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The Revolution Ratings Disaster! OLTL's Replacement Hits New Series Low of 1.4 Million Viewers!



The major networks and the mainstream press better take a good hard look at this!  While we all understand the economics of putting on a much cheaper form of programming, since the daytime soaps cost more for the networks than a reality or lifestyle series, in the end … is it worth it?

Check out the new disastrous Nielsen ratings for One Life to Live’s replacement, The Revolution!  The series with Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak, and assorted health professionals, scored its lowest amount of viewers since its premiere for the week of March 5th -12th with only 1.4 million viewers checking it out! That is 40 percent below OLTL’s performance a year ago at this time!

TV Media Insight delivered some staggering comparisons for The Revolution vs  One Life.   Check these out!  One Life to Live – Week of 3/07/11 Viewers: 2.35 million, Women 25-54: 1.1/ 7, Women 18-49: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.6/ 4  The Revolution – Week of 3/05/12 Viewers: 1.40 million, Women 25-54: 0.6/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2 Percent Change – The Revolution vs. One Life to Live Viewers: – 40, Women 25-54: -45, Women 18-49: -44, Women 18-34: -50

However, The Chew looks to be staying put, as it is pulling in numbers almost equal to previous time slot occupant, All My Children’s pace from a year ago.

Is there any reason that The Revolution should not be canceled?  Will networks look at this as a sign that you can’t assume that just putting on a show that panders to women in the self help area, is not necessarily what they want to be watching all day and night long?  Can someone bring OLTL back from the dead?  Weigh in!

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They should tuck their tail between their legs and admit they were wrong and bring OLTL (I wish it could be AMC) back. We need some fantasy in our lives and they took it away.

Totally agree and wish they would bring One Life back to life!!!

Please bring back OLTL. I miss it so much!

The Revolution will be cancelled this year.

I hope so,I know abc/disney wants to save money but there not making a dime on this show if there paying people 30 dollars to go see the stupid show live.

The Revolution has got to go! If those rat bastards at ABC/Disney axe the last soap in their lineup, well, I don’t know what.

All I know is that GH is better than it’s been in years. Can ABC really be pulling out all the stops, hiring Cartini and bringing back fan favorites just to can the show? Why would the continue to f##k with the fans this way. Why would they put the cast and crew through all of this crap! They are heartless cowards and if they’re going to announce they cancellation, they should just f##king do it!

thats why I e mailed abc/disney today I do it every day sometimes several times a day,but today I gave them hell and told them to stop playing games and make up there minds one way or the other,because this general hospital fan wants to know ,is it staying or are they killing it like they did to all my children,one life to live and soapnet. either way they are all rats running abc/disney ,thats not going to change.

I don’t want GH to be canceled, but I also don’t want GH to turn into OLTL2. Will RC and FV be able to use GH’s own unique history and existing cast to their advantage?
I hope so because GH is not OLTL.

Susan I agree not to make GH OLTL2 but the Mannings and what’s his name, the cop are good additions. The Mannings are the perfect match for the Corinthos/Jax families and the cop has a history w/Sonny. They’ve also done a great job relating history and giving the Q’s some much needed air time. This week’s scene at the Q’s was vintage – loved it.

FV said that he was a fan of GH and I think he always honors history. I’ve heard tell they’re bringing back the nurses ball and other fan faves. I am also grateful for the OLTL characters but can understand if you were never a fan you might not like it.

That being said, I think the show is better than it’s been in a long time. The ratings are up because it’s good! If we have any hope of it continuing, we need to watch, and who wouldn’t want to, it’s great.

Thank You, Thank You and Thank You…… and I am sure U have READ my post over the last month about this issue.

I would love for OLTL to return, but logistically I don’t see it happening. Many of the actors have found other jobs, the sets were dismantled, etc. However, creating a new hour soap, or two half hour soaps would be the best news ever!!

Two halfs would be kool. I would accept that.
I feel AMC would do fine without Susan Lucci, as a half hour series. But we need Vicki for OLTL, because she is the Heart and Soul of that show.

Vicki as a character has a more dimentional personality.Even though I did love Erica,she was more of a sterotype of a woman who was all about herself.Having OLTL back for half an hour would be great but we do need Vicki because she was the comforting heart of Llandview.

I am very happy to see The Revolution go! What a waste of an hour that show was!

