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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Thomas’ Voice-Changing Plot Revealed; Ridge Kicks Brooke to the Curb


It’s dump on Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) time, yet again, on The Bold and the Beautiful. This comes after yet another round of machinations and misunderstandings, which for now means its ‘splitsville’ for long-standing star-crossed lovers, Brooke and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye).

In Wednesday’s pick-up from Tuesday’s cliffhanger, where we learn that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is the one who called CPS and alternated his voice to sound like Brooke’s – thanks to the handy dandy voice-changing app – viewers are let in on the back-story of just how Thomas pulled of his plot.

Photo: JPI

Thomas first learned of the app when his son, Douglas (the returning Henry Joseph Samiri) was using it, giving the often troublemaking Forrester just the right idea to blow up Brooke’s marriage to Ridge sky high, send Ridge back to his mom, Taylor (Krista Allen), and get payback for Brooke wanting Douglas to stay from away from him in the first place.


Snarky as ever, Thomas recalls in flashbacks how he made Brooke’s voice sound like the caller to CPS.

Meanwhile in Aspen, Brooke is dumb-founded and clueless of what she did for Ridge to be treating her this way – and, of course – he won’t state why he is so upset with her, but keeps playing over and over hearing her voice calling CPS against his son.


Once, Ridge officially ends things with Brooke and walks away from her, Brooke sits outside and is visited by a gloating Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).  She informs Brooke it’s now her mother’s time with her father, and her time is over with Ridge.

Ridge meets up with Taylor and reassures her that he is with her now.

So, how happy or frustrated are you to find out that Thomas engineered Brooke’s downfall? Didn’t Brooke just spend months wondering how she fell off the wagon and that was all done to spite her by a vengeful Sheila (Kimberlin Brown? Weigh-in via the comment section, but first check out two major moments from the last two episodes of B&B below.

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Let Ridge stay with his second choice and his demented children, who truly need to get a life.

I agree Ridge doesn’t deserve Brook please don’t let her go back to him when Thomas is exposed.

Ridge may be the most arrogant obnoxious character in daytime along with Sonny Corinthos this storyline is as frustrating as the day is long. I do hope that when the truth comes out Brooke never takes ridge back as for Thomas in this actors shoes he’s play Thomas as a spoiled unstable hack and steffy and her scene with Brooke was ridiculous is she kidding me Brooke should have told her to get a life

I would say to Steffy as I would in real life ” go to hell bitch!”
Did you see the Real Estate man lurking around when Ridge and Brooke were talking? I bet he’ll report back to Bill and he’ll be ready to rescue her.

Yes, he did. Bill is knocking on the door as Katie said he would. The whole story line is sick.

Well, at the end of the day Ridge will want Brooke. They should bring her a fresh new love to the show. This is getting old.

Where can I get this app?

Predictable plot twist
Would ve been much better if Steffy was behind it or even Douglas after overhearing Brooke!
Also sidenote B n B often has dialogue which really dumbs down the audience. Every episode the writing is so repetitive as if we didn’t understand even before it was explained extremely thoroughly.
Still enjoy the lightness of it but also very annoying the childness of it. Bill Bell Jr needs to stop phoning it in

This story is tired. Please let Brooke move on from Ridge. Bill Spencer is by far sexier and more vibrant a character. Perfect match for Brooke who now has evolved. The Forresters have not. The family has little in way of redeeming qualities and to be honest, they are all too old to behave this way. Each has been badly behaved. Stephanie gave Brooke agency when she passed. For goodness sake, let Brooke have it. At 60ish, Brooke is too mature and has achieved too much to be victim here. What the heck does Ridge even do? The show needs new characters and a new direction. They killed any happiness Thorne had. Brooke’s family by Eric rarely is in play. RJ, are you out there? I’d love me some scheming Felicia again.

Very strange that Ridge and Brookes only child RJ has never really existed on camera the whole plot is silly Brad is back at it again ! Ugh

I want Ridge and Brooke together. Taylor should pack her bags and leave LA for good.

