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The Teresa Castillo Interview – General Hospital

Photo Credit: Veronica Puleo

Photo Credit: Veronica Puleo

For months, General Hospital has been slowly laying the groundwork for a love story between singled widowed father, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and now graduated nurse, Sabrina Santiago.  The series was faced with a very complex situation on how to move the character of Patrick forward without the love of his life, Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, whom Patrick believed had “died”.  But as we know in soapland, seldom does anyone die for good!  When fan favorite, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) decided to depart the ABC soap to concentrate more full-time on her burgeoning career as a film and television director, it opened the door to propel new story for Thompson.  Enter actress Teresa Castillo in the role of Sabrina.

Teresa’s portrayal of the quirky, nerdy nursing student with a heart of gold draws comparison to the lead character in the beloved TV series, Ugly Betty!  What has been most intriguing to watch, since Sabrina’s arrival on the Port Charles scene, is how she was carefully placed into the Drake family sphere by having her be the one woman in town who has a very special and loving connection with Patrick’s little girl, Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer).  And, as Sabrina fell head over heels for dashing Dr. Drake, the minute she laid eyes on him, she couldn’t admit her feelings to him, until recently when she finally mustered up the courage.  Now the question is: will Patrick finally have the opportunity to tell Sabrina how he feels about her?  And as the Nurses’ Ball draws near will Sabrina, Patrick and Emma become a united front?  Will the very much alive Robin show up and finally be reunited with her family and destroy Sabrina’s happiness, or will Sabrina’s arch enemy, Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) accomplish the feat?

On-Air On-Soaps sat down with Teresa Castillo, who has slowly but surely been winning over the hearts of many fans of General Hospital, for this refreshing, entertaining, and informative conversation.  Now while some GH fans will never want to see Patrick with anyone else but Robin, there are still some that want to see him move on.  Castillo reveals she is very aware of the fans feelings.  Chatting with Castillo, we knew she relished playing the underdog who triumphs against all odds, and what it was like for her, and will be for the audience, when soon Sabrina comes out of her shell.  Here now is the delightful, Teresa Castillo!


What was the behind-the-scenes audition process to land the role of quirky Sabrina?  How did you learn you had won the role?



I auditioned a year and half before for a different role.  General Hospital’s casting director, Mark Teschner, found me when he was watching Franklin & Bash.  So he found my representation, and I came in to addition for the role of Delores Padilla.  I got all the way to the test and I wasn’t right for the role, but they were strongly considering changing it.  Then they decided to go with their original plan, and so they stuck with Rebecca Montoya.  I actually did test with Jason Thompson for the Delores role.  Several months later, I think April or May of last year, I went up for the role of “Maya”, and of course, they are not going to tell you the real character name.  I don’t think they even decided the character name till the day before I started shooting!  So this would be my second time testing with Jason!  They ended up reading 900 girls for Sabrina and an extra 50 for Britt and Elle.  So that was pretty cool.  I had not heard anything for months and months, so I thought they must have found someone.  Then, I get a call in May saying that they wanted me to come in and read for the executive producer.  I went in and read for GH EP Frank Valentini, and then went in for the test in late August.  I started shooting on August 31st.  There were 9 girls that were being tested.  We all had to get pretty, but most of the scene was being this super nerd girl where she would then switch in to this fantasy, where she is beautiful telling Patrick that she loves him, and that he should be with her.  So we got dolled up first, and then we would run downstairs to take all of our make-up off, and then we would come up and do the rest of the scene and then they cut it together after.


Oh, my God!  So you had to go from pretty to nerdy in lickity-split time?  What did you do to stand out from the rest of the gals auditioning for Sabrina?



Since I thought it was going to be 4 or 5 girls and it ended up being 9, I thought, “Great! What are my odds now?  How am I going to stand out?“  So, I just decided to have fun.  I had them give me a half up party pony.  I had them draw a unibrow on me, and they had this tray of glasses so I got the biggest set, and I was hunched over!  Then, I am in the elevator, and what you are supposed to do is that when the elevator opens, you are supposed to step out and trip.  And there he is … Patrick… and you start talking to yourself and he is right behind you.  I had looked at myself in the mirror going, this girl is so ridiculous right now, and I thought naturally, she should have a lisp.  So they are counting it down and I think to myself, “OK, I am going to take a risk here.  And they are either going to love it or kick me out for not taking this seriously.”   So I just did it with a lisp.  And nobody stopped me!  And the scene was with Jason, and I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to burst into laughter.  At the end when they cut, I just heard Frank’s voice over the loud speaker going, “That was awesome, Teresa.”   I was so pleased with what I had done.  I told my husband, “If I don’t get this, it’s OK.  I got to play this girl for that day.  I was bold and I was proud of what I did.  And there is nothing I would have changed.”  The rest is history.


What happened when you met up with Jason Thompson again, after your first round of auditions for the role of Delores Padilla?  Did he remember you?


Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Jason came around to all of our rooms and did little rehearsals with us.  When Jason came to my room, I said, “I am Teresa and I have met you before.”  And he goes, “That’s right!”


Were you, at first, intimidated about playing scenes with Jason?  You would be stepping into some major fan backlash, in that Sabrina would potentially become Patrick’s new love interest!


I feel like the writers were very merciful, because they wrote her terrified the first day, and guess what I was feeling?  Terrified, and at a loss for words in front of this guy and so it wasn’t a stretch.  Jason is always very nice and kind to me.  I asked him for advice the day I was testing and he was like, “Oh wow.  People don’t usually ask for advice on what to do.”  So he was happy to be asked and to give it, and I was happy to receive his advice, because he has been here at GH for quite some time.  Jason is fantastic!  I was definitely intimated at first, and I still am, sometimes.


Then, you came to learn the magnitude of Patrick and Robin, or as they are lovingly called, “Scrubs”!  How did you learn about this uber-popular soap couple, and how much they mean to the fans?


Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

The fans let me know on Twitter!  They were saying, “How dare you! You have no right! He belongs with Robin and Emma, that is his family.”  I am just trying to do my job! I honestly had no idea what I was walking into.  He belongs to one woman and one woman only, in the fans eyes, and I can respect that.  But at some point, I will get that kind of loyalty in my own way, I hope.


Would you say, coming up with the Nurses’ Ball, the fans should be on the lookout for some major moments to play out?


Oh yeah! You are going to see some major changes!  I think many fans will be very pleased.  You’re going to see soap opera to the max!  Michael, you may need a hankie, or two!


Obviously, the fans are looking to witness the big reveal, when Sabrina is going to let her hair down, get rid of those glasses, and come out as this beautiful woman that everybody knows she is underneath all of that “garb”.  When you played those moments, was it freeing for you – the letting her hair down – and seeing herself – “uncovered”, if you will?


Yeah, it was really interesting, because this whole time on this set I have been with a filter.  I have been doing scenes with everyone with glasses on my face.  So the first time I was seen without them, I didn’t expect to have this feeling, and have this reaction of ‘there is nothing between us now.’  It was strange and shocking, but interesting.  Everyone else in my life knows me the way that I am, but everyone in the soap world knows me as this Sabrina girl.  It’s always funny to me when people who are working on GH don’t recognize me.  I feel like I am looking at myself now, as opposed to this other girl. 



Did you feel pressure as an actress to make sure that moment, and others along the way, had the payoff and impact it has to, to make the storyline connect and believable to the audience?


There was the pressure of the moment and the payoff, and those are the times that Jason Thompson really helps me out, because I start panicking.  She has these major moments, where she confessed everything to Patrick.  That day, for some reason, was really hard for me to play, because all this time I had been leading up to … tell him, tell him, tell him!  So now I have all this weight on it.  Suddenly, I started panicking and Jason said, “OK take a breath.  Feel your feet and just talk to me.”  He eased me, and it did not have to be so big this reveal of hers.  That is why I am so thankful to work with Jason.   He is really caring, and knows how to reel me back in from the psychosis.  (Laughs)


When you watched back the moment when Sabrina admitted to Patrick that she loved him, were you happy with it?   Did it meet your expectations?


It always come off and looks different than how I feel in the moment, when playing the scenes.  It felt a lot stronger than what it appeared.



I understand Kimberly McCullough gave you words of advice!  At what point did she reach out to you, and have you been in contact with her?


She was on set a couple of weeks ago at the GH 50th anniversary cast photo shoot.  Kimberly came up to me and told me she is a big fan, and that she watches the show every single day.   She loved how my character was growing and saw me settling into the world of it, and saw a major difference from the day I first stepped on set to now.  She is a very kind person.  Kimberly told me to not be so hard on myself, which was really nice to hear.  She is very encouraging.


So to set the story straight, in case there is any confusion, Patrick and Sabrina had a near kiss, not a real kiss on New Year’s Eve, right?


Yes.  So Sabrina has this fantasy on New Year’s Eve of them kissing, and then at the stroke of midnight, they have this “almost kiss”, and then the phone rings, and it’s Britt!



Well, obviously we can now see that Patrick has feelings for Sabrina.  It all sort of came flooding to him (in a video montage!) after he watched the DVD video message from Robin, telling him, “It’s OK to move on with another woman.”


Right?  (Laughs)  He can’t deny that!


Tell me about working with Sabrina’s public enemy number one, Kelly Thiebaud as Britt, or as fans like to call her, “Britch”! (Laughs)


Kelly and I have a lot of fun.  We get excited when we get to work together.  The day that I had to pull her hair and throw oatmeal in her face was our favorite day ever on the set of GH! (Laughs)  I was apologetic to her saying, “I am sorry, I had to pull you hair so hard.”  And Kelly goes, “No. Pull harder!  And throw oatmeal in my face really hard.”  Maybe we will switch roles sometime, and record it on our own, or do a fantasy of that where Sabrina actually plays the bitch tormenting Britt!



