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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Cameron Begins His Plot to Frame Nick As His Return Rocks Sharon to the Core


After having a flashback of calling Sharon (Sharon Case) ‘his dream girl’, Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) escalates his revenge plot against Sharon and Nick (Joshua Morrow), when he heads to Crimson Lights and comes face to face with them.

Nick has already had it, while Sharon is visibly shaken.  Cameron says he just stopped to give Sharon a proper hello, now that he is back in Genoa City and out of prison. He then adds … that he ran into their daughter, Faith (Reylynn Caster), and comments on what a beauty she is.

Those buzz words set in motion the reaction Cameron was hoping for.  Nick warns the ex-convict to stay away from their daughter. Cameron goes on to say that he just can’t understand why Nick is getting so worked up and violent when he comes in peace.  When Nick questioned Cameron as to what he wants, Cameron coyly says, “That’s a discussion for another time.”  He takes another gander at Sharon and heads out.


While already using the word ‘violent’, it’s clear that Cameron is going all out to payback Nick.  Next week on the CBS daytime drama series, Kirsten takes things up a notch ticking off Nick even further.

According to Soap Opera Digest on their latest issue on newsstands now, Chance (Conner Floyd) will arrive at Crimson Lights to give Nick the news that Kirsten is pressing battery and assault charges against him.  According to Joshua Morrow, “Nick is stunned and swears to Chance that he didn’t touch Cameron.”  Things take an even uglier turn, when Cameron shows up not looking so good.

Watch two key clips of Cameron’s return to Genoa City and his confrontation with Nick and Sharon and a preview for next week’s Y&R.

Now let us know, will Cameron’s plot land Nick in jail leaving a pathway for him to go after Sharon and Faith? Share your thoughts on the story thus far via the comment section.

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I kind want Cameron to “romance “ Faith to make Nick go crazy I love my mom’s stalker

Are you sick or what? That isn’t even funny, that man is sick and deranged.

Are you sick

Violet…I really don’t like this kind of story and wonder why they have dredge it up starting with the flashbacks to the Sharon/Cameron of years ago. It was new to me since I wasn’t watching Y&R back then. Beside being a really distasteful story for a soap, it conjures up too much real world incidents of men violating women. And now possibly Faith? Couldn’t they write a better story to get Sharon out of the kitchen?

Rose, I’m feeling similarly. It’s just too graphic for me, though I normally don’t mind important issues being addressed. Maybe it’s that Diane has ruined my favorite show already and now another repulsive character from the past resurfaces. Plus, there’s a silly subplot apparently brewing here so that Nick and Sharon are pushed back together, forcing a rift with Sally and, hence, more battles with Adam. Same old circle.

Yes I agree totally. I think it’s enough for me to stop watching.

I’d appreciate the writers finishing up the Phyllis)Diane/Jack/ Stark BS we’ve been begging for an end to. Just suddenly bringing in another story isn’t satisfying,it’s just delaying the end we are wishing for. I’m willing to bet the viewer #’s have taken a drop.

Sharon K,
I’ve noticed over the many years of watching Soaps that when they start a new story that means an old one is ending soon.

Gosh, they must really be hard-up to bring up this trash, it was bad enough the first time involving Sharon and his obsession with her but now to kidnap Faith, Nick will really kill this sicko if he hurts or violates her!

Why this story

I totally agree.

I agree, Rose—Yet, I think this could be a means to an end. Sharon and Nick will be spending more time together—-meaning, old feelings , which never really died, will be resuscitated—voilá; Sharon and Jack together again—If only!!

True, but what a means to an end, huh? That guy turns my stomach, at least 20 yrs.ago he was good looking and not scuzzy and unkempt. I almost threw up the the other day when he was admiring himself in the bathroom mirror.

I know, Violet—-it’s ok to have long hair and a beard when well-groomed. This guy looks like he hasn’t showered in months.
I can tolerate him as much as I can tolerate Diane—-quelle surprise finding out they’re married in real life. I am not being fair, I guess.
I can’t remember him. I’ve been watching since the early 90’s, but I can’t recall him. Too young, maybe—or his run was short lived? He reminds me of Bruce Springsteen, in a weird way, LOL.

