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The Sexy and the Scandalous: B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang & Don Diamont Talk BRILL!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Once again The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke, (or as Stephanie Forrester and recently her sister, Katie recently called her, “The slut from the Valley”) made a faux-pas and slept with her sister’s hubby, Dollar Bill Spencer!  Of course, there were  “extenuating circumstances”  that led to the deed of passion.   For one, Katie gave her ring back to Bill in front of Brooke!  Katie seems to do that alot!  And then of course, the house of cards came tumbling down and Taylor brought out Brooke and Bill’s affair which produced a baby, which Brooke miscarried! And so the story goes from there!

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Uncensored, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Don Diamont (Bill) are named the Sexiest Couple Alive 2013, even though the duo are not technically together on the canvas of the CBS soap.  Katherine and Don shared their thoughts on the future and the coupling known as “Brill” in the interview, and the story which gave them and five-time Daytime Emmy winner, Heather Tom (Katie) plenty to play.  Here are a few excerpts below!

Katherine and Don on if they knew felt their on-screen pairing would take off:  Don: “I thought it would be great from the start. I had to pull Kelly along… didn’t I?”   Katherine: “I thought it would be great, too. I was just concerned about the pregnancy. But I did think that Katie being Brooke’s sister would add a new dynamic to my performances with Heather and the story. Katie did totally say goodbye to Bill, like how many times? She threw her rings in Bill’s face. Actually, Bill was very nice to her during that time.”  Don: ” That’s what I think! Yeah! Thanks for having my back, Kelly. That’s my girl.”

Katherine and Don if they think Brill has a real future:  DON: ” I certainly think they could. It’s plausible. That could legitimately be written. I think so. I don’t know if they are going that way or not…”  Katherine:  “It’s possible. But there would always be that tension with Katie. Does Brooke want to do that to Katie? I know Katie still loves Bill. That would be hard for Brooke.”

So what do you think of Brill? Do you want Brooke and Bill together? Do you think Quinn (Rena Sofer) could end up being the next woman in Bill’s life, since they already share a past?  Do you still hope Katie and Bill reconcile?  Share your thoughts!

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No, no, no for Bill and Quinn; too much of a mismatch and she really isn’t his type. Katie doesn’t seem to be able to stand up to Bill most of the time so let’s give Brooke and Bill a try. As they both like to be their own bosses, it might be interesting.

No Brill! It’ s just wrong on so many levels! Not something many want to watch a sister screwing her sister’s husband under any circumstances. No reason will ever make it right. I won’t be watching the days they are on.

Oh please! Have you watched soaps?? There isn’t a soap that hasn’t done sibling rilvary! Soaps are about conflict and drama, not about church sermons.

Brill is the only reason many of us tuned back in. The passion! The excitement! The tenderness!

Thank you Bell!

So excited for the upcoming Monte Carlo Brill scenes. High romance is what Bradley Bell promised! Woo-hoo!

Brooke and Bill have brought epic romance back in daytime! Can’t wait to see more and more and more Brill scenes! As for Katie and Bill, just 2 words: played. out.

i agree with u guys 100000000%! BRILL is hot hot hot and to all the haters out there, get a life. this article is about brill, so if u dont like them, why the hell u reading this anyways??? besides, bill went after brooke, he put the moves on her so dont blame brooke. she tried for a long time not to give in and i am proud of her for waiting unlike her past times with other guys. but BRILL is amazing!!!

i can’t wait for the monte carlo eps! i hope they hook up, katie ain’t there, so have some fun! 😉 Katie doesn’t deserve bill, after all she walked out on him like 10 times already and bill stayed true- even when she was sick. but when she wasn’t sick and she left him, bill gave in. AND I AM SOOOOO GLAD HE DID! i stopped watching this show for a while cos its was just bridge and the love triangle between hope, liam and steffy. but now, i watch the show 24/7 cos of brill. i think bill needs someone like brooke in his life, someone that is the same age (unlike steffy, which i think personally ‘still’ is gross) and someone who lets him talk and understands him, doesn’t keep telling him what to do. Brooke is perfect for him, i hope they do keep them together for a while… BRILL 1# !!! TeamBrill FOREVER!!!!!!!! 😀

I am LOVING Brill! KKL has amazing chemistry with ALL her male co-stars and DD is no exception! They are sooooo good together. I am so over Bill and Katie! Time for a new power couple in town!

