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The Darin Brooks and Kim Matula Interview – The Bold and the Beautiful


For the last few years, the fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have been watching the love triangle play out with every twist and turn … and wedding imaginable  … between the characters of Hope (Kim Matula) Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).  Well, things are about to get a royal shake-up!  With the departure of Wood, the powers-that-be at B&B decided to bring in a new man for Hope, thus setting the stage for a new love triangle, only this time Hope is in the middle and Liam will be vying for her affections!  Just how will it all play out?  How many years might this go on?  No one knows for certain.

Enter Daytime Emmy winner Darin Brooks, formerly of Days of our Lives, where he played the loveable Max Brady.  Brooks left the soap world a few weeks back to move into primetime television, where he landed his first series as a college football quarterback in Blue Mountain State.

Now Darin is back on daytime and on B&B as the mysterious and sexy Wyatt Fuller, who has already crossed paths with the beautiful Hope in an “interesting” encounter out in the woods!  Yup, after Hope tells Liam they can’t be together right now, the confused Liam (who has Steffy on the brain even though she hightailed it to Europe) heads back to Los Angeles.  Meanwhile, Hope takes a walk in the woods in Big Bear only to come upon Wyatt, naked and taking a shower!  Ah, love at first sight?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Darin and Kim to get their thoughts and insights into the burgeoning relationship between their on-screen alter-egos, what secrets Wyatt brings to the canvas, especially who he could be related to, and much more. Read our interview for some clues! Here now are self admitted goofballs, Darin Brooks and Kim Matula!


Kim, are you relieved that you are playing scenes with a potential new love interest, and a new guy on the show?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

I am so relieved, and this is great!  Now it came at a very sad price, because Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is not with us as much anymore, and that sucks.  I love her and miss her.  I am so stoked that the love triangle has changed, and now Hope maybe gets to have a little fun!  She gets the attention of somebody else, instead of being the one to chase all the time.


Darin, it was very repetitive for her!  Thank God for Kim’s sake you have arrived at B&B!  (Laughs)  How did it all come about?


I met Kim and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, B&B) on the first day and they were joking around.  I thought, “Oh, I can fit in here.”   They were awesome and very welcoming.  And not to toot Kim’s horn, but she is a sweetheart.  It was great.  I got the call on a Monday that said, “We have a screen test for you with one of the actresses on The Bold and the Beautiful on Wednesday.”   I thought, “Yeah, sure why not.”   I went in for it and met everybody and Kim.   I had taken a couple of meetings previously with Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer, B&B).  I guess they were trying to figure how and where to fit me in, and all of that stuff.   It kind of happened at the perfect time.  Then they called me back on that Friday to run scenes with Scott Clifton who is also awesome and super welcoming.  I think Friday at around noon, after that second test with Scott, they said, “Let’s do this …and by the way you’re working Wednesday.”



Was the outdoor “naked” shower scene, which is when viewers first see your character of Wyatt Fuller, shot on your first day?


No, thank God!


That may have been his first shot that viewers saw on air, but I think that was shot two weeks after his first day.


Exactly! I got this call from Ed Scott, our producer, saying, “This is going to be great, and ah, in two weeks, ah, you’re going to have your shirt off. So, hit the gym.”   I went, “Oh, OK”   So they gave me a two weeks to try and get in the gym and buff up a little.  So the “naked” outdoor shower scene was not on the first day, thank God!


Kim, did you have any idea of who a Darin Brooks was, before he landed on B&B? Did you know he was a Daytime Emmy winner from Days of our Lives?


I did not know who Darin was, and I felt terrible.  I met him and he is so silly and funny. Then I knew he would fit in perfectly at B&B.  We are so dumb together on set.  He can give it right back.  We will throw a stupid joke at him and he can add to it, and so I thought, “This is perfect. This is good!”

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins


How has it been getting back into the daytime grind?  How many episodes have you shot so far of B&B?


It’s been crazy.  I think I have shot about 25 episodes, and I have been here for two months already.


We had talked that if you came back to daytime, you would like your character to be a sort of badass … and not a good guy … and so I am expecting the other shoe to drop with Wyatt soon! (Laughs)


The thing was that on Days of our Lives, the character of Max Brady that I was playing was a nice guy and hero.  Max was very family oriented, and this character of Wyatt is more of a playboy.  He likes to flirt with Hope and see how far he can take it, and stuff like that!


Kim, we can now add the character of Hope Logan to the “Peeping Toms” of daytime soaps, with her taking pictures with her iPhone of Wyatt taking a shower naked in the woods!  What did you think of that?


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

(Laughs) Oh, my God!  I read that scene and I went, “Oh, my God, Hope!”  They are just changing my character and taking her in a new direction.  She likes the attention from Wyatt, because she is not getting that from Liam right now, who is so caught up with Steffy.  Hope is like, “I thought we were the great love, not you and Steffy?  I don’t understand why we’re not together; I don’t understand why you keep talking about her!”  Then Wyatt is giving her all sorts of attention, and it’s fun.  She wants to flirt for a change. It’s nice to have happen to her.


The scene where Hope talks to her mom, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) explaining how she took a picture of a naked guy showering in the woods was hilarious.  Hope basically said, “I am sure you understand, mom” or something to that effect! (Laughs)


I said, “Where do you think I learned it?”  (Laughs)  That line was actually not in the script. When Katherine and I were running the scene though, that just organically came out of my mouth.  So Katherine started laughing going, “Oh, my God. You have to say that.”  So we did!


Darin, your on-screen mom Quinn is going to be played by another Daytime Emmy winner, Rena Sofer, who was very popular at one time on General Hospital!  Tell me about working with her?


She is great, and a pro.  She jumped right back in the first day and got into the thick of things.  Rena is awesome to work off of, and a sweetheart.  She always gives a lot in a scene.  She always has a lot of subtext going on underneath in her performance.


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

So, we will learn soon about the mother/son dynamic?


Oh yeah, and a lot of the relationships of Wyatt and Mom.


When you came to B&B, is there anyone else you had not met yet that you sort of clicked with right away?


I would say I enjoyed meeting Don Diamont (Bill), Katherine Kelly Lang, and John “McCookie” (Eric)!


Everyone is in love with “McCookie”!


Oh, I love “McCookie!” (Laughs)  I came in on a Monday to pick up some scripts before I started taping my first episode on that Wednesday.  And John was checking out scripts, too.  He saw me walk in and he goes, “So, are you the new guy?”   I go, “Hi, I’m Darin.” And he goes, “Yeah, yeah.  I know who you are.”   He was so cool.  (Laughs)



I love the John McCook accent you are doing right now!


That’s just it!  He’s got the crazy suave, “hey baby “ … that old school Las Vegas thing going on.  (Laughs)


How do you want to see this story between Wyatt and Hope play out?  Do you want them lusting after each other for two years? (Laughs)  Do you want them to hit it off and have the relationship move fast?


I would like there to be some sort of story arc … that would be nice. (Laughs)  I honestly don’t know where they are going to take this.  Hope and Liam are engaged.  But Hope has made it very clear, “I am not interested, because I am marrying Liam, so get out of here” to Wyatt.  But you know, that is going to change! (Laughs)


I kind of like the dynamic.  Before, it was the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle and this guy deciding between two girls.  Now Hope kind of has the decision of choosing between two guys.  I would personally like to see how much fun Hope can have doing what she does, and having that kind of power, and exploring, and maybe taking a chance on the new guy who has been giving her all of this attention, and her kind of being torn between the two. You are going to come to find that there are a lot of opposites between Liam and Wyatt.  I think that is the interesting part of the story.


When do you think the viewers will pick up on who Wyatt really is, and how he is truly related to the canvas?



I think it comes up very soon.


I think it unravels very slowly though! (Laughs)  It’s not going to come out all at once who he really is.  You will learn more and more about him, though.


That is the thing Brad Bell said to me about my character, “We are sort of figuring it out as we go along.”  That is the cool part and the frustrating part as an actor, because you think, “I want to know everything about him!”


Was there an outline for the character of Wyatt that you worked with at the beginning of getting into the role?


We did not have much.  We had the description of who Wyatt was.  Brad asked me, “What kind of character would you like to play?”  And I said, “Kind of a bad boy, because on DAYS I was so nice!”  He was like, “OK, I like that stuff.”   So he kind of took it and ran with it.  Then he came up with a little bit of back-story that he gave me and it was great.  We are sort of piecing it all together as it is unraveling.



Brad likes to watch scenes as we shoot them, and then he finds things in the chemistry that we have, or the way that we say a line, and that will spark an idea for him.  He really likes to observe the way that we act together and the way the scene goes, because that is going to spur on his creativity.


… Which is the best…especially for someone who is so hands-on, or should I say, eyes-on.  It then gives some flexibility to the character, and then Brad will run with it.  It’s great to be able to have, and to play, a well-rounded character for people to see.


What was Scott Clifton’s reaction when he found out he was going to have an on-screen competitor vying for Hope’s affections?


I think Scott was stoked that he was finally the one not in the middle.  I looked to Scott about how he played indecisiveness for so long and said, “Teach me everything you know!”  (Laughs)


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

“How to Win Two Daytime Emmys for Playing Indecisive” should be the title of Scott Clifton’s master class in acting!


Exactly! (Laughs)   How can you love two women and not make it look like you were lying to either one of them?


Which he did!


That is why he has got two Emmys!  I think he was excited that he was going to not be playing the man in the middle.  The hat has been passed.  When Darin was cast, I actually thought that he and Scott, to me, are very similar.  You guys are both super quirky, attractive guys, so I look at Darin and think, “You two could totally play brothers!”  You seem very similar as people.


Did Scott saying anything to you, Darin, like, “Oh thank God, you’re here!” (Laughs)


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

(Laughs) That is exactly what he said.  No, I am kidding. (Laughs)  But he did say, “I am so glad it was you who got the part.”  There were three or four other guys reading for the part that day with him.  Scott told me everyone else was kind of reading it the same way. We actually did the scene that he and Don Diamont were doing that was actually on Scott Clifton’s winning Emmy reel.  It was the scene after Liam embarrasses himself in front of the family with Hope at their supposed wedding.  Later, Bill takes Liam aside and says, “What are you doing? You are a Spencer!  Man up!  Are you going to let this girl walk all over you?”  So we did that scene.  Obviously, instead of us playing father and son, it was sort of like a brotherly scene.  I was saying the exact same thing, but the intent this time was that it was coming from brotherly love like, “C’mon man, you are a Spencer. You can do this.”  But it hurt me to say it, now whether I was an older brother, or younger brother, I was playing this with this hurt of like, “I have been there.  I know what it feels like.  Don’t do what I did.  Don’t make those same mistakes.”  As opposed to yelling at him, which I think a lot of the actors were doing.  Scott said I brought a very loving and hurt quality to what I was saying to him.  He later said, “Thank God, it was you.  You were the only one who came in and did that.”


Quit tooting your own horn! (Laughs) I am totally kidding!



In closing, since you have now gotten to know each other over the last few months, give me three words to describe each other.  Kim, let’s start with you. Give me three words to describe Darin?


Silly … witty …dedicated.


Darin, your turn.  Give me three words to describe Kim.


I would say, goofy…a pro… and sweet.

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Aww love the interview. Can’t wait to see how it unravel!

NO LOPE ENGAGEMENT!! Keep Liam away from Hope and with his wife. Anymore LOPe and I am G O N E!

liam and hope deserve a chance at true love after everything they have been put threw. bill steffy decon and others have done everything to keep them apart. its time for them to pay for what they have done to hope and liam. and its time to REUNITE HOPE AND LIAM THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG.

For Hope’s sake she needs to be with this wonderful new man. A fresh start, in a grownup relationship would be wonderful for KM.

I would love to see Hope and Liam finally together with Steffy completely off his mind, they were robbed of their love for each other, and this is what I want to see happen, if not, I won’t be watching anymore, she loves Liam but feels he is stringing her along, so I hope he wakes up and after his divorce is final with Steffy that him and Hope just elopes without telling anyone so no one could sabatage their love again!!

Just love the interview – thanks again.

Thanks for this, Mr. Fairman! I’m with Kim, happy to see the triangle changed up! I don’t miss Steffy, she ruined Liam for me and makes it hard to get excited about a Hope and Liam reunion…thank goodness for Wyatt stirring things up!

Steffy made it interesting. This show is becoming a borefest right now. I can assure you the show will loose viewers because of this crap especially since all the main characters are gone all the Forrestors.

I disagree. There seems to be quite a bit of excitement since Wyatt was introduced as Hope’s ‘new guy’. Looking forward to getting to know more about him – and his mother.

Lots of new excitement!! Love the Logans.

Yea but what is the point of him if Hope and Liam are going to be engaged. They are not the same as they were before. yea the new guy might bring in something new, but what is the point os beating on something that has no chemistry anymore. Hope and Liam have been played out and they have no chemistry anymore.It’s a waste especially when all the Forrestors are gone and the show has become the Logan show. Totally one sided.

And sorryt o burst your bubble Michael but Steffy has bought on more ratings and fanbase than Hope. Why do you think the actress who plays her has been nominated twice because she brings excitement to the character. I respect KM but she can be boring most of the time, she doesnt really bring much to her role. And Steffy does in fact have a much larger fanbase internationally than Hope because whether you want to admit it or not, she did in fact brougy excitement to the show.

I can assure you, not everyone love the Logans, especially considering how much of a whore Brooke is!!! The Logans by themselves cannot carry the show and thats a fact people like Stephanie and Steffy and even Sally made it interesting, not that they are gone and all that’s left are the Logans the show will have no variety, IT’S GOING TO FAIL. LETS NOT FORGET SOAPS ARE A DYING BREED THESE DAYS!!!

