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emma_main.jpgEmma Samms returns this week to General Hospital to finally get us down to the nitty gritty. Who is Ethan? Is he Holly’s son with Luke Spencer? Or, the biological son of Robert Scorpio? Or, is this just another scam being pulled off by the beautiful con artist?

As part of the “GH” May Sweeps humdinger, Emma came back to the show to tape a few weeks worth of episodes, something she says, she “relishes” doing. Her last appearance on the soap was a few years back. Of course, we all remember her as the young Holly Sutton who captured the hearts of both Mr. Spencer and Mr. Scorpio during the legendary “GH” heyday. But from that heyday did an offspring… spring?

On-Air On-Soaps chatted with Emma about her exciting return, her numerous projects, family life in England, and her time on the primetime soap, Dynasty. Also, she’s getting to work with her old pal Tony Geary, and her newest buddy, Nathan Parsons, and she tells us she couldn’t be happier.

Here’s Emma!

Listen to the audio:



You are back on General Hospital this week! When you came back this time from your last visit two years ago, you came back to a new set and a different look, and the show in HD!


I tell you the new hospital set is amazing, but my character never goes anywhere near the hospital. The Police station, yes, but not the hospital. As far as High Definition, I hope I look good in it. (She laughs)


How is working with Nathan Parsons (Ethan), presumed “son” of Holly?

I have he is amazing! I watched him before I met him and worked with him. Then as soon as I started working with him, I forgot whatever I was talking about, because he has such an interesting character and quality about him. It’s not your standard young actor. He is very interesting and the way he works, it makes you pay attention to him. I think everybody focuses on him. He is very charismatic. We have quite a few scenes together, and they have been very interesting, and that is all I am going to say! (She laughs)


So, as we have heard, he will turn out to be Luke Spencer or Robert Scorpio’s Son?


Yeah. That much I can tell you.


And Holly will be the mama?


Probably. I am very well trained by the ABC press department! (She laughs)


Is Holly coming back with an agenda? What is precipitating her return?


I think it’s safe to say that Holly always has an agenda. I think there are a lot of people who are very keen on having her reunited with Scorpio, because that was such a successful pairing. But, what people have to remember is that she has been on her own for a long time, and it’s quite likely that she will revert back to type, which is a con artist. She’s from a whole family of swindlers and thieves, and in truth, it makes much more sense for her to be that character, if the writers are kind enough to bring me back every now and then. Holly is the type of character that you can bring back to cause a little trouble and than leave again. That idea of coming in and out of the plot and the show is what I am so happy to do.


So, Holly is either conning Luke with this Ethan, or she is there to tell Luke some truths?


Holly is always pleased to see Luke, as I am to see Tony Geary (Luke). I have been so lucky to have two marvelous on-screen relationships at “GH”, and I am very grateful for that. Of course, it was Tony who taught me to act at age 21. I think it’s safe to say that I was pretty rubbish….


….And your first scene was in the pond, supposedly naked!


That’s right….


…I know my Holly.


You know the Holly trivia!


What do you think about Tony Geary? I think he is the consummate actor on soaps.


I totally agree with you, and the reason why, is he listens, he pays attention, he is not reading the lines in the way that you would necessarily think of them when you are first reading them, and he makes it all so different and exciting and interesting. I am still learning from him. The other thing about Tony is not only is he an amazing actor, he is an amazing person. It’s always a delight to be around him.


Well, it would be so exciting to have Holly, Luke, Robert and Tracy in a one big mess over Ethan!


A lot of people are hoping different things, and of course you can never make everybody happy, which can be a bit frustrating for an actor, because you are going to upset some people and you are going to make other people happy. I always hope, overall, you make more people happy than upset. You have to do essentially what the writers tell you to do.


I saw some “hot” chemistry with Maurice Benard (Sonny) on the set of “Good Day LA” when they did a segment on your first day back at “GH”. Do you think it would be fun for Holly and Sonny to mix it up?


