on this happen for this please write is story they deserve be happy now .❤️❤️❤️

I really don’t care if Bell doesn’t give a tale about me not watching his mess of a show. It just so I’ll wrote and I got sick of them breaking up Bridge and Lope for Thomazz Stuffy and crazy Taylor who all need to find their own men and women.

Am giving up on B&B…quit once for over a year…can easily do again…Bill should have been with Finns mother…no imagination here.


Let Steffy fire Thomas in Rome. Put Hope on notice, it ends or her line ends. Send Thomas to Italy.

No, don’t fire Thomas. Put a new love in his life that will override Hope. It’s time for him to have Chemistry with a new woman. He hasn’t had REAL LOVE since his wife died years ago. I like Thomas but all the drama he’s endured?

Right it is one reason I stop watching and I won’t watch anymore because of that messy s/l.

I totally agree

Yes 4 sure. Thomas is so talented Let him find some one new who is ready to develop a relationship through a process of debunking the old and create a new challenge that can be related to by fans. There are many issue of life to considered. Something of humanity or futuristic. YOU can give Hope a new focus other than just being a wife and mother with the fashion. Reality stuff.

I totally agree with that it’s stupid

I agree no more Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, ,No more Brooke and Bill. Please stop Thomas and Hope. Enough

Yes please

I agree 100%. I’m kind of tired of watching them flip flop off one another.

I totally agree. I am tired of Hope and Liam, Ridge and Brook. We deserve better…….


Yes I agree. Get some new stuff.

Find a new love for Thomas. He’s so cute, let him find a woman that will appreciate and love him. Give him someone he can have fun with and quit the drama.

Thomas and Hope need a chance. At least it might offer something different. Hope and Liam together at this point, is as dead as dishwater. Their personalities are so boring together.

Agreement! Imagine the stories for Brooke as she finally emerges from this decades long fog of bad romance. I’d craft a suspenseful story that would lead to closure of some endless storylines, diminishing some characters, and introduction of a new family that provides conflict and rivalry. B&B does some things very well but the characters are no longer likable and are settled. It’s all too close and repetitive.

Everything is about the Logans. Tired of that.

I think they should keep Ridge and Brooke together for ever they make the show because their love for each other have always over come all challenges came their way

I agree. It’s not their love for each other that’s a problem. It’s everyone else who interrupts it.

Yet Ridge and Brook are too stupid and unsure even after their umpteen marriages to ignore outsiders and the lame shenanigans. A kiss in the digital frame? The NYE champagne switch? The call to children’s services? Ridge and Brook are old enough to know better and overcome silliness.

I totally agree! Let Taylor move on! Get rid of her altogether! Let Bill and Katie get back together!

Yes! Bill and Katie!!

Agree. There needs to be one stable couple

Brooke and Ridge were happily married until Thomas lied about CPS call. Ridge should have taken Brooke back when he found out the truth. But h e didn’t. He’s the problem…


Brook and ridge need to get back together and stop with falling for anything taylor and deacon should hook up for a little

I agree that Brook and Ridge should be shut down Ridge deserves someone else not Brook she is nothing but a whole that does not know how to be faithful

I so so agree

Leave Ridge and Brooke alone the stories never have any happy ending. It’s time.They have a young man for a son it would be great. Taylor is a fake. Hope and Thomas should be together also for their son.I am a hopeless romantic I know but happiness means everything to me
But remember it’s only the soaps come on writers.

You’re so right about that!

They do not need to reconcile! New partners for the both of them.

Apparently not…lousy writing

All writers on strike


I was over them as a couple years ago.

Good Lord! I am so SICK of this relationship and the way Brooke looks at Ridge like a piece of meat.
That disgusting, giddy, school girl, routine is beneath a woman of her age.
And every time I hear the word “destiny” in any context, I cringe.
At least Ridge seems to be trying to be mature about this and I hope it continues and he doesn’t give in to the ridiculousness again!

Absolutely agree! At least he sounds like he’s trying to grow up…brooke is disgusting the way she is sooooo desperate to be with him

Please don’t let return to Taylor! She’s definitely not it!

WELL SAID!! DISGUSTING! Along with disturbing and boring! This just isn’t cute. Stop this back & forth. If Brooke HAS to whore around, give her someone else!

This show needs more camp like the old Sally Spectra with the big hair with its own zipcode. It is about fashion after all but the clothes are tacky. Stop kissing Carter’s ass everybody and please end this Hope Thomas nonsense.