It wont bring OLTL back but it MIGHT be enough to allow GH to stay in its place. Katie wants it and they yhave two good reasons, to keep Katie happy and not suffer more backlash if they cancelled GH, versus one reason to save money on dumping GH.

YES!!! Let’s get it down further…

yes! to the people on abc-d who thought the revolting show was a good idea and cancelling good shows, I say “die, you gravy sucking pigs!” thanks Steve for that one! 😀

way to go christy,doesnt it piss you off the we lost our beloved one life to live for a stupid program that could be cancelled because its pure trash, and boring and they have to beg people to come inside and watch there crappy show for a full 4 hours ,and on top of that they are willing to pay the few 30 dollars to stay?

ABC is making some stupid decisions. Hopefully the rumors that Katie wants GH as a lead in are true and hopefully that Ann byatch at ABC daytime listens up.

think the first bad decision is paying the guy at the top – wayyyy too much – and he voted to give himself a raise and now makes, what — 30Million! for what? lousy decisions and lousy managers and decision makers under him — except for one brilliant idea of hiring Frank and Ron and letting fix one mess on their hands! You know that is probably why abc-duh is making these piss poor decisions – like ‘let’s make cheaper, crappy shows and cancel the good ones’ cuz they gotta pay the guy at the top of the scrap pile!

Do we have the numbers of last week for GH? If these are out, then we should have the rest as well… Unless they want to cover it up because GH is getting too successful for their taste!

For the love of God, will someone PLEASE cancel this horrible show already?? ABC has no problem at all cancelling it Primetime shows: Work It, Traveller, etc……. that flop so what’s talking them so long to cancel this trainwreck of a show??? Cancel this fiasco and move GH to 2pm, put Katie at 3 until she flops as well and she will. She’s already failed on NBC & CBS, I don’t why ABC thinks it’s gonna be any different there!

Soap Opera Network is reporting a rumor that ABC is considering cancelling The Revolution. However it doesn’t say if the replacement will be General Hospital or a new talk show.

Let’s keep the good work folks and make these numbers go down even further until The Revolution hits the road. I know this won’t bring back OLTL. But still, revenge is sweet and beautiful.

After The Revolution is done, let’s go after The Chew and The Talk.

Your right, revenge is sweet.the chew I dont understand who watches that stuff ,the talk i dont watch, dont like talk shows period.

Hi Heather:

When U hear about something factual on your end, shoot me a note. Your a good source, and it’s better than all the speculation.


I want abc to be LAST in the ratings am and pm. to many good shows to watch. the stuff their commiing up with you can get anywhere . only 1 OLTL

I believe they will cancel the revulsion & give gh a reprieve . I’d love for OLTl to return to the fans somehow. The show Community was recently brought back from cancellation due to fan support. Maybe we should check out how they did it? I believe cable network picked it after NBC camcelled it.

I still cannot believe this: How can 2, 230, 000 people watch The Chew? How can 1,400,000 people watch The Revolution? WHO are these people? HOW do they watch either of these shows? Does it matter to anyone that Mario Batali has agreed to pay $5,250,000 for stealing employee tips, without admitting any wrongdoing? On ABC, you can have your own show, be a crook, and people will watch.

I think they are old people trapped in nursing homes, stuck watching whatever channel the aides put ion in the morning and stays on all day.

I don’t think that’s it because Nielsen Set Meters are not in nursing homes because the demographic population there doesn’t matter to advertisers. But I agree that it makes sense to imagine only people held hostage or mentally incapacitated could explain anybody watching either The Chew or The Revolution.

it can’t be that many people watching the revolution when they were offering people $30 to sit in their studio audience………………….

abc thought that having ty pennington as a co-host was going to bring in the viewers – bing bing bing bing wrong answer…………….

I cant stand his voice.never watched his other fix the house thing where you move that bus ,forgot the name of the show.hes boring along with the rest of his insane cast.what a terrible waste of our soaps for this crap.

Ethel, don’t say much but when she does it penetrates……….!

” bing, bing, bing, bing wrong answer…………”

LOVED IT ! : )

Hey Ethel, abc thought it waa going to be, ching ching ching ching….. LOL
Wrong Answer!

I think the new shows are a breath of fresh air, not sure why everyone is stuck in the past…

Did you watch AMC and OLTL?

Your entitled to your opinion. I do know that people watch The Chew, from it’s reviews and post on here, etc…., BUT, I never heard anyone say anything ” refreshing ” or good about The Revolution. Your the first.

