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susanmain.jpgThe Bold and the Beautiful celebrated on their set at CBS this morning with a small get together of colleagues, nominees and performers. Brad Bell presided over the proceedings in honor of the show’s six nominations. Particularly satisfying was the recognition of the only half hour soap into the final three for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series. The cast, some of the crew and producers shared cake and congratulated each other on the big announcements.

Susan Flannery received another nomination in the Outstanding Lead Actress category and was present at the event. I caught up with her to get her immediate feedback on this memorable day and the Emmy process.

Does it feel any different this time getting an acting nomination in the Lead Actress category for the
one-hundredth time? You have
won four times previously!


I don’t know about the hundredth time, but if you live long enough it comes back around. It’s great fun and I am delighted

What did you submit this year?


It was when Eric was supposedly dead in the bed in the house. And, it’s like a miracle that he comes back to life. There is a little monologue in there, and that was the only thing I had, really.

Did you feel good about your chances with it to make it to the finals in your category?


The show aired and John McCook (Eric) came running into me saying, “I just got a call from a friend of mine, who I had not heard from in awhile, who teaches drama, who every now and then watches “B&B”. She said, “What is that monologue that Susan Flannery did today? I want to get a copy of it to use for my acting class.” John said, “Oh, you probably won’t be able to get a copy because she re-wrote the whole thing!” (She laughs) But it sort of stuck in my head, and when Casey our associate producer was coming up with ideas to submit, he said, “What about the one with the monologue?” and I said, “OK. Just put it in”. That was my shot!

Did you speak yet with the other actress in your category?


I just got off the phone with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, “Y&R”) who was at the airport. I left a message for Susan Haskell (Marty, “OLTL”), and I left a message for Maura West (Carly. “ATWT”), but I have not a chance to get a hold of Debbi Morgan (Angie, “AMC”) yet.

What do you think of the group that made into the final five in your category?


I am very happy to see three fresh faces. I said to Jeanne, “We could have said, “No, you know, and let two more of them in.” It’s so nice to see that. That it is not a constant rotation and sometimes that is what happens. I think that is the result of certain people getting in an arc in their career, with three of four nominations in a row and then it goes. I am thrilled for Jeanne, and I was so surprised at her 80th birthday that I had no idea that Jeanne had never won till last year. I was just stunned! I always thought she had a few more. I was thrilled for her again this year.

Are you happy about the other nominations for “B&B”? The show got six nods!


I am very happy for our nominations for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing. And, I said to Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer), “You are not going to retire if you win! Because I know that is what he wants to do. As soon as he wins Best Writing its over! (She laughs) But I am thrilled for him. I was surprised to see that it was three shows that made the final Outstanding Drama Series category. I guess that is because of the way they counted so many votes. We had a big committee meeting on this. I was suggesting to them over and over, that it should be one show submission per actor. People are not going to sit at home when you have 22 actors to watch. We should be allowed to edit the show down, so we can compact it, and you can see the performance together. So, if an actor is sitting in the courtroom, but he is just a shot to the audience, you should not have to watch that. We were able to push all of that together. I think that helps, as well as, going back to number one, number two, number three…and ranking them in the judging process. I think with Outstanding Dramas Series, they probably had so many number one votes on those three shows that the other ones fell below a range. That’s just my guess.

Do you like that there is no second round of voting this year for the final nominees, and that the winner is already known based on the one tape submission?


The only way a second round works now is if you can have people come in and sit and vote in a hotel or a room like we used to. But people don’t want to do that any more. They don’t want to give up their Saturdays. We are in a fast paced society now, and we are lucky we got so many people to come out and vote for the president. I am thrilled to be here again. I know Jeanne is, and I am thrilled for Susan, Maura and Debbi. I am also happy for Christian LeBlanc (Michael, “Y&R) and it was nice to see Peter Reckell (Bo, “DAYS”) get one. Ed Scott (Ex-executive producer) was over there for part of the year. I have a feeling Ed Scott may have had something to do with his performance that time.

How do you feel that once again your on-screen acting partner, the amazing Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), failed to get nominated alongside you?


That was my first question today, “Where’s Kelly?” and I say that every year. I don’t know what it is or why it is. It’s just one of those things in life. I have scenes with her today, so I will see her then.

Do you think the Daytime Emmys are important, and today is important to celebrate the achievement of your colleagues?


I am happy for every show and it’s a small community. We specialize in a genre in and of itself. So, whoever gets a nomination, I am particularly thrilled for.

StephandJohn.jpgWhat did you think when you found out that none of the three major networks that are carrying soap operas, decided not to be home to the Emmy broadcast this year? Instead it went to the CW.