I tell you, they would be two interesting characters together, if they were ever to have an issue to deal with that brings them closer.


So we can assume that Jane Eliot (Tracy) and you are going to really mix-it up?


I think one can assume that because it’s too good to miss, because Jane is such a fantastic actor as well. The interesting thing is now that I do all sorts of work other than soap operas, I therefore am on film sets and nighttime television shows, both here and England. The thing that makes the “GH” experience unique is that on a show like General Hospital everybody is nice and hard working and professional, because they won’t have you if you are not. You will get kicked off the show pronto, if you are none of those things. And, what a joy that is, and a difference that makes to go to the set and be surrounded by these really lovely people.


Well, Fallon, ( He laughs) when you played that part on the prime-time soap Dynasty, what was your take away from that experience and the primetime soaps of the 80’s?


Besides all the clothes in my attack? (She laughs) It was all mostly designed by Nolan Miller, and how lucky was I to wear those things? In truth, to be part of a show that has become an iconic representation of the 80’s generation is really a privilege. Who would have thought that after the show some 20 later, after the show has been finished, that people are still talking about it, and that it does represent the 80’s in such
a profound way.


Do you still stay in touch with some of your former Dynasty co-stars?


I do. The actor who played my love interest in the last couple of seasons who played the police officer, Roy Abruzzo, is a friend. He went onto to do The Sopranos for a couple of years. I have stayed in touch with him. In fact, I went to see him in a play a few weeks ago.


You live in the countryside in the UK. What have you been doing with yourself in England?


Mostly, I have been raising my kids who are now 11 and 12. I have a boy and a girl. I am blessed to have two such wonderful little people to devote my life too. I still work some. I do some bits and pieces for the BBC. I did a movie with Wesley Snipes a few years ago, and I did a mini-series in South Africa, except everything is a way from home! So, I try to limit it very much. I am going to be doing a very interesting job when I get back, which is that I am actually dancing in a modern ballet type production. I have not danced in a very long time.


Weren’t you a dancer originally in you career?


Yes, I was!


See, I know my Emma Samms!


You know your Holly.


Of all your accomplishments, what are you most proud of?


I would say, by far, it’s having created with my cousin The Starlight Children’s Foundation. It’s now called, over here, the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation, which helps children who are critically, chronically and terminally ill. And, to have had a career that meant that I could use that celebrity, as it were, to do good things and help kids, and to help families going through horrible times…that’s the best thing in my career, by a long shot!


Are you still active in the organization?


Very much so… and certainly in the UK! Business is booming for us. We have raised more and more money every year, and reaching more and more children, which is very satisfying.


In closing, emails have come into me from many of your long time female fans telling me to ask you your beauty tip.
You still look amazing! What is your secret?


Genetics is my secret, which is sadly the answer. I think we are all destined to age pretty much like our mother, unless we mess with it too much by being out in the sun a lot or smoking, or whatever. My mother looks fabulous. So, thank
goodness for that!

Breaking News

49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards: General Hospital, B&B’s John McCook and Y&R’s Mishael Morgan Take Top Honors

Friday night, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ (NATAS) 49th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were handed out in 15 categories on a live telecast on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.  When the dust settled, it was ABC’s General Hospital who took the night’s top prize for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series.

This marks GH’s continued record-breaking number of wins in this category and brings it up to 15 victories for the iconic show, which is currently in its 59th year on the air.  GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini accepted the award on behalf of everyone connected with the show, when Drew Barrymore presented the final award of the night.

Photo: JPI

The night also brought with it the historic win of The Young and the Restless’ Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair). The actress became the first black actress in Daytime Emmy history to ever take home the Lead Actress Daytime Emmy.  In the emotional highpoint of the evening, in terms of acceptance speeches and significance, Morgan spoke to the current generation breaking glass ceilings.

