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Days Of Our Lives

The Special EJami Episode: Were You Duped By DAYS … Or Did You Enjoy The Fantasy?



It was heralded as the can’t-miss episode of Days of our Lives featuring EJami, Alison Sweeney and James Scott, which was virtually like a three-act play, and it gave plenty of emotional material for both fan favorite actors to seek their teeth into.

And it was inferred that this would be the episode where Sami learns that EJ cheated on her with Abigail (Kate Mansi)! Even On-Air On-Soaps believed that we were going to see the stunning reveal and the fallout, and as we know, hell hath no fury like a Sami scorned!  However, DAYS had other plans for its viewers.  SPOILER:  If you have not seen today’s episode do not read any further.

What started as being in the present was EJ getting his hands on the envelope containing the damning evidence of his tryst with Abigail!  Shocked at seeing the photo and trying to figure out who would have sent this, Sami comes in to the scene and grabs the photo from him. Thus, we begin the different stages of Sami’s reaction!  From betrayal, hurt, and anger, Sami went through it all! There was even the great moment when Sami looked at the picture of Abby and EJ, and wondered if EJ had sex with the younger gal because she was skinny harkening back to Sami’s weight issues. 

But as the scenes went on about halfway through the episode, anyone who questioned if this was really playing out, or just a dream/fantasy/nightmare of EJ’s got their answer.  It was all in EJ’s mind of how this whole scenario would play out if Sami learned the truth, and if all the worst case scenarios proved true: Abigail being pregnant, and Sami causing Abby to go over the railing of a staircase and lose the baby!  But you have got to have loved some of the lines Alison Sweeney got to utter during the special episode!

When it came back to reality after Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) also entered EJ’s worst case fantasy, viewers were left with Sami wanting to get married ASAP and EJ vowing to not let anyone ruin his relationship with Sami.

So what does this set the stage for?  A few things:  Since Alison Sweeney is departing DAYS, maybe this was the episode where she gets to say everything Sami would’ve had said had she ever found out, and when Sami truly finds out this might end very differently, and facilitate her exit?  It also gives one more person ammo to throttle Nick’s (Blake Berris) neck, if that is who is indeed behind this.  And Nick is racking up a ton of enemies right now, so you know what that could mean?

So weigh-in! What did you think of today’s special EJami episode? Did you feel duped? Were you pleasantly surprised? Did you love the performances?  Did you enjoy the fantasy scenes? Let us know!

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I must have a great sense of humor because I loved the episode!!!

I wish I could be fooled more often. I laughed so hard!

Maybe EJ knows Abby is pregnant. We now know he, at the very least, suspects she is pregnant.

Great writing and performances all around!!!

I predicted some time ago Nick will be murdered for real…and this does mention Nick is racking up a ton of enemies…Sami will probably be accused of the crime(she’ll either go to prison, be on the run, or have a mental breakdown) but i still think…if it does happen…Percy(who sent the photo and will have a fallout with Nick) will be his killer! Maybe Gabi since she is leaving? But in any case A.S. is leaving the show so Sami could also leave Salem because of E.J./Abigail but i hope after Nicks real killer will be caught: Percy!!!

You are right. I wrote about Percy being the culprit as soon as those pictures were slipped under the door. I hope we are right, and I also hope your prediction concerning Nick is correct.

I would be disappointed if Nick was leaving the show…. although, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me….

he’s one of those character actors… who deserves other venues – acts – and STAR

for the last time…. I’ve had so much fun… and more than enjoyed… NIck and Gabi’ foray into romance…. they look so good together…. I’ve said it before… ALL the rest be damned… Nick is FINE.

Gabs, the actor, is propped for the last time…. she does cute as a button down pat

I Hope Blake Berris is in Salem… for as long as HE, the actor, wants

The actors (Ali and James) were absolutely beyond compare. They killed every second of that material. If that wasn’t emmy (even oscar) worthy performances then I give up on the entire process voting process. AS and JS were superb.

Unfortunately it was all for nothing (plot wise) which drives me crazy. This was such an incredible episode devoted to this situation and characters and I can’t believe the writers wasted the momentum by having it be fake.