Hot? They are disgusting, no chemistry between the old pathetic prostitute and the ex dollar Bill, I prefer Steffy with Bill and Brooke dead

It is always funny to see Brookehaters coming over under different fake names to spew their irrational Brooke hatred but its time you get a hobby you guys.

Totally agree Sophie – I love them and have been shipping them since their first kiss. Luv the way B&B made this happen – it seemed impossible. I think Brooke and Bill r so hot because Bill looks a lot like Ridge and has the same arrogance. It never made since to me that Bill had such a dislike for Brooke and I think it was a deliberate tactic to play down Brooke and Bill’s chemistry.

Bill is NOTHING like Ridge. Thank God. Bill is an alpha male…we love him for that. He and Brooke are powerhouse!

Don Diamont and Katherine Kelly Lang are amazing together. Hope the Brill story lasts for years because this is what she show needs!
Katie should be with another man. It is absolutely ridiculous that she has been with Bill for as long as she has- a man like Bill would have never tolerated Katie’s manipulative games for that long.

Bell himself called Brooke the most popular character on daytime. YEEEP.

Can you say “pass the barf bag?” Spare me. Please. Bill and Brooke have got to be the grossest couple B&B has had in years. They don’t have the smallest gram of chemistry. And couldn’t if they tried. Don will always be attractive. But for some reason, he loses an incredible amount of sex appeal with her. And I for one am sick and tired of Brooke Logan getting with every single man she can no matter who they are or what they mean to her family. Who’s next? Liam, Justin or Carter? They’re the only ones she hasn’t had. Brooke seems more like Bill’s protective mother, not his love interest. Sorry. This pairing is repulsive. I’d rather watch a whole new year of the two kiddie triangles than watch these two ultimate backstabbers try and pull off some “love story”. And I use that term loosely. I know I’m not the only one who remembers Bill calling Brooke a low down dirty slut to her FACE. And alot more. And now we’re supposed to believe this is some romantic fairy tale!? Yeah right. And as long as the writers continue to try and force them down our throats, I’ll be giving my viewership elsewhere. Probably Days of our Lives.

Help me remember Krista. When did Bill call Brooke a low down dirty slut to her face? I just can’t recall that moment. I know they have had tension because of Bill’s ugliness & negativity towards Hope but I don’t remember them having such serious words. Don’t give up on B&B but you sure won’t be sorry if you start watching DAYS! It is on fire right now!

Absolutely Gloria! Try to find it on youtube, I’ll look as well. It was back in 2010 when Bill and Katie took over Forrester Creations. Ridge and gang came up with a fake line that would tank the company in hopes Bill would give it back. But Bill found out about their scheme, and while confronting them, he called Brooke AND Donna all kinds of whores and tramps in front of everyone. Bill called Brooke a slut multiple times that year. Makes them being a couple very unbelievable. He was truly REPULSED by Brooke. If you had told Bill back then he would have sex with Brooke in three years, he would’ve laughed in your face after he threw up.

Bill called Brooke and Donna a couple of whores when he owned FC and they were trying to pass off those crappy designs. Bill told them they were whores and that they were jealous of Katie and trying to sabotage her basically because she didn’t work her way up on her back.

I couldn’t agree more. I think Brook is a slut. She’s interfering and controlling… and her little escapade with Eric was despicable.

I like Bill a whole lot better, and look forward to him hooking up with Quinn.

I agree the real Bill Spencer would have got root canal rather than sleep with the whore., who he called tramp and a slut bedding all all the way through the top. The character of Bill all his pride strength and sexiness are gone, deliberately ruined forever, What a shame! That’s the most degrading side of B&B, Bell keep rewriting history to suit KKL and ignore facts and other fans. Outrageous!

I agree with Kristie. Brooke looks like she kissing one of her sons friends, That is why I DVR the B&B so I can speed thru Brill and Liam and Dopey, I would rather see what is happening with Caroline and Rick. Bring Steffy and Taylor back. Taylor with Eric brought out a side of Brooke I rather enjoyed watching. Eric is supposed to be one of the main characters and you don’t see him anymore.

