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On The Young and the Restless, Christian LeBlanc may be the most respected actor from the A-class acting troupe, who day in and day out, brings us the lives of the characters in Genoa City.

Last week, Christian received another Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, something many were certain he was a lock for. Now he looks to be one of the front-runner’s for the prize. Winning is no stranger to Christian, having walked off with the top prize at the Daytime Emmys both in 2005 and 2007. Will the man who plays the complex Michael Baldwin take home his third when the ceremonies are held in Los Angeles on August 30th? I chatted with Christian to get his thoughts.


So, here we are again, Mr. Emmy Nominee! My guess is that you submitted the Christmas episode where Michael does his take on “It’s a Wonderful Life” story. Am I correct?


Yes, I did. I had to be talked into it, because of the length. I loved it, but since the competition went to submitting only one show, it was going to stick out as being long. Then I talked to Thaao Penghlis (Ex-Tony, “DAYS”) and he said he submitted a 27-minute show. I said, “Thaao, I am not so shy anymore.” It was a perfect show. Everyone in it is amazing and they made me look good. It was hard to put together, and not just for me, but everybody who worked so hard on it.


I loved that on, they had an online special with you commenting and doing the narrative as the scenes unfolded, giving the user and the fans an inside look at the making of this amazing episode, and your take on the performances.


I never heard my narrative, and they told me it came out really good. But truly, that was the first time I had seen the episode back. It was fascinating!


Why did you choose this show for competition? Did you know that this was the one?


I was convinced I put up my best work. That is the only thing you can be sure of in yourself. I looked and looked, and I did put the work in. If you are going to play the game, do your homework! I put my actor reel together as I go, because it helps me look back. I put things on it that I like. I tried not to put the Christmas episode in, but it just came back to being the best thing.


It was a true ‘tour de force’… a clear, stand-alone performance! Was that written as your Emmy show?


That doesn’t happen on our show. You will hear that a lot on set, “Emmy time”. Sometime some shows lend themselves to submitting something, and granted I had Ted Shackleford (Jeffrey) in my Emmy reel last year, and it was the whole show of me ranting at Ted in a wheelchair! I think people, as a compliment, say things like, “There is your Emmy reel!” I don’t know if the writers go about that or say, “Let’s give him his moment in the sun,” kind of thing. I think when you have the special combination of wonderful writing, and that I loved the original movie “It’s a wonderful Life”, it worked well. I think it was a happy medium.


It was your show, but there were some pretty incredible moments from your cast mates, as well.


I thought it was an amazing show, but I thought the writing was seamless and they should have put it up for Best Show. I thought everyone was on their best behavior because the actors really got to do a lot of character work, and they were excited. I looked good because everybody else was good, and the writing was amazing! I’ve got to tell you that when you walk in on those characters, those were done in one take. Not many people could have pulled that off, except daytime people.


You had discussed this in previous interviews, and if I recall, the scenes were shot out of order and done in one day.


Yes. For instance, I had to open the front door to the Lauren scenes and had to do the scene outside the door where the magic happens, then wait to get through the door several scenes later. So, you had to recapture the moment of finding Lauren and seeing that she was there after she has slammed the door in my face at the very end. That’s like film work every day. I got the benefit from it, and it got me the nomination.


Were you shocked, as so many were that perennial powerhouse “Y&R” did not get Emmy nominations in Show, Writing or Directing?


I am surprised we are not up for Best Show, but so much is relied upon what you submitted. It’s so subjective, and I am under no illusion that I am the overall best leading actor, EVER! Damn it! (He laughs) Look, it’s an honor, but it’s an honor we give to daytime in general because the Emmys are a business proposition. We want to get people to watch by showing them what our best could possibly be.


Where were you when you found out you were nominated?


I was at my computer, and a friend of mine called from New Orleans going, “Aren’t they today?” I truly did not know this was the day, because it had become so confusing when it was going to be.
So, I was at my computer, and Tracey Bregman (Lauren) called me. Tracy is always the one who knows. She has her finger on the pulse of everything, and it’s always good when your hot TV wife calls you first.


Are you familiar with the other actor’s work in your category?


Those are really great people. Thorsten Kaye (Zach, “AMC”) I respect. Every time you say “Thorsten Kaye” to anyone, especially the girls, they go and repeat, “Thorsten Kaye.” It’s so upsetting! Tony Geary (Luke, “GH”)… I always know he is going to have phenomenonal work, and Peter Reckell I don’t know. I have never met him. Bo and Hope are legendary and iconic for “DAYS”… and Daniel Cosgrove (Bill, “GL”) is excellent, too. I haven’t handicapped it yet, but Tracey would know!