The actors deserve every praise I can think of, as did the writer of the first half and the person who wrote the dialogue. But who is in charge of the story arc and the decision to fake us out? That was a monumentally bad choice in my opinion.

Yes, I was duped …..until Abbi fell from the stairs’ landing….happy? Lol

I might not like it’s a DREAM,but at least I get to see some of EJ POV which has been missing. Jamison rock their scenes.So proud to be their fan and EJ/Sami 🙂

Loved it! Great acting!

On the other hand – how amazing was it to have an Ejami episode. I could watch an hour of just them everyday easily.

Me too. They were amazing! Emmys to them both.

As I said in another section, not a fan of this type of stunt writing– it ruins the powerful scenes because they were not real, but also ruins the true reveal because whatever they could come up with I will no longer care. The reveal has now lost the emotional impact it would of had for me, since I was invested in these scenes until they proved faked.

Not sure of their motivation, but I was ticked off by it—- as I said before the only good thing to come of it is they have a great Emmy reel for next year— which is perhaps what the show wanted to give AS and JS a chance to win the Emmy for show’s 50th and her last year on the show– I hope the gamble pays off if that why they did it, but for me, as a viewer the show has lost some of it credibility with me.

I disliked it being part of just a fantasy…it was so good in the beginning but, suspiciously, too fast paced that i kind of knew something was up and then to be duped like that was a real let down(it felt like a spoiler so now i hope the real reveal turns out differently)…however, the acting was at its best

Well…i disliked it but after i rewatched it im a little ok with it because if this is how E.J. imagined it the real reveal could even be bigger and better!!!

It may be bigger, but I doubt it will be better because than those scenes prior Marlena walking in were gold— after that point it was typical soap melodrama— but those scenes before then between EJ and Sami were as good as any night time drama in writing and acting– heck better than some movies I’ve seen. And what made it so good was the fact it was real- true- honest- drama, rooted in reality. I felt everything they were feeling because the emotions were universal and circumstances were real life. So whatever they do for the reveal now will be different, it might be great, but capturing a real moment like that in a soap is rare, and imho they were very foolish to waste it on fake scene.

Well said Mary SF! I was strangely disappointed and you helped me understand why.
What a letdown the reveal will be now. I’m sure it will be the reason for Sami/Alison leaving the show.

The shower scene with EJ and Abby happened in early February. Abby can indeed be pregnant. Some women don’t show until their second trimester.

I am used to these fantasy scenes on days and it got a little like watching SoapDish when Marlena walked in and said ” how could you!!!'” Lol I am sad Sami is leaving I wish she would re think that.

Still nothing can make not love Days simply the best soap on tv.

I wanted it to be real. And it’s not fair that we got to see Abigail get pushed off the stairs and know it was only a fantasy. If she would only take the plunge in real life, AND end up landing on Jennifer, making one BIG SPLAT, it would be perfection.

How will the show top this fantasy when the real reveal happens?

Yep! They got me good. That’s hard to do after more than 30 years watching soaps. Damn it was good!

After 2 years of trying to get used to Y&R, I started watching Days a few weeks ago and have been so very impressed. While I don’t understand the story lines or know the characters, the production is absolutely first rate. I’ve noticed the producers are not afraid to spend money on sets and props and extras. All the scenes seem so very rich and full of life. Today was no exception. The actors playing EJ and Sami were just super. When they showed us it was EJ’s imagination, I gave them a rousing round of applause. I think I’m going to like this show.

I started watching Days only recently,too. After years of watching the Y&R nonsense, this was like a breath of fresh air. I am very sorry that Sami is leaving . This last episode was beyond comparison. It was acting at its best. If it does not win an academy award I will be v. disappointed. I don’t think Sami should ever be replaced. I think the Writers have something special up their sleeves. Can’t wait for the story to unfold.

It would have to be an Emmy since this is television, LOL. But I agree!

I fear the writers have backed themselves into a corner – how can the true reveal possibly top that?