Thomas and Hope need to not become a couple Hope needs to be faithful to Liam and Thomas should find someone who wants him and build a relationship with forget about Hope completely

I agree. This hope and Thomas thing is nauseous now.

I agree!

I am so in agreement with you. Hope doesn’t need to be with that madman everybody thinks Thomazz has changed he hasn’t it’s just part of his scheme to get back at Brooke,Hope,Liam and others watch a laperd never changes his spots

He’s not a bad guy now (that was his past). The writers need to write someone new in his life that will love and appreciate him. Let Thomas have some fun for a change.

I totally agree. Am over all of them. Except let Bill get Katie and both be happy

Katie and Bill!

Carter is a good guy but there’s no chemistry between him and Katie at all. Give him someone that we can say ‘Yes’ there’s chemistry and not just a woman figure. He deserves more in his life.

I just tired of the on & off again Ridge & Brooke. Why can’t Thomas & Taylor come out number one ..I mean Brooke has all kinds of men I love with her

I agree,let taylor be happy for once and let brooke go with 1 of the other 10 men that want her.i hope goody goody hope messes up her marriage and show she’s not perfect for once


No more destiny!!!

I believe that conniving Taylor has been with just as many men as brook. She shows what kind of person she is by never coming to steph’s marriage to fin, never seeing her work,always at Forrester meddling, she should be taking classes on how a Grama should dress, how to button a blouse, how to keep her nose out of everybody’s business.

No more Brooke and Ridge. Same crap over and over. Brooke is so superior acting. Yuck

How long will they play the Brooke and Ridge song and dance it’s time for them to go their separate ways It’s time for something new just tired of the same old song over and over

I stopped watching the bold and beautiful because of the same story lines over and over again. Brooke and Ridge, Ridge and Taylor, Thomas and Hope, on and on. surely there are different story lines that someone can come up with. Very boring and had gotten old. Nothing more I want to see here.

Tired of Bridge and their made up destiny. If the show moves on from that mess I might start watching again.

The writers need to drag it out more I think putting Brooke back with ridge right away is not right at the moment let it be an adventure let it be a hard to get thing maybe there will be some type of twist in this. Although Taylor probably already knows that nothing’s going to happen in Rome and knows what ridges intention are with Brooke. The writers need to mix it up a little bit. It does get a little boring with this back and forth thing. Who’s to say that they might start something up with Brooke and Taylor with someone else Brooke and Bill Taylor and deacon which leaves ridge with no one who’s to say that ridge has a relationship with Donna or something and that he and Eric will be at each other the writers need to throw something new in. Something twisted where the viewers say oh my God! You just never know what to expect what is around the corner.

Stop the Brooke and Ridge thing.. It’s boring and ridiculous…

You know all this back and forth with Ridge and Brooke needs to end.
Why not finally having them together and being a super couple that now always and finally be together. No more back and forth.
You also going down the same path with Thomas and Hope and Liam. Please stop all this back and forth and come up with new material!!!

I’m tired of Brooke and Ridge been done to much. I would rather see Brooke with Bill. I wouldn’t mine Ridge being with Taylor if you replace her with a new Taylor. That Taylor you have now acting is awful.

Agree completely. She is a terrible actress. She needs to go for good.

I agree about Taylor. She is no actor and always meddling in others business. Plus her hair is annoying. Get a new hairdresser

I could not agree more!!

I’m so, so tired of it. geez. Move on already. Please don’t do it again. Allow Taylor to be with Bill or Ridge the losses have been old a long time ago.
How dare the Logan’s especially Brooke complain about Thomas going to Italy when his name is on the building. If it wasn’t for Thomas none of them would be there.
Let’s not forget Brooke knows her daughter is the one who has feelings for Thomas and she hasn’t been keeping her head on straight.

I am so tired of the Logans!! Why do they always come out on top. Enough already. Let Taylor and her family be number one for once. BB always has a thing for blonds making them the queens and the brunettes the bad ones. Isn’t Forrester Creations the Forresters not the darn Logans. Let them be bottom feeders for once!!

Why does Steph always come out on top throughout all her dirt. Please send Taylor packing


I am sick of Brookes gaga over ridge and sick of the drama within the family and each person has slept with everyone’s spouse yet supposedly remains friends? Yet steffy keeps meddling in everyone’s life to mess it up! No morals or loyalty within the family! I leave this show only to look again for something new and it’s not there. Waste of time.