So, it looks like you have a great shot at the prize!


You want to be the one, even if you lose where they go, “You were robbed. Why didn’t you win?”


I thought it was an interesting twist to use the Christmas episode dream, or ‘time out of time’ shows to refer back to when Kevin was in a straightjacket for his latest dilemma. He was in a straight-jacket in the same room with a padded cell in Michael’s dream. Did you think they were going to use that, moving forward for story?


I didn’t think so. I was not told. I had no idea they would reference the dream. I did not even know I would comment on having it. I started referencing it, which I like, and I liked they used it later on. I thought it was brilliant. There was no indication that they were going to renew Kevin’s father issues in such a big way, with the Marge kidnapping. That was a
pleasant surprise, and what Maria has been
doing is tying in old storylines and making
it relevant to what is going on the show now,
and it’s terrific.


Are you going to pick out something to wear for the big event on August 30th?


From the floor you mean? (He laughs) Joseph Abboud measured me himself for my tux, and I am not giving that one up that easy. It’s a recession, my friend. Maybe I will be on the red carpet with my lunchbox and bring it to the banquet!


What did you think about the Emmy broadcast finally landing a home on the CW?


We can’t afford to be lazy or run lax. I think at NATAS and ATAS no one can afford to feud. Maybe the CW is where we need to be. We need to entertain the people and we need the ratings up. I don’t think that is an impossibility. The audiences are shrinking, and that happens because they don’t see what they want to see. I don’t think it’s about dummying things down. I think it’s about stepping up and being more intelligent and not less. Despite what some may think, the audience does not want to be talked down to. There is a place for daytime. What there is not a place for here are people sitting on their laurels or being complacent. It’s a business, baby! We have to find a way to fill the seats and we will find the answer. And, it’s about a good story!

General Hospital

Kelly Thiebaud Opens Up on Her Exit from General Hospital, Taping Britt’s Tragic Death Scenes, and Parting Thoughts on Co-Stars

Just a few weeks ago on the January 4th episode of General Hospital, viewers were left devastated when Dr. Britt Westbourne succumbed to a fatal poisoning after a confrontation with ‘The Hook’.

While it was revealed that Daytime Emmy winner, Kelly Thiebaud, was exiting the ABC soap opera at the end of 2022, many thought the story would see Britt leaving Port Charles to deal with her declining health due to Huntington’s Disease in private, in order to keep the door open for a possible return down the line.  However, that was not meant to be.  When a report from Deadline surfaced back in August of 2022, it indicated that Kelly was returning to her primetime role on ABC’s Station 19, which caused some confusion and rumors of just what would Thiebaud’s ultimate status be with the daytime drama series.

Photo: ABC

Now, in a very special exit interview for You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, Kelly chats with Michael Fairman and clarifies what led to her decision to leave her role as Dr. Britt Westbourne.

Talking with Fairman direct from London, Kelly, who won a Daytime Emmy in 2022 for the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, reveals how it came to pass that GH would kill-off the character of Britt by becoming another victim of ‘The Hook’, and more.

Photo: KThiebaudIG

During the conversation, Thiebaud shares her thoughts on working with her former GH co-stars including: Steve Burton (ex-Jason), Parry Shen (Brad), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Kathleen Gati (Liesl), Cassandra James (Terry), Roger Howarth (Austin) and Josh Kelly (Cody), as well as some of her favorite memories throughout her run on the series which began in 2012.

Photo: ABC

Kelly took the character from being the manipulative ‘Britch’ as an interloper in the romance of Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), all the way to becoming a well-loved character to root for.


While, GH viewers witnessed Britt’s shocking death scenes, Kelly weighs-in on taping those moments, as well as Britt’s emotional goodbye birthday party, and having the opportunity to portray a character who was trying to navigate her life, while suffering from the effects of Huntington’s Disease.

In addition, Thiebaud gives a very special ‘thank you’ and shout out to the fans for their enduring support as she looks forward to new roles and new adventures ahead.

Photo: NATAS

Check out our heartfelt farewell interview with Kelly below, and for upcoming celebrity features, interviews, event coverage, music videos, and more, make sure to ‘subscribe‘ to the Michael Fairman Channel.

So, what did you think about Kelly’s decision to depart GH? Will you miss her as Britt? Share your thoughts on our conversation in the comment section below.

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Y&R’s Michael Graziadei Talks Daniel’s Past and Present, Reuniting with His Co-Stars, and Life as Dad to Twins

Longtime viewers of CBS’ The Young and the Restless are excited that Michael Graziadei has returned to the top-rated daytime drama during its 50th anniversary season as Daniel Romalotti.