Didn’t like it at all, felt like it was a waste of an episode – to me, it’s an example of what is wrong with soaps today, and that is the lack of a big pay off for a long story arc. So we watch yesterday, and go through all of the emotions of the big pay off and I was enthralled until the big letdown, and realized that it was all for nothing. So now when the reveal actually does happen (probably as Sami eluded to, at her wedding), it will be lessened by this fake reveal. These cheap tricks don’t add to the story, they seem to be written as a favor to the actors, not the fans.

I felt that way, too. but I think these writers are brilliant and they have a better sequel on their minds. I am only sorry that Sami is leaving the show.

I was duped. I thought something was off in how the show was shot and Marlena’s acting was OTT.

Ali and James were fantastic. So for the great acting and the fact that I’m glad Abby isn’t really pregnant, I don’t mind being duped.

But Abby could be pregnant. Why else would EJ imagine Abby telling him so?

EJ knows the DR. is on Stefano’s payroll. Stefano could have already told EJ without the audience knowing. Because of that, we are in the dark along with Abby.

Abby does not know she is pregnant. We don’t know if she’s pregnant. If and when she discovers that she is, she will not know if EJ knew. We will not know if EJ knew until…

This is good clean fun. Great soap opera!!!

Well, it’s not type of secret that could stay hidden. I think EJ was imagining the worst.

She’d be showing by now!

So loved this and as a complete Ejami fan I was so happy that in the end it was just EJ imagining what would happen. Allison Was amazing and I was practically yelling at the screen by the time Abigail fell off those stairs. WOW….

It was a great episode. Terrific writing and great acting. Hats off to Ali and James.

By the time the scenes were moved to the Horton House, the lighting looked a little “off,” similar to what is used during dream sequences, which I then thought maybe this is a dream? I really wish it wasn’t a dream. I thought it was a great twist to have EJ show up at the Horton House and discover Abigail was in-fact pregnant. The staircase scene was a little over the top. Other than that, I watched the episode twice. I noticed how Sami mentioned Abigail being “skinny.” I think all of the actors knocked it out of the park! Kudos!

I don’t watch Days but I recorded the episode just to see the performances and was not disappointed – they were phenomenal! However, after the reveal that it was all in EJ’s mind, I wondered how I would feel if I was a regular watcher. For me, it didn’t matter, all I was looking for was to watch two fantastic actors kill it, and they did!

I’m not trying to sound like Mr. Know-it-all, but I suspected very quickly that it was an Imaginary Scene – and when EJ confronted Abigail and she dropped her purse, I knew by then it was a daydream/Imaginary grouping of scenes – because why would everyone suddenly be at Jennifer’s house all at the same time –
However, it was incredibly well-executed and extremely well acted all the way around. It was nice to see an episode where Nicole wasn’t shown in endless flashbacks shredding those stupid papers.

I have never been much of a Sami fan…and that was mostly due to the fact that Jim Reilly wrote her as a one note psychopathic bitch for so long with no redeeming qualities. But this episode wa s so layered and raw and real. It sort of brought Sami full circle…so many issues were addressed…her long forgotten body image issues…her getting older…her mistrust after being raped…little girl lost Sami contrasted with lioness Sami. She ran the gamut of emotions. Now that the show has set the bar so high with this episode and it was a fake out, they are going to have to work extra hard to make the real reveal even better. Pressure’s on….

I was not a fan of the episode. Or, maybe I should say, I was not a fan of the “fantasy” aspect. Sometimes revelations in a fantasy sequence are great (for example, before Julie Berman left General Hospital, they had Maxie envision her finding out about her baby), but only in short segments and if it differentiates from the actual reveal. I don’t see how the actual reveal will compare to this one. Finding out Abigail really is pregnant, throwing in Marlena and Jennifer, that was great action. I feel like it was wasted material.