I do agree that there is a “stuck in the past’ mentally going on on here, BUT my standpoint is coming from recanting the “same ole issue” over and again. ” IF ” there isn’t going to be some ABRUPT action(s) being taken, keyword ACTION(s) then…… it becomes EXACTLY what U have deemed it. ” Stuck in the past”.

the question is will ABC admit their failure?

I think it’s funny that a year ago on April 21, 2011, ABC cancelled
another flop reality show… titled, strangely enough, Jamie Oliver’s Food REVOLUTION…. due to, how about this… low ratings!

maybe they should just stay away from A. reality tv shows and B. and show with “revolution” in the title!

One Life to live was artistically better than Gh and AMC. They held fast to legacy characters and kept polts running quickly and grippingly and kept a dash of humor. OLTL was a FAR superior show to GH and Gh would be lucky to get more OLTL characters to breath life into its stale mob-related quagmire. I’ve watched OLTL and GH for almost 40 years and OLTL is the only soap I have never stopped, I’ve quit GH several times for years at a time, I only recently picked it back up again to try and support the genre. ABC needs to admit their failure and cancel The awful Revolution, then slowly introduce a few, just a few, more Llanview residents to port Charles and shore up all of the holes in GH. Get the mob out and bring Llanview in! That will save GH and appease the fans. Perhaps even have Tad and Dixie from AMC move to town!

COMPLETELY agree! (of course, better yet would be the pipedream of bringing back OLTL!)

Well, i have to disagree with that i have watch gh and oltl but i always perfered gh. Gh was always more action based show and had some of the best sweeps storylines like the metro court hostage crisis. I also like that they don’t draw out storyliens the way OLTL did and although OLTL have some great actors they had some reallty bad ones too and there storylines seem to go on forever. Yes, gh moved past the original characters of the show but i don’t find that a bad thing as long as it is good and interesting and i am really glad to see todd, blair and john not so much star but i have to say i like her a lot better on gh then i did on OLTL. I think the infusion of some of the great characters on OLTL will be a welcome addition but i don’t want the OLTL characters to take over and there are some i don’t want to see as well as the teen scene on that show i could do without. If you think about it gh can be great what other soap can have some of the best charactes in daytime

Don’t take off General Hospital. If you are going to put on Katie Couric, do it after GH.

Who needs more talk shows!!!

Do not take off GH. I will not watch any show that replaces it. There are plenty of talk shows, self-help shows etc. on Cable. I miss the other shows that have been taken off over the years.

This show is so boring I can’t watch.There is enough self help garbage all over the cable networs,even own is failing.Enough already! One life to live was a fun show and an escape from all the reality on t v. Bring back oltl,We are not watching this show and sponsers are wasting their money!!

The whole appeal of the soap opera is the vested perspective you have with a continuing story. To replace them with yet another self help, medical, cooking or talk show is not filling that nitch which was taken away. These people, I will not say women as I know men watch them too, want the shameless drama that they offer. If they do not want to bring back All my Children or OLTL bring a new Telanovela series creating a new nitch for a continuing story line for a limited time as they do in Mexico solving the problem or gap you have created and bringing in a new way for people who enjoy that break in your day can get their guilty pleasure again. Something you can not get from a talk show!

I think that ABC has created a “scorched earth” timeslot. OLTL fans are among the fiercest I’ve ever seen – we gave ABC our opinions when they announced the cancellation of OLTL and we warned them of the consequences – ABC chose to ignore us and now have a timeslot that is only fit for disasters like the Revolution. For myself, I don’t plan to EVER watch ANYTHING they put into OLTL’s old timeslot.

mike thanks for giving us news about our soaps. I’m your new fan. Boycott abc untill they show they care about their viewers.

Since OLTL was cancelled I have not watched a single show on ABC! After getting on and reading about the ratings for The Chew and Revolution, I had to laugh. I definitely did not want to watch another reality show or talk show! Please, bring back OLTL, and I will once again watch ABC! P.S. My favorite show is on CBS with the Big Bang Theory! ABC needs help and needs to listen to the viewers!

General Hospital

John J. York Returns as General Hospital’s Mac Scorpio and Shares, “Expect The You-Know-What to Hit the Fan”

General Hospital fans were overjoyed when John J. York (Mac Scorpio) revealed he was back on set and taping all-new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series.