I agree. This story isn’t for Daytime anymore. Also the writers have him killing a cat as well and that is also to violent for this show. I will not be watching this storyline play out. I will start watching again in the fall. I’m boycotting this in my own way. I will not justify this storyline with viewing it. It’s not as good as a daytime drama as it was years ago.

I think this man is going to kill faith to get back her mom and dad

I called CBS, Sony, and Y and R and emailed all 3 as well. They need to have a disclaimer on these episodes or have SC or JM to a PSA after them. JG is taking a huge risk here with this story. I love SC getting a story but this is not the way. Not to mention I think the only reason that he is giving her a story is because SHE earned an Emmy Nomination by herself after his awful treatment of her.

Oops—LOL—I meant Sharon and Nick, Rose.
I also have a sense that Chance and Summer will be next in line. There’s an attraction there, as her marriage to Kyle is slipping away.

Celia…I’ve noticed the writers trying to do a subtle attraction between Chance and Summer as well. I like Chance too much to saddle him with Summer. If not a Sharon/Nick reunion I way prefer Chance with Sharon. It’s fresh and not another rerun with Nick.

I’ve noticed the “foreplay” between Chance and Sharon, as well. Rose—-but he’s young enough to be her son—-albeit, age is “ageless” when it comes to soaps. Then again, she’s with “Adam”
( forgot his real name, oops— is it Mark?) in real life. All these couples have lost their love luster, spark. ardor ( there’s a good, old-fashioned word for you)—Michelle Stafford and Jeff Branson are possibly the only two who left an indelible impression on me as lovers.

That pouty little spoiled brat! I don’t know how any grown man would want or even find her attractive. To each his own, I know.

Not happening

@Pippa—-That’s a little out there. Ewww!! Too sick for me to even contemplate. You should not encourage such a thing—-lots of crazies out there who read these comments.——let’s not give them any ideas.

Here’s an idea, have him leave Genoa City and take Diane with him!

Yes him and Diane need to be together

I agree

Did you know they’re actually married in real life? They met on the set of another show and have two daughters. l

He & Diane are real a life couple. Would be interesting.

Yes!! Someone please take Diane! She is not a likeable person! Jake was a good man, now I’m starting to not like him so much, he’s always protecting that ugly Diane!!

Hi, Mary,
From what I can recall, Jack was not such a good guy. Plus, my grandmother told me a few stories about him that will make your hair stand on end. At one point he left Victor to die in his office—-passed out on the floor. He also slept with Jill, who was married to his father at the time.

Again, your grandmother is right. I think that’s how he got his nickname Smiling Jack.Did you know he married Nicki at one point and they had a baby that died when she fell down the stairs and she became addicted.Yes, ole Jack’s got lots of ghosts in his closet.


i would love ke more on phyllls and sally Adam and Now close. Sick of sharon storyline and Ashley.

also meant Nick adam sally storyline. Now close wasnt to b there in last reply

Great idea!

I have been waiting years for Nick and Sharon to get back together—-please let it happen. He and Sally do not make anyone salivate, in my opinion—-and this guy Cameron is so scuzzy looking—turns my stomach—hook him up with his real-life wife—then again, Jack and Diane deserve each other.
Another “union” which is right there in our faces is between Summer and Chance——I feel the sexual tension and the underlying attraction. Hmmm!!—What a thirsty couple they will make—Summer and Kyle are getting dry and stale.

So far the Cameron storyline has been B-O-R-I-N-G! I can’t get into the story because of focusing on his scruffiness,he needs a shave!!

Nick and Sharon will win in the end. I do not remember the storyline with Nick/Sharon/Cameron.

Yes I agree with the Jack and Diane enough already.
Bring back Cameron they are truly running out of story lines.
Phyllis give her a life other then talking about Diane so sick of Diane.

Really violet? That’s like a pervert talking. He looks like he could be her grandfather…creepy.

I don’t know what you are referring to but I have not said anything except my reply to Pippa about her disturbing idea. It sure didn’t come from me.