I am not surprised only because of the ratings, and everything is changing. I am delighted the CW is taking it, which I think is part of the CBS family. I am glad that Les Moonves (President and CEO of CBS) supported it to go to the CW.

What is the best part of being an official “Daytime Emmy Nominee”?


As you know, we started a tradition that every year we have lunch with the ladies. Last year’s winner picks up the tab and all of us go to lunch together to celebrate as a group. Of course, winning is a good part, but I say this to everyone of us, “Today is the best day, and right up until they say your name in the envelope, and
who the winner is, you are
all winners,” and that’s the
nicest time.

Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati Talks on the Creation, Scenes & Cast of ‘Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem’

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Days Of Our Lives

‘Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem’ Stars Talk the ‘Making of’ the Limited-Series & the Moments They Loved

Five of the cast members from Days of our Lives limited-series on Peacock, Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem, chatted with Michael Fairman as a wrap-up following the conclusion of the streaming of all five episodes.

Joining Michael in a special conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel are: Eileen Davidson (Kristen/Sister Mary Moira), Charles Shaughnessy (Shane/Drew), Peter Porte (Kyle/Dimitri), Zach Tinker (Sonny) and Rob Scott Wilson (Ben).

During the conversation, the actors share stories of the making of the series, and give insight and behind the scenes tidbits on their scenes including: how Eileen and Lisa Rinna (Billie) played recreated the ‘Amsterdam’ showdown from their time together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but as their Days’ characters of Billie and Kristen, how Peter learned to do the Tango from Dancing with the Stars Louis Van Amstel and Lisa Rinna, plus the drag show scenes where Zach became “Sonny Delight”, and more.

In addition, Charles Shaughnessy talks on how the series harkened back to the 80’s and 90’s campy action-adventure heyday of and the opportunity to work again with Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn as John and Marlena, while Rob fills-us in on trying to keep it together when working in scenes with soap vet Adrienne Frantz, when Ben and Ciara find themselves at a swinger’s party.

The interview is filled with many laughs, and candid moments that fans of the limited series will enjoy, especially the intel offered up by the cast.

Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem continues to stream on Peacock! Make sure to check it out if you haven’t, or rewatch it a second, or third time if you want to see more series like this in the future.

Below check out the interview with Eileen, Peter, Charles, Zach and Rob and make sure to subscribe to the Michael Fairman Channel for more celebrity conversations.

Now, share your favorite moments from Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem, and this video interview, via the comment section here.

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General Hospital

MaxUpdatesGH & WWE Weighs-In On The Latest in Port Charles and ‘Friday Night Smackdown’

We have a new internet sensation in the form of 7-year-old Max, who posts his daily video recaps of episodes of General Hospital on Twitter and Instagram, as well as his weekly video recaps of WWE Smackdown.

In one of Michael Fairman’s favorite interviews for his Michael Fairman Channel of all-time, he chats with Max and the two find out they have a lot more in common then they knew – their love of soap operas and professional wrestling.  Some of the highlights of the interview occurred when Michael revealed to Max his time with the WWE.

Photo: MFTV Inc

During the fun conversation, Max reveals just who are his current GH favorites, his thoughts on what might happen with Jason (Steve Burton) & Carly’s (Laura Wright) pending nuptials and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) ultimate return, and what he thought of the ending of the Peter August (Wes Ramsey) storyline, the return of Roger Howarth (Ex-Franco, now Austin) and just  how he goes about taping his daily recaps.


In addition, Max talks about his passion for the WWE and that he ultimately would like to become a pro wrestler. During his talk with Michael, the discuss some of their favorite wrestlers including: Sting, Ultimate Warrior, and Max’s favorite, John Cena. and the latest happenings on Smackdown heading into Summerslam with Sasha Banks vs/ Bianca Belair and Cena vs. Roman Reigns.

Later in the interview, Max’s mother, Sarah Tomlin, joins in the conversation and fill us in on how Max got started doing his on-camera updates, and just how smart this kid really is – he knows the storylines, the characters, the play-by-play, the moves, the moments on GH, etc.  We think he has could have a career as a pro wrestler, or a host on a top TV entertainment news show!

Watch this heart-tugging and hilarious interview with Max below. And make sure to “subscribe” to the Michael Fairman Channel, if you have not already done so for more celebrity interviews.

Then let us know in the comment section below, what was your favorite part of it … and if you are following Max on Twitter at @MaxUpdatesGH @MaxUpdatesWWE and on Instagram @Stomlin21.

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Video du Jour

GH’s Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) chats with Michael Fairman about Britt being on the run with Jason, their burgeoning romance, working with Steve Burton and her other co-star and Britt’s diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease. .Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Laura Wright as Carly

General Hospital

Airdates: 9-9/10- 2021