Well, Britt certainly tried to screw up her chance at a nursing career!  And as we have learned, it means everything to Sabrina to become a nurse!


She wants to be a nurse more than everything.  Her mother used to be a nurse, and she wants to make a difference in the world.  Sabrina truly cares about people.  In terms of Patrick, she wants to be with him, but over that, she wants the best for him and Emma.


The scenes between you and Brooklyn Rae Silzer are so amazing, and the scenes where Emma hated Britt were perfection!  And then, how hankie-filled was the moment when Sabrina finds a runaway Emma on the docks and brings her back to Patrick?  Britt’s plot foiled yet again! (Laughs)


Brooklyn loved those!  I asked her, “Do you like being mean?”  And she said, “Yeah!” She likes to play a brat, and she loves that.  Brooklyn and I have so much fun, and she is the sweetest little thing, and honestly that is the best part of my job there when I get to work with her.  I got to see her five days the other week, and so that was real treat.  I have to admit, I do look forward to working with her more than anyone else, and she is so smart!  She will ask me before we shoot a scene, “What do you think if I did this?”  Her logic is so right on, and Jason works with her a lot, too.



There is something about Jason Thompson and Brooklyn’s scenes that are so endearing, as a father/daughter duo trying to cope with the loss of the central woman in their lives, through a myriad of life circumstances.


Jason works through things with Brooklyn.  The other day we were having a conversation with her and she had to say something like, “Yes, yes, yes” with lots of explanation points.  And we were going over it and Jason said, “What if I took you to the Taylor Swift concert?”  And she said, “Really?”  And he said, “That’s it!  That’s the feeling in the lines.”  So she got it.  It makes sense to her.  Having no training and being a child actor, it’s a lot of weight on your shoulders, but it’s really cool, and she gets it.


What have been your favorite scenes between Sabrina and Emma?  Or, haven’t they aired yet?   I feel there is something big right around the corner that is going to happen at the Nurses’ Ball!


There is something coming up that is really cool with Emma!  It’s absolutely one of my favorite scenes with her.  My other favorite is when we were getting to blow those whistles on New Year’s Eve!



GH told a heart-tugging story of this little girl who lost her mother, and the baby sitter who comes to love her and care for her.  And what they did make very clear to the audience at home was that Sabrina was not trying to take the place of Robin as her mother, in fact, Sabrina told Emma that she could never replace Robin.


I think Emma was needing a female figure in her life.  I don’t think it ever was Sabrina’s intention to replace her mother.  But Sabrina relates to Emma, because she lost her mother when she was very young and knew what it was like to not have someone braid your hair, or play with you, or play dolls.  Sabrina doesn’t want her to miss out on what she missed out on.  That is how they connected.


I envision when the Nurses’ Ball happens, Patrick and Sabrina get together and share a kiss, and Robin shows up, or, Robin is looming!  This sets up a huge story with Patrick falling in love with Sabrina, and then Robin returns!  BAM!


I think the audience is in for some big surprises, and that is all I can say.



What has it been like working with Lynn Herring (Lynn) who was the champion of many a Nurses’ Ball?


Lynn is such a pro!  I just sit and watch her.  We all go up on lines, because we move so quickly, and so for any of us, it’s hard to get all the lines perfect.  But when Lynn goes up on a line, she doesn’t say, “OK stop. Let’s do that again!”  She will keep talking and find her way back.  That is because she is so certain of what she is talking about that she can ramble.  She will keep elaborating and improvising until she finds her way back.  Lynn does not do her rehearsals on script.  We are all on script!   She is always positive.  I have never heard her complain once.  Her body is out of control!  She does not work out but she is on her horse and feeding the chickens and the cows.  So she is very active, but Oh, my God!


I loved those first scenes with Lynn, when you Sabrina and Felix went to CoeCoe Cosmetics and ran into “Millionaire’s” Meredith Vieira as Bree Flanders, before getting to see the mighty Lucy!


It was such an honor to work with Lynn.  I was truly star-struck by this point.  I had watched Lucy’s transition scene over and over again on You Tube, where she is the librarian and suddenly the hair comes down, and the skirt, and the lipstick goes on.  It was seamless!  So, I walked in to those first scenes with her with stars in my eyes, and whatever it is I was feeling as Sabrina, once again I was really feeling in those scenes.   I did not have to act at all; I am just enamored with this woman.  She is such a treat to work with, always.



So Felix, Sabrina, and Elizabeth have been busy at work determining the talent and the acts for the Nurses’ Ball?


So Felix, Sabrina and Elizabeth are involved in the planning.  Fans are not going to know who is performing with who, and it is going to span over three episodes.  I think fans will be very pleased!


GH looks like it’s telling a Cinderella and Prince Charming story between Sabrina and Patrick as we head to the Nurses’ Ball.  What does it feel like to be so front and center in this amazing time during the 50th anniversary of this iconic show, which means so much to millions of people who watch everyday?


It’s nerve-wracking, and it’s a lot of pressure.  I feel like I don’t deserve it, because I have just been here since September!  I know it feels like I have been here a year, because the story has been dragged out so long! (Laughs)  I am completely honored.  I keep waiting to wake up.  I just hope I can do the story justice.



Teresa, you are able to go from seamlessly navigating through comedy to drama in your performances.  Is that easy for you to do?


They are very different, in that comedy it’s all about the timing and the beats.  As far as the weight of the scene and everything, it’s the same.  You have to have those deep feelings to do comedy, or else it’s not funny.  It has to be rooted in something that is real. That is what makes it funny … those extremes.   I have always been able to do both, and I understand the differences in them.  Sometimes I am better at one than the other.  But I love them both equally.


Everyone knows that the character of Sabrina is based off the lead character in the beloved series Ugly Betty.  At one point, did you come to realize you were daytime soap operas version of Ugly Betty?


I knew it pretty instantly.  I was struggling and trying to find my way and not sure where they were wanting me to go.  I talked to Mark Tescher again and he said, “Watch Ugly Betty again.”   I re-watched the first episode and I went, “That’s right. This is what it is.” You see the moment where Betty is being walked all over, and then suddenly she stands up.  She is not a push over, and that was really cool to see on Ugly Betty, and really cool to learn from.  That made playing Sabrina a lot clearer.


Why was Sabrina unable to say for months, “Listen Patrick, I love you!”  Why has it been so hard to get that out of her mouth? (Laughs)



I think because of Emma.  She values her relationship with Emma more than her relationship with Patrick, and does not want to ruin that.  There has been that fear of if Patrick pushes her away Sabrina won’t be able to hang out with Emma, and they have developed a really good friendship, as well.  Ultimately, that mattered more.  I think she never really thought she could have anything more with Patrick.  Realistically, if she is being honest with her self, she feels it’s always going to be one-sided.


Now an important question and set-up: Before Sabrina turns into a beautiful swan, will Patrick truly realize he cares for her?


What I really like about how they have written this is Patrick realizes he cares for her before he sees her new self, which I think is really important!


Me too!  Otherwise, it could just come off as Patrick is now lusting after some hot babe!


They wrote that right, and he comes to a moment of realization and they keep missing each other.  Sabrina starts hanging out with Milo, which is a lot of fun! (Laugh) But Patrick realizes what he feels for this girl, while she looks the way that she has always has looked.   I think he was distracted by Britt, because at one time he was a womanizer, and that is what he knew.   I think you can chalk up his sleeping with Britt to his despair, and being confused, and being inside a dark cloud after having lost his wife.  I don’t think Patrick has been thinking clearly this entire time.  He comes to the realization that he now can think clearly, and he is ready to move forward.



And now there’s Milo (Drew Cheetwood) thrown into the mix!  He has taken a liking to Sabrina!  What happens there?


Well, Sabrina and Felix end up graduating.  Felix is in love with Milo and so he invited him to the graduation.  We have a conversation there, and Milo falls for Sabrina and he takes her out.  Patrick shows up at the graduation to say, “Can we talk about this?  I want to let you know that I actually feel the same way.”  But before he can say anything, Milo asks her out, and then we just keep missing each other.


How is working in scenes with Marc Anthony Samuel?  The on-screen banter between Felix and Sabrina is fun to watch.  I also felt bad for Marc for that initial backlash on GH’s representation of a gay character, when he had only aired in one episode!  It was so unjust to Marc, and head writer, Ron Carlivati.


Marc is fantastic, and we have so much fun.  The relationship Marc and I have on-screen is what we are like off-screen together.  We hang out and we are really close.  He expected to get that flack, first of all being a gay character, and then being a black gay best friend.  He was not blindsided by it, and he is very much aware that prejudices still go on to this day.  Somebody tweeted, “I love Felix and Sabrina.  I hope that he turns out to be straight so that they can be together.”  I am very careful.  I really want to say stuff back, but you have to bite your tongue.  It made me so upset, because also in the fans mind they love these characters, but if only Felix would be “fixed”, or whatever, was the message I took from that.



What has been your favorite scene, thus far, acting opposite Jason Thompson?


The day that Sabrina tells Patrick that she can’t baby-sit anymore.  That was a good day, and I felt we were really connected.  Jason and I went over what is really going on here. So in the scenes both of our characters started to speak at the same time, and then letting each other speak, and then the switch of Sabrina putting up a wall going, “You know what?  We can’t hang out.”  And the look that he had after that!  I know Jason really felt that, too.  I also felt we connected in the church scenes.


How does it feel to go into GH hair and makeup, and wardrobe, and get “frumped -up” everyday, and see Sabrina’s “get-up” for the day?