I agree. I think the show has been really great and looks to be great from all angles. The Liam/Hope/Wyatt and the other stories are going to make this a really great summer on B&B! Not one actor makes or breaks a show and I think B&B has a great cast and can’t wait for all the action!

No it wont, Maya and Rick are boring as well. They are not going to make the show at all. Maybe Wyatt might bring something but whats the point of him if Liam and Hope get engaged again for the 6th time. it is played out and done. GET OVER IT, THEY SUCK AS A COUPLE NOW BORING AS HELL!!! BB is not going to do well this summer, it’s already reported that the ratings for this summer are much lower than the previous years what does that tell you, the show is not doing well!!! Nobody wants to see a show about the Logans!!

Totally agree!! So sick of the whole Hope and Liam back and forth!! I can’t even try and get excited abt those two after everything Liam has put Hope thru because of Steffy, I mean enough is enough, what is a deal breaker to Hope anyway? If those two get married and stay together after everything Liam has put Hope through, and cute sweet Wyatt, who’s done nothing but devote himself to Hope gets kicked to the curb again, I’m going to be seriously disgusted!! Wyatt and hope deserve their chance without Liam interfering, and without what’s mom messing everything up and making him look bad, and Liam needs to move to Paris and resign himself to being with Steffy, because it’s where his devotion has always been, and it’s where he always end up. In fact I can’t believe he has the nerve to issue ultimatums to Hope about Wyatt, when he never stayed away from Steffy, he never stopped being drawn to her, he never stopped talking to her or even ever pushed her away when she kissed him but he was together with Hope. It was like he couldn’t resist or reject her forget about the fact that he’s engaged to Hope, and now he has the nerve to try and put his foot down about her being friends with and working with Wyatt, even though Hope is actually faithful and does put Wyatt in his place if and when he tries something, yet after everything Liam has put Hope through, he has the gall to issue ultimatums, and tell Hope who she is and isn’t allowed to keep in her life, and more appalling, in her business at Forrester, which he should have no say over and no business even being involved in!! After all that, Liam is the one who doesn’t trust Hope and is actually questioning her motives, her ideals, and even her trust and morals, which are things Hope hold dear. So why is she still even talking to this guy, I mean he is getting controlling in my opinion, making Hope give the diamond back, who is he to tell hope what to do after everything he’s put her through?? This is bordering on abuse and if Hope and Liam end up together, B&B is basically saying they condone this kind of treatment of females, it does show Hope being practically bullied by Liam, and she’s cheated on over and over, he married the other woman not once but twice, plus gets her pregnant and doesn’t even fight to stay with his wife when she tells him she can no longer conceive, this is supposed to be a good man? The minute he find that out he goes running back to his ex, and then starts dictating her life and controlling and monopolizing her time and relationship with a new friend, Wyatt, while he’s STILL technically married to someone else and the ground over the baby he lost from his still current wife, isn’t even dry yet, and instead of comforting his wife over their mutual loss, even if she didn’t want him there and really who can blame her for not wanting him there when she knows he is always thinking of another, but as a man he should have been there anyway, but why fight hard to stay when she was giving him exactly what he wanted, which was a way out, she let him off the hook and he saw the opportunity and ran. Liam is disgusting and I don’t think they should encourage woman who watch this to stay with men who treat woman like this, even if they try to paint him in this nice guy sort of light, a persons character is defined by their actions, it’s how they show what they truly believe in and their ideals, and I think Liam has done an excellent job of showing what kind of person he truly is, despite what he wishes to believe about himself, rescuing a few animals doesn’t stop you from being a faithless, misogynistic, lying, cheating, controlling hypocrite!! Definitely Hope belongs with Wyatt, he has never let her down or put anyone or anything above her. That’s what someone who loves u really does…….and yes I know I’m discussing characters and not real people, but it’s a testament to how good the show is that these characters can inspire such passion, debate, and exchange of ideas, It truly is a great show!! I love B&B!!

Yes, I could’ve said it better myself Helensrz 🙂

I think that the new triangle will be great as well. It will certainly make Liam think twice. I personally want to see him grovel and compete because he’s had it so easy for so long. Both girls fighting for him–vying for his attention. He’s never once had to be alone. This will serve him right..

I think I’m a hopeless romantic though.. I would still like to see Liam and Hope reunite at some point and without any manipulations and interference from Steffy & Bill and the rest of the B&B staff.

Hope Liam do not have the same chemistry as they did before. I mean 6 engagements?? The people have had enough, they just dont work anymore, either have Hope be with the new guy or have them single for a while. Dont be around a dead horse by trying to force the public to like them together again, it has been played out and they have nothing anymore. Beside if Steffy does come back Liam is always going to go back between her and Hope, typical BB so why go thru all that crap again?? IT’S STUPID AND BORING AS HELL

I totally agree Nai! I never want to see Lope again, ever. It is totally played out. Let Hope be with Wyatt! She needs to be allowed to have a grown up relationship. She will never have that with Liam!

I totally agree Nai! Very well said

Liam and Hope everyday all day.. LOVE THOSE TWO PERFECT COUPLE… its about time. Liam and Hope have a life together…

And guess what?? Like all Soap couples, they are not going to last!!! even you have to agree with that, and no Hope fan wants her to go back to someone who treated her like crap. Dont worry they wont last, he will look unto another girl or even better Hope will look unto another guy and then the so called marriage will fail again for the SIXTH TIME!!!!

@ Nai:

Do you really need to jump on every comment and repeat the same thing over and over again? If I may say so, you come across as very obnoxious and immature. Everyone is entitled to their faves.

“Get over it” as you say and while you’re at it: GROW the hell UP. Get some perspective as well. Jeez.

And just so you know, I’m not a Lope fan. Hell, I’m not even a B&B fan, let alone a soap fan. But I came here out of curiousity and your childish, petulant comments rubbed me up the wrong way.

The Lope ship has sailed; Bradley Bell, the writing staff & the fans need to realize that & move on, already. The chemistry between KM and DB on & off screen is undeniable. Besides, it looks as if Steffy’s doctor just may have made a misdiagnosis on Steffy’s medical condition; therefore, you know Lope will not happen (thank goodness). Besides, JMW is not off the show entirely – she is merely taking a break as she has said in numerous interviews. She will be back very soon. So I believe we can’t count STEAM out just yet. I wish we could because Steffy deserves someone much better than the whaffler. Bell knows JMW has a huge fanbase & that he made a huge mistake in the STEAM baby loss, and that has bitten the show in the ratings. With HT leaving, it has become the “Logan & Spencer” show now, and will go in further decline if Bell doesn’t do the smart thing & resign as head writer so that more interesting story arcs can be created.

no one has to force me to watch. I love watching bb. have you not checked the ratings? all the soaps are up especially bb. and all this after steffy left the show. tell you anything?

This is so true Nai.

Well guess what LD, well not sure why you changed you’re name but this is a forum, so anyone is welcome to make an opinion. If you have a problem with it, either dont reply or delete your post or dont post at all. But the fact that you call me childish and told me to grow the hell up when i haven’t disrespected you all in my posts. shows that you’re the immature and the childish one not me. And if you’re not a soap fan, why bother post anything at all. as for me, I was a BB fan until now, so I can here. Next time don’t post anything cause I can guarantee you there are people like me who will post their opposition to your comments, are you going to say the same thing to them?? Are you going to tell them to grow the hell up!! ‘Very mature indeed”

I miss Steffy and Brad Bell for heaven sakes try writing something other than a triangle, didn’t your father teach you anything?

How I loved this interview with these two. They sound like a breath of fresh air and just what the show needs. The Hope/Liam/steffy triangle was so old and tired. I’m looking forward to Hope being pursued by two goodlooking guys. Good to see her smiling and enjoying herself with Wyatt, and the fact that Liam is going to be jealous and possessive is icing on the cake. Time for him to have to work for Hope’s attention for a change.

Thank you Mr. Fairman for keeping your promise (about Kim Matula interview). It’s great that Kim is the one to choose between two guys!

I liked the interview, I think in real life KM is a lovely girl, but in the soap I want Liam and Steffy to be together, and maybe hope will be with new guy

yes ! if liam and hope are engage that’s mean steffy give liam a divorce and doesn’t reunite with him next week when he goes to Paris to annoy her . steffy deserve so much better than liam and i’am sure she’ll be back by the end of august and i hope bell will put her with a man worthy of her . i will not watch until she come back full time and for those who think a hope triagle going to bring rating keep dreaming , i predict the show will be free falling by the middle of July , hope doesn’t have a big fan base , doesn’t matter how many brookies pretend to love her , it’s just a fact .

Really… and where did you get that Hope/Lope does not have a large fan base…. apparently you have been miss informed. But Hope is a Logan, and she also stand alone Hope, and she as already established that she is very talented and has many movies and production to prove it. KIM is out there. Another thing, many of Lope fans are excited to see the two back together.

Thank you. What a fun interview!

I am SO over Liam. He is ruined as a character, has lost all credibility. How are we seriously supposed to root for him to be with Hope or Steffy, when he treats both like dirt? That said, they can stick him with Steffy for all I care, preferably off screen!

I am LOVING Wyatt, he is such a breath of fresh air. And I am LOVING him and Hope! Go HOTT!

Couldn’t agree more, I said almost the same thing in a very long comment above, but u said it better than even I could, short and sweet 🙂

Love Love Love the interview, it was very light and fun. Love Liam and Hope together.. glad Mr. Bell cast Darin Brooks as Wyatt Fuller to shake things up especially in the Liam and Hope relationship. We have watched an indecisive Liam for years.. know we get to see a Liam who actually make a decision. .. and stand up for himself and Hope. Loving the new storyline. LIAM and HOPE FANTASTIC COUPLE. Can not wait to see more .. the summer is going to be MELTING HOT.

Triangles? Is that all B&B can give us is triangles???? Booooorrrrring. I said it once and I’ll say it again. Bell must have flunked preschool. He’s too fixated on triangles.

I like KM actually and I wish her the best of luck with keeping ratings up -while Hope enters yet another stupid triangle on the show.She’s gonna need it.

Thanks for the interview. Love Kim glad she is getting her time to shine. Im torn I love Hope and Liam but I do think that Liam needs to get his head together. I am really liking Wyatt so happy that Hope is getting the best of both worlds.

I’m so excited. I love Hope and Wyatt already. His character is so charming and witty. It’s about time! I just love it!
It will be exciting to see their story unfold. And Rena Sofer as his mother. This is going to be interesting.
I can’t get enough of Darin Brooks and Kim Matula

Good interview. However, ONE line in this long interview sums up the entire problem plaguing this show. It is the line where Brad Bell Told them “we are figuring it out as we go“. This indidcates that there is no long term story planning here, and this always undermines and ultimately dooms any new characters and stories to failure time and time again. This is why we get storylines like menopausal Brooke‘s 17th pregnancy. This show consistently hires some of the top flight talent in the business and squanders them in pointless, throw away roles, and within 6 months to a year, the actors are gone. This show needs a head writer with a vision that does not always revolve around near incestuous pairings. I hope Darin and Rena are given parts worthy of their talents!

B/B does not do long term story I can not believe he is William Bell’s offspring. It is pages upon pages of actors & actresses he has squandered away. I was out of town and just watched Hunter Tylo’s last episode disgraceful I hope she never comes back this was a character who had been on for 20 years off and on. Ronn Moss lousy exit storyline.

He may last for a while but it is the kiss of death for DB if he even remotely gets into KKL’s element can you say poor Thomas & Oilver had storylines with her and both are in outer space. You know everyone is crazy for a 50 year old horny teenager and sorry Kim Matula just acts like a giggly schoolgirl maybe that is because her resume was waitress at Hard Rock Café and we still have not seen an acting coach.

The article brought out a lighter, carefree side of Hope that was refreshing. Gone was her slightly boring ways and lack of confidence in herself. It will be energizing to the show to give her and Wyatt and chance to have a love interest . I would also like to see a new partner for Liam as Steffy is away and the trio of Liam, Steffy, and Hopneeds a rest for the summer. Fall would be a great time for Liam, Steffy, Wyatt, and Hope to reunite.

I love liam and hope together but wyatt might be just as good. have to wait and see. bb is my favorite soap opera out of all of the soaps. very good intervies. thank you.

Liam has shown that he loves Steffy and was willing to adopt children therefore if Steffy did not run he would have wanted a life with her.He has expressed that he did not marry her because of the baby so we see some conflict here. He does not deserve Hope. HE should be left stranded. Hope on the other hand, is just longing for their reunion but she is too naive. She should not not accept left overs.

left overs are pretty good after you warm them up.

How can you say that Liam loved Steffy and was willing to adopt children. He didn’t even know that steffy couldn’t have kids. And he didn’t even know why she just up and left to Paris. Man girl get with the program here and see what happens.

I love Liam and Hope

I do too Tasha

Great interview! I am all in favor of the Hope, Liam, Wyatt triangle. I used to be a die hard Hope and Liam fan, but not any more! Wyatt is the man for Hope, and I “hope” it all works out for them, sooner, than later. Darin Brooks’ portrayal of Wyatt is mesmerizing!

More and more, Wyatt (the new B&B HUNK) is such a much-needed breath of fresh air. Unlike Liam…who (at this point) is nothing but snooze-filled and fast-forward material…BORING…LOL!!!!! And, as for that virginal and ANNOYING Hope…blah blah blah blah. Also, as for the character of Quinn (aka Wyatt’s mom)…I am very impressed…so far. One last thing (for now): This so-called Caroline/Carter/Maya/Rick love quadrangle is getting so stale and DUMB AS HELL!!!!! Maya needs to give Caroline a much-needed beat-down!!!!! Caroline…who is nothing but a one-dimensional and annoying ice-princess GONE TOO WILD!!!!! Caroline’s childish antics are so annoying and high school-ish. And, I wish that the B&B head honchos (or whoever) would send Caroline into storyline oblivion…ASAP!!!!! Caroline adds NOTHING to the show. I’ve never liked the character of Caroline and I never will. No.