I would prefer Bill to be with Quinn than Brooke because that’s just disgusting making Brooke and Bill hook up, especially since Brooke is Katie sister and Katie has a son with him, ex husband or not that would be nasty and it would show how Brooke is a home wrecker and that she’s heartless and doesn’t care or love her sister Katie. No sister should cross the line Brooke crossed. This storyline brings me back to the Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke situations except Taylor and Brooke aren’t family. Can we say Brooke always going after a man that’s taken and this time she did it to her own sister and yes I know Katie kind of set this whole thing up but Katie was depressed and even if Brooke and Bill thought Katie was truly ending they marriage when her sister Brooke and her husband Bill slept together there’s no excuse or no reason why Brooke and Bill should have crossed that line. Quinn is a very beautiful woman and she’s not related to Katie so yea Quinn and Bill would be better off together in my opinion than the valley slut Brooke as Katie and Stephanie called BrookeLOL

This is one repulsive vomit enduring, grotesque pairing in daytime. Somebody past the PARTY”BAR BAGS”. Bell has lost his mind thinking that this wrinkle old bat screwing every man in sight is interesting. GROSS. Bill Spencer gone trade in his balls to be Brooke lap dog. He’s a pathetic joke, done lost his fans & balls…..RIP Bill Spencer.
This is one pile of horse shit couple ain’t nobody wanna see.
Its just a shame that the back stage bitch always gets what she wants.

I am sure Bell doesn’t give a dam what u think ’cause I certainly don’t..and ur opinions r NOT shared by many I can tell u that..just turn the show off and BUH BYE..

I think this opinion IS shared by MANY, MANY, MANY. Brill is DISGUSTING and I’m sure Bell WILL care when his ratings SINK like the TITANIC. Way to go Time Warner cable! Drop CBS and spare us the incestuous, slut crap B&B is offering these days!!!!

I agree Joyce. I love Brill together 🙂 ♥

Jules, the 15 Brookehaters who post everywhere are a minority That’s all you are, a vocal minority. Even if all 15 of you stopped watching (which you won’t, because Brooke is your reason for watching), the ratings wouldn’t be affected at all, so give it up.

Brad Bell has shown how much he doesn’t care about your disrespectful nonsense, when you attacked him on Twitter and he didn’t reply to you at all.

Give it up Brookehaters.

Broohaters coming over here under different fake names trying to get someone’s attention. LMAO! You need a hobby. And a life. Bell is not reading you and he never will.

Bell has lost his mind trying to sell this nastiest, most disgusting, sick pair as a couple. To be in love is laughable. Sorry but Brooke looks horrible next to Bill…..and they don’t even have any chemistry, even when they are forcing it. Double Yuck, not interested. They should of put Bill back with Steffy!!! At least those two had undeniable palpable chemistry that was believable. Guess I’ll be taking Bell advice and trun the station.
Rumor has it multi EMMY winner HTom ain’t happy bout this…..but as long as Kkl gets what she wants, Bell don’t care.

“….sexiest couple alive 2013” ???.

heck… I’ve never really watched B&B… but… know enough….

they certainly are not this….

let’s give it to the cougar couples… on DAYS….

Kristen and Brady.

Kate and Rafe’alicious.

’nuff said.

well… they are steamy… fun… sexy… fun… intriguing to think about. FUN.

Amen Patrick. Can’t wait for Kristen & Brady to get back together & I wish Rafe would WAKE UP already & get back with Kate. Also, Hope needs a boyfriend!

Brill is wanted by MANY fans and will continue. Bell is a GENIUS.

Disagree? find something else to watch. No one is going to notice. LOL


It is time for Bell to RETIRE that worn out town bike that every man’s been riding for 26yrs.

Barbie I about lost my breakfast on that one laughing so hard!

It is hysterical how you attack Bradely Bell and you actually expect him to take you seriously. LOL

Brill is the future of the show. And we love it.

Adios haters. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. LOL

BRILL-O-NASTY is sick PORN. Not interested in these two nastiness. I hope the writer don’t put them together and they find a way to redeem Bill. He was the only strong male left on the show until the killed him with that SLUTRIACH Brooke. They have no chemistry and looks grotesque.

Brill getting married in Monte Carlo will vomit worthy scenes. Nobody is interested in this, but we all know that Bell is obsessed with his whore and give her everything on screen. Its just a shame that she is a horrible actress that can only act F scenes. And other talented actresses are shoved to the side.

Its even hilarious that air hog Brooke went begging PD to shoot scenes with her in Monte Carlo so she could have more air time and he told her NO. HAHAHAHA tke that u greeedy back stage bitch.