I am all about costumes!  Costume parties, I am all over it.   I love Halloween.  There was one day I had these mustard yellow tights on!  I loved it.  I felt like a Fraggle.



Did you watch General Hospital before you were on it?   Do you have family who is into the show?


I actually have an Uncle in his late 70’s, and he is a huge fan.  I knew GH, but I did not watch it or follow it.  I knew who Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) and Kirstin Storms (Maxie) were, but I didn’t watch a ton of TV.  Now, I watch it all the time.  It’s funny.  I was learning the GH history through him.  He is like, “That is a really good hospital, because Maxie had a heart transplant, and she wears these low cut shirts and you don’t even see the scar!” (Laughs)


As we close, it’s an exciting time for fans of GH with the 50th anniversary next week.  And for fans of Patrick and Sabrina, it’s been a long time coming for them to get together!  How do you think the fans will react to what happens at the Nurses’ Ball?


I think the fans will be proud of Sabrina and they will see what they have wanted to see, because it has been dragged out for a while. She was kind of doting over Patrick for quite awhile.  You just have to watch it, and you don’t want to miss it.  I can say that definitely you will be seeing a new Sabrina after this!


So once Sabrina takes off her ball gown, she won’t necessarily slip back into mousy Sabrina garb the next day, will she?



Not necessarily.  Her core will always be wanting the best for people, but I think now she is learning her value, and learning to stand up for herself.


Wait one more thing! (Laughs)  Britt is not going to ruin Sabrina’s dress at the Nurses’ Ball, a la the movie Carrie?  Tell me it isn’t so!


You mean Pigs Blood?  Ah no, Britt does not ruin Sabrina’s dress!

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I understand Patrick moving on but doing so while at or around the Nurses Ball that is honoring Robin is a slap in the face to Robin fans.

Just wait ande see…..remember Dr. Obrecht has something up her sleeve.

I hope they bring Robin back soon. I can’t take this story much longer. I miss Scrubs and Robin/Emma 🙁

I keep thinking Dr. O will reveal a duplicate Robin(maybe Brit in a Robin mask like Faison used as Duke.) to keep Sabrina away from Patrick, and so her daughter can have him? Maybe that sounds silly but you never know what RCs plans are?

Or maybe the real Robin, Jim. We all know that Jerry Jacks has her.

I miss Robin also!!!!!!

If Patrick tells Sabrina he loves her at the Nurse’s Ball is the wrong place and the wrong time! I hope he doesn’t tell her. He won’t get a chance this is what I think that Robin will show up at the right time & be with Patrick & Emma !

Didn’t Patrick tell Elizabeth that he still loves Robin? I guess he could love both but it seems like he has been browbeated by both Elizabeth and Epiphany into believing that he needs to be with Sabrina.

Sabrina and Patrick should finally get together. Let Robin R.I.P., This interview was awesome. I am rooting for Sabrina.

How can earth is Robin R.I.P. when the viewers see her being held captive and tortured? So, continue that, so Sabrina can have her family? Um, no thanks.

i know she is not gone but if she’s too busy directing then give sabrina a chance with Patrick. If she staying full time then ok, but why make the fans wait so long for Patrick and emma to be happy. I want a storline with him and Sabrina. I like them already.

Loved this interview!

Me also!

Great read!

I too loved the interview! And I am one who liked Sabrina from the start! And I like Sabrina and Patrick together. Of course Patrick believes Robin is dead. So I don’t blame him for moving on, as Robin herself in the video told him to do. I can’t wait to see the transformation of Sabrina into the beautiful woman we know Teresa is! .

Oh and I love Sabrina and Emma together! But then I love Brooklyn no matter what Emma does! She is a better little actress than some adults!

Sorry, she seems nice, but I can’t stand her character. And I hate the way the writers use Robin’s little girl to manipulate the audience into liking her. Not working for me

I hate that we only see Emma now with her ‘replacement mommy’. GH should have actually told the story of a little girl losing her mom. But they are ignoring that and using Robin’s child to sell another character. Just seems so wrong.

It was Robin/Kim who decided to leave, & her decision to come back! They’re not using her little girl to sell Sabrina, I liked her from day 1! Robin wanted Patrick to find some 1 for him & Emma, & Emma loves Sabrina, that’s what I would want for my child

Why are you going around policing people’s comments? All because you like her doesn’t mean others aren’t entitled to their opinion of her and this storyline. Not everyone has to like it and not everyone has to agree with you. Arguing is pointless because it’s not going to make them say “Oh, ok, you’re right. I like this character now.”

my..Patrick should not chose a gal to spend his life with just because she is ‘nice’ and a good nanny for his daughter..come on..your partner of course has to love your child it is a no brainer but all the relationship should not be based on is pathetic. It is like two people being together because they have a child together but they don’t even love each other..there is a problem have to be in love and having your child happy : BOTH otherwise you move on and you co-parent when you share a child.

How can anyone hate a 7 year old girl? That is so sad…

Excellent interview, Michael. I really enjoy Teresa Castillo and especially love her bond with Brooklyn. I can’t wait for the Nurses’ Ball.

Love this comment!


Oh my Gosh Sabrina actually grew on me. As a Scrubs fan it was great seeing Kim give Teresa her blessing. I wish for more Jason Brooklyn and Teresa scenes sad as I am that Robin is gone . It is time for Patrick to move on but not 2 fast. Oh I love Felix he tells it like it is and I love him. Oh I can’t wait for these scenes where she becomes a beauty. Thanks Michael for the interview

No where did it say Kimberly gave her blessing. Seems more like throwing out Kimberly,s name to get Kimberly,s fans to accept her. That doesn’t change my mind.

Hope to see some scenes of Patrick and Emma without her for a change.,

The video Robin made, she gave her blessing, its what she wanted! People need to pay more attention to the show b4 they comment!


What part of Kimberly saying “she watches every day, and loves Teresa’s character” don’t you understand? If that’s not giving someone your blessing, what is? Personally, I’m glad to see that-MAYBE this will stop the Sabrina-bashing. Now, as far as Kimberly coming back…

The Video Robin made about Patrick moving on. We will see about that . The Nurses Ball is upon us and anything is possible ! Robin could suddentely appear at the Ball! We need Robin back ASAP! Emma needs her Mom back & Patrick needs his beloved wife Robin! Sabrina can hook up
with Milo or someone else!

I have apparently been watching a different feed of Patrick/Sabrina scenes cause a Cinderella and Prince Charming story, it is not. More like an almost 40 year old man with a very immature girl who acts like she is 12. I love Patrick; always have, but man this story does him no favors. He just comes across as a perv IMO. And don’t get me started on having their “big” come together moment at the Nurse’s Ball, the event in honor of his “late” wife Robin. As a viewer of GH since Robin/Kimberly first graced the screen over 25 years ago, this is just a slap in the face. If GH wants Patrick/Sabrina to be a pairing then they need to completely remove the character of Robin from the equation and see if they can sink or swim as a couple on their own. Stop using Robin and her “videos” as the catalyst for this couple.

Those videos were awful. Such blatant manipulation on the part of the writers. “Oh look, Robin is telling him to move, so he must” GMAFB.

My girlfriends and I felt the same way. What a slap in the face.

ITA! Unfortunately they already used Robin, Emma, the NB and everyone they could to get this nurse liked. They even used Robin’s enemy Carly, that’s how forced this character is. They are trying to make her Robin and that is why I don’t like her and never will. If you have to take everything from a character rich in GH history like robin to get a nurse liked or accepted then the character doesn’t work for me. All I see when I see this character is slanted heavy handed writing.

The only woman Emma needs is her mother Robin. With Robin held against her will, Emma has a grandmother Anna which show how sloppy a writer RC is with never having Anna there for Emma. They could have used Felicia or Maxie. Those are whom should be there for Emma.

I still do not buy Patrick in love with anyone but Robin and I find it very offensive and cruel using Robin and NB honoring Robin to prop this nurse AGAIN. Patrick looks like a idiot in a teen story.

To quote RC “you will love her”‘ not this viewer RC, you have me tuning GH out since mis t characters are nothing more than plot points or props for his pet nurse. So glad I mke up my sn mind and don’t fall for sloppy slanted writing.

Even now baiting fans to watch making them think Robin returns.

AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!! I really need the writers to stop with the teases and ‘bait and switch’ of Robin returning. Bring her back or stop using her to sell this story.

WORD to this entire post!

First of all, Anna & Felicia didn’t take care of their own kids! Emma loves Sabrina, & its up to Kim M to decide if she is coming back, not the writers!

Anna wasnt always there 4 Robin…so i dont expect her to always be there for Emma…id like to see Patrick with Elizabeth and Sabrina with Milo…the writers only mistake was showing Robin alive…AGE, as long as its legally, isnt a problem for me, my late grandparents were like the same age difference as Sabrina and Patrick…you constantly bash this show without one postive word to say so why are you even watching…maybe you should just check out of the hospital if the docs havent found a cure to get you to like them.

Looks to me like they r leaving it open for Kim/Robin to decide if she wants to come back! I feel the same about Steve Burton!

I have a feeling Robin will show up at the Nurse’s Ball! Plus I think she will show up for Gh’s 50th Anniversary! Need Robin back in her rightful place with Patrick & Emma!

I enjoy everything about this storyline. I love the friendships of Sabrina, Felix, and Elizabeth; and I love Epiphany standing up for her nurses. Of course, I love Patrick and Emma. I even love Britch, and I actually even feel a little sorry for her now that I know who her mother is. LOL

Awesome comment!

Thanks again. 🙂

Nice interview. I think the character is too young and immature for Patrick. Maybe pair her with Milo or Michael. Patrick needs someone with fire, passion and more personality.