This is disturbing. Why they brought this character back is beyond me, and enough for me to stop watching and get an hour of my life back each day! And enough with dragging the Stark mess out…finish it…Red goes to jail…

Jill…I agree with you. I am so sick of self centred Phyliss, even in her better days before Diane and and Stark. Add to “finishing off”Victoria and Matt, Diane and Jack, and as much as I liked Sally before the pregnancy, the Sally/Adam and Nick story.

I also agree this new guy is scary looking and repulsive to even be on the soaps. Will U please get better writers
isn’t it enough that you bought Diane back and she could have stayed dead I’m. sure most of the viewers agree.

I’m one of the few fans who can’t stand Phyllis and now her daughter who is a total pain in the butt. Have you ever noticed that Phyllis can hardly speak a sentence without this awful smile, even when she’s saying something bad, mak3s me sick.I hope Kyle dumps Summer and not in Chances lap either. He’s too good for her, he put up enough with Abby, the other twit. Thanks fir letting me rant Rose.

A couple of times during my years of on and off listening I have pulled the plug when Victor got excessively “mean.” Seeing the new evil character bump into Faith made me sick. I hope writers don’t go overboard with the plot. There seems to be enough going on with the corporate musical chair game in play.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Alex Learns He’s Victor’s Son While Xander Learns He’s the Father of Sarah’s Baby

On Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, two bombshell secrets were revealed that rocked to the core two men who have been lied to by the people they love. First, in the pick-up from Monday, Justin (Wally Kurth) tells Alex (Rob Scott Wilson) that in Victor’s new will, he is in fact, Victor’s biological son.

A devastated Justin has to tell Alex that he is not his biological father, and that Angelica had an affair with Victor, and she made Victor agree to never claim Alex as his own for it would send shockwaves through the Kiriakis clan.

While Justin sits down with Alex and assures him that this does not change the fact that he still considers himself Alex’s dad, that doesn’t seem to make Alex feel any better. Alex feels like he has been lied to his whole life, especially by Victor.  In addition, this news means that Alex inherits the other 50% of Victor’s legacy. The other 50% was given to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), even though at the time of his death, Victor was supposedly never legally divorced from Vivian (Louise Sorel).

Photo: JPI

Bonnie (Judi Evans) finds out the news from Maggie, and wants to be there for her husband, so she heads back from Horton Town Square to comfort Justin. Alex asks Justin to leave as he needs some time alone. Justin hugs his ‘son’ from behind and then walks out. Later, Justin breaks down in tears in Bonnie’s arms.  Meanwhile, Alex is seen looking at a portrait of Victor trying to process what this all means for him moving forward.

Photo: JPI

While this is playing out, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) breaks down and tells Xander (Paul Telfer) what she overheard Rex (Kyle Lowder) and Phillip (John-Paul Lavoisier) talking about – that Xander is the biological father of Sarah’s (Linsey Godfrey) baby.  Chloe even goes so far to admit, that at first, she was going to hide the secret, not only to keep Xander, but because Sarah didn’t want him to know. However, she had second thoughts.

Chloe levels with Xander knowing when she tells him, he is going to hightail it over to the Brady pub where Sarah is tying the knot with Rex.  An emotional Xander tells Chloe he loves her, but they both know it’s the end of the line for them.

Photo: JPI

At the Brady pub, Phillip officiates the ceremony and Rex and Sarah say their “I do’s,” but then, Xander shows up.  He confronts Sarah and she admits it’s true. The baby is his. He asks to speak to her privately and so they head out to do so. Meanwhile, in the aftermath, Chloe gets a knock on her door, and it’s none other than Phillip who shows up to console her. Will they hit the sheets for old times sake?

So, what did you think about the performances today of Wally Kurth, Rob Scott Wilson, Nadia Bjorlin and Paul Telfer? Are you glad Xander knows the truth? Happy that Alex is Victor’s son? Do you think Xander will still be revealed to be the true son of Victor’s when all is said and done? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Dick Van Dyke as Days of our Lives’ Timothy Robicheaux Meets John Black’s Family

Dick Van Dyke’s guest star turn on Days of our Lives has been a huge win for the long-running soap opera. During his entire run, Van Dyke has brought so much heart to his scenes, even though the story may be often far-fetched. It’s a testament to this television icon, that even at 97-years-old, he still has the acting chops and that endearing quality that audiences have loved for decades.