The Horrible Actress was HT always bobbling hr head and waving her arms Glad she is gone from B&B. KKL is the star of B&B and will always get more air time than the rest.

KKL and HT are both amazingly good actresses with a lot of talent. I adore Taylor and love to hate Brooke- but calling either of them talentless when they both managed to captivate audiences for more than 20 years is shortsighted and closeminded.

That being said- Brill induces nausea. I can’t stand them. There are so many reasons it shouldn’t work and doesn’t for me, I can’t believe that anyone is trying to make this a love story. I could buy frenemies who boffed, but star-crossed-lovers with her sister in the way? Nasty.

There should be no Brill. Brooke has done this to her daughter Bridget, her daughter Hope, and now her sister Katie. She, like Taylor, has slept with Eric Forrester, Thorne Forrester, and Ridge Forrester. Somewhere in her history there is a dead husband who recovered from being shot by her adolescent son only to succumb to cancer. And of course, there was Nick, her husband’s long lost brother. So, I think the sleeping with every new leading man on the show needs to end for Brooke. Bell had carried her character forward into a mature, responsible leading lady who even managed after years of feuds and fights with Stephanie to win her friendship and love. After Stephanie’s death, I expected her to fulfill Stephanie’s wish to have Brooke lead the family. It would have been great to see this for Brooke instead of putting her back into the “Slut from the Valley” mode. Imagine fighting Taylor for Eric, and just as she wins, Ridge returns. (Turning Taylor into the nosy nut job that she became didn’t allow that to happen.)But the struggle within the Forrester family would have been great with Taylor, Ridge, Eric, and of course Brooke. That way, Katie and Bill could’ve dealt with her postpartum depression together; had a few months of happiness, and then bring in his most recent son he didn’t know about along with the mother. So, a big NO to Brill.I fast forward through every scene. (To this day, I keep thinking that after Katie’s most recent heart attack, it would have been better (for the story) for Katie to have been unconscious while having a nightmare about Bill and Brooke. All other stories on the show are working for me, but the Brill story: IT’S AWFUL!

Dis gusting pairing!!!!! He is her brother in law for god’s sake… For once can’t we see Brooke do something different. Been watching this show for years and it’s the same shit, different day!!!!

I think Katie and bill are great together but I would like a new man for Katie as for brooke I think she should find someone else not bill because of her sister, I think dr Mead would be great

Sexiest Couple???? Who is writing this???? 90 yr olds in senior citizens home???

That’s laughable.

KKL is the most ugliest woman in daytime. She has aged horribly, has to many wrinkles, has no sex appeal and cannot act. DD was sexy as hell, but kkl is killing his sexy appeal and does not look hot together.

Brill-O-Rusty……pass the “BARF BAGS”

I agree with you 1000% man KKL is the most ugliest bitch I have ever seen in my entire life. Calling her sexy is laughable. She’s the reason I stop watching B&B, use to watch for that sexy chick Jacqueline M Wood. She was smoking hot.

They needs to retire that dried up old prunce and hire hotter and much more sexier looking woman. DD I don’t care for.

I don’t like Brooke AT ALL- I do like the drama she brings, even though I hate the fact that ultimately she gets patted on the head and told “it’s okay, we forgive you” no matter how awful the thing that she’s done is.

That being said- KKL is gorgeous (no she’s not 30 anymore but most women would happily pay to look as good as she does at 51) and definitely a good actress. Not many people are talented enough to take a woman who is such an epic screw up and does so many hateful things- and still have people supporting the character she plays.

What’s laughable is the fact you have so much hate for a fake character on TV that you can no longer tell the difference. KKL is and will always be the star of B&B after 26 years you would think any smart person would get that. She is beautiful and just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean millions of others don’t. As for you Kevin not sure why you are even commenting if you no longer watch, you would think you would have better things to do than look up things about B&B since you claim to no longer be interested. I think KKL and DD have amazing chemistry and can see why the are the HOTTEST couple of 2013. It’s great Bell doesn’t listen to the haters lmao 🙂

You know a couple has NO CHEMISTRY when they have to use exotic background each time they try to sell their scenes: gondola ride, Aspen and now Monaco. Actors are persons, and like in real life, you cannot force chemistry between two persons, you have it or you don’t. BRILL does not have any chemistry. Bill has lost all his charisma and is a pale version of who he was. Stop ruining him with Brooke. And what about all the REWRITE that has been done to shove down our throat that joke. Yes Bill always despised Brooke and insulted her more than once, once in front of everyone at FC in winter 2010 when the Forresters try to pull a line that would be a disaster. But that is right who care about longer term viewers, as Bell said if you dont like it change channel SMH