Agree i don’t care if the woman is not Robin, get real Kimberley is moving on she wanted to leave, Patrick/Jason needs to have a story so his character has to move on and find a new love (of course he will not forget Robin but he can’t stop to leave because she is not here, even in real life it happens so imagine a but this Ugly Betty story is ridiculous and so corny moreover the actress (although pretty nice in this interview) is too young for Patrick/Jason, she could be a little sister to him not a love interest ! It just make the story totally cliche, ridiculous and boring and don’t get me start with all the propping of this Sabrina character by everyone and i mean EVERYONE even Carly ! This writing is pathetic and so out of date..and to make the interloper so evil in order for viewer to root for poor nice Sabrina, the bond with the little daughter..oh my so predictable and cliche it is not even funny..well to sum up Patrick/Jason deserve a new love interest but better than that..someone like a spunky maybe a little devious scheming (not the Brit kind but more a younger Carly kind) fun woman maybe tied to a core family could have been fun, someone a little edgier than Robin but not slutty/evil like Brit or Lisa..someone in the middle and an actress age appropriate who has chemistry with Jason what was needed certainly not..this disaster !
p.s: and by the way Ugly Better did not end with Daniel, she became his best friend not his lover, not ALL the other characters sang her praise, she was smart and had humor, had a backdone and had other goals in life than being or thinking about Daniel Mead ! And the writing was better so don’t compare GH please.

Ugly Betty i (played by the beautiful and fun America Ferrara)

I think Sabrina is beautiful, & we r watching GH, not Ugly Betty, & what does age have to do with it?!

I said ‘age’ was ONE of the issues because on-screen this make this pairing awkward and dull, you see much more a big brother with his nerdy little sister than a love story worth watching between two adults..but the ‘age’ issue is not even the major problem..the major problems are the chemistry free scenes between these two actors and the really ridiculous premise of this ‘storyline’.
Find me a great female character opposite Jason/Patrick with a well written story and i will be totally into it ! Here it is just not the case and make me want to stop watching, that’s all..too cheesy and boring for my tastes.

First of all age shouldnt be a problem as long as its legal…my late grandparents age difference is almost the same as Patrick and Sabrina but i do see better chemistry between Liz and Pat which i feel Robin would strongly approve of…once Sabrina gets her makeover im certain she’ll emerge out of her shell and be stronger, more confident and maybe edgier. I like her better with Milo and i hope Rafe turns out to be related to Sabrina: his mother Alison did have an afair with Sabrinas cousin Juan so maybe Juan is Rafes real daddy which would make Rafe related to Princess Diaries (i prefer to call her that over ugly betty)Sabrina! Maybe when Noah shows up he’ll tell Patrick he has a half sister…Sabrina! That way they cant get together but if they do i can live with it because im enjoying gh 4 the first time in years…by the way there is a well known actor in his late 30s dating a woman who is only 20…so age really doesnt matter.

As for the Ugly Betty comparison i did it because they did it and talked about it in the interview. Eyeroll.

There first kiss is at the NB which is honouring his wife? WTF? A little disrespectful of the writers to go there. Anyways TC seems sweet.

I love the cinderella story.I miss robin but when someone wants to leave we have to move on until she one day may want to return.Glad there leaving the storylines open for robin.Do believe whe Sabrina and Patrick fall in love she will return.It always happens like tht on soaps.

No one said Patrick shouldn’t move on. He could have been with Britt then when Robin returns finds out Britt knew about Robin. More intelligent n story and exciting than this forced story and pairing..

Robin used again to prop this nurse and Patrick gets to move on while Robin suffers again.

I wanted to see the real Patick not giving up on Robin and work with Robin’s parents to find her. They didn’t even need Kimberly to do it.

Sad when I cant even watch Emma scenes since she can’t think of her mother only ths nurse.

I happen to love the character Sabrina Santiago and have become quite a fan of Teresa Castillo. Thank you to Michael Fairman, for another great interview.

Micheal thats funny you should mention ‘Carrie’ thats one of the things i recently commented on, and now that you mentioned it too i almost really want it too happen. Sabrina and Felix make great friends, and goofy Milo is starting to grow on me. Teresa is a smarter actress than some people give her credit for, and shes nothing like nerdy Sabrina. I dont feel Sabrina and Patrick are right together because i dont see too much chemistry together but that could eventually change…i kinda like her better with Milo but not because of hers and Patricks age difference, my late grandparents were over ten years apart. I could change my mind about them as a couple…not because of a makeover but because if it draws her out of her shell.

The age difference is a problem here imo, she looked like a little sister, i can’t take that seriously and above all there is NOT any romantic chemistry between the actors, find another love interest for Patrick and a better story..please !

I do agree with you somewhat…the lack of chemistry is definately the problem…Sabrina and Milo work better together for me…im going to see if the makeover which i hope includes personality( i mean if Sabrina becomes more mature/less awkard) makes a difference. My late grandfather was over 10 years older than my grandmother who was 22 at the time, and he already had two young children from his first wife who died…so me its kinda like watching them. Now i heard actor Bradly Cooper who is in his late 30s is dating a 20 year old! A kinda Patrick and Sabrina thing…i guess this is what they call art imitates life?

I agree Sabrina does look like Patrick’s little sister..

by the way-Teresa is 32 years old-not that it matters to the haters

I am sooooo ready for Robin to come back! Scrubs forever

Me Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring back Robin and the real Patrick and Emma. This story is ridiculous and insulting.

At ths rate, Scrubs could have divorced and Robin left town with Emma. Hate using Robin to prop RC latest pet using Robin. Then Patrick can be with whoever he wants. Ths is vile and after he Lisa garbage. Robin deserves her daughter the hold SHE always wanted.

Does RC think we are all stupid and can’t see this NB is for his pet nurse not Robn.

and yet-it doesn’t matter that Kim likes Teresa. Unbelievable

Kimberly is directing, which she loves now. I noticed yesterday that her Twitter account no longer lists her as an actress, just discusses her directing. I love her as Robin but respect she wants to do different projects. I don’t want them to recast Robin and u don’t want her killed off. What other choice does Ron have? I wish people would stop blaming Ron and Frank and instead understand that actors have the right to persistent other endeavors. I’m happy watching the story unfold knowing that eventually Robin & Patrick will be end game. I’m also happy that Kimberly can pursue her directing and have the opportunity to return to GH as she wishes.

other choice ? I have one : a BETTER storyline for Patrick/Jason with a BETTER fun love interest played by an actress he has chemistry with ! Not hard.

Nice interview. Teresa is lovely. I like Sabrina however her character isn’t right for Patrick. Emotionally, she’s a teenager. Patrick is an experienced, adult male with a child. He doesn’t need to be raising two. Also, I haven’t seen Patrick falling for Sabrina. Many characters are pushing him into returning her interest – that’s not love. Patrick still loves Robin. It’s okay if he’s not ready to move into a new relationship. It’s only been a year since Robin’s ‘death’.

I agree with you! She seems childlike & sweet. Sabrina to me doesn’t see mature enough for Patrick..I don’t know how old her character is suppose to be?
To me she seems around 19 ! They need to change her look to make her look
a bit more mature. Do something with her hair . Perhaps cut it and give it some
style. And get rid og the glasses that seem to go off to one side of her face…. And Patrick belongs with Robin in my opinion.

What heart tugging story was on GH recently?

Gheez .. go ahead people, keep complaining and stop watching GH if you are so inclined. Give ABC more reason to drop the axe on it’s last soap. I just started watching GH again when John, Todd and Starr came on last year. I am a diehard AMC/OLTL fan and I hate to tell you this but if they bring those actors back as different characters then I have a feeling you will lose a huge chunk of the audience you gained last year. So that coupled with all your moaning and groaning could very well bring an end to GH.

Right on!

Thank you!!

thanks for posting and enjoy read it, love it… I enjoy Sabrina scene with everyone and Patrick and Emma…

Sorry, she may be a nice girl but I am so tired of her character. I feel like they are shoving her down our throats when there are so many important characters I’d rather see. She is on way too much, and when she is not on we have to sit through the endless scenes with Patrick and Elizabeth discussing Sabrina. Two strong actors wasted.

A MUCH better story, as others suggested, would have been a little girl dealing with her mother’s death and Patrick trying to date Elizabeth or Maxie or (somebody we know) and really struggling with it because he’s not over Robin. Instead we get Ugly Betty, who looks like Jodi Arias to me.

Patrick and Elizabeth would make a better couple but with her now paired with A.J. and Nikolaus back i doubt liz and pat will happen…4 now. I do like Sabrina with Milo, and i cant wait to see Brits face when Sabrina has her makeover.

They didn’t pair Patrick with Elizabeth or Maxie, I believe, because Robin is still alive. There isn’t a future for Patrick & anyone but Robin. Elizabeth lost Jake, Jason and Lucky in different ways – having her fall for someone who will eventually go back to his wife would be cruel to a character who had lost so much already. As for Maxie, she & Robin are cousins. That would have really torn her relationship with Robin apart and, after losing Georgie, she couldn’t bare to lose another sister-influence in her life. Especially after Robin returned from the dead. Sabrina is the best choice because she has no past, no back story. And also, I think the story is about how a parent changes and grows. Patrick would have never been attracted to Sabrina years ago. He is now in part because she is so good to his daughter. Priorities change and someone who is kind to your child becomes more attractive than physical looks.