Graziadei made his on-screen re-emergence right around Thanksgiving, as in story, Daniel came home to surprise his mother, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), but also for a business idea he wanted to present to good friend, Devon (Bryton James) and Daniel’s former girlfriend, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil).  Seems Daniel has a mega-universe gaming platform he’s created that he wants Chancellor-Winters to potentially be a part of.  But there must be more to the story than meets the eye, right? Will Daniel find himself drawn back to Lily, especially since her relationship with Billy (Jason Thompson) has hit a major rough spot/road block named Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan)?


In a new virtual interview exclusively for You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, Graziadei sits-down to talk about coming home to Genoa City with a look at Daniel’s past, present and future.  Michael first appeared as Y&R’s Daniel from 2004-2013, made a guest stop back to the show in 2016, and now at the end of 2022, he is back full-time with the soap opera.

During the conversation, Graziadei shares what it’s been like working with beloved cast mates including: Michelle Stafford, Christel Khalil, Camryn Grimes (Mariah) and more.


Michael also shared his enthusiasm at getting a chance to reconnect not only with Michelle Stafford, but Daniel’s adoptive father, Michael Damian (Danny) as well, when they all appear in scenes together for the upcoming holiday episodes.


Just what have been Michael’s favorite Daniel storylines of all-time? Was it Daniel’s part in Cassie’s death (Camryn Grimes) and its aftermath? When they gave Daniel a porn addiction storyline? Graziadei weighs-in.


In addition, Michael reveals the wonders of being a new dad to twins boys in real-life, Oliver Bear and Arlo.  He opens up about how he and his lady love, Lauren found out they were having twins, the naming process they went through, and what life is like now at-home.

Photo: GoodGriefCharlieBrownIG

During Graziadei’s time away from Y&R, he appeared in numerous TV and film projects.  Most recently, Michael was seen in Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer, where he shares what it was like to take on a legal role for the first time in his career, plus what it was like to act and kiss Oscar-winner, Jessica Lange in American Horror Story (a role he played while still at Y&R during his first go-round).


You can watch the full interview with Graziadei below.

For more celebrity interviews and features make sure to ‘subscribe’ to the Michael Fairman Channel.

Now let us know, are you glad Daniel is back in GC? Do you hope Lily and Daniel get back together all of these years later? What has been your favorite Daniel storyline of all time … and your favorite part of our conversation with him?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Y&R’s Camryn Grimes and Fiancé Brock Powell Talk On Their Roles as Mrs. Claus and Santa in ‘Mickey Saves Christmas’

Two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Camryn Grimes (Mariah, The Young and the Restless) has been involved in a very special passion project in more ways than one!  Now, everyone will be able can see it, and hear it, when Grimes voices the role of Mrs. Claus opposite her real-life fiancé and voiceover star, Brock Powell as Santa in Mickey Saves Christmas.

The new stop-motion holiday special premieres Sunday, November 27th (7:00-7:30 p.m. EST) on ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD, and Monday, November 28 on Disney+ and Hulu.  It features Disney icons: Mickey, Minnie and the gang, who are sent to the North Pole on a quest to save Christmas and find the true meaning of the holiday.

Camryn and Brock Powell became engaged earlier this year on January 7th, which also happened to be Camryn’s 32nd birthday. How the two met all comes back to the world of voiceover and Disney, as you will learn.

Michael Fairman TV chatted with the real-life lovebirds to preview Mickey Saves Christmas, how they wound up voicing the important voices of Christmas, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and just what Brock thinks of Camryn’s Genoa City alter-ego Mariah being married to Tessa (Cait Fairbanks), and more.  Is Brock #TeamTeriah? Check out what they shared with us below.

Photo: Disney+

The two of you were actually introduced by Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy! How did that happen?

BROCK:  So, Bill Farmer is my mentor, and through him, that was the first time I actually met Camryn.

CAMRYN: I knew Bill growing up, and in 2020 when I wanted to get into voiceovers, I reached out to him and that’s how this all started and I guess, the rest is history.

Now you are voicing Santa and Mrs. Claus in Mickey Save Christmas. How did it come about that you both landed parts on the project?

BROCK: I got to play the role of Santa in Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon a Christmas, which was the first time I got to voice Santa for Disney, and now I’m returning to the role this time. Camryn received the audition randomly for Ms. Claus on the day we were getting engaged, and it was perfect timing because I had to get her out of the house so I could set up the proposal here.  So, it really was a Christmas miracle because I was sweating!