So this is what the new drug Bell is selling?
Pseudo-incestual adultery? Spare me.
Sorry, this SL has the same vile taste as Breacon.
Bill WAS a favorite ONCE for his insight – he is disgusting now, emasculated
as every other dumb man the snake seduced. I will never be a Bill fan again.
It was my pleasure to stop watching this cheap gutter-show weeks ago.
There’s a lot more pleasing in this world than a 60 year old ***** bedding family members and someone trying to pass it off as even remotely enjoyable.
Good luck to the B&B. My life is a barf-free zone now.

The pairing doesnt work. Brooke character needs a new focus

Brill-O-Nasty a sexy couple???? On what planet??? Who voted for them??? The Three Blind Mice??? Thanks for the LAUGH, but they are disgusting and crench worthy to look at. They have absolutely no chemistry and there is nothing sexy bout them whatsoever. Brhooker is an old dried up prunce that kills Bill sexy appeal. VOMIT is more apporiate to dedcribe this force pair.

Hahahahahaha- Now Liam & Hope will be brother & sister if Brill happens! GROSS!!!!!

Brill-O-Nasty is VOMIT ENDUCING. There is nothing sexy bout them. Brooke is killing Bill’s character and sex appeal. Kkl is old enough to be my great grand mother, she is way past her prime and need to take several seats. Its sick that Bell keeps pushing this elderly woman screwing every man on the show in every s/l. Dude its been how long know? 26yrs of the same crap day after day!!!! Its time to move on from the old whore that cannot act. She is a major turn off. DO NOT PUT HER WITH BILL SPENCER.

I never see a couple disgusting as Brill! They are the worst pair ever, terrible! have the worst chemistry in the history of B&B, I have to throw up every time they appear on the screen. She is an old cougar, and he has eaten his brain to fall so low, he is mixed with the human scum! This story is pathetic as an old woman who shoves red lingerie and quacks like a duck on the bed to try to look young.
I miss Dollar Bill, is useless another pork for Brooke, end this CRAP! BRING BACK STILL! Stefyf is the only woman for Bill, not this prostitute!

Brooke looks like Bill’s mother, she’s OLD!!!!!

Maybe B&B is being sponsored by Viagra or AARP! Hahahahahahaha

Sexiest couple!? Bwahaha! On what planet!? More like most vomit-enducing couple. They keep me watching. Dead serious. Bell missed the mark on this one so bad it’s not even funny. This is something I don’t think the producers thought about, at least HALF of Bill’s fans loved him because he HATED Brooke Logan. He became so popular because for ONCE we had a sexy, powerful man who was turned OFF by that witch. Now, Bill’s fans are abandoning him left and right because he’s with that succubus. He’s a completely different guy and I’m sorry but he has no sex appeal with her. They’re already gross on their own, then add in the circumstances surrounding their wannabe pairing and that is one dirty, disgusting, vile match. Bill was sexy with Steffy. Katie didn’t take away from his sex appeal either but Brooke does. She’s more believable as his mother. I no longer view him as a heart throb. This 26 year old nonsense of Brooke sleeping with every guy she can is older than newspaper. It needs to stop. Starting with Bill. I never, ever want to see her touch him again. I prefer not to lose my lunch thank you.

*Keep me FROM watching

BRILL is sexy?????? That’s freakin’ hilarious!!! Thanks Michael! I really needed a good laugh today!!

It’s very interesting how the anti Brooke viewers can’t separate fiction and reality, to call a person you don’t even know demeaning names because you don’t like the character there playing is absurd and the behaviur of a fanatic.

Why is it that you can’t express yourselfs without profanity, name calling and slander?

I am totally taken aback by this viciousness against Brooke! I am speechless. But I WOULD like to know-am I the only person on the planet who remembers when Bridget was married to Nick & they brought Katie, who was very pathetic at the time, into their home & lives & Nick took her to that stupid island so she could have a prom & Katie slept with HER NIECE’S husband & got pregnant by HIM? Why didn’t Brooke throw that one at Katie for crying out loud? Then of course Bridget did a number on poor Jackie & Nick by getting pregnant by Owen-oh well & so it goes!