I am so happy that Darin came on the show, because Hope and Liam is very boring. I had enough of them two. Love Darin personality, (no nonsense guy). please bring back steffy and Ridge to spicy up things on B&B. Writers the show is way to short. Best soap opera ever!!

ugh Darin , he’s a weirdo ! look at the way he looked at her, so perve

hi brad i am in south africa,i watch B&B family and i would like to see hope and Liam together.please don’t make the soap to bore the millions of people out there!!!

of course team Hope and Liam !

I think wyatt and hope should be together blessed the beautiful loved ones love you wyatt and hpoe

please, this better be good 🙂 Liam and Hope ~ its wat she always wanted ever since from the beginning, but if she actually had given up on him than i guess there’s no use ! i still remembered what Hope told Steffy when they were fighting over Liam. “Its game on” and which means that she still loves Liam eventhough Liam likes Steffy but with this new guy, Wyatt, his attitude is inappropriate and he will do everything he can to break this wedding off even his MOTHERRRRR !!!

It would have been nice for Liam and Hope, but the problem is after a 3 plus years history, Liam is still clueless about Hope and what she needs to be happy with him. She has spent all that time being mostly miserable and left to feel second best. He’s cheated on her so many times with this Steffy girl. Why is he making a video of the love they shared days before marrying Hope. How special was the video he gave to Hope if he’s making one for his wife. Maybe he made it for Hope because she was alone in Mexico with Wyatt. He wasn’t that hard up to marry her until Wyatt came along.He still can’t understand what he has to do to stop Hope from hurting and worrying about Steffy. He still doesn’t understand why Hope is so hurt even though she has explained it so many times. He keeps thinking it’s something trivial and not important which further confirms he’s not the right guy for Hope. Then he stands there telling her he still has feelings for Steffy because he married her.This at a time when he is trying to get Hope back. It just seems odd that Wyatt gets it without being told and he hasn’t had 3 years to get it right. He didn’t even try all that hard to be there for Steffy after she lost the baby. It took him no time to hook up with Hope, and the divorce papers weren’t even signed.

I think Wyatt is a better fit for Hope. Look how little time it took him to understand Hope and what she needs to feel safe and loved. This guy listens and pays attention, something Liam has had 3 years to figure out but keeps blowing it. Wyatt is a better man on so many levels. Hope needs a strong man like Wyatt who isn’t so easily manipulated and will put Hope first. Plus he’s a lot better looking, better body, better kisser, smarter,sensitive, and has better control on things than Lame waffler. If Steffy came back and asked Liam for one more kiss goodbye, he would fall for the manipulation, drop his pants and find a way to make Hope find out so that she can leave him and let him stay with Steffy. He’s too much of a coward to just come out and say it so he leaves trails laying around.

As far as Quinn is concerned, well Liam got what he deserved for trying to mess with her son and company. Wyatt and Quinn didn’t have anyone helping them to survive. Now that all their hard work is about to pay off, Liam is trying to trash it? I don’t think so. Liam has no clue about anything and what Quinn had to do to raise her son on her own. Even if he is scared that Wyatt will take Hope away, you don’t go behind the back of the mothers company and try to get Hope to cancel their contract over personal relationship things. That become a personal attack on Quinn who did nothing to Liam until he tried to sabotage her livelihood. Business is business and Liam is too immature to separate the two or regard anyone else but himself. He tramples on people and when confronted he puts on that dumb confused look. He doesn’t have a care in the world living of Bills money. Quinn is no joke as sweet as she looks, she’s always a few steps ahead and can play the game. I’m really glad that Wyatt has such a strong and smart mother who has his back. I don’t know about that hope diamond thing having powers. Personally I feel Quinn set thing up in Mexico to make her son and Hope stay the night. After all, the owner of the diamond is a long time friend of Quinn. If Liam continues to attack Quinn, she will manipulate things and break him. When she’s done, she give him back that dumb confused look he like dishing around.

I’d like to see Quinn snag Eric and get half of the money all these woman on B&B got from marrying rich men. Hopefully it would be real and last. Get some shares in the company. I don’t see her as a Brooke Logan, but it seems like that’s how they all made it up that Beverly Hills mountain in mansions. The kids all are benefiting from it and don’t have to do much now. Brooke sure worked hard for her money and is still laying around with another billionaire even if it’s her sisters husband. I’m surprised her little miss kitty didn’t prolapse by now. LOL.

Anyhow I’m enjoying hot Darin Brooks and the way he licks his lips. Enough of that. It would be cool to see him sing and play guitar for Hope on the show. He plays quite well, personally. Quite a talented man.

it’s really nice hearing /reading ur side of the story but were NOT actually sure if the chapter stops there…i know how much Hope Logan has gone through all these pain throughout the years because of Liam and Steffy. Its not like Liam is the only one making mistakes the whole time, i know for sure that Hope makes mistakes and so does everyone..and that is not the end of the world. Well, Hope respects Liam after marrying Steffy, and of course paper has been signed.

This love drama is sometimes making me confused , it’s all about attraction and fornification, and sometimes, i hated when it goes to commercial break or there’s that moment where they pause not sure what to say back. I know how much Wyatt loves Hope but HELLO wake up dude, there’s plenty hot girls out there if cn’t catch one, go fish one from the sea. You cn’t just pumped in and snap her off from Liam. Cant you not know that she is already engaged to Liam. i mean, dude are you crazy ?

Wyatt’s mother concerned so much about his son and try her best to motivate her to win Hope away from Liam. Is it because of Jealously that Mr. Spencer took really care of Liam and had make him the richest son ever or is it because not sure whether what to do next ? well, of course, she tried her best to do everything JUST to ruin the wedding and make Hope called the wedding off. SHe is not what i think she was before the first time i saw her her. I thought she was generous, more like smart but of course smart of doing negative things to get Wyatt grabbed Hope’s attention…

From my own point of view , I dont see this like a love story but i see people fighting over others. Quinn you are far way too beautiful to be jealous of Liam. i Just wish that evrything is ok with Liam and Hope. and i like to correct you Pam for saying that Wyatt and Hope are meant to be together, well, guess what ? you are negative. When Wyatt found out that his mom was the reason for all these, why didnt he JUST TELL HOPE ? well, of course i know why, BECAUSE HE LOVES HER, HE FORCED HER EVER SINCE HE FOUND OUT THAT LIAM AND HOPE ARE GETTING MARRIED. He is so evil, getting the ring off from her finger, and Hope, I CANT JUST BELIEVE THAT YOU AGREE WITH WYATT…………

WHAT! No no no. Quinn is not Jealous of Liam. Liam pissed her off when he tried to get her contract with FC canned. He was messing with her money because he wanted to get Wyatt away from Hope. You don’t mix business with your personal life. He needed to deal with Wyatt only but, he involved Quinn when he went crying to Hope to dishonor their contract.

Now, Wyatt fell for Hope before he new he had a brother. Hope was interested but was put on hold by Liam to starting a relationship. When Liam notice Wyatt hanging around Hope, he became desperate to marry her while pinning for Steffy.

When Wyatt checked in on Liam and Hope relationship from the media he figured he’s a better man, and Liam is a joke. Liam had 3 years to figure out who Hope was, and what she needs to be happy. He still can’t understand her, or why she’s so upset even when she explains it to him. It’s like a blown fuse in his brain, just can’t get certain things. That lack of understanding her will always be a issue, yet in such a short period of time Wyatt gets her.

As for the ring situation, yes, Wyatt removed it for her because she wanted it removed but was afraid. That old familiar thing when you’re with a guy who probably took her virginity for so long. It’s not easy to let go and start something new, even if she’s being hurt. The thing with Wyatt is he takes in everything about Hope, and can figure out what she wants and feels without her saying it. She was twisting her ring on her figure with her head down as if she wanted it removed but didn’t have the courage to do it herself. Wyatt figured it out and took it off for her. If that’s not what she wanted she would have said no. Hope has never been afraid to speak her mind.

Quinn and Wyatt feel that Liam is a waffler who has been hurting Hope for years. If Quinn wants to help her son and Hope indirectly then why not. Liam had his chance and Hope needs to try a different sausage. Her first love was Oliver, and her mother got to try him out before Hope had a chance. Let the girl be happy for once and stop the madness with Liam.

I agree all the way with Pam! Hope and Wyatt together, married even! Quinn and Eric together! Bring Steffy back her and Liam are suited for each other. Hope and Wyatt all the way!!!!!!!!!!

Wyatt and Hope together?…bad idea. And Liam will eventually get the best of that total b….! Quinn. I can’t believe that she is just lurking around when ever someone is talking ALL THE TIME. Who writes these stories anyway? Some of it is a little far fetched but that’s a soap opera for ya.


Liam is history. He needs to go find himself before he tries to be in anymore relationships, and stop wasting money on weddings when the marriages only last 5 minutes. Liam is not marriage material. He should be in Paris comforting his wife who just lost their baby.

wasting money, who doesn’t ? and speaking about comforting their baby, didn’t Steffy just denied him for some reason? well, if it wasn’t for Steffy, he would have still taken good care of her

oh well, seriously Pam, i didn’t post my comment just to argue at the first place but i posted my comment because i am predicting of what exactly is going to happen next and besides how i feel about this love triangle that they’ve been through….and i am also being honest with how the Quinn reacted. ok, if she’s really not Jealous of Liam than why did she send that video to Hope’s page? i mean, she should just stay out of it..i mean, come on, this is only between Liam, Hope and Wyatt not her. So yea !

First of Tasha I really don’t take this as an argument. I welcome your opinions andI respect your point of view. With that being said, hasn’t both parents, Bill meddle in Hope, Liam, and now Wyatt’s relationship? It’s no different. In fact Liam asked Bill to meddle only when it benefited him of course but Wyatt never asked his mother to meddle. I think Quinn is upset that Wyatt is Bills son as well, and has never done a thing for him. Liam possibly reminds her of the younger Bill that left her barefoot and pregnant that did not take any responsibility for his son or her. She resents the fact that she and her son had to struggle for years while Liam gets a free ride with his entitled attitude. Quinn is the new Stephanie Forester, who by the way was a lot worst. She meddled in her children’s lives all the time and no one had much to say. In fact, people looked forward to what she’d do next, and laughed when she slapped, choked and even gave Brooke a gun with one bullet so she could kill herself. She terrorized Brooke with no mercy with no apologies. Bill also did a lot worst than Quinn. Perhaps if Quinn was rich with a high profile last name, people would forgive her and not mind so much. Even Pam Douglas did a lot worst than Quinn and no one cared. They just laughed, and ate her lemon bars because she was Stephanie Forester’s sister. Pam held a gun to Donna and threaten to kill her if she didn’t leave Eric alone. She did so much pranks and meddling. She checked through Donna’s appointments and sabotaged her. She made Donna look more hideous than she was. The bottom line is, no one on that show hasn’t done something in their past or present. All these rich and entitled people just seem to get away with it, while the not so rich are labelled crazy, awful and needs to be stopped. My opinion is that Liam and Hope will just be wasting their time getting married. They don’t trust each other. They don’t understand each other. Hope is too insecure with him and will break the marriage at the drop of a hat. Liam can’t depend on Hope to be there when things get cloudy. Liam will continue to do things to hurt her that a normal secure woman would not bother with. He will have to walk on egg shells for the rest of his life to be with Hope. He won’t be happy and will recent her and do something stupid so that she can run away and he can be free when Steffy comes back for good. She has too many demands on him that he has never been able to commit to for years no matter how he tries. Steffy is carefree and doesn’t put unrealistic demands on Liam. That’s why he seems happier and free with her compared with Hope. He just can’t see the damage his waffling has caused to Hope. Wyatt has been patient to the point that he’s been hurt. He’s really careful in what he says and how he treats Hope. He’s more likely to be able to heal Hope’s damaged heart with his love for her. Hopefully that will change her into a less selfish person. It seems like his personality and thoughtfulness is natural with Hope. He doesn’t have to walk on eggshells because what Hope wants in a man, Wyatt is naturally. That’s why I think they’re better suited. It’s time for her and the LOPE fans to let go of the dream that has died a thousand times and embrace a happy future with HOTT. All the secrets of the past really has no baring on how Wyatt feels about Hope. Most of his tricks were to help or win Hope, not hurt her. Now how can ya hate him for that.

Wait, slow down there !!! argument ?!?!?! This wouldn’t be an argument if it weren’t for you comment on my status I posted earlier last year. There are so many things I needed to correct you, first of all, I know that this is JUST a drama, so I don’t take it that far, but how you reacted and commented on my status made it even worst. I wasn’t the ONE who made it a big deal and turned it into an argument if it wasn’t for you. But hear me out, like you mentioned before about the love triangle , how Liam struggle to be with Hope , and how he messed things up the past three years, well, guess what ?! , it wont end there, the beginning has just begun. Liam knows very well, that he can’t go back time and change the past but he can make that happen by changing the future. Bill also made mistakes, he was also trying his best to manipulate Hope and Liam , so Steffy can squeeze in the way. But its not like he put a gun in someone’s face like what Quinn has done. Like I said before, no one’s perfect, but the only way to deal with the craziness, and the idiotic is by moving forward with who you love the most. But ur wrong when you said Liam doesn’t care about Hope, well, of course he loves Hope so much that he tried his best to defend her from that idiot WYATT. How could you said that Wyatt cares so much about her. when he stole the diamond?!?!?!….How did Hope react on that one ?! She was freaked out, and I could see those painful , blue, eyes glaring at Wyatt as if she wanted to poke him so bad. Liam cares about Hope, and he would never do anything to hurt her feelings. Wyatt disrespect Liam and Hope in the first place. And I just cant believe you still dont get that s***.. the only reason why Wyatt wanted to be in the FC, because he wanted to get Hope back. Hope did not want to continue on the relationship but Wyatt kept on begging like a dog asking for a bone from his owner. On the other hand, Quinn is worst than Bill, send the video to Hope , pretended that it’s from Steffy, asked Steffy to come see Liam in order to crash the wedding, trapped Liam inside a elevator, all because he wanted her son to be with Hope. Liam was rite in the first place, Quinn and her son will hurt her so bad that she will finally come to realize what a kuku she is. Liam had made some damage but he is willing to fix all those damage by protecting Hope with all his life. Now, those tricks u’ve been talking about ur TOTALLY WROOOOOONNNNNGGGGG, Wyatt did hurt Hope. But Hope is just an idiot that she always give Wyatt a chance, even though what he did cost more than what Liam did. And the only thing you dont know is that you cant trust urself. U thought that ur rite but not all the time. Things will be getting worst if Hope will still continue on her relationship with Wyatt. so how can you hate Liam for that?!?!?!?!hmmm?!?!?! now its time for you to let go of ur Wyatt & Hope’s dream , because it wont end there.