CAMRYN:  We were cast separately. The production team had no idea that Brock and I were a couple. When I went in to record, they were like, “Here’s the voice of Santa for you to record to, and I was like, “Yeah, I know… that’s my fiancé!”  They were like, “What??” (Laughs)

Photo: Sarah Irene Decristoforo

Did the engagement go off without a hitch?

BROCK:  Yes, so after the audition process, Camryn returned home. I proposed, and there was a whole Disney/Pixar theme going on in the backyard. It was a really special day. To have her say, “Yes”, and also to have this crazy opportunity for her to audition for the role of Mrs. Claus happening at the same time … and then weeks later finding out she booked the role, it was all amazing.  We were now going to be working on this Christmas special together.  I think anytime you get to voice an iconic character, it’s special.  However, if you’d told me that I would get to return to the role I love, with the person I love playing opposite me … I think I’m done.  I just don’t know how you can ever top it!

Camryn, what did it mean to you to be in this film as Mrs. Claus, because fans saw this post of yours with a photo of you outside the Anaheim Convention Center where Disney’s D23 convention was happening.  It made everyone speculate  just what you were working on, which you shared was a lifelong dream.

CAMRYN:  Yes!  Y&R and CBS is my home, but I’ve always wanted to do something with Disney.  My family raised me on all things Disney and all things Christmas.  They were huge into the holiday, and so this kind of just checks every box.  It’s not only Disney, it’s Christmas, it’s stop-motion animation, and it’s Mrs. Claus.  I think my family was more excited for me to book this then anything I’ve ever done. I think there were tears! So sentimentally, this project really meant a lot to me.

Photo: BrockPowellIG

Camryn, did Brock coach you on doing voiceover work, or give you any tips?

CAMRYN:  I mean, I live with my voiceover coach. (Laughs) It’s amazing!

BROCK:  You know, I do coach for voiceovers and Camryn is my star pupil now.  She’s a talented actress, obviously. The biggest misconception is that, while it starts with the voice, Camryn, as well as most of the amazing voice actors I know, they have access to this childhood imagination which I think makes their performances possible. So, while you’re watching Mickey Saves Christmas, even though we recorded everything separately, what you’re looking for is that energy and every character connecting. You’re inventing the circumstances, you’re inventing your scene partner, where we have to close our eyes and embody a character we may, or may not, have a reference for. I think watching Camryn and hearing Camryn’s work on this, and a couple of other projects she’s worked on, I’m just so impressed at how coming from daytime television where there is a very stringent set routine and at the level that she excels at there, to then come into my world and then just kill it behind the microphone. She was able to let all of that go and have the bravery to try something new. I think a lot of people are going to love what Camryn has done here.  I’m most proud of her to be willing to look silly which is what is required in voiceover.

CAMRYN:  That’s true, and that’s probably the most fun thing about it.

Now, what can you tease us that happens in the story of Mickey Saves Christmas?

CAMRYN: It’s kind of built into the title a little bit, but I think what you’re going to get out of this is a deep sense of community and coming together to fix a problem and being able to lend a helping hand.  I feel, it’s just a really lovely film about chosen family.

BROCK:  It’s about family, it’s about friends, it’s about putting a lot of pressure on the holidays be perfect.  I think everyone involved in this special from the animators to the music team, everything in it helped make this a love letter to the holidays. The film really just talks about that Christmas is who you spend it with, and not necessarily how it turns out. I think it’s a really positive reminder that the most important part about Christmas is being with the ones we love. These are characters that Camryn and I love, not just the ones we voiced. To be with these actors, to be with these characters. it is just is going to be so special with everyone watching on November 27. It’s going to be the first tine for all us watching it together,

Photo: CBS

Now Brock, do you watch Camryn on The Young and the Restless?

BROCK: Yes, and I will say sometimes when Camryn is at work, our puppy does sit and watch mommy on TV, too!

Is Brock, #TeamTeriah on Y&R, as well?

CAMRYN: Yes, Brock is all about #TeamTeriah. It was actually really beautiful kind of getting engaged around the same time, Mariah and Tessa did on the show.

In another post of yours on social media, I saw that you had picked a spot for your wedding to Brock.   

CAMRYN: Yes. We don’t actually have a set date (we have three options), but we did pick a location.  So, we will be figuring that all out very soon.

Check out a clip from ‘Mickey Saves Christmas’ featuring Camryn as Mrs. Clause and Brock as Santa below.  Then let us know, will you be watching the special? What did you think of Camryn getting to work on this project and opposite the love-of-her-life, Brock Powell? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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