The beloved GH star was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders, back in 2022.  Later, he underwent treatment for the cancer in September of 2023, which took him off the show while he went through a blood stem cell transplant and the recovery.

Now, those who have waited for Mac to finally get to the truth – that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is his biological son – may finally get their wish!  Speaking with TV Insider on his imminent return (he is back on-screen this coming Wednesday, June 19th), York shared on what’s about to go down, “Expect the you-know-what to hit the fan and let the dust come down and settle where it will, so get ready.”

Photo: ABC

York also prepped viewers that he will look a little different when he first seen back in Port Charles, due to his cancer treatments, “My hair grew back nice. I was not sure how my hair would look because I was bald. Now it’s short, like a military cut.”

Photo: JYorkIG

Speaking on his own health and life, John shared, “With the MDS, if everything goes well with the bone marrow transplant, that should be handled. With the multiple smoldering myeloma, smoldering being the key word, it just kind of stays there in my system. There is a small chance that it could turn into full-blown leukemia at some point, but the goal is for me to die of old age before I die of any kind of blood cancer. I feel fantastic and all the blood tests that I take once a month have all pointed in the direction that things are all going in the right direction, which is really good.”

Photo: ABC

Are you looking forward to the moment that Mac realizes Cody is his son? What do you think his reaction will be as he has been duped all this time? Happy, as we are, that John is back on-screen on GH? Comment below.

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One Life to Live Alum Jonathan Groff Wins First Tony Award For ‘Merrily We Roll Along’

Finally, in his third Tony Award nomination, the multi-talented Jonathan Groff, was named the Tony winner in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for his work in the Broadway revival of Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along at the 77th annual Tony Awards broadcast on CBS.

In one of the hotly contested categories of the night, Groff bested Brody Grant for The Outsiders, Dorian Harewood for The Notebook, Brian d’Arcy James for Days of Wine and Roses, and Oscar and Olivier Award winner Eddie Redmayne for Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club.

Many thought Groff should have won a Tony back in 2007 for his performance in the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening, but ‘Merrily’ was the ticket to victory.

Photo: CBS

One Life to Live fans may remember Groff played the teenager Henry Mackler back in 2007, in what was to be a long arc of a storyline involving a school shooting, but his role as cut short after 11 episodes, due to the real-life Virginia Tech school shooting in April of 2007.

Delivering the most emotional and heartfelt acceptance speech Tony night, Jonathan began. “I grew up in a house surrounded by cornfields in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I was raised by my parents, Jim and Julie Groff, and my brother David, and the three of them were sitting right there. Thank you for letting me dress up like Mary Poppins when I was three. Thank you for letting me act out scenes from I Love Lucy on my 10th birthday. Thank you for always allowing my freak flag to fly without ever making me feel weird about it.”

He added, “Even if they didn’t always understand me “my family knew the lifesaving power of fanning the flame of a young person’s passions without judgment. I walked through life with an open heart because you let me know that I could. Thank you to all of my teachers back in Pennsylvania, especially Sue Fisher, who told me I could do this for a living.”

Speaking to how Broadway has impacted his life, Groff further teared-up and expressed, “I moved to New York exactly 20 years ago this year and I got a job waiting tables and became a volunteer for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. All I wanted was to be a part of this community. A thank you to everyone involved in Spring Awakening who not only made that dream come true, but also inspired me to come out of the closet when I was 23. I’m now 39 and musical theater is still saving my soul.”

“Maria Friedman, thank you for letting me be your Franklin Shepherd in this production of Merrily and allowing me the chance to accept respect and express both the lightest and darkest parts of myself,” Groff continued. “Daniel Radcliffe and Lindsay Mendez, you are more than old friends, you are soul mates, and I’m looking forward to watching each other change for the rest of our lives. Thank you to every member of the extraordinary cast for lifting this Merrily into the spiritual stratosphere.”

Photo: CBS

Groff concluded with, “And finally, I just want to say that when I was a kid in Pennsylvania, I used to record the Tony Awards on a VHS tape and watch the performances over and over again. And to actually be able to be a part of making theater in this city and just as much to be able to watch the work of this incredible, incredible community, has been the greatest gift and pleasure of my life. I thank you and thank you so much for this honor.”

So were you happy to see Jonathan Groff win the Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical? What did you think of his acceptance speech?  Watch it below, then Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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