There will be a show down between Ms. Fuller and Liam coming up soon when he realizes that she EXPOSED him for being a creep that made love scenes on video of him and Steffy days before a wedding with Hope. I wonder did he make the love scenes and memories for both girls at the same time. This should be interesting.

Yeah and Liam will expose that nasty manipulating and arrogant b….!! if he has the proof about that diamond heist which Wyatt set up. That is if charlie man’s up and quits hiding in the corner like a meek little thing because of that nasty Quinn. And we all know how Hope hates lying. What is gonna happen when she finds out that it was Wyatt that set up the diamond heist. They might be too involved by then and Hope will probably shrug it off. Pity. I hope it turns out otherwise but I have a feeling that Liam is gonna end up without Hope. Hell I could write these stories… And some of it is so far fetched.

To Pam,

WTH? stop the madness with Liam…u crazy ? u comment on my post and im not sure exactly if your’re trying to support Wyatt and his mother or you are always right that Wyatt is the perfect match for Hope. I think that what Quinn had done was wrong, how did Wyatt react when he knew that his mother was the reason why Hope cancelled the wedding? He was all blown up and told his mother to not ever do it again because i know for sure that he still likes Hope no matter what the situation is. Hope was finally happy with everything and especially Liam before Wyatt stepped in to ruin this whole thing up. Do not put the blame on Liam because he’s not the only one making mistakes too. When Quinn found out that her son Wyatt wanted to be with the girl of his dreams , she had done everything so perfect from good to bad. How would you feel when someone’s mother just walked into your house and ask her mom that who ever likes you will do everything to win your heart over even though you are already (ENGAGED) to the person you CN’T LIVE WITHOUT WITH. Well, of course that Wyatt took the ring off her hand but she wasn’t HAPPY about the decision. Wyatt forced her that she actually changed he mind. “Oh i am more better than my brother and you will have kids with me,” WTH?? you crazy what he did was wrong. And of course Liam wanted Hope to cancel the contract with the Quinn’s jewelry and designs because he knows for sure that things will get worst. Liam caught Wyatt kissing Hope and that is just messed up. And now since both Wyatt and hos evil mother are in the Forrester Creation, now things are getting worst. She wanted Hope to model for the catwalk in order to cancel the wedding, she wanted her son to take her to Mexico in order to ruin everything, I mean, what kind of mother is she? She is a bad example for others, and of course mixing up personal lives with the business. You said that you dont mix business with personal lives and that is exactly what Quinn had done. HELLO, that is the reason why she came into the Forrester Creation because of her son’s personal life with Hope Logan. So its not madness but im speaking of what i know from my own experience….

Say what! Are you kidding me. Liam decided to try and get Hope to cancel the contract with FC over some personal bs with Wyatt. Quinn decided that two can play that game. Liam got the worst of it. He gave Quinn the opportunity by making that love video for Steffy. I really don’t believe that Liam needs to be with Hope at this point. He had 3 years to get his act together and because Steffy isn’t there YET, he’s hanging on Hope for dear life.

As for Wyatt, he’s the reason for Hope’s line being so successful now. Wyatt didn’t force Hope to take of her ring, it as the mystical diamond. If you haven’t noticed Hope is pretty mouthy and does what she feels like doing. Hope is playing right now and wants a taste of Wyatt without it looking bad on her. I think by the time Wyatt is done with her, she’ll be possessed. She’ll be just like her mother Brooke with no control over her hello miss kitty.

At the Bikini Bar Wyatt and Hope are suppose to get hot and heavy before Liam drops his discovery about who sent the email. Like really. He needs to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for making the video in the first place. Of course Hope will get mad, even though last week she claimed she didn’t care who sent the email of the video. Whatever.
One has to be perfect to be in Hopes perfect world. After everything Wyatt’s done for her, if she hurts him Quinn will mess her up.

Is it just me or did Darin Brooks lose a lot of weight. He looks really good. I just hope he doesn’t get too thin. His clothing is more fitted now and not so layered. I love his style today. He looked like he smoked something. Just a feeling. It’s all in the eyes. Could be wrong or maybe he’s really tired from doing so many episodes per day for the last few months. I think these guys work their butts off. Anyway, leave it to me to try and see through these characters.

Brooke Logan, yesterday looked really old. Her eyes had so many wrinkles under it when she was kissing Bill. When she makes her eyes tear up, it looks worse now. When she was younger it was fine, but now, I don’t know. They really need to stop making her play the sl@# on the show. It’s weird. When she gets the injections around her eyes to fill the wrinkles it makes around her eyes look puffy. It doesn’t look natural. Just my opinion. She is still beautiful, but I rather she play a woman who has integrity and self respect on the show.

Haha…IKR ? wrinkles , i guess makeup wont suit anyone at that age ! but oh well, the thing is , today, the thing that gets pretty messed up is that NOW Hope is feeling down again because she found out about the video. Remembered what you said that Liam always lied to her about everything, well, I guess Liam is not the only one. If Wyatt knew about what his mother had done that breaks Hope’s heart, that how come he still didn’t tell her about the truth ? I mean, c’mon he knew about eho sent the video but didn’t say a WORD because he now have this opportunity to move on and start anew with Hope. But i guess he was too scared/frightened to tell her about the video, so that is why he kept it to himself. But about what you said that Liam always lie to her well, let’s wait and see. But of course no one is Perfect, I douted, so lets all pretend that nothing ever happened, and of course Wyatt is so hot with his shirts off….whooo and there is also a issue between Rick and Maya. So let’s wait what will happen..

And again, what happened IF Hope never met Wyatt ? Are you willing to seat in your comfortable chair and watch this boring love drama without handsome Wyatt ? we never know !!

You know what, if she goes back to Liam I’m done with her. The two of them are extremely boring. If she stays with Liam I would enjoy Steffy returning and sleeping with Liam while she watches through the window at the love shack up at big bear. Blame it on Postpartum like Katie did. By then Wyatt would have moved on with someone else mature that appreciates him and she goes back to popping pills. I’ve had it with her. I don’t know how on earth Wyatt is this patient. It just seems like the writer is turning her into a slut like her mother, Brooke. She’s playing both of them. I understand her playing Liam after everything he did, but Wyatt? All Wyatt has done was show his love for her and helped her with her clothing line that was a flop before he came along.

As for Maya, apparently Rick will hire back at FC and Caroline won’t like it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple happy for too long on that show. It’s pathetic. They are broken up so much that they all have to start sleeping with family members and in laws. I really think Maya should move on with Carter because she’s too nice to handle these peoples who have no sense of decency.

No I’m not will to watch this crap without Wyatt. He makes this show forth watching. He goes, I go.

Wyatt makes this show worth watching. He goes, I go. If Hope messes with him, I’m done with that tramp.

i mean i didn’t mean to be harsh or whatever but it’s how i feel/predict of what will happen next or how will they cope with the fact that this is actually something difficult to deal with. I just hope that things will go back the way it was, they should live a normal life and do what they are eager to do. I mean, gosh, be happy with your life and move on, it’s not the end of the world, but the fact that Hope is NOW in between and dont know what to do next, well, i mean, it’s up to her, whether she likes Liam or Wyatt. Well, just to let you know that the video was sending to Steffy by accident, and as for Quinn, she should stay out of it, it’s none of her business. ugh, gosh ! this is between Liam and Wyatt, not her. All she had done was to ruin everything…..

Wyatt didn’t know his mothers’ plans about sending Liams video. He found out after the fact. He and Hope were busy with entertaining buyers and the success of the line that he didn’t think about. He had moved on from the video thing. He figured who cares since Hope said it didn’t matter who sent it. As well, Hope did not make Wyatt her man. As far as I can see, she’s leaning towards Liam still and telling him she loves him and even kissing the fool. Wyatt does not owe her every single explanation of every thing. They’re not a couple yet. With Liam she should expect more because they were in a relationship and about to get married. Why should Wyatt run to Hope and tell her every thing his mother does. He should be more loyal to his mother than a girl he’s not even engaged or married to.She doesn’t even know who she wants. This over sensitive crap is really tired. For Wyatt, it seems like everyone expects him to be perfect when no one can be. Why is everyone holding him at a standard so high as if he and Hope have a commitment. The guy has turned her clothing line around and made it a success. More than Liam ever cared to do. Wyatt is too good for Hope and seems to have to jump over hoops to get her attention that’s divided. He’s giving her all of himself and she’s only giving him scraps and can’t make up her mind. I really think he deserves better than what he’s getting and should find some one who know what they want other than a perfect man with no faults. Because Liam has messed with her head, Wyatt is left to pay for it. She will use Wyatt and break his heart. Quinn will retaliate if she hurts her son and I wouldn’t blame her.

why do you hate Liam and Hope when they are meant to be together???????????

well, i just hope things will get better NOT worst just the way it was before. so if Hope used Wyatt just to make Liam jealous than what’s the point? Hope’s mother was also involved between Liam, Steffy and Hope and so as Steffy’s mother, but the point is , they shouldn’t, they should all stay out of their personal / private life. they are just making it more complicated for them to understands what to choose. I mean, I am also an adult , but if someone would tried to do something like that to me, I would just walk away, decide what to do for my life. enjoying things i wanna do, hang out with people i love and care than controlling by a fool like Wyatt. He never respected hope and Liam in their relationship, he was worried that Liam will win Hope’s heart, he is eager to let the pain go away but just can’t because of that first day he met Hope. And of course he should tell Hope about the video, but he was so afraid that Hope might walk away from everything that he ever risked his life trying to do for Hope for the future. The mother was also part of everything including the trip to Mexico. She wanted Hope to get away from Liam’s life and just to ruin eveything that Liam wanted to do for Hope. Hope and Liam meant to be together, not separate from each other, and from my own perspective, the parents should stay out of it, and hello, they are grown ups, not some babies to control their mind and what to do with their life, that’s in some places not America. And people should be treated with respect and honor, not messing up with their lives like Wyatt’s mother, and I wouldn’t be arguing with you right now, if you haven’t comment back !!!!

To answer your question. I don’t really hate Liam, I just think he had 3 years to make things right with Hope. He has hurt her for years to the point of her popping pills for anxiety and depression. I’m coming from a place of concern more than anything else. I don’t think Liam is capable of resisting Steffy when she returns. I don’t think he’s sharp when it comes to attractive women and will be easily manipulated. I see Ally going after Liam and him not realizing what’s going on, while Hope watches and falls apart again. I don’t care to much for the fact that everything he has is because Bill bought it for him like the house in Malibu or the gold credit card he carries from Bill’s bank roll. Maybe Wyatt and his mother has no respect for Liam and his relationship with Hope because they feel that he’s had everything given to him on a silver plate, while her and Wyatt struggled for years with nothing from Bill. Maybe they have no respect for Liam because of his known history of stinging along Hope and Steffy for years to the point where they look at him as a joke and don’t take him seriously. Yes, we could say that Wyatt should respect Hope if not Liam, but given the history, the fact that Liam was still married to Steffy when Wyatt met Hope, her crying on Wyatt’s shoulder when Liam hurts her, he now feels he’s the better man for her. It’s easy to want Hope so badly now that Steffy’s not around and another man is pursuing her. Before Liam knew about Wyatt he pushed Hope away. As far as the control situation, maybe their lives are being controlled because they’re not really independent. As long as these people live at home or live in houses their parents own and bought for them to live in, they will be controlled. If you’ve ever noticed, Liam has to agree with Bill on even the most slimiest and under handed things he does to continue to have his spot at the company, stay living in his house and Bill’s bank roll. Liam couldn’t even kick Wyatt out of the house he lives in because he doesn’t own it. Wyatt may not have all the fancy crap that Liam is enjoying for free but at least he’s his own man and worked for what ever he has. That I can respect. That’s what a real man does in my opinion. Work for what they want so they can be their own man and not a puppet like Liam is. At some point Quinn will move in with Eric Forester and when things break up as they always do, she’ll get herself a mansion and own some stocks in FC company just like all the Logan women, Taylor, ect, ect. Given how driven Wyatt is I have no doubt he and his mother will be wealthy soon. As far as Hope and Liam being meant to be together, I don’t agree. If that was the case that would have happened years ago. It hasn’t happened because Liam was weak and in love with another woman who he has better chemistry with anyway. Steffy should be with Liam. Those two are meant to be and HOTT is meant to be.