Now on Days of our Lives, Van Dyke is playing Timothy Robicheaux and as it was revealed last week, Van Dyke wasn’t playing just any amnesiac war veteran mystery man, he is tied to a major Salem character!

As predicted, Van Dyke turned out to be playing the real biological father of John Black (Drake Hogestyn), and the man John has been searching for all his life.  Previously, John thought the evil Yo Ling was his bio-dad.

On Thursday’s episode, Timothy was going to meet members of his new family. So, John and Marlena (Deidre Hall) bring him home from the hospital, where “Tim” meets his granddaughter, Belle (Martha Madison) and grandson, Brady (Eric Martsolf).  Later, Paul (Christopher Sean) shows up, and so too does Paul’s boyfriend, Andrew (Colton Little).

Photo: JPI

It is Andrew who suggests that they take a family photo, which he is happy to snap.  Throughout it all, it was heartwarming to see Van Dyke’s portrayal of a man who has lived most of his life all alone finally being reconnected to the family he lost.  There was even a moment where Timothy becomes overwhelmed with tears, and still a moment that followed between John and Timothy, where John asks him if it’s OK that he calls him “Dad!” Cue the hankies!

Photo: JPI

If next year, Van Dyke submits himself for a Daytime Emmy in the Guest Star category, he has to be a lock!

So, what did you think of the scenes where Timothy meets Belle, Brady, Paul and Andrew, and gets to know his son, John Black just a little bit better? Has Dick Van Dyke’s performance been bringing you to tears? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Victor Kiriakis is Laid To Rest in Tribute to John Aniston: What Did You Think of the Memorial Service?

This week, on Thursday’s episode of Days of our Lives, the long-running soap opera laid the character of Victor Kiriakis to rest, ten months after his portrayer, TV icon, John Aniston passed away.

In the final send-off, Victor’s loved ones gather for an informal funeral service just outside the Kiriakis mausoleum. Justin (Wally Kurth) reveals that Victor will be interned next to his beloved daughter, Isabella.

Several returns for this emotional occasion made this extra touching for DAYS viewers. In fact, a few of the actors that did return to the show, asked to be a part of the memorial, because of their love and respect for their time sharing scenes with Aniston. Those included: Rachel Melvin (Chelsea) and Jen Lilley (Theresa). In addition, John-Paul Lavoisier reprised his role as Victor’s son, Phillip Kiriakis, and Zach Tinker was back as Sonny Kiriakis.


We have to say, it was Tinker, Melvin, and Lavoisier’s portrayed remembrances during the service that truly tugged at the heartstrings. Each of their characters shared a bit of Victor’s history and his familial ties, ultimately revealing the devastating heartbreak they felt with his loss.

Then, there was Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). Currently celebrating her 50th anniversary with the show, Rogers effectively depicted the pain of a grieving widow who lost her other half.  When Sonny addressed Maggie at the funeral, and the love his uncle Victor had for ‘sweet’ Maggie, it made many a longtime viewer reach for the hankies.


Other characters who spoke or attended the memorial service included: Kate (Lauren Koslow), Alex (Robert Scott Wilson), Xander (Paul Telfer), Brady (Eric Martsolf), Rex (Kyle Lowder), Sarah (Linsey Godfrey), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Brandon Beemer (Shawn), Martha Madison (Belle) and others. In fact, it was Justin, who captured a bit of the essence of his uncle Victor, when he shared to the guests, “I will miss that meddling.”


Following the service, there had to be one unwanted arrival, right? After the Kiriakis family returns to Victor’s mansion who should saunter in? That’s right! Vivian Alamain, played by the deliciously wicked, Louise Sorel.

So, what did you think about Days of our Lives’ memorial service for Victor Kiriakis, that concluded with a montage of memorable moments in the life of Victor as played by John Aniston with his co-stars? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  In case you missed it, check out You Tube’s Michael Fairman recent interview with Suzanne Rogers, where she discussed: losing her on-screen partner, John Aniston, Victor’s death, and what may come next for Maggie, and more.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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