I think Lulu could have been a good choice, loved Lulu and Patrick scenes during his addiction phase, the actors had chemistry and that although Julie Marie playing Lulu is younger than Jason, it works here because chemistry, connection and not over-propped, cheesy writing was there. Of course Lulu being in a pairing popular with Dante and the writers loving, wanting to write for Lante (Lulu/Dante) you knew it would not happen…But now with the recaste of the Lulu character maybe it could happen..maybe Marcy Rylan and Jason Thompson could have chemistry at first sight..i don’t know..we will see. Like i said the age difference is obvious between Patrick and Sabrina but when the make over will happen the actress playing Sabrina will look like more mature..however the REAL problems will still be here : lack of chemistry between the actors, immaturity and sugary sweet corny personality for the Sabrina character and finally ridiculous, cliche story !

Thank you for pointing that out. All things being equal, Patrick/Liz would have been the ideal coupling, But, all of Liz’s fans (of which I’m one) would have screamed bloody murder once Robin is found alive. But, for now, I like Patrick and Sabrina, even though I know that Robin will eventually return. Kimberly has given Teresa her blessing, that should be enough for ANY GH fan

I like Sabrina but not with Patick.. The Nurses Ball I am hoping Robin shows up
& Patrick,Emma are reunited !

That could happen..but i still would like to see Sabrina with Emma…i wish when Noah returns he reveals Sab is Patricks half sister…shed then be Emmas aunt!

Thanks to both of you for a great insightful, informative interview!
I love Sabrina more than any character on GH or any other daytime show.
Her glasses do not detract from her inner and outer beauty.

Give me a break. You’d be hell bent to find a dozen people who have been waiting for this for a long time. I know you are just doing your job Michael, but some of these questions just make the Sabrina character more important then she is. I would like someone to please write an article about how royally screwed fans of the Robin character feel as well as fans of scrubs. Gotta move Patrick on, fine, but via the Nurses Ball? Come on….

I am looking forward to Sabrina’s transformation in looks and confidence. I have enjoyed the story or Patrick, Emma and Sabrina so far.

I’m sure as soon as they ‘get together’ something will be there to threaten it and with Robin alive would never invest in them. So just along for the ride,

I love Sabrina, & I hope her & Patrick do get together! Some people need to understand, these actors have a life outside of Soaps, & enjoy the show, & quit whining or quit watching! Keep up the good story line, & keep GH alive!

I so agree! Patrina is happening! 🙂

Robin will explode Sabrina out of the picture when she shows up at the Nurses Ball!

I really like Sabrina,I would like to see her happy with someone – but I don’t think that someone is Patrick.
She will get her heart broken if she pursues him.
He belongs with Robin – his true love.
Nevertheless I’m looking forward to the upcoming scenes.

I think some of you take this WAY too seriously! 🙂

I don’t hate Sabrina. I like the actress and think Sabrina could shine as a supporting player. And while I’m enjoying Elizabeth and A.J., I think a more poignant story could have been told if, in the past year, Liz and Patrick grew closer out of their grief over losing Robin and then fell in love. Many viewers love Liz and Robin so when Robin shows up alive then you’ve got a triangle where people could actually be torn over whether they want Patrick and Robin or Patrick and Elizabeth. With Sabrina as a part of the triangle, I think most viewers will be rooting for a Scrubs reunion.

i don’t disagree..although i am not sure about Elisabeth and Patrick..i don’t know i am not too fond of the new Elisabeth/Aj pairing either..i like Elisabeth (although sometimes she can really really hypocritical) and BH has chemistry with her screen-partners pretty easily but i don’t know who i would want with her..right now i am not very fond of any of her actual pairing (Aj) or potential one..well Nik..yep she had some chemistry with maybe..i think writers will develop a Nik/Elisabeth/Aj triangle and poor Patrick will be stuck with Princess Ugly I am not so fond of any of these stories..thankfully there are other good things on GH right now. And i am curious how new Lulu/Marcy Rylan will be written.

This is about more than people just wanting Scrubs. There are people that aren’t even Scrubs fans that can see how GH is using Robin’s history and Scrubs daughter to try and sell this character. We get it. She is perfect in every way. Perfect nurse, perfect babysitter, perfect little friend, perfect everything….how annoying. In order to compete with Robin, they really went on and created a character that’s ‘perfect’ in every way, she basically has no personality.

She’s not perfect by any means! Just a sweet young woman who is kind and compassionate. I’m a Sabrina fan and I see faults. She can be a bit self-absorbed sometimes, kind of oblivious as well! LOL But just because she has more good traits than bad doesn’t make her perfect. (and I wouldn’t say her faults are all that bad — just human) She’s refreshing!

major flaw : BORING and CORNY ah and SPINELESS yep you are right she is far from ‘perfect’ just not perfect in an annoying way and other characters portray as ‘perfect’ whereas she is not…

Yeah she is perfect in every way…and since Disney owns abc she shouldve been called Mary Poppins who was also perfect in every way…lol

P.S. i do like Sabrina but i prefer her with Milo or even Micheal now that Starr is gone…made more sense if Patrick was with Liz but Satrick may work out…so ill wait and see.

oh i loved Mary Poppins, Sabrina could dream to even be at Mary Poppins’s shoes

This story is like a bad lifetime movie. And the problem with Sabrina is not her appearance, it’s the fact that she acts like a preteen. I don’t understand how a former player, current father and widower is attracted to someone that acts like she belongs on a Disney after school special.
And as all the posts mention, the issue of how hard the writers are trying to sell her is so over the top. She’s the centre of the Nurses Ball and the 50th anniversary and has done absolutely nothing to deserve that. Why is so much of the show practically centred around this character while other longterm POPULAR characters are rarely seen.
Another thing, I hate how Patrick’s entire existence is now about this preteen twit. He can’t have a scene or even a simple conversation that doesn’t revolve around Sobby. Ditto Emma. It’s making people resent this character.

Maybe im in the minority but i dont resent her at all…she’ll be a different person inside and out once shes got her makeover. Shes really a good actress to convince you shes a preteen twit…shes just overly shy and akward which i feel will come to an end once her makeover emerges her from her shell.

I resent her. I don’t care about the stupid makeover. And no the preteen vibe we get from her is not from great acting, it’s from horrible storytelling.
But the biggest reason why people resent her is because the writers are constantly using ROBIN to prop her. Why do we need those stupid videos? Do they really need to bring Kimberly in and waste her time propping their pet project? Why can’t they let this character sink or swim without using Robin?

Great post Trayce, it is exactly that and i was even not a big scrubs fan, i found them just ‘there’ most of the time but this Sabrina story is the worst. Poor Patrick character, he should be better off coming back being a player at least it could be somewhat entertaining.

I’m not reading preteen at all. I’m reading someone who doesn’t have to more than herself, and values what matters. Maybe you are seeing that it comes off as niave, because people often lose themselves to the vision of how they want to appear to others. I’m not saying I have a psych degree, but I’m saying that it would have never crossed my mind that she is anything but real, with the ability to be humble and accepting, all the qualities that I like about a person. I like my bad boys and girls too, but so hard to want to tune into the “nice” person, but Teresa pulls it off. And if others see preteen, maybe I’m the one who is deluded, but I’m just not seeing it it at all. She’s more mature than most characters, especially Brit, who I love to hate, and might actually want to see the other side of. When I think of Disney preteens, I think shallow, in that youthful way that doesn’t diminish who they are but where they are in life. Even with mickey mouse ears, Sabrina is not that on any level. Is she not a femme fatal. Yes, I agree with that, and that’s probably why Sabrina wasn’t registering with Patrick on a concious level… Why not a girl that doesn’t have to flaunt that to enjoy being around, and all the more ego driven sex when its only him that she reveals that to. Patrick is forever changed by Robin and going back to who he was wasn’t working, so who is to say. I do agree, though, there’s no guarantee she’s the right girl. They have to spend the personal time, to see their true chemistry. It may not be there, but fall on the side of the idea that it will be.

Well said Char!!!

It is not the problem : she is just corny, boring and yes shallow and all the propping from the writing and the other characters doesn’t help !
Other great female characters who were NEVER femme fatale type of characters but more girl next door kind like Robin or Liz or Brenda or Lulu or Laura ect..did pretty well and had lot’s of popular pairings so Sabrina not being a vixen, sex kitten is not the problem !

Excellent post!!!

The writers just giving the finger to the Robin/Scrubs fan base. First, it was the stupid videos that Kimberly had to come back to tape. Robin pimping Sobtrick… lame and insensitive. Then it was Emma propping Sobby and asking her to be her new mommy. And now, the Nurses Ball is supposed to be honouring Robin but it’s where Sobtrick share their first kiss. Gag. Gross. Disgusting.

Soon she will call her ‘mommy’..Robin who ?! lol

YES, I GET IT!!! And ive seen many in these threads DO go on about Sabrinas age and repeat over and over again other issues too and as long as they repeat it i have the right to repeat myself as well. like you said we can agree and disgree and thats exactly what ive been doing and youd know that if youd read all my comments under different replies. IV disgreed on the age difference and iv agreed and disagreed on other issues concerning Sabrina! My reply under this one suggested she or he not watch this one paticular episode if the think they are going to see something they dont want to see…no ones forcing them to watch!

If you think its that bad…(gag gross disgusting)…then dont watch the nurses ball! But any of what you say might not happen…now i would prefer Patrick with Liz who have great chemistry together…and Sabrina with Milo but in any case im going to enjoy the nurses ball and see what really happens…age difference isnt a problem with me…the same thing happen with my late maternal grandparents who were years apart just like the soap couple and it was not disgusting at all.

We get it jim with your grandparents the age issue is not the major issue in this ridiculous story, get it ?! After that you have the right to enjoy it, and we can agree to disagree, to each his own.

And for your other comments how is showing Kim M. videos wasting her time if the actress agreed to do them?