It can be tiresome to slog thru the crap – but I usually skim. I can tell by the first line if the poster has anything helpful or objective to add to the conversation :-/. However I’ve learned to deal with the vitriol because I know even the hate helps keep Brooke front and center. The writers and producers loooove polarizing characters like Brooke who generate passion whether fair or foul. So keep on hating haters – lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am too. I don’t even like Brooke and I can’t handle a lot of these comments. 🙁

The ones insulting KKL though- those are the ones that flabbergast me. How heinous.

I know! I cannot imagine what KKL would think if she read this stuff. I mean the show is the show, the character is the character. KKL is beautiful & kind, sweet & soft spoken. People, remember she is NOT really Brooke. She is Katherine Kelly Lang who has provided tons of entertainment for us for over 25 years! Don’t be so mean!

Gloria Brooke did confront Katie over the Nick deal and slapped her she likes to slap just like old Bully Stephanie use to. lol!

because she is a scene stealing nasty old bitch

KKL is not ugly by a long shot I am just very sad that after 26 years the character has not grown up I blame Brad Bell for that there could have been so much more story for her to play very sad. And if she does in fact like having every leading man have a romance with her that is sad to. There comes a time when you say enough and the character of Hope has become the same way why do women have to be portrayed as I can not cope without a man.

You are right. Brad Bell is just plain lazy. He cannot come up with new interesting stories & they spend way too much time in “flashbacks” for a 30 minute (which is actually about 18 minutes) show! He starts a story then drops it like a hot potato. I mean, what the hell happened to Taylor? We should have seen fireworks (not in a good way) when she & Eric got home from Brooke’s b’day party. Instead, Taylor is just GONE-not there anymore. So many stories just fell to the side of the road. Wake up Brad & get going! You have great talent & potential on your show that is WASTED!

Just a quick note to everyone who constantly are trying to pit a war against KKL & HT stop it. KKL was just interviewed in SOD and said she hopes HT comes back they need that dynamic of Taylor & Brooke. It is vicious both ladies do not deserve it yes I laugh at some of the statements on here about an old bicycle or whatever but you need to draw the line when you start attacking the actresses the characters are all in fun most of the time but saying either one of these ladies are ugly or hate each other is over the top. HT has never blamed KKL for her leaving their is a certain columnist who will go unnamed who keeps stirring that up.

Also KKL said she does get concerned with this sleeping with her daughter or sisters husband and BB said don’t worry it’s just a soap opera. The only advice that man has ever said I agree with. Personally I thought her pairing with Winsor Harmon/Thorne was one of the best but no he had to go right back to Ridge. Oh well!

I hope Katie and Bill get back together…Brooke,Noooooo…She has done enough to hurt all in her family and could have what she wants…ALL…But Bill no.

BRILL is one of the sickest creations to ever come from Brad Bell’s pen! KKL and Don Diamont just DO NOT have the right chemistry together and it doesn’t matter where they go for location shoots, they still won’t cut it as a ‘hot couple’ so Bell should stop trying to force a square peg into a round hole with them and end this mistake called BRILL.

I love Brooke and Bill together.Brill is hot..No more Hunter Tylo lol.She is so ugly.Brad Bell fired her haha and no more JMW .We was sick of old Taywhore and ugly Steffywhore lol

BRILL are hot, steamy and itntriguing., No one cared for Katie and Bill anymore, and as for Quinn, there is nothing there.
To the 20 jealous Brookehaters…switch the channel. No one cares what you think.

I don’t like Brill. I will always be a Bridge fan (Brooke & Ridge) KKL is awesome and does a great job with whatever material Bell gives her. Kudos to her. Love you KKL your great. Don’t listen to the haters they are just all jealous. Their 2 favorites are gone from B&B.

Brill are exactly what the show needs. Tons of chemistry and potential there. If there is a woman who really understands and connects with Bill, this is Brooke. And Only Brooke.
Katie has to be the most boring character on the soap, changing her mind every 2 days and throwing temper tantrums like a 5 year old only to crawl back to Bill again. She needs a new man and a new hobby, something new to do, because her pairing with Bill is so played out it makes viewers fall asleep.

Brill is the only reason why many fans, mysels included, watch the show. The chemistry is awesome, the compatibility amazing, the potential electrifying. Brooke and Bill connect on every level and it all happens so naturally. No nagging, temper tantrums, ultimatums, manipulation and emotional blackmail are needed, they are POWERHOUSE.