If she do, who’s gonna fight with Brooke and prop her up, gotta have someone to hate as much as you love Brooke the person that does no wrong or quickly get redeemed for whatever she does, because Bell is obsessed with Katherine Kelly Lang

Anything that can get Brooke kicked to the curb is fine by me. Do us all a favor, Brad Bell and stop the “destiny” nonsense.

Hard to watch when you know how it will end, same thing over and over again……..Ridge and Brooke are a super boring couple and this story just tanked.

I like Ridge and Brook together, but BILL, ain’t called the Stallion for nothing, plus Brook is a much more secure and passionate woman than Taylor. When Ridge comes running back (and he will) she should send him RIGHT BACK to Taylor and his conniving sneaky as children. …Ridge and Taylor are both weak and deserve each other.

I felt sorry for Thomas, everyone trying to keep his son from him. Now to find out what the creep has done and the lengths h’d go to see his mommy and daddy back together makes me sick.what a piece of crap he turned out to be. I bet he’ll lure Hope to Eric’s house so she can be with Douglas and himself.

Hope has been sleeping in the Forrester’s home so that she can spend time with Douglas. Trust me, she has a game plan, but Thomas does not know. He thinks the ball is in his court. So does his mom and sister. It’s a matter of time when their world will fall apart. And Ridge will return to Brooke.

Thomas has never forgiven Brooke for “destroying” Ridge and Taylor’s marriage when he was a child.

Hope Ridge stays with Taylor, I’m so sick of Brook and her destiny crap and her saintly acting daughter Hope.

General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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WWE Clash at the Castle: CM Punk Costs Drew McIntryre Title Victory in His Home Country

On Saturday, the WWE visited Glasgow, Scotland for the first time in company history for the PLE on Peacock, Clash at the Castle. Five matches took place inside OVO Hydro Arena, and each one had a title on the line.

There were four wrestlers on the card from Scotland, making this even more dramatic, and the crowd in attendance was electric throughout singing, chanting, booing and cheering for their favorites.


The man of the hour in Glasgow was supposed to be Drew McIntyre. This was to be the Scottish warrior’s opportunity to win the WWE Championship belt from Damian Priest. Things looked like a McIntrye win was on the way, but when the referee accidentally got knocked out and Drew hit a Claymore on Priest, he clearly won the match with over a three-count, only with no referee there, it could not be made official.

Photo: WWE

All of a sudden a ref was seen running to ringside and when he slid in the ring to do the official count, he stopped at two! Drew looked up and the camera revealed it was McIntyre’s arch enemy, CM Punk. Next, Drew started to attack Punk, but the “Voice of the Voiceless” gave him a low blow, costing him the match as Priest went on the offense while the original knocked out referee got back the ring just in time for Priest to pin McIntyre with a three-count.

Photo: WWE

It should be noted there was a major botched move and scary moment within the match.  riest tried to jump off the ring but he got his foot caught in the ropes and could not easily be extricated. After minutes, McIntyre was able to flip him up and over to get him out of the ropes. It was clear throughout the match that Priest was injured as he hobbled around for most of it.

Photo: WWE

CODY RHODES VS. AJ STYLES “I Quit” match for the Universal WWE Heavyweight Championship

Has there ever been a babyface as over as Cody Rhodes? We don’t think so. His popularity continues to soar and on this night in Glascow, Scotland, there was nothing but chants of “Cody! Cody Rhodes!”

In the rematch between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles for the Universal title, it was an “I quit” match, where the only way you can lose is by saying the word “I quit!” when the referee puts a mic in front of your face, so everyone can hear the words.  That means, it would be an often brutal match.

Photo: WWE

One of the key moments occurred when Mamma Rhodes slapped AJ at ringside, which allowed Cody to recover and throw a chair at Styles who then went backward over the top rope and landed on a table and crashed through it (it was the table strategically placed there earlier in the night that most forgot about during the match).

At that point, Rhodes landed three Cross Rhodes and handcuffed Styles to the ropes as he relentlessly hit him with the chair. Styles didn’t quit yet but when Rhodes brought the steel steps into the ring, Styles all of a sudden uttered, “I Quit.” Cody retains the title. For good measure, and to show he can be a badass too, we guess. Rhodes threw the steps at Style for a punctuation point ending their feud for now.