The video was made before Kim / Robin left, she left it in her stocking for Patrick to find at Christmas. It was when her HIV status changed and she thought she was going to die from it. I, myself see the chemistry Patrick and Sabrina have. Give them a chance to evolve. I read in a current magazine that Robin is not coming back anytime soon.

I don’t care if I’m the last man standing with the following view: Sabrina is stunningly beautiful as is. Teresa must act the role/character GH dictates, but iny opinion Sabrina will not “learn her value and learn to stand up for herself ” by changing her look which only serves to once again subliminally hammer home the immoral, all too often portrayed message that only physically made up (saying it nicely here) can have and KEEP their dream guy. Why can’t GH get this right? Why can’t Sabrina learn confidence from within? The answer is the same to both questions …. Because true/ lasting appreciation of inner beauty is only minimally valued in our society and that’s why 1 out of every marriages will continue to end on divorce (and that stat is of course much higher in Hollywood). GH has over the years supported so many gr8 causes and ideals via their story lines but when the rubber meets the road and ratings/profits are on the line, they caved in on what arguably remains the most unaddressed issue in modern day society and that is the failure of so many to back the unbreakable foundation of LASTING true love – the heart which is perfectly found in an area that no makeup can ever reach.

I agree with you…well said!!!

Thank you Jim and welcome to the minority, and respectfully humble, view!!!! Be interested if Michael Fairman and/or Teresa chimed in and replied with their opinions/perspectives. @Chuck4444444 on twitter.

I like how Milo and maybe Patrick are attracted to Sabrina for just being herself…i find her beautiful inside and out. I wish shed just stay as she is…ive seen women who looks like her and they had boyfriends and husbands and didnt have to barbie doll up to just attract them. I dont mind Sabrina getting a makeover but it should be something she does for herself and for herself only. I dont care if anyone doesnt like how i look because thats their problem not mine. But then again i could really use a makeover myself. lol. But thats would be me deciding to do it 4 myself and 4 no one else the way it should be. Again i liked what you said…its the most sensible thing iv read under any of these headlines so far!

Love anything Sabrina!!


Typed too fast — sorry 4 above spelling mistakes

saw a photo of you Micheal at the Nurses Ball, how fun that must have been!!

I love Sabrinia. I loved Robin also but Kimberly decided to leave so this is what it is. If you don’t like it than don’t watch it. You make it sound as if you are being forced to watch something that makes you so unhappy. Geez…. Theresa you are doing an awesome job and I can’t wait until the NB to see how it all plays out. Congrats on the role and the great job you’ve done thus far!!

You couldn’t have said it better

Well said

I feel like everyone wants airtime for all their favs, and forget how a nice mix with new characters is a great infusion. I couldn’t have picked more interesting characters than Sabrina and Felix. I have a huge grin when either one is onscreen. I don’t understand why Emma warming up to Sabrina doesn’t make sense because it was written so well that it made sense, and Sabrina is so clearly a goofy girl that a kid would love to be around. I need a smile in the middle of all the tragedy and heavy investments, and even though life can’t be fun and games with Felix and Sabrina all the time, I’ll take it when I can get it. I hope these two stay on the canvas because I like just hangin out with them. And if Patricks gonna move on, Sabrina is written to be someone I root for. There were moments, like when Sabrina pushed him away, how quickly he was ready for Brit as if deep down he felt rejected. He’s been playing being into Sabrina subconciously for awhile, or I’m just picking up on onscreen chemistry. I’ve been watching GH forever and love all my regulars, and though I’m not always happy with Ron’s idea of love stories, I think he knocked these two new characters out of the park. End even Brit. Hard to be one of those villians you love to hate, but she did it. I’m usually a lot more hard nosed about it, and surprised I’m saying it as I’m usually the one complaining about a bad newbie. Not this time. I respect everyone’s opinions, and just putting mine out. Class act, Teresa, for the great interview.

Char you got me loving Sabrina even more, and Felix too. Patrick was always a ladies man. Why wouldnt women young and old be attracted to him? Makes sense to me!

Well said!

Well said Char. Well said.

Please. This chick has been on this soap for less than a year and she is eating the screen. The real Patrick Drake has been replaced with some shell of a soul in order to prop her character. Now he is falling for her but they have never been on a date? Laughable.

The most classic crap thrown on Scrubs fans was last week was Robin having to give a soliloquy of Patrick finding a new woman while visions of Sabrina danced on the screen.

I am sick of the bait and switch. If RC wants them so bad. Free Robin and let this bad Disney tale try and stand on it’s own. Not the back of a character who has been with this show for 25 years.

She not the first newbie to be on screen in less than a year and eat the screen, and why would any woman 18 to 88 not be attracted to Patrick? You dont go on a date first then find your attracted to someone or is this some new thing? You usually are attracted to someone first then you ask them on a date! Patrick truly loved Robin but didnt he also cheat on her? So i rather have him fall for Sabrina while believing Robins dead than then just cheating on her when he knew she was alive. And just because we know shes alive, Patrick doesnt so he should be able to move on with whom he chooses even if its RCs 22 year old creation. It happen in my own family. And this is a soap opera where there is no such thing as a happy ending so its hardly a Disney tale!

Patrick is a grown man who has lost his wife and raising a daughter. He used to be a manwhore. There is no way he is going to fall in love with the babysitter without even dating her. It took him months to admit he had feelings for Robin.

She may not be the first newbie to eat the screen but I have never seen an entire town propping her. She has literally been referred on this show as a Saint. This character has no layers.

This is no soap opera anymore it is camp with a bunch of plot points . The plot point I am sick to death of is trotting out Robin every few months to bait and switch the viewers to thinking there may be resolution to this story. Instead they constantly use her to prop this one.

The ratings have fallen the last five of six weeks for this show. I will be anxious to see after all the NB hoopla is over how the actual “stories” do without the propping of vets and bad writing IMO.

I am sureTC is a lovely person and is she is certainly beautiful, but RC did not think this through about asking all fans to accept this story. Alot of fans are not happy with it and want resolution for Robin before Patrick can move on in their minds. Seeing her every few months in captivity wanting to be home with her family is not the way to do it. A lot also do not get the age difference or maturity level in the characters. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out.

Despite this ridiculous Sabrinyawn story ratings will still be great imho these next months with all the vets coming back, lot’s of action and of course the anniversary. After that..time will tell..There are lots’ of characters right now on the canvas, maybe too much, the pacing is fast which is good imo but the stories have no real fallout..that is a problem..and sometimes the plot points are pretty ridiculous with lot of plot driven stories instead of character sum up GH right now is a quite entertaining soap although often too campy, silly for my tastes..more balance would be good but if ratings stay good they will not change that..we will see..let’s just hope for another story for day ! lol

People, its a soap opera…in a soap opera there is no such thing as a happy ending so its far from being a sugary sweet Disney tale!!! Maybe a spoon full of sugar will some of your bitterness and ignorance go down in a most delightful way!

will help…dang!

I also am insulted that because I do not care for this story I am somehow bitter. I simply point out what I deem are the holes. I don’t have to like it. I am not the only one that refers to it as a bad version of a Disney story. In fact, the writer of this interview did. It is a badly executed version of a Disney Story with the made over beautiful princess and the evil Britch and the handsome neurosurgeon doctorly prince.

Yep totally a bad cheaper serie zzzzzzzzzzzzz daytime soap in its worst way version of a corny Disney Fairytale..totally it is not riveting tv..even the other versions of Ugly Betty on prime time in USA or other countries were more fun and layered than that ! Here it just doesn’t work at all for me, it is just silly.

I really enjoy Sabrina, and I enjoy her with Patrick. Theresa seems like a sweet person as well. However things turn out for Patrick or Sabrina (and I have a feeling something will happen to complicate matters), I will remain a fan of Sabrina.

I don’t believe this “love story” between Patrick and Sabrina at all. It’s like everyone is bullying him into liking her. Liz and Epiphany with their nagging and Robin with that blatant re-recording of the video to push Patrick towards Sabrina. This story is completely disrespectful to Robin and to Patrick’s characters. Sabrina hasn’t even been on one date with him, practically knows nothing about him, yet I’m suppose to believe they love each other? Give me a break. Patrick and Robin were sleeping together for months before they admitted their feelings to each other.

I was all for Patrick moving on after Robin’s death. I saw it coming. JT even said that it would be a better story if Patrick had moved on before Robin returned and I agreed. What I wasn’t prepared for was Patrick to not be the same Patrick anymore. I think that it would have been a better story if his next love interest was someone that would go toe to toe with him. Patrick has always liked a challenge. Sabrina is not a challenge. They don’t know each other. There’s no spark. All we’ve seen is her drooling over him and him being pressured by any and everyone to fall for her. This is ridiculous.

The real story that should have played out and was screaming to be told was Patrick becoming that which he feared most….his father after his mothers death and watching him comeback from that. Instead they stick him in typical RC instalove Cinderella. Lame. JT has the acting chops. They should have let him use them.

Yep a gal who could challenge him, an edgier version of Robin who can go toe to toe with him would have been the perfect direction for a new Patrick’s story not a corny romance with a goodie two shoes version of ugly Betty !! Not hard to get Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati, you are supposed to be some good writer and producer for daytime tv !

I had to reply to here…i agree with you about the campy stuff. GH and DOOLs always employed campiness in its stories since the 1980s…somtimes it works to attract viewers but too much campiness does wear thin after awhile and some of those who tune it just for it will eventually tune out and those who dont like will get tired of it fast and some of them will also tune out. Dark Shadows relied on this type of storytelling which worked for it in the beginning but it also backfired on it as well and this is why it had a successful but shortlived run. Meanwhile, Y&R which never depended on camp remains high rated and i feel GH and DOOLs could be way up there too with better character driven plotlines and at least cut some of the campy writing stuff down by half. Camp can be fun and comedy relief is needed…i nees a good laugh sometimes…they just dont need to overplay it.