WHHHHHAAAAATTTT??? seriously ?! Liam hurt Hope’s feelings? well, i disagree on that one, but here’s the thing, the first time I saw Wyatt with Hope, I think that he’s a good guy, knows how to respect a girl, shows passion, love, so generous but as the drama still continue from one episode to another, I found him more rude and he’s like being aggressive all the time when Hope is with Liam. I didn’t mean to hurt or saying awful things to your precious Wyatt but it’s how he treats someone else fiance before Liam and Hope broke up. But because of him being really generous and romantic, he had taken that to the difficult level where he and his mother had hurt no only Liam but other people. But of course he stood up for his father Bill for making stupid decision, but for that I dont really (BLAME) Liam because he was with his father all the time, every single time, and he had grown up to observe and acted just like his father Bill. And with that, I think that Bill should deserve to stay out of Liam, Hope and Wyatt, but how can he stayed out if Wyatt’s mother is doing the same thing too. She should also stayed out of it, it’s NOT any of her concern and so as Bill. But the reason for Bill stood up for his son Liam because he realized how horrible Quinn is trying everything she can to ruin Liam whenever he’s with hope and how she wanted to control everything and I found that mega-boring just by looking at her actions. But hear me out, I never meant to hate Wyatt or his mother, but just by watching ever single move she had done to manipulate every single thing in the FC. She wanted to be with Eric so he could agree with every words she said, every sentences she completed and every actions she made. Now, here’s the thing, she should go back to being just a normal mom, who does not want her son to get hurt and do anything stupid. So, like I said, i dont hate anyone but I just hated when they take control over other people’s lives. And I don’t confuse sports with drama. :/ but if that what you think than #team Lion it is !! wasaaaaaahhhhhh____bleh # eek! fr3kin’ *** 0uT

I agree with everything you said Trish. and I wish they would write that manipulating nasty Quinn right out of that show but we know that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon. Hope and Liam belong together but I really don’t see that happening either. Sad.

I have a better suggestion, I would say that Quinn should leave her nose drop out of these. Wyatt was there in the Forrester Creation when his mother told him to go to Mexico and steal Hope away from Liam just to make Hope fall in love with him. Now, as far as I concern, the only reason why Wyatt and his mother make it to the Creation was just to get to know Hope better and make her fall for him and his jewelry designs. And when Quinn knew what his son wants , she knew exactly what to do and stand up just to make it worst. So, if you had put yourself in Liam’s situation, how would you react? well, of course there were ups and down between Liam and Hope why?because Liam was Hope’s first lover not Steffy. But when Steffy stepped in she wanted to ruined it, but now she’s gone, there is nothing else she can do because of the accident. Now, Hope is heart-broken because of the video but if Quinn didn’t do that in the first place, they are still meant for one another. the video was sent there to Steffy by accident, and how would Liam say NO if steffy would have wanted him to make one for her ? i mean, c’mon, its difficult to deny something like that. I believe that Liam makes mistakes just like what Hope did, not sure which guy to pick. Now, this wouldnt have happened and your tail wouldnt be tipped high if you hadnt reply to my comment in the first place, but is now up to you, but i go with Liam !

From one tale to another, crush all this first love high school bs. Wednesday hot steam room Wyatt whips it out. Hope forgets her name. Liam who? Stallion number 1-Brill, stallion number 2-Wyatt-HOTT. Liam watch out. Wyatt has some tricks up his sleeves. Liam as usual has no clue. Hope can’t walk. Wyatt carries her out of the steam room dripping wet. Remember, Wyatt told Hope he can do things to her that Liam can’t. By the time Wyatt is through with her she won’t give a damn about a video or some bs heist. As far as I’m concerned Hope is still a virgin and hasn’t had a real man yet. Wyatt will turn her into a young Brooke and she too will have no control over her body once she’s #$%^ properly. She too will be creating a bedroom line and walking around Forester Creations in her panties just like Brooke. There, I said it!!!

well, heres the thing I dont believe in fairytale…..

Will Wyatt ever find happiness with Hope and live his life without this constant struggle? Now Bill wants to interfere with his efforts to win Hope because Liam asked him to. What kind of crap is this. Wyatt is so smart in his response to Bill. He indirectly told Bill he hopes his choice to pursue Hope doesn’t ruin their relationship and that he was glad to have found Bill. This time he didn’t blow up. He stood up to Bill but in a touching way to not destroy any chance of a relationship with his father. Lets face it. Liam knows Wyatt won’t back down, yet he’s sending Bill to basically destroy the son and father relationship how little it may be. Liam wants to shut Wyatt out from Bill so that he has no chance to be at equal footing will Bill and Liams relationship. He mentioned to Hope how Wyatt takes being a Spencer to be important as if Wyatt would back off to keep the Spencer name. So now we’re using emotional blackmail on Wyatt. If you don’t back off you’ll lose your dad again. He spent the whole show laughing at Wyatt and what he did. Can’t fight his own battles. Hope didn’t seem too impressed. Unfortunately for Wyatt, he is caught in the middle. Do I try to be with the woman I know is my soul mate or go against my new found father’s wishes and risk losing the father he never had twice. By the looks of it today, he’s willing to sacrifice any relationship with Bill for Hope. Do you think Liam would ever be able to do that or would he cave as always in fear of fending for himself without $Bills money and house. This is the reason why I feel Wyatt is so much better than Liam. Wyatt is a man and is able to make difficult decisions without losing who he is. Just because of that, Bill will have to respect that and back off hopefully. If not, we may see the ugly side of Wyatt. A man like Wyatt won’t tolerate being backed in a corner or manipulated. Bill has a lot of nerve asking Wyatt anything. He obviously wants a relationship with Bill and that may lead him down a miserable path. Bill is a horrible human being and at some point Wyatt will have to accept that Quinn was right protecting him. Bill doesn’t know how to love and if Wyatt’s hoping for that he will get hurt again. Instead of embracing his new found son and showing some positive interest in his life, he’s busy trying to bully him. Well Wyatt might be fun and games at times but, I have a feeling he can also be ruthless too if he has to. Quinn raised him on her own and he has in a way become the man of the house, the protector. Someone that Quinn can rely on. He’s no punk like Liam. All that fun and games is just to entertain Hope and divert Liam. There are moment when his expressions completely change and you get a glimpse of another side not seen yet. He then flips back to the fun loving side. There is no way that Wyatt trusts Bill and he shouldn’t. Wyatt’s acting today was great, especially the scene when he stood up to Bill. He’s the reason why I started watching B&B again. Great!!

Now you got what you wanted rite ?! Like i said Wyatt and his mother are up to No good , so prepare for the worst gurlfren……

Ok, to all the Wyatt fever here, now guys see the real him and his mother. no matter how much guys hated Liam when his with Hope but now you guys are BLIND by how cute, hot and sexy Mr. Wyatt Fuller but you guys can’t even tell if his good or not. Liam might do all these crazy things that make Hope wanted to disappear and get out of his life but Liam will not steal anything that will cost more than a car to impress Ms. Logan. Now, I believe that most of you guys >>WISH<< that Liam should marry Steffy and stay together and that does not mean he will stop fighting over Hope to win her back. Liam might send that video to his ex-wife but that was only Steffy ask for it…and how can a guy say no to his ex-wife. but you guys believed that he is perfect together. You Pam, once said that Quinn only did that for her son because she's the mother and she can interfere just like what Bill did to Liam. well, you're wrong girlfriend, i guess your mother-in-law will up to NOOOO good these time…she's EVILLLL…please stay out of it ! gosh you are way too old to interefere.

I agree again Tasha. That Quinn IS evil just like Liam says. She hasn’t been caught in her little lies and manipulations yet but hopefully that will change as the lies get a whole lot bigger. And as I have stated before, I hope that Cahrlie man’s up and exposes Wyatt and is nasty mother. Anmd hope is very much right about trusating that evil Quinn. Notice those little beady eyes of Quinn’s too.

Oh look who’s talking, blah bah……you are so out of your head right now, not to mention mentally illness over this hot, crazy, arrogant, rude guy Wyatt that never respected Hope engaged to Liam in the first place…that is B******* and you said that He didnt even know what his mother was up to, well, of course he knew, he supported his mother when she told him about the trip to Mexico in order to steal and to take Hope away from Liam…oh gosh ! there, i said it and from mt POV, what could possibly happen if Wyatt had never acted in the BB in the first place?duh, small talk ! woma up k ? I finally came to realize how strong and powerful you are when you started talking crap about Liam. Like I said before, I wouldn’t started this long convo. with you if you hadn’t replied back to what I said in the first place. And just by hearing you every details you said and every words you have said, I came to realize that you’re not as Bad as i thought u were. Who did you ever think would go out with Hope if Wyatt had never met her yet? But now you’re talking, saying all these crap that you never thought would ever happened. well, I think that Wyatt is tough but not in a good way, he is now being tough because thank god that Hope wanted him and his mother to work in the Forrester Creation. But they wanted to boss the Creation around, wanted to take over but for what over some stupid relationship with Hope?..But now ur effin’ talkin’ about some virgin and all that, well, who cares?! no one cares if she’s virgin or what! and i doubt that she’s Not….In this week episode, now Quinn finally came to notice how hurtful his son was and told Bill to NOT INTERFERE ! what the heck ? you crazy woman?>>> oh yea that’s rite, now she’s talking because she never interfered in Liam and Hope’s life..wel, guess what???? she did interfere , and she was the reason why those two broke up bcuz of her evil plan. and who cares about Wyatt being hot and knows how to man himself up and knows how to make Hope happy. the only thing Hope wanted was to be part of the Creation and work with her , nothing else. Hope knows that and also she respects that as well. and Bill, know one cares about that effin ball…and speaking about the scene where Wyatt interfere while Liam and Hope where they were having such a great time, Wyatt wanted to bug in and ruin everything, oh and for what? showing off, letting Hope knows that he can handle it AND know how to make it real. that is just showing off, he wanted to win Hope and make her his. ugh !!! Liam knows how to respect a girl and that is the kind of man that she deserves. Wyatt is tough all because he wanted Hope and that is the only reason he wanted to be in the Creation. Him and his mother are both evil..and so as Bill. i love Liam and for Wyatt, he doesn’t even know how to respect an older brother. He gets used to disrespect everyone just like his mother. And that is why i dont give an effin care about anything else…….gosh ! I wouldn’t make your head blown off if you wouldnt replied back in the first place and there I said it…….DUHHH. so go have a life with Wyatt and his mother, see if you really enjoy being with him and around his mother, and I dare you too.

well, Like I said before , Quinn is acting so strange ever since she decided to stick with the FC, and why ? well, let’s just say that she just wanted to jump into bed with Eric and to start a new life there again, well, guess what ? now people who work there long enough than her new a** finally came to realize that she is nothing but trouble !!!…(that nite) when they were having Thanksgiving Dinner with the whole FC workers, frens and families, now Donna started to realize how evil Quinn is and i think that for some reason. the last episode I watched, she just can’t get over it….I think when it came to the part where Donna was trying to amuse Eric , she just can’t control herself because she’s JEALOUS, and i can tell that bcuz she looks like she’s about to eat someone, and if Hope ever decided to stay with Wyatt, I think she’s not only making an ENORMOUS mistake but also Quinn will go after her, and why am i saying that bcuz, Hope is Donna’s niece. Wyatt is only trying to man himself up because he just don’t want to make another mistake of losing Hope again, or should I put it this way, “He is worried that he might lose his chance, and cannot win her heart back.” And what will Hope say when she finds out again that Quinn is trying to do everything just to ruin Donna’s relationship with Eric ? oh, she’s gonna be super duper surprise, and wanted to stop working with the two of them..just by looking at her , well, of course Donna is right, she made Wyatt the special man he could ever be, BUT, to become just like her, I mean, [HEEELLLoooooo] she’s new in the FC , she doesn’t even know how to act like one, all she ever done was to ruin Liam and Hope, and that, I’m sure. So who’s evil now ???, HA ! I guess we all know the answer to that one. And Wyatt, well, like you said that you dont hate Liam, well, of course I dont hate Wyatt but ever since I started to realize that he —DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RESPECT GIRLS, — I CHANGED MY FREAKIN’ MIND] THAT I WOULD RATHER STICK WITH LIAM….Wyatt he’s hot, funny, crazy, but at the same time, he does not how to control himself when he’s around Hope..but Liam he knows how to make it right. well, the past three years like you said, there were *UPS -&- DOWNS* but that doesn’t mean , Hope will give up easily on Liam , just like what Liam is doing rite now. i know for sure that it wasn’t easy to have two people love you both at the same time, right ? ____and to be honest with you, this wouldnt happen if you would just not had stepped in and wanted to create a huge mess here…………and for Quinn , well, she is just trying to do everything ruin the FC, and how would you feel if you were Hope and wanted to be in Wyatt’s life -&&- having a mother-in-law like her around you all the time ??…well heads up gal, cuz this is not the end of the world…..

How do you explain this, “Quinn encourages Wyatt to plan their next big move to keep Liam and Hope apart. Wyatt comes up with the perfect plan to win Hope over. Facing an uncomfortable ultimatum from Liam regarding Wyatt, Hope has to choose between the brothers. Wyatt uses his charm to gain a bold advantage with Hope by planning a special celebration; Quinn turns to Eric to secure her future at Forrester Creations; Hope makes a confession to Brooke. Wyatt is stunned to learn that he and his mother are no longer working with Forrester Creations; To protect Quinn Artisan Jewelers, Wyatt makes a heartbreaking plea to Liam. Steffy Forrester returns to Los Angeles for a surprise visit; Steffy’s visit gives Quinn an idea, leading Quinn to propose a scheme to Steffy to permanently split up Liam and Hope.
If you said that Bill should NOT interfere than how come Quinn is still trying to set this all up, try to keep Liam and Hope apart ?…I mean, c’mon, SHE’S EVIL, SHE CAN’T JUST COME INTO FORRESTER AND RUIN EVERYTHING, she created a huge mess…..