Morgan expressed: “We are breaking glass ceilings left right and center and I am so honored to be a vessel and to experience this moment. Everybody out there today, we can do this thing called equality and unity together.”  In her speech, Mishael shared: “I was born on a tiny island in the Caribbean, and I’m now standing on an international stage and I am being honored regardless of the color of my skin, regardless of my passport, for being the best at what I do, Now there are little girls around the world and no matter what the industry, the vocation they can strive to be the best.”

Veteran actor, John McCook who has played Eric Forrrester on The Bold and the Beautiful for over 35 years, finally won his first ever Emmy after four previous nominations in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.


The Supporting Actor and Actress in a Drama Series trophies went to two standouts from General Hospital, Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) and Jeff Kober (Cyrus), while Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer), added another mantle to the GH trophy case with his first win for Outstanding Younger Performer.

Days of our Lives writing team led by Ron Carlivati took home the gold for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series, while GH won for Direction.

The biggest winner in terms of total gold belonged to The Kelly Clarkson Show. When all was said and done, between the Creative Arts ceremonies held last weekend, and last night, the talk show took home 7 awards including: Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show and Talk Show Host. General Hospital followed with five total wins for Daytime Emmys 2022.

The ceremonies featured DAYS Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) anchoring the Lifetime Achievement Award presentation to her longtime co-star John Aniston (Victor), who was not present, with the help of John’s daughter, Jennifer Aniston, who was seen on tape.

Susan Lucci (Ex-Erica, All My Children) made her first public appearance since the passing of her beloved husband, Helmut Huber and introduced the In Memoriam segment.  Grammy-winner Michael Bolton performed his classic tune “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” during the tribute.

Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner were the hosts for the telecast, and with the overturning of the Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision on everyone’s mind last night, Turner gave a nod to how she and so many others felt, when Frazier told her how nice she looked in her dress. Nishcelle commented, “I chose this dress. It was my choice.”  That moment received huge applause from the audience in attendance.

Check out the full winners circle list from last night’s 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards below. 

Then let us know, are you happy with the results? Who were you most thrilled to see take home an Emmy? What did you think of the telecast? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Outstanding Daytime Drama Series

General Hospital 

Outstanding Lead Performance in a Daytime Drama, Actress

Mishael Morgan, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Lead Performance In A Daytime Drama, Actor

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Supporting Performance, Actor, in a Daytime Drama

Jeff Kober, General Hospital

Outstanding Supporting Performance, Actress, in a Daytime Drama

Kelly Thiebaud, General Hospital

Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series

Nicholas Chavez, General Hospital

Outstanding Writing Team For a Daytime Drama

Days of Our Lives

Outstanding Directing Team for a Drama Series

General Hospital

Outstanding Game Show Host

Steve Harvey, Family Feud 

Outstanding Game Show


Outstanding Entertainment News Series

Entertainment Tonight

Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall

Outstanding Informative Talk Show

Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts 


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL 15000th Episode: Laura Faces Being Ousted as Mayor as Port Charles Bands Together in Support of Her

Finally, after many preemptions, General Hospital’s 15,000the episode aired on Wednesday. In it and front and center in the standalone episode was GH icon, Genie Francis (Laura).

In story, after a scathing op-ed is run in The Invader from a group of citizens called “The Friend of Port Charles”, they take aim at Mayor Laura Collins and want a recall to replace her. When trying to figure out who was behind the story, Laura’s friends and the citizens of the town, band together to keep her from being ousted and to figure out who would attack her in the press like this.

That sets up a few sentimental flashback clips featuring the three current longest-running members of the cast, Genie, Kin Shriner (Scott) and Jackie Zeman (Bobbie).  Viewers get a glimpse of Scotty and Laura’s wedding, and then Bobbie’s contentious and duplicitous side when she fought for the love of Scotty against a teenaged Laura.