Will GH “s story line with Sabrina cause more,already insecure young women to think, “I must drastically change my physical appearance to be happy in love?” GH would argue Sabrina”s change provides her self-confidence. I respectfully disagree on a multitude of moral based levels. Truth is Glitzeramized Sabrina’s, in th real world, all too often (not always) but all too often sacrifice their long-term physical and mental health, in order to achieve and maintain socially dysfunctional standards. Again, Sabrina is perfect as is in physical appearance. Wisdom is developed via life experiences, lasting love includes having the wisdom to stay true to the inner beauty within us.

Great point Chuck! That is the problem with this character. There are no layers. Now she will perfect inside and out. The only angst in this story is Sabrina not getting what she wants. Patrick. Now what? It is ridiculous to even think these characters know anything about each other. The audience hasnt seen it. The only thing that has been shoen for months is her whining she wants Patrick.

I couldnt reply…so i have to do it here. I do somewhat agree with on what you replied to my comments. She does need more layers…i think she shouldnt been shown too perfect…i feel it hurts her from being more accepted by the viewers. I wouldve had her the own who accidentally gave Patrick the med bottle when he tried to save that cop instead of having Maxi involved or at least didnt get a perfect score on her nurses exam. I also originally said some time ago why cant she just look like she is now. ive seen women like her with men and didnt have to get a princess diaries makeover to attract them. My own maternal grandmother,who was around Sabrinas age, had flaws and didnt have to get a makeover to attract my grandfather, who was around Patricks age, but had two children from his late first wife. Robin shouldve never been shown alive, Partrick should have been paired with Liz instead, and Sabrina shouldve been the student nurse with just a harmless crush on Patrick and maybe be a gossiper like Amy Vining as a nod to the late Shell Kepler who played Amy. Also if i was writing GH i wouldve had Liz the one suggesting the NB revival with Sabrina just assisting her which would make more sense with Liz being Robins best friend. Other than that im fine with the rest of the show except for Laura. I love GF but feel Lauras return wasnt exciting and i thought it dumb that the first place she visits on her return was the warf, unless she arrived by boat, instead of visiting Lulu first. She told Scotty she loved him but it felt more like she had to lie to him…like he had some sort of control over her. The wedding dress was totally very unflattering, and her facial expressions in most scenes made it look as if she didnt really want to be there.

Most of the time Laura is written as the ultimate helpess victim..which before she was not always..Laura should be written as tougher, with some backbone, even Genie Francis finally was tired as this characterisation and she decided to left GH..The ‘good girl’ ‘heroine’ who is the one who can’t breathe without a man saving her..puke..Laura should be much more than that even if she is the ‘heroine’, after all she killed more than once and chose the ‘bad guy’ Luke over at this time the ‘good guy’ who did support her Lucky…she is not perfect and can speak for herself !

oups meant Scotty not bad !

Great interview! I love Sabrina! I love Teresa!

So HOPING that Robin does not return….Her character is SO overrated! Let Patrick, Sabrina and little Emma be a new family! Tired of KM coming / going / originally trying to “kill off” her character…See a lot of arrogance w/ KM.

TPTB are the ones that talked her into staying, she wanted to let Robin die so I wouldn’t consider that arrogance. I don’t see a character who has been part of this show for over 20 years overrated. She is far more valuable than some newbie who has been systematically handed Robins life on a platter for no explicasble reason other than she has become the newest pet project of Ron.

True about TPTB “talking her into staying” but before that she was ADAMANT about having GH “kill her off” so that no one could play her role ever again…That is sheer ARROGANCE! Because of her 20 year stay on GH does not mean that everyone appreciates her…Many of us don’t. She was a cute little girl but then grew up. I wish KM all the best of luck in her production endeavors, don’t get me wrong. Just wish she’s stay gone from GH and let Patrick and Emma’s story go on.


I have to agree with you here-Kim has Frank and Ron over a barrel, and she knows it. They can’t force her to return, or else she gives them the back of her hand and stays gone. As much as I respect Kim’s choice, she needs to make a final decision-one way or the other. That’s the only way this will stop. GH fans deserve better…

if you read the latest… SOD… KM is interviewed..

she has grown up on GH…. she gets what Serials ARE. ’nuff said… she embodies what characterization is about. She relates to the audience … WE grew up loving her. from the start…. her life on GH… was fraught with high level drama for years… what with HIV…. could be…..

she had the “white picket fence”…. that “snow globe” mystique.

she left GH twice…. 1st… to go back to school…
2nd… currently… in the ABC directorship program… and is busy – full-time, THROUGH year 2014..

so… if we’re ever to see a reunion.. it’s another 1 1/2 years.

till that time… and the shoe’s on the other foot…. Dr. Patrick Drake… found his true love…. his niche… his dream job…. his dream child….


dag… once you lose all this…. TEARS… this is emotionally HEAVY Stuff.


I’d spiral outa control…. for TOO Long… even with a beautiful daughter… in tow…

they should have continued on with Dr. Drake…. spiraling and dependant on vices… that quick fix…

so many other areas he coulda ventured… during KM’s absence… till her return.


I so wish the writers hadn’t of dangled Robins’ imprisonment…


fans are enraptured over this twosome…


OK…. the nurses ball is over… we’ve seen Sabrina’s make-over… the “you’re not alone” number… edearing the audience with her love for Emma….


even Emma’s character is out of sync….


i could post forever… on how this story isn’t copacetic…

just isn’t jiving with the one human interest story… that ripped out ALL our HEART’s… and we’re witnessing… this la la land… in your dreams… happy ending?

do i see KM returning… once she’s delved in to other avenues that enriches her personal life…. school – directing – writing….

you have to know… her thought processes is in the acting medium…

she respects her history in port charles…

she knows what an impact she’s delivered….

any way…

’nuff said…

for now…

i’m certain she’ll come back to us… someday.

i don’t think Jason thompson is caught up in the supercouple mode… he’s so talented… the writers went down the wrong road with Sabrina….

But don’t you kind of see the arrogance of the actress with her “hold my spot until I make up my mind” ? With KM sitting on the fence regarding her return, she’s keeping the story line from unfolding properly.

I so love The Patrick and Sabrina storyline fan let Patrick move on love it he dose move on hopefully with Sabrina like it or not There are a lot of fans who are loving Sabrina and Patrick storyline love her with Emma

I thought this was a very insightful interview. All GH fans know that there was obviously a huge Patrick and Robin fan base. The reality of the situation is that even with Robin being alive Kimberly chose to leave GH. Having her alive and a reunion with Patrick must mean one of two things, either Patrick leaves the show with Robin or they recast Robin. It is inevitable that Patrick would have to move on at some point if that character was to remain on the show. I understand alot of people dislike the pairing of Sabrina and Patrick, however I do think the hate for the character needs to stop. In my opinion Ron and Frank have set up the perfect storyline by having a character so invested in Emma. Shouldn’t true Scrubs fans be happy that a large contribution to Patricks feelings for Sabrina stem from her relationship with Emma? His daughter with Robin? I have so much sympathy for the acotrs and writers involved in this storyline as I really feel they have approached it as tactfully as possible. At the end of the day unfortunately soap fans are die hards which is both the reason the genre survives and perishes.

This is the best post I’ve seen on the matter, thank you

I am not fan of Scrubs (did mind them but that is all) and i think the Patrick’s character has potential and his portrayer Jason Thompson is a good and charismatic or and i just want a better story and a better love interest for Patrick, Robin being dead, never coming back or not ! Not hard to get.

i think… Jenn Lilly was outright – and by far – “hated”… from the get go…

so… this pales in comparison….

Sabrina… isn’t “bad”… acting… just obviously, not right.. for Dr. Drake.

the maturity, heartbreak, history of his life…

to disbend belief that he’d close his past and open his heart up for this?

I didn’t realize Teresa Castillo was the same nerdy nurse on GH.. I’ve been scrolling past that article/picture the past week or two. HOLY COW.. Teresa Castillo is GORGEOUS.. she’s such a knockout.

The actress seems nice, but, ugh, I can’t stand Sabrina.

I too think the initial blacklash about Felix was hasty (I kicked myself when the lipstick thing was explained a few episodes later), but the problem is that Felix is still just the sassy best friend to Sabrina with a little lusting over straight guys on the side. I know RC can do better than that (still heart my Kish) so I hope the little hint that Lucas might be coming to town soon happens.

Kim wanted to leave she wants to direct. She comes back when she can because GH is part of her history .She has been on the show for a long time. frank didn’t want to come here and immediately kill of a character that was loved.Kim wanted the character gone but she did as Frank asked and the two of them work together to make the fans happy. Lets give the show a chance. If the unholy three had stayed ,we wouldn’t have a show just the mob running everything. Robin has always been a character I liked even when she was spouting the mob mantra. . JT is another character fans love. Let the character have some happiness. Sabrina is an actress who is trying to do a job act what is written for her, and she does seem to be doing fine. Her scenes with Emma are great. They never put the child with others except maybe LIz, She is as adorable as her mother was at this age.
I love the nurses ball, and I am trying to watch with an open mind. TC Thresa seems like such a nice girl doing her job. It could be worse ,Britch could be winning.