I mean, s*** , is she crazy ? what is her problem with Liam and Hope??..everything was much better but not for long ever since she came into the FC with her son, Wyatt. Now, like i said before, I don’t hate Wyatt but ever since he started to disrespect her at the same time Hope is engaged, I started to have that weird feeling, “like, WTH????, is he Crazy?” he can’t just be welcome into someone’s home and pumped into other people’s lover. well, Liam respect Wyatt, he gave him a home to stay, he welcome him into his arm, knowing that , Wyatt, is his half-brother. Liam knows how to treat him rite, but now , Liam is starting to hate Wyatt, because of what he had done to Hope, kissing her while she was still engaged to Liam…and that’s wrong..gosh, d***..but if Hope ever wanted ?choose to marry Wyatt, than she is making a BIG mistake there………..

I so want Liam and Hope to marry. I am tired of this Liam/Hope/Wyatt plot line. Let Hope and Liam marry and be happy for awhile. Happiness on soap operas don’t last long, so they an get divorced later. But I have been waiting forever for them to marry and perhaps have a baby. It is time that they get to be happy for awhile.



yup…true as always

It is long past time for Hope to discard Liam in the old rag bag. How many weddings or missed weddings have they had so far? And still not married! I want Hope and Wyatt to fall madly in love and get married after a lovely courtship in which B&B fans are witness to the growing and undeniable chemistry between them. A side by side comparison of an indecisive Liam and a headstrong Wyatt leaves no doubt in my mind as to whom Hope should stake her future. A physical comparison would work just as well. There is Wyatt the hunk of a man and Liam the skinny adolescent-like boy. I know which one I’d choose……………….

well, i guess you are wrong about that! and can’t you hear urself??! discard Liam ? i guess ur jealous that Liam always convincing Hope to marry him rite ?- well guess what ? ur wrong ! Wyatt disrespected her in the first place while she is engaging to Liam, so get real and snap out of it! the only thing Wyatt want is to jump into bed with her ! I mean, that’s what he told Hope…wanted to be the guy that she deserves and have kids??…he is forcing her out of her shoe! gosh ! and the mother is terribly evil, so all the Wyatt fans should be the one to be discarded and back the hell off….

I thank that Hope is turning out to be worse the Stephine. She has always played the role of the sweet girl, but she is showing her true clothes know. If this keeps going I will just find something else to watch. Hope and Liam make a good cute couple. That ugly ass Wyatt needs to move on. But I have to say Hope acted as she is Liam deserves someone better than her. O I know everyone is like it’s just a show and look he Liam done Hope. And I would agree but that guy playing Wyatt doesn’t fit Hope.

IKR?—the episodes this week, well, i have to say that i find it a bit weird because everything has turned out the way it’s not suppose to be..why? well, I’m a HUGE fan of B&B and i watch it like everyday and I know how a person is good or bad the way they move, talk, comprehend with others, communicate and how to be socialize with each other but ever since Wyatt ans his mother stepped in the Forrester Creation everything has ruined and I guess the ONLY person that stand up for both of her and the son is Liam. Liam is speaking from his own perspective and know what his doing, and I know that he IS the right guy for Hope, even though >>EVIL QUINN<< is trying to do everything so he could separate from Hope. But if Hope chose to be with Wyatt than she is making a terrible MISTAKE. If Quinn had told him to step away from Wyatt and show him some respect than why did Wyatt interfere in the first place while Liam and Hope were engaged to each other?….Wyatt was disrespecting his own brother in the first place, and now Quinn is happy bcus her evil plan worked. AND FROM MY OWN PERSPECTIVE WYATT IS NOT THE RITE GUY FOR HOPE, SO BACK OFF DUDE……the only reason why he is so sweet to her and tell Liam to give her some time because he wanted to be the guy for her, well, guess what Wyatt, Liam is rite, you don't care about Hope or her feelings but yourself. the only reason why he is trying to give her the diamond is to impress her, the reason why they went to Hawaii because he wanted to impress her and try to be the right guy to hold her in his arms…..i mean, ewwwwwww, get off, you are manipulating and wanted to control everything just like his mother….Quinn is an evil person and I know how, because of how he talked to Liam about respecting, well, Liam didnt back off, he told her straight in HER EVIL FACE to stop interfering in other peoples lives……and for Liam i give him credits for stepping up and confronted her. And who cares if Liam is boring, i know that he should be the rightful guy for Hope and he is funny , looking , guy…I just dont understand Wyatt..i think he is just out of his mind wanted to win her love…..but dude please get real ! But if Hope chose to be with him than she is making a terrible mistake !! GURL , make up ur mind now befor everything will be ruined if you stepped into Wyatt's life.

Oh no ! wow, this does not look good to me…..If Hope found out about the Diamond that Wyatt stole, she would be real surprised and decide to dumb his a** for gud…now, I have to say that Hope is blind when it comes to relationship, she does not even know that Liam tried so bad to convince her about Wyatt and his mother but she wont even listen. well, lets wait and see where this live triangle will lead her to her future, rather listen to Liam or Wyatt, lets just wait and see who she decide to marry.

Tasha…do you rerally think that Hope is gonna marry wyatt? That might happen. You never know what these writers are gonna write. But what is gonna happen when Hope finds out that it was Wyatt that set up the diamond heist (that is if Charlie ever man’s up and tells that nasty evil Qionn to take a hike). We understand why Hope hates lies but she might be too involved with Wyatt to put stock in the facts about the diamond thing.

wait, what ? and your point is, are you on Liam/Hope side or Wyatt/Hope ? bcuz i am too sick and tired watching Hope falling for Wyatt and the fact that she keeps on saying that Quinn is still innocent. Ever since I started watching Quinn and her role in this drama, i kinda feel annoyed watching it and i said to myself that she ruined everything. so its either Liam Hope chooses or Wyatt ?

Tasha…Oh I am definitely on Hope and Liam’s side. Make no mistake about that. I only wondered if it is gonna be wyatt that marries Hope. I get tired of watching Hopw and Wyatt too. But one thing you have to remember…this is a soap opera so expect some far fetched stuff to happen. But now I wish they would write that nasty b….!! out of the show but we know that isn’t gonna happen any time soon. And what I mean by far fetched…example is that nasty thing is ALWAYS lurking around when people are talking. That to me is a little far fetched…..even in a soap opera.


I agree Dottie. Hope and Liam have been through so much crap and now Wyatt is romancing Hope. I figured something was up with that b…. Quinn anyway. And now Charlie is gonna go along with giving wyatt a second chance until Pam said they were gonna tell. I smiled when she said that. but what is nosey Quinn gonna come up with now? I am sure something. Watching hope and wyatt is making me sick. All they are doing is kissing and now it looks like Hope and wyatt have taken the next step. that is why I wonder if it is too late and Hope is gonna brush off the diamond thing with Wyatt cause she is too involved with Wyatt now.

Exactly ! At first, I was surprised how Wyatt treated Hope while she was engaging to Liam….and now, watching this week episode made me realized that Wyatt now confronted Hope that he was jealous of Liam. WTH ?!?! Is he crazy ?! all he wanted to do was to make it worst in the first place with the (Help) of his mother, and I dont like that. bleh ! I just wish everything will go back to normal just the way it was. Well, to be honest I am a HUGE fan of Liam and Hope , ; NOT Wyatt and Hope, it’s driving me NUTS, and of course Allan, all they do is kissing , and I HAAAATTEEEDD….never liked that guy in the first place. I dont know why some people liked Wyatt, well, there was reason why is that h’s HOT/sexy but his not honest with Hope. (Period)

oh im so happy i knew pam wasnt going to go along with quinn ..quinn has no idea how nuts pam can be to so she dont wanna mess with pammy..i cant wait for liam to get to hope ..only thing is we have no idea how long that might take…lol

I’m excited too because Pam knew form the beginning that there’s something fishy going on with Quinn when she wanted to have lunch with her as her treat. And than she said , heres to “Friendship !” and than from that time Quinn is still up to NO gud ~ _~ and also she was the reason why Liam got stuck in the elevator….and I wonder, how did he get out again ?….i missed that episode. ugh

Tasha…Liam got out of the elevator because Oliver (the picture guy) just opened the circuit breaker box and flipped the switch so the elevator started again and Liam got out. How did he know to do that anyway? Speaking of Oliver did you see that Oliver put the make on Maya. He kissed her and she didn’t seem to mind. Oh boy here we go with another relationship going bust with Marcus and Maya I bet. And Pam is no dummy. she knew something was up with that nasty when she called Pam her friend. And now it just so happens that Liam got the location right of Wyatt and Hope. Did you see that one Tasha? I had to smile again when the episode ended with Liam saying to Wyatt “game over….rock and roll”. Way to go Liam.

Oliver and Mayo were on their way to another floor. The elevator was jammed. In the interim, Oliver initiated a kiss to Maya. She smiled and said she is with Carter. Oliver had complimented her beauty, and he said he was glad she came back to Forrester to model. He said he missed her. Anyway, she decided to take the stairs, as the elevator was still jammed. Afterwards, Oliver decided to reset the circuit box nearby, and the elevator unjammed. That was what they showed, and Liam who was just about to melt down, was elated. Liam hurried to the lobby. Nobody was there. He realized instantly that Quinn locked him in. Oliver never knew that he was stuck in there. On Feb. 7th while at Bikini Beach, Liam was going down a laundry list of Quinn’s antics. He included the elevator entrapment. Oliver did not say anything, yet recognized only at this moment, that this was why the elevator that day was jammed. Consequently while chatting with Liam about all his troubles with Wyatt and Hope (taking him back) Oliver did say he had his eye on someone, but it would be a long shot. Oliver’s story will continue with Maya & Carter’s relationship the week of Valentine’s Day. Tune in!

I like Hope Logan And Liam Spencer together.

To Allan, OMG, Liam actually said that ?!?! well, too bad that I have classes and it starts @8ish ! and i have noooo time to watch the episode but if that really happened well good for Liam. But as for Wyatt he should go find someone else better than Hope, Hope was Liam’s first lover so he should go look for someone else.

Oh my god, Allan , you should see the look on Wyatt’s face…..(puppy face) and good for Liam, standing up for himself, showing how much he cares for Hope and wanted to protect her from Wyatt’s lies. but from my own perspective, what Wyatt did to Hope was unforgivable and everything was based on lies. Now, she said it. And to Pam (Wyatt’s fan), well i guess ur man Wyatt does not deserve Hope anymore, he is hot but he is full of crap !!! soWyatt is not perfect for Hope, so back off !

Tasha…yeah and I hope that Hope sticks to her guns and ends it with Wyatt. And I bet you when that nasty Quinn finds out she will be beside herself….lol. Liam finally got a victory . I am sooooo glad and hope they write that Quinn and Wyatt right out of that show. And guess what else? Bill found some dirt on Ridge. That dude is gay Tasha……lol. Have a good weekend……go Seahawks!

Oh yea, IKR?? !and now, Ibelieve all Wyatt’s fan are NOT happy about it….but I knew it, I was rite in the first place, Wyatt just trying to find his way into the FC not bcuz he wanted the job but all bcuz he wanted, that guy ! -_- and now everyone knows that WYatt is NOT a hero anymore, he’s just a guy that wanted to bump into FC and destroyed everything but I am glad that Liam risked his life to support and protect Hope….but anyway #goSeahawks 🙂 #favoriteteamtoo

Tasha….what does IKR mean? Today’s episode brings Wyatt into Rick’s office and Hope is there too. Rick is not happy with Wyatt at all and says he is gonna terminate their contract. But he asks Hope about it and he says “what’s it gonna be Hope”? That is how today ends. But earlier Bill has showed Brooke the pics of Ridge with that other dude. I think Brooke refuses to believe it. I think he is either not gay or maybe he is bi because he has eyes for Katy and I am not sure that Bill or Brooke realize that. And that little piss ant Caroline seems like she is on Wyatt’s side about this whole diamond thing and says that Hope will forgive Wyatt because he adores Hope. I am beginning to think Hope is just a flake and cannot make any important decisions without help. Oh well, that’s a soap for ya.
Wow did the hawks ever trash Denver huh.

oh wait, what?!?! so ur saying that Hope cannot do anything about that, I mean does she still love Wyatt or Liam?!?!?! what the hell ? caroline on Wyatt’s side eventhough he betrayed Hope ?!?! that is bull****…..Liam tried his best to get Hope back but if Hope still wanted to be in Wyatt’s life than that is sooooooooo wrong. Oh and “IKR?” means, I know right !!! and I am happy that Seahawks won the game. yay 🙂 ^_^

not feeling the episode this week, I mean, I cannot Believe that Hope would actually give him a second chance even though what Wyatt did cost more than what Liam had done..How would Loam react when Hope already forgave Wyatt?!?!?!…i mean what the hell ?!?!?! Liam got stuck in the elevator all because of Quinn, but the reason was that liam wanted to see Hope before they leave , and now Liam fought so hard to protect Hope but I guess, if it wasn’t for WYatt and his mother liam and Hope would have a perfect Life together………….all fans of Wyatt will be like whoop whoop !!! but heads up, i dont know how many chances he will get , if he will do it again.

Tasha…geez i just typed a book to you about today’s episode and I didn’t put my name in as author and somehow it all went south. Hope caved to Wyatt like I thought she would. And she also caved on her and Wyatt’s relationship by giving him another chance there too. Liam doesn’t know yet and he is gonna be super pissed I bet. And remember when Caroline pulled all that crap when Rick was seeing Maya? Well why can’t she do the same here for Liam and Hope? But she seems to be kind of on Wyatt and Quinn’s side. Yes it is total BS!! I am not gonna get to see tomorrow’s episode (Wednesday) because of the Seahawks victory parade but KIRO (local station) is gonna cover it and said B&B can be seen at 2:37 AM Thursday but I will be damned if I am gonna be up at that time and I can’t tape it either because my only way of doing that is in the shop. So if you get to see it by chance, lwt me know what happens. Have a good day.

sorry, Allan, I have class tomorrow, that starts @ 8 oclk and I wont be able to see it tomorrow and that’s for sure, the only time, i watch B&B or the only day I watched it is on Tuesday and Thursday…ugh, shuxx but what’s that book you typed to me about ?!?!?!?! :/ just curious but I never knew how stupid it is for Hope to give Wyatt a second chance and why him ?the only reason why Wyatt didn’t want Hope to break uo the contract with them is bcuz of Hope, he likes her and that is it , nothing else…but if Liam knew about this, ur rite, he will be pissed off at Hope for giving Wyatt a second chance…ugh !