I hope there is a way writers/directors/producers are paying attention to what their viewers are saying!!

Move on Brooke! Oh yea, there are no other men on the soap that she hasn’t been with. Bummer! But hark! Bill is on his way in his private plane!

I want to add to my comment from before I think it would be interesting if the writers put in something with ridge starting a relationship with Donna Brook’s sister wouldn’t that be something not only would that upset Eric but it would also be something like a war a feud between Donna and Brooke and of course ridge. The writers need to stir the pot up add some different kind of ingredients!

That’s crazy! It’s bad enothat Thomas already slept with Ridge’s woman and the child exists! Let Thomas move on. He’s the key to all Ridge’s problems! Get rid of him and Taylor, then relationships will make sense!

Put Bridge back together and leave them alone. Also leave Hope and Liam alone too. Enough is enough

If they put Bridge back together leave them alone and move on…Taylor deserves a true love of her own…she is suppose to be a Dr…I would hate to have her treating me with the issues she has..

I agree! Let Brooke stay with Ridge and let Liam forgive His wife. Because he has done more dirt with Steffy! Draw them closer! They have been through enough!

I agree

I think Ridge and Brooke belong together ❤️ and they always will.
If not for all the meddling they would still be together…
Let them get back together and leave them opinion.

Sorry, but I’ve been “Bridge” fan from the beginning years ago. What’s so wrong with them reuniting? After all, it WAS TAYLOR and THOMAS and SHEILA, who were the drama starters that eventually broke this beautiful love story up. Ridge and Brooke, 4 EVER!!

Yes put Ridge and Brooke back together and leave them but I don’t want to hear the destiny garbage over and over again sick of that put Li with Dollar Bill put Deacon with Taylor leave Liam and Hope together find Thomas a complete new love interest and bring Steffy down off her high horse let Sheila escape again and let her turn up at Finn’s work where he finally gets the message thru to her and he calls the police on her and has her re arrested and put in solitary confinement and bring Finn’s dad back and bring Bridget back to date Finns dad or put Taylor with Finns dad and find Deacon a new love interest

I agree!!!

I wish they would let Taylor’s grow up. She is a 16 yr old in a 60 yr old body. Her homemade clothes are ridiculous.”grow up old lady”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Dresses like a cheap trick instead of a professional. Get rid of her.


OMG Ridge deserves better than Brooke. They broke up and she immediately married his dad. She’s been with his brother. Can’t count how many times she’s been with Bill knowing how much he and Ridge hated each other.Do you remember that Deacon was married to Brookes daughter when Brooke got pregnant with Hope.Dang it you all seem to have blinders on when it comes to Brooke. She was in that helicopter that dropped Ridge into the ocean.

Please, bridge is getting old. B&b need to spice the show up, would love to see bill and Brooke back together, and would love Taylor with ridge, maybe they can go a double

I don’t want Brooke and ridge together. I’m tired of it. He needs to be with Taylor

I definitely love the Hope and Thomas. I wouldn’t mind seeing them together. I’m tired of Liam and Hope. It’s boring

I am simply tired of the whole thing with Brooke, Taylor, and Ridge. Give Ridge a new partner and get rid of Brooke

Please let Bridge gooooo so sick of this storyline. Yes Brill – they are perfect for eachother

I just don’t understand how if Brooke and Ridge are together, And Thomas and Hope get together, Doesn’t that make Thomas and Hope step siblings? Which is kind of disgusting.

Is t that so nasty where did they come up with that disgusting s/l I glad I not watching anymore

Puuullease. Don’t Brooke and Taylor have any self respect and self-esteem. For powerful women, they are acting like two high school girls fighting over a guy. Who by the way, isn’t even that good looking in the first place. I could see if it was someone good looking like Liam. Ladies you can do so much better then Ridge. Hell the Tasmanian Devil is a better catch then Ridge.

Why is Brooke the one pleading and making a case for Ridge’s love. He was the one who left without even so much as an explanation. And now she is the one grovelling. This makes me embarrassed to be a woman and even more so shows how much Bradley Bell and company values women.


Enough already I am tired of this bridge, connection or not connection. Let them move on to someone else.

I don’t think Ridge and Brooke needs to be together anymore. I personally feel like Ridge needs to be with Taylor forever. He owes Taylor that for what he put her through all these years. I live their chemistry.