She is ‘doing her job’ so everybody should like the character and the storyline ?! Okkkkkkkkkkk…eyeroll..hey let’s sing ‘kumbaya’ and like ALL characters, all storylines, all tv programs, all commercials because after all they only do their job..lolllllll lol lolllll


thank you Olivia.

don’t stop chanting “kumbaya”…. it’ll all be over soon… just a dream….

the one heart thumping, heart pounding, ripping it out… and leaving us ALL dangling….

oh how the writers erred.. in holding Robin imprisoned..

KM clearly made it understood… that when she decided to leave GH.. to PERSUE DIRECTING..

the new rigime came on board… and asked her to stay, alive…

so… KM… agreed.


i’m not ready to smash that white picket fence… that snow globe mystique… that’s what serials are about… and they have a history here.. that shouldn’t be tampered with….

we’ll just have to wait that much longer… till KM finishes up through 2014…

i will hold vigil… for this LOVE story.

Well, the episode I knew was coming aired today. GH’s makeover justification script 4 Sabrina (representing every nice, honest, pure-hearted girl hoping to fall in love with, and receive love from, “the one”). Sabrina: “I like the way I look. It’s who I am. It’s me”. The scene should have ended right there and then. Patrick (who GH has representing the “desired American man”) likes her the way she is NOW. Neither Patrick nor any other red blooded American needs X-Ray vision to see that Sabrina is stunningly beautiful WITH the glasses, WITH whatever clothes she has on, WITH minimum makeup, and WITH her hair the way it is now. Sabrina: “I could be judged on my appearance and not my abilities”. And with that line, GH begins to covertly go down the slippery slope of having this scene forever engrained in the minds of young women everywhere trying to avoid the media’s & society’s dysfunctional not so yellow brick road standards of how women must portray themselves in order to find, and keep, true love. Sabrina’s line should have been, “I REFUSE to be judged on my appearance!” Truth is, America already has a plethora of physically “made up” women out there who have only learned the lesson of “covering up” and not “overcoming” their insecurities. GH could have EASILY turned this microscopically watched storyline into a moral one by simply developing Sabrina’s and Patrick’s relationship AS IS!!!! Felix: “You’ve wondered why Patrick hasn’t noticed you. It’s because your hiding behind this tornado & these soda bottles”. WRONG (and GH writers know it)! Patrick didn’t let his feelings for Sabrina surface for other post-Robin, already explained reasons. And with Felix’s line, every young woman out there looking for true love receives one clear message from GH and that is “You will never find true love unless you improve your outer appearance” (a standard that commences a dysfunctional holy grail type journey that leads to a host of later in life issues). I have nothing against women wearing makeup or changing their outer appearance, but PLEASE PLEASE DON’T DO IT TO FIND EVER LASTING LOVE!!!! The immorally written scene continues. Sabrina: “What if it doesn’t change anything & what if it does?” Well, that lines only equals one word. FEAR!!!! GH has now reinforced the FALSE idea that most women who dress like Sabrina are insecure. Truth is there are just as many insecure women in both categories of physical appearance!!!! If GH would simply let P’s and S’s relationship develop as is, I am certain her confidence and wisdom towards important life issues, and her ability to successfully navigate through and around them, would occur. Actually, it would be even better if Sabrina learned confidence in a storyline not involving Patrick or any other man for that matter. GH’s portrayal of Sabrina in any other way is a slap in the face to everything women, who have so valiantly fought for equal rights and respect, now stand for. Felix: “I’ll make you as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside”. This is the absolute LAST line young women should have shoved into their ears and minds because the line is being said for only one end purpose and that is the dysfunctional guidance in finding REAL LOVE!!!! Felix: Wouldn’t you like to show Felix what he’s missing out on?” This is where GH stooped to the lowest of the low in this scene. They close the conversation between Sabrina and Felix with the now not so subliminal message that at the end of the day, true love can only be SNATCHED, not romanticallynurtured. It’s also the ‘ole immoral use of the “last line in the scene leaves the lasting impression” that really irked me. And finally, in case there was still one young woman out there who didn’t get the message to begin the life-long and never ending thought process of “I have to improve my physical appearance to find true love”, comes Anna: “Wow. You look great without your glasses. A different woman (giggle, giggle as she walks away behind them)”. I now submit my case to the jury=whoever ends up reading this lengthy comment. But be advised, no matter what the individual verdicts are out there, I hope everyone finds peace, happiness, and TRUE, EVERLASTING LOVE!!!!

But, as expected, the scene continues/slides into Sabrina’s feaungrs about herself

Two quick edits from above 1. Felix’s line was “Wouldn’t you like to show Patrick (I mistakenly typed Felix here) what he’s missing out on”. And 2. Please disregard the last 2 lines mistakenly not deleted (found directly below the last sentence)

it’s just so hard to believe that Patrick… would relate to Sabrina…

her “confidence”… her “struggle” or lack thereof…:

geez! he’d been through so much… the gamut of every emotion…. with Robin….

geez! Sabrina hasn’t even shown us FEAR… of reaching out for LOVE….

it magically happened… after her “make-over”.

Great interview Michael… as always!!! Missed this one and am late to the party!

I think Teresa is doing a great job with a tough situation. She is doing very well with the acting and with conveying the right emotion or lack of. The story line is what it is… the good, the bad and the ugly! Luckily we all have found that the bad is also the ugly (Brit) and the good is not the ugly!!! I have never been a die-hard SCRUBS fan… but I love both Patrick/Jason and Robin/Kim and most of all Emma! I have always loved them as a family and have celebrated when they are a happy family unit…since GH doesn’t always have many of those! Of course I would like Robin to be back and played by only KM… but she is off on other things and I think Sabrina/Teresa is a perfect second choice! I love that she loves Emma first and foremost! I hope others come around and embrace Sabrina/Teresa and stop the lamenting! I loved seeing Sabrina looking beautiful in yesterday’s show and can’t wait to see what happens next… will Emma respond well and of course what will Patrick and ultimately Anna do…?

Love GH and am so happy the anniversary and the Nurses Ball are being done beautifully!!! Congratulations GH and we want 50 more years!!!

General Hospital

OLTL and GH Alum Kristen Alderson Reveals Pregnancy

Big baby news! Former One Life to Live and General Hospital star, Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr, ex-Kiki),has announced that she and her fiancé, Taylor Crousore, are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, due in January.

On her Instagram account, Kristen shared pics of her sonogram accompanied by Crousore, which said: “Words can’t describe the happiness😭🙌💖
BABY GIRL CROUSORE! ✨Due January 2024✨ Having a baby with my soulmate/best friend is the biggest blessing I could have ever been given✨💫”

The pic was followed by a video of many of Kristen’s family and friends guessing the gender of her little bundle of joy. Those appearing in the video included: Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew, OLTL) and Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston, OLTL).

Photo: KAldersonIG

Back in July of this year, Taylor proposed to Kristen and they became officially engaged. Taylor asked Kristen at Pier 84 at Hudson River Park in New York, almost exactly two years after the couple had their first date at the very same spot.

Photo: Tom D’Angora

Kristen appeared on One Life to Live from 1998-2012 and next appeared on General Hospital from 2012-2015.

Share your well-wishes and congrats to Kristen and Taylor and their baby girl on the way via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kristen Alderson (@krisalderson)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part One

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital kicked-off with Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) adventures in New York City, where finally the fan favorite couple are getting some much needed, and waaaayyyyy overdue, alone time.

In story, Sprina arrive to their hotel room which has, thank God, one bed! Spencer heads out to get some theater tickets, leaving Trina enough time to video call her bff, Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and fill her in on how her first time alone with Spencer is going.

Trina, now in her nightgown, awaits Spencer’s return. When he does, Spencer tells Trina that everything is running on schedule. He won’t divulge what he has planned, but he has a surprise for her.  When Spencer asks what Trina wants to see on their trip, she lists all the museums she wants to go to.

Photo: ABC

After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Rena Sofer on Her General Hospital Comeback as Lois Cerullo: “She’s Still Loud and She’s Still Mouthy”

When Rena Sofer burst on to the soap scene 27 years ago as General Hospital’s Lois Cerullo, viewers knew out of the gate that this actress was something special, especially how she inhabited the one-of-a-kind outspoken and lovable woman from Brooklyn.

Now as previously announced Sofer is back on the ABC daytime drama series beginning on the October 10th episode. Rena last appeared on the show from 1993-1996, and again in 1997. She won a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal as Lois back in 1995 as the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Since Sofer’s original exit on General Hospital, she later returned to the soaps as Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2013-2022. However, the fan favorite actually started her daytime career on Loving as Amelia “Rocky” McKenzie, a role she played from 1988-1991.

Photo: JPI

With the current story about Ned Quartermaine’s (Wally Kurth) amnesia and believing he is former rock star, Eddie Maine, it’s the perfect timing for Lois to enter back into the picture to help her former husband and their daughter, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

Rena spoke with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue about her highly-anticipated comeback, and how she stepped back into Lois’ skin: “It’s interesting to play her at this age. She’s still loud and she’s still mouthy. She was still a lot like me, except with a Brooklyn accent and nails.”

Photo: ABC

As to what fans can expect, Sofer shared: “This story isn’t about me.  The story is about Brook Lynn. The story is about Eddie Maine and Ned, so I need to respect that. This is not about me coming back and telling my story; this is about me coming back and supporting the stories that are there with me trying to create the knowledge of who Lois is now, 27 years later. So that is challenging, but also, part of the fun.”

The talented actress is also keenly aware of how GH fans have wanted her to return to GH for decades: “If they hadn’t spent the last 27 years constantly making little buzzing noises about Lois coming back, or me coming back as Lois, I wouldn’t be in this position. It’s inspiring, and I am forever grateful.”

Looking forward to seeing Rena reprising her signature soap role as Lois Cerullo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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