Sick and tired of Katie playing with people’s emotions, then throwing a temper tantrum and a heart attack and getting her way. The characters needs to LOSE for once.

Sibling rilvary happens all the time in soaps. It is soapy drama. To those who want to watch ”everyone gets along” stories, I suggest they watch cartoons instead of soaps.

Brill!!! I can’t wait for Brooke and Bill to start a long term relationship!! Katie kept throwing Bill away and Brooke understands and loves him! I say LONG LIVE BRILL!!!

Looking forward to more.Brill.Love Bill and Brooke together

Brooke & Bill have so much chemistry, they are so cute together & HOT!! They are not boring just perfect. Brooke & Bill. Brooke & Bill are together and your judgment is not available! BRILL FOREVER <3


Brooke & Bill Belong Together, Brill forever <333

Brill are hot.

From the very first time Brooke walked into Bills office you could feel the chemistry,The sickest thing about Brill is we could have been enjoying this hot errotic couple years ago.If only our beloved Ridge had went over the deepend way back when.

Brill is the only reason I watch the show <3 they are so hot together, I love them very much! <3

Brill Forever!! They are the most beautiful couple of B&B.
Bill is really happy when he is with Brooke & same for her.
Brooke & Bill belong together. <3

Brill are exactly what the show needs. Tons of chemistry and potential there. If there is a woman who really understands and connects with Bill, this is Brooke. And Only Brooke.
They are so perfect together.

I Like Brill, They have sooooooooo much chemistry. KKL & DD Are the best <3

Brooke and Bill bring out the best in each other. I’m pro Bill and Brooke. They both deserve true happiness. Katie pushed them together. Some of this is on her. Who can blame Brooke, Bill is a beautiful man. I can’t get enough of him. At least they fell in love. I wish Brooke and Bill all the happiness in the world.

KKL, DD, and Brill brought me back to B&B after a hiatus of several years. I have enjoyed how their story has evolved so slowly, nothing “insta” about this pairing, and the relationship evolved so naturally. Bill and Brooke didn’t even like each other, barely tolerated each other, thrown together by Katie to deal with the chaos of her abandoning her newborn and husband. Witnessing their bonding, friendship, and then more when they fell in love makes an irresistible story. Brooke and Bill are sexy, mature, hot, compelling, and so entertaining. TEAM BRILL! 🙂

Brill is the sole reason I watch the show. After a long time, I now feel excited again! The slow buring desire in Brooke and Bill’s eyes is enough to give me chills! Brad is a GENIUS for going along with that pairing, and I am glad the actors love it too. Yes, it is scandalous, but it is written carefully, they show all sides, they take it slow. It makes for great soap opera drama!
Katie needs to grow and evolve and it cannot happen as long as she is with Bill. The story of Bill feeling sorry for Katie and letting her come back to me after she has walked out on him for the 100th time, is played out completely. Let Katie be with another man, run Bill’s company, try to torture Brooke and Bill..but please. End Katie and Bill for a long while. It just doesn’t go anywhere .

Brooke and Bill are the future of the show.

I couldn’t agree more with your post .

Brill has made the B&B comeback from the romper room love triangle.

I love Brill – They have wonderful chemistry. Can not wait for their story to continue. Way To Go Bell!!!!!!!!! Keep Brill togather

I’m 100% for Brooke and Bill! They’d be an amazing pair. I love how their story was set up. They’re sexy and would be so romantic if given a real chance.. I’ve always wanted them to have a real shot together. Bill has been with Katie for a long time, perhaps it’s time for something new? Give Quinn to Eric or Thorne. They need a story. Time for Brooke and Bill.

Its Bells story and I am lucky to be along for the ride.GO Brill thank you Bell for bringing the sexiest soap couple together.You are a clever man.

Lots of promise here. DD and KKL should have been heating it up years ago.

Brill is burning Hot.They have soap super couple writen all over them.


The Cast of ‘The Bay’ to Preview Upcoming 8th Season in Live Chat

Four Daytime Emmy-winning stars, and two fan favorites, comprise the very special guests when cast members from the upcoming 8th season of the The Bay participate in an upcoming livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel on Monday, December 4th beginning at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

Scheduled to appear are: A Martinez (Nardo), Mike Manning, (Caleb) Kristos Andrews (Pete/Adam), Maxwell Caulfield (Sir Thomas Kenway), Alicia Leigh Willis (Avery) and Eric Nelsen (Daniel) who will tease what’s to come for their character in the new season and much more.