I also did not like how EJ was portrayed throughout the entire thing. Does he love Sami? Absolutely. But I don’t picture him being that weak and spineless in the actual confrontation. EJ and Sami have done A LOT worse to each other than one short-lived affair.

having read the spoilers prior to watching

still didn’t dim my viewing…. Alison Sweeney… knocked my out and over…. 3 times… I was spilling my dam for her and with her

1st… was when she was picking up her wedding announcements from the floor

2nd… was when Sammi and EJ were on the floor… wrestling… intertwined… and they were still fighting… bereft and honest… she tells him… “I Love You”

3rd… was when she was telling Marlena… I am complete… EJ is everything with her kids

I think it was DOOL way of acknowledging this Epic supercouple… and they are… in the current realm of television… the Serial, being what it is

they belong… in Salem
they belong… in the same vein, context, arena… as Bo/Hope, Kayla/Patch, Jenn/Jack… Marlena/John… Kimberly/Shane

this was our clash of the titans… two formidable strong willed people IN Love – mentally, emotionally, physically, and with ever fiber of their being

there were several parts I didn’t like… ie: writing…

1st… was when EJ tells Sami… “I never stopped loving you” in the dream sequence… after her finding out about the affair…. that’s a slap in the face to me… you never stopped love me.. yet you still wen’t and did it…. F’d up

can’t recall the 2nd… right now

I was more than impressed with Kate Mansi’ Abs… she more than came across in this eppi as a woman… she held her own… with Sami and EJ… that’s a good sign


it was so well done… these two actors… have it in spades… that natural ease and chemistry…. a comfort level with each other… and no holds barred… with how Passion… ignites with these two

I’ll say it again… Jennifers deer in headlights is clearly one of the weakest links in DOOL

It was a bravura performance by Days of OUR Lives production

a virtuoso gala premiere by two of their best actors

HATED IT! I’m tired of things never happening in Salem — too many daydreams, not enough real action. While I thought the acting was phenomenal, it was a waste of time.

On a side note, they really need to stop filming so far in advance so they can actually alter stories or plans based on fan feedback.

It was obvious from the word go that it was a dream/fantasy. First of all, if that were going to happen, Sami would’ve seen the picture at the end of Friday’s episode, secondly it was moving waaaaaaaay too quickly for DOOL, it was like a mont’s worth of story in a day. I must admit about 15 minutes in I was starting to wonder as the fantasy seemed to have been going on for a long time, but when all that happened with Abigail I knew there’s no way that much would happen in one episode.

It was a lot of fun though!

I thought it was horrible. The acting was way over the top imo.

Originally, I did not want Sami to find out of the betrayal. The story was a plot driven device and so contrary to where the characters had grown and developed over an 8 year period.

Then, I was ready to see the reveal since it was publicized as it was coming. So, I was not sure what to think at first viewing of April 21 epi. Ali and James gave iit their all. Melissa Salmons wrote an excellent script. But the Horton House scenes were too campy. OTT. None of those 4 actors are superb comic camp actors. That part fell apart for me. Of course, Salmons wrote great one liners for Sami to spew at Abby. Clever dialogue – as always.

Now, I realize that I had hoped that April 21st would have been the end of the deception and betrayal that has turned my stomach since this last story began.

I am a third generation vviewer – watching over 40 + years. I have loved the Ejami love story bc of the chemistry and charisma Ali and James have brought to it through good writing regimes and bad. I have treasured other love stories over 40 years. Loved Bope, Loved Mickey and Maggie and Red Shoes, Julie and Doug…loved to hate Stefano.. Many great memories.

EJ and Sami represent to me the best story told on Days in its history. A fine work over 8 years with many writing regimes – good and bad. Higley and MARDAR being the worst. No matter that Ali is leaving the show and likely so is James. I will treasure all we have been given. Not many rich and charismatic 8 year stories told on any show.

I have made no secret that I want the “Happy Ever After” wedding and flight into the sunset for EJ and Sami. I had hoped it would come in May. Frankly, these last 6 months have been downright painful to watch and experience as a fan of the EJ and Sami story.

I am hoping it will still happen. I am sticking with the show through end of May. But then, I will jsut wait to hear of the wedding and tune back for it or watch You Tube. I truly feel like I have been dragged the last 6 months and have reached my limit.