Please not again I can not take this storyline anymore I was so happy after all this years they made Brooke and Taylor friends and end this ridiculous fued over man.

While the writers have had Hope on her ‘high moral soapbox’ for so many years, to now have her lusting after the very person who kept her daughter from her is BEYOND RIDICULOUS. The script of this show gets more PATHETIC every episode! As for Brooke and Ridge, surely there are more than 5 males and 2 females in LA that they can pair those two up with, Brooke has been with EVERY PERSON in the Forestor building except Carter and Charlie, and stupid Ridge only has ‘doey eyes’ for Brooke and Taylor. C’mon writers, do your job and write storyline, and not the same ones that have been repeated over the last 3 decades 🙁
Stopped watching 4-5 months ago, hoping for a change, only to watch again the other day, to find they have progressed what seems like a fortnight…ugh…hopeless…back to Netflix

Yes that is a very beat up story line! Brooke stole him from Taylor maybe let Taylor win on the long term or bring in a new actress for him

No she didn’t Ridge admitted to his sister the only reason he married Taylor is because he respected Eric being married to Brooke so he married Taylor but he was in love with Brooke. Then he went up to Big Bear cabin with Taylor and those evil children of her and told them all he was going to be with Brooke because he love her. Go back and watch that episode.

I’m tired of broken ridge they need to be with someone else

I believe Ridge and Brooke should go their own way, and she needs to come off of Thomas let him be, and Hope should just stop, Brooke should try her best to keep her mouth closed, and come down off of her holy than thou attitude! Also Liam!@# oh my God he is so winny! God your supposed to be a man not a child! He and Taylor should be together and then they could be children together. My self I think Quinn should be with Ridge and really throw a monkey wrench in there and confuse everyone!!! Thanks for listening. Emma

Love your comment!

I don’t want Ridge and Brooke back together! I’m tired of her!!!

I’m so over the back and forth with Ridge and Brooke. I have never ever been a fan of Brooke. Ron Moss will always be Ridge in my little perfect world. I have ALWAYS felt like Ridge belongs with Taylor. Let Brooke continue to float around from man to man. Please either make Brooke and Ridge be over or be a power couple. One or the other but make a decision and stick with it. I’ve watched The Bold and the Beautiful from the very start. I now call it the Brooke and Ridge show. Branch out, bring in new characters and expand your storylines or I’m out.

I am sick of both of them. It is always a rerun of same old shit with them. It’s way past time for your writers to get over it.

Yes I think that Brooke,and Ridge Do make a Wonderful Couple but He has been with her So Many Times it is Time that He has Someone New I am really getting tired of the Same Story Line and I am sure that a lot of Viewers are as Well

Stop with Brook and Ridge !! Enough boring. Thomas needs to tell Hope NO and hook up with someone new he needs a mate.Bring Denise Richardson’s character back for Ridge. Find Taylor a new man

I would like to see Ridge date a bunch of different women, take them on glamorous dates,a bit of the playboy he used to be.
I don’t care what happens to Brooke.

Put Ridge with someone else not Brooke she needs to move on with that Fake laugh

Let’s face it. The chemistry is GONE between Ridge and Brook. It doesn’t excite any more. We don’t feel the love. Taylor is like a swooning school girl. We need adult themes: chemistry, imagination, intrigue, longing, mystery, surprise, suspense. All the elements that make a good story. Maybe shake up the writing team. Even the actors must be bored.

Why can’t you all just stop the games between Brooke & Ridge & just let them be? No games, no drama…just love…true love & trust. You treat the characters as if they were young & immature. Please give love a chance & keep them together? Write drama for the young ones. I’d appreciate a true & solid love for this couple.

Yes so tired of those two I would love to see Taylor & Ridge together again. And Taylor pops up pregnant with twins, & let Brooke eat her heart out for once. Also let Thomas & Hope hookup, long over due so tired of boring Liam, you are making. Liam’s storyline all about Thomas anyway.

Please don’t let Brook and Ridge reconcile. We are tired of it.

No more Brook and Ridge. The giggles need to stop. Grow up Brook.

I would really like a looooong break from Brooke and Ridge. Sorry that Taylor always ends up on the losing end but I guess that’s what the majority wants.

So tired of brook and ridge been dragging for to long if they get together just keep them together already.