Tasha..well i got my unit back in time to tape B&B at that time in the morning. Too bad you can only watch it on those 2 days. No way of taping it? Yeah your right about Wyatt not wanting to break up with Hope is because of their relationship. And guess what? that stupid Hope caved into Wyatt just like i thought she would. I am losing respect for Hope I tell ya. And she told Liam about the second chance and he wasn’t really pissed as opposed to just being disappointed. Hope thanked him for looking out for her. They hugged and Liam said “always”.And Wyatt pleaded with his mom to no more surprises and interference as he said he is not gonna blow this second chance. Episode ends with that nosey bitch on her cell phone and she says to who ever that she has a job for em and his name is Liam Spencer. So what do you suppose is gonna happen there? Is Liam gonna be out of the show? That damn bitch will not give up even though Wyatt pleaded with her. Earlier Donna is kind of grilling Katy cause Katy is smiling. Donna says oh there is a man huh. She hopes he is a good guy as Katy deserves it. And of course the guy is Ridge. But Donna doesn’t know that yet. Looks like Katy is gonna do to Brooke what Brooke did to Katy. Well that’s it for now I guess. Tell me more about you Tasha. What kind of classes are you taking? Have a nice day.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Blake Berris Chats On the Everett Lynch/Bobby Stein Mystery, Working with His New Co-Stars, and the Last Christmas Episode with Bill Hayes

On Days of our Lives, the return of Blake Berris is making for some very intriguing drama, with the audience guessing just which way the story will go.

When Berris arrived back on Days of our Lives, after previously playing Nick Fallon, he was taking on the new role of Everett Lynch, who has a past with Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) and Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu). Only, as it has been revealed, the past he had with Jada was under the name “Bobby Stein,” who from what we can tell was far from a nice guy.

Blake visited the Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream interview this week, where fans in the live chat were weighing-on what could be the truth about the guy – is he a split personality suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder? Did the accident that cost him a year of his life in a coma, never happen? Recently, someone set fire to the beloved Horton house. Fans are suspecting it would have been “Bobby” who is working for Clyde Weston (James Read). Others believe that Everett/Bobby could actually be Clyde’s son. With upcoming therapy sessions with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) about to start, things are about to get more juicy in Salem.

Photo: JPI

Here are just a few excerpts from our conversation with Blake on a myriad of Everett/Bobby subjects. Make sure to check out the full interview for more.

Did you know that they were going to make Everett Lynch a Jewish character? This is only the second time in the history of the show that they have even had a Jewish character on the canvas. Didn’t they reveal this at the Horton family Christmas episode?

BLAKE: No, they never asked me. I am half-Jewish on my dad’s side. There was never like, ‘You’re Jewish, right? We can call you Jewish on the show?’ At the Horton Christmas, “They made a real point of it, yeah.”

And now the new ‘character’ is “Bobby Stein” …

BLAKE: “Right, and that suggests more Jewish, and then Lynch must be coming from somewhere else, maybe the mother. I was so curious because I think the show has been historically, I’m gonna say, Catholic more than like Wasps. With the Bradys there’s this sort of Irish influence, and then the DiMeras, that’s Italian. So, we’ve got Catholics sort of on both sides that are dominant. Now I, “represent”.

Photo: JPI

What has it been like working with Abigail Klein?

BLAKE: I think she is extraordinary. We start off sort of frosty, or she’s frosty with me, like she doesn’t want to let me in. And then, for a while things are going really well. I just could not adore Abigail more. She’s such a good actor. I could always rely on her to bring me back into a scene and be there in this emotionally, supportive way.

Photo: JPI

Everett and Chad seemed to be becoming friend-ish, when all went awry when at the PCPD interrogation room, Everett let him know about Elia and Bobby Stein, and Chad let him have it for worming his way back in to Stephanie’s life.

BLAKE: Billy would call us the ‘disgusting brothers’ and that’s a reference from Succession, because all of a sudden they’re just so chummy with each other. It’s like all of a sudden we just had this like ‘Bernstein and Woodward’, sort of dynamic duo. I think that Everett really started to think of Chad as a friend and feels sort of disappointed, and he feels, “Oh, it’s that easy? I just needed to have some other identity and now you’re a fair-weather friend?”‘

Photo: JPI

In recent scenes, Jada sees Bobby Stein for the first time, and we see you and Elia Cantu share scenes with each other for the first time. What is it like working with Elia?

BLAKE: She’s fire, man. She comes in hot and she tells you the way it’s going to be. I think early on, we were trying to suss each other out and the more we worked together, the more comfortable you get with somebody. I think actors do this sometimes with each other; if there’s spice on screen, you like to keep some of what you have on-screen in your (real-life) interactions because it helps … it helps the work.  Eventually, we just sort of wore each other down and we’re like, ‘I actually totally get you, and you’re great.'”

Did you know that they were going to make Everett Lynch a Jewish character? This is only the second time in the history of the show that they have even had a Jewish character and didn’t they reveal this at the Horton family Christmas episode?

BLAKE: No, they never asked me. I am half-Jewish on my dad’s side. There was never like, ‘You’re Jewish, right? We can call you Jewish on the show?’ At the Horton Christmas, “They made a real point of it, yeah.”

And now the new ‘character’ is “Bobby Stein” …

BLAKE: “Right, and that suggests more Jewish, and then Lynch must be coming from somewhere else, maybe the mother. I was so curious because I think the show has been historically, I’m gonna say, Catholic more than like Wasps. With the Bradys there’s this sort of Irish influence, and then the DiMeras, that’s Italian. So we’ve got Catholics sort of on both sides that are dominant. Now I, “represent”.

Photo: JPI

You were on set and in the annual Horton Christmas episode which sadly marked the last for Days of our Lives legendary Bill Hayes, who passed away in January of this year.  What do you recall of that tape day?

BLAKE: It was the Christmas episode when we were watching Susan (Julie) and Bill, say ‘Merry Christmas.’  And there was something about it that just felt like it could be the last time. I mean, it wrecked us all on set. Bill gets so choked up and there was something really profound about the moment. They kiss each other as they have so many times before on the show. It was just beautiful. It felt beautiful to be there for that last Christmas. He’s just such an icon. Every time I’d see him, he was so with it … he knew my name, he knew his lines. What an incredible, incredible man.

Photo: JPI

Fans will get to see Everett in therapy sessions with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall)? Would you say she is helping the guy?

BLAKE: Deidre’s always making jokes about Marlena, ‘She’s the worst therapist in the world’ (Laughs) I remember in the first therapy session, we almost couldn’t get through the scenes because it’s just so clear that Everett has a litany of very profound psychological issues that he is going to have to work through. He’ll keep coming back. This guy’s gonna pay the bills!

Photo: JPI

Viewers are waiting to see how they mystery of Everett Lynch/Bobby Stein plays out. What can you say as a tease for what’s to come?

BLAKE: As far as a tease, I would say, you have all these characters sort of, trying to wake up the ‘sleeping giant’ in a way. I think it’s safe to say that like if you poke a bear, the bear might wake up.

Watch the livestream chat with Blake in full below.

Now let us know, what do you think is going with Everett/Bobby? What has happened to him in his past? Share your theories in the comment section below, and make sure to catch Days of our Lives next week on Peacock for more to his story.

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Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Talks on 45 Years as Nikki Newman, the Keys to Playing Drunk, And Those Genoa City Relationships

February is ‘Nikki Newman Month’ in soapland as the The Young and the Restless iconic Melody Thomas Scott celebrates her 45th anniversary in her leading role.

My how time flies! Nikki has had numerous marriages, and some to the same man, battled her addiction to alcohol too many times to count (and we loved it all), and faced so much heartache in the process.

Currently, on all-new episodes of the top-rated CBS daytime drama series, Nikki can’t quite get a grip as Jordan (Colleen Zenk) is out there and in the middle of her next master plot to make Nikki suffer, all the while Nikki is drinking again. Thanks to the heinous plot concocted by Jordan and Claire (Hayley Erin) that revealed itself last November.

Photo: JPI

In a special conversation for You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, Melody shared her thoughts on a myriad of subjects including: her current story, those long tape days at Victor and Nikki’s weddings, why she plays drunk better than anyone on television, plus we take a mini-deep dive into Nikki’s past.

Y&R fans were stunned when the powers-that-be had Nikki kidnapped and then hooked her up to an IV of booze. Just how much did Melody know of the story going in? She elaborated, “I knew Nikki would be terrorized. That’s all that I knew. I thought that sounded like great fun. I didn’t know for a little bit that she was going to fall off the wagon in the process of it. And then when I heard how it would happen, I was thrilled to bits. I did kind of want to have a little leader (or crawl) down at the bottom of the screen saying, ‘Hey, people don’t put an IV with vodka in your arm because that will kill you.’ But, poetic license, I suppose.”

Photo: JPI

Melody also weighed-in on if she thinks Nikki will stop drinking anytime soon, expressing, “She just can’t get out of this. Then of course, Jordan’s not letting her out very easily. Just when Nikki thinks she is mentally strong enough to never take another drink, well, of course she does, because something else happens. I think it’s also a learning point for people who are watching the show who may have an addiction problem. Now, I could be wrong, but I think it’d be highly unusual for somebody to be just mentally strong to be able to stop.”

If you wondered if Melody enjoys playing a drunk Nikki, look no more, “I do. That’s simply for selfish reasons,” she shared. “That’s for my enjoyment. I take great pleasure in it. It’s fun for me, and just the process of pretending to be drunk. I love the end result. I try not to do too much because there’s nothing worse when an actor is overplaying drunk. So you have to kind of keep it a little bit underneath (the surface). However, sometimes because of Jordan, Nikki does get much sloppier than I normally would play it.”

Photo: JPI

In recent episodes, it seems that Jack (Peter Bergman) and Nikki are gravitating more to each other, as both are drawn together through their shared experiences with addiction. Victor (Eric Braeden) is not happy that his arch-nemesis is helping Nikki try to stay sober. Could Melody see Jack and Nikki becoming romantic again? “I love Peter. I mean, Peter was my second favorite husband on Y&R. It would be wonderful, but I don’t know if the fans would go for that,” she explained. “They’re so invested in Niktor that I think they would really be upset about that unless Victor did something really crummy, then I could buy that.”

Photo: JPI

One of the more ‘out there’ stories during Melody’s 45-year run, was when Nikki was paired with Crazy Edward, and he took her home to meet his mother … who was in an urn! You would think maybe Melody didn’t like the story .. but think again! “Bill Bell (co-creator, Y&R) was writing the show in those days, and Bill kept that information pretty tight. I don’t remember us knowing even a week in advance. Maybe, we would get our scripts, three or four days in advance and that was it. You knew nothing about future story, but I loved the story,” she raved. “It was almost Hitchcockian, shall we say. The actor who played Crazy Edward, Paul Tulley was so magnificent and such a sweetheart. We loved working with each other so much, but man, when that red light came on the camera, he scared the you-know-what out of me. He was absolutely terrifying. But then, the minute the scene was over, we’re fooling around and laughing and everything. He was so good. So good!”

Photo: JPI

According to Melody, the pairing of Victor and Nikki was not something she, nor Eric Braeden, initially thought would made sense: “I was a little terrified when I heard that he and I would be doing scenes. I thought, ‘What, what?’ He also wondered, ‘What am I going to be doing working with that young kid, that snotty kid?’ We had no idea what Bill Bell saw. He had a vision with us and somehow knew that we would have chemistry. It didn’t take Bill long to show us in the scripts why he put us together. Then, we started to see it. Although, it was hard to imagine at first, certainly we knew it worked by the time Nikki had baby number one during the ‘Who’s the father?’ storyline. Nikki and Victor weren’t even married yet. So, we did figure it out pretty early on.”

Photo: JPI

From her early years as Nikki Reed, Melody reflected back on some major story points in her character’s history, relating, “I actually did like her in the very beginning when she was just a little brat living with her sister and her father, who of course ended up trying to rape her…  and she had hit him over the head with a lamp … and he died. I did not care for the stripping storyline at all. Only because I knew that I didn’t have the natural dancing ability. I wasn’t fluid enough to really look good up there stripping. I know they hired wonderful choreographers and everything for me, but I just didn’t feel worthy of being up there … I guess is what it was. Of course, now I look back on it and I think, ‘Oh, I guess it wasn’t too bad.’ Later, there was a strip she did in the Colonnade Room. At the time, she was married to Jack. Victor’s sitting there with some other woman and she’s drunk. I saw that scene recently, and I thought it was great. I didn’t at the time, but looking back, I thought, ‘Wow, that was good.'”

Photo: CBS

Watch the full 45th anniversary conversation with Melody below.

Now let us know, are you enjoying Nikki being back on the bottle? Would you want to see Jack and Nikki try their relationship one more time? What has been your favorite storyline of Melody’s over the last 45 years on Y&R.  Let us know in the comment section.


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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Legendary Susan Seaforth Hayes Talks on the Horton House Fire Storyline, Mourning the Loss of Husband Bill Hayes & His Near-to-Final Performances

It has been an emotional time for longtime fans of Days of our Lives and beloved veteran, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams). On-screen, the iconic Horton home was burned to the ground in what appears to be a storyline-dictated decision that shocked many. In real life, Susan is mourning the loss of her husband and DAYS enduring favorite, Bill Hayes (Doug Williams), who passed away at 98 in January. Over the weekend, during the 2024 SAG Awards In Memoriam tribute, Hayes was remembered along with other motion pictures and television stars whom we lost over the past year.