Daytime fans know A Martinez best for his role as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara, a role that won him a Lead Actor Emmy.  In addition, Martinez has appeared on General Hospital, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Mike Manning, previously played Charlie Dale on Days of our Lives, and took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Fiction Program for his role as Caleb on The Bay.

Photo: LANY Entertainment

Kristos Andrews, the series lead of The Bay, who has taken on the dual roles of Pete Garrett and Adam Kenway,  is an eleven-time Emmy winner and made history as the only individual to ever receive Emmy recognition in four key categories: Acting, Producing, Writing and Directing.

Eric Nelsen, also took home a Daytime Emmy for his on-screen performance on The Bay for Supporting Actor in a Digital Series, but also has two more Emmys as a producer. All My Children fans remember Eric as AJ Chandler in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.  Recently, Nelsen also appeared in the hit show, Yellowstone. Alicia Leigh Willis is remembered by General Hospital fans as Courtney Matthews, the biological mother to Spencer Cassadine, and Sonny’s half- sister.

Photo: ABC

One of the major editions to the new season of The Bay is Maxwell Caulfield, who many primetime soap fans recall as Miles Colby on both Dynasty and The Colbys. Caulfield has appeared in numerous soaps, primetime, and motion picture roles, and is married to former Passions star, Juliet Mills.

Photo: JPI

Be on the look out for 14 all-new episodes of The Bay, when they drop beginning on Monday, December 11th, that will include The Bay’s 100th episode special, that premieres on Thursday, December 14th. The 8th season also includes the final performances of the late Jackie Zeman in her role as Sofia Madison.

92 episodes of The Bay are currently available on Tubi, Prime Video, and Popstar! TV, with several episodes also available for streaming on Peacock and The Roku Channel.

So, what has been your favorite role and performance from these six actors? Have you enjoyed their work on ‘The Bay’? Let us know if you will be with us in the live chat next Monday via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Win a Private Game Night with Soap Stars and Help Children in Need for the Holidays

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) is back with her annual toy drive for children through the holidays through her fundraiser in her effort to raise 25,000 toys for children in need each fall through Christmas is Not Cancelled to benefit Toys for Tots.

This week, fans have the opportunity to win a private zoom game night with none other than: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R), Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH), Emme Rylan (Ex-Lulu, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Rob Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) Ali Sweeney (Sami, DAYS), and Lilley herself, by giving a toy to a child in need via website.

According to the site: “One Lucky Winner will be tuning in for a night of glamour, giggles, and game-winning moments, including: VIP Access to Your Soap Opera Faves: Join the virtual party with stars from your favorite daytime dramas! Prepare for drama on and off the screen as you chat, laugh, and bond over shared soap secrets.”

Photo: JPI

Lilley shares: “By participating in this prize drawing, you will directly contribute to providing joy and happiness to underserved children during a challenging time in their lives, creating positive holiday memories!”

For more info on how you can win, make sure to visit

So, would you like to have a special ‘game night’ with this bevy of soap stars? Check out the opportunity, and let us know via the comment section below

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THIS FRIDAY: The Young and the Restless’ Hayley Erin to Chat Live

In a rescheduled livestream event, The Young and the Restless‘ Hayley Erin (“Claire” Grace) will chat live with Michael Fairman on Friday, December 1st beginning at a special time – 2:00PM ET/11:00am PT.

As Y&R viewers have seen, there is more to Claire than originally meets the eye, as she and her Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) have ramped up their revenge plot against Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and the entire Newman clan and their true identities have been revealed.

Previously, Erin appeared on Y&R as a teenaged Abby Newman. Later, she went on to General Hospital to take on the role of Kiki Jerome, a part which won her a Daytime Emmy for her performances. Now, back at her original stomping grounds in Genoa City, and playing an entirely brand- new character.

Photo: JPI

Hayley is getting the opportunity to show another side of her acting chops. Make sure to join us for this exclusive livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel. Make sure to ‘subscribe’ to the channel for more upcoming celebrity features, and content, and to receive up-to-the-minute tune-in alerts.

So, are you enjoying Hayley’s performances as “Claire’ thus far? Will you be joining us this Friday? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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