As Laura tries to determine who is behind the op-ed, Curtis (Donnell Turner) gets a lead from Ms. Wu (Lydia Look) that Laura’s half-brother, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is behind it.  Laura then heads to Pentonville to confront Cyrus.  She asks if he’s the brains behind “The Friends of Port Charles”.

Cyrus insists he is only an advisor. He goes on to say that this is a group of people who are disillusioned by the way she is running the town.  Cyrus gets angry and vengeful, and emotional, when saying the police department is corrupt and how ELQ and Cassadine Industries gets tax breaks at the expense of less fortunate people, etc.  Laura can’t figure out if these people in the ‘friends’ group have such high moral value why would they hire a criminal, like him, as an advisor?

Renault goes on to say that it’s up to God and preaches she needs to be less self-righteous.  Laura throws back to Cyrus that where was God in that scathing op-ed, that he did filled with such hate?  Laura then forgives him and walks out, which stuns Cyrus.

Photo: ABC

Later, Scotty in front of Laura, Bobbie, Anna (Finola Hughes), Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Lucy (Lynn Herring), proposes to Liesl (Kathleen Gati), but she turns down his marriage proposal.  Liesl feels they have a good thing going , so why mess it up with a marriage at this point. The two kiss.

In addition, Laura meets up with Maxie (Kirsten Storms), who are visiting an institutionalized Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).  Maxie brings her some cosmetics from Deception because of the bad lighting in the facility.

The softball game was the throughline of the episode, and at the end, we saw the payoff, when all the characters converged on Charlie’s giving their support to Laura, who says she is ready to write her rebuttal.

Then in a voice-over from Laura, she speaks to the essence of Port Charles and its residents which included: that they have a strong community that she is proud to be a part of it and she speaks to her legacy over generations.  Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) proposes a toast to Laura, as she notes that if she loses the recall then so be it, adding that if the person who replaces her is a Port Charles lifer, like she is, then the town will continue to prosper.

So, what did you think of the 15,000 episode milestone episode? Did you enjoy the performance of Genie Francis? Did you like the way much of the cast was utilized, or did you feel otherwise? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Finola Hughes, Marcus Coloma & Josh Swickard Talk On 15,000th Episode Milestone

The juggernaut that is ABC’s General Hospital, is marking yet another accomplishment in its storied 59-year-history.  The iconic soap opera is set to air on Wednesday, June 22nd (unless preempted), its 15,000th episode.

As part of the celebration, General Hospital’s Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), Marcus Coloma (Nikolas Cassadine) and Josh Swickard (Chase), who all appear in the standalone episode, chat with Michael Fairman to mark the occasion.

During the conversation now on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, Finola and Marcus, and later Josh, who logged on later while at Disneyland, discuss: their beginnings on GH from landing their respective roles, who in the cast perhaps most intimated them, at first, and what it has meant to be part of the legacy of General Hospital.  In addition, Finola, Marcus, and Josh reveal some of their more challenging storylines, and more.

Photo: ABC

Later, the trio each gives us a tease of what’s to come now that Nikolas has slept with Esme (Avery Pohl), what lies ahead for Anna and her love-interest Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and Josh talks on working with his on-screen love-interest, Amanda Setton (Brook Lynn Quartermaine).

Watch for a special appearance by GH’s Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) within the interview, as we do a deep-dive of being part of the ensemble cast.

We also take a moment to send out our condolences to Kristina (Felicia) and Jack Wagner (Ex-Frisco) on the passing of their son, Harrison, and how you can donate to the scholarship fund in his honor.

Check out our GH 15K interview with Finola, Marcus, and Josh below, and make sure to ‘subscribe’ to the Michael Fairman Channel for more upcoming features, interviews, and upcoming Daytime Emmy red carpet coverage.

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Cameron Mathison talks with Michael Fairman on taking on the role of GH’s Drew Cain, the latest developments in Port Charles for Drew. his busy career outside of soaps and the loss of his mother and his public battle with cancer.Leave A Comment

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