It was within Corday, NBC and Sony’s control to wrap this up by May, imo. Now, I dont know what the will do. But after suffering through the last summers of Higley and MARDAR – I am not doing that again this summer. I am 48 and given my loyalty long enough. I have watched and can recall back to 1974. I have been a loyal viewer – but now I just want the HEA. And let me go and treasure the great memories I have from the last 40 years.

Truly, I hope they have a fantastic 50 yr anniv special. I will tune into see it. I think this latest tragic show transition that begins this summer with completely inexperienced young models is a mistake mixed with some older actors who have no real choice but to hang in. That is not the way I want to recall this show that has meant so much to me and my late Grandmother and Mother literally over my lifetime.

Maybe, Days will save enough to have a superb 50 anniv and farewell. I will watch it. But I honestly question if it is worth it. But that decision was made with the Cordays.

Greatest appreciation to Ali Sweeney and James Scott and the awesome script writers.I will respect them all as I sign off of the hourglass at end of May. I am sure we will bid goodbye to other great actors soon, as well. But those are all business decisions made by people who own the show.

I genuinely hope “Scared Scriptless” is a fictional account of a horrible period in the show ‘s history with the worst HW they ever had. I will be at the counter buying one of the first copies. that is something I am looking forward to — this summer.

I also hope that Sony picks up James Scott as Adam Newman. I have read they dont want an actor with an accent. But that could be handled by Jean Passante and company. James Scott is the best thing that has happened to scripted serials, imo. He deserves — and viewers deserve a new story for him. Y&R could provide it and more exposure than he has had on DAYS. I want to see James Scott work with masters like Eric Braeden. So Sony and CBS, if you are reading – please consider it if you are not already.

Not duped – but ready to have the Happy Ever After for Ejami, at last.

EJAMI- You are very much loved by me and I was so relieved that is wasn’t real. Except for Abigail getting pushed off the staircase-that would have been nice. (Abigail-leave Ejami alone). Meanwhile, the performances from Allison and James left me speechless. I don’t believe I blinked throughout the ordeal. It was very apparent how much EJ and Sami are in love. EJ loves Sami, you can feel his regret through the screen. Abigail is a writing mistake. Can’t we throw her in the river with Nick? Please stay on Days Allison. Australia just got you back and now we are going to lose you? Ejami is the heart and soul of days. I have been watching you since I was a little girl!

The Moment Marlena came in you knewfor sure it was a dream cause once again the other acting from deidre Hall it was so silly she didn’t get a good look at the photo and she knew it was Abigail.

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First, Lani and Eli come back to Salem to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Abe (James Reynolds) and Paulina (Jackee Harry), which happened on Juneteenth Day which is on June 19th.

Juneteenth, which is a Federal holiday, is an annual commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States after the Civil War, has been celebrated by African Americans since the late 1800s.

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If you caught last Wednesday’s June 12th episode of Days of our Lives, a new doctor came running into Horton Town Square shirtless; much to the delight and then eventual chagrin of Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart).

Enter actor Jonah Robinson who is now on the Peacock streaming soap opera in the recurring role of Dr. Mark Greene. We meet Mark when Leo tries to hit on him, only to have Mark clarify to Leo he is straight, shocking Leo that his gaydar could have been so off.

Later, Mark is at University Hospital and stepping in for Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) doctor who was called away for the day and he assures Chanel and Johnny (Carson Boatman) that their unborn baby has a strong heartbeat, and at the moment is doing fine.

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During the conversation, Mark reveals he is the big brother to his little sister, Felicity (Kennedy Garcia), with whom Chanel loves when she comes to the bake shop.  There was also a little ‘wink-wink’ moment, when Johnny recalls that the doctor on the hit NBC medical drama, ER, was named Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), to which Salem’s Mark Greene, says he was named after.

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So, it looks like there are 3 Greene siblings.  Will we eventually meet the parents?

Before Days of our Lives, Jonah was seen on Peacock’s Daisy Jones and the Six, and has appeared in independent movies and musical theatre productions throughout his career.

Do you hope DAYS expands Jonah’s role as the Greene family becomes more entrenched in story? What are you first impressions? Comment below.


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A post shared by Jonah Robinson (@jonahrrobinson)

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