As Rhodes walked back from the ring, he was accosted by the Bloodline – Solo Sikoa, Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga. However, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton came to “The American Nightmare’s” defense. It was not lost on the WWE Universe, that “The Viper” looked like he may take aim at Cody’s title with some serious looks captured on social media. Could SummerSlam in August feature Randy vs Cody for the title? Stay tuned.

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill vs. Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn for the Women’s Tag Team titles.

The champs, Belair and Cargill have looked unstoppable and unbeatable with their sheer strength and ability to overpower their opponents. However, on this night, the crowd was firmly behind Scotland’s Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. In a three-way for the title, the belts can change hands even if the current champions are not involved in the pin. That was the case here. In a shocker, as Belair and Cargill looked like they were about to win after their power combo on Shayna Baszler, it was Isla Dawn who snuck in and got the pin.

Photo: WWE

Cargill and Belair are stunned outside the ring, and Alba and Isla celebrated their massive victory in their home country in front of their families who give them bouquets of flowers at ringside. It should be noted, that Alba Frye tragically lost her mother, less than a month ago when she was hit by a driver in Florida. During the post-show press conference, Triple H said Alba and Isla winning the titles had nothing to do with the loss of Frye’s mother; in terms of the timing of the decision to have the duo win the belts. Now, could this be the end for Jade and Bianca? Will Jade turn heel on Bianca?


Sami Zayn defeated Chad Gable to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship – the main takeaway coming out of the match is the continued disfunction in the Alpha Academy and Otis walking away with an ‘injured’ Maxine, and not helping Gable out when he needed it to win the match. Will Otis now officially turn on Gable?

Bayley defeated Scotland’s Piper Niven to retain the WWE Women’s Championship – Niven gave it her all for the hometown crowed, but Bayley’s in-ring savvy and finisher were too much for her.

What did you think of WWE Clash at the Castle? Let us know in the comment section. 

Make sure to catch the Michael Fairman Channel’s latest episode of ‘What’s Up? Wrestling’ with our ‘Clash at the Castle’ post-show streamed immediately following the PLE below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Jason Have a Heart-to-Heart; Is a Liason Reunion Possible?

Have Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) 2.0 finally gone kaput? It would seem so. On Monday’s June 10th episode of General Hospital, it looks like the two now have what could be an insurmountable rift. Finn is drinking and can’t stop. Liz finds him with another woman drunk in his apartment, and can’t put herself in another relationship with someone who has an addiction (Remember, Lucky?).

Who should save Liz from an uncomfortable situation with Finn, but none other than Jason (Steve Burton). He comes upon on the scene where Finn is grabbing Liz’s hand to not leave him, but she insists it’s over between them.

Finn has hit his lowest point.  He has continued to spiral downward since the death of his father, Gregory.  Jason brings Liz to the Metro Court pool, which is closed at this time.


She admits to Jason, she wasn’t ready to go home and answer questions from her kids. A somber Jason says that she deserves better than what Finn is giving to her right now, and Liz feels so do her kids. They dip their feet in the pool. Liz jokes she can’t believe she got thee Jason Morgan to take off his shoes. He coyly asks her not to tell anyone.

Liz says she wants to support Finn through his grief, but Jason says Finn is pushing her away. She asks Jason how he knew to find her at Finn’s. That’s when he reveals, their son, Jake was worried about her, so it was Jake who reached out to him.


Next, Liz thanks Jason for being here for him, listening to her and extolling some advice.  Jason says he knows he is no place to be giving advice because he left her and Sam to raise his sons all on their own.

However, Liz points out it’s not because he didn’t want to be there. On that note, she’s pretty sure he wasn’t on vacation all the years he was away from his children. Jason says he’s here now and he will do whatever he can to make things up to Jake. Liz says just showing up to help her will go a long way with Jake, as it also goes along way with her.

You can watch the heartfelt scenes between Rebecca Herbst and Steve Burton below. Liason has been trending this evening on X.  Should GH consider putting Elizabeth and Jason back together? Weigh-in via the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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