Since the Peacock streaming soap opera tapes months ahead of air, the Horton home fire and its aftermath are currently playing out in all-new episodes with more on this story featuring Susan to come. Bill Hayes also appeared in several of these episodes making it all the more touching and heartfelt.

When Julie came back to the Horton home to see what remained of it after the fire, Days of our Lives fans were treated to a heart-tugging episode that streamed last Wednesday, February 21st. In it, newly-taped scenes of a young Tom (Zach Chyz) and Alice (Sydney Kathrann Smith) Horton telling the story of how they came to live in the house to raise their children, juxtaposed with Julie and Doug (and members of their family and friends), surveying what’s left of the beloved house, brought many a tear.

Michael Fairman TV talked with Susan Seaforth Hayes for this very candid and heartfelt conversation to get her feelings on the Horton house fire, and being given the opportunity to have a storyline at this point in her storied career. In addition, Susan provides some insight on what it was like for her ailing late husband to tape scenes at DAYS shortly before his death, what the series plans to do about writing off the character of Doug while honoring the legacy of Bill Hayes, and how she knew she had the greatest love affair that anyone could hope for in their lifetime, which in turn, has inspired all of us.

Photo: JPI

I was shocked when they decided to burn down the Horton house. Were you at first devastated … and did you know that there would be a big story surrounding it?

SUSAN: I did not know how big a story was with it. I knew that many years ago, another regime had planned on trashing the set and getting rid of the set because nobody cared about the Hortons anymore. It was stopped by one person, and I was eternally grateful for that. This time I thought, “Oh, my goodness! I guess I’ll be meeting people for a cup of coffee at the Horton Square. No home, no roots, no reason to be called in,” and thinking that’s the end of Julie. That’s the end of Doug and Julie. Then, when they began to structure a story around it, I think all of this came up during the writer’s strike. So of course, I was curious to see how this was going to turn out. I enjoyed the aftermath, because in the aftermath, and a little bit before the fire, if you saw the show, I get to talk a bit about the history of the household and the people in it.

Photo: JPI

In the special episode that aired last Wednesday, Julie gave Leo (Greg Rikaart) the family tree history of the Hortons for his story in the Spectactor.

SUSAN:  I’ve had a couple of good long soliloquies about the past. I’m fated to be the character that does that because I’m the one still standing. I must say, I do enjoy doing them. Emotionally, all I have to do is rerun some of the actors and my own family in my mind and the emotion starts to come, you know, the emotion starts to flow.

Julie talks to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) immediately after the fire. She is upset that the Horton family Christmas ornaments are gone. Fans were not happy that they could possibly have burned up. Thank God! There was a happy ending when they were located and unscathed, or there would have been hell to pay! 

SUSAN: I knew that they were in the prop room and that they still existed. But how much they were going to put a story around their loss, I did not know. We don’t get to ponder the plot. We just get to show up and start doing it. I think on this particular matter, something as important as a structure of the original set of the show, there’s been quite a bit of interest. So, I can appreciate that.

Photo: JPI

I was thinking, ‘Did they decide to burn the house down, because they were finally retiring the old Horton home set?’ What was the purpose of it?

SUSAN: They’ve done everything to make quicker set changes, which is remarkable and very efficient right now. The set designer said, “I’ll be interested in your input,” which was nice. The one thing that I loved that had been done, didn’t work. You couldn’t shoot into it. It was a federal mirror over the mantle. I loved it. The size was perfect. I was just delighted. And then, we tried to shoot it, and because of the roundness of the mirror, you got a perfect view of camera one and camera three. So, it came down.

This is Julie’s project to renovate the home. She’s determined to bring back all the memories and redo it?

SUSAN: Absolutely, which is another nice note to play for my character. She’s determined to make the house something that her grandparents would recognize and still feel comfortable in.

Photo: JPI

What did you think of the episode that just aired where the show incorporated flashbacks of a young Tom and Alice Horton?

SUSAN: Well, I set it up. They had their own their own lovely scenes. I read them, and I’m sure the audience was charmed.

What do you remember when you first came to DAYS, and you were in that house, in that set?

SUSAN: What did I notice about the set? I noticed that it was a strange shade of green. (Laughs) It was explained to me that that dull color meant that your face would pop on color TV. I understood that. I loved the little window up the staircase. I’ve always loved that. And at one time, there was a model of the house that sat on the set on its own little pedestal, a little playhouse of the exterior of the house. Whenever the house was on (and remember this is when we were a half-hour and practically live, but not live, because there was no editing), there would also be the sound of a barking dog whenever we reached the Horton house neighborhood. We never saw the dog, but I’m sure his name was “Spot”, and I’m sure he belonged to someone.

PhotoL JPI

You shared so many scenes with Frances Reid (Alice) and MacDonald Carey (Tom) in the Horton living room set and up till they passed. Did they get along well with Bill? Looking back, how was your relationship with them?

SUSAN: They loved him. Well, Mac and Billy had worked together before in theater. Mac was very kind to me at the beginning and helpful. Frances was as well. As Frances got older, she got a bit testy. When someone says, “You’re not going to read the line like that … are you?” It catches your attention. (Laughs). I got peeved at Frances from time to time, but her intent was always to make everything as good as it possibly could be. I saw her come back from her stroke. learn to talk again, learn to do it all again. Not do it easily, but to do it at all was wonderful, and the same with Mac. In his last shows, he was very frail, but we’re actors. We liked being there.

Photo: JPI

During the taping of the episodes surrounding the Horton house fire, Bill was mostly in them with you. How was Bill doing at the time you taped these scenes?

SUSAN: He was okay. He was up for it. He had difficulty moving at that point. So, they restricted his movement a lot. Bill always enjoyed coming to work a lot, and it was extremely difficult for him because he was blind, and didn’t move very well. And now, to do a scene with people who may or may not, have rehearsed with you, who may or may not, give you the exact cue, and when they are attempting to have you look each other in the eye, you can’t see who’s eyes they are, that was the hard part. The easy part was working with him, which was lovely and was a gift. It was a gift from Corday Productions that he was able to work within three weeks of his death, which I thought was super and extraordinary.

Photo: JPI

That is amazing. Did Bill understand everything that was going on at the time of the tapings?

SUSAN: Absolutely. He understood what was going on. He just couldn’t see it or touch it.

The timing couldn’t have been easy for you with Bill’s declining health, and that the show was going to burn down the Horton home where you shared so many scenes and memories.

SUSAN: Well, it hasn’t been my greatest stretch. But I knew that life would be like this. I’ve had five decades of an absolutely wonderful, blessed marriage and a chance to work and a chance to live in my own home and travel, all good. And now, we’re going to have the epilogue. And the epilogue is the hard part, seeing rapid change around you and losing the people that were the center of your life. I’ve just been very fortunate to have cultivated some wonderful friendships, and to have a wonderful large family of Hayeses.

Photo: JPI

You do realize that you and Bill were the gold-standard of what we all should be lucky enough to have in our lives. What an incredible, beautiful, passionate, loving marriage that the two of you had. You don’t see marriages like that anymore. We were all just in awe of the two of you. To us, it was the greatest love affair. You got to have that which is so extraordinary.

SUSAN: I know, and it was all Bill. I mean, any idiot could have been married to Bill Hayes and been deliriously happy. The guy was so perfect in every way that you really would have to pick something and blow it out of proportion to ever complain about any of his traits of character. He was just all good character, goodwill, and good humor. I just followed along and tried to live my life for him, with him, and follow his style, which I hope to carry on. I hope to be as good to people as he was to people, and, not be selfish.

Photo: JPI

I always remembered how the two of you would come to the studio with your suitcases, ready to work no matter what material, large or small, they gave you. You showed up. You just had such great work ethic and you don’t see that as much anymore.

SUSAN: At the moment, it’s hard to find it everywhere. I think it’s probably generational. You cannot get too angry at people that are still holding up their phones in the one rehearsal that we have. I think it’s more convenient to receive your work electronically, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite as real. You don’t have a script in your hand anymore unless you print one up yourself.  Sometimes you haven’t met the person you’re working with. Well, that’s not unusual, but no rehearsal at all, that’s kind of marvelously new.

Photo: JPI

Does Julie lean on anybody for emotional support as she tries to rebuild the Horton home. Who’s there for her?

SUSAN: As far as I can tell, nobody. I’m supposed to be the wise woman, and Marlena (Deidre Hall) is supposed to be the other wise woman. I haven’t had any scenes with Marlena for help. I would think Marlena would be the person I would be going to for grief counseling, for friendship, for all of that. I haven’t seen it in the scripts, yet. I’m still deeply entwined with Chad’s (Billy Flynn) storyline.

How is Billy Flynn to work with?

SUSAN: A pleasure. Billy Flynn has grown a lot as a human being and as an actor since I’ve known him. I’m really enjoying his company and really enjoying doing scenes with him. We rehearse and then we get on other subjects and laugh and talk and inform each other. We’re interested in a lot of the same things. He’s a new parent. He’s really devoting himself to that, to that experience in the best possible way. So, I’m lucky.

Do Julie and Chad try to figure out who set the fire?

SUSAN: Oh yeah.

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I kept thinking about how Julie got burned in the kitchen fire years ago and her face was scarred, At the time, your mother Elizabeth Harrower was writing DAYS and wrote that for Julie. Did you hate that story?

SUSAN: Well, I know where the story came from. It came up from something in mother’s own life. I knew the people involved, and I wasn’t crazy in love with the idea. Then, when it was supposed to go for six weeks and went on for months and months, I was concerned. Mainly, I was concerned that my face was going to be affected because of the appliance, the scars, that I was wearing. I was told by a dermatologist, “You’re going to have a little beard after this. Ripping your face every single day to get this off is going to be hard on you.” But, I seem to have survived.

Has the show even addressed with you how they plan to handle writing-off the character of Doug Williams, and how they want to honor Bill?

SUSAN: Only in the smallest way. I had a conference call with the producers and our head writer last Friday. I was informed about the immediate, immediate future. I’ve also been promised that they’re going to keep me busy. It’s a cast of over 40 people. I’ll be happy to show up and to be included.

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I was just hoping that whatever they decide to do with the character of Doug that they were going to run it by you, first.

SUSAN: They have, and they have been very sweet about it.  I’ve got to tell you, this regime, they have a sign up on the wall now, that says, Things we expect on this stage.”  The first one at the top of the list is “kindness.”

Have you watched your work back all these years? I know some actor’s never like to watch the scenes they taped.

SUSAN: I think you learn by watching yourself, if you have an open mind, and if you are not hypercritical, or dismissive. I cannot be dismissive of a character that has given me such a wonderful life. I’m still interested in Julie, perhaps I wouldn’t have been if I’d been on the show for three years and never returned to it. But I’m quite interested in her now, and what she has to offer as a member of this ensemble.

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Julie’s ties to the whole history of Days of our Lives from this point on are very important. How do you feel about that?

SUSAN:  There are those that don’t care about the history of the show. I know that. I know there are those that only care about continuing with something snappy to keep eyes on the screen through action, adventure, drama, death, kidnapping, missed opportunities, all that, which I suppose that’s what the audience craves. But, that’s not just what the show can do. What the show can do so well is character. There’s a lot of people over 70 who are still on the show now. I’m the oldest one, but I’m not the only one. We’re coming up on the 60th anniversary. I don’t think the show is worn out. And if it is, it’s had a remarkably successful six decades.

Lamon Archey (Eli) is back on DAYS for a stint. What has it been like to work with Lamon as his on-screen grandmother?

SUSAN: I think he’s terrific and visually he is so beautiful, so appealing. I think both Eli and Lani (Sal Stowers) are very appealing as characters. I’m delighted to be connected to Eli as a family member. That was a lucky break for me.

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Do you think DAYS fans are going to continue to be emotional in the aftermath of this fire and all the story that comes out of it? Do you think we’ll be touched by what Julie goes through to get the remains all cleaned up for a new house?

SUSAN: I think anybody in America who’s gone through a disaster, and have unfortunately had the disruption of their home, will be sympathetic and interested in how it all turns out. It’s a nice note to play. We haven’t had to do that very often. We just go from one lovely apartment to another without much discussion. I think this is the one set that meant a lot to people. I was very sorry to lose “Julie’s Place,” as it turned into kind of a sandwich shop. I still loved having a business, a tangible place to be, and an alternate place for people to meet.

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Upon reflection, what was your favorite scene with Bill? Was it when Julie and Doug got married on-screen, or was it something else that was much more intimate?

SUSAN: I think our last scene is going to be more important, emotionally. I think the first wedding was beautiful, but the material around the time of our second wedding, when Brenda Benet (ex-Lee) came back on the show and Doug stood up to her and says, “I’m not going to be manipulated anymore,” was also strong. There has been a lot of very important times – when Doug was killed-off by James Reilly, and we met in the tunnel of light. That was a day. That was a difficult day, which I certainly can’t revisit right now emotionally. When Julie found out Doug had run off and married her mother, Addie, that was a day. It was a day because, I went to the producer at the time, Jack Herzberg, and said, “Is this it? Am I not going to work with him anymore?”And he said, “Right! That’s it. You’re not working with Bill Hayes anymore.” We were not married at the time, and I thought I was going to go through the floor! That wasn’t a happy day.

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In terms of Bill’s final day on the set with you, did you know that it was his last, and what would turn out to be his last scene?

SUSAN: Well, they didn’t know. But I knew. I had been allowed to rewrite it. So, I can’t tell you Bill’s last line now, of course, but I will in time.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Susan on her late husband, and this storyline? How do hope the show properly honors Bill and Doug Williams when the series writes-off the character? Are you enjoying the Horton house fire story arc or does it upset you too much? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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