I am tired of seeing Brooke and Ridge. Taylor did not break the pack Brooke did when she stole a kiss from Ridge and was standing there with her little nighty on. Could you not give Taylor and Ridge a chance my gosh get over Brooke for once Bell write Taylor and Ridge a story.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part Two: Trina and Spencer Make Love

Friday’s episode of General Hospital brought with it what every Sprina fan has wanted and waited for in what seems like an eternity – a love scene between Trina and Spencer where the fan favorite duo finally find themselves between the sheets.

In story, the New York City romantic adventure continued for Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) as the shared an intimate dinner, following the theater. Spencer is happy to see Trina so happy. She thanks him for such a beautiful night, and then tells Spencer she loves him very much.

Spencer can’t believe it’s taken Trina so long to say those three little words. He shares that he knows he is not the most patient person. Trina laughs, and says, “You?”

Photo: ABC

Next, Spencer tells Trina that he’s loved her since the very first day he met her.  Then, Sprina fans received a heartfelt montage of some Spencer and Trina moments from the history of their relationship. Coming out of the flashbacks, Spencer says, “The best is yet to come.”

When the waiter asks Trina and Spencer if they would like dessert, they both decide to skip it, so they can head back to their hotel to be together. Next, upon arriving back to their room, Trina is touched by all the rose petals strewn across the bed that Spencer arranged before they came back to the hotel.


Now, alone together, Spencer and Trina make love for the very first time.  Afterwards, they cuddle up and Spencer admits that he’s the happiest when he’s with Trina. They kiss and Sprina fans rejoice!

So, what did you think of part two of ‘Sprina in New York’? Was it everything you had hoped for? ICYMI: check out the montage from today’s episode below, and then share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part One

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital kicked-off with Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) adventures in New York City, where finally the fan favorite couple are getting some much needed, and waaaayyyyy overdue, alone time.

In story, Sprina arrive to their hotel room which has, thank God, one bed! Spencer heads out to get some theater tickets, leaving Trina enough time to video call her bff, Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and fill her in on how her first time alone with Spencer is going.

Trina, now in her nightgown, awaits Spencer’s return. When he does, Spencer tells Trina that everything is running on schedule. He won’t divulge what he has planned, but he has a surprise for her.  When Spencer asks what Trina wants to see on their trip, she lists all the museums she wants to go to.

Photo: ABC

After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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AEW DYNAMITE: Adam Cole Announces Injury Requiring Surgery; The Devil Mask and Assailants Beat Down Jay White

On Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, viewers learned of the fate and the condition of Adam Cole when he came out to the ring on a pair of crutches along with MJF.  Cole, was also wearing a cast on his leg.

On last week’s special episode of AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Cole was to run-in and leap from the ramp on the stage to ringside to help MJF in his championship match against Samoa Joe, but he landed wrong. The update was not good. Cole broke his ankle in three different places, but also tore ligaments and will require surgery as a result.

This is a tough one, considering Cole previously battled back from a severe head injury suffered during the Forbidden Door PPV in 2002, which took him out of action for nine months.

Once in the ring on last night’s Dynamite, Cole was about to say that because he can’t wrestle at Sunday’s WrestleDream PPV, he and Max are going to have to relinquish the ROH Tag Team titles, since they can’t defend them in their scheduled match.

That’s when MJF cut him off, saying he knew Cole wouldn’t have gotten injured if it wasn’t for him, and didn’t want their title run to end this way. He instead will defend their titles in a handicap match.  The segment came to its conclusion when Cole’s ‘friend’ Roderick Strong was wheeled out in a wheelchair, pleading with Adam to help him as he “needed him” now. MJF told Adam to go to his friend and Cole limped out of the ring on crutches.

Next, Jay White came out to the ring to confront MJF.  Clearly, AEW is shifting gears for a White vs MJF championship match, if this is currently the end of the line for the MJF and Cole tag team story run, for now.

However, at the end of the episode, the cameras went backstage where four masked men dressed in black beat down White, and then the camera revealed MJF’s devil mask. So, does this mean MJF is behind the attack on White? Is someone else wearing MJF’s devil mask? Did Bullet Club Gold set up the champ? Does Adam Cole have anything to do with this?

Share your theories on the cliffhanger on AEW Dynamite, and let us know what you think of the ankle injury to Adam Cole via the comment section below. But first, check out the tweet from Cole’s girlfriend AEW wrestler Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D on his condition.

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